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100 Years of IBM

Thursday, June 16th, 2011


On this day in 1911, IBM began operation as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company. Since then, IBM’s institutional career has mirrored both the rise of computing and modern corporations, two hallmarks of our age. The following timeline traces Big Blue’s adventures from its start as a company with $950,000 in revenue to its current state. Today, the multinational rakes in almost $100 billion a year and employs 450,000.

There are two comments left on this entry.  The answer to the question I had when I saw this istem is 2 — it takes two comments for someone to post about the Nazis.

The author of the recently popular book alleges heavy IBM wikipedia editing — their statement found here.  The German subsidary was cut off before World War Two began — taken by the Nazis (technology extant for everyone’s use) — and reunited after the War — your crux of the matter for the book.  Naturally, if you go to the edit page on wikipedia, it appears IBM calls the author Edwin Black a conveyor of “Fringe” theories — though, I suspect the “fringe theories” are more along the lines of people who take off from Edwin Black and corral IBM as part of a prime mover of a “two sides against the middle” strategy to world control.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention when Ford Motor Company turned 100, which would’ve made an interesting slide-show — more interesting as there’s no real nuance in the Dearborn, Michigan history.

a chilling look at the future ahead

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

I had the misfortune of listening to a group of half-wits discuss an amporphous conspiratorial blob.  It was a blurry accumulation of every half baked conspiracy website and video and radio show you have ever come in contact with, assembled as non-linear stream-of-conscious answers to any question you might toss out to grab ahold of who did what to whom now.  Smashed in the whole apparatus were legitimate areas of concerns — somewhat lined up with the idea of America turning into a Third World Nation — but these weren’t attached to anything and were left dangling in the wind — if you could ground this to anything, you might be able to think through the problem and lay out possible ways out of it.  Instead, we have something about a North Carolina congressman whose lack of answer from higher government officials to a letter demonstrates the Secret Government, who have set it up so that the millions of people America has lost to Abortion over the years has to and is being replaced by Immigrants.  It is not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN the Amorphous Power Overlords will open up the Concentration Camps they have erected in the Forest Service Areas that we’ll be handing over to China as collateral when we default on our currency — and did you know Terry Nichols resides in an underground prison (the kind they’re going to be putting us in).
The near future will be one where we have to fend for ourselves.  Since there will be no agriculture, and since we will have wiped out so many species we’ve hunted for over millenia, we will be resorting to Cannibalism.

I could not quite keep everything straight, and I can’t really diagram the Conspiracy — if one were to diagram it, they’d be using a magic marker and smudging everything all over the place anyway — but that is the general idea.  I imagine a future where the American electorate will have absorbed this type of thinking, and vote for Fascism thinking the alternative is Cannibalism.

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Coming off of Technocracy (the movement currently shaking things up in fighting for their wikipedia articles), KPOJ just keeps rolling in the advertisers of spurious movementarian purpose, bouncing around radio drive prime time — so it is Zeitgiest and ZDAY!!!!

Might as well throw in the “endofamerica some numeral or other which if you google the phrase will show up 9 different numbers in the prompt dot com” under the voice of, I think, Alex Jones (unidentified, and if so that seems to be a decision made) — but this, I think, is heard too — along with other on the edge of doomsday ads — on, for instance, 970 AM — all the standard conservative talk host drek and Phil Hendrie in the late evening.

The Zeitgiesters invite you to an Orientation video that will change your whole worldview and lead you to escape the machine and work toward meaningful work envisioning a world without currency.  The End of America leads you to a video inviting you subscribe to a newsletter that will show you how to survive in the coming post-apocalyptic world we’re entering.

Today I listened to someone discuss the earthquake in Japan, somewhat giddy at the Biblical Prophecy this portends — the “only Holy book” with “Prophecies baked in” with all the prophecies in the Old Testament “having come true” and…

… and…

… and…

Profiting off that vision is probably for a different radio audience.

Incidentally, if you google up your Z Day, the first hits you’ll get Zombies.  I think the Zeitgiesters have a lot of work to do to jump above the zombies.

Introducing the 9/11 Tooth Movement

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

The 9/11 Tooth Movement s an organization of Dentists who use their expertise in the field of Dental Surgery and Dental Hygiene to expose the inconsistencies, lies, and cover-ups of the official government accounts of the events of 9/11, as well those of the “un-official” versions proferred by the prominet so-called “researchers” in the 9/11 Truth Field.  To date, their documentaries, “What’s Inside the Cavity?” and “Behind the Fillings” have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of viwers on the Internet and through Educational Free DVD drops, despite the active suppression efforts of google, the Government, and the broader 9/11 Truth Movement.  After you see the up-coming release “Smashing the Molar”, you will never be able to trust Popular Mechanics Magazine or Mark Dice again.

They’re cramming secret messages on the 2 dollar bill? The 2 dollar bill?

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

I do not know what this is.  It is the type of something that gets placed onto telephone poles and bulletin boards.  But those things tend to direct you to something — a lecture held at some place or other.  This is “Educational Material”, I guess.

“The back of the $2 bill has an engraving of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.  In the image is a man who has dark skin and wearing a powdered wig while sitting at the table just to the left of the man standing in the center of the engraving.  The dark skinned man John Hanson in his position as president of the Continental Congress.  In the original painting hanging in the US Capital Rotunda, the dark skinned man does not appear.”

They Masons are playing tricks with the 2 dollar bill, just as they do with all the less obscure currencies.

Your black Nationalist-ish conspiratorial history runs forward.

“A ‘Black Man’, a Moor, John Hanson was the First President of the United States!  1781-1782 AD???  George Washington was really the 8th President of the United States!”

Yes, I am aware of this lumping of the Continental Congress presidents in with the presidents schtik.  Don’t buy it — one weak chain was replaced by a stronger lineage.  A clean break happened at the launch of President Washington.

The design is cluttered and I don’t understand the placings of MLK, MLK with Malcom X, Nat Turner — I suppose the JFK harks back to the Assassination somehow.

“By Dr. Leroy Vaugn, MD, MBA”  Dynamic, Honest and Powrful View of Black History.

Ah, here we go.  A reference to this.  The author chimes in with the wikipedia article here, in all caps.


That the title of the book that this flier is sort of but not quite promoting?

The Five Black Presidents of the United States of America
Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge.

We have here a picture of Harding and Coolidge.  And Obama.  I know about the “black” Harding, and how that scandal rolled around the 1920 presidential election.  I can’t say anyting about the supposed others.  Interestingly, the wikipedia article slides Eisenhower into this mix.  And the picture of Obama without mention seems to suggest something like — they claiming he not black?

For the sake of diversity, I could probably gain something to gain a small foothold in the ways of this avenue of “forgotten” “hidden” junk-“history”.

Freaks of the Past

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010
One more thing to add to  — oh, Guardians of America‘s cause, and the Selah man who threatened Patty Murray, and then there’s also Hutaree particularly with the last paragraph I’m posting here.  A tad bit of historical reference.
George Thayer, The Farther Shores of Politics: The Political Fringe in America Today  , 1968, from p 127-137

Robert Bolivar DePugh, a forty-four-year-old businessman from Norbourne, Missouri, is the leader of the most publicized and perhaps the largest Minuteman group in the country.  The impetus for such an organization grew out of a duck-hunting trip in 1960 when one member of the party said jokingly, refering to the interational political scene, that if worse came to worst and the Russians invaded, they — the duck hunters — could at least take to the hills and fight as a guerilla band.  DePugh and his friends took the remarks seriously. […]

DePugh records that “it came as a shock to suddenly realize that in the seventeen previous years the Communists had succeeded in taking over seventeen soveriegn nations.  We were surprised also to learn that only one had been taken over by military conquest.  The other sixteen were lost to Coummunism by internal subversion or negotations.”  Eventually DePugh and the others came to the following conclusions.  […]

4.  A Pro-American government could no longer be established by normal political means. …
5.  The minority blocs, controlled labor unions and corrupt political machines so completely monopolize the American political scene that there is no chance for the average American citizen to regain control of his own destiny at the ballot box. …
6. … any further effort, time or money spent in trying to save our country by political means would be wasted. […]
Therefore the objectives of the Minutement are to abandon useless efforts and begin immediately to prepare for the day when Americans will once again fight in the streets for their lives and their liberty.  We feel there is overwhelming evidence to prove that this day must come.

DuPugh heightens this stark pessimistic view of the political situation by larding his rhetoric and prose with a deep strain of potential violence.  The most celebrated example, and the one that brought DuPugh’s Minutemen to national attention, appeared in the 15 March 1963 issue of On Target, the group’s newssheet.  The story was directed to twenty US Congressmen who had voted against an appropriation for the House Committee on Un-American Activities, and read, in part.:

See the old man at the corner where you buy your papers?  He may have a silencer equipped pistol under his coat.  That extra fountain pen in the pocket of the insurance salesman that calls on you might be a cyanide gas gun.  What about your milkman?  Arsenic works slow but sure.  Your automobile mechanic may stay up nights studying your booby traps.
These patriots are not going to let you take your freedom away from them.  They have learned the silent knife, the strangler’s cord, the rifle that hits sparrows at 200 yeards.  Only their leaders restrain them.
Traitors beware!  Even now the cross-hairs are on the back of your necks.

Once the Communists have taken over, he sees a long internal struggle between the left and the right.  “In other words, this may be a long period of assassination and counter-assassination, of terror and counter-terror.  In this I feel we have one big edge because we feel that our knowledge of the left wing is far greater than their knowledge of the right wing, so far as identities are concerned.” […]

As for security, DePugh has many suggestions.  “Use deceptive measures,” he advises: subscribe to left-wing periodicals to keep an eye on your opposition (this, adds DuPugh, “will keep the postal inspector guessing as to which side you are really on”); use two envelopes in sending mail, never put a return address on the outside one, send the letter indirectly, perferably through a friend; place opaque material such as tin foil inside the envelope to keep the letter “from being read by infra-red cameras”; prepare telephone codes in advance; make sure a prospective recruit is not an infiltrator before identifying yourself as a member; undercover Minutemen should not fraternize with known Minutemen; do not write patriotic letters to newspapers; classify all correspondence “top secret,: “secret,” or “restricted”; prepare rendezvous points and mail drops and change them frequently; contribute money to Minutemen with cash; observe the “need to know” rule; keep records in code; avoid being followed, take evasive action if necessary; and so on. […]

When it comes to guerilla exercises in the woods, DePugh turns silent.  His reticence is due to a combination of factors: he no doubt revels in the mystery which he can draw, he quite justifiably fears legal reprisals; and finally, and most important of all, he fears ridicule that would destroy his group for good.

Igor Panarin — VINDICATED!!!

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

This comment popped up today on an old blog post explaining a Russian nutcase professor.

clayton Says:
February 2nd, 2010 at 11:44 am
The date is February 1, 2010. Igor Panarin said that if civil war did not break out in November 2009, then he would have a ready answer.
So far I have not found it. Is there one?

Wait!  Wait!  The power of looking into the blogosphere presents us with ideas.

Let’s start with this, which actually somehow puts the date at January 31.

I would put nothing past the narcissistic pathological lying Comrade Obama who is an antichrist if there ever was one.

We’re talking about the biggest enemy America has ever fought in its history, THE ENEMY WITHIN, whose idea of national security is to make easier for our enemies both foreign and domestic to destroy America!

One thing that I DO KNOW, is that Obama, in creating the chaos necessary for despots to succeed, is INTENTIONALLY bankrupting the country in order to consolidate his power over every aspect of our lives! And that should get the attention of what’s left of the sane in this country who are being held hostage and are being enslaved by a radical left that couldn’t care less! -DrE]

And now the Trumpet Blows.

Now today I ran across this headline;
US bracing for secessionist sentiments

After one-and-a-half-centuries, Washington has come across a new phenomenon surfacing in its political arena as secessionist advocates in the state of Vermont seek a divorce from the United States of America.

Read it here;

Is it possible that as the ship goes down that certain states will refuse to go down with it? You bet it is. There may soon be an outcry from the fiscally responsible states (Vermont, Texas, North Dakota) to refuse to bail out the fruits and nuts in California and New York.

Good lord.  The First Republic of Vermont?  Really?  Where has this blogger been?  I’ve posted on it a few times over the past half a dozen years (as well the less advanced “Cascadia” secessionist movement.) 
Heck.  Secessionism Fever appears a re-occuring item.
But isn’t Vermont… pinko liberal?

Never mind that, though.  I’d think the Civil War would be a bit more pronounced than the ancient fringe secessionist movements milling and mulling about.  Igor Panarin needs to stick to apocalyptic forecasts of doomed America — with no dates certain — and enough wriggle room that many a bad sign in America can be shown as “America in Decline” ala Roman Empire.

For the love of gawd, Stand Behind your “exploration” of “possibilities”/”probabilities” of Military Coups against Obama, newsmax.

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

I don’t understand.  Yesterday newsmax, a central publication for the “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” for Scaife and Christopher Ruddy,  published an article which advocated a military coup against President Barack Obama.  With a few weasel words so as not to be actually calling for a military coup against President Barack Obama.   They have removed it.  I have to find the thing in its entirety here (with the “Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy” — such as that is– of David Brocks’s “Media Matters” — some shilling thrown in at some point by George Soros.)  Also available in non pdf version here.  The places that would post it with some approval, free republic for instance, deleted if from their page.

I don’t understand what leads to newsmaxs’s dismissal.  Yesterday, newsmax felt it proper to publish.  Today they don’t.  Surely they realized yesterday that this was controversial yest?  Surely they knew yesterday that it would be picked up by a lot and be cited as signs of extremism yesterday?  Do they assume nobody outside their small sphere is reading them, or apt to read them?

A spokeswoman for Newsmax sent a statement to TPM admitting that the magazine removed the column after several reader complaints:
In a blog posting to Newsmax John Perry wrote about a coup scenario involving the U.S. military. He clearly stated that he was not advocating such a scenario but simply describing one. 
Har de har har.

After several reader complaints, Newsmax wanted to insure that this article was not misinterpreted. It was removed after a short period after being posted.

Newsmax strongly believes in the principles of Constitutional government and would never advocate or insinuate any suggestion of an activity that would undermine our democracy or democratic institutions.

… Except that they kind of just did.  One word that might have been put in advisedly: “purposefully”.  Newsmax should get to know its word parsing, as much as John L Perry knew his parsing in not actually advocating this, but wink wink.

Mr. Perry served as a political appointee in the Carter administration in HUD and FEMA. He has no official relationship with Newsmax other than as an unpaid blogger.

No editorial oversight?  Or do they just trust the people they give the keys to to not cross their particular line of inflamatory innuendo and “investigative” hogwash?

The proponents of the “Find the  balance from the Left so we can be up striaht in attacking this target on the right”, the blog “hotair” and The National Review corner, point to Gore Vidal’s rambling doddering midly entertaining rehashing of paranoia he’s evoked for the past decade.  I don’t see it. (Though, give me a second and a mission and I’ll drudge up some comments from somewhere calling on soldiers that they’re duty bound to the Constitution before the Commander-in-Chief.  Published by anyone of note, I can’t say as of yet.)  You will note that Gore Vidal does not seem to think this Coup is a good idea.  But, roll through the comments there.
Adam Russell:  I think a dictatorship is more likely from those who want to end the Obama presidency than from Obama. They are gearing up for something.
I think Adam Russell read the newsmax article yesterday.

The one thing I will give “John L Perry”:
Imagine a bloodless coup to restore and defend the Constitution through an interim administration that would do the serious business of governing and defending the nation.  Skilled, military-trained, nation-builders would replace accountability-challenged, radical-left commissars.  Having bonded with his twin teleprompters, the president would be detailed for ceremonial speech-making.
I think Gore Vidal would, at various moments in conversation, argue that has happened.  When?  Vidal might just join your Glenn Becks of the world and start some balls rolling at the Progressive Era.  Then pull the thing apart at the dawn of the Cold War.

Anyway, roll throw free republic:

Dick Bachert:
This has been on my mind for some time now as a real possibility.
For an alleged intellectual (which he ain’t!), Obama has been rather stupid in his treatment of and words about the military folks here (active and former — and there are a lot of them).
Emerging tyrants throughout history have either had to coopt the military or, like Stalin and others, eliminate the upper ranks and replace the officer corps with loyalists.
The bad news is that the service academies have been gradually infested with leftists teaching PC, multi-culturalism, internationalist One World crap for several decades. It’s anyone’s guess how these officers still on active duty will respond.
And if such an event does take place, I suspect there will be a division along racial lines but no way to tell what the numbers would look like.
Like the author, I believe it would be a fairly civil affair but, again, now way to be certain. It COULD get ugly before it is resolved.
I HOPE that oath they took to defend the Constitution — which I also took in 1962 — prevails and we can get back to undoing the damage Obama has done and get on with striving to be the America the Founders envisioned.
I’d write more but am off to rent the remake of “Seven Days in May.” The one with the HAPPY ending.

I want to see Jeffrey Immelt**, along with Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman frog-marched out of the White House if this happens.

Awesome and courageous perspective.

That is the stupid kind of post that gives FR a bad name.
I can see it now in the NYT: “FR urges military to depose Obama”.
(I … um… really can’t see that NYT headline.  Call me crazy.)

Red Steel:
The unthinkable could become the thinkable. It all depends on Obama. I know a guy like him has ‘delusions of grandeur’ and wants to rule like a heavy handed authoritarian, but I don’t think he really has the guts to try and go all the way to make his dreams come true. I think he is risk averse when push comes to shove. He will have his 4 year term at the maximum and then bow out.

Movie poster of “Seven Days In May”
We need General James Mattoon Scott.

hope:  …and the American people will honor them and be by their side!
*American people* excludes all leftist.
[]  Yep, we figured it out…I love John L. Perry…God Bless him! Great article…His articles gave me great comfort during the Clinton fiasco…

>On second thought, you’re right. Nothing like overthrowing the government of the United States to make a real American proud.
If that Government is Contra-Constitutional, then you’re DAMN RIGHT!

Obama and the communists in charge in DC get completely out of control and States start to refuse to comply.
Texas and maybe Louisiana secede and the marxist in chief issue orders to bring them back.
Senior military commanders instead round up the reds (the “progressive congressional caucus” for starters) and put them on a couple of planes to Cuba.
Provisional military government for 6 months, then new elections for all congressional seats and the WH, incumbents need not apply.
Only tax paying citizens and veterans are enfranchised in the new Republic.
All amendments other than the original bill of rights are repealed.
“Dueling” legalized within Washington DC limits.
Problem solved

That ALONE could solve our problems with our non-representing Representatives… though we’d have to make that Amendment 11 so they couldn’t weasel out of it should they become cliquish again.

That’s enough of that.   Actually the free republic posters are obsessed with pointing out that the author is a “Democrat”.  This is, I guess, the Zell Miller syndrome?

Back to my basic points:  #1: This nation is full of fantasists.  AND… #2: I’d just as soon newsmax have left this page on its website — everyone knows they published it, they can’t retrace their steps here, and I fail to understand how they wouldn’t accept this as controversial from the gate.  I mean, they’ve published these articles!

What is the “Obama Problem” of which they speak of?

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

The nation is pack full of fantasists.  Exhibit #1:

There is a remote, although gaining, possibility America’s military will intervene as a last resort to resolve the “Obama problem.” Don’t dismiss it as unrealistic. […]

Military intervention is what Obama’s exponentially accelerating agenda for “fundamental change” toward a Marxist state is inviting upon America. A coup is not an ideal option, but Obama’s radical ideal is not acceptable or reversible.

Unthinkable? Then think up an alternative, non-violent solution to the Obama problem. Just don’t shrug and say, “We can always worry about that later.”

In the 2008 election, that was the wistful, self-indulgent, indifferent reliance on abnegation of personal responsibility that has sunk the nation into this morass.

I hear Texas wants to secede, a solution to the “Problem”.  Then again, I heard that Vermont wanted to secede through the last eight years.  If they want to kick out Vermont, in a strange fit against democratic Values wihen they don’t get what they desire.

Note that a Republican Senate candidate has an ad on the side there.  Near as I can tell, its not an “adsense” type bulk program.  I suppose it doesn’t do us too much harm: he’s just Massachusetts’s fill in the blank candidate.  I don’t think a Mitt Romney would’ve run an ad on maxnews.  (I mean, newsmax.)

Exhibit #2, video here:

ST. LOUIS — Kitty Werthmann has made quite a career out of warning Americans that fascism is on its way. The 84-year-old native Austrian survived the excesses of the Third Reich and, in her dotage as a leader of the South Dakota branch of the Eagle Forum, recorded tapes and videos explaining just how Hitler took power. She made her case during George W. Bush’s presidency, but the audience was small–fringe conservative activists, radio hosts like Alex Jones. Then came President Barack Obama. On Saturday, at the “How to Take Back America” conference, Werthmann found herself speaking to an overflowing room of conservative activists about the parallels between Obama and the rise of Hitler.

“We had prayer in school before we started class, and after class,” said Werthmann. “One day I came into the classroom and the crucifix was gone, and there was Hitler’s picture, and the Nazi flag on either side. And our teacher said, ‘Today we don’t pray anymore. We sing ‘Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Alles.’”

The audience of mostly female conservative activists murmured; some of them scrawled out detailed notes, shaking their heads at what they were hearing. It had been a few days since Fox News reported that a New Jersey school had children sing a song of praise to President Obama. They kept on writing and listening as Werthmann explained how Hitler had euthanized mentally handicapped children, and how he’d kept lists of political enemies.

It is a conference of a historically important part of the Republican Resurgance of the last forty years, prominent speakers includes  Mike Huckabee, the Republican who currently polls best in a hypothetical 2012 match-up with Obama.

Exhibit #3:

Speaking at the recent How To Take Back America Conference, Rep. Trent Franks declared that nobody should be shocked that President Obama does all sorts of “insane things” because he is an “enemy of humanity”.

Oh, by the way.  Trent Franks is a Republican member of Congress.  And this “How to Take Back America” Conference sounds like one hell of an event.

Several days later, after the story was widely publicized, a spokeswoman for Franks said the congressman was referring to “unborn humanity” and should have clarified his statement. She also said that Franks meant to say that Obama’s abortion-related policies have no place in government, rather than that Obama has no place in government.

Exhibit #4:  Group marches for ‘white civil rights’ in wake of bus beating

“We were out there to denounce the violence,” said Belleville resident Jason Bonn, who is a corporal with the National Socialist Movement, a group with a name similar to the Nazi Party of Germany during World War II. Bonn’s group is “fighting for white civil rights.”

Around the corner from the shouting protesters on West Washington Street, several dozens participated in a silent counter-rally on South Illinois Street. The Rev. John Curry, of Conqueror’s Christian Center in Belleville organized the counter protest: “Our message is to preach love for all groups, skinheads, KKK, Nazis, all groups. Hate has got to stop. Our message is silent love.”

The white supremacist rally was held in response to a Sept. 14 attack on a Belleville West High School bus, where two black students beat a white student. Members of the National Socialist Movement were joined by other pro-white groups and held signs that said, “It was a hate crime.”
It is worth noting that this was the opinion expressed by Rush Limbaugh, that this is “what happens in Obama’s America”.  The most frightening exaggerated news story of a lot of bizarrely exaggerated news stories.

A bit uneasily, I have to point out this “solution” to the “Obama Problem” is ravaging around 400 percent more deranged heads than that “solution” to the “Bush Problem”.

“False Flag” nitwits infowarring again

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Bill Sparkman, Census Worker in Kentucky, appears to have been killed inwhat looks probably like a domestic Terrorist shot.  Three names pop to my mind in terms of paranoid spewing about Census workers.  Glenn Beck  and Michelle Bachman  form the firmly connected to the Republican Party branch.  The third name: Alex Jones.

Glenn Beck who once specifically told his audience: “Don’t be a Tim McVeigh”:  And who is himself four years away from saying this:
BECK: Hang on, let me just tell you what I’m thinking. I’m thinking about killing Michael Moore, and I’m wondering if I could kill him myself, or if I would need to hire somebody to do it. No, I think I could. I think he could be looking me in the eye, you know, and I could just be choking the life out — is this wrong? I stopped wearing my What Would Jesus Do band, and I’ve lost all sense of right and wrong now. I used to be able to say, “Yeah, I’d kill Michael Moore,” and then I’d see the little band: What Would Jesus Do? And then I’d realize, “Oh, you wouldn’t kill Michael Moore. Or at least you wouldn’t choke him to death.” And you know, well, I’m not sure.
That’s just a Morning Zoo bit, right?

The Alex Jones Media Constellation will tread where Glenn Beck won’t.  Repeat after me: “False.  Flag.  Operation.”  Roughly the first comment on any page there on these matters will be claims of the “False Flag”.  And somewhere in the mix, another reference will pop up eventually.  I’ll stop when I see it:

Ross Says:  Possible False Flag Op ????

Reply:  I think so.

hellferbreakfast Says:
Could very well be a false flag to be used to blame it on what ever anti-govt. individual or group they have in mind.

Hologram5 Reply:
This false government needs to realize that the people of the US are tired of the taxation without representation and will fight back. Time for revolution my brothers. Time to take back what is ours by birthright.

Old_Cannonballs Says:  Stinks to high heaven to me. Gotta be a false flag.

Leavemealone Says: The sad truth is that no one knows the truth. We are all brainwashed. I don’t believe anything from anyone anymore no matter what the source. The only truth I know is what is happening right now in front of me. Even that is questionable. Who can you believe?
David Lee Moth Says:  It’s a false flag cuz otherwise it would be happening in several other states… Oh gosh, remember that mailbox bomber who tried to make a “happy face” with his hits? Yeah, the entire thing is geared to make census takers look like “the untouchables / gatekeepers”, like postal clerks and other various public servants who have sworn an oath of duty.
There’s  one other page (only) with some more! 
Georgiacopguy:  Oh holy shit. They are trying to make anybody who doesn’t trust the govt as a potential murderer… phucking unbelievable. All they need do is have a rash of these acxross the country, and it could be damaging, especially if the spin masters take up arms and blast it away on air.
InfoArsenal:  People are going to start fighting back one way or another and there will be ‘false flag’/cointel ops–we are so deep there is no turning back and the only thing left is going to be to fight anyway you can or die.
America is creating its own Palestine within its borders.
Just wait until these guys are coming by to scan your family to make sure all RFID devices are working and not tampered with.

Everyone of these census takers are helping paint crosshairs on your front step with gps coords and collecting personal data so DHS can estimate how many people to round up in your area–not to mention how acorn/other groups can continue and expand election fraud.

pizzedoff:  I think one thing we have to look at is, when CIA, FBI, “Fed”, is killed as to which side of the “fence” their on. I have a sneaking suspicion that more on “our” side of the fence are not with us.
Great way to “kill two birds with one stone”

I wouldn’t be surprised if this murder was just a black op to demonize any government dissent.

This is the angle my wife and I were discussing when we first heard about it. It may be possible that this man was a patriot who was monkeying with their system…Perhaps intentionally feeding false information and messing up the gps coordinates. I had thought of taking one of the census jobs myself just to mess up their information gathering in this manner. The ptb take care of the dissenter and make it appear as though it was an attack perpetrated by some anti-government nut-job…i.e. truther, birther, 10ther, or whatever clever little psyop word they are using this week.
I do not believe that any real patriot would do something like this. It is one thing to defend yourself from tyranny…It is quite another to commit murder to make a statement.
I smell conspiracy in this one. I am sorry for this man an his family and I hope they get the justice they deserve.

stymo1:  Not Deliverance, Jason.


Okay.  That’s where I stop.
I don’t know if this pursuance of things edifies anything.  How about a fourth (or depending on how you figure Beck — Bachmann, third) place?  Jeff Rense!  (Good lord there’s a lot of anti-semitism dripping off of this this page — provocative question that “Do Jews Really Own Hollywood And The Media?“.) 
Well, I see barely this:  Murder or Suicide? Hung With ‘Fed’ On Chest  I find it difficult to see the suicide angle.  The “Meth head” lodging shots against the snooping “Fed” is more likely, and not as likely as what the Alex Jones heads are “False Flag”ging over.