a chilling look at the future ahead

I had the misfortune of listening to a group of half-wits discuss an amporphous conspiratorial blob.  It was a blurry accumulation of every half baked conspiracy website and video and radio show you have ever come in contact with, assembled as non-linear stream-of-conscious answers to any question you might toss out to grab ahold of who did what to whom now.  Smashed in the whole apparatus were legitimate areas of concerns — somewhat lined up with the idea of America turning into a Third World Nation — but these weren’t attached to anything and were left dangling in the wind — if you could ground this to anything, you might be able to think through the problem and lay out possible ways out of it.  Instead, we have something about a North Carolina congressman whose lack of answer from higher government officials to a letter demonstrates the Secret Government, who have set it up so that the millions of people America has lost to Abortion over the years has to and is being replaced by Immigrants.  It is not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN the Amorphous Power Overlords will open up the Concentration Camps they have erected in the Forest Service Areas that we’ll be handing over to China as collateral when we default on our currency — and did you know Terry Nichols resides in an underground prison (the kind they’re going to be putting us in).
The near future will be one where we have to fend for ourselves.  Since there will be no agriculture, and since we will have wiped out so many species we’ve hunted for over millenia, we will be resorting to Cannibalism.

I could not quite keep everything straight, and I can’t really diagram the Conspiracy — if one were to diagram it, they’d be using a magic marker and smudging everything all over the place anyway — but that is the general idea.  I imagine a future where the American electorate will have absorbed this type of thinking, and vote for Fascism thinking the alternative is Cannibalism.

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