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Friday, April 30th, 2004

well there are 2 theories here at work.
1 Vote For the man and administration I feel needs to be publicly shot for treason. Bush who will lead us down the merry path of Armageddon as quickly as possible and have the thought police on line the soonest.
By voting for Bush the society will reach a critical mass sooner and maybe something Correct will be done to correct the mistake . seeing that I don’t trust the mental wellbeing of My ugly American brothers ..

so I fall for the trap .

Vote Kerry. he will put the brakes on the impending Armageddon and stave it off a few years. hopefully allowing me to get my ducks in a row.
Do I feel should Kerry be publicly shot? well… No . Not of as yet.
Just flogged.

A little self-serving cynicism.
Fashionable in certain corners. These corners I’m gradually finding tiresome, in a way. How… uber-rebellious “outside the Matrix” cool.

Disaffection… catch it. And then be on constant guard against the mere idea of being affected.

Nay, I sayeth. Be weary of this.

Friday, April 30th, 2004

Chris Elliott has a blog. Not the Chris Elliott, though. Still, this Chris Elliott is an interesting read… so I shall “link” it.

I found that blog via this blog, via the stats page which showed that Will Brady linked to this page…

A few weeks ago, controversy raged in the blogosphere over an Atrios blog post about Iraq-stationed contractors / mercenaries… The rightward blogs and comments-feed thought he was being callous. Kos has recovered from the scandal, it seems.

The upshot of the little bloggy scandal: A congressional candidate pulled his advertisement, and pulled the dailykos blog from his list of blogs… as did John Kerry.

Read that “BOP” article, and the eternal blog navel gazing question arises: What does it mean “to link”?

If I were to link to John Kerry‘s site… what am I endorsing? Can I still maintain a beleagured air of “meh”ity toward the candidate?

What if I were to link to the blog of a Seattle-area Democratic Activist?

Come to think of it, I oughta delink Pat Buchannan’s magazine. It’s Pat Buchannan!!!

Vallerie Plame

Thursday, April 29th, 2004

Place your bets. Joseph Wilson’s new book.

Lewis “Scooter” Libby
Elliott Abrams
Karl Rove

Ex-CIA official Larry Johnson all but named Libby as the source on the belated chattering-class program Buchannan and Press.
Joseph Wilson said that karl Rove ought to be frog-marched away, but later back-peddled.

(Note: this better be a focus of the next news-cycle, because otherwise…)

Thursday, April 29th, 2004

The headlines regarding this guy just baffle me sometimes…

Bush says he answered every question from Sept 11 panel.

Yeah? Does he get a cookie for doing this?

And… why he appeared with Cheney?

Asked for the reasons behind his unprecedented insistence on Cheney’s presence, Bush replied: “I think it was important for them to see our body language as well, how we work together.”

Body Language?

The sad truth with Bush appears to be that the charicatures of the man are true.

Or maybe this is a tell. He was hyper-aware of body language. Cheney was there to make sure that his body language was correct.

And this makes no sense to me…

“There was some laughter from time to time. The president is a bit of a tease,” Thompson said. “There were no tense moments. I thought the president gave a five-star performance. I wish the American people could have seen it.”

Performance? Tease? Did he have any good jokes to share? I guess he’s the veritable life of the party, ain’t he.

I’ve Got Nothing.

Wednesday, April 28th, 2004

While some things irk me (I’m trying to figure out who where and why cares about the “ribbons and the medals”, and why that wouldn’t simply boomerang to the president…) this article is not completely off base.

What’s remarkable about this campaign is that it’s reminiscent of the past to a point where it oughta be unremarkable…

… this smacks of a charade… a set-up. If a candidate had been proferred named “Not Bush” during the Democratic primary season, he would’ve won the nomination by a landslide.

John Kerry is a non-entity. And he is floundering.

He has Nothing.

But similarly, go to George W. Bush’s campaign page. I dare you to. Compare the number of pictures of our glorious leader with the number of pictures of John Kerry…

George W. Bush is floundering.

He has Nothing.

Rock and Roll Part 2

Tuesday, April 27th, 2004

“Hey! Come here a minute! We need to straighten out this guy’s mind.”

“Yes… I understand the sentiment of Kerry and Bush being this good cop / bad cop routine, but that doesn’t mean that…”

“See, you get it. At least, part of it.”

“LaRouche’s not a out of wack. Go back to the title ‘Children of Satan’. It’s an old anti-semitic slur.”

“Oh. I get it now. Wall Street Journal editorialist (name didn’t register).”

“…so why name your pamphlet that?”

“But none of these guys are Jewish… Cheney, Rumsfeld… well, Perle and Wolfowitz are, but…”

“It came out March of last year. Everyone was confused at the start of the war, and we needed to … loosen things up a bit.”

“Reaction is (face aglow with mock-shock) ‘Children of Satan’… Really?

“But… ‘Children of Satan’… you know it’s an old anti-semitic slur.”

“When? Look… it doesn’t matter, because… it’s not what we’re talking about… these guys here… They are the Children of Satan.”

“Do you know the difference between Man and Animal?”

I was vaguely aware of where this was going… I’ve heard Clyde Lewis interview some LaRouche organizar named Ron Wolfe… the effect in hearing those interviews is… dinsultorary (coin a new term.) We move toward a half-baked, half parasitically land-grabbed excuse to use the term “Beast-Man”.

I wasn’t terribly interested and I needed to leave shortly anyway, so I answered every “probing” question with “I give up. You tell me,” until a long-haired bearded, mildly stoned by disposition guy I used to know slightly better than I do now came up and said “Hey! Have any new conspiracies for me?”… and initiated a somewhat more interesting conversation — the LaRouchites arguing that the “Children of Satan” are inherently evil (remember: they are Beast-Men), and him arguing that they’re misguided, but not evil.

They still don’t seem to understand the connotative nature of the terms “Children of Satan”, or for that matter “Beast-Man”.

But I promise: I’m done with them…

There’s a Reason they Went Straight to Dick Cheney…

Monday, April 26th, 2004

I walked up to a group of LaRouche supporters and it went like this:

Me: The latest pamphlet is entitled “Children of Satan”.
LS: Actually, it’s recent pamphlet. (goes to pull the pamphlet out of his collection)
Me: Yeah, well… divorce the title from anything and…
LS (a different one): Oooooh…
Me: Yeah, I guess you know where I’m going with this.
LS: No. I oohed, because this is an original copy. Full gloss cover!
LS: Why would you want to divorce the title from anything? It’s called that because this cabal are the Children of Satan.
Me: No. I mean…
LS: What, you want endless world war III?
LS: Dick Cheney is a Child of Satan, like the others on this cover… Rumsfeld, Perle. We need to bring the troops home!
Me: I mean… divorce the title from any and all content… what does the title evoke? When carefully choosing a title, why would you go with “Children of Satan”?
LS: Because these guys are the Children of Satan! Their philosophy of endless World War 3… You want endless war? Have you read the pamphlet? $5!

I should have been more explicit… And why would I lay down $5 for a pamphlet that they have had laying around all over the place for free (except without the glossy cover)?

Joe Sacco did a piece on the Portland Public Library, Sunday at 1 pm

Monday, April 26th, 2004

Sunday… public library… quarter til 1.
“Go upstairs yesterday? They had a lot of food.”
“Nah. It was packed with kids.”
“Of course it was packed with kids. It’s “El Dia de los Ninos… or is it ‘la’?”
“If it’s dia, it’d be la.”
“Could be irregular.”
(Apparently, it is.)

“They’re thinking of tearing down Jeff.”
“Really? That’s a travesty.”
“Well, it’s always been considered a ‘failing school.'”
“Now what? Bus the kids to all the other schools?”
“No place in their neighborhood.”
“Well, you know, they tore down (name of high school escapes me). Replaced it with a dog-track.”
“No they didn’t.”
“The kids were doing alright, y’know. But they’re considered expendable.”
“Witness the recent shooting of an unarmed black man.”
“Well, you know. There’s always the Draft! They’re bringing that back.”
“Right. Because what these kids need, as all the schools get declared “Failing”… is Discipline.”
” The Al Franken Hour. 620 Am. You should turn in somtime.”
(Actually it sounds more like Randi Rhodes… Besides which, Franken has 3 hours.)
“I don’t believe my vote matters anyway. They’ll put in whoever they want to, like last time… Florida.”
“And it’s all messed up so badly in Iraq that there’s no turning back.”
(13 or 14 year old): “Bush only did that to complete what his dad did.”
(I’m mum on that point.)
“Remember John F. Kennedy? Now there was a president!”
“Everything changed when he died.”
“Did you hear Robert Kennedy Jr. Friday?”
“Um. No.”
“There’s somebody that’d be great. Like listening to old Robert Kennedy.”
“The Kennedys are such a tragic family.”
“I hear that John Kennedy Jr. may’ve been a possible spot at the vice-presidency. There’s ”
“Hm. Where’d you hear that?”
“I dunno. The radio.”
“I don’t believe that.”
“It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. Your choice.”