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die hard Write in campaign

Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

Wait. Is Roger Stone getting paid off by the DNC? A super-pac tied to him is part of organizing a write in campaign for Trump in the two Georgia senate races… All to show dem spineless or maybe abbetting RINOs. That will show ’em! Or, would elect two Democratsto the Senate.

Now we see the brazen politicking of parler, set up to void the wrning and demonetizing endemic to other social media platforms pilicing grounds of the political Overton Window, but I guess we sfer setting up its own.

I suppose we have precedence for Stone’s lack of loyalty to the Republican Senate candidates — he campaigned for the other guy. And we have precedence for his lack of loyalty to the Republican Party — political lackey for Trump back in 1999- 2000 when … uh… Trump was running for the Reform Party dropping out due to the pravalence of right wing nativists…

But the two Senators already goofily called for the resignation of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger for… Counting out a Biden victory … But, apparently there that is not enough appeasement.


Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

From the comments section here
This “theater” is really toxic.

Governmental structures are not infinitely resilient and government is not a branch of show business. In 1978, a character calling himself “Jesus Christ Satan” ran for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. He got 5000 votes. In 1979, Jello Biafra, vocalist for the Dead Kennedys punk rock group, finished fourth among 10 candidates for mayor with 6,600 votes.

I would place the start of San Francisco’s decline in governance somewhere in this era, when many of the city’s voters started to think of politics as entertainment instead of something that had to be dead serious because dysfunctional government has real consequences.

Now San Francisco is spiraling downward, with open-air drug injection and dealing destroying the quality of life in neighborhoods. Feces in the streets. Massive property crime, because thefts of less than $950 have essentially become unprosecutable. COVID-related destruction of half the city’s restaurants, with many other small businesses devastated.

I’m sure that in the 1950s, the citizens of Detroit never imagined that their city could be laid to waste by a combination of circumstances and bad governance. I fear the San Franciscans are equally as cocky, and I fear for the future of the city. It should be a cautionary tale for those who think that governmental “theater” at any level is anything but destructive.

A couple items comments here

The whole media attacked Trump with a vitriol reserved for state-controlled media attacking opposition figures in Kazakhstan. Stories unfavorable to Biden were disappeared. Google biased their searches against him. Twitter banned his supporters and censored him. Facebook too.
And you think Trump is undermining democracy?
There is no democracy to undermine. Just a series of polite norms hiding an ugly reality.
I understand you don’t want to face that reality.

The media attacked Ronald Reagan too– who was nevertheless reelected in a landslide.

the democrats never accepted the legitimacy of the trump win in 2016. Far different than the grace and the spirit of cooperation (e.g. the party of ‘NO’. The ‘grim reaper’, ‘we will make Obama a one term president’) that the republicans expressed towards Obama when he assumed office.

trump has always been divisive. He never had the will or probably even the capability to create a governing coalition. Conservatives may have helped steer his policies in some areas, but all in all he was a disaster to the American system and should have been dumped before 2016 in favor of a more truly conservative candidate.

Even in losing in 2020, Trump pulled a higher percentage of the minority vote than any Republican since

some things here

Not gonna lie I think our intrepid caller needs a hobby that doesn’t involve weepy fangirling of politicians and media figures. If he chooses that lifestyle, sure; it’s a free country. But it’s not a consequence-free habit.

Spot the difference folks. Lay it out for me why these are different phenomena; one mockable and one that should tug on our heartstrings.

Woman lets out agonizing screams as Trump is sworn in —

Odd ad sense images…oddly haliographic or stately images of Obama underlined by poll “Who was the better President?” . Obama, Trump. The past tense is new. (Interspersed witj the present tense “Are the Dems stealing theelection?”, which may be getting phased off to ” Will the Dems overturn PresidentTrump’s Progresx?”) The blank slate image, which comes when the RNC ad shows Trump, is oddly… Non-partisan… Unless you just figure the assumption of gutteral reaction on clicking to any image ofthe two is baked in.

Everybody’s following the NFC East race

Monday, November 23rd, 2020

Everybody is following the exciting race for the NFC East title, the most competitive divisional contest in the NFL. Two weeks ago, it appeared that the Philadelphia Eagles were primed to take control, following ivision wins against the Cowboys and Giants, for the semi -respectable 3-4-1 mid-season record — another win and they may justbe able to buffer against the coming deluge of legitimate football teams on the schedule to get to the final weeks of NFC East foes. But no. Still in first place, but as tenuous as it gets,you see, as…

Eagles 3 wins 6 losses 1 tie
Giants 3 wins 7 losses
Football Team 3 wins 7 losses
Cowboys 3 wins 7 losses

The other teams are on a roll.

And what came on Sunday? Both Washington generic stand-by name and the Dallas Cowboys winning actual non-divisional games — doubling the number of non divisional wins from two to four, and setting up a rposing Thanksgiving game where first place is on the line. Surprising, as the Cowboys jumped right back in wirh one win following a 4 game losing streak that began with the team having a losing record. They are perhaps back on track with the teturn of their back -up quarterback. Fans of chaos will be cheering on the Washington no name, as a Cowboys win probably makes them a prohibitive favorite — a more favorable schedule (Basically the last of the teams to have the Bengals are ahead, and more inter-division games)– and a Washington win ensures they win a season tie so may be able to withstand the losses likely coming.

The most controversial game decision of the season for the NFC East — to pass over a game winning long field goal attempt and settle for a tie stands as either a genius move that willallow them to win it all in the end — or maybe serve as a place holder for acoming dive to avoid the inglorious NFC East victory… Or amounts to nothing.

As were, 22 teams have a record that would place them in first place in the division, and an additional four teams rest within one game. Only leaving the Jaguars and the Jets out of it.

The state of things

Friday, November 20th, 2020

Walking across a park, my facemask — as usually is except when in any crowd or in indoor business — dropped off onto my neck for easy placement. Someone yells at me “Hey! You have a mask! Use it!”

I manage to bark out “I’m more than six feet from anybody!”, and a tad later wish I coulda added ” and if I had it on the six feet would collapse to me bumping into you as my glasses get fogged up.”

But after that I find myself looking at everyone in public, taking some note of who has it up and who doesn’t, at all times, and wondering — is this jerk barking this out at everyone, and if so doesn’t that get tiring?

Sucks to be

Thursday, November 19th, 2020

We invited every single Republican senator to appear on Meet the Press this morning. They all declined. But we are very pleased that Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas has agreed to join us this morning

Sucks to be Hutchinson, knowing he was… Assuming that MTP is referencing current senators and not Senator Elects, just cause I don’t want to figure it out… Only on the show because 53 people prior rejected an invitation.

The last week, Mitt Romney was on. I assume they may actually have not invited him, or if they did — Romney can be excused at least for the implications. Also, would they really seiously want, say, retiring Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexandar?

… And counter historical claims of Kamala Harris.

Transitioning to transition talk

Saturday, November 14th, 2020

Yeah, as things turned out what Bush did was start an Art career, painting up a storm. Politically doing nothing more than sending some broadly upbeat message of unity in the summer of the Pandemic.

I imagine our current President elect may end up in that photo-op mode of meeting with the predecessor — after Trump gets around to acknowledging, perhaps in Nixonian fashion by in a conciliatory speech that nonetheless alludes to vote fraud on behalf of Kennedy, his defeat — and producing a similar image as we got from Obama and Trump aftet meeting for the scheduled fifteen minutes but lasting over an hour and moving to followed with conciliatory upbeat talk — but Biden may opt for tne fifteen minutes with Trump. Whatever presidentisl business over the hour Biden will get from an hour Obama, replicating his prior talk with Trump.

I also wonder how some such an image as this one will come out — will the remaining presidents rearrande themselves, tne Overton Window that had Carter on the outs now moving him in with Trump out over there? Obviously, there may not too much time to test it out… Carter up there in age and all.

Brushes with fame that ought not be broadcast

Saturday, November 14th, 2020

The most loathsome person to comment on this here blog has passed away at a reasonably ripe old age — possibly the most famous person to comment but I would tend to want to peg my favorite children’s book writer for that status just to keep me sane.
This was, of course, back in anothet decade, when people actually read anything here sometimes. It was also a reminder that people do do vanity searches on themselves.

Looking over some of the obituaries and news reports, it is a curious matter to dissect some things — did this dribble out, largely unnoticed from a neo-nazi / white suptemicist message board, picked up from something like the Southern Poverty Law Center a week or so later while doing routine “watch”-work, and then from there to NY Times and wider media? Or was there a more formal press release offered over to the “enemy zionist media”?

Trump versus Pence for title of New Grover Cleveland

Friday, November 13th, 2020

Mark Levin tweets a “reminder” suggesting states send electors in defiance of whatever even the state court concludes.
Mark Levin also tweets a denial that he said such a thing.

Curious, this exploration of the ending of the Trump administration posits, for crass legal purposes, a Trump resination and … Hrm… short — less time spent than William Henry Harrison — Pence Presidential administration, just long enough to pardon Trump. Such a move disturbs the understood meaning behind Pence’s “47 twitter feed following”, lined up as it with Trump’s 45, though I guess can be rectified by him following one more twitterer — since he will now be trying to be the new Grover Cleveland — getting to be counted twice.
Then again, if you follow the idea that a muzzled Pence is attemptimg to send cryptic messages while punlicly standing by his man, the point of this twitter follow number will expire in short order so he can just drop it.

The political divisions within the two parties, and how they may manifest themselves past the immediate future, are interesting to follow. On the Republican side, it becomes a looksee into how one addresses the Trump litigation and conspiracy theories on the Election. I will go ahead and skip the 2000 election in mode of comparison and ponder 2004 — which saw outlets like the dailykos website and the Al Franken radio show working as “gate-keepers” to patiently explain supposed discreprencies to the “vote steal in Ohio” ians — represented by other hosts at that now defunct radio station and forwarded by obvious grifters like Bev Harris of “Black Box Voting”. Today I see the National Review website, and I assume the printed edition, running articles debunking various shouts of supposed sightings of improprieties in vote tallying, or to note the shakiness of various “whistle blowers”. On the other side, apparently Mark Levin is posting to the whole gambit and calling out all the supposed allies not lining up to fight this fraud, posting to an American Spectator article which I see full of anecdotal bias in small town Pennsylvania with no one understanding who here may’ve voted Biden and full of selected poll numbers and frameworks that refuse to come to terms with the obvious idea that polling errors in whole will be inconsistent — or… distributed unevenly.
Worth trying to figure out if this is accurate, actual emissary, and I have no clue what this brawl represents but I guess it is his post Trump direction — walk into random restaurants end up shouting at everyone.
Mother Jones gets a little too cutesy with the “ask obvious no responders” on ” is this a coup?”

The Democrats are annoying. We can presume AOC will win twitter in any twitter battle against Joe Manchin, twitter losses costing Joe Manchin… Less than nothing. As wete, in the immediate contest, well, yes — Manchin is correct — ” defund the police my butt”, indeed.