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Saturday, November 29th, 2014

I.  Historical purview of sorts…
Eugene Genovese   From Pat Buchanan, The Greatest Comeback, 2014, memoir on his relationship with Richard Nixon during his “Wilderness Years”.  Regarding Eugene Genovese, figure in a political fight over academic freedom over comments “I am a Marxist and a socialist.  Therefore I do not fear or regret the impending Viet Cong victory in Vietnam.  I welcome it.”

And Genovese?  The Marxist socialist of 1965 repudiated his ideology, went South to teach, wrote Roll Jordan Roll:  The World the Slaves Made, a new interpretation of slavery as a paternalistic institution.  It won the 1975 Bancroft Prize.  Genovese then helped to form the Historical Society to battle the “totalitarian assault” of political correctness.  He then rejected capitalism, embraced traditionalism, converted to Catholicism, became an opponent of abortion, was remarried in the church, aruged for teaching religion in public schools, and became a Buchanan backer in the 1990s.  “I never gave a damn what people thought of me.  And I still don’t.” he told the Neward Star-Ledger.  Gene Geovese died in 2012.  Courageous man.

From Ronald Radosh, Commies:  A Journey Through the Old Left, the New Left, and the Leftover Left, 2001, 118 – 119

Allis’s experience with radical feminism, occurring at the same time as I was beginning to harbor doubts about my ideological commitments, brought us together.  We seemed to find shrill and almost pathologically crazy behavior wherever we looked on the let.  Many of our friends seemed to be going off the deep end politically.  Some of them ended up in the extreme, cult-like radical organization founded by Lyndon Larouche, who then called himself Lynn Marcus and claimed to be developing a new revolutionary working-class organization.  Larouche was full of conspiracy theories, stories of KGB – CIA plots to kidnap and brainwash him, and of secret plots to wage nuclear war, which only he and his cadre could stop.

Even the usually sober Gene Genovese gathered an academic committee of intellectuals in defense of Larouche.  When I challenged him, he responded that “we have a responsibility to come to the aid of serious working-class movements when they ask for our help.”  Others of our friends actually joined his group, advocating a fight against a Rockefeller dominated world conspiracy which, in conjunction with the Queen of England, was supposedly going to take over the universe via the International Drug Trade.  One of my friends from the Faculty group, a brilliant young scientist who had traveled to Cuba and had taken part in the Chile protests with me, informed me that he had joined Larouche and then he began regular efforts to recruit me.  Once he phoned me late at night, sounding hysterical.  “We have information that guided missiles will be falling on America tomorrow.  Only concerted action by the Larouche Vanguard can stop it.”  He offered to give me exclusive access to the Larouche War Room, where he promised I would find the highest technological wizardy tied in to secret reports coming from all over the world.  Wen I declined to get dressed and meet him, he said “You’ll regret this when you look out the window and see the missiles.”  Eventually he became editor of one of Larouche’s journals, Fusion Power, which attempted to influence the scientific community.

And, of course, a lot of good this did to him.  That’s Larouchian gratitude for you!

Dame Mead is in fact a priestess of the evil, pagan goddess Isis, a priestess of the Whore of Babylon.
Professor Noam Chomsky, former associate of the Rand Corporation and heir of the late high priest of Isis, Bertrand Russell, is a familiar of the cult of which Margaret Mead is a Dame and priestess. So are Professor Warren Sussman, Professor Eugene Genovese, and Professor William Appleman Williams.

Today, AIM sticks to that line…

Interestingly, Yakunin also associates with the U.S.-based political cult headed by Lyndon LaRouche, the aging convicted felon who began his career as a Marxist, and cultivates ties with Russia and China. The LaRouche group claims to have the ear of Yakunin, and one article reports that LaRouche and his wife were speakers at the seventh annual Rhodes Forum in 2009.
In a 1976 lecture, titled, “What Only Communists Know,” LaRouche declared his desire to bring into being “a new Marxist international…” He has not veered off that course.
Russia’s government (Buchanan likes that it refocuses the government to the Russian Orthodox Church) is Conservative, not that i matters… Putin’s American defenders come from the right and the left.

II.  Dating Sites.  Not welcome.

but when I say I’m middle of the road I mean that no party best represents my views. I guess I’m all over the map. In a perfect world, Ms. Generic Perfect Match will have her views stretch from Center left to Center right. No Moonbats, Wingnuts, or LaRouchies please.

But… but...  The federal bank only prints money for Cronies. While Larouche prints money for Moon Bats.

How about JFK Conspiracy Theorists?

III. Dateline Ebola

Jerry Belsky, a Lyndon LaRouche supporter on hand, blames the president.
“We’re supporting this, because it’s obviously an expression of nurses saying this isn’t about wages, their own benefits, there talking about the fact they are not prepared to deal with not only Ebola, but any deadly disease because they don’t have enough people to deal with existing patients,” Belsky told TheDCNF.
“This is part of an economic breakdown and a deliberate policy, which includes ObamaCare” Belsky explains, “This is a deliberate take down of our public health system that has been taking place over years…. They have been shutting down hospitals, they have been firing doctors and cutting medical care, you need to massively expand it.”
Belsky called on the government to “ramp up your health system in the United States” and adopt “an emergency war policy to stop Ebola in Africa.”
“But nothing has been done by the White House,” he concluded. “It’s going to require Obama being forced out of office like Richard Nixon.”

At least we’re at the point where we move it from fears in the US.

Like so, Elmwood Park

“We are trying to mobilize the population to put pressure on their congressmen to do something,” she said.
She says American citizens think they are safe, but the nation’s economy and the Ebola virus are signs of things to come.
“We’re not in a great oasis right now and Americans have to grow up,” she said. “People don’t have anything to look forward to right now.”

Dateline Beach Channel Drive, Don’t Go Back to Rockaway.

A couple of men from out of town set up a stand outside the Post Office on Beach Channel Drive on Tuesday. They were handing out flyers calling for the impeachment of President Obama and for the “firing” of Speaker John Boehner. The stand and posters and pamphlets come via Lyndon Larouche.
Still it’s your right to use free speech as well. The two men, loud and brash, were suddenly tongue-tied when asked how much they were getting paid. They were asked if they believed what they were pushing or were just making a buck. They looked like they wanted to plead the Fifth Amendment instead of using the First.
In any case, whether they were paid or not, whether or not they believed what they were saying, this is America, and they had the right to wave their signs and offer pamphlets with their point of view.
Oh, we exercised our right to do some quick research. Funny, nowhere did the material available at the stand mention Larouche’s conviction and jail term for mail fraud and tax evasion.

Dateline har.

No surprise there. When LaRouche croaks, they’re going to have to find another nut to latch on to.
still have the letter to the Editor that I wrote to the paper in my very conservative town. I was 22 or so and they set up shop in front of our Post Office. I was appalled and tried to shame people with facts as I saw many giving money to his campaign. He was running for POTUS of course. He’s a true wack job.


Nevertheless, the LaRouche presence in Brisbane was disturbing and, as stated above, surprising. Upon seeing the LaRouche propaganda cart, one Brisbane resident said “He’s still alive?!” A reasonable reaction to an extreme fringe political movement which has barely gotten nor deserved any legitimate press in years…

While the man signed the donation paperwork (“Do you take Visa?”), the LaRouche lady looked at the camera and suspiciously asked her colleague “Who is this?”
“A concerned citizen,” he said, without a trace of guile nor irony.

Nothing changes. The B&W photos are a nice touch, if the modern cars were not in the background, this could be 1975, or 1985, or 1995, or 2005…..

I am glad you like the photos. Personally, I don’t have that sense of history when it comes to the LaRouche movement, or whatever the hell he calls it. I vaguely recall my Republican dad mentioning him dismissively when I was in college in the early to mid ’80s. But I moved to Japan after that, and then to California in the late ’80s, where I don’t really recall hearing much about LaRouche until after the turn of the century. By then I knew enough about him to know I didn’t want to know any more. I have never been hugely political.

These assholes just came off like someone spilled a large bowl of Skittles and cocaine on the sidewalk and expected someone else to clean up the mess.

IV. The Whacking of the Larouche Democrats.

It’s worth noting the the plan of one contingency of Larouchies (having trouble finding i in quickly in my archives here) to go to all 435 districts, which would be interesting, didn’t happen.  Or, not that I can tell.

So… what Larouche Democrats were on the ballot on Election day in November?  Just Terry Burke Dotson, running for the fighting 7th district in Massachusetts’s House of Representatives.  Interesting enough, she does have the background of military service that mainstream (real) Democrats are always trying to find to recruit for office.  The Larouche Organization, meanwhile, chose to ignore her.

The lines of debate in the big election contest.
Point:  “It is important for voters to know that while my opponent is a registered Democrat, she is a Lyndon LaRouche Democrat,” Mr. Frost said. “My opponent is focusing on federal issues. She is clearly confused as to what race she is running for. Die-hard Democrats should know this. Maybe this is the year you vote the person, not the party.”
Mr. Frost said he believes in a two-party system, but is not afraid to cross party lines to do what needs to be done for his district. He has even picked up endorsements from local Democrats, such as Millbury Selectman William Borowski.
Counterpoint:  “Federal issues have to be handed up and accomplished first. That opens the door for so many other things,” Ms. Burke Dotson said.

Hm.  Mr. Frost did nothing extra to help Millbury get its Citizens’ Petition for a Resolution Urging our Congressmen to Pass Glass-Steagall, that I sponsored, thru the State House. For over four months, he didn’t return my phone calls, emails, or answer my handwritten notes that I left for him four times, when I visited his locked office in the roof of the State House on the 5th floor. It died…unopposed…but not recommended…in the Financial Services Committee.

The people speak!   Paul Frost… 9,358 votes… 74 percent   Terry Burke Dotson… 3,250 votes… 26 percent of the vote.  Unlike with Rachel Brown, the Larouche organization does not blame this on the “Boston Vault”.

A reference the 1986 Illinois debacle as resulting in terrible choices.

hm.  Not a serious cash cow.  Unlike

“This public funding program would necessarily be open to any candidates who can meet its minimal requirements,” Von Spakovsky explains. “That includes fringe candidates and even felons. Case in point: The presidential funding program has bankrolled Lyndon LaRouche to the tune of millions of dollars — $ 1.5 million in 2008 alone.”

Is Larouche on the verge of a major political comeback?  He just might get tons of votes if we pass mandatory voting, because
(And yes, you could still write in your own gag candidate of choice, be it Grumpy Cat, Homer Simpson or Lyndon Larouche.)
Does anyone even remember that guy?

Calling out Democrats and liberals crying against an “Impeachment” canard
The National Memo video is even shoddier than the MoJo List. […]  It even drops a reference to Rachel Brown, a Lyndon LaRouche cultist who has never threatened to darken the doors of Congress.
Yeah.  Maybe they have some New Hampshire Ayn Rand followers they can get to.

V.  History’s Mysteries… Eccentric though his views were, Frank Zappa didn’t buy Larouche.  Called his outfit a credit card fraud operation.
Odd person for the Larouche to hang their hat on… what with his political relevance in the 1980s being to take on the “Parent’s Music Resource Center”, the religious right aspect of it then being courted about by Don Phou and the like.
Factnet discussion here, weary about the link due to the coming closing of factnet.

Then there’s… You ****in’ amateur.” —Thomas Vaccaro, Danny’s brother, inDanny Casolaro Died for You
I spent about two hours going over the Danny Casolaro case with Timeline Theatre the other night. Guided by Casolaro’s playwriting cousin Dominic Orlando, director Nick Bowling, and six skilled actors, […] George H. W. Bush’s name came up. So did Lyndon LaRouche’s. Most important, I was apprised of how Casolaro thought all these tidbits tied together in a grand conspiracy—a kind of Unified Crime Theory he referred to as the “Octopus.”
To be honest, I didn’t understand all of it. But then it seems probable that Casolaro didn’t either..

VI.  Michael Weinstein… from hero to goat in the gay community.

VII.  Hm?  And I will not comment on the sense of humor of those who, on a decidedly ill-conceived website, have dared to compare readers of the Koran who reject the murderous interpretation made of it by the followers of Al-Baghdadi to wearers of prosthetic limbs attempting to distance themselves (sic) from Oscar Pistorius, Martians dissociating themselves from Jacques Cheminade (head of the Lyndon LaRouche movement in France), or women severing themselves from reality TV star Nabilla Benattia….

VIII.  Jerremiah Duggan articles raise the ire of Michael Hodgekiss.

IX.  If you say so
Recently we heard on the national news that China has announced that they had a Silk Road Train. In China, Ms. LaRouche is known as the “Silk Road Lady.” She has been working with the concept of Cardinal Cusa’s “The Benefit of the Other” for nearly 30 years. […]
Mr. LaRouche has spent the last 40 years going around the world advocating the “The Benefit of the Other.” He has been able to convince nearly half of the World’s population to join the BRICS Nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa}.
Ask anyone you know from China what they know Ms. Larouche as…

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Saturday, November 29th, 2014

“This one looks interesting.  It stars Michael Keaton.”
“Michael Keaton.  He’s an actor who played Batman once.”
(blank look)
“It’s Something you can read about sometime.”

Is this something football fans should be rooting for?

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Of note…

The NFL playoff pictures.

The number four seed in the NFC right now would be…

The NFC South winner, right now the 4 win 7 loss New Orleans Saints.  (Another team is 4-7, another is 3-7-1.)

Whoever wins the NFC South is likely going to have a losing record.

The number five seed right now… The 8-4 Seattle Seahawks.

Or, you know, a re-match of the two franchises involved in the first “Oh god, there’s a losing team in the playoffs” match-up between a 7-9 Seattle Seahawks team hosting the defending championship New Orleans Saints, roles reversed.

day after a verdict

Friday, November 28th, 2014

A decent group of protesters pass, across the way from groups of police.  As you might imagine in the situation where the protest is tied in with Ferguson, the chants are somewhat directed at the police… “Hey, ho, don’t shoot us”, or whatever.

I pass by someone who mutters, “that protest is just silly.”  A silly person.

Clinton versus … ?

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

EJ Dione asks for someone to step up to save the Republican Party and the nation for each other.

Jeb Bush.

Because, um… Bush saves?

Bush Derangement Syndrome?

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

“This is an interesting book.
It’s about Human Animal Hybrids.,
You know, like George W Bush.”

Er.  Funny that Bush-comment, but it’s 20 freaking 14 now.  Jeb is next in line.
Also, does this mean Spiderman a comic book about Human Insect Hybrids?

the fight for and against the state of Jefferson

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

The Elusive State of Jefferson, Peter Laufer

While the “Proclamation of Independence” was being posted around Jefferson and handed out at the armed roadblocks, something called the Northern Counties Anti-Jefferson Committee reacted with their own handbills and press releases, distributed anonymously in Yrkea from a secret basement headquarters in Dunsmuir, a basement that was equipped with a printing press.  The opposition argued that the statehood movement was misguided.  The secret committee was, in fact, a gang of high school students who decided to attack the Jefferson promoters just for the fun of it.  Nevertheless their arguments were added to serious sounding newspaper accounts of the rebellion.  Years later, one of the gang exposed their plot.  Robert D Stone, a graduate of the Dansmuir High School class of 1943, explained that he and his cohorts called off their campaign “due to the fragile nature of pre-1940 automobiles, the price of gasoline, nubile Dunsmuir girls, and homework.”

the natural law party — still gnabbing the rounding error percentages

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Nikki Matson of the Natural Law Party received…

627 votes.

More specifically, the Results

Maria Carl                            REP           17987
  Jonathan Tade Williams                REP           16950

  Pamela Pugh Smith                     DEM           22667
  Casandra E. Ulbrich                   DEM           21336
  Kimberly Moore                        LIB            1941

  Gregory Scott Stempfle                LIB            1201
  John Adams                            UST            1654
  Karen Adams                           UST            1275

  Sherry A. Wells                       GRN             921
  Nikki Mattson                         NLP             621

In the US House, Michael Burgess received… 1,673 votes.

He doesn’t seem to be into Transcendental Meditation… but this isn’t the same party as 2000 when it was upending Pat Buchanan, or even 2004 when it was amusing Dennis Kucinich.