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God Save the Queen

Thursday, September 29th, 2022

Queen Elizabeth

In the crypt beneath the Schiller Institute, a pulse returns to Lyndon LaRouche’s fleshly tabernacle.

Big day for Lyndon Larouche followers.

We did it, guys! We killed the Queen of England!

LaRouche from hell: (Walter White saying “I won” at the end of Season 4 of Breaking Bad). (I would want to add the quote for Better Call Saul, “and after all that, A happy ending.”)

The Ghost of Lyndon Larouche suffocated her in her sleep with a Hardcover copy of the Collected Works of Plato.

pretend this tweet is a video of lyndon larouche doing the ghanian coffin dance

LaRouche about to get the best birthday present of all time

choosing to believe this was lyndon larouche’s doing

what a 100th birthday gift to Lyndon LaRouche, one of history’s greatest haters

At last, justice for Lyndon LaRouche

In case you were wondering, the only time Q ever directly mentioned Queen Elizabeth was Drop #100, where Q hints that she is corrupt, evil, worships Satan, and had both Princess Di and a bunch of MI6 agents killed. Also known as any David Icke book. Or any Lyndon LaRouche essay.

Larouche Twitter does some 9/11 truth off of it.

Tragic that Lyndon Larouche isn’t here for this

BREAKING: Larouche wins long battle on 100th birthday


Holy shit, the Queen might die on LaRouche’s birthday. larouchites are going to print at least 6 articles about this coincidence. Webster Griffin Tarpley right now. (jack nickelson clip). the LaRouche Movement and Infrared have grown too powerful, they are now going to summon a land bridge that will bankrupt all the nations of the world.

Look the real reason so many Americans (including myself) are being ghoulish about the queen is not because of anti-monarchy commitments or ancestral grudges, but rather because the monarchy is fundamentally a celebrity enterprise and US Twitter is all about mocking celebrities. Also just be glad LaRouche is dead, because hoo boy would he have some thoughts.

The crazy bastard really did it, didn’t he? Surprisingly, this is not getting a lot of play in the media. I am sure the royals have thought of this and they will conspire to have the death certificate dated after midnight. I am sure the royals have thought of this and they will conspire to have the death certificate dated after midnight. I can think of nothing funnier than the LaRouche movement hounding the royal family over this for the next thirty years

Who will be the next figurehead LaRouche movement and Maupinites will drape in antisemitism. My money is on Wackson Stinkle, who so far has only defended Human Trafficking and the usual LaRouche supported stuff like genocide and Colonialism. He hasn’t threatened to kill children or engage in sexual deviance yet to my knowledge.

I think we might have to credit Crypto-LaRoucheology for today’s astonishing timing. I am sure you are aware of the rumors she has been dead for a while. Maybe the LaRouche / Q team waited for today to announce it for the lulz

LaRouche can’t stop winning. He’s managed to wrest control of the crank left back and kill the queen from beyond the grave. It’s his world and we’re just living in it now. truly, has there ever been a time in which the world land bridge is closer to reality

By my calculations, LaRouche also outlived the Queen by 22 days. Lyndon and Liz, now heiling together in Heaven. Henry is still around, now it`s between him and Jimmy. Just got an earful from a coworker about how the British Royal Family controls all of America’s institutions, because they infiltrated over many many years etc… LaRouche’s legacy lives on, in the minds and words of coworkers everywhere

I’ll never forget the time at Michigan when someone slipped LaRouche publications into my backpack without me knowing. Must’ve been near the West Hall Engineering Arch. I was genuinely impressed!

(Noted Comics artist Michael Kupperman): ST. PETER: Ma’am, this is Mister Lyndon Larouche, he has some questions for you. >>slaps on cuffs<< “There’s no Statue of Limitations on running a drug smuggling empire or funding the Illuminati, Queenie!”

the queen died on what would have been Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday — somewhere he is smiling thermonuclearly

The Queen of England has graduated to the next plane of reality where she will battle her greatest nemesis: Lyndon Larouche

big day for larouche cranks, happy for them. (So I Married an Ax Murderer clip.)

The most I ever engaged with Queen Elizabeth was overhearing Lyndon LaRouche supporters yell about how she was conspiring with Jews to let India take over the world. And for that I will always be grateful

LaRouche busting out of his tomb to op champagne

Lyndon LaRouche och drottning Elizabeth dog båda vid 96 års ålder. Säger inte att det finns ett samband, men jag vill inte gå för långt åt andra hållet heller.

That Assad “Who Must Go” meme but with Lyndon LaRouche, the Queen, and a birthday cake

somewhere, Lyndon Larouche is doing a 1080 and a Christ Air in his grave

The spirit of Lyndon LaRouche has been avenged on his birthday.

Lyndon LaRouche finally gained enough energy-flux density on the spirit plane to kill Queen Elizabeth with a psychic blast. Now the world is finally free from the British plagues of opium and contemporary music

Gotta give LaRouche credit, his ghost is very powerful

(Prime Minister Truss on phone): Yes, Master LaRouche. They think it is of natural causes. Don’t worry, Prince Charles and the monarchy are next

Taking a moment to think about @nbcsnl’s “Lyndon LaRouche Theatre” sketch, which begins with Queen Elizabeth (Joan Cusack) packaging heroin and telling Kissinger (Al Franken), “This is the purest heroin ever, Henry. You must thank David Rockefeller for me

Predicting it now: there will be some guy who gets all his politics from streamers who will be mourning the death of the Queen but also endorses Lyndon LaRouche. You all have to help me find him.

The Queen dying on Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday ought to be treated like a portentous cosmic sign, like the appearance of a new planet in the sky.

Lyndon LaRouche vs Die Queen: 1:1

Working out the Liz Truss – Larouche theories currently

Q responders.

LaRouche/Schiller peeps busting out their black Nikes. (Marshall Apple white video)

Congratulations to Queen Elizabeth on outliving her mortal enemy, Lyndon LaRouche

god lyndon larouche would be loving today if he wasn’t also dead. He’s in heaven having a good laugh while Liz runs from Doom Guy.

God save the King (Lyndon LaRouche)

LaRouche mfers stanning for the Queen NGL the biggest trip i’ve seen on here. Hazbros

Breaking: Queen Elizabeth has left this mortal plane to do battle with Lyndon Larouche

the queen died on LaRouche’s 100th birthday. what is this if not a sign from God that the financial slime-mold of anglodom is finally falling apart?

LaRouche rn: (pro wrestling video).

Jackson Hinkle makes note of it. A typical response which follows: Did Lyndon LaRouche just win the War On Drugs?? Daniel Burke cries to get Hinkle on the Larouche show, or him on his show. (Ongoing attempts.)

I’m having flashbacks to the 1990s and Lyndon LaRouche people standing on sidewalks and screaming that Bush, Clinton and the Queen were taking over the world via the cocaine trade.


The Larouchies must be waiting to be told who is taking over controlling all World events.

nobody’s talking about how this is a big day for the larouchies too. a major link in the (((global))) drug trade is now gone!

People will try to say she died of “natural causes”, but the LaRouchies have been waiting, biding their time… If we’d lowered the tuning pitch to A=432 this never would have happened

LaRouchies Wait Patiently, World’s Lizard People On High Alert

LaRouchies everywhere are humming at 432hz to bring down the London bridge

absolutely unbelievable news out of the UK today I didn’t even know they COULD declare that they’re changing the frequency of C sharp, but they’re doing it. another victory for Larouchian music theory

Just kinda want to point out that Elizabeth II died on Lyndon LaRouche’s birthday and both were 96. Clearly he must have had one final gambit to take down the queen

Oh my god she died on his birthday. She died on his birthday. She died on his 100th birthday. This is quite possibly the funniest thing that has ever happened

do not endorse graffito on my walk to dinner but wow nyc urban artists move fast. (Ugly queen caricature). No tributes to Lyndon LaRouche on the 100th anniversary of his birth? Sad!

I’m sort of wondering/scared if Queen Elizabeth’s “death” is timed for some weird occult shit I’d rather not know about. I mean, what are the chances she died on Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday? And the last couple of videos she appeared in were clearly deepfakes.

This is literally the only time I’ll ever be kind of bummed that Lyndon Larouche is dead.

rip lyndon larouche you would have loved september 8th, 2022 the day queen elizabeth II died

loving the LaRouche people faving a joke at their own expense

Queen Elizabeth died on Lyndon LaRouche’s hundredth birthday. I’m going to be thinking about this for the rest of my life. Probably like once a week It’s important that they vet her doctor for LaRoucheist tendencies. the tentacles of the movement reach into every nook and cranny

Larouche out there somewhere in the great unknown. (Screaming at the top of a mountain)

We should never forget that she outlasted Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche Jr. and all his empty allegations.

Yeah sure, the Queen is only just now dying and has been alive up to this point, whatever buddy. my exact thoughts lmao. Great bit to wait until larouche’s 100th birthday to admit it though. Reunited in the afterlife

No doubt the LaRouche people are giddy over the synchronicity inherent the Queen of England dying on Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday.

The bane of Lyndon LaRouche’s existence.

What do you think Lyndon LaRouche is going to say to the Queen if they meet in hell?

Somewhere, although I suspect it’s a hotter than cooler place, Lyndon Larouche is looking at that original tweet’s proposition and feeling seen . . .

Tired: LaRouche got his revenge Inspired: The Brits eat their own

I’m willing to entertain the idea that Larouche birthed a shadow spirit to kill the queen on his birthday

Lyndon LaRouche finally gets to meet his greatest nemesis

Shame Lyndon LaRouche didn’t live to see America finally wake up to the International British Conspiracy

While typing stupid jokes I only just realised the first three letters of lizard is Liz wtf. And on Linden Larouche’s 100th birthday too. (foil hat video)

Just learned that she died on the centennial of the birth of Lyndon LaRouche, who had many, many conspiracy theories featuring QEII.

Well others have pointed out that it’s Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday. Allegedly the 1776th day since the first ‘Q drop’, which would be funny if true. But also, sometimes people just die. She was 96. RIP.

Point: This has to be the best day in a LaRouche guy’s life. Your particular thing is all anyone can talk about. Enjoy it while it lasts brother. Counterpoint: LaRouche did not actually do anything today and he’s achieved in a day what Leftists have never been able to achieve all their lives. Try harder.

Trying to reach Schumer. Senator, isn’t it an amazing coincidence that Queen Elizabeth passed away today, on the same day as Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday anniversary? She is gone but the disease is still around! I am talking about the Ukrainian Hit List! Shut it down now!

Lyndon LaRouche briefly travelled from Heaven to Hell to punch the queen (hereditary mafia parasite) in the c*

Truly cannot get over her dying on Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday. … all that Lyndon LaRouche rubbish again.

I’m digging all these “leftists” who have bought into Lyndon LaRouche’s theory of the omnipotent British monarchy, who at the same time think the National Health Service is awesome and the US should have it yesterday. I blame marijuana, but maybe they’re just drunk.

larouche heads having a party

Yes. Though it does occur to me that a fair chunk of American leftist Twitter seems to have an understanding of the role of a British monarch that imagines the late Queen Elizabeth II as a mashup between George III, Attila, Phillip II of Spain and the theories of Lyndon LaRouche.

All downhill now for Lyndon Larouche.

Woke up today still reeling from Queen Elizabeth dying… on what would have been Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday

Heatmap twitter must be cooking themselves into soup at their daddy’s account being knocked off on both QEII’s deathday AND LaRouche’s 100th birthday.

The planet has been deprived of Lyndon LaRouche’s obituary of Elizabeth Windsor, and for this I am sad. Please respect my grieving during this difficult time

On Haz — Nothing says being in touch with the working class like hating on snoop dogg

… .. Lizzy died on Lyndon LaRouche’s birthday??? Is God a shitposter?

Queen Elizabeth II died on what would have been Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday. He died in 2019, at the age of 96–the same age as QE2. Incidentally, the Queen would send telegrams to UK citizens who turned 100, and it’s a damn shame she wouldn’t have had the chance to (1/2) note Lyndon’s centennial.

La Reina de Inglaterra murió en el cumpleaños número 100 de Lyndon Larouche

LaRouche being older than the queen makes sense but also feels intuitively wrong to me

Would have missed Larouche’s birthday. She went out for the old heads

I swear to god today when I heard the news of the Queen’s passing I thought to myself “wouldn’t it be the funniest shit if it was Larouche‘s birthday today?” and to my delight it turned out to be so lmfao this is amazing #QueenElizabeth #Queen

Elizabeth II dying on Lyndon LaRouche’s centennial is something I expected to generate more shitposts than it did

I dunno, maybe Larouche’s 100th birthday is the trigger sign

In the LaRouche extended universe, does Charles become the world’s biggest drug dealer after his mother passed, or is that title independent of the monarchy?

What do you think Lyndon LaRouche is going to say to the Queen if they meet in hell? In order to make a quality joke here I would have to know far more about Antisemitism or American Trotskyism than I currently have command of. I famously hate Philadelphia. One of the reasons is I bought a LaRouche newspaper by accident because I saw Obama as Hitler on the cover and thought “Oh, Commie-zene, let me check this out.”

The LaRouchies are also celebrating her demise and they’re the furthest thing from “woke”. Look

On one hand, all the nazis falling all over themselves to hump a dead Queen’s corpse will drive away the LaRouchies and big fans of Madsen; on the other hand, this means extremely dumb people will now be trying to recruit left again. There are no winners in hellworld.

dying on larouche’s 100th bday is pretty funny

Lyndon Larouche Twitter is going crazy today

VICE angle: Dealers Are Giving Discounts on Cocaine and Ketamine in Honour of the Queen. My God, Larouche would have nailed it.

Lady Diana was both Icke-pilled and LaRouche-pilled? That’s big.

No mention of QE2 passing on Lyndon LaRouche’s birthday. Thes anons do not respect their predecessors.

Lyndon LaRouche, most famously harsh critic of the Crown and the Queen; her death was announced on his 100th bday. Marshall McLuhan, not a famous NASA critic, but probably the 1st famous person to cry Hoax; they landed the last Shuttle on his 100th bday.

(someone has a Thomas Dewey account?). GUYS. LAROUCHE 100TH BIRTHDAY = QUEEN DIED

That’s like 1 out of 365 odds

Reconverting to Islam because Lyndon LaRouche receiving the Queen of England for his centennial birthday is proof to me that there is a God in Heaven

So who is Lyndon LaRouche going to complain about now?

I’m trying to come up with something about banning the shift, but all I’ve got is that Lyndon Larouche line about the royals all being shape-shifting lizard people

Jimmy Dore killed the Queen. Actually it was Lyndon LaRouche.

It’s a shame Lyndon LaRouche didn’t live to see the day King Charles III assumed responsibility for the British International Drug Trade after Queen Elizabeth’s passing.

I really feel that not enough people are talking about Queen Elizabeth II dying on Lyndon Larouche’s 100th birthday. Coincidence? I think not! So, Queen Elizabeth II died on the 100th birthday of Lyndon Larouche. So maybe he was right and we need to retvrn to Verdi tuning.

Betsy and LaRouche both lived to the age of 96, too.

I truly hope King Charles lll can successfully transition himself into the head of his mom’s international heroin empire (as reported by Lyndon LaRouche) otherwise a lot of junkies will be suffering this winter.

LHC Restarted in April 2022 so… When does LaRouche nemesis The Queen die? On his Birthday. After he’s dead. Drum snare. Audience Laughs. Good Joke.

You know who I haven’t heard from yet? LaRouche cultists. What’s the deal? Their whole conspiratorial worldview hinged on the Queen being the world’s biggest druglord. Where the fuck are they right now.

As we all know Lyndon LaRouche proved that the Queen of England was also a drug baron but make no mistake Lizzy was a real one and her private keys are private. Charlie can run through something else the Queen’s Crypto was left to Candy the diamond pawed dorgi. As Homer Simpson famously said “Lyndon Larouche was right”

Remembering Lyndon LaRouche’s feelings about Queen Elizabeth II.

(Vice headline). If Lyndon LaRouche were still alive, he’d be thrilled by this headline. Some years back George Dubya Bush visited the Queen, and we speculated about whether the LaRouchies would say he was there to pick up orders or deliver product.

Also re: the queen dying, I don’t have a reaction image to encapsulate all my feelings but my God I can’t stop thinking about how funny it is she croaks the same day as Lyndon Larouche’s 100th birthday. Alright bye

She died on Lyndon Larouche’s 100th birthday. More people need to be aware of this.

(Biden) inviting trump to come and ruin the royal funeral would be pretty hilarious tho. He should invite whoever is running the LaRouchies now

Lyndon Larouche would also be appalled at the attention being paid to mourn a drug trafficker.

*Walking back from the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to my foot* yooo no WAY the queen died on larouche’s 100th birthday

Little know fact, Larouche was really into Vore and his obsession with Queen Elizabeth was because he wanted to crawl inside her belly. wanted to be shrunken down to the size of an ant so the Queen could step on him

I just realized the queen died on LaRouche’s 100th birthday. He’s won

Queen Elizabeth died on what would have been Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday

They also thought the British royal family ran the US, not to mention the world drug trade. Wonder what their take on recent news is? True fact: The queen died on LaRouche’s 100th birthday.

Lyndon Larouche was right. The British Royal family are drug dealers. She’s working undercover to bring them down.

What can I say, it was a funny week to be a Lyndon LaRouche fan. (funny image)

Queen Elizabeth . . . ruled a lot of the world? These guys need to stop reading old Lyndon LaRouche pamphlets.

Larouche cultists losing the last of their brain cells after the queen croaks lol

I’m trying to imagine what Lyndon Larouche would say about Philip, Elizabeth, and Ken Starr all predeceasing Henry Kissinger.

Both LaRouche & the Queen supported Brexit, ironically coming together, full circle, circa 2016. I do not think this is accurate, but whatever.

Timothy Noah writes his opposition to the British monarchy. Lyndon LaRouche long understood the threat Tim poses to mankind. What are you talking about? On this one issue Lyndon and I agree!

WAIT THE QUEEN DIED ON LYNDON LAROUCHE’S BIRTHDAY? I can’t believe I missed this, extremely off-brand for me.

It’s a shame Lyndon LaRouche is dead – he would have had some great conspiracy takes on Betty’s death.

LPAC is “shocked” at the lines of Tucker Carlson and… Donald Trump, if they were honest.

Literally the minute they announced she was ill, I thought, “It’s too bad Lyndon LaRouche isn’t around to say something totally insane about her.” Turns out, this coincidence was more insane than any drug trafficking or space laser accusation he could have made.

The British royal family descends from the crypto-Jewish House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. King George V changed the name to the House of Windsor to conceal their true lineage.

when I first ran across stuff blaming the venetians I didn’t understand, now I read the sources from that time and it all makes sense

I’m pretty sure the coffin is filled with Columbia’s finest blow. I learned from Lyndon LaRouche years ago that The Queen was an international drug dealer, and an American politican of his character wouldn’t risk his reputation on a conspiracy theory

such as that Queen Elizabeth was plotting America’s downfall.

!– /wp:paragraph –>

Invariably the most “viral” tweet out of Diane Sare — hundreds of responders –– is on Queen Elizabeth. One bottom line: You’re talking to someone from the LaRouche organisation. She probably thinks the Queen was a space lizard. AND. You only need to note the Larouche reference in the biog to know that…daddy Larouche believed the Royal Family runs the world financial system amd the drugs trade. Him and his followers are loopy as fuck.

Good God every time I think it couldn’t get worse it does. — this must the first time you’ve met Larouchies —– It is, I don’t know anything about her and I don’t wish her ill, but these remarks… — Then you were also unaware that the Beatles were a psychological-warfare operation by British intelligence services to destroy the USA —- Sorry about that, it seemed like a good idea at the time. We did not expect you to hit back with the Monkees

Xi sends his love to the new King. Larouche networks in overdrive trying to avoid the contradictions of their bullshit

As a former conspiracist (thankfully 20 years in the past), the Queen’s death & the spectacle around it brings to mind some of the more Anglophobic conspiracy theories, like those of Lyndon Larouche & A-Albionic Research.

In all of my mourning for the Queen I forgot that Larouche PAC put out a Christmas Carol that called her Queen Elizabitch. Lyndon Legend.

the Queen’s death was a blow to the Windsor conspiracy, opening up space for the true vanguard of private intelligence contractors to claw back territory in the war of position from the Aristotelians & enact Larouche’s genius vision to create the noosphere, & colonize the stars

And a graph showing Google searches of La rounds versus “Charles in Charge” shortly following the Death


dead reckoning not recorded

Wednesday, September 28th, 2022

There is this weird controversy out of Wheel of Fortune. It is where the “rhyme time” clue came to the old nursery rhyme of “Eenie meenie miney moe”. And the headlines come out — ” Twitter explodes”.

Twitter is always exploding. You can always run a story by just collating a bunch of tweets.

B!untly, I myself did not know the historical origins of this bit before maybe a decade ago, always having skipped willy nilly between “tiger” and “tigger” — never once dipping into the word that rhymes with a non adore “tigger”. The racist connotation makes historical sense, though on first hearing does have the result of needing to double – check: I still cannot say for sure that ” pocketful of posies” comes out of the Black Death, but can say that the now common understanding of wife beating of “Rule of thumb” is a modern invention that is inaccurate.

What bothers me — and I am basically indifferent to the controversy on use (use, don’t use, ark about “no debate! political correctness run amok!”, bark on ” no debate! Comes out of horrors of slavery!”) — is in looking at the comments section, the absolute certainty people have about other people’s experiences in hearing or not hearing the original, using or not using it. Everyone seems to know for a fact, based on their experience, that everyone else was saying or not saying it in times’ past — “as a sixth five year old from the South, sadly yes” — “as a sixty drive year old from the midwest, no.” It is a weird need of personal conjecture — to hold your point down, solidly — and thus not believe the other person here.

one down, eleven point five to go

Saturday, September 24th, 2022

Yeah, watching a Seahawks team splunker off, the thought occurs that you can switch to that great moving into the playoffs Mariners team. And there you watch injuries and sudden woes all over tear the ninety nine point six percent chance downward. Still in that place where the team and its fans would not change want to change places with the Baltimore Orioles — a three game lead is a three game lead, and there can not be any trip ups for the Orioles while there has to be for the Mariners. But all this makes moot fan clamoring on whether we would rather have that third wi!scard spot over that second — the answer appears to be yes, bring on the Cleveland Indian, er — let’s call them the Ians, — though from a bit of psychological thought that means the team can only make it in over two decades in the most generous “let em in” playoff expansion. But the further answer is … The choice slides to last one in or out, fools!

So. The Seahawks. Week 2. Watch and enjoy as they hold up defensively if nowhere else. Then Trey Lance goes down to injury and you know it is over — you can turn the tv off. For the Seahawks’s chances hinged on Lance sucking. And mind you, I have no idea if Trey Lance sucks — no one does — or if he sucks now but won’t later — the hope the 49ers franchise holds for him if he does. What we know is that gone, Garrapolo is primed not to suck against a bad team.

Comically enough the next two games see the Seahawks up against lousy competition. Improbably enough I easily see them 3-1. Next comes that six game losing streak or something. Of course, the other two lousy teams see the Seahawks and think — there’s a win, so 1-3 is possible. I see a win against the Falcon and loss against the Lions, 2-2. Then enjoy that losing cluster!

Geno Smith wants to trademark his expression after that week 1. “They wrote me off — I don’t write back”, or thereabouts. This, I imagine, will lock up all that Geno Smith merchandise that will sell like wild cakes for the coming decades for the Legend of Geno Smith. Or maybe require whoever the he’ll wants to use the expression after an actual comeback to pay him, or more likely think of a different expression.

Blemishes to your argument

Tuesday, September 20th, 2022

“For a guy who claims to be a big ‘states’ rights guy –” (mimic a southern drawl) “I stand by states’ rights” — back to regular outraged voice “and Lindsey Graham dare propose that national 15 week Abortion ban!”

No Republican has used the term “state’s rights” since the early or mid 1970s. No Democrat has used it since the early 1980s (as they let the last segregationist retire into the night). Maybe I am wrong about this in specifics, and you can quote Storm Thurmond from some point, but if wrong in specifics I am right in general theme.

On the broader theme of ‘Federalism’, everybody is one until they are not, situationally. Politics is kind of frustrating. One actually wants to hold onto some limiting values, but the laws of “what is once voluntary becomes mandatory” take hold as norms are established, and look and sed that partisan allies had other ideas with limited proposals. Never take in localities, or at times aim to drag the provincals forward.

I suppose with Lindsey Graham and federalism — heard by opponents as the anachronistic “states’ rights” phrase, he may land in a “hypocrisy” claim they — who never argue “localities decide” points or order, or not as much. I suppose, if I wished to grant them credit on this one.

and the beat goes on

Friday, September 16th, 2022

Things that happened:

Hillary Clinton, standing next to her husband Bill, on the morning after the election that she just lost giving a conciliatory if in places barely coded barbed speech conceding defeat in the presidential election that she just lost.

Things I am sick of seeing, but know I always will in the comments section of different opinion websites:

Claims of equivalence between her response to the 2016 election and Donald Trump’s response to the election he lost in 2020.

1 down, 4.5 to go

Thursday, September 15th, 2022

I have to ponder a meaning for different “sponsored content” that pops up on sports related websites.

Yeah, that Camp Lejeune really screwed everyone over for four and a half decades. And am I reading that right — The Bible has a cure for Old Age?

That bathing suit is not going to inspire confidence in anyone. Especially the average sports ball fan.

So. Hey! How ’bout them Seahawks? They won the one game that the league put on in a Primetime Sunday or Monday slot. Now the league goes back to, as the scheduling announces, ceasing to care about them. And, as the Vegas odds makers have the team at an over / under 5.5 wins, fans can look forward to 4.5 more wins scattered about the season. Of course, the problem is that the team ultimately did not win — per se — as much as the Denver Broncos gift wrapped and handed the game over to the Seahawks. And the funnier thing is that the coaching decisions for the Seahawks, at the crucial moments, were bad. They just were outdone by the coaching decisions of the Broncos. Memo to Coach Carroll: the next time the opposing team lines up for a 64 yard field goal, do not call a timr-out. Because this gives them a chance to realize what a boneheaded move this is, and come back so Wilson can try for a five yard pass instead.


No. Do not push on this piece of link bait.

Extrapolating off of the NFL coverage map for what games are playing in what markets and geographic areas —

Green means Broncos — Texans. The reason all of the state of a Texas is red except for the Houston area is that red is Cowboys — Bengals. Blue is Cardinals – Raiders. Looking at this, I am guessing everyone in Seattle will have Wilson available to watch on network broadcast television through this season. New York does not get that honor with their ex-qb of Geno.

New Hampshire waiting

Monday, September 12th, 2022


Outside groups have also spent millions as the parties jockey to help their chances in November. A super PAC backed by national Republicans has helped Morse by spending $4.6 million portraying him as “one tough conservative” who’ll fight for border security, and calling Bolduc’s ideas “crazy” by highlighting some of his controversial past statements, including calling Sununu a “Chinese Communist sympathizer.” But Senate Majority PAC, the Democrats’ principal outside group, has spent $3.1 million attacking Morse as a “sleazy politician” who is Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s choice in the race. These ads haven’t mentioned Bolduc, but they’ve hit Morse for taking money from lobbyists, including one with connections to the Chinese Communist Party and another group that lobbied for pharmaceutical companies amid the opioid epidemic.

A continuing storyline and theme worth watching in this election cycle is Democratic Party advertising on behalf of the perceived “less electable” Republican primary opponent, or put another way the ones that most closely and cleanly defined by President Biden as the “MAGA Republicans” — undifferentiated and unqualified from there — and are described by him as threats to our democracy. We await the election results on Tuesday which, parsing the narrowness, will see if it was the Democrats ultimately at fault for nominating them…. the very threat to democracy.

This one is a little interesting. Previously one can argue a point — that even if the fainted Democratic ad line calling the Republican “too conservative” is designed to gain support from the Republican electorate, it is the line of attack which will carry into the general election, term shifted to “extreme”. Here the line of attack is designed to amplify Bolduc’s ” Chinese communist sympathizer” — even if it is retouched to the more prosaic love babyish problems claim.

downwind effects

Thursday, September 8th, 2022

I thought maybe the phrase “Charles in Charge” might be, relative to itself, trending upward right now, and looking it up…

We will have to see if this results in a brief surge in DVD sales.

down in the non horse races

Thursday, September 8th, 2022

There is maybe ten, maybe eleven Senate races that hold even a modicum of interest. Of those, eight, maybe even six, are “up for grabs” or liable to switch parties. And maybe it is worthwhile to keep an amused eye on, say, Oregon’s Republican Senate candidate, Jo Perkins — but beyond an exasperated “she’s a major party’s US Senate candidate?”, and ” q again?”, there is not much to say.

So. There is a scandal. South Carolina’s Democratic Senate candidate. Project Veritas has her on taping saying stuff. Saying stuff which makes her unelectable. Some people in the state, Democrats, say she ought drop out.

It looks bad. I have not looked in to see if there is an out of context focus, but it strikes me as not of much concern. Because, what, This should, what, doom her Senate bid?

Yeah. Congratulations, Project Veritas. You really hit the hammer on this one. I look forward to Common Cause’s secret video footage which exposes No Perkins as retaliation.