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who’s on these days?

Monday, February 28th, 2022

Curious. What Americans are hosting on the “Russia TV” outlet these days? In a prior age, I noted Thom Hartmann — who had an hour and did discuss it on his radio show — being segue into apocalyptic fantasies –, the late Ed Schultz –I noted when he died –, and a Jon Stewart inspired show planting his flag in the Occupy Movement profiled in a New Yorker article that focused on how he shut down any guests who criticized Russia’s government. If f the three, and understanding the basic programming metrics of the network — highlight to the max American societal and cultural dysfunction and align against American or NATO military actions I am a little surprised by Schultz who was a firmer Democratic Party functionary than Hartmann and rather hawkish on Obama’s military actiins.

This article brings up who’s there now.

Meanwhile, at least two contributors — a French journalist who hosted a daily talk show on RT’s French-language service, and a British reporter based in Moscow — resigned in protest of the military action. And yet a handful of American celebrities, including William Shatner and comedian Dennis Miller, host shows for RT.

Not really following the trajectory of political thought on Dennis Miller — he still have his radio show? — I gauge they rope in whatever third tier radio talk show they find. I doubt it would square with his neoconservative hawkishness back when candidate McCain declaring “We’re all Georgians” when Putin sent Russian troops to blast Georgia in 2008. Shatner is apparently throwing out “fringe science” on a “science” program —

In June, RT America began airing a science show hosted by Shatner, the legendary “Star Trek” actor, which the network promised would highlight stories “the establishment media all too often hesitates to tackle.”
Neither Miller nor Shatner has said anything publicly about the Russian invasion; representatives for both men did not immediately respond to inquiries. RT America also did not respond to multiple inquiries.

The nature of the programming, Shatner is more in the clear than Miller — how can Miller not mention current events in a current events show? (If that is still what he has.)

The third name is Jesse Ventura who, the article points out and to his credit, has expressed his opine on Russia’s incursion into Ukraine: yes bad, and yes the US government has no moral authority.

Been a few years since I had that “the Ukraine is weak” tshirt

Friday, February 25th, 2022

Wandering into the fog of war, where — regardless of the immorality of Putin’s military aggression the ensuing tales of Ukrainian valor and resistance and stories of Russian civilian and military opposition read as wishful thinking. It might all be true. And perhaps Putin’s imperialist dreams will be squashed. But only intermittently does any clue come out of the news coverage.

Back in 2002 or 2003, a news article from some paper of record recorded that with Iraq, Bush enters period three of his presidency — the first one ending at 9/11 and dealing with his domestic agenda (a tax cut and no child left behind). I suppose we can possibly say that now Biden’s administration moves into his second period of his administration — foreign policy and the circumstances of a geopolitical cold war moving to the front — I see National Review declares it a failure everywhere and anywhere, I see the Washington Monthly pointing to an economy as going great despite inflation, and I hear a liberal podcast I listen to kvetch on the dividing of the infrastructure bill with “build back better”. (That last one buggering the question — in a Senate where nothing will pass without Joe Manchin — you didn’t want that in fracture bill to pass? Understand, the most likely outcome come November will be the title of ” Most Powerful figure in the Senate” moves from Manchin to Mitch McConnell — so those podcasters can enjoy that one.

partisan focal points

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022

Yeah, don’t forget the hub ub over President Trump eating well done steak with ketchup, the mirror image of conservative focus on meaningless crap of the Obama Administration.

And, sure, I hate to play the “bothsider” game, in a field where things were focused on to fill 24 hours of Fox News coverage, and then a smattering of things to fill up 24 hours of MSNBC coverage. Certainly there were things focused in on with Trump that actually mattered — oh, the attempted and ongoing slow motion coup thing. And then there are one or two I guess I can fake — no one ever explained to me what there was with Stormy Daniels I was supposed to care about, but it did do wonders for her career — I… guess?

But I go back to the well done steak thing and a New Yorker article on why it matters and give the two word rebuttal: “It doesn’t”.

Alabama Republican Party removes four legislative candidates from primary ballot

They supported Democrats. I do not know how recently. The story does not explicate. The question is… as recently as Trump did?

In GOP embrace of truckers, some see racist double standard

The “whataboutism” too easily flipped, and indeed is in other articles from the other partisan side. I suppose the partisan angle gets doubled over by the racial angle, but that is just how it skips over.

Socially conscious as always, twitter, destroys someone or other on halftime show

Tuesday, February 15th, 2022

So far as I can tell, two people with some wikipedia notability level of fame made disparaging comments on the Superb Owl Halftime show. Charlie Kirk — the late twenties wunderkind of “next generation of conservative talk radio”, and whoever the neck the other person was. By any accounts, the halftime show was a hit — reached a sweet spot for late thirty early forty somethings, represents the furthest of mainstreaming of hip hop and comes with some fuzziness of a grand racial celebration of black artists (and Eminem) without a heavy load the Beyonce performance of several years’ back. I bring that last one up only because of how the two ” disgraceful” comments read to the inevitable headlines of “Twitter smashes Charlie Kirk and (other guy)” collection of batch of tweets that… smash Charlie Kirk and other guy”. Damned racist. Where was he with the Rolling Stones retro show of a number years back, which surely made some sexual allusions of some kinds but are now lost in constant airplay over supermarket background music, and this isn’t even politically pointed as one was a few years’ back, and this is the guy making “cancel culture” commentary on “trigger” ing and “leftists politicizing everything”.

The problem is always a kind of… You can always turn the channel to the Puppy Bowl. But then… Who is standing there, coaching one of the teams of too cute puppy dogs? Snoop Dog. Damnedit, the rappers have Charlie Kirk coming and going!!!

In less famed people, random commenters in the bottom half of the Internet make the dumb line about how “not the core football audience”, missing the point of the broadening purpose of the spectacles around the Superb Owl game — the core football audience is, by definition, watching.

The question of why anyone cares to note a couple complainers on the halftime show with a blaring headline and collection of tweets — well, it is an easy job and the headline was already written.

Sports thought

Sunday, February 13th, 2022

A bad night for Jared Goff.


Thursday, February 10th, 2022

A reasonable and necessary point, but one that Pence just had to tag with a partisan chaser.

Under the Constitution, I had no right to change the outcome of our election. And Kamala Harris will have no right to overturn the election when we beat them in 2024,” Pence said in Florida.

I guess it is needed for any Trump adjacent Republicans in the base to swallow — that one word “when” — appropriate in electioneering and campaign circumstances, stated by many a political loser (You could hear the guffows when McGovern started using it). In this setting where the very question of democratic legitimacy is being threatened — a little less appropriate. What happens when (if) the opposite happens?

This gets slippery and a little quarrelsome:

Did former President Donald Trump really clog White House toilets by flushing official documents? His aides certainly thought so, journalist Maggie Haberman reports in her forthcoming book. Trump denies the story. But the anecdote rings true — if only as a metaphor for his misbegotten presidency.

Metaphor Smetaphor. And, yes, I do recall commentary after an obnoxious act by President Trump that “this is the first time I thought the pee tape might just be true.”. Or it might not. But I do not want to deal with it as a symbol. So as so goes the flushing of records in the toilet — if he did it, great — throw it in the record of Trump misdeeds. If he did not or nothing provable, great — there is enough ” tearing of the records” to charge him in whatever venue we charge him. But we can not throw it on the pile and say “but it’s the perfect metaphor”.

How Malthus Conquered the Larouchies

Wednesday, February 9th, 2022

I. Malthusianist Watch

Russia population drops by a million. Pelosi introduces into the House a measure which, in sum, enacts the kind of protectionist policies of the Chinese government (supposedly copying China is a good thing), Daniel Burke sees economic warfare. May want to work with Joseph Lieberman, I gather.

How China fails the Larouche test: And for mentioning respectfully resource depletion and environmental degradation, Lyndon LaRouche would have denounced him as an evil malthusian green-fascist dupe of Prince Phillip. I’ve read LaRouche, and those in his orbit, EXTENSIVELY (albeit not continuously) for over 45 years, probably since before you were born, so I absolutely know what I am talking about. He and his minions never missed an opportunity to say exactly that kind of shit. They repeatedly and savagely denounced ALL environmentalism and green initiatives. I mean ALL, without exaggeration, referring to them ALL as “malthusian”, “fascist” and the like. It was one of the things (among other things) that caused me to give up on them. Smart and dedicated people (which is attractive), but with their wagons hitched to a half-crazy ideologue with some very good ideas and some very hair-brained ideas. That’s the story of the LL “movement” (cult). You are the one who seems not to have read much of the LL material.

Point: Helga tweets a celebratory note on these Olympic Games , (these Olympic Games) sidestepping or just not noticing people gamble on them. Counterpoint: Daniel Burke hates the Superbowl, because people gamble on it.

China puts in a fig leaf to Malthusian British ecological principles. The Beijing government calls the site a “Green and Eco Demonstration Area,” according to ARUP, that could be scaled up in other parts of the country. While the regeneration project is a good example of how to repurpose aging infrastructure, the mill’s closure was not necessarily a “green” decision, as operations — and the greenhouse gas emissions associated with steelmaking — were in actual fact moved to another part of the country.

More trolling needling: Very disappointing. It is clear that the Schiller Institute & the Larouche Organisation are actually supporting malthusian policies & passing that support off as opposition; would Lyndon Larouche have done the same?

Daniel Burke burnishes his Maoist credentials. Trying to attract all those Mao fans. And selling it hard to a Marxist and Communist framing — though how “Putin and Xi” come to that takes some elaboration.

More questions spring from here than answers: Putin is a lot more than a shrewd politician who reinvigorated Russia and able to Judo the Altanticists whenever they play their lame chess games. Putin is one of the exceedingly few world leaders today who understands Plato and Leibniz LaRouche advised us to watch him. Yeah, I must have missed the Plato references in his annual marathon state of the union addresses.


II. Apparently Tucker Carlson is running through a “George Soros Expose” special, unaware that Glenn Beck did it a decade back. (3rd generation reprise of Larouche material.)

I thought the line on Soros was that he tried to remain behind the scenes in his grand manipulating — and to the extent he is simply a money that’s for his causes that is the case — and it was up to the likes of Larouche (and Beck, and Carlson) to “expose” him. But whatever.

Truly Evil Golem, eh? (Noted.). More noted: Til someone can still follow LaRouche and not immediately die of anachronistic embarrassment.

As a reminder, the pro-Russian position of your movement is due to the fact that LaRouche is close to Sergey Glazyev, a potential successor to Putin who thinks that the Ukrainian president (of the Jewish faith) is plotting with Israel to organize the great replacement in Donbass .

III. History’s Mysteries

There’s connecting the dots… Then there’s CONNETING THE DOTS. When Larouche was supposedly jailed by G.H.W.Bush—an useful cover 2 establish his credentials w/ me, as w/ self-appointed “Philosopher of History” Tarpley—he was actually working on an Alien Invasion/Drone strategy @ Area 51 4 Zeus’ subjugation of Prometheus just B4 Judgment Day. If Bush-Brzezinski-Kissinger-L-T can’t stage Capitol Riots/9-11/Stock Market Crash 2 seize power, their only Freemasonic move is 2claim Aliens are about 2enslave humanity—so Abraham can mine Earth 4 Gold 4 them, consistent c/ the Lost Book of Enki’s thesis. OR, chilling forecast of things to come: LaRouche Boog alliance 1776 avengency

Point: If you can deliver results above and beyond what the current crop of political scum can, people will BEG you to remain in power. We must inculcate in them a desire for the sort of changes we will need to bring that into being. Otherwise, you turn into Lyndon Larouche. Counterpoint: Agreed. Let us not turn into guys I never heard of. (Hm. This tweet I dedicate to you.)

What’s the name of the prominent USA “leftist” who turned out to be an intentional wrecker of movements in I think the 1970s and 1980s? I read an article about him a few months ago but lost it…! 3, 4 answers come up “Larouche”. Best answer is ” all of them”, link to Wikipedia article on COINTELPRO.

Everyone claims to have ended the Cold War. And here, I thought it was the producers for The Day After. It follows that the Cold War was ended by a man who served under General Eisenhower.

Underrated story from 2009 was when somebody hired a bunch of LaRouchies to shout down politicians at town halls. Fact check: no, they did it themselves.

Robert Beltran.

As opposed to Huey Long.

John K Singlaub.


Moscow’s nemesis.”

Op Mop Up redux.

IF. Imagine. Money.

Sure, I have heard the supposed “1619” thesis on the American Revolution versus British Empire passed off casually by, Sarah Vowell I believe. Not completely out of whack, but not completely centered either.

When the lecture was over, members of Lyndon LaRouche’s Labor Committee instantly created havoc by denouncing Foucault (and Laing) as undercover CIA agents. In this climate, Semiotext(e) came into being as a cultural venture, and not just a semiotic outfit. Don’t they usually do that during the lecture — or was the plan decided differently here for carefully considered strategic reasons?

He scammed $34 million. You would think with that kind of coin he could have bought some delegates in 84 or 88 or maybe at least won a city council election. Lol. What an idiot.

According to Watergate attorney Douglas Caddy, there’s a good chance Stone colluded with Harley Schlanger of the fascistic, pro-Russia Lyndon LaRouche organization to help Julian Assange time the dumping of the emails the GRU stole from the DNC and John Podesta.

LPAC shuffles through Federalist Party history: In Part 1 of this post, Bob Ingraham portrayed the unique leadership of George Washington, without which our Republic would not exist. In this second part, Ingraham further explores the conspiracy conducted against Washington by Thomas Jefferson, James… Does knocking Jefferson down a peg and two work with the superb patriot base, or are we now throwing a bone to those Jefferson statue topplers of two summers’ back?

An interesting twist on conspiracy bullshit. Supposedly the British royal family signed an agreement with North African monarchs to “kill the blood line of Jesus” AKA Jews, during the American civil war, which somehow had something to do with it. Is this Lyndon Larouche? Answer: yes.

Like those digital instigators, LaRouche promoted an alternate political reality to his followers that deftly incorporated the latest news within a broader conspiratorial framework.” (of interest to selling to the Left.)

Alternate Presidential Election history — and more alternate history.

Biden’s mom hated the English: The lesson Biden took from the 88 primary was that he got flanked by larouche’s Anglophobia and he has been making up for it ever since


IV. Memories

A propos of “Bike infrastructure is genocide” discourse of the last two days, I’m old enough to remember the opposite: a guy who said that Hitler’s ultimate goal was to genocide cyclists, not Jews. Don’t ask. Account long gone.

Getting my drivers permit there was a kiosk outside the dmv with Lyndon LaRouche brochures with some crazy ideas. (Counter dominant Larouche references posts to Matthew Yglesias tweet, a jab from the right.)

Asking for a Friend”, I gather — Help me understand why US progressives hate LaRouche so much? Daniel Burke — Point: Dupes of Bertrand Russell! Counterpoint: I remember when they were courting the Republicans in the 1970s after their dramatic departure from the far left. They hung out at the airports for a long time and committed massive credit card fraud against their donors. Cult- like adherence to the party line. “Kissinger k Moro”

I remember the first time I went to Montreal, there was a stand on a random street corner where they were handing out Lyndon LaRouche brochures. Nice to see some competition in the field.

I remember the Lyndon LaRouche nut jobs camped out front of the DMV with their “literature”.

one of my best friends in high school got into an argument with the larouche cult and they called him a “philosopher king” as a way of trying to convince him to join them

The LaRouchies used to be out front of the post office weekly and then moved up to Chase bank (prime location on the Plaza) and this is my first time seeing them since LaRouche died and COVID hit. Left my ‘I’m a Jew from Indiana and no I did not start the KKK” sign at home

I once lost it at the LaRouchies in Ann Arbor and yelled at them. A bad use of my time and energy, they are completely lunatics.

Obviously, you haven’t been to many protests. Get a group large enough, and some rando assholes will show up. 2009-11 at anti-war (etc) marches, there’d be a few Lyndon LaRouche cultists in who go to the front w/huge pro signs of Obama as Joker & Hitler. After awhile = ignored. Correction: “tea party” gatherings. Perhaps also Occupy encampments at the same time period.

I did find a claim from December 2003 that Antifa had firebombed Lyndon LaRouches campaign HQ in DC. The term Antifa was used. I think it was the first claim that Antifa did something they did not do. the 80s a firebomb did happen to LaRouche and it was reported to the DC PD. He blamed the Queen of England.

V. Campaigning

Selling it to Tulsi Gabbard again. And again. (And then broadening the definition of the word “linked” beyond its simple “insult usage”.) Helga retweet bombed seemingly every “influencer” anywhere, including democracy now, with her latest missive.

Miko Dzagi with another anti-Larouche post, simply quoting laughable absurdities from Larouche’s long career of hyper-ventilation. Yes. Not just a nuclear war — a Thermonuclear War. And directed at Mike Pompeo because he needs to know — Not just any old Dark Ages, but one one. beyond anything in recorded history. And I am sure Stephen King will heed the words.

It’s Not About Ukraine; It’s About Thermonuclear War!”

Making waves!!!: It’s deeply depressing that whenever I see some leftist group tabling or canvassing my first thought is often, “Wow, must be grifters or a cult or a grifter cult”

Take that, Gadfly podcast! We’re celebrating Leibniz!

LPAC takes its place in MAGA’s electioneering firmament: A recruiting website paid for by the Michigan Republican Party lists sponsor groups that challenged President Joe Biden’s win. Partnering organizations include groups pushing for another audit of the 2020 results, a blog run by former state Sen. Patrick Colbeck, who has called Trump’s loss a “coup,” and LaRouche PAC, a Virginia group named for a noted conspiracy theorist. Ron Kokinda, a conservative activist with LaRouche PAC, referenced the Detroit controversy in a January Facebook post promoting the MIGOP election protection team.We all know that the events of 2021 — from the Jan. 6 false flag Capitol attack, to the subsequent occupation of the White House by Mussolini Joe, to the escalating assaults on our economy and our constitutional rights —began with the stolen election on November 3, 2020,” Kokinda wrote. “And, here in Michigan, it unfolded before our eyes at the TCF Center in Detroit.” The RNC is stepping up other efforts to train campaign staff, state party leaders and activists ahead of 2022 elections.

To the PO Tour and Mantecca CA, thanks to random Google street view-mapping.

Dateline Rockland MA.

hope i can encounter the larouche people who have big signs of biden photoshopped as hitler again

Noting — Kesha Rogers with the hashtag “endthefed” — a pursuit of all those Ron Paul fans. But I guess those Ron Paul fans drop out at hashtag “createathirdnationalbank”.

A tad bizarre, and a public service message from the clean Larouche team: You don’t need Drugs to say high things. (etc.)

Harrison Elfrink And the job of feigning applause for Jordan Peterson, but insisting that… Larouche goes further — in Beyond Psychoanalysis of all crackpot works. (Fact check on this: yeah, pretty much.)

Daniel Burke aims his Twitter at Media Benjamin and Code Pink. Thanks the center for political innovation. Promotes a book calling Kinsey a pedophile.

Dateline anti-vaxx march: LAROUCHE IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE LAROUCHE PAC. finangling Biden into a Mussolini with Hitler Mustache wannabe Hitler. mustache on Fauci — it’s like how The Trashmen had their novelty hit song “Surfing’ Bird” and, scrambling for a follow-up came up with “Bird Dance Beat”. LaRouche went from a cult to a PAC. Sounds about right to me. Fact-check: larouche was a Pac as a cult when he was alive. Today, there is a dispute as to whether he still is.

EIR’s William Jones on Iran’s PressTV. LPAC published by russophile.

When someone chimes in with the phrase ” reputable LaRouche Organisation“.

A Perennial candidate — Host of now defunct website and YouTube videos with barely nicking double digit views — Celebrated Bill Robert’s victory in Detroit — a victory that did not happen. Not getting anywhere electorally in Washington, he moves to Oklahoma and… Taking on the “Deep State” by class action lawsuit. Taught by Larouche himself to take in this … Well, we will have to see where he goes from here.


And the settling of Larouche ownersip. “Quitters” is a loaded term. (And, sure — read some of his work to confirm it — yep! Nuts!)

LPAC but not LORG: Breaking News: Lyndon LaRouche is on his way from the planet Zargon, leading an armada of 500 deadly spaceships, to subdue the peoples of the earth and defend #Trump’s honor. [Heh — The orchestrated assault on the Capitol Building in Washington on Jan. 6, was another “9/11.” ~Helga Zepp-LaRouche …intended to justify fascist dictatorship in t/ by t/ incoming #Biden Admin., turning power over to t/central bankers’ Green finance. — LORG Still not quitting Trump.]

John McCarthy takes up where lpac went wrong and lost.

John O’Loughlin walking away from Larouchies — lorg cannot escape its Trump own past.

VII. Comedy Bronze

The pants are to hide a Lyndon LaRouche tattoo she got back in the 90s.

Three times in a row now I’ve gone to @McDonalds and they’ve been out of Chicken McNuggets hot mustard dipping sauce and anyway that’s why I’m voting for Lyndon LaRouche.

How Larouche’s grand train schemes can be sold to American Russia hawks. And too… Else, a “Larouche on drugs“.

LAROUCHE: “Big Weather,” by which I mean the grain cartels and certain potentates in London and Amsterdam, would have us believe that Chicago will either get no snow whatsoever, or be swallowed by the Laurentide Ice Sheet in a winter that will last 10,000 years. One laughs.

Larouche-like groups popping up around the mythopoeic figure of Hermes the Thrice-Great, demanding local leaders recognize that that which is below is like that which is above

The LaRouche people have some silly aspects to them but I’ll fight side by side with them in regards to maglev trains

Does the Queen have Joey Ramone’s sunglasses? I feel like the only person who could answer this would be Lyndon LaRouche (RIP)

VIII. Comparisons

Jeremy Grantham.Patriot Front“. IGG. Anti-anti vaxxers. Plato-ists. Baseball statistician Bill James, reprise. AEW. DSA. VPN enthusiasm. The Prisoner. James Corbyn. Suraj Patel. Neo- Nazi clowns. Westboro Baptist, as thing of the past. Hillary Clinton — fact check: it would still be 8 versus 3. Why Snow is the “Lyndon Larouche of rap”. Randy Quaid. Andrew Yang. The Catholic Church. Vlassovites, Duginists, Dengoids, Larouchies, Zizekians. On ” Haz”:

the average worker cries out for… telluric cosmism

It is hard to figure out a — what the hell is going on with some of this. Haz is who, and why should anyone care, and who is he shouting at here? (talking like a cartoon super villain.) Like, a couple months back someone posted a couple comments on this blog citing themselves as “Your Nemesis” and coming with an adversarial tone. I knew not who the commenter was, other than that they posted a comment four years ago with a similar adversarial tone and between those two points in time I gave the commenter no thought whatsoever. So where does interaction come in here?

Caleb Maupin has a Project 4:32 going.

Trump — fact check: Larouche and Debs only ran from prison for president once. And Trump prospectus 2024, and election contesting . and supposed future in present tense, and must Fact check: Leonard Peltier ran concurrent with his last bid in 2004 and Keith Judd ran in 2012 and (no longer in prison) 2016… Support base after Federal Society splits. Michael FlynnWhy Alex Jones falls short. Trevijano.

Confused “Larouche” and “Larousse” for a moment and began to wonder what was cultish or wrong about an encyclopaedic knowledge of French cuisine.

MMT, except: When I was pre college commuting to take courses at Berkeley I had time to kill between classes and was curious to talk to these people with outrageous signs. They all live in some shitty house together and the guy got frustrated with me for not wanting to join the damn cult. Anyway, @StephanieKelton never asked me to live in a flop house, start handing out flyers, and tune my instruments to 432 Hz. But if she did I might have to give it more serious thought than when the Larouchies asked.

And from Portuguese language: They spent 15 years punching Olavo and the conspiracy theories he brought from the most marginal US extreme right, LaRouche and company, the Nouvelle Droite concepts that the Alt-right rehabilitated and now they’re going to make a big deal saying that “oh, they misrepresented Burke”.

IX Finances of the dead last place political party of Australia

Australian Citizens Party — fifth biggest money raising party, last in votes. Notable, a rhetorical separation from Team Larouche:

He denied the party had had any contact with pro-Beijing Chinese diaspora organisations, saying it had long advocated improved ties with China and supported its Belt and Road Initiative. “Why would we need to be an agent of the Chinese government?” Mr Isherwood said. Mr Isherwood said that while the party still collaborated with the LaRouche organisation, those ties had weakened over the past five years. But asked about one of LaRouche’s best-known conspiracy theories, that the Queen was involved in international drug smuggling, Mr Isherwood said it was a matter of historical record that the British East India Company had engaged in the drug and slave trade. He said he had “no idea” if the Queen had followed her ancestors into the drug business.

Story elaborates that it is donors and subscribers to newsletter, which costs $175 a year. Money comes in and goes out as quickly so no warchest as such but still spending about $2m a year for 3 years to push your message is pretty good for a little party. I think they have a few rather well off business donors. In 2004 they got their single biggest donation of $862,000 from a central Queensland cattle farmer, Ray Gillham.

(Explains why the party catered to all of Ray Gilham’s desires.)

Noted: Helga tweeted the news article link with message about British fearing the Larouche with this piece… Never mind the Australian distancing gambit.

Meantime, I guess we need to keep half an eye on someone named Bossi.