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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

A few paragraphs in, and I have this mental check list to this James Pitkin Willamette Week article.  A fairly reasonable and predictable quote from Chip Berlet (check), a quote from the Southern Poverty Law Center on “right wing extremist recruiting” (check), and something from PSU Sociology Professor and reformed ex-skin-head Professor Blazak.  (Nope)  I’m two for three on a drinking game or bingo game of alt weekly fascist coverage.

Leaving that aside, and pointing out that I know that van, and with a passing reference to something about about this:

Anelauskas’ talk was moved to the Old Wives’ Tales restaurant on East Burnside Street. About 12 people showed up to hear his talk on the Frankfurt School, a group of 20th-century Marxist scholars Anelauskas accuses of sabotaging Western culture. In a video of the lecture available online, Anelauskas makes no overtly anti-Semitic remarks.

Predictably enough, this has been clipped by Lyndon Larouche and his organization for their salad of conspiracy theories… see here, 5 paragraphs in — a list of those sorts of things, read by nobody.

But leaving that side, the thing I found peculiar enough about this article.  Tell me if I’m wrong with this one.  There is something unconvincing and incomplete about this history of the “Anti Fascist Movement” for Portland:

Anti-fascism first arose in Europe in the 1920s to oppose violent far-right groups, and has since spread to the Americas and Australia. Rose City Antifa is part of the Anti-Racist Action Network, which boasts 20 chapters in cities across the U.S. and Canada.
Rose City Antifa was founded in 2007, when anti-racists organized to shut down a meeting of the neo-Nazi Hammerskin Nation set for the Sherwood Elks Lodge.

So, it took 80 years for the “Anti Fascist Movement” to spread from Europe to Portland?

9/11 Troofers

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Funny quote found at Alex Jones site, regarding the old chest-nut (which predates Jones’s birth) that detention/internment camps are being built around the US desert landscape, for designated use in the not unforseeable future:
The interment camps are strictly for 9/11 truthers. All the self proclaimed engineering experts should be able to figure a way to build a ladder to climb out………right?

A recent bloggers’ quotation (for the blog of the American Prospect) I’ve stashed away, placed in this blog a couple of times:
“Fringe movements often follow a sort of pattern, where the initial genuine energy of fringe devotees is exploited for the financial gain of their leaders, who then collapse into infighting over reaping the benefits.”

 Here’s a “9/11 Truther” at a message board I travel to, and most of this disinterests me except for the one sentence I have boldened

First of all I never said a DAMN THING about any conspiracy. That is the problem with you people that concentrate on who did what instead of what actually happened.
We are talking about an inanimate object hitting another inanimate object. In this case an airliner hitting a skyscraper. The problem is figuring out what could occur as a result of that action. Skyscrapers must hold themselves up. The WTC towers were 110 stories above ground and 6 below ground. So the 100th level had to be strong enough to support 10. The 90th level had to support 20. The 80th had to support 30, etc., etc., etc.
So what is the difficulty about knowing the quantity of steel and concrete on every level? Do you know how much the south tower moved when the plane hit it? Has that been discussed on TV? According to the NCSTAR1 report it moved 12 inches at the 70th floor which was 130 feet below the impact point. The building stopped the plane in 0.6 seconds even though it was 150 tons doing 550 mph and my extrapolations says the tower moved 14 inches at the impact level.
So don’t throw any conspiracy crap in my face because actually at this point I don’t give a damn who did it or why. So since the building weighed over 400,000 tons and was designed to sway 3 feet in a 150 mph wind people that want to dismiss this with some shallow “conspiracy crap” reasoning but haven’t put any RATIONAL THOUGHT into the physics are TOTALLY UNAMERICAN in the nation that put men on the MOON.

July 20th was the 40th anniversary. And most of the so called TRUTH MOVEMENT talks idiotic drivel. Whether video has been altered or not doesn’t affect physics.

That at least gave me enough “common ground” to post the list of assorted 9/11 Truth miscreants found here.


– The would-be politician who was dropped from her party of choice for declaring that Israeli-owned businesses in the World Trade Center were tipped off in advance of 9/11, but blames Jewish interest groups for her own stupidity.

Sounds like Kevin Barret but the wrong sex? I don’t know if he was dropped.
I have exchanged emails with him and get regular emails from his Truth Jihad but pay little attention.
I went to Chicago to listen to Richard Gage last year and met some somewhat fruit loops people but I am not involved with the MOVEMENT in any way. I just put up and read what I want on the net.


– The peacenik who won’t work with any other Truthers because everybody in the Pacific Northwest is an FBI agent.

Must mean Howie. Were you issued a badge and a gun?

– The chiropracter who smoked a big fatty before giving a “lecture”, then sent me a rambling and emotional 5-page screed when I said I didn’t understand what he was trying to say. He’s now a UFOlogist who believes he’s part of ancient Native prophecies. When the 2012 chaos hits, he’s going to head for a fenced-off area reserved for the world’s elite.

Paging Zenman…

That’s all.
I’m wondering if “9/11 Truth” is fading into the fabric of our conspiratorial imaginings, somewhat away from political activism and into a sedate always-at-the-ready market.  There is no “Kennedy Assassination Truth Movement”, for instance.

The Birthers march on…

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Tumbling over the comments sections of various sites, we come to comments such as:

Are the Humiliating Comment-makers Netizens CHICOM or just ACORN?
Thank God for Attny. Taitz and her actions to save the US Constitution and the US, itself.
Ever notice: On ALL the search engine searches (Read they’ve been suppressing pro-birther results) the criticisms of all us “Birthers” is the same as they do in Red China?
There, the government employs a horde of “Netizens” to go to sites to humiliate & denigrate & suppress anti-government talk. They’re paid about $.25 each, I’ve read.
Just like these apparent ACORN operatives do, they ALWAYS humiliate, denigrate, and use varying terms of “Mental Illness” in volume! Buzzwords like “Wingnut,” “Birther,” “Insane,”Unhinged, “Delusional,”
That’s what happens to the average Chinese when they type out loud, and the Chinese have even more “Mental Health” Prisons as do the Russians.
The apparent wave of the future for us here in Obamaland?
But the CHICOMS have been waging economic and PSYOPS warfare on us a long time. They’ve apparently continued their terroristic use of Biblical prophesies (Remember what they did on 6/6/6?) by creating as part of The Big 0’s Economic Manchurian Candidate grooming and Legend, that he’s actually the Anti-Christ (Imagine the desired reactions.) That his name, “Barrack Obama,” means “Antichrist,” in ancient Hebrew in the Book of Luke, according to a religious researcher can be seen at this YouTube video on World Net News.
This creation of a well-groomed “Legend,” part of an overall economic warfare agenda, taking over at the top, is as old espionage craft as is planting ads in prominent Hawaii newspapers, making myth become “The Truth.”r

There is no argument against those points or order.

The constitutional crisis that might erupt if this thing is not resolved:

What happens to Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation as Supreme Court Justice if the Constitution’s “natural born citizen” Presidential eligibility requirement is subsequently determined applicable to Barack Obama on the basis of Article 2’s exclusion of dual citizenship birth (doesn’t matter whether Obama born in Hawaii since his dad was Kenyan/British citizen at the time)? It would seem prudent, if not dereliction of Constitutional duty in not so doing, for the United States Senate to defer voting on Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation at the very least until there is determination, now imminent, on standing in Kerchner v. Congress (USDC NJ) on that precise issue (Congressional failure to take up the raised and known constitutional ineligibility question prior to declaring a Presidential winner in the vote of the electoral college). For the full Senate now to proceed to vote to confirm Judge Sotomayor (an otherwise lifetime appointment) before then, would be a knowing and very substantial exacerbation of any inherent Constitutional crisis — compounding the previous Congressional dereliction. That is, the Executive Branch, as well as conceivably all actions of a Congress under a President determined ineligible, would leave the Supreme Court as an essential unfettered remaining Branch of the Federal Government, that is unfettered so long as Mr. Obama’s nominee to the Court is not yet confirmed by the Senate.

Will not one Senator, let alone Republican Senator, raise this issue on the Senate floor? The nation is watching.

THAT must be why so many Republican Senators are harking away from their previous voting records of voting in Supreme Court Justices and not voting for the confirmation of Sotomayor.  Perhaps they just can’t say it, for fear of the Red Chinese techniques of the ACORN thugs!!

As for A Sewer’s comment here:
Fringe movements often follow a sort of pattern, where the initial genuine energy of fringe devotees is exploited for the financial gain of their leaders, who then collapse into infighting over reaping the benefits.
Can’t get too haughty with that one, throwing a link to an article about the Minute Men.  Sometime around that time Keith Olbermann was entertaining the notion of the 2004 stolen Ohio election, with the opening caveat along the lines of “Somewhere between tin – foil hat and legitimate citizen investigative journalism”, one Bev Harris was traversing about for cash and fame.  (I say that because that was the first thing that popped into my mind when I read that sentence.)

But this arena of partisan conspiratorializing depresses me so.  (With spokespeople like this, who needs enemies?… Actually, strike that.  I have to admire her sheer termerity!) But we continue, with a frequent commenter to various blogs — who likes to use these platforms to advertise his blog of “insightful” partisan tactics:.

What’s “lunacy” is that people like Larison don’t really understand this matter before speaking out about it. And, it’s also “lunacy” that the leaders of the supposed opposition to BHO are actually helping him with this issue rather than being able to figure out how to turn this issue to their advantage.

The leaders of the supposed opposition to BHO (very broadly defined to include those like Larison) could have used this issue to discredit the MSM, and instead they’re helping the Dems smear the GOP.


What Ambinder is confused about is the difference between faith and fact. He believes BHO was born there; I think it’s a very strong possibility but, unlike Ambinder, I’m smart and open-minded enough to realize that there’s the possibility that he was not born there. Ambinder is an honorary member of the BHO cult; I’m too much of a free thinker to believe in Xenu. For instance, HI’s DOH Director might be lying or mistaken. We won’t know until we’ve seen the full file complete with a history of the file and all of that has been verified.

For the actual facts of this matter, see my extensive coverage. No one has so far been able to provide a valid counter-argument to anything at that or the linked pages. Let’s see if Ambinder is smart and open-minded enough to give it a go.

There is some muttering about how to handle the bussed in shouters at the Town Halls.  The answer is that politicians need to read up on their Richard Nixon, and the art of pulling a crowd against the protestor (invited and bussed in by Nixon, as it was) — using them to set up applause lines.  But we are stuck with the political fungibility where the policy concerns, both legitimate and illegitimate, of Health Care clash with this subterranean land of “Birther”ism. 

What is your response to the FACT that Obama’s parents placed an ad announcing their sons birth in Hawaiin newspapers shortly after the date of his birth?  AND
Jeff, you’re breaking some news! Because, no one has yet shown exactly who placed those announcements. No one has provided proof – such as contemporaneous memos and the like – showing that they could have only come from a birth hospital and would only indicate a birth in HI. In fact, some people – you know, those with open minds – admit the possibility that they might have been planted by the grandparents in an attempt to confer citizenship and in case of a custody battle.

Wait!  Wait!  Maybe the man wasn’t born at all!  Is it possible he was brought in by a stork, like all those illustrations and images for children have it?

40 years ago, mankind stepped into a Hollywood sound stage…

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

40 years ago, a young Bart Sibrel sat in front of a tv set, mesmerized by the moon landing, sharing in Walter Cronkite’s mixture of awe on the landing and confusion over the “One Big Step” line.  Perhaps taht nagging feeling was there at the start, but in his telling that nagging feeling kicked in only later: was this even real?

So the numbers, the figures, the dots didn’t add up.  And he pulled together his conspiracy.  Years later, he would confront the great Fraud and Fakester, Buzz Aldrin, and Aldrin would punch him in the face.

As the times have passed, Buzz Aldrin has tipped his hand.  He urges that mankind avoid returning to the moon at all cost — better to bypass the Moon and travel to Mars.  What does Buzz Aldrin want to hide the Moon from all of Humanity?  We can only speculate.

Regarding Bart Sibrel: it looks like he has managed to corner the “Moon Hoax” conspiracy theory.  When you say, “Moon Hoax”, I think Bart Sibrel.  This is a way I don’t associate a single person with, say, “9/11 was an inside job” or with “Where’s Obama’s birth certificate?”  Quite a hat trick Bart Sibrel has accomplished — I guess he gets credit for advancing the issue he didn’t create.

that’s the ticket

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

I think I’ve seen this camper before, stocked to the barricades with bumper-stickers.  The most visible is at the top of all four sides:  “9/11 Was An Inside Job”.

Beyond that, there’s “End Wars for Oil and Or Israel”, “9// Controlled Demolition”, “US Troops out of the Middle East!”, “Arrest Bush Cheney Pearl Ashcroft Rice Rumsfeld Powell 9/11 Wars Crimes Lies” (Time to update to the new administration.)  “Bush Rage Allowed”.  “No War on Iraq” “No War on Iran” “IMPEACH” “I Love My Country But Fear my Government”.  “One Nation Under Guard”.
This is one side of the camper.  I didn’t jot down the other side.

And then we throw in these two:

“Ron Paul for President” and “Dennis Kucinich for President”.

Huh.  I guess we do get this from time to time.  But is the optimum ticket Paul / Kucinich or Kucinich / Paul?

I suppose the owner of this camper takes the vast arraignment of disagreements between Paul and Kucinich over the scope of government welfare and beauracracy as meaningless.  The areas of agreement are almost meaingless too, save a point of departure to 9/11 Truth.

to the conspiratorializing fringe… or to the Iranian Government

Friday, June 26th, 2009

I kind of don’t understand it.  It took 12 days, 12 entire days, for the Alex Jones website “” (I know I could probably try to check in with what I suppose to be the higher profile “infowars” site, but I will go one or the other route with this one) to explode with an overload of “Da Conspiracy De Iran”.

Sure, there was a sputtering up before then.  But it took until two days ago for it to overflow the page.  Today, the page is less dominated by Iran, but two days ago looked like all the hallmarks of a campaign.

It took that long to thread their nihilistic needle, of assembling all the random dots and drawing all the necessary contrived lines, in line with blaming the CIA?
What?  Was this an abundance of caution?  They really needed to check their sources, and double-check, and find collaborating information?

Checking in with my other source of largely conspiratorializing aggregating — “Information Clearing House”, I see a George Soros. 

Meanwhile, Jeff Rense links to this here with the phrase “CIA May Have Executed Neda (big Surprise.”)   It is a straight-forward acceptance of the Iranian government’s straight faced lie.   (As well, isn’t it nice to see Israel Shamir’s analysis posted here, striking that oh-so-finely tuned balance between a demonstration of a more open Iranian government and a Totalatarian Jack-bootery.  He’s a real Centrist Conciliator, that “Israel Shamir”.)

I am to believe that the Iranian protests are one giant CIA (or, you know, whatever) psy-ops project.  Every bit of it.  The election was fair and legitimate — and if they weren’t, it falls under the field of legitimate Iranian constitutional purview — and if not, don’t you realize there are children starving in Africa?
Now let’s examine the history of “False Flag Operations”.

Surely Jeanne Kirkpatrick’s “Blame America First Crowd” phrase is largely an overused invective, used mainly by people prone to an American Exceptionalist viewpoint “my country right or wrong”, “America is the greatest country ever in the world comma sniff and you had better share that sentiment hand shake”, downplaying any negative action the American government has played in the world, or ignoring the negative feeling that engendered to the nations treated as chess pieces during the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Our conspiratoralizing nit-wits?   Forget “blowback theory” in placing some blame or causality past the Islamic Fundamentalist perpetrators of 9/11 and to American and Superpower actions of the past — the functional target of the phrase “blame america first” and how it is prone to misfire in its stand against governmental stove-piping,
Forget that too, because in their worldview there are no Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists.  But we can’t even quite call them the “Blame America First” crowd.  It’s the Oligarchy.  And there are no other independent actors.  They have framed their perceptions to a narrow vantage point, — a more feasible idea might be something on the order of an intersection of overlapping conspiracies — that might get them out of this box where they are parroting an Iranian police state’s propaganda for the death of the poster-rallying matyr Neda.  (Which they wouldn’t in a million years do for some of the gross improprieties of the American state.  Or Israel — see: Rachel Corrie).

The other word from the “right” in the history of our politics, from out of Leftist support and apologizing of the Soviet Union, was “useful idiots”.  But it’s hard to put a finger on how “useful” the fringe is in this regard.  They’ll need to crowd further into the “mainstream” frame before they can be rewarded with such a title.

But… why did it take so long?  Was there some sort of coordination necessary to maximize an effect?

The brohauhau over Obama taking the Huffington Post query is wrong-headed.  Never mind the “Iranian” and “Internet source” angle of signals — she asked the most pertinent question: whatever the long term holds (and the overthrow of the Shah in 1979 occured over a year, with long subdued periods when the threat to the government seemed to have passed), Ahmadinejad behind Khamenei will be situated in power — and so the question:

“Under which conditions would you accept the election of Ahmadinejad, and if you do accept it without any significant changes in the conditions there, isn’t that a betrayal of the — of what the demonstrators there are working towards?”

I don’t know the answer to that questio.  And Obama dodged it, meaning … we will wait to see if the Obama Administration has an answer to that question.

Iran is going to fade from the public’s mindspace and American’s notorious short attention spans.  Meaning it will be up to you to take actively care, if you so feel inclined, in short order.

9/11 Truther to Sue Glen Beck

Friday, June 19th, 2009

An East Coast 9/11 Truth activist, Greg Hoover, is suing Glen Beck and Fox News for defamation of character.

A nice way of getting attention, I suppose, and its important to him/them to differentiate himself/themselves from a lone Holocaust shooter, who happens to believe in a government conspiracy regarding the fall of the WTC towers.  But the lawsuit looks pretty baseless.

But this does look like a double-Sister Souljah item, for two talk show radio hosts.  In recent months, Glen Beck has been compared to Alex Jones for stuff like this.  He wants to be crazy, but not that crazy.  Alex Jones praised Glen Beck for some of the same paranoid poundering, but has had to do some rebuffing… lest he lay some measure of irrespectability onto Glen Beck.

Glen Beck doesn’t want to be associated with the 9/11 Truthers who populate Alex Jones’s milieu.  Alex Jones wants to safely propel Glen Beck to the margins of some gatekeeper role in establishing for the Elite the boundaries of respectable debate (one that doesn’t allow for the FEMA Camps and whatnot).  The better to champion Greg Hoover’s cause  to dispense of goddamned Glen Beck as he proceeds to interview the man most famous for the “world run by Lizard People” theory

… I bring up David Icke rather gruituously for the minor purpose of posting this and this.

Obama. Deception. And all that.

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

The Stranger (or employees thereof) has a little fun at the expense of the Alex Jones contraption “The Obama Deception”.

First, I may well get this line out of the way:
The Infowar should be a literal war between Larouchies and Truthers, fought in the streets of Davis, California.

Poke into that Sunday, I guess.  Currently, there are two items which are perculating through the Alex Jones sphere : the threat of “National Service” initiatives — Indeed, if you go over to Alex Jones’s sites, that dominates the page right now (‘Tis a big bugalobo for one of the posters at the Internet message board I frequent with a half dozen posters — such as we get this:

Zen has been drafted to teach a group of ‘troubled’ teens the basics of drywalling as part of this program (part of his sentence). He has just shown the kids the ‘mud’ (plaster) and is starting to laborously put it on the wall (budget doesn’t allow for the quick methods). One of the rowdiest of the kids watches this for a moment, and then goes, “I know a quicker way”. He reaches into the bucket, grabs a great big fist full of the plaster and throws it…at the second rowdiest kid in the class. By the time Zen gets turned around, plaster is flying everywhere. He opens his mouth with the intent of telling the kids to stop only to have a big wad of plaster hit him right in the face. About that time, Zens boss comes calling…,

Congenially I offer to his desire to move to New Zealand this:

Meanwhile, the move to New Zealand. That seems to me the managable size of a nation-state. As it were, there’s those behemoths of, say, China and the US — policy imperatives are to uphold a bureacracy for the sake of upholding a bureacracy so that it doesn’t smash down on us, which would be unpleasant. Time to break the world’s states into smaller units.
Cascadia is about the right geographic size, though I think zenman would think of the ensuing government as Socialist so he’d just as well stay away.

But really:

Some of this stuff is great! The first thing I clicked on explained that “Starbucks wants to make it easy to join Obama’s proposed paramilitary brown shirt volunteers”, because they gave away some coffee to, um, volunteers. Because, er, AmeriCorps and MLK/Vista and the Peace Corps are pretty much the same thing as Hitler’s SA.

The model has a precedent in American history and out of German or Soviet history, don’t it?:

In this sense, of course, the New Deal—particularly the Works Progress Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps—provides some models. These programs used the unemployed to create new dams, electrical-transmission systems and bridges that boosted the nation’s productive power. Critically, such a program would target blue-collar workers—mostly male and heavily minority—hardest hit in the recession. As conservatives rightly note, the New Deal construction projects did not end the Depression, but they did give people purpose and skills as well as hope, while leaving us with a remarkable legacy of productive structures that inspire us with their affirmation of our national destiny.

But the Brownshirts… that’s the threat.  The expanded Americorp group will turn their attention to the citizens, and lead us to the fear of this group of State Controlled Brownshirts putting their targets on :

The uproar that ensued as a result of our original story about a document issued by the Missouri Information Analysis Center which smeared third party supporters as potential domestic terrorists has forced the Missouri Department of Public Safety to issue an apology to Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr. However, references to people who are anti-abortion, anti-gun control, knowledgeable about the Constitution and even those who simply display political bumper stickers will remain. […]
The MIAC report specifically describes supporters of presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr as “militia” influenced terrorists and instructs the Missouri police to be on the lookout for supporters displaying bumper stickers and other paraphernalia associated with the Constitutional, Campaign for Liberty, and Libertarian parties.
The MIAC report (PDF) does not concentrate on Muslim terrorists, but rather on the so-called “militia movement” and conflates it with supporters of Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, the so-called patriot movement and other political activist organizations opposed to the North American Union and the New World Order.

A bit surrealistically, the first comment on this page, as though to lend support to such a “watch carefully” act:

Rev Donald Spitz Reply:

Eric Rudolph is not as bad as some would make him out to be. Those who have killed babykilling abortionists have done so to protect the innocent. People use force everyday to protect the innocent and no one has a problem with it, except when it comes to protecting unborn human beings, then they go ballistic. It’s very simple, the unborn deserve the same protection as the born. Born people are protected with force quite often. Force that you would be glad if it was to protect your children against a murderer. Force that you yourself might use to protect your own children from being murdered. The unborn deserve the same protection.

SAY THIS PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I am a sinner and am headed to eternal hell because of my sins. I believe you died on the cross to take away my sins and to take me to heaven. Jesus, I ask you now to come into my heart and take away my sins and give me eternal life.

Which does spur an interesting theological discussion that dips over to:
its time to discard this dangerous notion of god
and to take responsabilty on our shoulders instead of blaming it on satan or god
the elites that run this planet know all this but use your ignorance to keep you imprisoned

Part of the reason Ron Paulites splintered considerably in support for Chuck Baldwin.  (But Bob Barr was never about to get it all either):

“….profiling of all sorts is a very necessary tool for effective law enforcement. Only morons would try to hamper a lawman’s ability to bring criminals to justice by removing this tool from them.”
-quote by Chuck Baldwin.

But, you know, a word about the matters at hand which fuel “Obama Deception” moreso than the free-floating anxiety laid by a Service Program — to wit:

Our pundits worry that a populist rage is loose in the land—pitchforks everywhere! My first reaction upon hearing that was to dismiss the word “populist” as a distraction, an epithet meant to recall episodes in which mass rage made sound policy deliberation impossible. Think of dispossessed 19th-century farmers letting their righteous rage at bankers tumble easily into free-floating anger at “Jewish bankers” and then simply at Jews; of 1970s white South Boston parents stabbing busing advocates with American flags. My second reaction was to dismiss the word as inaccurate. What makes this rage “populist”? This is ordinary rage, rational and focused. The lead pitchfork bearers, after all, are people like New York TimesJoe Nocera, who wrote that AIG’s Financial Practices Group was guilty of a “scam” at which “we should be furious.” You might more accurately call that common sense.

Another article excerpt from the Newsweek batch of “Populism” stories which deftly describes the “outrage” into positive and negative, without stating the obvious manner that Obama and Geithner and company would alleviate the negative… can’t find it with immediacy, punt it to later.

New World Order now just a World Order

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

Watching this trailer for the Alex Jones fun-pack “The Obama Deception”, it occurs to me that these folks have set it up to track any time a politico says the words “World Order.”  I had always assumed that it was pegged at “New World Order”, but apparently the word “New” isn’t necessary.  A couple possibilities.  #1:  Obama has not used the words “New World Order” often enough, such that they have to settle for a “World Order”.  #2:  The NWO Oligarchs know just how big a taint the words “New World Order” have, and as such in conversing about such and such an international agreement are content to just use the words “World Order.”

More illuminating material from Jones: Just go ahead and skip the nazi documentary footage to :57 — it’s just your basic runof the mill Nazi Stormtroopers that is standard for this type of thing.  Jone’s performance here brings to my mind a Possibility #3:  World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly the WWF until the Panda-lovers sued for the acronym) has usurped the phrase “NWO”, and thus have to drop the “New”.

Big Factors in the Sino-Soviet Split, circa 1968

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

The smallest New Left group is the New England Party of Labor which publishes Hammer and Steel, a memeographed sheet that some people believe expresses “pure Maoist views.”  The man behind the organization is Homer Chase from New Hampshire.  He wants to have a hammer and sickle carved on his father’s headstone and has been fighting the town fathers for years on this issue.  “The headstone seems more important to Homer than anything else,” says critic Communist Gus Hall.  “but he gets written up by the press as a big factor in the Sino-Soviet split.”  For once perhaps Gus Hall is right.

— George Thayer, The Farther Shores of Politics, 1968

Hm.  This is an entirely different interpretation of the group than what we see on wikipedia.  That Gus Hall quote seems relevant to place into the wikipedia article on said organization — see “Ray O Light Group“, which has all the appearances of having been pieced together by members of the organization.

Originally called Hammer & Steel (H&S) or, more infrequently, New England Party of Labor, they split from the CPUSA following Krushchev‘s Secret Speech to the 20th Congress of the CPSU. After several name changes (Youth for Stalin in 1968 and Stalinist Workers Group for African-American Liberation & a New Communist International from 1969-1976) which reflect shifts in both composition and political line, they became the present Ray O. Light Group. Many of its members were Northern Communists who came to the South to organize. Hammer & Steel was a small editorial board which grew out of the struggle against what it saw as revisionism in the CPUSA. It criticized the CPUSA for liquidating the revolutionary line on the African American national question, and for returning to a position of “American Exceptionalism” (by supporting the presidential campaign of John F. Kennedy) which had previously been upheld by Earl Browder. Though it was a small group, H&S was the only group to be attacked by name by Krushchev in his polemics against the Communist Party of China (CPC) for siding with the CPC and Party of Labor of Albania (PLA) in the Sino-Soviet Split. H&S was the only revolutionary group in the US to have a representative at the 5th Congress of the PLA in 1966. Hammer & Steel argued that there was a focal contradiction (see, contradiction) around the oppressed peoples fighting for national liberation. This was reflected in the United States in the African American struggle for self-determination.

Why, they were a big factor in the “Sino-Soviet Split”!  According to their literature, backed up by Kruschev himself.  Take that, Gus Hall, you old Communist you!  Must have been the jack-boot from the Soviet propaganda he was spurring forth, minimalizing their role in the Soviet — Sino split.