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Newt Gingrich floats moon colonies, unlike Larouche’s

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Continuing the theme of third party relays of Larouche, while the Libertarian Party of Harris County doesn’t much have use for him but will humor them for a few minutes, the gate’s wide open with the Constitution of California”, as we see here by chair Don J. Grundmann (as well the “REAL Independent Party — for charges against what he considers the “fake” Independent Party go here):

Mr. Lyndon LaRouche is an honorable American patriot whom I greatly admire because of – 1) He was falsely accused of a crime by the government and sent to prison in an attempt to silence his beliefs. In regard to his conviction he is in fact an innocent man as the government committed a great crime aginst him and his followers. 2) He is hated by the political establishment because he proclaims the singular value of human beings; i.e.; he fights the anti-humanity Darwinian religious view that there are ” too many people ” which is the basis of abortion and ” family planning ” attacks against humanity, especially non-whites, around the world. 3) He believes in and advocates technological development and advancement in order to bring prosperity to all of humanity. Since the political establishment is anti-humanity they hate him for these beliefs. 4) He is not a ” cult leader ” nor are his followers members of a ” cult.” This is simply yet another attack upon him by the anti-people political establishment.
While I have my disagreements with him I find Mr. LaRouche to be a brave and honorable American patriot who deserves great credit for continuing to fight for his beliefs despite the great crimes committed against him by our government. His actual policy perspectives; not those claimed against him by those working to smear him and lie about him; should be seriously considered by all citizens.

Thank you, leader of the Constitution Party of California.

STORY NUMBER ONE:  CAMPAIGN UPDATES  So, apparently Kesha Rogers is not on the ballot.  But that’s not stopping the movement from lumping her onto a “slate“list. It’s the way of the cult, I suppose.  Under this rubric, they may well just run for every elected position with every one of those 300 members I keep hearing they have.
Sans Rogers, the candidate “Most likely to win the nomination” is, I guess,  if you take the examination by the Examiner as any indication of an unsettled Democratic field with a lack of a cohesive party organization, but then again the Examiner is making fun of their Democratic opposition.
Diane Sare.  I never posted that the “Larouchie of the Year 2011” list, but it went Alex Jones, Perry Clark, Diane Sare, Harley Schlanger, and Sky Shields.  Sare has thumped Kesha Rogers for what looks like a “LYM Candidate” slot.

She’s making her way.  Dustin’s interview with  Congressional Candidate Diane Sare of the LaRouche Movement, an ultra-left wing political group which critics say is racist, anti-semitic & extreme.  Good media copy, I suppose.

And Diane Sare has made her mark. Chris Cristie: “Just another day in New Jersey.”  
Sare was among a group of LaRouche supporters who was escorted out of Governor Christie’s Town Hall meeting in Fair Lawn last year for breaking out in song during the event.
She wrote the lyrics, which included “Obama and Christie are both insane,” and set to the music of Beethoven.

Other campaigns:
Rick Perry hopes for the Lyndon Larouche precedent in ballot access.

Mitt Romney will drop out of the race for the Republican nomination, despite leading in all the polls. “I changed my mind and decided I’m actually a Democrat,” he will say. His decision will leave the field wide open, with Ross Perot, John McCain, Ralph Nader, Lyndon LaRouche and Eugene V. Debs all “throwing their hats into the ring.”

Howie G has this to say about possible appearance somewhere.  Today is the LaRouche meeting in downtown Manhattan, and I am even supposed to pick up Albert P. I don’t care, it’s nice to get out of the house. I think that someone is giving a presentation on Shakespeare.

STORY NUMBER TWO:  Newt Gingrich Campaign implodes off of Moon Colonies
Considerthe huallabo Newt Gingrich is getting for statements about space exploration.  One of them being that “by the end of the second term” of a Gingrich administration we will have moon colonies.  Gingrich’s idea is more conservative than the Larouche cult’s, but then again I believe the Larouche cults’ ideas are largely wrapped up with the freedom that comes with never having to go through the task of implementation.

In the mid 90s, Robert Zubrin met with Gingrich, his “Case for Mars” book makes mention of the “Gingrich Plan”, which strikes me as a gimmick — Reward money to entrepreneurs who pull it off, something McCain advocated in 2008 with respect to renewable energy.  If it seems Gingrich’s ideas here are outside the mainstream, consider Larouche’s, and then consider Robert Zubrin.

David Lindsay on Newt Gingrich.
Newt Gingrich has form. He wants “a mirror system in space [that] could provide the light equivalent of many full moons so that there would be no need for night-time lighting of the highways.” Oh, and “a large array of mirrors that could affect the earth’s climate”, thereby extending the growing season for farmers. And now, he has earned the endorsement, which I would expect to be forthcoming, of Lyndon LaRouche, by advocating the old loony’s signature policy of colonising the Moon and then Mars. Yes, that’s right. Mars.

Interesting to note that the wikipedia page on Zubrin has had any mention of Larouche deleted from it.

More on moon colonizing ideas.
There was a little jump in the video right after he mentioned the tunnels, methinks that there was some editing done.
I was intrigued when I first came across LaRouche, but then I spent some time tracking down a lawsuit that named everyone man, woman, and child in the United States as collateral for some mega-trillion dollar scheme to reroute all of the fresh water in North America (The Canadians don’t need it, but Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles sure do, according to Larouche’s PAC)… Oh yeah, just found it: NAWAPA and it’s still on his website, but the lawsuit isn’t referenced there that I was able to tell. And yes, the lawsuit was filed by his PAC.
Anyhoo, that episode convinced me that LaRouche is officially bat**** crazy.


Start with coverage by In These Times.

The usual movements such as OWS and MoveOn were in attendance, but so were the so-called “LaRouchies,” followers of Lyndon LaRouche and his ideas, and a movement built on a foundation of paranoid conspiracy theories.
In terms of Occupy’s history, the LaRouchies are perhaps most famous for handing the right-wing ammo to level charges of anti-Semitism at OWS whenever they parade around giant banners depicting Obama as Hitler.
And it’s not as simple as dismissively saying “LaRouchies aren’t part of Occupy” because that’s actually not true. They, like the 9/11 Truthers, have been at the OWS meetings and voting with the group since the beginning, so the majority non-Larouche following Occupiers found themselves in an awkward position last night when a small group unfurled a banner of Obama donning a toothbrush mustache.
Occupy couldn’t exactly kick out the LaRouchies, so they instead shifted the OWS protest several feet down the sidewalk to create space between themselves and the banners that quickly became a much-loathed target for some of Harlem’s residents, though many individuals seemed annoyed anyone had turned out to protest the president, regardless of their ideological stripe.

And on to Occupy Movement round up
When the Tea Party started gathering the LaRouchies showed up at their rallies. The Tea Party was blamed for the then novel Obama as Hitler posters. When Occupy Wall Street was spreading across the country the LaRouchies showed up at occupations. Fox News used those same Obama as Hitler posters to claim that Occupy Wall Street was Antisemitic. Now a Front Page diarist here has fallen victim to that same confusion.
The diary on the Rec list makes the implication that Occupy Wall Street has somehow assimilated Lyndon LaRouche’s cult of personality. That the two movements have merged citing some dubious claims made in a piece by Allison Kelkenny. Her piece also points out how the two groups tend to mix like oil and water.
LaRouchies started showing up at Occupy Seattle in Westlake square. They always stood at the far end of the square from Occupy Seattle encampment, and never took part in any GA or mingled with the occupiers. We started gathering volunteers to stand in front of the LaRouchies with their Obama as Hitler signs with our own signs. I took part in this screening effort a couple of times. More than a few heated exchanges between the two groups took place  Eventually they got discouraged and stopped showing up.
LaRouchies have become to political protests all across the spectrum what the Westboro Baptist Church has become to military funerals.
but I took BBB’s diary as more of a cautionary tale… than an indictment.
I know in my heart that the OWS movement (and it’s growing constituency) is, at it’s core, too generous in spirit, compassion and resolve to ever become simpatico with shallow, impudent, fringe groups like the “LaRouchies.”
involved in this protest who are from Harlem and who do ally themselves with OWS are definitely not LaRouchies.
Where they fall in the spectrum of Harlem politics would take too long to explain here -but the short version is she, and a few others are Green Party.
I hope I didn’t conflate the two in my post.  I am in no way suggesting that Nellie and the Occupy Harlem people were part of the LaRouchie group or invited them or anything like that.
Totally separate thing.  The LaRouchies show up at these things and have done this type of thing for decades now.
Everyone see Nellie at the very beginning of the 11 minute video that Horace posted above (and I posted again below for convenience).   She’s no LaRouchie.  I agree with what she said about the 99% and the 1% and the office of the presidency enabling the 1%, which is essentially what she was saying.  The LaRouchies with the big signs stood out like a sore thumb.  They were not part of the Occupy Harlem (and other orgs) event that Nellie was there for.
for well organized protests done by organizations and movements that do have leaders too.  Left and right, apparently.  You see them at anti-war protests.  LaRouchies were at Netroots Nation in Austin too.  Had a table set up out front, talking to people and giving out literature.
LaRouchies are like political bed bugs
“like”??? Didn’t really need that word.
set up in front of the downtown Macy’s, or Benaroya Hall, home of the Seattle Symphony. I’ve never heard it suggested that Macy’s or the symphony are somehow besmirched by their noxious philosophy.
The larouchies go where and say what they please. For better or worse, we are still a somewhat free country.
There have been users here concern trolling the occupy movement from the beginning, often on the flimsiest of pretexts. It will probably get worse this year, because occupy will not bend a knee to either party.
The question is “How can Occupy get rid of the anti-Semitic, Paulista and LaRouchie lunatics who cling to it when Occupy runs on near-consensus?”  While answering, remember (a) that LaRouche can mobilize people anywhere and any time, (b) that $50 is plenty to hire a homeless person to act like a jackass and (c) any successful divorce from the lunatics will teach any authoritarians or APs that remain in Occupy just how to get rid of the next faction.”
This, not the evictions last year, may prove to be Occupy’s hardest test.
Do we have proof that the “nazi” chants were by  the LaRouchies? Whose brilliant idea was it to protest Obama in Harlem? Did anybody in the movement reach out to the AA in Harlem for their thoughts on this?. It looked  like OWS was not welcome in Harlem by that community.
Does anybody actually know anyone who is a LaRouchie?  Any of your family members, coworkers or friends?  Yet they show up to protest events to try to make protesters look like fringe.  Left or right, doesn’t matter, as long as somebody is protesting the status quo, the LaRouchies will be there to try to discredit them.  But I don’t know even one in real life and I never have.  Funny, that.
2. Yes, I know actual LaRouchies.  Spent time around college campuses and you’ll meet young and idealistic students who haven’t quite figured out what’s wrong with LaRouche but buy into the ostensible vision of him as a credible and legitimate counterweight to the two-party system.  That’s why the LaRouche team recruits at campuses so often.
Invariably they are young, high school or college age, white, and always come off as very idealistic… at least until they start talking about their “revealed knowledge” and how they’re “fighting the power” (they don’t actually say it in those words, but that’s basically what they’re getting at). I’m not sure if they were just very well paid actors, or if LaRouche or some other charismatic lower down in the organization took advantage of their idealism, desire for authenticity, and wish to do something to fix the world’s problems.
It’s really very depressing, because when they show up they are usually very well organized and, as I say, come off as very determined and idealistic. They could do so much if they put that idealism and drive to work in service of a cause that wasn’t headed by a megalomaniac who doesn’t give a damn about them.
The demographic really is similar to the Paulites in a lot of ways.  And a lot of LaRouchites are even more rabid.
even if the LaRouchies hadn’t shown up (which, sad to say, should be expected at this point), it is still just a terrible message to send to protest Obama outside the Apollo (!!!). Obviously, this wasn’t fully thought through.
Hopefully this doesn’t develop into some epic internal shitstorm. The organizers of the Occupy event should just admit that it was a bad idea, learn from their mistake, publicly denounce the LaRouchies, and in a week or two something will happen and everyone will forget about this.
For me, because I’ve had to interact and deal with LaRouchies in the past, my reaction would be: “ignore ’em.” They’re nobodies. They’ve been spouting crazy shit for years. Thirty years ago, a LaRouchie at the airport tried to convince my dad that pornography and the New Math were what was destroying society. As a mathematician who learned his trade in the ’60s, and with a copy of Playboy under his shoulder, he laughingly replied that, well, he represented both.
There’s nothing to see here. Just a bunch of kooks showing up like they always do and saying stupid shit. I’m surprised this has gotten as much attention as it has.
Pick up something – anything – written by LaRouche.  You’ll find it’s convoluted, impossible to comprehend, barely-recognizable-as-English, horse pucky.
Just another con artist who uses one of the oldest tricks in the book – write something utterly incomprehensible, while at the same time, tell people you’re a genius.
Some fools are bound to believe you.
One pamphlet I picked up had some stuff about building a railway line that connected North America to Asia, by way of a bridge across the Bering Sea. It’s a great idea in principle, but it would be incredibly hard to build. And that was one of the ideas that made sense. Another was going on about circles and squares and Nicholas of Cusa and something about how the Renaissance was better than the Enlightenment. I didn’t understand it then as an impressionable fourteen year old, and I somehow doubt I’d understand it any better now that I’m older.
LaRouchies are troublemakers. Have been for decades. They get a lot of things right, but unfortunately what they get right is drowned out by their idiotic extremism and nutbar ideas in the remainder. This is a group that has been all over the map for decades, and at this point we can safely say that all it’s got is an ideology of opposition and rebellion. That’s it. It doesn’t oppose anything specific, and isn’t rebelling against much in particular. It’s just full of angry conspiracy theorists who want the world to make sense again. It was a radical socialist organization in the 70s, laid down with the KKK and white supremacist groups in the 80s, and pioneered credit card fraud in the same period. It’s leader, Lyndon LaRouche, is a paranoiac who cannot tolerate any dissent within his organization. And while, as I said, perhaps 70% or 80% of what he says is right on the mark, the Chinese say the same thing about Mao, and he was responsible for the “Great Leap Forward” and the Cultural Revolution. Like with everybody, it’s the 20% or 30% that’s batshit crazy that you have to look out for.
If anyone here feels sympathy towards the LaRouchies, I beg their pardon, but this is personal with me. When I was young and naive, I got hoodwinked into giving $5 to a LaRouchie for some of their literature that by rights he should have been handing out for free, and ever since then I have felt offended every time I see them. I understand the desire to not be divided and conquered, but I really don’t see anything that the LaRouche organization has to add, and I don’t think that it could contribute to the OWS movement in any constructive way.
I mean, who are these crazy people really. They’ve been around for years disrupting the progressive wing of  local Democratic organizing. And also the left. Perhaps we need a new rule, as soon as you start throwing around the word “facist” you must leave the meeting.
For all that I’ve said, I can’t quite make them out myself, but they’ve definitely been stirring up trouble for decades now. I think we had some try to make trouble at a precinct caucus back in ’03 or ’04, but thankfully the party organization there was organized and smart enough to know them for the clowns that they are and was able to stop them from causing any damage.
They’ve been doing the Obama Hitler Mustache thing for years now, before he was even elected President. I saw a bunch of them camped out in front of a post office once with a card table, and one of those posters hanging off the front of it. I was very tempted to walk right up to them, grab the table, and flip it over, or at least give them a verbal horsewhipping. In the end, I did neither, which is probably for the best. I’m not sure if I’ll restrain myself from dressing them down if I ever see them again though…
Part of the Laroucheies schtick is having a choir singing.  Check the video posted upthread at around 2:55 and you will see the Obama Hitler banner has a web address to the Laroucheies at the top.  I took a quick screen capture click the image below to see it larger.
you’d find that the cult seems to be used as an agent every now and then. I first noticed when they set up in parking lots and such, pushing what became known as “Star Wars.” The idea hadn’t even been floated in public at the time. Sort of like test-marketers.
I deduce he is used by disinfo people, and he takes the occasional insider tidbit given him in exchange for services to dazzle his saps with his power and connections.
I wouldn’t be surprised to see that they were plants, and in both movements. Although that he sees it as a chance to break into leadership of the revolution is certainly a part of it.
If you want a laugh, you can read him talking about “well, I warned Pres. Kennedy…” or “I told Dr King…” as if he was at table with them, instead of being some unconnected, unknown in an apartment writing letters to them.

Once again:  #Ows officially disowns LaRouche’s and rejects any accusations of  similarity between the two groups.

Others sang, “Obama is a Nazi.”
Passersby said they were angered by the protesters’ presence. One group of four encouraged protesters with signs to “use that shit for toilet paper.”
Diane Sare, a Congressional candidate in New Jersey’s 5th District from the fringe LaRouche Democrats group, used the event to campaign against Obama. She insisted that his policies violate the Constitution.
“Sadly, Obama is the worst president we’ve ever had,” she said. “He bombed Libya without going through Congress, he signed NDAA [the National Defense Authorization Act] on New Year’s Eve when everyone was drunk, and he’s allowing U.S. citizens to be detained without a trial.”

The La Rouche movement have made it their trademark to compare Obama with Hitler. I’m sure we’ll see more of this from them. Yes, it’s clear it didn’t come from Harlem residents.
Actually I think that Ron Paul is a Racist, Bigoted fool, Lyndon LaRouche is just a plain fool.

HARLEM OCCUPY attempted.  What I did say is that OWS did a poor job of outreach in Harlem, and I stand by that. All I can convey to my readers is what I witnessed first hand, and that was several tense conflicts between Harlem residents and the Larouche followers. Again, all I convey is what I saw happen, and that was many passersby expressing anger at the image of Obama-as-Hitler paraded around by the Larouchies.
The result was mass confusion. Occupy’s productive messages about Stop And Frisk and NDAA were lost in the circus created by the Larouchies. Again, not Occupy’s fault (I attempted to explain in the article that it’s not as simple as Occupy banning the Larouchies because they’ve been part of the movement since the beginning,) but I had to report what actually happened.
As to the LaRouche supporters, I’m sure they received a less than warm welcome in Harlem. But, whether or not they have members in the General Assembly, they also met up with a hostile reception in lower Manhattan on the very first day of Occupy Wall Street on September 17th from at least a small group of occupiers. Why were the LaRouche supporters newsworthy in Harlem and not in the Financial District?

Hm.  Well.  It continues.

And so it goes… “Congress gives Obama his Hitlerian Enabling Act.  Repeat since Carter.


The finish of a webcast where Larouche gave his version of the “State of the Union.

If I go, I can forecast with something near to the power of prophecy: that which will have destroyed my life shall not long survive. Either the good people of this world will destroy that force, or what that force has unleashed upon this world, will surely destroy the Establishment which has permitted such evils to be unleashed. Unless the Establishment changes course, and heeds my warning, those two outcomes are the only choice for all the nations of this planet, and that a choice whose consequence will come upon this entire planet during the years just ahead, Either way, Satan and his evil mother shall die.

And never let it be said that I don’t link to people of all political and religious purusasions.
God will still Bless His people in times of Famine..
LaRouche is a smart man but has no spiritual discernment.. like most people trying to “save” America through politics an politicians like Ron Paul(hates Israel).. they dont even have a clue that America is under Gods judgement and we are in the last days before Jesus return..
Notice how LaRouche keeps calling everybody stupid an puppets and clowns.. yet LaRouche himself is spirutally blind, deaf, an dumb, like most talking heads in the Secular news media.

The Citizens Electoral Council says… If you don’t watch these videos, you’re responsible for the Thermonucelar War that’s about to happen.
STORY NUMBER FIVE: Wall Street Shuffle Program nixes Larouche Interview.

The Wall Street Shuffle does the equivalent of a “No Comment“.
Still on the list of “Friends of the Show”.
THE MEDIA BLACKOUT IS REAL.  Hey.  It’s the org that cancelled this appearance.
They always have this:
Italian national television corporation RAI has announced a program for tonight at 23.30, leading off with Lyndon LaRouche’s celebrated interview in 2003.
On January 9, 2012, Lyndon LaRouche appeared on the Jack Stockwell Radio Show.  He’s no Alex Jones.  Or Wall Street Shuffle.


Dateline… somewhere
And here in my peaceful little hometown, I am treated to the sight of LaRouchies having their asses royally kicked by gawd and everybody for schlepping around a giant poster of the Prez with a Hitler moustache. I’m am so not even VISITING”

Dateline  Columbia:
The organizers, Brinkley said, were merely trying to mobilize people against the bill. “That’s all we’re doing out here,” he said. The man who took offense to the poster “didn’t really talk to us or anything—he just reacted to the mustache.”

Another LaRouche supporter was in the area this week—New Jersey congressional candidate Diane Sare protested outside Obama’s rally at Harlem’s Apollo Theatre on Thursday and handed out fliers in support of her campaign.
This was the second time the man who toppled the table had a reaction to the photo, he said—the first time, on the Upper West Side, he was arrested and put in jail. “I told the police officers, ‘OK, you’ll see me again if I see this in my neighborhood,’” he said.
Though Rebello called the police to take matters into their own hands, officers did not see any reason to arrest the man.
“Nobody’s hurt,” a police lieutenant on the scene said. “No property damaged, everybody’s happy. We’ve got a happy ending.”
I don’t know what those guys are unto. They tried talking to me. I am of Indian ethnicity. When I disagreed with them, they asked me whether I was even from the US! It is really unclear to me what exactly it is that they are doing. good for CC’ 83 I wish I had thought of that!

Dateline Belmont

For the most part, most residents pass quickly by the table with political pamphlets and posters manned by a pair of Lyndon LaRouche supporters questioning the legitimacy of President Obama’s administration.
But the tactics being used appear less to inform the public then to provoke a reaction. Several people Saturday, Jan. 28, reported a “loud, angry display” of anti-Obama sentiment from two protesters at the post office. […]
Police found the Belmont resident in nearby Belmont Center. He said the protesters – who he had words with before entering the building – appeared to be waiting for him to exit the post office as they began singing a derogatory song about the president.
He admitted “nudging” up to the table but not swinging at either of the pair.
Witnesses said they saw a heated argument take place although no one saw a swing or a cell phone being hit.
HENRY MacWhir hates this article.

Dateline Summit.  A video.  “Remove Obama.  And we can have Biden or Hillary or whoever.”

Dateline Mountain View  NAWAPA is the key to survival and impeach Obama.

Dateline East Providence
When the two first arrived on scene, their signs and pamphlets were set up on a table. The two were later required to remove their table, however, because of a city ordinance. Section 14-5 of city ordinances, “Sign Prohibition,” states no sign shall be placed within or upon any street or sidewalk except by permission of the city manager.

Dateline Fenton Michigan







The Simpsons joke continues in meme-like fashion.  I guess “Nuclear Nutery” is waiting to decide whether to make that declaration.  I feel kind of sick relaying this, not sure if it’s propaganda or true, but this group is spot on in a few areas including some public interest such as the welfare of the public. […] Kinda weird.  Yeah, Russia is concerned.
The other Simpsons joke about Grandpa Simpson comes to mind with this “Palm Beach”er item

Today, on what would have been Korematsu’s 93rd birthday, the Japanese American is considered a hero for refusing to go along with the government’s order to intern Japanese American citizens during World War II. When California Rep.
William Dannemeyer and right winger Lyndon La Rouche wanted to quarantine gays with HIV/AIDS in the mid-late 1980s, AIDS activists would often refer to the experience of the Japanese Americans in the internment camps and resisted the repetition of history.
1986 Illinois nominations come up in this article on “The Rise of David Axelrod”.
And ye know this.  It’s illegal for prisoners to vote, but they can run for President of the United States! Even though it’s unimaginable that the United States would elect a prisoner, it has actually been done more than once. In 2004, Lyndon LaRouche, an 81-year-old Democrat ran for President for the eighth time. On his fifth try in 1992, he ran from a prison cell where he was serving for tax evasion, mail fraud and conspiracy. In 2004, Leonard Peltier, an American Indian activist from the Peace and Freedom party ran for President from prison, as well. His crime was killing two FBI agents in 1975 in South Dakota. Apparently, he’s been trying to get a parole hearing since 1986.  (Eugene Debs remains the greatest prisoner running for President.)

And that realm of Comparisons, ala Free Republic.

Ron Paul.
Well duh. I’ve been pointing out the similarities between the Paulistinians and the LaRoushis for a long time.
With the proportional delegate scheme the GOP is using this year, Lyndon LaRouche II has a fairly decent shot at winning. Do not underestimate this 911 Truther to be as incompetent as LaRouche. He has a plan and may take over the convention no matter that the outcome for the other candidates is.
LaRouche??? Maybe… LaDouche??? DEFINATELY!!!
Funny. Like a clown. I began calling him Lyndon LaRuepaul just last week.
In my opinion, conspiracy theorizing hacks like Larouche, and Paul have much credibility. Through the scope of hindsight, what they have spoken of, has not only come to pass, but has been seen as mainstream news. NOW we call them nuts, but they are and were right about the course of history.
Lyndon’s still breathing, isn’t he? What do we need a new one for.
I’ve always said, that the only difference between LaRouche and Paul is LaRouche draws a Hitler mustache on whoever the current President is, while for Paul he does so with whoever the Fed Chairman might be. Other that that they are of the same cloth and so are their followers.
Is Ron Paul the New Lyndon LaRouche?  Yes, with Pat Paulsen icing on the cake.
LaRouche. I first ran into his people in the early 80s. They were giving away copies of his Fusion Energy Foundation magazine, “Fusion.” There were a number of reputable nuclear physics people onboard.

It was an interesting magazine. Somehow I stupidly gave them my contact information and they started hounding me for money. The guy on the phone would go into a non-stop rant on something or other. The idea was, if you give me money, I’ll stop talking. I would let the guy talk forever and then say, no, not able to give you any money today.
They were hard to shake off, but they eventually went away.
LaRouche’s movement is alive and well and six members of his organization are running for US Senate. People on FR have strong views about LaRouche without ever reading a word he or his organization wrote. He is the one who popularized the image of Obama with a Hitler moustache. Anyone here who has the intellectual integrity to research source material rather than the flap jawed puppetry of ideological hacks can do so with the click of a mouse button here:
And like LaRouche before him, Paul has also left a whole bunch of conspiracy-mongering moonbats who’ll be a likely problem for years to come
I wont hide my admiration for Lyndon Larouche. I believe he is one of the most amazing people on this planet. I can’t say I agree with all his ideas but i admire his way to analyze things and putting the history in perspective. The guy is brilliant .
The paultards are probably having lunch with their brethren, the LaRouchies, another fine group of true constitutionalists.
Rick Potvin also likes Henry MaKow
.  Of course he does.
it’s that Paulbots are LaRouchies who’ve aged out.
So he’s a republican that wants to cut government and is pro-life that doesn’t make he and his followers whack jobs or nut job Larouchies. Persoanlly, I’d LOVE to see Ron Paul Obama debates,

Jeffrey Steinberg adds some pretty useless political commentary to Iranian tv, creating a controversy for Iran’s propaganda outlet where there is none.  Also seen on Iranian tv, this which features Richard Becker of the A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition in San Francisco and Gretchen Small form Executive Intelligence Review in Washington.  FANTASTIC!  International ANSWER, eh?

Greatest campaign item ever.

Monday, January 30th, 2012

A campaign image that was used by the Wendell Willkie for President campaign in 1940.  Was used on buttons — here we see it on a postcard.

  Anything plastered with this image almost certainly have to be valuable, beyond anything else the Willkie campaign put out, naturally of interest to afficinedoes of Mad Magazine.

The message of the image reminds me of Election Day 2000.  I heard from two sources the same mocking claim of hearing about a bus of retards being brought in to vote for Gore  and for Bush.  It struck me that the Bush supporter claiming the incident were on more solid ground being not afraid of being neandrathrals as against the Gore supporters who shouldn’t have been so damned insensitive and more politically correct in their jokes.

For the button — I don’t know — if you looked something like Alfred E Neuman, could you just go ahead and use it as a straight-forward sign of support for President Roosevelt?

They Also Ran, third and fourth edition

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

I ran across the third eidtion of the Irving Stone “They Also Ran”, the first edition published in 1943 the second in 1947 and this third in 1966.  The first finished off with Willkie, the second with Dewey, and has cut and pasted the final paragraph “of the candidates profiled, the only candidate that might still be elected president” from Willkie to Dewey.

So I was wanting to see how Nixon gets profiled in 1966.  It largely dodged the task, sticking in a short chapter which hurtled through Stevenson, Nixon, and Goldwater — and stated it was shoving Nixon aside as he still might become President.  So what we’re left with was a explanation on what Stevenson versus Eisenhower looked like from the vantage point of 1966 — “The Western Canon versus the Western Movie”.  An anti-intellectual populace going with the smart common sense do it-er, the intellectual vindicated at Sputnik.  Of course, cynics will always purport that Stevenson’s oh-so-smart speeches indicate largely a well-thumbed thesaurus.   Goldwater is more sympathetically drawn than  I would suppose with a note of “yes, he could’ve been more accepting of Rockefeller, and not said that thing about Extremism, but then he wouldn’t have been Goldwater.”

Almost President — with “Profiles of twelve men who have run for the presidency and lost, but who, even in defeat, have had a greater impact on American history than many of those who have served as president” — is an obvious offspring of They Also Ran, the fourth edition I suppose.   The one mention of They Also Ran, I see one mention — stating that the Alton Parker section is sourced to They Also Ran due to the fact that Parker is the one candidate never to have received any biographical treatment.  The other interesting brief from this section is James Blaine — painted unsympathetically as the ultimate cynical empty politician, the inspiration for a couple archetypal depiction in Gilded Age literature and a man who is unheralded and statue-less in his native state of Maine.  In terms of historical footnotes, I do not know if it’d be better to be Alton Parker or James Blaine.

everyone has their Republican bonafide problems

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

There is a 30 second of clip on youtube of Newt Gingrich in a CSPAN interview saying that he was siding with “Rockefeller”  as the Rockefeller Chairman of the South — during the Rockefeller — Goldwater battles.  (A position that wouldn’t get you too far.)

In his last debate he referenced being part of a Goldwater Organizing Session.

The partisan and ideological problem for the Republicans with a Republican of Rockefellar antecedents pales next to Mitt Romney.  In his 1994 debates against Ted Kennedy, he claimed to have been an Independent during the Reagan administration, and a supporter of the presidential campaign of Paul Tsongas.  A curious attempt at pandering, considering Reagan did win Massachusetts twice, and disclaiming Reagan doesn’t get you any votes.
Of course, he had an about-face about various matters right when he threw away a chance at a second term and began running for the Republican nomination.  His story about his about face on abortion and stem cell research is especially hilarious.

For his part, Ron Paul has been tossing a photograph of him sitting happily next to Ronald Reagan, but as recently as 2008 was urging everyone to vote for either Ralph Nader, Cynthia Mckinney, Chuck Baldwin, or Bob  Barr.

I guess that leaves you with Rick Santorum.

the night of the toad

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

“Unbelievable and Hilarious.  Newt Gingrich has actually won the South Carolina Primary.”

Words spoken by a man, the only person he is speaking it to beside himself is someone who appears to be his son, oh about eleven years of age.

Which is not to say the eleven year old son might not be interested.  Probably is.  Just that he probably doesn’t know the full story of just who Newt Gingrich is, and why it would be unbelievable and hilarious.  He might have a good idea, perhaps.

And with that, one edges an ounce a doubt on Mitt Romney’s inevitability.  Just a tad.  Comedy gold is found in the news reports — as an endorsement by Chuck Norris figures in the explanation for Newt’s big win.

Meanwhile, the other big news.  Ron Paul collapses into fourth.  Yeah, it’s a state strong in military tradition, and so Paul is best off in the West and not the South, but… it looks like he reached his peak.


Values gone astray, and all that.

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Behold!  A rather tedious observation from David Brooks.

I was also struck, as in New Hampshire and Iowa, by the mood of this year’s rallies. Republican audiences this year want a restoration. America once had strong values, they believe, but we have gone astray. We’ve got to go back and rediscover what we had. Heads nod enthusiastically every time a candidate touches this theme.
I agree with the sentiment, but it makes for an incredibly backward-looking campaign. I sometimes wonder if the Republican Party has become the receding roar of white America as it pines for a way of life that will never return.

Yeah.  This is the nature of two things.  The party out of the Executive Office trying to get back in, and the voters for the “Conservative” Party.  It is thus enfused in every Republican Party campaign, and doubly so when running against a Democratic Incumbent.  The nature of the Ronald Reagan 1984 campaign thus becomes we’re back on the rightful track of the 1950s, and the Bob Dole Campaign of 1996 becomes demanding to get back on track to the 1950s.
Romney just doesn’t have that juice to track back to the ages, even if he’s sounding the themes of Calvin Coolidge.
You know, I think it’s about envy. I think it’s about class warfare. When you have a president encouraging the idea of dividing America based on the 99 percent versus one percent — and those people who have been most successful will be in the one percent — you have opened up a whole new wave of approach in this country which is entirely inconsistent with the concept of one nation under God.”

Romney lost to Santorum in Iowa
.  Which is good, because years from now when the newspapers stick up the years of the past winners of the Republican Primaries and caucuses, Santorum will be slotted in with that slot.
And which, I guess, would mean that Santourm should be coalesced into that “Anti Romney” corner.  But for

No sooner were the certified results announced — he edged Mitt Romney by 34 votes — than even bigger political news broke: that Gov. Rick Perry of Texas was dropping out of the race and endorsing Newt Gingrich.
And rather quickly, the Perry-Gingrich news overshadowed Mr. Santorum’s gold star from Iowa.

The news that was overshadowed by this diabolical move from Rick Perry, of course, being a statistically insignificant shift in voting numbers changed the outcome of a vote tally that doesn’t affect the delegate counting.  It’s all about Bragging Rights.  Because, um, that’s all anyone other than Mitt Romney has in this nomination.  Other than Ron Paul, who I guess has some 40 year mission to turn the nation into — hm… David Brooks, take it away:
Ron Paul’s supporters are so grateful. The world was once confusing, but then they read “End the Fed” and the scales fell from their eyes. Paul himself is fascinating because as some smart person observed (I’ve forgotten who), he thinks serially, not causally. The income tax happened and the Patriot Act happened and the Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke, bailed out the banks and job growth stinks. Paul doesn’t bother with logical links. He just strings events together and assumes causation.
More Santorum news. In that “WTF?” items:

Wednesday afternoon, all the Republican presidential candidates except Mitt Romney spoke at a town-hall meeting in Greenville, South Carolina, organized by Personhood USA, the hardline anti-abortion group. It should have been Santorum’s sweet spot—after all, no other candidate has made social issues so central to his campaign. The forum seemed designed to amplify his attacks on Romney. Each candidate was questioned for 20 minutes by a panel of three anti-abortion activists, who made frequent reference to Romney’s pro-choice past and his refusal to attend the event. In the end, though, the night might have hurt Santorum most of all.
For one thing, the audience was dominated, unexpectedly, by vocal Ron Paul supporters, with only a small number of visible Santorum fans. That’s a bad sign for the ex-senator, since if he can’t dominate at an anti-abortion gathering, he can’t dominate anywhere. Worse, while hundreds of attendees were inside the Greenville Hilton ballroom, someone was slipping flyers on their windshields warning that when it comes to abortion, Santorum is really a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” who doesn’t mean what he says.

Hm.  That should help Ron Paul with his left plank.
In other news… David Brooks has a really weird son.
I brought my 12-year-old son on this latest trip. My rule is that if a candidate can’t relate well to a 12-year-old, they’ll never win a general election. He approached all the candidates, and they were all wonderful except Gingrich. But that wasn’t Gingrich’s fault. My son, whose heroes include John Boehner and Tupac Shakur, picked an argument about gay marriage. Gingrich engaged, but after 10 seconds signaled security to brush my kid away.

Mind you, it’s not even that he’s a 12 year old fan of John Boehner that makes him weird, it’s that he’s a fan of John Boehner — period.  Whatever, we see him flummoxing Gingrich on gay marriage — surely would do the same with Boehner.
Local teen Brian Lemire, who reports indicate is by far the most bizarre person within his age group anywhere in America, purchased a season-one DVD box set of the early ’90s CBS sitcom Murphy Brown this weekend. “It’s going to be a real treat to enjoy this landmark show’s debut episodes and see where the magic all began,” said the staggeringly weird Lemire, who, despite being a 16-year-old living in the year 2011, was somehow “especially psyched” for the long-forgotten program’s Dan Quayle jokes and its guest appearances from late character actor Darren McGavin.
Anyway, we’re left to Gingrich as the Defender of Traditional Values in a country that’s gone astray.  So is the message sent by Rick Perry.
And a time for Dan Savage to slam the latest appearance by his ex-wife on the attempts for an open marriage
Wholly Patriotic Open marriage, mind you.
But … why discuss anyone but Romney?

the God Pick up for grabs.

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Rick Santorum is ginning up for the anti-Romney slot.

“He said, ‘We don’t need a Jesus candidate. We need an economic candidate,’ ” Santorum recalled later, at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire. “And my answer to that was, ‘We always need a Jesus candidate, right?’ “ […]

Though there’s apparently some inevitability from the “Team Jesus” contingency.  That they’re just tossing their splot for Jesus as a fling.

The mission of this “emergency meeting” is to unite behind one true-blue religious conservative for the Republican nomination. Fischer says evangelicals are desperate to defeat President Obama. But he does not believe former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney — whom they distrust on issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage — can generate the passion to do that.

And yet, Land says: “Before we marry the guy next door, don’t you think we ought to have a fling with a tall dark stranger and see if he can support us in the manner to which we’d like to be accustomed? And if he can’t, we can always marry the steady beau who lives next door.”

Huh.  Yes.  I just gnabbed this from the Stephen Colbert Show.

I guess Team Jesus is now dividing themselves over Gingrich and Santorum, in their bid to fend off Romney.  And what’s left is a desperate Perry taking this tact to appeal to this voting bloc.

Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry on Sunday accused the Obamaadministration of “over-the-top rhetoric” and “disdain for the military” in its condemnation of a video that purportedly shows four Marines urinating on corpses in Afghanistan. […]
Perry said the Marines involved should be reprimanded but not prosecuted on criminal charges.
“Obviously, 18-, 19-year-old kids make stupid mistakes all too often. And that’s what’s occurred here,” Perry told CNN’s State of the Union.

Mitt Romney is, of course, going to have a double hard time with evangelical voters due to not only his Mormon religion, but his Scientology-related reading taste.

And one more thought: In 1992– when Jerry Brown playing the role of Ron Paul in 2012, I guess… Eugene McCarthy won a heaping healthy slice of the Florida primary vote, and thus ended up in a Democratic Party debate, where he… well… entertained himself by doodling and declaring a War on President Bush’s syntax, with Clinton and Brown diverting their eyes as much as they could.  We can hope Stephen Colbert does… something… in a Republican Primary.