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catching up

Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

Not traversing into downtown much, or at all, during the still surreal Covid moment, I miss all signs of the frequent occasional melees — no free vegan milkshakes for me! — but evidently, as I see reported, the Fas and the Antifas were at it, playing their Spanish Civil War reenactments. This one becomes interesting enough in that we have more signs of obnoxious behaviour from those fas — enough that crooks and liars reports it with an identical line as we have seen from the conservative press except actors flipped — Why? Are? The Cops? Not? Interceding? Hereabouts? Naturally the comments sections of right wing sites floating about get an automatic “bad things happening in Portland” mention, no clarification from there. No footage from Andy Ngo to glom off to?

(When last we saw antifa of Portland, they were stealing food from a church picnic, a churchly group they deemed bad in their broad definition of whom it is they are fighting. This weekend sees the big pickup truck drivers of Vancouver based manly men shooting smoke at… whomever…)

The police response on this one is surreal. In the past we have had the antifas complain on their perfectly reasonable tactic of allowing the fas an escape route in opening the bridge after keeping the two parties separate for the afternoon, bridge closed. This one decided that the two could go at it if they must, while supplying a tone deaf counter programming … Friday

Speaking at a “choose love” online event Friday, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and other metro area leaders broadly condemned the political violence that has become routine in Portland.

Asked if unchecked political violence is inevitable, Wheeler said there are discussions online suggesting people planned to come to Portland on Sunday specifically to get into fights.

Something about the rhetorical pitch drowns and washes away. No one is much interested. Something like responding to a wave of juvenile delinquency by plopping down a balloon dancing event. Though, it occurs to me, if not for civic restrictions, and the troubles of demographic matching with “Proud Boys” the mayor could try the Vortex event tactic. I guess it has to be two events due to the clash of cultures.

fog lifting

Saturday, June 5th, 2021

Sign of a Return to Normalcy:  The self checkout line at the chain Supermarket is no longer half closed.  I stood there out of habit waiting, not knowing that the every other closed arrangement was kaput, and startled by the cashier saying “you now– they’re all open.”. Huh.  It is a weird feeling,trying to figure out — am I less than six feet from the fellow customer right now?

Sign of a We’re Not There Yet.  I see plastered on a park bulletin a promotion for a usually annual mass bike ride. It tells me ” Remember your face mask”.  Bah.  Maybe I have a mildest of medical ailment in needing to breathe and seeing these do impair the process of breathing a tad but I never understood some smugsters’ claim of masks being of no (not minimal, mind you, but no — none whatsoever) impairment, so proceed with public policy according to such understanding — can go ahead and extend mask mandates for five years.  The issue here is simply that I cannot engage in any strenuous exercise with a mask — leave that to non strenuous.  Still, maybe this does equal a smaller gathering of traffic blockers. (No Naked Bike Ride Event.)

talking to themselves

Monday, April 19th, 2021

For a second I think this is supposed to be a late nineties David Letterman. Nay. Bill Gates. I am surprised there is no allusion to teeming mosquitos.

Over to the right — and you do want to avoid this place, really — the city ought clean the dump up … another sticker with Faucci in I assume a baseball stadium, Padres cap on head, mask lowered off face (I do not recall if on chin or simply not over nose as too mouth). Today I see some similar “gotcha” news report for Alexandria Occasio-Cortez, without any direction.

Any particular reason why?

Sunday, March 14th, 2021

Ah yes, a batch of activists whose message is getting blurred in a city of boarded up store fronts and obnoxious graffiti, I guess aligned with Black Lives Matter but sometimes seem more affiliated to antifa got in a big patade again, noting the weather patterns — nice sunny day for Saturday, rain coming in SundY. And a bunch of the latest fliers calling for the revall of the Mayor for… I guess pepper spraying a man chasing after him and for shutting down attempted set ups of your CHAZ” mini cities. Oh, and not shutting down the police department.
In truth they would be calling for the Impeachment/recall of anyone. Better to eliminate the job of mayor. It is the Anarchist thing to do.
I never did get around to seeing what his November vote total was. But he failed to crack the 50 percent mark. His challenger forever resentful of that write in bid by the candidate who — to the degreee thete was one — was the choice of the chanting activists — or the base therein — thinking these ought be HER voters. Then again, so did Ted Wheeler back in thet day — until their giant display at the federal building indicated otherwise.
Likewise such would be the fate if she had won — just flip the names on the fliers.
On that other mark, we do see the question — the disgruntled murmurs I heard a block and two away from the main strret — “Yeah, and on to tear down the city” — big Wheeler voters?

Miniature anarchists

Sunday, February 28th, 2021

I saw some banks that had only recently taken down the boardings put some new boards up. Arestaurant that had not been boarded put it up. And What appears to be a couple of smashed windows at a supermarket and Starbucks — profane shouty graffiti nearby — now has the thing up.
Near as I can sed by a nearby immigration center now boarded completely — this is the source of consternation — a symbol for, I suppose, Biden still having some remnants of the “kids in cages” facilities in slower state of bureacratic transition than desired and to a point notacceptable, and damned if the Starbucks doesn’t get a random brick.
A mini riot. Echo from a glory day of “resistance” of the Trump era.
Likewise, the last blm motorcade I witnessed — cars honking along, chants where they can throw them — kinda sad. Though, the weather is just warm now and we are only a week or two off from snow, so stay tuned.

The state of things

Friday, November 20th, 2020

Walking across a park, my facemask — as usually is except when in any crowd or in indoor business — dropped off onto my neck for easy placement. Someone yells at me “Hey! You have a mask! Use it!”

I manage to bark out “I’m more than six feet from anybody!”, and a tad later wish I coulda added ” and if I had it on the six feet would collapse to me bumping into you as my glasses get fogged up.”

But after that I find myself looking at everyone in public, taking some note of who has it up and who doesn’t, at all times, and wondering — is this jerk barking this out at everyone, and if so doesn’t that get tiring?

Voting for McGrath right this minute…

Sunday, September 27th, 2020

IMG_20200927_085436 This yard sign has me convinced. I will be voting for this candidate for Senator of Kentucky. As I am sure everyone who passes by this yard sign will be doing.

Here in the state of Oregon.

Is there anyone in Kentucky who has a Jo Rae Perkins sign up?

Burns the eyes

Sunday, September 13th, 2020

IMG_20200912_125504. Apparently the city of Portland has the worst air in the world right now. (Of any city. Surely at the site of the forest fires the experience is worse.)
Though to be fair, it really isn’t the air that’s the problem so much as what is in the air.

And with it the partial city re-opening is partially closed. I do not understand some of the outdoor dining still there — people can sit in this eating their foods while crunching on the molecules within the air?

Trying to recall the scene a few years’back when couple kids let out a few fire crackers, the only comparable situation I can recall. And waiting for the plague of frogs and locusts and Presidential election results that will settle everything as making total sense.

On the Ground

Friday, August 21st, 2020

IMG_20200821_194204Perhaps a mistake to make my way out with the explicit purpose of taking this photo, themed to the melee I need to take a closer look at the elements regarding — just what did the president say and where did everyone conjecture it toward — to determine veracities. No sooner did I snap this image than the blm brigade of honking cars through residential neighborhoods come on by, and they don’t like photo snappers — one take away from the sets of first hand accounts (and from earlier, pre feds leaving…

And why do the t shirts say “Fed’s Go Home” (sic)? Is complaining on this grammatical error nit picking or some type of microaggression?

Life during wartime

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Guy walks by a sort of hidey hole bar, looking uncertain, curtains shut. Some familiar face pokes out behind curtain, smiles, waves him in. I suppose this was under the rule of ten limit, bring the most certain regulars in for a quick goodbye.
Overheard on a cell phone st patty’s day: “yeah i am trying to check out some bars, but couldn’t find him.” Living under a rock?
A scurrious anti-Chinese conspiracy theory, bio weapon against us. Yeah,sure… Xi wants to rule over some ruins, right?
Guy yells out the window at me. “You’rs gonna die! We’re all gonna die!”. It takes a second to register what he’s yelling, but wthen it does… I throw a thumbs up.