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Miniature anarchists

Sunday, February 28th, 2021

I saw some banks that had only recently taken down the boardings put some new boards up. Arestaurant that had not been boarded put it up. And What appears to be a couple of smashed windows at a supermarket and Starbucks — profane shouty graffiti nearby — now has the thing up.
Near as I can sed by a nearby immigration center now boarded completely — this is the source of consternation — a symbol for, I suppose, Biden still having some remnants of the “kids in cages” facilities in slower state of bureacratic transition than desired and to a point notacceptable, and damned if the Starbucks doesn’t get a random brick.
A mini riot. Echo from a glory day of “resistance” of the Trump era.
Likewise, the last blm motorcade I witnessed — cars honking along, chants where they can throw them — kinda sad. Though, the weather is just warm now and we are only a week or two off from snow, so stay tuned.

The state of things

Friday, November 20th, 2020

Walking across a park, my facemask — as usually is except when in any crowd or in indoor business — dropped off onto my neck for easy placement. Someone yells at me “Hey! You have a mask! Use it!”

I manage to bark out “I’m more than six feet from anybody!”, and a tad later wish I coulda added ” and if I had it on the six feet would collapse to me bumping into you as my glasses get fogged up.”

But after that I find myself looking at everyone in public, taking some note of who has it up and who doesn’t, at all times, and wondering — is this jerk barking this out at everyone, and if so doesn’t that get tiring?

Voting for McGrath right this minute…

Sunday, September 27th, 2020

IMG_20200927_085436 This yard sign has me convinced. I will be voting for this candidate for Senator of Kentucky. As I am sure everyone who passes by this yard sign will be doing.

Here in the state of Oregon.

Is there anyone in Kentucky who has a Jo Rae Perkins sign up?

Burns the eyes

Sunday, September 13th, 2020

IMG_20200912_125504. Apparently the city of Portland has the worst air in the world right now. (Of any city. Surely at the site of the forest fires the experience is worse.)
Though to be fair, it really isn’t the air that’s the problem so much as what is in the air.

And with it the partial city re-opening is partially closed. I do not understand some of the outdoor dining still there — people can sit in this eating their foods while crunching on the molecules within the air?

Trying to recall the scene a few years’back when couple kids let out a few fire crackers, the only comparable situation I can recall. And waiting for the plague of frogs and locusts and Presidential election results that will settle everything as making total sense.

On the Ground

Friday, August 21st, 2020

IMG_20200821_194204Perhaps a mistake to make my way out with the explicit purpose of taking this photo, themed to the melee I need to take a closer look at the elements regarding — just what did the president say and where did everyone conjecture it toward — to determine veracities. No sooner did I snap this image than the blm brigade of honking cars through residential neighborhoods come on by, and they don’t like photo snappers — one take away from the sets of first hand accounts (and from earlier, pre feds leaving…

And why do the t shirts say “Fed’s Go Home” (sic)? Is complaining on this grammatical error nit picking or some type of microaggression?

Life during wartime

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Guy walks by a sort of hidey hole bar, looking uncertain, curtains shut. Some familiar face pokes out behind curtain, smiles, waves him in. I suppose this was under the rule of ten limit, bring the most certain regulars in for a quick goodbye.
Overheard on a cell phone st patty’s day: “yeah i am trying to check out some bars, but couldn’t find him.” Living under a rock?
A scurrious anti-Chinese conspiracy theory, bio weapon against us. Yeah,sure… Xi wants to rule over some ruins, right?
Guy yells out the window at me. “You’rs gonna die! We’re all gonna die!”. It takes a second to register what he’s yelling, but wthen it does… I throw a thumbs up.


Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

“I don wanna have fun.”

Amusing.  The dad deals down to meet the whining boy who keeps repeating “but I don wanna have fun.”

A pre-mature emo kid.  It is worth dissecting to what extent the two are synonymous … You don’t want to have fun, would rather sing dad ballads whimpering in a dark room or whatever on the teenager’s side — have a little less ability to choose your course as a pre schooler but round about that…

As the fun being shoved on you is false — high school athletics and activities for the terms — swing sets and clowns at a younger age.

The kid… Hopefully can get his wish and… Not have fun.

off to the naked bike ride, i suppose

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

Years back I saw a bit of a conflicting “viral video”s, posted oddly at the same source of “progressive” / clickbait haven (Rhymes with Puffington Host.).  One video was from some woman in Paris (or somewhere in France) who walked  pants-less, except for a spray painted fake pants.  And the video shows her walking with nary a person making note.  The other, more politically pointed video was a woman walking the streets of New York getting cat-called.  While the second one would receive more attention, I can’t help but ponder the mixed messages inherent in the airing of them.

(One other video I recall seeing was a woman walking, short shorts, and a number rolling of guys who took a gander.  I tend to refute a couple, and she didn’t seem to have any real point she was making, but now we have a trendline of a category of internet videos.)

I’m thinking of this in concern for some random happenstance where, out during rush hour, a woman was walking down the street — shirt open, exposed breasts.  I’m thinking — is there a camera shooting this?  (Her expression seemed to be carefully looking off at all times, which is something I note in those three other videos).  And if so, what — in the end — do they want my reaction to be to make the point they wish to be making — is this a woman’s study exercise on leering men or a “day in wacky nonchalant city”?  If I, or someone else, shouted out “Nice Rack”, would that be highlighted in the internet presentation, or clipped out?

what’s the point?

Monday, October 21st, 2019

A group of about … eight?… people, with huge “Trump 2020” sign in tow, lead by the multi-colored Haley whatever her last name is, walks around in circles at Pioneer Courthouse Square.  Haley shouts in her bullhorn “We don’t want violence!” to the group of … eight?… other people, with bandanas on the head… who appear to be…

… um… walking very closely behind them?

At some point or other Haley says something about not letting weak girls do something or other, as befitting her politically incorrect edge.

“What’s this protest for?”
“Dunno.  (sarcastic) ‘Free Speech’.  So there they are… speaking.”

When last I could note Haley and her team* they were shouting into bull-horns in front of the empty house of the mayor.  The antifa contingent declined to join them, declaring that the mayor’s house was “not worth defending” — prompting a variation of the old tree falling and sounds being made debate.

All of which can and will be spliced into youtube videos.

* as opposed to whoever may have run over a member/”leader (?)” of antifa outside Cider Riot.  As these things go, the matter will always provoke some suspicions.

next up, anti-anti-anti activists

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

I’ve long appreciated the existence of the anti-abortion activists in front of the abortion clinic.  Though, I tend to wish they could cut out the rap about Jesus, I understand that’s not their style.

Across the street I see something new.  Anti-anti-abortion activist with a sign on “Reproductive Justice”.  Tend to wish it was a different frame than the new catch-all of “justice”, but good to see them now too.