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Life during wartime

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Guy walks by a sort of hidey hole bar, looking uncertain, curtains shut. Some familiar face pokes out behind curtain, smiles, waves him in. I suppose this was under the rule of ten limit, bring the most certain regulars in for a quick goodbye.
Overheard on a cell phone st patty’s day: “yeah i am trying to check out some bars, but couldn’t find him.” Living under a rock?
A scurrious anti-Chinese conspiracy theory, bio weapon against us. Yeah,sure… Xi wants to rule over some ruins, right?
Guy yells out the window at me. “You’rs gonna die! We’re all gonna die!”. It takes a second to register what he’s yelling, but wthen it does… I throw a thumbs up.


Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

“I don wanna have fun.”

Amusing.  The dad deals down to meet the whining boy who keeps repeating “but I don wanna have fun.”

A pre-mature emo kid.  It is worth dissecting to what extent the two are synonymous … You don’t want to have fun, would rather sing dad ballads whimpering in a dark room or whatever on the teenager’s side — have a little less ability to choose your course as a pre schooler but round about that…

As the fun being shoved on you is false — high school athletics and activities for the terms — swing sets and clowns at a younger age.

The kid… Hopefully can get his wish and… Not have fun.

off to the naked bike ride, i suppose

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

Years back I saw a bit of a conflicting “viral video”s, posted oddly at the same source of “progressive” / clickbait haven (Rhymes with Puffington Host.).  One video was from some woman in Paris (or somewhere in France) who walked  pants-less, except for a spray painted fake pants.  And the video shows her walking with nary a person making note.  The other, more politically pointed video was a woman walking the streets of New York getting cat-called.  While the second one would receive more attention, I can’t help but ponder the mixed messages inherent in the airing of them.

(One other video I recall seeing was a woman walking, short shorts, and a number rolling of guys who took a gander.  I tend to refute a couple, and she didn’t seem to have any real point she was making, but now we have a trendline of a category of internet videos.)

I’m thinking of this in concern for some random happenstance where, out during rush hour, a woman was walking down the street — shirt open, exposed breasts.  I’m thinking — is there a camera shooting this?  (Her expression seemed to be carefully looking off at all times, which is something I note in those three other videos).  And if so, what — in the end — do they want my reaction to be to make the point they wish to be making — is this a woman’s study exercise on leering men or a “day in wacky nonchalant city”?  If I, or someone else, shouted out “Nice Rack”, would that be highlighted in the internet presentation, or clipped out?

what’s the point?

Monday, October 21st, 2019

A group of about … eight?… people, with huge “Trump 2020″ sign in tow, lead by the multi-colored Haley whatever her last name is, walks around in circles at Pioneer Courthouse Square.  Haley shouts in her bullhorn “We don’t want violence!” to the group of … eight?… other people, with bandanas on the head… who appear to be…

… um… walking very closely behind them?

At some point or other Haley says something about not letting weak girls do something or other, as befitting her politically incorrect edge.

“What’s this protest for?”
“Dunno.  (sarcastic) ‘Free Speech’.  So there they are… speaking.”

When last I could note Haley and her team* they were shouting into bull-horns in front of the empty house of the mayor.  The antifa contingent declined to join them, declaring that the mayor’s house was “not worth defending” — prompting a variation of the old tree falling and sounds being made debate.

All of which can and will be spliced into youtube videos.

* as opposed to whoever may have run over a member/”leader (?)” of antifa outside Cider Riot.  As these things go, the matter will always provoke some suspicions.

next up, anti-anti-anti activists

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

I’ve long appreciated the existence of the anti-abortion activists in front of the abortion clinic.  Though, I tend to wish they could cut out the rap about Jesus, I understand that’s not their style.

Across the street I see something new.  Anti-anti-abortion activist with a sign on “Reproductive Justice”.  Tend to wish it was a different frame than the new catch-all of “justice”, but good to see them now too.

scene I’ve seen a few times now

Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

Green Peace volunteer:  How’s your day been?
Guy walking by:  Pretty good.  Yours?
Green Peace volunteer:  Yeah.  Good.  But not a good day for the whales.
Guy walking by:  Yeah, it’s a pretty tough situation.  Hopefully it’ll turn.  (walks onward).

spanish civil war re-enactors take their places again

Monday, August 19th, 2019

I hear in the distance the “This is the Portland Police.  Stay off the sidewalk.  Any attempt to obstruct law enforcement will result in your arrest”, repeat, in loop.

A giant pick up truck drives by with a giant “Trump 2020″ flag.  Not an American flag, mind you –those might be taken to be Berniecrats after all and get you bashed from both sides.

Looking down as I walk over the overpass the gaggle of dudes with black bandanas in wait to put on.  After I cross the bridge, another batch of dudes — more crew cutted, if you will — walk past.  I see one with an Alex Jones t-shirt… don’t get a good look at it.

From what I hear there was a bunch of hippy dippy jumping about somewhere about the park.  This is the main crux of activity for the mass of people.  Closer to the police line you have the hardcore antifa shouting across the line, next to whatever the fas — “Proud Boys” — are proud about.

I probably get in trouble with my peers for suggesting that, whatever these are, they aren’t “nazis in the streets”, and not having as much sympathy for the antifa forces as they want to… they managed to avoid beating up a gay Asian man this time — the logic I suppose is in the polling data that shows one small cohort of political demographics with a 50-50 split on whether it’s okay to “punch someone just because they are a nazi” and what gets defined as “nazi” is that gay Asian man who says mean things about them on the Internet…

If the fas versus antifas battles resemble this one in the future, it will be a positive development.

creating our own silly season

Friday, August 16th, 2019

“NOW I don’t think I like him.”

— comment made regarding President Trump in regards to retweeting Hillary connected conspiracy theory on Epstein.)

(On “We see ‘been Hillary’d?  Why isn’t it “Bill’d?”… “Yeah, ‘billed’ is actually a word!”  “Then again, we throw Trump into the mix, so “Donalded” or “Trumped?”… “Or… Epstein was just “Bidened” his time?”)

I… drink… your milkshake!

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

Flinting past, I saw they were giving away free vegan milkshakes.  I think it was over by the time I was flinting past, or rather in a stage of restocking.  I take the “Free Vegan Milkshakes … No Nazis” to be a curious ideological construct.

According to the cops, someone might possibly have stuck quick making cement in it, so I suppose that’s why when someone threw a cup at someone, it warranted a beat down of all in the nearby vicinity.

… the one event told to me by someone I know who went in waving a sign.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the sign he was waving was incoherent — plausibly funny if it was actually connected to something I can identify with on this scene.

He told me that the Proud Boys — a group of 20 or so — were there “hiding behind the police”.  I don’t have the heart to suggest that, never mind the reprehensible nature of their politics, and besides them having committed gross atrocities (Cider Riot on May Day), this, narrowly speaking, speaks well of them.

The Oregonian ran for its “story” on the event, on Sunday, a grouping of photographs — black scarved peoples marching, followed by the “HimToo” speaker (Proud Boys Lady Auxiliary, I think it is?), and a photo of the violent attack on Andy Ngo (antifa wanting to maintain an equivalence)*, and a man holding a towel to his face… and then a photo of a bunch of naked people gathering in a park before hiking out on bikes.  So it’s antifa, the fas, and the naked bike riders…

Bad scene all around, isn’t it?

* Hm.  A group of whites anonymous costumed behind hankees beating up a gay Asian man.  Brilliant job, brilliant job.

summertime perplexities

Friday, June 14th, 2019

Hottest most humid day of the year thus far.  I walk by a woman wearing a “conversation t” — (though, doing a quick google search I’m not sure I have the terminology of the apparel industry right).  It’s a tight form fitting shirt, generally short enough to show one’s navel (but I’m not sure if the industry has it down that far), where a sassy and saucy statement sits right on her boobs, sometimes — as is the case here– the punchline to a line that’s right above her boobs.

So I see the phrase “Touch my butt” right above her boobs.  I want to know what the rest of the thing says, but I can’t really look because I just don’t want to be seen staring at her breasts.  I assume it’s something like “And I’ll chop your nuts off” or “And I’ll karate chop you”, as that’s about what may make sense.

Well, maybe I can find someone wearing a dark pair of sunglasses to do the job, or someone not afraid of being called a dirty old man, or dirty old woman.