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Thursday, February 26th, 2015

The “hot water” that Bill O’Reilly is in versus the “hot water” of Brian Williams.

And, there is one thing you can give Bill O’Reilly.  He is in the interest of pontification.  If he wants to make up broad stories about watching war horrors that never happened, it hurts his credibility that he never had in the first place.  Brian Williams is a glorified news reader, who wants to relay more harrowing war anecdotes than he has.

It is curious, the way memory works, that I do wonder if Williams was mis-remembering … flattering himself in memory, embellishing because the funny thing about a lot of experiences (even broadly understood as dramatic experiences) is… there’s sometimes less than there is in there.  Of course, the problem with Williams is you need to keep your memory centered as part of the “objectivity” aspect of the job duty.

The strange history of Bill O’Reilly in combat goes us back to an incident … The Radio Factor (Fox News Talk), 18 January 2005 … Roger from Portland would later be a guest on the Al Franken Show in a show replayed twice over the weekend, one curious problem of liberal radio — they kept talking about conservative radio.

Roger from Portland 
You just said you’ve been in combat, but you’ve never been in the military, have you?
Bill O’Reilly
No, I have not.
Roger from Portland
Then why do you say you’ve been in combat?
Bill O’Reilly
Why do I say that, Roger? Because I was in the middle of a couple of firefights in South and Central America.
Roger from Portland
But you were a media guy.
Bill O’Reilly
Yeah. A media guy with a pen, not a gun. And people were shooting at me, Roger.
Hillary Clinton … Bosnian Snipers… What did this one mean?
“I did make a mistake in talking about it, you know, the last time and recently,” Clinton told reporters in Pennsylvania where she was campaigning before the state’s April 22 primary. She said she had a “different memory” about the landing.
“So I made a mistake. That happens. It proves I’m human, which, you know, for some people, is a revelation.”
“This is really about what policy experience we have and who’s ready to be commander in chief. And I’m happy to put my experience up against Senator Obama’s any day.”

Bill O’Reilly and Fox News’s tact is that he’s being “targeted” by his “enemies”.  Which he is.  And good for them for exposing that.  Of course, O’Reilly would be the first to “target” Clinton on the Bosnian Sniper story, or anything candidate Clinton comes out with in 2016 by way of it all.

Your Jeb Bush update

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

The endorsements and lines of support are coming together and aligning, and…

Woody Johnson, Jets Owner, Will Support Jeb Bush for 2016.

If he’s as successful in pushing Jeb Bush to the finish line as he is the team, then…


In more substantive matters, policy, what did Jeb say on foreign things?  Oh.  He’s not like his brother, except that he is.  Well see where this takes him.

How to tell if your neighbor is ISIS

Saturday, February 14th, 2015

I looked through the National Inquirer, and saw…

The National Enquirer has a handy guide explaining how you can tell if your neighbor is an ISIS terrorist.

No.  Really.  And, yeah, well…

Just so you know.  If they’ve overstayed their VISA a long time.  If they have no visible means of support but a lot of money to spend.  If they advocate violent revolution.

Things like that.

Maybe the National Inquirer is doing the job of leaking concepts into the public’s view?

what they’re saying

Saturday, February 14th, 2015

“I knew he was going to resign the minute he said ‘I am not resigning.’  I’ve seen it over and over again.  When a politician does that, it’s only a matter of times.”

“He left by blasting the media.”.

“When he does, the media reports will be focused only on some positive legacy.  Hell.  Look what they did for Nixon.”

“They keep focusing on how the new governor is the first bi-sexual governor.  Like… who gives a rip?”




kitz gone

Friday, February 13th, 2015

Isolating the image in the papers, (and websites for the papers)… the under the gun politician image… sometimes I wonder what would happen if they just threw out a smiley happy stock photo for this thing.

From the Willamette Week letters page.

Conspicuously absent from your timeline is the date WW endorsed Kitzhaber for his fourth term, despite knowing all the facts. I think that in itself is worthy of a story: Why did WW endorse a candidate who in all likelihood would be under criminal investigation sometime in his term?

I don’t expect you to ever, under any circumstances, endorse a Republican, but at the very least you should have abstained. —“mj”

One working theory.  Think of it as “The Nation’s not electing McGovern” thing.  Endorse Kitzhaber, allow the dirt to blow up, and bring on the next gov.

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

The funny thing about the confluence of the news of Brian Williams and the news of Jon Stewart as happening at the same time, is that they now get to be piled together side by side for stories drawing out comparisons and the state of the media and “Stewart ends on top, Williams on Bottom”, when if Williams’s dis-sembling and Stewart’s resignation happened one month apart, there would be no tying the two stories up into one weird knot.

On Stewart, there is an “End of an Era” thing here.  I first saw Jon Stewart on his Paramount syndication show… so in that sense his resignation slides in with David Letterman’s as “back when I was watching”.  Today, I will just say I have a negative opinion of Jimmy Fallon, and sense that to diss Fallon is like dissing Leno and and even Carson before him — something like social commentary on America.

the big if

Saturday, February 7th, 2015

John Kitzhaber.  Bob McConnell.
Hm.  The comparison is a little obscure to all but people who pay some attention to these things.  We do wonder… if the Senate candidate and the governor candidate of the Republican Party could have been switched, perhaps… if the state of Oregon could have decided “Someone who won’t be able to do squat for four years better than the incumbent.”  If…  If… If…

If someone could’ve thought to nominate Bill Bradbury in 2010,  because… why not?

Romeny bows out, will Tarpley bow in?

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Webster Tarpley for President?  It’s getting serious mojo.  Okay, not serious mojo… but random citations.

I see a Tarpley fan scouring politico on Rand Paul related articles to chime in that “I used to like the Pauls” but Tarpley exposed them in the Romney expose “Too Weird” (and I thought that book had a short shelf-life due to the political prospects of Romney.)

Precedents Romney considered when not running for President.

Minnesota Senator Eugene McCarthy had his best race in 1968, when he narrowly lost the Democratic nomination. But then he lost four more times for U.S. President since then. And there’s also Lyndon LaRouche, who ran every year from 1976 through 2004 for the Democratic nomination and once for the U.S. Labor Party.

II.  Robinson’s role in history has been somewhat complicated by her long affiliation with the fringe political figure Lyndon LaRouche. She served as vice chairman of an institute founded by his wife — the group published Robinson’s autobiography in 1991 — and retired in 2009.
Featuring Ramnsey Clarke.  Who I’d cringe at with his International ANSWER war protest speeches.

III.  So…  History is about to change again.

LPAC is touting the Schiller Institute’s “revolutionary” conference taking place tomorrow (Saturday).
The usual hyperbolic claims of the historic significance of this event can be found in the above linked text. Here’s what I would ask at the conference, were I going:
“How is this event to be considered historic when it:
1) Takes place in an undisclosed rented room, requiring attendees to register beforehand.
2) Is being convened by the Schiller Institute so that the name LaRouche doesn’t have to be uttered, which would almost certainly cause the venue to kick you guys to the curb.
3) Will not be covered by any local or national press entities, other than EIR and LPAC.
4) Will presumably be attended mostly by folks already converted to the LaRouchian world-view. Preaching to the choir, as it were.”

IV.  Petitions R Us

Several more prominent individuals have signed a petition calling on the U.S. and Europe to reject geopolitics and collaborate with the emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, a press release said.
The number of those signing the Schiller Institute’s petition is growing as NATO leaders escalate their confrontation with Russia, especially over Ukraine, the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) said..
Those who have signed include four former U.S. congressmen and one former U.S. senator: former Reps. Rodney Alexander (R-La), Donna Christensen (D-U.S. Virgin Islands), Cornelius Gallagher (D-NJ), and Vance McAllister (R-La.), and former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel (D-Alaska), the press release said.
A number of well-known American performance artists have added their names to the petition recently, including Ed Asner and Roseanne Barr, EIR said.

Rosanne Barr?  I guess that random odd twitter linking did some good after all.

V.  Definition.

Dateline   Maui
A label on his placard explained all (well, much): Are they still a thing? Apparently they are.
“I think you’re crazy,” I told him, and, pointing to the label, “and I know he is.”
“You’re crazy,” he said.
It was a standoff.
As I drove off, I saw his compadre’s sidewalk display, with posters indicating that Obama is another Bush (and I thought Jeb was the other one) but offering hope if America would turn to the 3-point program of LaRouche. The first two points escape me, but the third was “nuclear fusion.”
Is that still a thing? It’s difficult to label the LaRouche movement. It is fascist in its embrace of the fuhrerprinzip, but unlike conventional fascists not in Catholicism or monarchicalism. So it is not left, but I would not call it rightist either.
But for sure crazy.

Historical note on Illinois’s lt governor.

Another historical notice …

Cohen said his interest in the ADL was triggered by a chance encounter outside a forum on the Affordable Health Care Act back in 2009, while he was working at Public Citizens for Children and Youth, a child advocacy organization in Philadelphia. There, he had a confrontation that redirected his life.
“There was a bunch of people standing in front of me holding up signs with pictures of President Obama in a Nazi SS uniform and an Adolf Hitler mustache,” he said. He discovered they were followers of longtime conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche.
“I told them: ‘I really don’t care what your politics are, but to compare the president of the United States to Nazis or Hitler is totally inappropriate and completely unfair,” said Cohen. “It demeans the Shoa and those who perished.’”
Within a week he read a letter in a local newspaper from Barry Morrison, then head of the ADL’s Philadelphia office, objecting to the labeling of political opponents as Nazis.
“I was so glad there is an ADL presence to call these people out,” said Cohen. “So I decided if something ever opened up at the ADL, I would apply for it.”
A few months later, in December 2009, that opportunity occurred. Cohen began in the Philadelphia office as assistant, then associate, regional director, overseeing civil rights issues in a territory comprising eastern Pennsylvania, south Jersey, and Delaware.

VI.  Avoid before you die?


call now and receive

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

The back cover of the latest Reason magazine … features an ad… where you can get the “classics of liberty library” in leather-bound editions.  To put up in the law office backdrop for impressive ambiance, I suppose. “Preserving the Tradition of Freedom”.

First Receive your copy of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and Rights of Man for just 9.99 plus shipping and handling.  And then get future volumes once a month at 39.95 plus shipping and handling.  Cancel anytime.   Classics such as…

Milton Freedman’s Capitalism.
Ludwig Von Mises Socialsim
The Oration of Cicero
Henry Clay Statesman
The Price of Freedom  by Coolidge (not a deep thinker, was that president?)
The Tempting of America by Robert Bork
Arguments of John Quincy Adams in the Case of the Mistad
The Trial of George Zimmerman by Jack Cahil.  (I think there’s a contradiction in the general thrust of the message in the last two books.)
Ronald Reagan in His Own Words.

Printed and Bound in USA.  Luxurious genuine leather binding.  Hubbed spine and gilded page edges.  Gold stamping on an original design.  Smyth Sewn acid neutral pages.  Permanent satin ribbon marker for easy reference.

That last one comes in handy because, you know… you’ll be wanting to keep your place in the book that if you call or order on their website you’ll get for 59.95 (huh?)  … Government Bullies by Rand Paul.

What a strange mish mash of books.  Can they throw in Treason by Ann Coulter?