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Is the Ron Wieczorek campaign a covert plot to assist in electing Speaker Pelosi for the Impeachment Coup of the President?

Friday, September 21st, 2018

Actually not too bad a campaign… such as it is…  he’s out and about where it matters.  And rattling on his message to media outlets.  (Key question: when does he mention the name “larouche”?  Ever?)

And more impressively, Polling at 7 percent, depending on the poll.  Though it is worth mentioning that down-ticket races are hard to poll sometimes, and that partisan polling outfits for campaigns release the polls that are favorable to their clients to sway the narrative, still… there is something worth flagging about here.

The Bjorkman campaign shared data with the Journal that said when voters were given descriptions of the candidates, Johnson’s support shrank to 39 percent, compared to 37 percent for Bjorkman, 7 percent for independent Ron Wieczorek, 2 percent for Libertarian George Hendrickson, and 15 percent undecided.

No other results released by the Bjorkman or Johnson campaigns included any data for Wieczorek or Hendrickson. Wieczorek and Hendrickson were omitted from the Johnson poll.

Uh oh.  The Libertarian candidate is first on the ballot, which should really hamper Wieczorek’s vote tally.  (Or maybe the general tenor of anti-Trump Republicanism might give him a different voting base?)  But more importantly for the general “two party system”, what does it do for the Republican, the man who is on “Team Trump”?

Uh oh.  President Trump is making a campaign stop in South Dakota.

The president hopes to shore up support in races that could flip the U.S. House back to Democrats and other statewide races.
Republican Dusty Johnson is running against Democrat Tim Bjorkman, Libertarian George D. Hendrickson, and Independent Ron Wieczorek for South Dakota’s lone house seat. 

But… But… I’m confused here.  Ron Wieczorek is, with maybe a handful of policy arguments about “overhauling the entire Farm Bill“, working against the looming Impeachment and the big Coup attempts against the President.  Isn’t he?  As proferred by Executive Intelligence Review in plugging the campaigns of

Go back to Zeus and his punishment of Prometheus: any political figure or movement, which challenges the control of the oligarchy has the wrath of Zeus brought down upon them. Obviously, that’s what’s happening to Donald Trump. He’s there to challenge the policies of the modern-day Olympian gods, the British Empire. He’s against their policies of globalization, and perpetual war, and free trade. Even worse, Donald Trump laughs at them! That makes them very angry. *

Yet.  Here we have Donald Trump stumping for the Republican Party, and here we have a third party bid by the Larouchite Wieczorek cutting into the pro Trump bid, and maybe, just maybe allowing for the specter of … Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Which poses the question: is Ron Wieczorek a secret DNC sleeper cell, working on behalf for a Democratic Majority in the Congress?  It’s worth asking… After all, with Wieczorek gnabbing a whole 6 percent of the vote on a Trump boosting platform — enough to possibly swing the election, and with this stated stakes:

On impeachment—don’t be a fool! Face the reality that a majority-Democratic House of Representatives will quickly vote to impeach this President on a strict party-line vote, regardless of whatever better judgment any of those Democratic Representatives may hold in private.

And viewing this as stated policy instead of a warning would reconcile us back to the original “Don’t Be a Chump for Trump” stance.

Meantime, the other Larouchie running… is having troubles getting attention.

As the sole female candidate running for Texas’ 9th Congressional District, one would think that independent Kesha Rogers would be mentioned by an organization that strives to define and enlarge the study and advancement of women in American politics.

Sometimes you just end up leaving out the non Ds and non Rs.

ITEM NUMBER Two:  Remembering 9/11

St. Anthony of Padua Church: The Schiller Institute NYC Chorus will perform works of Beethoven, Brahms and African-American spirituals in memory of those lost at 7 p.m. Tuesday. Tickets start at $10. 155 Sullivan St.

Funny thing in commemorating 9/11 with these guys… Looking at where the org stands now…

President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani stepped up the drive to crush the British coup operations against the President in his Monday guns-blazing interview on Fox News’ Sean Hannity show

Wait.  Rudy Giuliani.  Backing over to Larouche’s famous interview at the time of the attacks… Where does he stand in the whole “Mossad did it” idea?

At the very least, Giuliani appears to have been rehabilitated from the days they printed this:

Missing from the media portrait were: the Giuliani Family as Mafia; his unrelieved gangster-like assault on the poor as Mayor of New York City; his corruption-ruined communications system at the World Trade Center on 9/11; the obscenity of his milking that disaster: all this is waiting to be discovered by any casual inquirer, waiting to explode his candidacy. So the obvious question follows: What is the thinking of the powers who are sponsoring him?

ITEM NUMBER THREE: NB finishes his three part memoir shaking off the current political moment.


Marsha Freeman

 William Jones is not impressed by Trump’s economic record, but encouraged by...

Of course, none of this works without a central role by the United States. But this is precisely what President Trump is prepared to do—and what his two predecessors fiercely opposed. No wonder that former President Obama is the “field marshal” for the British in trying to bring down this U.S. Presidency. Or do you think it’s a coincidence that the leading Americans in this evil effort are all Obama’s former subordinates?

All this indicates what we must fight for in this election period. What we must fight against is the threatened impeachment of this President, which would destroy all these prospects, and doom us to chaos and near-term war, facing nuclear war down the road.

Which is why you have to vote for Ron Wieczorek instead of the Republican!

Matthew Ehret-Kump supporting Giuseppe Castiglione.

Noting from factnet what’s going on those youtube shows that flutter about.
The John Siegerson Show had an all time record low of 3 callers. John’s briefing was 20 minutes talking about a Manhattan concert that commemorated 9-11, then 30 minutes going over the presentations at the Schiller conference. He had nothing original to contribute, no wonder people tuned out.
      Even worse, Rush told JS to speed it up so they could take calls.  Then nothing but crickets. Finally, JS said the callers could talk about music as well to try to get something going.
In the panel 2 video, R(oger) S(tone) refers to Lyn as “Dr. Lyndon LaRouche”. Does he imagine Lyn has a Ph. D in something? He’s probably the most interesting speaker in the entire panel-he has interesting (not so nice) things to say about the two Bobs (Woodward, and Mueller)-and gets the most applause of all the speakers. I really wonder what RS’s angle is in being involved with the LaRouche organization, is he just using them for the speaking money? As a savy political operator he must realize that the LaRouche organization’s policy ideas have no chance of being enacted. I chuckled when he said that the first thing he reads in the morning are the EIR alerts.
 Last time Mr. Stone addressed the Schiller Institute, he was also plugging the website for his “legal defense fund.” If his motivation is for anything beyond money, I’d be curious why he waited so long to endorse the policies of “Dr. LaRouche.”
I only watched the Roger Stone section of the Schiller stuff. I thought it was most interesting when someone from India got up and went after Pakistan. Helga gave this school marm answer about playing nicely and visions of the future. Then a guy from Pakistan took the microphone and attacked the guy from India.
In other words, they completely ignored her homily.
She got nervous as well when Stone actually said critical things about China as well and she had to PR Bejing.
Again, surprisingly entertaining last 20 minutes.
One person on the Fireside Chat asked if Stone would be passing along the org’s materials to Trump, and the reply was along the lines of, “Well, sure, I guess, maybe, you know how these things go…”
Interesting thing swirling about with Roger Stone… and another strange synchronicity into Larouche…
A movement that once took pride in its intellectual rigor and was graced by the ideas of Burke, Hayek, Weaver, Friedman, Kirk, and Buckley today views the feces-flinging by Breitbart and in a constellation of kook-right conspiracy sites that would make Lyndon LaRouche blush as highbrow conservative commentary.
 *  New theory:  Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker is ghost writing for these guys.  Just a whimsical random thought, mused along the lines of Michael Moore’s idea that Trump (and an aid) was the writer of that “Internal Resistance” op ed.

my one take away from the Kavanaugh case…

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

The only thing I know for certain… my only firm opinion coming out of the great big Kavanaugh hearings …

Dianne Feinstein sucks.

I think I can float one principle here: the nature of a last minute eleventh hour “October Surprise” revelation of even the most credible and heinous of accusations of sexual improprieties in a partisan entrenched environment… breeds cynicism.  It’s why I was wincing at the local alt weekly’s glib cutesy cut off snub printing of a letter positing the “mighty suspicious coming only now” line on Roy Moore.  (That and a false victory narrative against Trump where the polls had Moore behind by 10 points and then pulling even with the aid of Trump’s backing).  Understand, in that case I didn’t have any reason to believe that the eleventh hour allegations were sat on through the Republican primary where it may have served to get the more sure Republican on into the Senate.  (Joe Trippi has a contrary view on how that Alabama senate race played out, but also an election narrative to create for a client in Mississippi.)

But here.  Feinstein doesn’t broach the topic, moving through avenues available for her during those 9th and 10th hours — since August —  and possibly privately… which would have risked not gaining (potentially) a maximum political points for this whole thing… and may have granted Murkowski and Collins the chance to step off the Republican reservation and given Trump the chance to then switch to that “anti-choice” Federalist Society woman he had floated for the eventual placement as Justice on the Supreme Court.

Now we’re trapped in an interesting conundrum.  The looming “He Said / She Said”.  Everyone sits in their epistemological bubble, the issue divided by party and gender — and everyone sits picking the arguments from the other side that they find most mockable or exasperating.

“She has nothing to gain here”.  Sure.    Except we just went through a (now made utterly moot and pointless) process of political grand standing with Senators declaring themselves Spartacus and fathers of school shooting victims throwing themselves at Kavanaugh and acting shocked at a confused response.  Such were the existential stakes.

And now he puts up his long winded “Family Man” status and long record of women clerk hires and upstanding citizen — at least since high school — and she puts up the memoirs of regrettable drunken party culture from the only other person who was on that scene.  (And, yes, sadly, it’s possible that it just wasn’t a big enough thing in his life to remember this one.)
And, yes, Stephen Colbert gets a little too cute with his Chuck Grassley “take down / evisceration.”  (Arguably maybe even Orrin Hatch — we are in a “Made up your mind” mode.)

Yes.  Circumstantial evidence is suggestive of the high possibility.  Sure, Kavanaugh’s letter signed from a bunch of women from his high school years is implausible.  And, yes, Trump is now having to set aside his crass rules of “Always on the attack” line to join in with some fine point needling, with a host of lawyers and pundits and politicos now studying close up and counting any slight transgressions… (“Call her by her name!”)

And therein lies the problem.

A certain irony.  If there’s any political backlash on this rebounding against Democrats and Democratic women, as opposed to what’s probably mostly a head wind supporting them nationwide, it’d fall on perhaps the two most vulnerable “red state” Democrats of the six who are in the “Trump Country not running wholly with the national party” status — and unlike most of the others haven’t a firm enough established brand —  Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Claire McCaskill of Missouri.  It may not work much for the others either.  Remember, this electorate has already proven to be unimpressed by the the “Hollywood Star laden reading the repeating script” ad model.

worth pointing out

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

I really wish I had noted something about Maria Butina at the time her story about being an alleged honeypot for the Russians in ensnaring the NRA and NRA backed politicos…

… which was that the story her lawyer professed on NPR…

of a maybe naive Russian right wing populist Putin lover who wanted to expand a gun culture from America to Russia and so circled in those circles…

… and who could get a little cheeky with her texting for easy misinterpretations.

Actually did indeed sound credible.  Maybe it’s because of some books on modern Russian culture I’ve been reading that allows me to identify her as a “type”.

As it were, this charge has been dropped, and the wacky hijinx of the sensationalist story that has everything Trump era liberals have as a boogey man and fits into assumptions of targeted enemies… remains in the archives of Stephen Colbert and “NRA is awfully silent” stories that pop up at the top when you look up her name.

capturing the political moment?

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

Now I’m just a white guy with not much interest in hip hop or rap, but I do have one observation to make here… Apparently taking exception to has been Eminem versus whomever MGK

Rap beefs are, as a rule, bad. The name is corny to write and even cornier to say out loud. Compared to feuds that shaped the genre – Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac representing their East and West coast factions of rap, Jay-Z and Nas warring to be the king of New York, Kanye West and 50 Cent’s album sales face-off – rap beefs landing in the headlines lately are more often petty and inconsequential. […]

That’s apparently the state of hip-hop drama in 2018 – fully-grown men accusing one another of suspect ear piercings. 

If someone were forcing me to have to pick sides and have a choice in which battle I’d be forced to pick sides in, I’d go with a tie for first place on JAy-Z and Nas and Kanye West and 50 Cent and Eminem and MGK… before I’d chose a side on the big battle between BIGGIE and 2Pac…

Consequential as that one is…

Something about a wanton murder turns me off from “picking sides” on aesthetics.

Meanwhile, The Nation covers the latest waves and the politics of the new taking over the old

Rico Nasty’s latest album, Nasty, dropped in mid-June, and it is nothing short of a declaration that it’s time for the existing order to be upended. “Bitch I’m charged up!” Nasty yells in “Bitch I’m Nasty”:

Bitches wanna beef, get you burnt up, I am the best, bar none
And I’m screamin’, “Fuck Trump! Black girls, stand up!”
Bitch I’m nasty, and I don’t give a fuck like, what is classy?
Smokin’ on cat pee and my voice is raspy
I know these hoes can’t stand me […]

Hm.  Okay?  The article goes on to diss Kanye West, who we knew would be undone by his odd comments favoring Trump.

But nonetheless.  Behold.  The new political voice of the generation.  And reading the lyrics it I’m reminded of something…

you know… if that’s speaking to the current Trump administration… it occurs to me that not enough has been said about how Akinyele’s song “Put it In Your Mouth” succinctly summed up the second term of the Clinton Administration.


Woke Inc.

Friday, September 7th, 2018

“Was wearing nikes.  And suddenly realized I was in a conservative state.”

And so goes the politicization of every damned thing anywhere.  And it becomes ironic, that conservative and Republican outlets go about linking to some left or liberal outlets pointing out the strange dichotomy here: leaving aside that nike’s ceo donates to (and votes for) Republicans, we move to a litany of old complaints on nike’s corporate culture — sweat-shops, the boy’s network that once allowed Reebok to make some serious in-roads and now has exposed a litany of sexual harassment complaints, heck!  Maybe even an old line against consumer culture itself.

Still, to wear nikes under the “Colin Kaepernick” ad (The Great Back- up quarterback denied his back up job due to his political stance…  not that there’s anything wrong with being a back up quarterback, after all one just won the Superbowl, but this is a perpetual bee in my bonnet in Kaerpenick discussions)… particularly in a conservative state (Idaho?  Utah?) … is a political statement of progressive values.

So what is this crap?  I suppose nike sees the market skewing young, I suppose nike sees the market skewing global.  But there’s a feat here that reminds me of how I’ve read Russia is managed by Putin and his oligarchs– you have your oppositional forces — who are concerted stereotypes… an old looking Communist Party hack and a very urban hipster looking liberal, a silly looking nationalist… arguing over cultural matters.  The funding stems from the same sources.  They’re quite fine with the urban hipster liberal taking on the cause of gay rights — because he’s in an “other” box for the Russian masses.  See too the facebook ads Russia propagated… across the political spectrum, big fans of Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump — and two sides against the center.

The next odd thing about the Colin Kaeperneck ad… and associated commentary… is we’re getting the question posed out in pundit land … “How will this affect the mid-term elections?”  Because of course we have to ask that damnedable question.  Two manners you go with this… exciting the Trump Republican base in that host of states incumbent Democratic Senators are holding off in Trump Country, as against distracting Republicans in those states as too suburban House districts from seguing from the Trump circus to the their economic message of prosperity.  Maybe it’s part of the (Republican) Nike CEO’s master plan in keeping the Senate and House and screwing over Jon Tester and Phil Breseden?

On Anonymous New York Times op-eds

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

Alan Watts, The Book, 74-75, 1966

A Hindu treatise on the art of government, the Arthashastra, lays down the rules of policy for the complete tyrant, describing the orginization of his palace, his court, and his state in such fashion as to make Machiavelli seem a liberal. The first rule is that he must trust no one, and be without a single intimate friend. Beyond this, he must organize his government as a series of concentric circles composed of the various ministers, generals, officers, secretaries, and servants who execute his orders, every circle constituting a degree of rank leading up to the king himself at the center like a spider in its web. Beginning with the circle immediately surrounding the king, the circles must consist alternately of his natural enemies and his natural friends. Because the very highest rank of princes will be plotting to seize the king’s power, they must be surrounded and watched by a circle of ministers eager to gain the king’s favor—and this hierarchy of mutually mistrusting circles must go all the way out to the fringe of the web. Divide et impera— divide and rule.

Meanwhile, the king remains in the safety of his inmost apartments, attended by guards who are in turn watched by other guards hidden in the walls. Slaves taste his food for poison, and he must sleep either with one eye open or with his door firmly locked on the inside. In case of a serious revolution, there must be a secret, underground passage giving him escape from the center—a passage containing a lever which will unsettle the keystone of the building and bring it crashing down upon his rebellious court. The Arthashastra does not forget to warn the tyrant that he can never win. He may rise to eminence through ambition or the call of The web catches the spider.  He cannot wander at leisure in the streets and parks of his own capital, or sit on a lonely beach listening to the waves and watching the gulls. Through enslaving others he himself becomes the most miserable of slaves.

So.  Who wrote the anonymous New York Times article (where… hm… someone’s “resisting” the Trump administration from the “inside” in order to… um… aid him in — successfully — implementing Republican policies?)?  Take your bets now.  Mark Pence has the lead — due to entertainment value in the concept and use of the word “lodestar”.