“Advertise with us, and tap into this market”

Coming off of Technocracy (the movement currently shaking things up in fighting for their wikipedia articles), KPOJ just keeps rolling in the advertisers of spurious movementarian purpose, bouncing around radio drive prime time — so it is Zeitgiest and ZDAY!!!!

Might as well throw in the “endofamerica some numeral or other which if you google the phrase will show up 9 different numbers in the prompt dot com” under the voice of, I think, Alex Jones (unidentified, and if so that seems to be a decision made) — but this, I think, is heard too — along with other on the edge of doomsday ads — on, for instance, 970 AM — all the standard conservative talk host drek and Phil Hendrie in the late evening.

The Zeitgiesters invite you to an Orientation video that will change your whole worldview and lead you to escape the machine and work toward meaningful work envisioning a world without currency.  The End of America leads you to a video inviting you subscribe to a newsletter that will show you how to survive in the coming post-apocalyptic world we’re entering.

Today I listened to someone discuss the earthquake in Japan, somewhat giddy at the Biblical Prophecy this portends — the “only Holy book” with “Prophecies baked in” with all the prophecies in the Old Testament “having come true” and…

… and…

… and…

Profiting off that vision is probably for a different radio audience.

Incidentally, if you google up your Z Day, the first hits you’ll get Zombies.  I think the Zeitgiesters have a lot of work to do to jump above the zombies.

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