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Dingell and the Baby aardvark

Monday, July 31st, 2023

For anyone who considered John Dingell a hero, your hero ‘s reputation just took a whack. Duplicitous was his name. And —

… Yeah, there isn’t anyone anywhere who considered John Dingell a hero.

All right. I note news coming out of Florida in the “banned book” week department, and at least a consideration of how hard I ought to pound the quotations of the book as I mock the honorific. Arthur the Aardvark was in a book where “Spin the Bottle” was played. Some guy complained. Filed a protest. In Desantis’s Florida, so that gets a bit of play political-wise. And at first I want to throw the quotations in full force, roll my eyes at the next big “Banned Book Week Jamboree! Including Arthur! Right next to that Gender Queer book with the dirty pictures and award attached to it!”. But I can tap the quotations pounding just a tad as – – well, at least the claimants of exaggerated book burning sightings have one thing with him — the guy’s the head of a political advocacy organization. That is worth something in the discussion. I can downgrade it to half an eye roll.

When no one gets nominated, everyone gets nominated

Saturday, July 29th, 2023

It will go without saying that the National Review will drive me batty. Today we get the “if you ask, you have your answer in the premise” equivalence “whataboutism” headline topper of “Are Trump’s or Biden’s lies worse?”. Floating below that is an article thing the imminent nomination of Trump to the past Democratic three time nomination of William Jennings Bryan — not a bad warning heed for the party, but missed the mark with the equivocating setting on Trump against Biden. It strikes me that the Biden bashing can be done in parallel with Trump bashing in separate articles, and not comingle, if the magazine and website wanted to hold steady with detailing the whole array of problems of Trump while retaining an anti-liberal politics.

It is a funny matter. Trump could have proudly sailed into the sunset and justifiably done a victory lap, raspberry in hand, after the 2020 election — his conservative and right-wing party now re-assembling their politics in light of his term in office. But he didn’t. He contested reality, and does not have a big picture take on politics beyond his self-aggrandizement.

George Will chimed in with the prediction that Trump would not be nominated. This is taken as wishful thinking. Today I see a bolder prediction out there — Trump and Biden won’t be nominated. At the last minute and at the convention, Biden — after collecting the delegates — will step aside and let someone else have them — shoved the party has maneuvered them to. I suppose as his political success identity is he defeated Trump this gets special playing if in fact Trump is not nominated — Biden’s political purpose ceases to be. Mitch McConnell just did Biden no favours by sputtering into a public stroke, and Diane Feinstein once again stumbled to a curt “cast your damned vote!”– the dammable reminders that – – our political leaders are damned old. And unfortunately for the Republicans, their chief challenger to their party old senile guy standard-bearer misread the public and its public on just where it stands against “woke” — opposed surely, (for where ever this means) but not where “the cruelty is the point”.

on songage

Friday, July 21st, 2023

One of the things about so-called “cancel culture” is that it tends to be pretty easy to just cancel the cancellers. So your country music guy with angry political lyrics now slides somewhere underground, kind of. Cool. I guess. At any rate, an audience remains so even if I side with him, It is impossible to situate him in a victim narrative. Other figures do have the problem that once relegated as offensive, they track into that place of offensive ness, so what was once one facet of a fuller repertoire becomes the main focus, and the problem then is mainly of expressiveness or directness more so than offensiveness. I sense that is not at issue with this guy — just this generation’s Tobe Keith.At

It is here that I am a tad torn. I am moderately curious to look in and see what the core controversy, but I sense the song and video were manufactured for controversy. The effect is that when I next deign to a “let’s listen to some songs and culture that have been deemed by the culture in some way as jokes or noxious” — maybe then I will take a ganxer. See if I am as bored and disinterested as with Robin Thicke. Or if it is defendable or indefendable it’s mix of “bad politics, but sure is catchy!”

double agents

Thursday, July 20th, 2023

I guess you can excuse Marjorie Taylor Greene as encased in a bubble at T-Pac (not CPAC). So she gives a speech with a list of the scary tthings President Biden is attempting to do. The Biden Presidential campaign immediately takes this list, crops out the words “Socialist” and “Big Government” and tags on the “And I approve this message.”. All good fun, and every Republican operative watching dreaded this inevitable cutesy ad. What I am stuck on is Taylor’s next act. She dropped Hunter Biden’s penis into the Congressional record. We are in incoherency. Maybe there is something with Hunter’s affairs that actually do matter – – maybe the reference to… What was it? “The Big One”? … actually refers to and thus implicated Joseph Biden. And from there we imagine that Marjorie Taylor Greene is just employed by the Biden Campaign. Actual c rap is about to fall, so obscure the issues with Hunter’s junk, so the populace will only shrug.

In other political news, the National Review has a Harvard left wing professor chomping at the bit openly writing that Biden ought ignore Supreme Court rulings. This might suck. But Trump does Biden about two or three better. He is stating that he will ignore court rulings. Biden’s degrees of separation is maybe three or four. Trump’s is zero.

third parties in Venter vision

Tuesday, July 18th, 2023

The Democratic Party states at the setting up of “No Labels” over to its right plank and the Democratic primary candidacy of Robert Kennedy Jr in tandem with the Green Party candidacy of Colonel West on the more or less but not entirely left plank. I gather they assume Kennedy will get nowhere — we can all swallow uncomfortably a 33 percent get in some Oklahoma primary — but will highlight wherever they can when Kennedy — situating himself as he is firmly and unequivocally in the conspiratorial void — rumbles over to the line about The Jews.

Dick Gephardt has popped in to lead the fight against No Labels. Hysterical. Yes Labels! It is an item of curiosity, as Joseph Lieberman hovers in to get himself Secretary of State job in a Joe Manchin / Jon Huntsman administration — just out of curiosity — if you poll the nation and identify no parties (labels, if you will) — might Manchin beat Trump and Biden? Perhaps. Only because no one knows Manchin who isn’t paying attention.

Structurally we are in that odd spot where the President will have low opinion ratings no matter what. In one sense, I never understood why he ought have high approval ratings — ever. I can’t figure out how you can shuffle the deck for a more popular figure to pop in. From a personal perspective, I won’t be able to answer what my opinion on President Biden until sometime after he leaves and I can assess it — poll me and I got nothing. The politics of the moment leave me flummoxed. There is junk that is manoeuvring its way into defecto Democratic Party orthodoxy I want to see cut out of the Overton Window but see likely a list cause. Reparations — a good way of bankrupting a state and municipalities in the name of Social Justice. “Gender affirming care” on minors — as though double mastectomies sound like great thing for thirteen year olds. On the latter I see Ron Desantis runs a laughable ad — somewhere to the right of President Bush who greeted a transgendered college classmate warmly during his time in office. On Trump, we are stuck with that expansive of “Trumpism” that ignores few actual policies are that far afield from orthodoxy — and the day will come when Democrats will cite Trump on, say, trade issues in arguing against some evil disagreeable Republican policy proposal that goes too far. (Just as had been done with Robert Taft on public housing, Goldwater on some things, Nixon as the last liberal president, Reagan on immigration and things, and I just referenced Bush as against Desantis. Republicans did this in finding new favour with Clinton on welfare and used McGovern as a cudgel on some Labour issues).

The fight continues

Saturday, July 15th, 2023

I half imagine the Trump scrawled at the top of the box is a supporter, as opposed to the return of these fliers.

The old merry go round

Wednesday, July 5th, 2023

I. A funny little puff piece of an interview with Zelensky. Makes him oh so relatable. Not in and of itself interesting, but in the perspectus of the Larouche Group’s view denying him and his nation autonomy A d seeking Russian victory, quickly dissembling events on the ground through A fun house mirror of inevitable Russian victory — funny enough. I find myself in a place I can’t turn the sound up, so I am stuck wondering — what classic rock band does Zelensky fancy? AC/DC, Eric Clapton, Guns and Roses.

II. OAKLANDLYM IS BACK For a Reunion Tour!

A message from the Oakland LYM — letting the world know the Oaklandlym account is all set to put up new videos of this guy talking and of old Larouche broadcasts. I am curious about the current use of “lym” — pronounced in one syllable. Is this an IBM situation, whose name was once an acronym for “International Business Machine” but was changed to signal nothing? Or is a new acronym here? All I know is that there is no “youth” staring back at me when I watch this YouTube video.

III. A podcast interview with Donald Parkinson available at different platforms. YouTube for instance. Find it wherever you get your podcasts. I myself was hardly interested, and it obviously will deviate from what if you threw me fifteen minutes how I would think to attempt to relay Larouche, Like, fifteen minutes in.

Was walking down the street in the S.F. Bay Area about 20 y/a and three LaRouchians were out tabling with pamphlets etc. They were anti-Iraq War and I said something about Afghanistan; I can’t recall what their stance on that war was-if any, they just kept blurting out stuff about Dick Cheney’s wife being a Lesbian. Then, for reasons I never understood until hearing this podcast, one of them started singing Opera-bad Opera

I remember in the early 70s as a young Canadian sailor walking around San Diego chatting with a couple of LaRouchians flogging a news paper. I sort of like what they were saying and go a year subscription to the newspaper and had it sent to my ship. As I looked at it closer I realized it for what it was. I let the subscription expire. It was an interesting time in my life.

Thought on this: Should have an adjacent episode just talking about 00s era cranks and green party members.

The fact that they named drop Tulsi Gabbard just says it all. CLOWNS and FEDS.

IV. Third Party Crack up

The currently losing side in the fissures of the Libertarian Party — the “classical liberal caucus” as against those Misesites — swings.

On April 7th, Diane Sare, a candidate of the LaRouche Party for U.S. Senate in NY, announced an upcoming fundraising event on April 22nd, featuring the Chair of the Libertarian Party, Angela McArdle. This blatant disregard for party affiliation sets a dangerous precedent.

The Chair of the Libertarian Party must be held accountable for unethical behavior and support solely Libertarian candidates, not those of other parties. 

In the past, any Chair who was fundraising for a Green Party or Forward Party candidate would have been promptly removed from their position. Similarly, the resignation of any Staff or Officer campaigning and fundraising for a non-LP candidate would have been demanded by previous LNCs.

While it is acceptable to form issue-based coalitions with other parties, actively fundraising against Libertarian Party candidates is a direct betrayal of the Chair’s responsibility to lead and support the Libertarian Party.

The situation is further complicated by Diane Sare’s affiliation with the anti-Semitic and anti-libertarian LaRouche cult. And if Sare seeks the LPNY nomination, McArdle’s involvement in her fundraising event amounts to an endorsement over other potential LP nominees, which is entirely unacceptable.

There are only two ethical options for Angela McArdle: withdraw from this event immediately or resign from her position as Chair of the Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party deserves a dedicated leader who provides unwavering attention and support, not one who fundraises for candidates of rival parties.

V. Current alliances. CPI-USA 2.0 –Caleb Maupin cult attempt — is back at it. And Space Larouche has dumped his moniker and now refers to himself as a “Quantum Leap Republican”. Though has Trump pinned at his tweet feed.

Jimmy Dore applauds disruptive protesters at Amy Klobochur event. Yeah! Shut down fossil fuels! That aligns.

Christian Caucus of Libertarian Party? Is that a third faction or just someone’s paper front group? (Ala Party of Communists).

VI. And Robert F Kennedy Jr.

When Bill Clinton ran in the 1996 primary, he attracted a conspiracy theorist for a challenger: perennial candidate Lyndon LaRouche. Journalists did not treat him seriously, even though he was on the ballot in most states, and eventually received over 5 percent of the primary vote, topping 10 percent in several states. Kennedy is no more credible a character than LaRouche. He just has a better name and more friends in the media.


Take away the Kennedy name and he’s Lyndon Larouche with a horrible speaking voice.

VII. Youtubed

A key difference between lpac and lorg expressed in this tweet: Here’s a video I made in 2021, right when Joe Biden won the election but before the Invasion of Ukraine. So. Biden did indeed win the electuon. Curious, though — the call for money for the express purpose to get new youtube content up. LPAC has a new video up just Now.

Noted comment: Why can’t you say Communist, Bolsheviks, Zionist, all together??:) it’s all the same thing. The Zionist Jew is the culprit, 9 times out of ten. The tenth is often a capitalist that actually, at the end if the day, subscribes to Zionism.

Noted: Two weeks later, the LaRouchePAC team brought an identical resolution to the San Francisco County GOP Central Committee, and it passed as well. In San Francisco!

VIII. Pat Robertson. RIWherever. Esquire republishes a 1994 article on Pat Robertson with these paragraphs:

The Illuminati, Robertson explained, went on to penetrate the Masonic order and the Rothschild banking family, provoke the French Revolution, inspire Karl Marx, and arrange the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Today, Robertson writes, the Illuminati control everything from the Council on Foreign Relations and the Federal Reserve Bank to the new-age movement. “Robertson reminds me of no one so much as Lyndon LaRouche,” says Edmund Cohen, author of The Mind of the Bible Believer.

Indeed, in perhaps The New World Order’s most extraordinary passage, Robertson writes, “It may well be that men of goodwill like Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, and George Bush, who sincerely want a larger community of nations living at peace in our world, are unwittingly carrying out the mission and mouthing the phrases of a tightly knit cabal whose goal is nothing less than a new order for the human race under the domination of Lucifer and his followers.”

In the book, Robertson also forecast economic chaos, a prophecy he repeated that year in his newsletter, “Pat Robertson’s Perspective,” predicting a “debt implosion” in 1992. The country, he warned, would see “stock values collapse, bonds lose value, weak companies go out of business.” Interestingly enough, at the same time he was making these dire predictions, he was planning an initial public offering of the stock of his own company—an offering that would amass him a breathtaking fortune.

IX. Familiar line. Thank you Time — At least two candidates with criminal convictions have run for president in the past, albeit unsuccessfully. 

Cox Media … Neither man won the presidency. Should Trump win the nomination and the presidency, things would be a bit more complicated.

BBC: Conspiracist Lyndon LaRouche also ran for the presidency on multiple occasions despite being convicted of fraud in 1988. One of his presidential bids, in 1992, took place while he was at a federal prison in Minnesota.

X. Shifting about a tad to see what the media environ for team Larouche is nowadays. the new generation has its spots, the old generation goes to Fringe Radio News — Harley Schlanger gets his word in to a friendly source. Curious to figure their editorial perspective — Fringe Christians, bigfoot, aliens, ufo, alternative science, conspiracies, ghosts, paranormal, prophecy, prophets, parapsychology, demons, spirits, possession, alternative archeology, alternative geology, crypitids, dogman, goatman, black projects, government experiments, time travel, tesla and all things fringe! — gots an episode on The Moonies, unfriendly encounters with Anton Leveigh …

XI. Invariably —

I know she was feted by Maupin and CPI-USA. I don’t know if she conferenced with the Large goes at any time.

Then there is this —

Since bumped over to the Green Party. Which I guess does open the door for Dore 24, even as that project (once endorsed by Burke) seemed abandoned by hopping and down over West.

X. List of names.

Trump is not the first man (they have all been men) in this country to achieve “cult leader” status, although he is the first president. In my lifetime, I can remember six others who earned that designation. They were: the late Korean cult leader, Sun Myung Moon; L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Dianetics and Scientology; David Koresh, head of the Branch Davidians in the Waco standoff; Lyndon LaRouche, well-known conspiracy theorist (and eight-time presidential candidate); Charles Manson; and Jim Jones, leader of the California-based Peoples Temple cult. I’m sure there are others.

Fifth, they must seek out highly respected credentialed and experienced experts who hold views that differ from their previous views.

The dilemma facing our politics is how everyone defines “Trumpism” as against policy. For instance — Nobody ever talked about Mitt Romney, of “self deport” fame, as a cult leader.

XI. Helga Zepp wants you all to “Organize like Warrior Angels”. I look in to this Schiller Institute just long enough to see the Wagner Coup attempt, which I tend to think — oh, sure severance package negotiation tactic makes as much sense as anything. Here, it is a few vague insinuations on ” can’t rule out Western led!”. Nearly can, but whatever. The visuals are more fascinating though. Helga is green screened before a living room, or the background is freaking blurred — one or the other. Surely we can have better visual production than this.

thought again

Tuesday, July 4th, 2023

Cocaine found in the White House. Almost certainly dropped by a tourist. But the only real take away is that there is now a whole lot of giggling Republicans murmuring “Hunter”. Which is maybe jyst as well, so far as that goes to a limited place.


Saturday, July 1st, 2023

Megyn Kelly would have more credibility complaining about over sexualized Gay Pride Parade entrants, as she is doing here, if she were wearing a dress that did have so many conspicuous cut outs.