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Friday, March 31st, 2023

This is the weirdest take on things.

And it could be just the jolt his so-far-lackluster 2024 presidential campaign needs.

By any metric, Trump was the Republican front-runner, pacing ahead of DeSantis with anyone else being someone you have to squint to figure out how they might win. This lands on a concern trolling.

That is Reason. National Review gives its readers, more Trump favorable than they, something of a concern troll. Sure, this indictment is bs, but it does not lend to any credence for Trump and at any rate will lose him support amongst swing voters. Though it does have a counter-veiling opinion in sheer political terms that hits at something.

In sheer political terms, Trump will benefit, at least in the short and medium term, from the attention and Republican sympathy that will come with the indictment. Any further indictments, whatever the merits, will inevitably be discredited to some extent or other by Bragg going first with these dubious charges. There will surely be other, unforeseen consequences, none of which are likely to be good.

The problem is someone will charge forth the same with the other more merit-ful and substantial cases pending against Trump.

The headline for the Nation does its best to de-personalize the crime — Manhattan Court Pursues Florida Man for White-Collar Crime, subline of Donald Trump’s indictment is less a matter of politics than of ruling-class impunity. But his worst crimes won’t be prosecuted in court. Better, and oddly you can couple it with National Review’s sentiment on relative meaning of this in itself.

So. New Republic, addressing the isdue. “Did Trump do worse things? Sure…”. I hasten to suggest this then fails a blind name test — insert other politician and discretion and we get the ” politicized” item. I think it is they, or maybe the Washington Monthly, who also posit the democracy element in this — the people voted for the prosecutor. At least I saw there somewhere in the political opining machinery. Interesting. Again –double blind that one and on that one even if it does pass I would ask what is wrong with you.

a day short

Thursday, March 30th, 2023

The creepy thing is I see conservative commentary to the effect that the Media is quasi-apologizing for the transgendered ex-student shooting up a Christian elementary school, and dumping on the Christian homophobes, and somewhere adjacent some commentary of the looming Hell to Pay with the Trump indictment.

Yeah. Well. They can tie one to one. For that is worth. Though we do get some commentary that is a tad out of whack in lumping every “left” or liberal thing into a stewey vortex — the riots that came in the High Covid Shutdown era after Floyd’s death — much transgender there? This guy seems to think so.

To be sure, there was one piece of graffiti in this city out of that that could be used if I wanted to force her point.

And look. Someone who wants to read a manifesto.

Memo was eventually received. Kullers kill to get this published. Publishing it tells future killers that this works. You can’t squelch it cimpletely, but I tend to be tone deaf on the topic anyway — no matter what your maladies — legitimate or not — someone is out there with the same ready and willing. Upon this falls A trap in making political commentary — hope that they are “on the other side” to make political profit out of.

The Nation calls for intergenerational war

Wednesday, March 29th, 2023

There it is. Boomers and Zoomers unite. I never associated with Generation X — for most of its media spotlight heyday I was placed in a nebulous “Generation Y” until such time as they defined the parameters of the Millennials which left me out of it — but I guess such a thing does not matter any more now that The Nation magazine is leading the charge for a Boomer – Zoomer alliance. Whatever misgivings Generation X has with the Millennials and vice versa, since it is we that they are ganging up on, we need to put them aside to form a United front against the generational enemies who have declared war against us.

speech symbols

Tuesday, March 28th, 2023

Much is made of where Ronald Reagan launched his presidential campaign — the site of an infamous lynching. There he talked the game of federalism, a thing everyone agrees with but then gets exposed as a as a tactic as that which is federated is pursued nationally, and which here gets smoked into historic ugliness of upholding segregation. Be that as it may, he aimed at symbolism or just danced with the devil.

It occurs to me that in the talk of where Donald Trump has blasted his latest frothed message — come the retribution! — No one is backing up on just where he is speaking it. Waco, Texas. Sometimes it must be painful to be a place-mat of history.

hard to think of bad warped humor

Monday, March 27th, 2023

Can’t quite get there with the inappropriate and un-pc joke. Reference trans athletes, and it is the spectre of a biologically born male dominating the female field of female sports. That is a no-go. I suppose there is a victory of intersectionalityand glass ceiling breaking or maybe something in the stated irony by your Dave Chapelles only woman who makes their mark is an ex-man, or we band back to the shrugging comment — oh dear, JK Rowling was right!

You know. In the early 70s — there was a relative to our daily lives today an astronomical number of bombings. Didn’t explode much in the way of human life but did some , but if you transpose it to the day and media coverage we have — we would all be horrified. Then again, then as now we have that sense of national fault lines cracking, so what does this figure?


Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Kind of the easy one to mock. We have been here before. John Ashcroft and some statue covering. Madge Flanders one upping Marge Simpson after getting Itchy and Scratchy sanitized and then cancelled and Marge not joinng, so then backing up on her opposition to Itchy and Scratchy. And here, it is important to back up and see precisely what is going on in this case — it is not exactly what gets caricatured even as it is imminently objectionable. Parental permission. Allow the parents a chance to at least explain… Statues have penises. We need to knock some sense in more immature kids, harking the “heh heh… Penis”. Hell — the statues were always idealized forms of humanity — may need a chance to back up to combat bad body image for more sensitive kids.

The National Review article does its best on this score. But we are left with a simple question. You need parental permission on every little thing brought before a class curriculum? I am sure there is something off with Algebra’s over-use of the letter “x”.

Sinema hates those oldster Democratic Lunches

Saturday, March 25th, 2023


Old dudes are eating Jell-O, everyone is talking about how great they are,” Sinema recounted to gales of laughter. “I don’t really need to be there for that. That’s an hour and a half twice a week that I can get back.

Now she was rolling.

The Northerners and the Westerners put cool whip on their Jell-O,” she shared, “and the Southerners put cottage cheese.”

The definition of the “South” is a little bit contentious with Southerners deriding other Southerners as not real Southerners, and certainly the North gets plenty of Southern implants and history moves some states in and out — Delaware, as Joe Biden once campaigned for Southern votes with, was a “slave state”, and the US Census defines it as Southern, yet I don’t know if people call it that.

Altogether, the list of Southern Democratic Party Senators that Kyrsten Sinema is mocking as putting cottage cheese on their jello so old they are: Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Jon Ossoff of Georgia, and Raphael Warnock of Georgia. Three. Ages in the 70s, 50s, and 30s. The oldest has occasioned some party switch rumors, but is probably too far along to bother.

Not a lot of cottage cheese there.

down and out says everyone’s foes

Friday, March 24th, 2023

Snicker, but it is a fight he has on his hands. Like the Australian prime minister who picked his nose once — and then became prime minister.

Biden down, floats The National Review.

Pence and descent is down, floats The Nation.

Also. The Rich. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Either displaying their wealth or slumming it.

The same people who gloated about Wal-Mart leaving Portland are now gloating about Cracker Barrel leaving. With Wal-Mart it is that case of whether or not it is that canary in a coal mine and advanced past that — wow, finally — the city’s governing council has held the line on their encroachment for decades and finally they retreat! But here I am nust stuck on the question — there was a Cracker Barrel in this city? Damned if I knew. Oddly looking at the location — I guess they will just scuttle a few blocks and land in Vancouver WA — so suggestive of different ecosystem of problems than that which is popularly discoursed.

the dealings of the last guy

Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

Like, I could go either way on the pee tape — my gut and sense of things says no and I doubt it, but if it came to pass that it were the case I would not be surprised. But on this?

No freaking duh. His defenders — of whom I guess technically on this matter I am one, believe it is the case. Probably a smaller majority or plurality believe, not think believable, yes. But I am stuck on the — what of it?

Today we get the suggestion from the da that Trump hyped up relative non-news. From the right, this is seen as a wavering. Possibly it is a case of — moving ahead in a case and stopping is routine but more notable and more apt to be given political meaning with a high profile target.

Other amusing lines — AI is creating the scenario. Deep fake videos of Trump getting arrested. As of this moment it is hardly more worrisome than a play that was banned in France during the Johnson administration which had him assassinating Kennedy. We are not in a simultron. Unless, maybe, in reality Trump has been arrested and this deep fake is a fictional distraction to fool us into thinking he hasn’t.

Cam Newton threw a ball yesterday

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

Headline I see today: Americans IQ drop for first time in a century.

We had a good century run. We weren’t educating ourselves during quarantine, even though I guess we should have been. At lea smoothing the rough edges for what makes it seem like this was counterintuitive — Idiocracy is only happening now?

Wait. is the study somehow a lagging indicator? I would look into the study, but I am probably be too dumb to understand it.