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the “worst ever” canard

Sunday, June 26th, 2016

I’d once upon a time smirk to that claim that the last president of the United States was the “Worst Ever” — eventually Rolling Stone got around to that idea on the cover and I suppose that represents the height of respectability for where that idea was floated and consecrated.

And, of course, we have the multitudes who claim the current president is the “Worst Ever” — mildly amusing.  Congressman Ben Quayle may be the height of respectability for where that idea has been consecrated.

Now we see this.  David Cameron as the “Worst Ever” British Prime Minister.  Or at least for the past 100 years.

And that’s interesting.  His domestic policy, Tory as it is in he scheme of British politics, is such that there were figures for the Obama administration on the election staff (as there were for his Labor opponent), so for all intents and purposes I would say write that one off.  Besides which, the 1970s litany of British prime ministers were notorious for ineffectuality an (perhaps) senility.

I know we have Neville Chamberlain.  But we can understand where he was coming from, at least.

So for Cameron, his legacy of decisions made one mistake in way to re-election: placate the isolationist part of his base by promising the Brexit Referendum.  It got him re-elected.  Perhaps?  And had he not done it, Britain would be in a position closer to where he wants it (in the European Union) either with him or with the Labor Party in power right now.

Make of it all what you will.

the things that are out there that people search for…

Saturday, June 25th, 2016

Random thing popping up in the “google” and search engine searches for this blog…

Where do you think Henry Kissinger will get his 500 million ‘real’ human beings from to populate the Judaic NWO world of the future?

Interesting question.  Leading question.  As in, if asked by a “Question of the Week” type thing for a local paper, there would be answer from me.

I don’t have an immediate answer to it, but am curious on its nomenclatter.  First google search result is this, where the progeny of Machivelli and realpolitik (and, I may as well add, a Hillary Clinton favorite) says some things you’d expect, and some things are diced narrowly… and where, frankly, the selected quote is veering in the opposite direction in terms of implications.  But at a certain point we toss everything in the conspiratorial mix, and things don’t necessarily have to fully match… right?

book review … Ready Player One

Saturday, June 18th, 2016

readyplayeronecover  A popular book by Ernest Cline.  Enjoyable, if only slightly, and as it is a quick enough read I’d narrowly recommend it.  (The prose is maybe a little clunky — Ernest Cline reads not from the standard classics.)  The book is … constructed… contrived in a manner — the point of the elderly Christian character, for instance, merely being to have a sympathetic character against his horrible family somewhere in there before the place goes to smithereens.

But the book bugs the Hell out of me in a strangely ideological sense.  Part of it may be the familiar trope that the protagonist, deep nerd and misfit down low on the economic scale is in the society of this dystopia future, by extension — you, the reader, the misfit nerd who may or may not be living in your own personal Stacks.

But the thing that bothers me.  The band of misfit nerds running through this computer program akin to running the “Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” bit —  are doing so at the behest of the interests of the eccentric, once reclusive programmer.  His collection of nerdish obsessions, centered as they are on popular culture of the 1970s through 1980s, are the writer’s nerdish obsessions, and (dare I say) yours.

And it’s what’s going to win the game.  Align your interests with this sphere of interests.  Leave aside whatever you like.  It’s all one spectrum of interests.
The effect is a little cold.

Steven Spielberg is adapting the book.  Of course he is.  He’s name checked round enough, so he pays tribute to a tribute to him…

“told you so”? i guess?

Friday, June 17th, 2016

My observation upon the 2013 defeat of the last major push for a gun control bill — Toomey and Manchin spear-heading for their political aims of, oh, Blue state (vulnerable in upcoming cycle) Republican and Red State (needing credibility for the party in rural America) Democrat–

my observation stands.

The theory of this is that this bill will come back up and it will be tougher.  Frankly, though, I align with the gun control “sour grapes” contingency of “just as well this didn’t pass”, but for different reasons.  Whether or not something pops up that is more meaningful — […] — I would rather have no bill come out and no pretense that something just happened than a bill come through with the illusion that something just happened — when it didn’t.

That particular bill… would not have addressed the issue of how the killer in Orlando managed to purchase his semi-automatic weapon… with, oh, major domestic violence in his background, even more of an issue, says me, than that he would be probed in the hunt for radical jihadism.
On that latter score, you can imagine that the Democratic challenger to one Rand Paul in the state of Kentucky is going to… try to flank to his right in his argument while flanking to the left.

my condolences to the families…

Monday, June 13th, 2016

The info-graphic has it.  Newspaper prints a black bar for one death, adding up to 29 for some previous mass shooting.  Compared to 20 for another.  And 50 for this one.  Showing that, yep, this one has roughly two or roughly three times more casualties than those previous ones.

I’ve come to understand some of the — hm– more “ugh”ish political commentary for some of these things do, at least, reflect back to what the person believes.  If they view things in the prism of that as casualty, than this the tragedy will confirm that casualty.  It works around on all sides of the political spectrum.  But what I can’t wrap my head around is the unseriousness of Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump… Tweet away…

What has happened in Orlando is just the beginning. Our leadership is weak and ineffective. I called it and asked for the ban. Must be tough

Stop at the first sentence.  Keep in his framework of Islamic Terrorism, and Islamic Terrorism on American soil, and I’m struck by historical stops and gaps.   9/11?  Boston Marathon?  Does everything begin again?

Somewhere out there, and maybe this is pure cynicism on my part, a Rainbow Flag with the words “These Colors Don’t Run” are being sold … or, you know… the already existing “These Colors Don’t Run” rainbow items are seeing an increase in sales due to new (perhaps confused, perhaps not so confused) meaning.

David French refuses to be the John Palmer of 2016

Monday, June 6th, 2016

David French is not running for President.

Who the hell is David French?  He didn’t have a wikipedia page until Bill Kristol asked him to run for president.  Apparently he’s one of Kristol’s favorite bloggers.  And he’s supposed to be the Gold Democrat 1896 candidate for the Republicans in 2016 — which did the causes of John Palmer greatly, right?

But John Palmer probably would have had a wikipedia page.

Bill Kristol looks around backward to try to find someone else.


the end. but he was never really a democrat in the first place, was he?

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Come Wednesday, it will be an impossibility for Bernie Sanders to defeat Hillary Clinton — unless, the on rush of “super-delegates” slides whole sale to him.

Bernie Sanders is undecided on what to do about it.

It is 2008, and Bernie Sanders is Hillary Clinton, and Hillary Clinton is Barack Obama.  With the difference being that in 2008 there was no real difference politically between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and in 2016 there is a one between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

But it is worth looking back to see when Hillary Clinton quit being apprehensive on what to do, and seeing whom throws out barrages against Bernie Sanders.

I am getting contradictory streaks about the gun issue as it relates to Hillary Clinton’s campaign to not get embarrassed by Bernie Sanders with one last biggie win in California… (Lest Bernie Sander be stuck doing that Terry MacAuliffe in South Dakota routine in North Dakota or Montana instead of in California)  —

somewhere I read about the campaign in general, and see — embedded in an article, comments on guns.  But then I google it up and see Newsweek claiming she’s not bringing it up.

… And Ralph Nader… still a’hating on current trends in contemporary leftist politics.


momentary fits of confusion

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

For a moment I had thought Dilbert creator Scott Adams had come out in favor of Donald Trump.  It squeaked past an editorial from, I believe it was National Review, calling Scott Adams a supporter while relaying that he predicted Trump thumping to victory in November.  This, momentarily, made yesterday’s edition of Dilbert pretty intriguing.

dilbertvotingandtrumpishness  If Wally were a sympathetic character in this regard, he would then make a good stand in for Scott Adams on this Trump thing.

I had known that Scott Adams had predicted Donald Trump’s rise on his internet sites, at just about the time that I had gone from thinking it not going to happen to at least seeing the possibility, and a time a few others I saw who prognosticate on these made the “gulp” leap.  But I assumed it was not support for this prediction, but a prediction.

Before I could go to the archives to look into it, I see in the news that… yeah, that’s what it was and is.

And I doubt it will come to pass as the prediction goes, but I can see it happen.  The one strange thing about this election… in most election cases a larger electorate will favor the Democrat — see 2008 and 2012 versus 2010 and 2014.  In the case that you have a celebrity “blunt talker” — well, see Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The fear for Hillary Clinton supporters, tepid or enthusiastic, is that an apolitical mass is looming and will swarm in off a strange “cool”ness factor.

As it were, Scott Adams — sure, haggle away in 1990s era polemics with art from Tom Tomorrow all you want to disparage a neo-liberalism bent, but … not for Trump.