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moving the overton window in conspiratorial land

Monday, March 26th, 2018

Pursue the Trump loving corridors of conspiracy land, namely Alex Jones but others, and figure out where they stand visa vie John Bolton.

Eh.  We see infowars editors hereabouts quoting Who lyrics, but long time never associated with the love of Trump.  Would the commentor be all hell bent on Bolton, rather neo-connish if you will?

Erstwhere, we see John Bolton being praised in by the liason between Trump and these sorts, Roger Stone, inteviewed by Mr. Jones.

Understand, in the past, this would not have been an issue for Team conspiratorial.  Today it’s subject to debate.  Maybe other issues overwhelm this one — the need to corner the kids of Florida rallying against guns as possible actors, for instance — but then this just reveals something about priorities.

where to now?

Monday, March 19th, 2018

It’s always been a little fascinating to look over the magazine rack at Fred Meyers, where you see to or three brands of “Survivalist” magazines — worth leafing through to enjoy the high level paranoia and … wannabe MacGyver meets Road Warrior figures showing how to survive the coming… Zombie / Economic / Nuclear / Economic meltdown, where apparently all of society breaks down.

Regrettably, I’ll have to go elsewhere now to leaf through and enjoy this merry splendor.  Where to?  Who knows…

Russia votes

Monday, March 19th, 2018

In the old days of the Soviet Union, there was one choice and the Incumbent Party won with a 99 7/10% of the vote.  (Citation:  Walt Kelly’s Pogo, 1952).  These days the Incumbent wins the lion’s share, and there are several other pre-selected Incumbent supporting choices to pick from.  (The Incumbent opposing selections are barred from running.)

Also they may just switch the rules, from four year terms to six year terms, if they want to.

And here, they are… the Russian election results.

putinvoted  As you see, the Communist Pavel Grudinin came in second.  A total role reversal from the Soviet days when the Communists were Numero Uno, now they’re Numero Dos.  Who are the other guys?  Oh, your Libertarians, your Greens, your Natural Law Party…

… oh, maybe not.

Note too the election map.  No clue what this shows in terms of politics.  I’d have to go back to Masha Gessen’s book to recall just where on the map that version of Nixon’s hardhat anti-protester construction worker made Department of Labor Head (Putin’s anti-protester factory boss made something or other) to denote some kind of geopolitical thingy.

Well… one American trend hasn’t picked up.

The race also included Ksenia Sobchak, a former reality TV host, and veteran nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky – they got less than 2% and about 6% respectively.

Maybe the former reality tv host can run to win in six years?

a very special election

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Lamb shocks Saccone to win a district for the Democrats that Trump carried by 20 points.

… a resounding victory of about 300 votes…

… the libertarian party candidate won more than those votes, for what it’s worth…

… and both parties pour money money money into a race for a congressional seat that is about to be redrawn out of existence.

… This race result itself is null.  The election results in just about nothing.

… good for Lamb, I suppose, in that he can now find a safer seat, and won’t have to be dragged down in this one…

… Lamb, who ran promising not to vote for Pelosi for speaker (I suppose there’s to be a Harold Ford / Heath Schuler out there he’ll be voting for?) and who ran by firing off an AR-15 to assert that, no, students walking out or not, he’s not going to take your gun away…

But that’s okay, because the Democratic Party doesn’t need to focus as of yet…
… Reminds me, though.  You hear about the New Zealand diplomat flummoxed by the yell out for a “Bernie Sanders / Elizabeth Warren” ticket?

Surely that would win somewhere.  Just not in this Pennsylvania district.  (Oh.  Wait.  Sanders won over Northern Vermont, or something… never firing an AR-15 but sticking around long enough on that account anyways.  Warren is going to talk incessantly about her Oklahoma roots.)

And if New Zealand’s deputy high commissioner to the United States has any better ideas for options, she didn’t seem to suggest whom…

Hillary Clinton has let it be known that it’s not her…  but we already knew that.