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Tuesday, November 30th, 2021

I. Plato Playdo

Something worth dipping at with this Daniel Burke tweet: The only real way to fix the “gender” problem in the youth today is to initiate a new CCC. Give young people the opportunity to gain stable, productive employment (w/associated education benefits) building megaprojects of infrastructure. In that context, they can flourish. Can’t quite follow. Are stereotypical Sissy boys equipped for this hard hat duty? I suppose manly women may be.

I had been listening to selecions from the lecture series of Michael Segure found on youtube. — at 1.5 or even 1.75 speed because — to a degree I am only interested in picking up themes popping up in human history and because no one is giving me a pop quiz tomorrow. Relevant to the world of Larouche are the series on Plato — yep! Good fodder for your “Me for Dictator” types, or for a cult “Us for Dictator”. Here I gauge a kind of envy of power — someone somewhere is listening to the ” pronoun police” and not them, damnedit! Relegate these social justice warriors to silver souls, and LORG back up to their proper place of philosophy kings…

The other relevant lecture for the field of Larouche, perhaps more so in its volitility on our politics, is the one on the Frankfurt School. A can of worms indeed.

We have some further sentiments here: /r/antiwork is a typical attack on the very idea of productivity. Organized cynicism is the prerequisite for fascism. As hyperinflation increases, will the youth demand more money be printed, or will they demand Glass-Steagall & megaprojects of infrastructure? I don’t suppose the internet is full of subreddits and tiny segments of segments.

Points to be made here: moment when I recently read that larouche supplied intelligence to the psoe governments during the 80’s which was then used by the government sponsored death squads to target eta (needless to say more innocent people died than actual eta members)

Apocalypsis Apocalypseos sharpens his anti-Larouche bonfires by passing on a dumb quote showing how stunningly wrong his forecasting was. “There’s no possible way that the present int’l monetary-financial system could be continued without collapsing civilization into a prolonged new dark age out of which most nations will disappear & human population will drop rapidly to below 1 billion.” — Lyndon LaRouche (2001). Did not come to pass.

Yet, failed predictions that would make Toffler blush gets us nowhere. At least Ron Paulites can successfully sell a shirt.

Noted hypothesis on the less than Dark Ages inflationary troubles of the moment: due to inflation, orchestras must now tune to an A at 457.3 hz. LaRouche Movement in shambles

Har Dr har my extremely accurate intelligence report (lyndon larouche’s journals from the 80s) say that steve bannon will be assassinated in his holding cell on november 6th

A quote about gold and silver souls —

Over with LPAC, I must note a contradiction here: Democrats Fail to Explain the Inflation They Are Deliberately Feeding The floundering Biden Administration continued in early November to add to the perception that no one is really in charge in Washington, while otherwise acting deliberately to further.. If Democrats are acting deliberately to accomplish inflation… For nefarious purposes, I guess… And the deed is successful… How is this “floundering”? (They can only be ” floundering” if the goal is “not inflation”, or they are trying for Inflation but Inflation just isn’t happening.). Is this the situation where they are aiming for a ” Darks Ages Inflation”, and because they are falling far short that counts as a failure/ flailing? Round here, the application of the term ” Mussolini” for “Mussolini Joe” hits against a “can’t … Follow”.

Actually, there is something to note in comparing LPAC with LORG — at least as it goes with the Twitter feeds of Ben Denison and Daniel Burke. Denison, wearing his “Let’s Go Brandon” cap, pulls into MAGA politics of the moment and takes in some of the low brow patois — firmly populist in tone — needing to comment on a comment on the Rittenhouse judge. Probably not dissing the Greenwald “Proud to be an American” song, as Burke has — probably not differentiating with everything in proclaiming Popular music” is not other than a Dionysiac zero-growth cult created by the financial oligarchy to induce mass pessimism. And… Huh: The British Monarchy wants you to watch Netflix. Curious, as I was primed and ready for the sensational new horror seriesThe Wells of Doom. Anyway, it is an expansive definition of evil music which needles right at this classical music fan.

LPAC and LORG differences noted, with one line about who remains as cadres. Former members show up on youtube shows, hard to think of Chairman as “former member”..

II. China, China, China

I find this response to a slickly produced video by the Chinese government fascinating. The definition of selling the sizzle, not the steak — you put a few gleams on the film and rotate around at the top of the skyscrapers a bit, and it gets Daniel Burke drooling. The techno music he despises can not be separated from the overall presentation. Here Burke loves a pile of phrases from Chairman Xi. Yeah, if one likes that they would love the Weird Al song parody of Crosby Stills and Nash and corporate jargon.

Kidding or not? I just want huge residential skyscrapers with flashy lights It does amount to what the clip shows — nothing more and nothing less.

Oh, here is Chinese propaganda du jour — Chinese media brings us some “Western Perspective” on Chinese Democracy from the like of… Helga Zepp. Helga effectively playing the role Ahmad Chalabi played in our relations with Iraq during the Bush era in … Telling government officials what they wanted to hear and so getting promoted as foreign source.

Hm. Profound words on the not ending of history from Chairman Xi. The Larouche org stands at the beck and call to assist China in not ending history.

Getting to the meat of the issue, and how does one take such a query seriously?: Can a society whose youth spend most of their time masturbating successfully end imperial wars of conquest? Surely not. Seriously, whether there is a problem or not — even the most chronic masturbators are not doing so 8 hours a day.

Daniel Burke calls for censoring some unlistenable disagreeable podcast. Oddly, the most prominent issue displayed is “ICE must be destroyed” — a level of cognitive dissonance where through the Obama years what I saw from the Larouche organization — the commenter who used to frequent this blog as well the Kesha Rogers campaigns — woulda been on board with that statement, whatever the pronoun politics placed elsewhere.

Apparently the sources Helga goes to for supportive agreement of her economic platform — Lew rockwell, anachro-capitalist of the Mises/ Ayn Rand / Ron Paul vortex. Meantime, a blistering attack on Biden for provoking China from an aging Noam Chomsky which parallel the cult’s views — are ignored.

As for LPAC — it is notable where lpac responds when someone places them in with the stance of Epoch Times — not arguing that they are aligned in propagating war propaganda against China, but arguing technicalities on the formation of lpac.

Point: So I saw someone doing the standard Xinjiang denailism shit and I was like on a suicide net socialist and I was stunned to discover no it was a Larouchite, which is absolutely wild given that the Larouchites are the most Fedded up org in history. AND: Every time I find an actual LaRouche person on the internet it feels like I’m seeing a cryptid

III. Yelling Stuff at the Vice President

There is a mocking tweet out there, commemorating the parade for the WNBA champion Chicago Fire, with “Tens” greeting the team. We see too various comments on the protesting of Dave Chapelle and Netflix, with “Dozens” of activists in attendance.

So goes a speaking appearance by Kamala Harris in the Bronx. One Larouchie,. Then a few immigration activists outside. The good news for the Laouchie is he gets mentioned first — I guess it is what you get for breaking protocol — though my gauge is the activists outside end up making a better more permanent impression — I know everyone knows what their issue is with the Biden / Harris administration where the Larouchie leads everyone to assume Harris mollified by agreeing with that first issue, the second more obscure bit never gaining any traction.

Cant believe I missed a chance to check out the new YMCA & see Kamala get heckled by a LaRouche guy. You snooze you lose, I guess.

This reporter tweets as much on the interrupter’s point as anyone does: Harris gets heckled in the Bronx. He says people died from flooding here, then said something about her working with China on the belt and road initiative.

Sputnik gives the most favorable coverage, even if it fails to say anything of what the Larouchie was promoting. Spectrum News does not mention China — drowned out as it gets. Ditto this here. Ditto 1010 WINS, which gives the immigration protests more coverage. Interesting framing here — Although elected officials lauded Harris’ visit, it was not all smooth sailing, however. She faced roadblocks both inside and outside of the YMCA. 

With The Hill we finally get that second Harris not in any agreeance policy objective —

The man in the audience interrupted Harris mid-sentence while she was talking about “better health, better jobs and about families” to state that better infrastructure would have stopped people drowning in their basements in Queens during Hurricane Ida earlier this year.

Harris briefly engaged with the man, telling him, “you are right, brother” and adding “you and I will talk after I give my comments, and I am happy to talk with you.”

The man responded with “Why aren’t we [U.S.] working with the Chinese on their Belt-and-Road initiative?” 

Harris said, “But right now, let’s talk about the agenda that will include speaking to all people and allowing everybody to be heard, because that’s part of what we want in our democracy. Everybody gets their chance to talk and everybody gets a chance to be heard.”

The heckler was escorted out by security.

To the comments: Yes that comment was pretty absurd. China probably is paying him… Or he could just be some level of nutty in the head like Alex Jones.

Very weird conspiracy theories hitting The New York Post tweet comments: Planted by the Ds. Oddly, this conservative paper — giving a slant more favorable to the Parody his than anyone short of Sputnik — does not hit that second BRIC part.

The Hill’s Twitter feed fills up with Democratic partisans lauding Harris for handling him well and comparing her handling with Trump’s, Republican partisans claiming A disconnect between hearing him and removing him or possibly claiming martyr status or theorizing he was a plant. Both Jose Vega and Apoc. Apoc show up as well, but gain little traction.

… The YouTube interview with Caleb Maupin gets comments from — hm… A Chicago activist who uses a hashtag of “AbolishThePolice”. A dude who throws out “Marxism-Hamiltonism could be a good platform for the US”.

More feedback on Vega: Having China help us is like listening to The Kanamits in that old “Twilight Zone” episode where aliens came to Earth with a plan “To Serve Man” which turned out to be a cookbook. NYC is on the Atlantic ocean and just 33 feet above sea level. Unless Biden’s infrastructure bill can significantly raise the city’s elevation, NYC will always be at risk from flash flooding. As much as I want to say hes a paid actor like the you tube kids were, hes one of those hipster college green kids.. So anythings possible.

The oddest thing on LPAC and its pro forma coverage of Republican victories in Election 2021 — a big focus on Seattle municipal elections where…basically, everyone who was expected to win won. I suppose the person headlining their Twitter with “free J6 Prisoners”, in league with recent comments by Marjorie Taylor Greene (though she serves more toward Farrakhan), sides with LPAC over LORG.

IV. Memories

Saw LaRouche folks outside the post office in my hometown a few years back, was a real let down. Just boring “stand behind our president” stuff; was clear they were ruined by Trump like Alex Jones was. We want fun crank shit! Lecture me on tuning! Tell me the queen’s a lizard!

Yeah, about ten years ago I came across a group on my Uni campus with Hitler stache obamas on their placard. Their opening pitch was to build a massive pipeline from the Great Lakes to desert southwest. I don’t think they were successful. (refresher)

I remember one used to be able to get these little Larouche PAC newspapers back around 2010 or so? I had a small collection of of about 3 of them. The first one I got was called smthing like “Your Kids, First-Person Shooters and the Noosphere”. I ended up finding another couple. No idea where they are currently, but I did manage to find this in a used bookstore a couple years ago which somewhat makes up for having potentially lost them. Dang I miss that Children of Satan one… Larouchies brought it right to me on the street. lol really?! That’s pretty great. I remember I got the first pamphlet because someone just had it. I flipped thru it and was like “holy crap, can I *have* this? And they were like “of course, I have no idea what that is”. The other 2 I think I found in a plastic free news box

I saw Lyndon LaRouche getting frog marched out of his office when I was 7 by the Feds in Leesburg. Only bit of true crime bragging I can do

I remember when I was in highschool outside the post office there was a booth like this, and a big poster of Obama with a Hitler stache. I told them they should’ve used Stalin instead of Hitler since he was a left wing dictator. Wonder if that was LaRouche or tea party

My great aunt gave all her money to Lyndon LaRouche

it’s september 2009, i’m walking down a city street and i see a poster with a picture of obama dressed as the joker, with the word communist underneath it i make an offhanded comment to a friend of mine that the joker isn’t a communist a woman jumps out of a car to debate me

I can’t fit it all in one thread, but the LaRouchite Western Civ professor who had the rest of the faculty convinced he was a time traveler is still my #1. I had a teacher I figured out years later was a LaRouche nut because everything he talked about always ended up being the queen of England’s fault. Not England, or the empire – Personally her fault.

Going into the city as a young teen I knew I could get two things. Larouche pamphlets. And free packs of cigarettes on the spot. Usually on the same corner.

Not wholly sure what this means: The LaRouche cult connected post offices with some sort of conspiracy. I can’t even remember. Glad that’s pretty much gone. They were at post offices, but I do not know that post offices figured in the grand conspiracy.

Some sort of Squid Game/anti-Moderna confused protest in Kendall Sq this morning. Another thing I forgot I missed by not coming into the office. (Though the Lyndon Larouche fans who used to be here on occasion can stay away…)

The LaRouche-oid doing a propaganda table at LaGuardia, the one who was later punched by Phil Donohue, once screamed at me from behind his table as I walked away in 1984 after I mentioned I was a Green.

Somewhere out there there’s a video of me awkwardly in the background as my friend gets angry at a Lyndon LaRouche guy passing out pamphlets in Portland in ‘14

I remember LaRouche in the 80’s in an infomercial right before Johnny Carson,and my husband and I laughing thinking it was a comedy routine.

Don’t understand the random detail, but whatever. I vote for whomever is the best candidate. I don’t do party line. Hell I voted for Clinton. I refused to vote for McCain. I met him and talked to him while Larouche folks were outside. The veins in his head were just twitching. Not a good thing to have as President.

Biggest mistake I ever made was grabbing a larouche pamphlet for laughs and locking eyes with the guy running the table. A professor tried to get me to join a group borne out of LaRouche’s insanity. My dad was a super mellow person, but one time we stopped at a traffic light and were approached by a LaRouche guy, and holy hell did my dad get super aggressive. He GROWLED at the guy to get away from us. Scared the crap out of 10 year old me. I’ve never forgotten it. (continuing reactions to a sign…)

one of the most pretentious people* i went to high school with became a hardcore larouche table guy at some point and later became a DJ and i have this fear that he’ll discover my records and reach out to reconnect *e.g. B&W “brooding author at shady outdoor table” senior photo

I think a farmer interviewed in that doc about the small MN town in 1985 may have been a LaRouche guy because he goes on about how the markets are controlled by Jewish ppl but then throws the curveball of “they’re getting the President to enact their reactionary ideology.”

I had an uncle involved in that Linden LaRouche wacko political group. They felt strongly about a man named Mortimer Bloomfield. Got some cigarette-dropping reactions from the people of that era they confronted. I’m clueless myself, but it’s an fun net search, I’ll say that.

Leftists pondering entryism in forming coherent movements: As an old (very) veteran of the “Labor Left” it used to be that the biggest challenge in keeping mass movements viable were vanguard organizations like Workers World and RCP. Sure we had our kooks like Larouche but they didn’t show up at organizing meetings. they’ve shown up at leftist meetings here for a long time – LaRouche and Liberty Lobby specifically. why do you think they didn’t in the UK and why the change?

Meeting people met online in real world: When I acted like a friendly doofus, the only people who let me in the door were basically incel honeypots (right and left); when I started acting cagey and weird, I got to hang with Rastafarians and Rosicrucians and Crips and Kabbalists and LaRouchies &c

V. Comparisons

Josh Mandel. Rod of Iron Ministries, Or Moonies generation 2, specific to the relocation to Northern Virginia in the Reagan years. A killer in Columbo. Leftruckis, in German Pedestrian zones. Luther. (Links regrettably list for these next three) — Dinesh D’Souza. Bill Maher. Dave Chapelle supporters. Richard Dawkins, with facile political analysis. “Tankie Twitter“, with the odd complaint that there is no singular leader. ” Real P Navarro“, in his figurative face. CNP and CFP. the writings of the Shining Path. Rick Wiles. Andrew Yang. Ayn Rand. Joe Manchin. Marcyites. Roger Stone, familiar reasoning generally thrown at Donald Trump. The Lincoln Project. University of Austin — dove tailing or paralleling this line on CRT. (And a too hazy in its historical connecting WAPO editorial.). Average New Hampshirite. Gilbert Thibodeau. Tulsi “inflating inflation hawkGabbard, Zell Miller, Joe Lieberman, John Silber. Racist anarcho-capitalists. The “New Asset Class“. Anti vaxx ” Star of David” wearers. Michael Brian Protzman — ” qanon influencer” who lead people to Dallas to meet Zombie JFK. The media depiction of Kyrie Irving on his “flat earther”-ism vs ” never noted” lines for Aaron Rodgers — accusation of racial bias, unpack at will. Aaron Rodgers again. Haz. Going full Larouchie. (apparently getting tweets thrown at him by lingerie models who traffic in crude vulgar phrasings.). QAnon quantity.

conspiracy theories on Qanon conspiracy theories — Does anyone not think QAnon is a deep state operation after the ridiculous gathering earlier this month? Some of them never left and are waiting there to discredit the truth about JFK on the 22nd.

it plays the same function as larouche or david icke

QAnon is a newer, bigger version of Kerry Thornley’s Operation Mindfuck… an op designed to discredit reasonable suspicions of state criminality

And when @TrueAnon did their Larouche episodes, they pointed out how the Larouchies were reporting on the Franklin Scandal… There’s a whole genre of CIA conspiracies to discredit conspiratorial thinking using the “turd in the punch bowl” technique.

The perils if no one runs for a political party for a Senate seat unlikely to be won.

Caleb Maupin againCaleb Maupin started a political cult last year and they put on the most weird demonstrations, like a pale imitation of the old LaRouche gigs. And again. (Hm… Maoist rhetoric for this … Thisathingy.)

It gets curious as Communist Partiers tweet their disdain for Maupin — At least the LaRouche people had money as an incentive. You morons got suckered in for free. That’s a new one for all those rich Larouche rank and file members. (skeletons.)

Envisioning online mash-ups of subcultures with Larouche ideology.

Qanon. 2021: risking getting radicalized into qanon every time i need groceries 2001: risking getting radicalized into Lyndon LaRouche thought every time i need groceries

Infrared is the inheritor of Lyndon LaRouche In a few years time he will be on stream teaching his viewers how to beat up CPUSA members and trots with Nunchuks and talking about the Aristotelian dominance of the global order

Alex Jones supporter brings up comparison with Larouche court cases. (Jones makes no such connection, preferring at the moment to tag along with a “same George Soros people who tried to get Rittenhouse” are doing him dirty line.)

Julian Assange supporters, forced in tying with Rittenhouse verdict responses. Ascribing to political Enemies — this case Tom Cotton –For some reason this reminded me of LaRouchies bragging that they will be driving tanks down the streets of Chicago a couple of decades ago.

The “this is larouchian!” jibe which is thrown a couple of times to a First Things article praising maligned musical instruments strikes me as the “once you’ve decided someone is an a-hole” line — or I just do not see how this one

VI. History

In LaRouche’s 1983 book, LaRouche: Will This Man Become President?, he lays out his belief that Watergate was a conspiracy by the Deep State (Kissinger and the IPS) to oust Nixon..

Daniel Burke thumps in — To love the Roman Empire is to love zero-growth.

On the Unabomber tract –– anyone who argues frustration on the powers of Facebook in molding culture is arguing a version of that terrorists argument.

briefly influential in China in 1996″.

And on Op Mop Up

Leftist infighting isn’t just an online thing. It’s real life and only those on the ground understand that. Lindon LaRouche’s “Operation Mop-Up” is a prime example of this. No it is not.

For the life of me I have no goddamned idea what is “Hooverism“, and a Google search for the term solely brings me to the ” ideology” of the President who… Not the worst, not the best, some more continuity with the guy the followed than most want to consider… but altogether I associate not at all with “fascism” so the whole tweeted thesis becomes garbled meaninglessness… Unless someone wants to give me a different Hoover or explicate that one.

Larouche is the only trot i respect because he became a patriot and sent his warriors to attack the Trots with nunchaku

The battle against Foucault. Foucault, for his part, was interrupted by a member of Lyndon Larouche’s National Caucus of Labor Committees, who accused him of being paid by the CIA — and received the retort that he himself must be working for the KGB. Somewhat stunned, and furious with Lotringer, the three French thinkers, joined by Lyotard, took refuge in the Chelsea hotel where they were staying, and refused to play any more part in this ‘last countercultural event

Hard to argue with things that are simply inaccurateHe took over the Libertarian party for a while. He was oddly Keynesian though. Believed in big work projects a la FDR. Dipping into why this is wrong requires more full scale deep diving into internal politics of the Libertarian Party and its hierarchies than I am willing — but it strikes me as utterly wrong on the face of it. At the very least we have a misdirection. On the Libertarian policy prescriptions — I gather some overlap on the Day Nixon took us off the Gold Standard — but beyond this Carl Osgood letter, I await the recruitment drives that focus on it. Tends to get buried on page 2, interspersed with long lists of Jewish surnames as Enemies.

Which led to the American Stalinists and Trotskyists for some time setting up joint security forces to defend themselves against the attacks of the LaRouche fascists.

Recalling why Larouche supported the Clintons from 1993 until 2008. One supporter of the thesis of the time — it was Al Gore who sucked. Part of this narrative, I guess.

Extra Bonus Fun Fact: When discussing his indictment years later, Lyndon LaRouche, the infamous defendant, quoted Stepdad Smooth’s assertion that he a setup by the U.S. Government.).

More fun! Spent a 15 minute car ride just saying “I’m Lyndon LaRouche from the National Caucus of Labor Committees” over and over again trying to get his voice down. I requested his FBI file immediately after his death. Still have not received it.

Incorrect — Larouchies did not come close to winning those Illinois seats. Also the year was 1986, not 1980.

October 27, 1996 — a red letter day in the history of the Larouche org.

On the Straussian bit — Throwback to the 2000’s–deranged leftoids had theories Bush WH was being run by “Straussians” and a neoNazi conspiracy involving Carl Schmitt (“Hitler’s lawyer”–quote from mainstream article btw). In response, Straussoids like William Kristol and others, enhanced these rumors. It’s much more flattering to be thought of as a master conspirator and eminence grise than the reality (in this case, intellectual equivalent of yentas’ night reading group in Buffalo NY). Second, for someone who makes a living as spokesmouth and fundraiser, it’s a PR benefit. Wasn’t it also spread by LaRouche followers ?

A good deal of conspiracy theories ticked off.

Possibly. The larouchies and fascist ops here have always pretty good info, skewed in the same fashion, because they’re not actually researching, hypothesizing, analyzing and synthesizing, but getting memos from the horse’s mouth giving them tasks in a scientific pr program

my thalamus gathers the rest of my brain cells into an auditorium. it clears its throat and speaks into the mic: “lyndon larouche”. the audience immediately riots and i suffer a microstroke

Is this why Lyndon LaRouche, shill for the right-wing Opus Dei faction of the Catholic Church, has so vehemently denounced the Zapatista rebellion?

Clinton (and Bush 2) era Larouchism: According to Lyndon LaRouche there have only been 5 Presidents that weren’t controlled by the Shadow Gov. FDR Kennedy Clinton the other two I can remember. LaRouche is an interesting figure to learn about. They worked hard to discredit him.

Mapping the voting on California’s PANIC initiative. A tad confused by this guy in his surprise that Ron Paul would win the Republican primary in overwhelming black Detroit precints — we are dealing with an impossibly select electorate here and it is easy to imagine the anti-war and drug message resonating against plutocrats Romney and social warrior Santorum, along with a variation of the Thomas Massie lament on seeing his voters sway to Trump — that lament also telling at least part of the story on “the white supremacist“‘s voting habits (and threading needles of support, I gather, why it is hard to get the mind around ” Blacks for Ron Paul”.).

French election wrangling –You, a French politics nube: “Trotskyites (plural) run for French president! Mon dieu!” Me, not a nube: Lyndon LaRouche has “a man in Paris?” –– Cheminade needs three more elections to tie Arlette Laguiller’s record for runs at President.

Why, if the Shah’s doing it…

Stevenson would have won except for the LaRouche cult — I think the evidence points to the Republican incumbent winning. Be cautious of political motivations inflicting one’s counter history narratives: Nixon woulda likely beaten Robert Kennedy — fer instance.

Hypothetical 1976 Election From Hell.

Lyndon Larouche inherited a shoe company (maybe some other kind of company?) and he invested his fortune in creating a political party — hiring people, recruiting members, putting out newspapers. Details seem pointless, connections to be drawn non-existent.

Listen to podcasts on the history of Morton Downey Jr and Jim Bakker, and one common thread pops in.

The CP-USA faces right-wing entryism threats, and so gets this reference: CPI seemed like LaRouche’s operation Mop up

Dipping about the Christie Institute.

Loudon County’s finest

An interesting exit from conventional thinking on Larouche –LaRouche praised and was friends with Nahum Goldmann who was president of the World Jewish Congress. He proclaimed openly that Jews [those in support of his ideaology] must wage a relentless war on gentiles. His Spirit of Militarism book is especially telling and supremacist. This against this claim that the man sold out his Nazi principles in 1991.

First time I heard them described as Fabanist.

Some may suggest Bill Kristol has gone Full Larouche in deploying Henry Clay’s terminology for suggestion for Biden salesjobbing.

How the WWF assassinated JFK.

Recalling old Larouche covers at 9/11 — Bringing us to an article by conspiracists on the demise on the 9/11 Truth Movement, an article that laments the nonstop growth of Jews in the government — and in the comments — a sole Larouchie whips at Tarpley and Jones and keeps a thread line on Larouche causes.

further because Trump would not defend Putin and Russia with a Summit to join the One Belt One Road, as the ultimate counter to the Russiagate lies pushed by the British, and that he allowed the stupid cruise missile stunt against Syria to mar his meeting with President Xi and China, where again he should have made a deal to join the New Silk Road as the manifestation of the policies of President McKinley whom the British Deep State through its Anarchist operatives around Emma Goldman had assassinated.

Right now the front line relative to 9/11 truth is the mass strike potential against the panopticon police state by working to reject Covid pandemic as a false flag used to introduce the tax WMD’s against the population.

All right. Also worth noting, the WAPO has a feature on the producers of Loose Change and… Hm… David Icke and Alex Jones figure, but where’s Larouche? As the 9/11 Truth movement grew and evolved, Korey became more aware of the people with outlandish ideas who were gravitating toward their specific project, including some with hard-to-follow conspiracy theories about moon beams and lizard people … And, okay — have fun wading into the comments section for this one!

Looksee on that which bothers the Larouchies

The big tuning battles.

The source of all animus toward Ayn Rand


Free Thought Prophet — available at youtube and any number of places. Begin the topic at 7:50… Play at 1.75 speed as we trample uninterestingly over familiar ground you can find about on wikipedia…

Here in Virginia, Larouche supporters used to set up tables at the DMV when I went or my license renewal to raise campaign money.

How it is sold:

This is me making silly jokes about Lyndon LaRouche, absolute communist fascist psycho.

“anti-Semitic Lasers” is an allusion to Marjorie Taylor Greene, but these things get roughed up into one giant pile. Do post Dune Frank Herbert books bring up this same motif?

… And maybe we can slow down things at 15 minutes for a few cracks at inconsistencies and commentary on when things get serious… Reasonably interesting observation on the nature of FBI files around 25 minutes… They have some good fun in dramatically reading from Larouche classics about 35 minutes. 54 and a half minutes in and we find the space laser commentary — 1:12 minutes gets us to some Trump era politics and with the mention of Gary Kasparov, I can actually suggest you turn to the interview with Reason .

Another Podcast for note — “What a Week” plucks Cade Levinson up as he organizes. His Twitter feed description has it —

Lead Theorist of Kanye West Thought ~ Organizer @LaRoucheOrg

Another splintering coming up? One holds onto Chairman Xi, another Donald Trump (despite no reciprocality), and this new faction can go to Kanye West.

… Or, the forth splinter: Eric Adamsa Canadian variant. One, two, three, many Larouche movements!

This podcast is worth a listen to figure the current selling for the young generation.

Next up — A communist listens and reviews the latest LORG webcast. Caleb Maupin ever closer into the Larouche orbit –– in that sense the “mutual beneficial alliance” of previous foes is like Alex Jones a decade back.

And another one — “conspiracy” a few years’ old… I do not recall if I listened, so offer no review.

The best and most promising and entertaining podcast Gadfly third party history starts a series — cutting the crap and getting to the origin point for Larouche as picked on nerd digesting philosophy in sophomoric manner as twelve year old, and running through the absurdisms of Marxist party splits.

VIII. Touring

The most notable item on the student paper coverage latest two appearances of Larouchies at Wayne State lie in the taglines. “Jailbait” is just kind of nonsensical, unless you want to exaggerate some attempted love affair flirting shown in “Why We Left”. Now we have “Kenneth Kronberg”.

Hey! New public space opening due to troubles in the Spartacist League!

All apologies for some missing material. They will possibly come back up … Next time out.

You may be happy to know the autocorrect keeps throwing me “rotting house”.

Sunday, November 21st, 2021

Leafing about the kvetching on the Rittenhouse verdict, and how it is subsumed with piles of half truths and irrelevance into fixed narratives, a line here at a dailykos (front page item, but I actually do not know how dailykos works these days) diary:

The police, for one, just regarded an adolescent wandering around with a deadly weapon as somehow normalâ.

For the love of Sweet Baby Jesus, nothing was normal in the moment, and everything was in danger of getting normalized. From Matt Taibbi (also providing a good video of everyone saying that “crossed state lines” mantra), this refresher bit.

The context of the Rittenhouse shootings involved a summer of protests that began after the police killing of George Floyd, and continued in Kenosha after the shooting of Jacob Blake. We saw demonstrations of all types last summer, ranging from solemn candlelight vigils and thousands of protesters laying peacefully on their backs across bridges, to the burning of storefronts and “hundreds” of car thieves stealing “nearly 80” cars from a dealership in San Leandro, California.

I suppose therein lay the crux of what I encounter with a, say, “Three White Supremacist Trials” explored at Democracy Now’s website (puzzlingly the segment does not include the January 6th Riots trials, even though the court trials there are most closely comparable to the Charlottesville trials in terms of clownhouse testimony. I guess they want to make Rittenhouse comparable to the point of being identical to the Arbery trial — Well, it is identical in their minds.) A heady moment, something that could only move in the manner it did during vivid restrictions and pent up restlessness — smashed windows dotted about graffiti declaring “Rioting is my Gender” — perplexing message for racial justice which aids in telling us a couple things for Kenosha — if indeed Rittenhouse did not belong there, neither did the rapist and child molester that he unfortunately killed. The second piece is the tone deafness which will not allow a “gotta do something about the lawless wreckage!” as something you will understand a jury may just empathize with the kid regarding — in a state where it is painted in alt weekly and liberal media sources as a halcyon “racial reckonong” that can not be trespasses against.

The “adolescent” word getting tossed in is kind of interesting — one of the few deviating from the pile of Jaw clenched outraged wrenchings I see from within the liberal / left opines disagreeing with the verdict — chimes in with the question — shouldn’t he have been charged as a minor? Yeah, well… First of all this would seem to require more nuance in assessing the situation than the left came to bare with this one. Once upon a time this might be applied by a left, deeming minors distinctly more informed and thus more reformable as well less morally culpable. Maybe the past decades of “tough on crime” rhetoric, applied by the Senate careeres of Biden and attorney general career of Harris but following close behind Nixon — burns the concept. That and you are trapped by the racial disparity sets.

And from this point is where I want to deviate from litigating the case to something else that bothers me with regard to Rittenhouse. It comes with the Onion headline — Kyle Rittenhouse Sentenced To 45 Years Of CPAC Appearances

Given the circumstances of public opinion, does this man have any choice?

And the lure is certainly there, and while Rittenhouse would be best advised to resist this lure — like, if we want to go with a narrative of “trashed in the media” the somewhat shaky parallel of a Richard Jewell (and, again, Jewell did less wrong than Rittenhouse) who — moved on to respectable private life away from spotlight where he gets profiled and fixed as a type, Loser with a Hero Complex and too much love of law enforcement and uniforms, against for the former a moral panic over militias and he the Proud Boys and their interminable battles against antifa —

“45 Years of CPAC” and gun club appearances does appear the path of least resistance.

Look. It is where “respectable” opinion has it that he is a White Supremacist murdering monster. There is some good sign on “moving away from the spot-light” — the lawyer gives a good game in making statements admonishing Republican politicians electioneering and profiting off of him, and he makes the line on getting a nursing degree — and hit it here:

Nursing must not give this man access to vulnerable patients. He has no concern for life, especially Black lives.

The people he killed were white, but never mind. I gather he actually can largely escape this political trap by careful selection of political geography — he would have to be nursing in red state exurbabia, not the blue state city. Or, maybe things will cool down enough and he can saunter into enough anomity against enough peopkenot remembering or caring about what ultimately amounts to a barroom brawl. The prerequisite for fading into private life, still with political foes following… And therein lay the trap… See here, msnbc by way of crooksandliars, angry that he was able to fundraise for a defense — wanting to keep at em — yeah, Well — follow this path and that is basically what the guy is required to keep on doing.

Now I pluck into the swarm of thoughtful comments in two posts at the pro Rittenhouse verdict Am Con page — the blog posts largely immaterial)

I hope he learned something from this and becomes a productive member of society and not a political pawn.

Sure. I would suggest the sour grapes forecasting his future as “midnight seven eleven clerk” counts well enough. But in the meantime, it is this:

Hope we don’t have another Zimmerman on our hands.

I overhear some odd conversation on following the OJ Simpson model on any impending civil case — Florida is his answer.

You do not want a vigilante country. You do not want a country where 17 year olds decide to live out a video game they have seen and walk into chaos to play hero. You do want a country where law enforcement does its job, and where political leadership enables law enforcement to do its job. That did not happen in Kenosha. The answer, though, is not to have teenagers – or anyone – thinking that wandering the streets with automatic rifles “at the ready” is the answer.

Kyle was walking around looking for people to “help.” He thought it was so cool. Now he’s in an undisclosed location, but everyone knows his name. He’s an idiotic vigilante who wanted to play with guns on the street, so basically, he acted like a loser. He and his militia buddies are strange twins to the street justice thugs and protesters they want to battle. They’re attracted to the chaos, and get caught up in it.

Defending HIS streets?” What makes them his? Being 17 and having an illegal AR 15 and getting mom to drive you 4 hours to another state to live your comic book fantasy about being a “good guy with a gun” doesn’t work for everyone.

Our society is a mess when this is our defender. A child. The author seems to think Rosenbaum deserved to die. So Kyle is our executioner. Thanks for that. I guess the wild west is back. Anything goes.

In short:

  • He had close ties to the community (as if that should actually matter). I think this was what his testimony on stand was set to establish, but the focus there became on his “losing no matter what” display of emotion.
    2) The gun was not illegal
    3) The gun was already in Wisconsin anyway
    4) His mother didn’t take him there.

Half still labor under the delusion that the idiots Kyle shot were black.

I foresee a short and sad career as a conservative meme, sort of like the guest from that episode of the Jerry Springer show trying to figure out who their daddy is making the rounds of shock jock shows to make some money because they really had no future anyway.

Trying to get a book deal for a story that just makes him look like an idiot.

Interning for Matt Gaetz as a prop to help him out with his trial for banging underage girls.

Dropping by gun shows to sign autographs for $10 all dressed up in camo hoping the hard-core types around him forgot he cried like a baby to invoke the sympathy of the old ladies on the jury. This is a faulty assessment and we are back to just forcing hated stereotypes.

Eventually being discarded after a year when the next macho gun owner meme catches on.

Showing up 10 years from now on some “where are they now” show, working the night shift at the 7/11.

Yeah, well. Better life trajectory than the guys he killed. I just do not know what this is supposed to mean.

Just so we’re clear here, I suppose the author would have zero problem with me going back to “my streets” on January 6, 2020, heavily armed, and then deciding on my own terms when I could take lethal action in the name of “self-defense” against rioting criminals, right? For what it is worth, this was actually a stated strategy from some lefty groupings — do not muddle the picture by counter-protesting this one, let their Jack added show themselves to be jackasses. It was indeed a wise move and decision.

And on… Comment a looza.

If that becomes the answer of the Right, then the Right is becoming more twisted than even its adversaries claim. Society brought order to cities by creating the role of the police, not by empowering or honoring vigilantes – or the mobs they inevitably form.

Not sure he should’ve been fully acquitted. It was extremely irresponsible for him to have been out there, and he should’ve had more sense than to put himself in this dangerous situation to begin with. Still, it’s nice to hear that there were no murder charges despite what so many powerful figures wanted. I have no doubt there will be extensive rioting because of this, and Rittenhouse would be wise to invest extensively in home security. I wouldn’t read more into this though. For all the publicity the case got, the result and process was pretty mundane, and seems to fit the facts. All in all, this episode will probably have close to zero effect on any societal or even local trends. I’ve seen cases very similar to this with similar results and with teenagers of different backgrounds. Just with less hyped up coverage.

I’m worried about the Tucker Carlson interview to air Monday, and more generally about how much Rittenhouse will choose to remain in the limelight. He is of course free to talk about the case as much and however he wants, and perfectly entitled to have strong opinions and emotions about what happened. But some of his pretrial actions (wearing a “Free as F***” tee shirt, for instance) are unpromising. Maybe he will come across grateful, humble, and wise — who knows. He seems to have been an admirable teenager in a number of ways. But there will be a lot of people trying to flatter him and hold him up as a hero, which is heady stuff for an 18-year-old. On the other side, there will be threats and vilification. He’s got a tough road ahead and we should pray he handles it well.

Rod, people celebrating this as a great day for justice are as foolish as those decrying it as a travesty because the death sentence was well earned. The verdict on a murder charge was likely correct (and must have been expected by the prosecution), but I’m always troubled by this tendency to pick teams and go all in on the Yay!/Boo! emotional positioning.

Thing is, there were a lot of idiots out that night, all pumped up on self-righteousness and invulnerability. It must have been fun, joining in on the running, yelling, shoving games of my team versus yours, looking for an opportunity to get an ego boost by intimidating somebody on the opposite side. All fun and games until …

Given how badly the prosecutors handled the situation when the cameras were on them, how many young men like Rittenhouse who weren’t in a high profile trial, have prosecutors put away that should have been acquitted? Given the horrendous number of young black men in prison there should be a racial discussion going on here, but not the one we are going to have. Hw many young black men, like Rittenhouse, also were probably somewhere they shouldn’t have been but did something that came down to self defense. Even a gang member has a right to fair trial.

flash points from Hell

Wednesday, November 17th, 2021

I spy a filler news item — commentary by one of the members of the 90s R and B group TLC along giving a hopeful that the white juries will “get it right” on the two loaded court cases of the moment — Rittenhouse on one hand and the killers of Arbery the other.

Troubling in that, peering from a distance, the correct verdicts for the two cases — and that which is most likely — appear to be an acquittal for Rittenhouse and guilty in that other one.

There is a line I ran into which I have found applicable in various situations. That… Have you ever noticed that… Once you have decided someone is an asshole, everything they do confirms that they are an asshole? Replace the term “a-hole” with whatever negative adjective is applicable. So I am greeted by think opinion pieces dissecting Rittenhouse crying on the stand — never mind I would be greeted by the same commentary if he sat there emotion-less and stern-face.

And staring ever deeper into the rule — “once you have decided”, I am trapped on some commentary regarding the judge. And I understand the narrative line, that you do not like the judge in the Rittenhouse case, and are set to make him scapegoat or symbol in the very probable situation where Rittenhouse is found “not guilty” or where a hung jury happens —

And here we find everyone is suddenly situational in their biases on defense and prosecutorial deferences — the news reports I see from the likes of Mother Jones and Huffington Post noting that the judge has a history of defense deference — which, if it is the case and holds up across the lines, drops him from the snarky “trying out for a Fox News gig” commentary —

And with the commentariats in a state of dead certainty that comes with dashing things out on twitter… I watch the video placed with the “wtf?” Outrage expressed at the judge …

The dilemma of the politics of the day where no explanations are needed and sarcastic jibes are deemed sufficient explanation… It is where I stare and need a bit more context or explanation of the “this therefore that because of thing” to understand how I am suppose to leap to anything from this clip.

Yes. You hate this judge. And I guess in looking over the litany expressed by Dave Niewart maybe there is some signs elsewhere to be irked by — he has Lee Greenwood in his phone — if you decide that is something. But Otherwise, here, specifically it is — what? — Maybe he is playing to the cameras a tad and doing a variant of a “Now, I am just an old fashioned country lawyer” act just a tad in explaining his reasoning.

The problem — the “What Fresh Hell is this?” question — is a basic desire for an acquittal (or any verdict, for that matter) to mean jack squat beyond narrow terms of the case. That it does not mean a subscription to the JD Vance / Tucker Carlson thesis — some “hero” and broad “victim” status accrued, not worthy of a cause celebre status. But the meaning understood by such an outcome — expressed explicitly by the likes of Dave Niewert and implied by the TLC member — is along the lines of “It will mean open season on white vigilantes in protests against racism!”

What Fresh He’ll is this?

I guess it helps in just skipping and jumping between the two cases, and tying and wrapping them up in a bow.

scintillating celebrity gossip

Sunday, November 14th, 2021

I scan the headlines at yahoo’s front page, and see this headline, which … I guess counts as “clickbait”.

Dwayne Johnson explains why he pees in water bottles

Click and I get this second half of the headline.

‘The gyms that I work out in don’t have a bathroom’

I fail to understand what more information might be provided in the five or six paragraphs that follow — all of no more than two sentences — that I need to know in which to understand the story. The cause and effect are pretty well summed up now. I think that there is a reason that second half of the headline was not on the yahoo front page — all suspense would have been removed with no reason to click and ” find out” — as you are no longer wondering ” wait. Is he doing a ‘Marlon Brandon’ type thing?” The tease, Paul Harvey waits to give you “The Rest of the Story” — turns out anti-climactic.

Should he be running for high office, Johnson is burnishing an ” every man” status — He is You… If you are a long haul trucker.

this one again…

Thursday, November 11th, 2021

Googling about on the coming matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers, I run into a couple of Twitter feeds full of utmost certainty and cutting off of any disagreement to the line of “racist”…

… I assume there are noxious responses in the feed that count, but I saw the hard response to some sensible enough comments before I ran into them…

The racial disparity between the treatment on Aaron Rodgers and Colin Kaeperneck. Need you say more?

Nay. Actually it is simply Superstar treatment for Aaron Rodgers, that which did not exist for the benched at the time he started protesting Colin Kaeperneck. The immediate comparison for Rodgers is the situation with the Denver Broncos last year — against that for — I think it was the Ravens. The league dumped on the not account rebuilding Broncos, forcing them to play without a quarterback, where they made all accommodations for the Ravens and Steelers– shuffling a game to Wednesday and others to Tuesday for the right now marquee teams and players.

I was thinking — as I looked at these tweets and the short circuited responses to responsrs — and perhaps shuffling my assumption that “he would have been in the league somewhere if not for his protests, just… Not anywhere he would prefer” to a “then again, maybe not”…

that the proper comparison on Kaeperneck, was Cam Newton, who burned brightly and then burned not so brightly, and is probably better than a number of starters in the league but in the quest to win Big-ly they are locked on his down-side against someone else’s upside. So he is out of the league. Unless he wants to be a back-up.

But Cam Newton was just signed again — back again with the Carolina Panthers franchise. As things go, though, he was bounced from a Patriots team wanting to go with their new guy, and did indeed fall into covid politics with his positive reading and covid hesitancy probably playing a role in no one signing him. But then again, anytime a team expressed some interest in Kaeperneck, Kaeperneck made it hard for them where clearly Newton never burned his bridges.

Checking back in on the public shout out from Richard Sherman on the matter, that “Why is Colin Kaeperneck not in the league?” call — which daw him mentioning two quarterbacks who are — Blake Bortles and Jared Goff. Sherman essentially accidentally making the point against himself — yes, you would rather play at that time (contractually, perhaps, in the first case — but they hadn’t quite given up on him) Bortles and (damned if we weren’t just entering the second year with him) Goff. Both went on to have — probably — their career years. Looking up on where are they now — Bortles is apparently the third stringer for the Packers — ( pretty bad considering their back-up was less than stellar and well reigned in, little confidence given as he chunked and dunked the whole game in) — and Goff is now suffering with the Lions. I do not know what it means for Sherman’s argument, but there one goes.

Seahawks — Packers. Hey! All right thinking people are cheering on the Seahawks, for political reasons. Howard Stern leading the charge. For whatever that represents. And I guess the former Jeopardy host tryout Aaron Rodgers is your representative for that “lower educated and higher educated, dumb and smart” polling data on who is anti-covid vaxx.


Wednesday, November 10th, 2021

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez responding to Paul Gosar and his anime refitting for a violent scene where he is the hero beating up and killing Cortez and assorted Democrats as the Anime’s refitted villains —

White supremacy is for extremely fragile people & sad men like him, whose self concept relies on the myth that he was born superior because deep down he knows he couldn’t open a pickle jar or read a whole book by himself.” 

The insult is a tad off-kilter. The “can’t read a book” line is okay and meaningful, but the pickle jar opening is wrong. I am tempted to go “woke” and charge AOC as being “ableist”, but even that is beside the point. It does not take any intelligence to open a pickle jar. It takes physical strength, and it is not hard to picture — or maybe identify — particularly in the gentrocracy we have here in Washington — some less than physically imposing competent congress critters who have difficulty opening that pickle jar. Hell — we have all been there, having to open that pickle jar and not being able to do so. You then have to bang the jar lid on the counter to dent the opening a tad — sometimes to good effect, occasionally not. All very Irrelevant. Why is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez humanizing Paul Gosar there?

Other mis-fires and imprecisions… I trip over the line on the recent Virginia Governor’s race, seen in this Democracy Now headline…

GOP Efforts to Ban Toni Morrison’s “Beloved” Now at Center of Virginia Governor’s Race.

To explain why the word “ban” does not apply here — imagine a world where the parent in question were to offer up her recommendation for what her Smart Kid Senior class student should have on the curriculum — Go Dog Go by P J Eastman. In taken the suggestion, the school administration opts not to put the book on the curriculum. It makes as much sense to call this dropping of “Go Dog Go” as a “Ban” as what we see in this instance in Virginia — where the parent wants to “opt” his kid out of reading the Morrison book. Such word usage gets lobbed lazily about in how our classroom wars in that “critical race” — to various degrees of sane and insane measures in education, and making no judgements statements here beyond a misused word usage — chartings on how to teach the curriculum are sold as “ban”s.