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Today in Presidents Making Casual Threats about Nuclear War History

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Preparing such a speech occupied the tense corridors of the White House on October 31 (1956), which began with a frustrated Eisenhower searching for ways to halt the fighting in the Sinai.  “Let’s call it a ‘Bomb for Peace’,” he exploded at an emergency session that morning.  “It’s as simple as this:  let’s send one of Curt LeMay’s gang over the Middle East, carrying an atomic bomb.  And let’s warn everyone:  we’ll drop it — if they all don’t cut this nonsense out.”  Aghast, aides let the remark pass in silence.

Eisenhower:  The White House Years, Jim Newton, page 229.

… and the right-wing third party Presidential candidates

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party.  Yep!  That’s probably the way to do this thing.
Gary Johnson / Jim Gray 2016.
Two election cycles.  What does it amount to?  A bit more than one election cycle would.   He has more electoral viability, as a former governor, at least in theory, than the previous two time Presidential candidate of the Libertarians — Harry Browne:  His vote tally fell from point five percent to point three six percent.

As for the Ron Paul factor… I guess the idea for Gary Johnson is to become the new Ron Paul.  Or, the new and more sane model of Ron Paul.

Headline acts.  US News and World Report claims… uh huh…   Gary Johnson Promotes Pot in Colorado.  A lazy headline, surely.  But looking up the latest, it seems he’s doing the college circuit with this one, it kind of seems.  The Washington Times comes in with an op-ed for their conservative audience attracting the paleo-con anti-war crowd.

Virgil Goode endorses some candidate or other in New Mexico.  Along with Gary Johnson.  It doesn’t matter much — the Democrat is on the way to a landslide victory over the Republican.
The rest of his coverage focuses on his possibilities in Virginia.  He remains “wildly popular in Southern Virginia”.  Maybe or meehaps.  Didn’t he lose his last election there?

Third Party “What counts as success” commentary.   They’re all probably going to miss this mark.

coverage of the left wing alternative presidential candidate

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Roseanne Barr Presidential bid update:
Presidential candidate Roseanne Barr (Jesus, typing that) has come under fire from the trans community after one of her Twitter followers referenced Jill Stein’s support for trans rights—”[Stein] is also in favour of letting men into spaces where little girls get changed”—Barr tweeted back: “If she has a penis, she is not allowed in.” After that received a fair amount of scrutiny from Twitters’ trans users (and calling one a “woman hater”), Barr pushed it further. “Women do not want your penises forced in their faces or in our private bathrooms. Respect that FACT.”

I’m curious what marks success for her presidential bid.  I suppose that the idea of selecting a celebrity, one rejected by the Green Party, is in part a desire to increase vote percentages — it’s heyday came in the Vietnam War Era that it was founded — and attracted the presidential bids of Eldridge Cleaver and Benjamin Spock.  After that, looking down the names — there’s Leonard Peltier, and in 2008 all it did was serve as a ballot line for Nader.

Jill Stein Presidential Bid Update:  I saw a flyer for Jill Stein, stuck in a Willamette Week box.  Or one of those boxes.  I grabbed it.  But it got wet in the rain.  Opportunity lost  for Jill Stein campaigning.

Interesting news.  Why doesn’t the Socialist Party candidate 2008 not like his running mate, Socialist Party 2012 — or is it just that Roseanne Barr is too good?  Darcy Richardson at Uncovered Politics reports that 2008 Socialist Party USA Presidential Candidate Brian Moore has endorsed Roseanne Barr for President over his own 2008 running mate, Stewart Alexander, who is the Socialist Party USA Presidential candidate this year.
It’s name recognition.  More likely spoiler.

A barb in the Utah Senate race.
“Rocky Anderson has a better chance of being president than Orrin being chairman of the Finance Committee,” Howell said.
Based on…
“According to the most respected national pollsters, Republicans only have a 12 percent chance of taking the majority in the Senate,” needed for Hatch to become chairman, Howell said.
You heard it here from the Democratic Senate candidate in Utah. Rocky Anderson’s chances of being elected president are greater than 12 percent.

senate election campaigns redux

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

North Dakota
The Catholic Bishop has the state’s church priests read a letter pretty clearly asserting who they want the parish to vote for in the Senate election.  They don’t mention names, though.  Because that would violate the tax exemption status.
I attended some church services in 2004.  Judging by the weekly sermons, it was crystal clear that the Bishop had sent down an edict on topic focus.
Meantime, Billy Graham supports Mitt Romney in the same way he did Richard Nixon in 1960.

Todd Akin was one of those “Operation Rescue” type protesters, barricading the Abortion clinics.  He was arrested three times, and not the one time he had in his campaign. Civil Disobedience and all that.   But this is interesting, and maybe a little troubling in the Media Coverage Vetting procedurals.:
The additional arrests came to light during a new search of the newspaper’s archives. The arrests were missed in previous searches because the news stories had listed Akin by his given first name, William.
On the other hand, this delay probably is of benefit for McCaskill — it wouldn’t have hurt him in the primary, but in the general election you want a sprocket of information to pop up at irregular intervals.

We’ll see if the latest “Rape is God’s Intent” comment ends up mattering.  As the case in Missouri, we do end up with a “Don’t let the Liberal National Media decide this election” element here — it is something Obama ends up commenting over, and as the state’s governor has pointed out with Rove – there is no white Democrat south of Indianapolis who’s supporting Obama who’s not a college professor in Bloomington.
… So.  Richard Lugar… where are you?  Can’t you send a less subtle wink and nod to get more moderate Republicans to break over to Donnelly?
Mourdock tried to soften his comments Wednesday, saying that he did not mean God intends for women to be violated — only that every life was a divine gift.
Worst back-pedal ever.

Washington Post does its local color piece.   Washington Monthly blogger calls the take-away misplaced –– referencing Samm Nunn’s non-component years ago.  I would have to fall in between the Washington Post premise and the Washington Monthly “eh” on the meaning of Mark Clayton’s primary victory.  For the “Did
 Mark Clayton, the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate in Tennessee, doesn’t have a campaign headquarters. A recent fundraising drive brought in less than $500.

That article also features one of those rare mentions of Tim Chesnut.  “Chesnut is the best nut for Senate”.

The question of Most Irrelevant Republican Senate candidate is problematic, as the Democrats have a hold of big state big markets, such that an Elizabeth Emken of California gets some coverage and some noticeable support behind her.  And I basically agree with her on this:
Emken ramped it up when the San Francisco Chronicle/’s Shaky Hand Productionsvideo crew caught up with her. She called DiFi “arrogant” and “dismissive” for not agreeing to debate.
If nothing were at stake, I’d suggest that this should be a good reason to vote against a Diane Feinstein.  I’d like the candidates debating their “no chance” opponents for the sake of Democracy.
I guess you could murmur at the New England Republicans.  But MacGovern in Vermont gets the benefit of debates, and thus coverage, because the Democratic Socialist Sanders has that belief in “Participatory Democracy” that a Dianne Feinstein lacks.

West Virginia
A joke from John Raese.  He delayed his college graduation by a year to improve the university’s party rating.  Har de har har.

Minnesota.  Yes, the “Get video of our opponent being rude and obnoxious” gambit which is sweeping the Republican grass-roots.  (“Ugh” to the schematic.  Even in cases where the issue is “real”.)
Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar took an aggressive tone on Wednesday when a media tracker for her GOP opponent, state Republican Rep. Kurt Bills, asked her to respond to a recent investigation by The Daily Caller into her past.
Mostly this tactic is laughable.  Hey!  It worked for Delia Lopez!
Didn’t investigate a Ponzi Scheme in the lat 1990s.  I don’t know if this will be the focus of Kurt Bills’s only tv ad.  And I mention “Only”.

Hawaii.  This is a weird line of attack.
“I think it was clear that you didn’t think he was the best candidate to be president because you supported John Edwards, and I’ve often wondered because you talk so much about women’s issues — and how horribly he treated his late wife — did you ever regret supporting John Edwards for president?” Lingle asked during the debate.
Yes.  Linda Lingle went the “Elizabeth Edwards” card.  Because… um… support for John Edwards before this story was fleshed out means horror?

Ways of thinking of George McGovern

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

#1:  “How could Nixon have beaten McGovern so badly?  Everyone I know voted for McGovern!”
(I suspect that this was was never said seriously, and was that case of the “liberal coastal / campus elites” mocking their cultural isolation.)

#2:  How did McGovern win in South Dakota anyway?  He supported Henry Wallce in 1948 — that alone feels like it should be a deal-breaker.  Though, maybe the answer lies in how Bill Clinton won in Arkansas after having lead the (fruitless) effort to convince Texas to vote  George McGovern in 1972.

#3:  Forever connected to Goldwater in the “Landslide Losers” with the winner leaving office in a sense of disgrace.  Goldwater “won” three election cycles later.  Did McGovern ever pull that feat?  It is hard to tell… we have murmurs about that Carter did it, and that Obama did it — in two different respects.

#4:  There are two competing gambits at work in 1972.  One was that McGovern counted on the third party candidacy of George Wallace.  Two was that once Wallace went down, McGovern would work a “two sides against the Corruptible Center” campaign that would pull in the Wallacites — a run against Big — Big Corporations, Big Government (if largely the Military part of it), even Big Labor.  This, of course, would not work out — Wallace voters may have edged to McGovern in some remaining primaries, but they trecked over to Nixon in the General election.

#5:  Lyndon Johnson more or less threw sly support to Nixon — more or less both in 1968 and in 1972.  And the “boy howdy” phone call between Nixon and Humphrey in 1972, with Humphrey apologizing to Nixon saying “I had to support McGovern” even if he didn’t really want to — says what shall be said.

#6:  It’d be interesting to know how this election might have gone differently had McGovern not botched his vice presidential pick.  Could he have at least won a few states?

#7:  Walter Karp’s “Indispensable Enemies” fits McGovern as a fake reformer, put up to stop the Real Reformer of Eugene McCarthy, then to be summarily dumped by “The Machine”.  Curiously, the lineal descendant — John MacArthur’s “You Can’t Be President” — which liberally quotes Karp’s book even includes a blurb from the “Not President” McGovern.  Things get a little more complex for the cynical Harpers editors in the guise of Carter — sympathetically portrayed in Karp’s 1988 “Liberty Under Siege” though McGovern wrote an editorial early in Carter’s term castigating Carter as going against Democratic Party and Liberal principles.

#8:  Pat Caddell was doing some poll work for the Democratic Party for the 1974 midterms.  He found a curious poll result:  McGovern apparently won the presidential election.  At least as much as a huge slice of the electorate was now unable to admit that they voted for Nixon.

#9:  McGovern’s final primary endorsements went to the (Clinton stalking horse) Wesley Clarke and then to Hillary Clinton.  He was also the “Even Liberal Icon George McGovern” spokesperson for the anti-Union Card Check cause.

Senate election reports

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Washington:  The campaign to legalize and tax marijuana for adults in Washington state is rolling as next month’s vote approaches, with more than $1 million in new contributions reported since last week and a surprising endorsement Wednesday from Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Michael Baumgartner. […]  Baumgartner said drug law reform isn’t typically supported by his party, but he believes I-502 is a good step toward changing what he described as a wasteful policy of marijuana prohibition.
“It’s taking a different approach to a very expensive drug war, and potentially a better approach,” Baumgartner said. “They’ve checked all the boxes as far as what you would want to see happen in terms of provisions to keep it away from children and limiting access in the public space. I’ve just been impressed with the initiative and the people running it.”

I wonder if this will earn him a vote slice from out of the ordinary divisions.  I wish there a way I could dissect such a thing, but he’s on his way to a landslider defeat against an entrenched Democratic incumbent, so there really isn’t.

Connecticut:  The Connecticut Democratic Party last month tried reviving attacks on McMahon using old video clips from WWE productions, which have been broadcast on cable television for years.
One segment, subsequently disabled online, began with the statement, “What Linda McMahon doesn’t want you to see.” It showed two female wrestlers stripping to their underwear in the ring and fondling each other before two male wrestlers appear and beat them unconscious during the televised show.
“The way that she demeaned women in the ring is abhorrent to thousands of women across this state,” Murphy said today in a candidates’ debate in Hartford. He also said McMahon is responsible for making society worse “by selling sex and violence to our kids.”
Another now-removed clip showed simulated sex acts between a male and female wrestler, first in the ring and then in what appears to be a funeral home with the woman in a casket.

It’s a bit of a shame that the strike against this “Lowest Common Denominator” form of entertainment centers on this and not, for instance, the rampant jingoism that accompanies this professional wrestling stuff during war time and times of international tension.

Missouri.  We have some party infighting and sniping.  Gingrich is barking at Rove for having abandoned Todd Akin.  Also enter “Rand Fucking Pac”.  Polls are over the place.  I won’t be surprised with “whatever”, though I can sense I’ll probably know by Election Eve where this race is going.  We have that bit of “Don’t let the Liberal National Media decide for Missouri” going.  Really, why would we all laugh at this guy?
Rep. Todd Akin on the 2011 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA): “The Senate version of that bill…  They also had the legilization of bestiality, which is pretty weird. And so I’m on the House side of the negotiations on that, so we got rid of the bestiality thing….”
The most interesting thing here may be the odd politicization of Bill Nye the Science Guy.  Just another reason for today’s Republican Party’s animus against PBS.

Indiana and Massachusetts.  We have a point where these two races connect.  The Primary defeated Richard Lugar has gone off to Massachusetts to stump for Scott Brown.  Richard Mourdock gets nothing out of him.  Meantime, Mourdock’s problem comes in debate answer form when he is asked to name a member across the aisle he would work with.  There are several Democrats he could choose without charring the “Liberal partnership” idea that’d horrify his base — the problem being they tend to have his opponent (Joe Donnely’s) profile.
Probably matters not much.  I think the polls have Mourdock moving apace in the polls.  We do have this hope.
 The third man on the stage, though, was not as inconsequential as he seemed, endlessly repeating that Hoosiers should break the stranglehold of the two-party system and send him, libertarian Andrew Horning, to Washington instead.
Not only because Horning got in the most exciting line of a dull, dull night — by mocking the war on terror as an effort to head off the vile threat posed by “exploding underpants.”

Nevada.  Interesting.
How much this issue – fraught with complicated regulatory details – will influence voters is uncertain. But if bitter political enemies can support at least the concept behind Glass-Steagall, maybe there’s hope for its resurrection?

West Virginia.  West Virginia Republican Senate candidate John Raese walked out of a newspaper editorial meeting on Friday after he reportedly learned that a third-party candidate, Bob Henry Baber of the Mountain Party, was also attending, according to the Charleston Gazette.
The three candidates were at the newspaper office on Friday to give their views to editors and reporters on issues facing West Virginia, ahead of the newspaper editorial board’s endorsement of a candidate in their Sunday paper.
The newspaper said Raese told a Gazette editor that he would not be in the same room as Baber because Baber had criticized him in a debate in early October.
In theory the “Mountain Party” candidate would be pulling votes away from Manchin, so this snubbing from Raese seems counter-productive.  The one idea might be that it puts a pebble in Raese’s distortion suggestion that Manchin — like any state Democrat or Republican — isn’t just catering to the Coal Industry en whole.

Mississippi.  Wyoming.
This year, Wicker is seeking a full six-year term and is working with a $2 million campaign fund, which is much greater than that of his democratic opponent, Albert Gore.
Gore is a retired minister from Starkville and not to be confused with the former vice president from Tennessee.
Mr. Albert N. Gore, Jr., spoke as a candidate for U. S. Senator. He is a retired Methodist minister from Starkville, a retired Colonel, and Chaplain, U.S. Army Special Forces. As a senator, he proposes to end corporate and big money influence in elections; impose a lifetime ban on lobbying and employment by government contractors for former Congressmen, retired military officers and former federal appointees; require a twenty-four hour limit on response time to constituent requests of the Senators office; meet regularly with Mississippians, not lobbyists; fight to preserve and protect Social Security, Medicare and Veterans Benefits for current and future generations and be a Senator for Mississippi, not just a senator from Mississippi a citizen legislator not a career politician.
Well, more coverage than Wyoming’s Democratic Challenger is getting.  Him we’re down to a graph showing that Tim Chestnut has no money and the Republican Incumbent has money from Natural Resources.  Tim Chestnut wins the “Most Irrelevant Democratic Senate Candidate Award”.  I’ll look into the Republicans later.

Nebraska.  We’re at that point where Bob Kerrey spouts out deluded descriptions of his chances.  And he has a selected Internal poll out showing him 5 points behind — a poll in the “Doesn’t fit the others” category.  More interesting news…

“And we were about three minutes into a seven-minute interview. And I don’t know what I said, but he turned to me and he said, ‘What the hell are you talking about?'” Colbert recalled in his interview with “Meet the Press” host David Gregory. “But in the middle of the interview, I couldn’t explain to him what it was. … And then he just [took the] mic off and then left as soon as the interview was over. So I hope at some point someone explained to him that I was just fooling, senator. And I’m very sorry.”

Minnesota  Political consultants urge Kurt Bills to get out and campaign as full time hobby.  I say do what he wants… part time.  Full Time.  “Only a few days left here. It’s down to hours,” Bills said of time remaining to election day.
Standing on an embankment beneath a stark autumn tree, Bills urged supporters to relentlessly campaign in the remaining days of the election.
“Don’t ever be afraid of getting egg yolk on your shirt,” Bills said of taking the Republican message into unfamiliar areas.
Egg Yolk on shirt?

 Tennessee.  Mark Clayton adds a bit of bi-partisanship in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s report.


Uncle Bob

Friday, October 19th, 2012

My condolences to the loves ones of “Uncle Bob“:  Opera Lover, Springsteen hater.  I’m sure he’s in Heaven now, enjoying a good bel canto.

Drug Warriors get their Larouche on, and Tarpley goes the Mormon Bashing route; another elderly “table knocker” Folk Hero

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

ITEM NUMBER ONE.  Tarpley Notice.
Webster Tarpley has a new book out.  I speculated in my last “Larouche Challenge” that there’s some ignoring on Romney from the conspiratorial mindset premise of Romney being a set-up for the British backed Obama to get to the second term and … whatever.  I suppose the “Epic Debate Failure” has shifted the landscape such that the perception is Romney has a Chance, and maybe Tarpley had been plotting how to get hold of the next political opposition wave under a Romney Administration, hedging somewhat to remain viable in the event of a Romney loss.  And so we get this.

If Romney Wins Get Set For A Big Upsurge-of Polygamy in the United States.  An appearance on “Truth Jihad Radio” with Kevin Jarrett.  To promote the insta-book Just Too Weird.  And here I thought a Romney Victory just meant I’d have to start wearing weird underwear.

Tarpley reveals that Mormonism, Mitt Romney’s tradition, is not actually a religion but a synthetic ideology sponsored by British intelligence, as part of their campaign of covert warfare against the United States.
The first Civil War took place in 1857 when the Mormons in Utah attempted to secede. Utah was selected as a strategic location which would break the United States in two between east and west.

The Romney family later moved to Mexico to avoid the ban on polygamy in the US.
To their credit most Americans believe in religious tolerance and separation of church and state. They find it unseemly to attack a candidate based on his religion. However, Mormonism is not actually a religion but a subversive political party that has donned the disguise of a religion for protection.
Even if it is a religion, a Mormon should not be holding high political and ecclesiastical offices at the same time.
Mitt Romney’s loyalties are first and foremost to the Mormon cult, which is also fundamentally Zionist. Romney and Netanyahu are old friends.

Hm.  Joseph Smith’s White Horse Prophecy for World Conquest Makes Romney a More Dangerous Warmonger Than George W. Bush Webster G. Tarpley on INN World Report Radio with Tom Kiely, Oct. 11

  Y’know.  The current Webster Tarpley line has him more supportive of Obama (as Lesser of two Evil material) than the Larouchies are supportive of Romney.

In other items, I don’t know if xlcer at the (currently down) factnet forum is kidding or not about “Tarpley seeking recruits from the writers of ‘Why We Left’, but I will go ahead and note this here
Erica Duggan takes note of new allegations from both the “Why We Left” piece and factnet postings.

In other former member items, … well not quite a former member, but this guy intertwined into the cult apparently
and quite a bit more palatable here… NB discusses The Master, with an unstated eye toward his own past experiences.  Interesting paragraph here.
There’s a lot of circumstantial evidence that the promotion of cookie-cutter cults was a project of a sinister faction of U.S. intelligence following World War II, based on the discovery during the war of Chinese-Mongolian brainwashing techniques. At its core were experiments and techniques on how to get ordinary people like Phoenix’s character to abandon their own behavior and thoughts and substitute for them someone else’s agenda.

Some Comparative Cult Studies here.
Nuts everywhere!
It doesn’t matter what I believe, it matters what Lyndon LaRouche/Lyn Marcus makes his followers believe.
And now, for my story about the looniness which was the LaRouchies. One of my university friends was elected a delegate to the state Democratic convention in either 1982 or 1984. He got all sorts of junk mail. By far the most entertaining piece of literature came from the LaRouchies, and included the claim that Queen Elizabeth was a drug pusher. For years afterward, when we got together, inevitably someone would say, “Queen Elizabeth PUSHES DRUGS!” at which point we’d all dissolve in gales of laughter.
Why yes, you’d be correct that I simply could not take LaRouche seriously.
Many years ago (1970s), I knew a Scientologist (an ex staff member, then “off-lines”) who hoped to bring about a Hubbard&LaRouche alliance, or at least a working relationship. He sent me copies of LaRouche’s ‘Executive Review’, and other publications, on a regular basis.
These covered all sorts of topics, including describing the ages-long struggle between the oligarchs and the city builders, and between the followers of Plato (the good guys) and the followers of Aristotle (the bad guys) and on and on, according to LaRouche’s view of the history of the world.
This fellow was quite dismayed when the LaRouche organization, in the mid 1970s, published a paper describing Hubbard as an agent of MK-Ultra, and Scientology as an MK-Ultra project. This conclusion was based on Hubbard’s 1969 PR cover-up assertion, in the ‘Times of London’, that he had been a secret agent for Naval Intelligence in the 1940s (when he “broke up a black magic group and rescued a girl.”)
Nonetheless, this Scientologist continued with his project to somehow align the two organizations and their leaders. Ultimately, he donated his vast collection of LaRouche literature to the Delphi School in Oregon where, I suspect, it eventually ended up in a dumpster.
We all know that Louis Farrakhan (to quote Marty Rathbun) “gets L. Ron Hubbard,” but imagine if Lyndon LaRouche also “got L. Ron Hubbard.”
That that would be an interesting merger of cults.
Last but not least, compare the cowardly and paranoid cult leader Hubbard with two other cult leaders:  (Larouche and Sun Myung Moon)

And another comparison to an ideologically rigid figure who had a CULT FOLLOWING and now has a “cult following”

The Psuedo-Intellectual Style in American Politics, off of Paul Ryan and his readings of Ayn Rand.
Ryan reminds me of another would-be politician who used a similar kind of pseudo-intellectual style to attract a small but viciously devoted following,Lyndon LaRouche. There was one thing constant in LaRouche’s bizarre move from the authoritarian Left to the authoritarian Right: his use of impenetrable prose and technical jargon to “prove” his worldview. His main publications were couched as “executive reviews” and a magazine on the technical details of the fusion energy that would save the world. The very idea that a worldview can be “proven” is a telling mistake.
At the risk that I’ll sound like a crowd theorist of the 1950s, LaRouche’s followers seemed like social misfits. When they lurked around airports, their opening gambits for engaging passersby in conversation tended to be insults. “Even guys with beards can be for nuclear energy,” I remember one saying to me. Perhaps so, but not in my case. It took only a minute of conversation for him to turn contemptuous and end the conversation. An interesting way to win friends and influence people.
But the LaRouchies did not expect to win many friends (and they did not). It was more important to be right, to show off a few technical terms, and to feel superior to the rush of humanity. This is almost the definition of a cult: a group isolated from its surroundings by its own self-righteousness.

 ITEM NUMBER TWO.  Obama’s aware that the majority of his support favor some variation of decriminalization or legalization of marijuana.  I suppose there is some good news in Obama’s otherwise Marijuana Busting record within this story of a Drug Warrior meeting, infected by the “Larouchies spread insinuation” item.

A conference call organized to oppose marijuana legalization quickly went off the rails on Monday when the former head of the Drug Enforcement Administration refused to reject the suggestion that the Obama campaign is accepting contributions from drug dealers.
The call’s organizers made clear that the goal was to pressure Attorney General Eric Holder to speak out against three state-level ballot measures that if passed, would legalize marijuana. But when a journalist from the Lyndon LaRouche-affiliated Executive Intelligence Review asked whether President Barack Obama had not spoken out against the ballot measures because of “reports” that “both his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns have been financed in part by laundered drug money,” no one on the call spoke out against the suggestion.
Peter Bensinger, who was appointed head of the DEA by President Gerald Ford and then served under Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, simply said “I can’t speculate on the rationale” for Obama’s silence.

Here’s the better headline for the story.


Dateline Freeland
A political group that believes civilization is on the verge of collapse became the source of turmoil in Freeland last week. […]
The unidentified man and woman team quickly became the subject of public ire. Some people called them names while others accused the pair of lacking an education, said Jenny Grisewood, a Freeland resident. […]
According to Undersheriff Kelly Mauck, there were no reports of violence but the couple did call the police to complain that people were disrupting their efforts to speak to the public. An officer that was dispatched to the scene did not observe any crimes being committed.
Mauck said that wasn’t the first call his office received regarding the couple. Rather, officers had been fielding calls from the general public throughout the day and earlier in the week, he said. […]
According to Larouche Political Action Committee’s website, the group is centered on the philosophies and proposed policies of Lyndon LaRouche, who believes civilization worldwide is facing collapse.
Calls to the group’s Seattle office for comment Tuesday were not returned.

Dateline Half Moon Bay
A Wisconsin man visiting Half Moon Bay on Monday overturned a table bearing political messages that had been set up at Mac Dutra Park by supporters of Lyndon LaRouche. His alleged outburst earned him a trip to the county jail. […]
 One of the LaRouche supporters, a 78-year-old from San Francisco, was hit on the head by the plastic table when it was flipped, and he suffered an abrasion. He has pressed assault charges against his attacker.
San Mateo County Sheriff’s deputies questioned the suspect, and he admitted the attack, according to Sheriff’s officials. He reportedly told deputies he was enraged over the Obama image. He was arrested on misdemeanor assault charges.

Dateline Hebron, Connecticut
Lack said when she removed the posters, she knew she would get in trouble. Some workers with LaRouchePAC tried stopping her, but Lack wouldn’t back down.
“A woman was following me to the car and I put the posters in the car and I said, ‘Make sure you get my license plate.’”
Lack was arrested and faces sixth-degree larceny and breach of peace charges.
“I guess I deserved it. I stole the posters,” said Lack.}
While Lack said she didn’t expect to be arrested, she remains defiant and stands by tearing down the posters because of what they represent.
“My generation went through the Second World War, and Nazism is about the worst there can be,” said Lack.
If convicted, Lack could face three months behind bars and a fine. She is expected in court next week.

Huffington Post comments
That’s Linden LaRouch as hard core right as you can get. This guy is about the same as the Westboro baptists. Good for this lady.
The cost of free speech. They are the last refuge of ?*@(:( garbage that walks and talks as an American. Cousins of the KKK, ANP, Westboro Baptist Church, and all of the other degenerates in this country.
And by arresting and prosecuting an 80 year old woman, they are really winning the popularity contest. Love it!
Way to Go GRANNY!!! Accost the Bigots, Attack the Liars, Don’t let ’em ruin your city….Run ’em outta town on a rail! what ever happened to the good old TAR AND FEATHERS treatment?
These ignorant rubes have no idea what they’re talking about. They think if they simply compare Obama to something scary it will stick.
To heck with the signs. I would have come by late at night and spray-painted a swastika on their building.
OK. Give her a fine, let her go so she can do it again. I would do the same thing. Fine me but, I’ll keep at it. Free speech is one thing but, this is disgusting. But, I know the consequences of doing what I know is right so I’d keep doing it and face those consequences. If more people had done that in Germany back in the 20s and 30s maybe we wouldn’t be talking about Hit_ler today.
I have found it to be better to just laugh at these people.
LaDouche crazies only want to provoke everyone. They have no other goal or point in their lives. I saw a couple of LaDouchies i/f/o a post office taking up half the side-walk wiht a card table and one of those Hitler ‘stash Obam posters. I grabbed it right – it was wired to the table, so I was going to rip it when they said they would call the cops, I said go ahead call them. They didn’t do anything – but just then a meter lady put a ticket on their car, which was illegally parked and the wind blew one of their stupid posters off the top of the car, a 18-20 year old Pontiac with a terrible paint job. It’s a cult – they actually think their founder is like a somebody who actually matters. What a joke.
 Those posters weren’t the only political displays with the president’s likeness targeted in Connecticut this week.
NBC Connecticut reported that a scarecrow display featuring the faces of President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and five other prominent Democrats — part of an annual scarecrow contest – was set on fire on Colchester’s town green Tuesday night.
Other displays on the green, including a Republican scarecrow group, were unharmed.

More comments:
How does LaRouche still manage to find enough people to man his little Post Office cult meetings?
I didn’t even think LaRouche was still alive.  nd can somebody tell me why the media always call him a “gadfly” rather than an “extremist”?
How about Bircher?   His butt-heads were running two tables outside of the massive Philly labor jamboree that Rich Trumka and Ed Hill organized in Aug to promote the Workers’ Bill of Rights. Those tables had the same Obama Hitler posters. Reminded me of how the ‘pro-life’ set turns out every labor day in Pittsburgh to greet us with third trimester abortion posters, lining up along both sides of the start of the parade route.
thought most of his followers under the age of 70 already jumped on the Ron Paul bandwagon years ago..
The Larouche garbage is all over SF too.   Kudos to the woman who knew what to do with them and did it.

More comments
Lyndon LaRouche and his followers almost make teabaggers look sane.  Almost.
LaRouche Zombies are the original Paultards.
But they aren’t libertarians. They’re more fascist with Lyndon as their fuhrer.
Actually – originally LaRouche was a Marxist. It is in his bio.
Lots of right wingers claim to have once been Marxists. That way they supposedly add validity to their fascist views.  It’s the ‘Mussolini route’ to power.
I liken them more to Westboro. Their entire purpose is to stir shit up and piss people off. They’re nothing but meatspace trolls.
LaDouche has been running for President for like 80 years. Why won’t he just die already?
Evil dudes live forever. Look at Cheney.
Yeah, but he’s like 90% robot at this point. Maybe we just need some liquid nitrogen?
they are the living dead – blood suckers … and another one, that kissinger
It’s easier to just run your arm over the little sidewalk tables they set up and scatter all of their stuff as you walk by. It’s also more gratifying. Luckily they aren’t around where I live now (probably due to a city ordinance against public stupidity) but when I used to live in Seattle I did this all the time.
“What are LaRouche’s political leanings anyway?”  Whatever views he thinks are popular enough with the especially gullible and thus will get him enough money to continue his grift year after year, while silly, unrealistic, or downright repugnant enough to ensure that he will NEVER actually be taken seriously as a candidate. That’s his ideal sweet spot, because he avoids all of that bothersome MSM attention while still managing to haul home the money. Yes, he’s in it for the cash. Anti-semitism is a common theme, although delivered with a wink, and he also likes to draw from the most crackpot ideas of American Libertarianism. This ensures that he garners the most gullible portion of the electorate – hippy idealists who have no political acumen or understanding of how our country works, white males who were born with relative privilege and a chip on their shoulder who desperately want to believe they are victims, and virulent racists. I’d say it’s a rather clever con, except for the fact that Ron Paul does it better.  If you think the man gives two fvcks about politics I’ve got a bridge to sell you. =) It’s all about the money.
 LaRouche? Wow am I embarrassed. For half a century I spelled it with a D.
Can anyone say nut?
Hm.   Hm.  Hm.  Bush Hitler hypocrisy comments.  And.   And.  And.  And.
AND.  America is leaning toward a fascist society. Yes, Obama is a hitler type. One of the first changes Hitler made, take away their guns, one of Obamas plans. I want one of those Hitler/Obama signs.  (Reason:  Gun Control — UN shit.  Huh.)
Gawker doesn’t disappoint.
Oh Jeebus. Lyndon LaRouche is still a thing?
Make sure you get my license plate”, as a LaRouche supporter watched. In a nutshell. Tough lady; she is in no one’s binder.
The mere existence of LaRouche is a breach of peace.
As a 20-something, if I saw those posters, I’d remove them too—I lived first hand through the Fast and Furious movie franchise, and that’s about the worst movie franchise there can be.
I Germany during WWII there were posters of Hitler with a Hitler moustache all over the place and nobody tried to steal those.
Ah those damn LaRouche people.. nutballs, every single one of them. I can see Paullites becoming them in a few years.
Is LaRouche still alive, or does he have a core of nuts that soldier on despite the fact that their leader is dead?
Why are there no LaRouche supporters over the age of 24? Does he give out free weed or something if you work on his campaign?
probly because they do it on the sly so no one knows who’s done it til after the damage is done …
She could have also taken the black marker and inked out the “IM” in “IMPEACH” so that it would read then “PEACH HIM,” which would have made zero sense. 🙂 …

9/11 Truth Alliance Dramatica (anti “Truther” PDX comes out swinging for Nancy Luck.

Dateline Blanchester:  A 62-year-old Blanchester area man was charged after he allegedly drove his pickup truck off Wright Street, across a sidewalk and struck a table where material for the LaRouche political party was being handed out, said Blanchester Police Chief Scott Reinbolt.   […]  The table was being manned by Hector Villarreal, 28, of Columbus, and Jenny Burns, 22, of Loveland, who listed their occupations as political organizers, Reinbolt said.
“Burns stated she had to move in order to avoid being struck by the truck,” Reinbolt said.
Police could not find damage on either the truck or the table.
Witnesses told police that after the truck struck the table, the driver parked in the Eagles lot, yelled taunts and insults at Villarreal and Burns, then went inside, according to the police report.

Dateline Houston:  And then, there’s Falk, who got so upset she argued with the LaRouche follower displaying the sign, took her picture and complained to airport personnel.  “I did call her a few names,” she said.  “Some aren’t printable.  Sick was probably the nicest thing I called her.”
Dateline somewhere:   Yes, the dems or so tolerant, yesterday in front of the Post Office I saw some dimwitted dem women attacking the crazy LaRouche people. They didn’t believe they had a right to oppose obaaama. They did have some funny pictures of obaama.

I get alot of info from this organization via phone conversations and e-mails.It’s time to wake up all just because this is the USA does not mean it cannot fall as the Romans believed as well,this is not SuperUSA! We have let them take control and may be to the point of no return!Before any of you who may want to attack me please look up Jeckyll isalnd and the formation of the federal reserve,1913,I offer this so you may make an intelligent counter attack on me
Is that you, Uncle Bob?

Dateline Manhattan.  9/11 — Obama Knew?  That’s a new one.

On my way to and from Manhattan’s West Side on Wednesday, I passed by a protest that appeared to be sponsored by the LaRouche PAC on the corner of 79th and 3rd avenue that called for President Obama to be impeached for his “criminal complicity” in the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. There were several large signs calling for the president to be impeached or signs that alleged the president had been warned of the attacks but did nothing. Protest photos also depicted President Obama with a Hitler mustache. The protest seemed to garner a fair bit of attention — as Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) began at sundown on Tuesday and the protest was just a block away from the prominent Jewish Temple Shaaray Tefila on 2nd Ave.

Dateline Arlington Courthouse, Virginia.

Lyndon LaRouche supporters set up a table outside the Arlington Courthouse post office for four midday hours Wednesday with an adulterated poster of President Barack Obama wearing a Hitler mustache.
“I was so offended that someone would do this on the Day of Atonement,” the holiest day of the Jewish religious calendar, said neighborhood resident Joyce Turner.
Nicole James, one of the volunteers for the perennial presidential candidate , was unrepentant about the display on Yom Kippur. “We go out every single day. We don’t discriminate over holidays,” she said.
Passersby mostly shrugged or shook their heads.
Nicole Gonzalez-Knowlton, pushing a baby stroller down the street, said she saw them but ignored them.
“I’ve seen worse but I worked in politics,” she said. “Freedom of speech, you know?”

Dateline Bainbridge Island

Two supporters of Lynden LaRouche brought his extremist claims and anti-Obama rants to downtown Winslow late this week, but found few people willing to give them much attention.
The supporters of LaRouche, a convicted felon and perennial fringe candidate for president, came to Bainbridge on the heels of a visit to Whidbey Island, which resulted in multiple calls to police from residents who were enraged by the group’s appearance in Freeland. […]
Some simply thought the LaRouche display was a joke, including a tall teenager who stopped to ask the pair if they were representing the satirical newspaper, the Onion, or television comedy shows that are based on news events.
“Are you guys from the Onion? The Colbert Report? The Daily Show?” the teenager asked.
“No? Oh. This is for real? Oooohhhh,” he said, quickly turning away. […]
When a few people did stop to talk, the pair seemed more interested in confrontation rather than conversation.
Their contacts with people ended with the pair accusing passers-by of bias or ignorance. […}
The LaRouche followers did find a few supporters; an elderly man stopped to share a handshake and a thumbs up, and a smiling twentysomething man driving past yelled, “Keep up the good work!”
The twentysomething driver was followed by another young man in a red pickup who pulled out of the adjacent grocery store parking lot. He was not smiling.
“Don’t listen to them, they are full of [expletive]! It’s a bunch of lies!” he yelled.
“It’s a bunch of bull!” he yelled again as he drove away.
Others who stopped to talk to the LaRouche followers quickly left unimpressed.

Comments:  Point:  As much as I detest Barack Obama he is not Hitler…  Counterpoint:  Obama’s not too far off from that though… similar backgrounds, similar beginnings, similar philosophies… he just hasn’t gotten that far yet. Give him time, and you may well decide differently.

@RonHogan Buttafuoco, Lewinsky memoirs LaRouchies on 19th & Park; its 90’s nostalgia time. Can a Right Said Fred reunion be far behind?

Roger Jacobs apparently reviews himself.   I’m savoring them & going through the book slowly, so I’ll give you a favorite Trace quote found early in the book from PROTECT & SERVE. Trace is in a Borders Bookstore where he encounters a “Lyndon La Rouche crowd”. After some discussion with them he notices a “crudely hand-lettered sign” on their table of hand-outs. He describes the scrawl as “down-right childlike” & he wonders dryly, “Why doesn’t political activism attract calligraphers?” Why indeed?

Dateline Ellsworth, Maine.
The signs were erected by supporters of the political extremist and many-times unsuccessful presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche. Public reaction to the images ranged from shocked outrage to sympathetic support.
At least one woman driving past was angry enough to raise her middle finger at the man and woman manning the table; others stopped by to make a donation to the LaRouche Political Action Committee. Some people just shook their heads.
The signs calling for Obama’s removal from office were taped to a folding table set up on the sidewalk in front of the post office. The two LaRouche supporters would not give their names and said they were not allowed to make comments to the press

Larouche is a widely known conspiracy theorist and economic forecaster and is head of the “Larouche Movement,” a fringe political cult of personality. […]
There were no complaints in Orono and Old Town, but by noon Tuesday police in Ellsworth had received two calls about the activists. Officer Andrew Weatherbee told the two protesters that they could not stop traffic or block the sidewalks, but that was the extent of police interaction.[…]
“It’s absolutely fair to compare Barack Obama to Hitler,” she said. “The guy is a power-hungry, evil person, who hates humanity.”
When pushed for specifics about how the president compared to the architect of the Holocaust and the chief belligerent of World War II, Vullo said only that Obama “has the same mindset as Hitler.”
Vullo also said that Obama is a “puppet of the British Empire, including the Queen,” and that Larouche PAC fears the president will ignite “World War III” with his British conspirators.
In Ellsworth, a few self-proclaimed Romney voters eagerly chatted with the activists and signed up to join the PAC. They were handed a one-page document printed on both sides calling for Obama’s impeachment, with the title “Obama and his crew covered up the assassination of Ambassador Stevens.” […]
The Larouche PAC is a liberal organization that regularly channels money to a handful of Democratic candidates for office. It has raised $4.7 million this election cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics’ website

Please note that the LaRouche cult organization is in no way, shape or form a liberal organization and merely parasitically uses the Democratic Party as a vehicle for promoting their extremist politics. Campaign donations are to dedicated LaRouche activists only and some LaRouche candidates have been disavowed by local Democratic Parties for thuggish and highly questionable fringe behaviors. Additionally, the vast majority of LaRouche PAC money goes to administrative overhead and not candidates.
True I first ran into this group 40 years ago and they swing from left spectrum to right, whichever they feel they can make the most money from at the moment. Avoid this crew.
Larouchies are on a spectrum of their own making
You want truth? Simply replace the “r” in Larouche with a “d”.
Politics does make strange bedfellows but those people are even a little strange for my taste.

Dateline Michigan State.   My polling place is at a Methodist church between my house and my school so I’ll vote on election day. Plus it’s entertaining dealing with the LaRouche folks outside the building
Larouche still has followers? Isn’t he some conspiracy nut that is so crazy that you can’t even pin him down as being left or right but is more right? He’s like Alex Jones before there was an internet.
They’re always on campus and at polling stations here; he must have a (relatively) large group of followers in the state, and they’re often bussed from state to state. I’ve been seeing the same handful of them for years, to the point I know their names
Yeah. They would make sporadic appearances on State’s campus. And they’d always set up on Farm Lane or behind Wells making it difficult to avoid them.

ITEM NUMBER FOUR.  Media and Pitches and Insults

The Left increasingly reminds me of a couple LaRouchies I once encountered.
Today’s Paulastineans are a lot like yesterday’s LaRouchies. Lots of noise, no votes.
Please don’t bring the Larouchies in on this. If they were clocks, they’d be the kind that had a bird come out of them periodically.
A pitch to the Peninsulate FL Tea Party.

Interview from 1976.  Wrong about everything.  That was Equal Time for All Candidates Theater.  The one thing about the slide of that is that now we’re just stuck with … Patrick Timone interviews.
Lyndon LaRouche gave an interview to Patrick Timpone on One Radio Network  Mr. LaRouche joined us this morning for an explosive interview on Obama, the threat of nuclear war and why the Queen of England reigns supreme. The first 5 minutes gets us thinking about the upcoming election and our current “impeachable” President. He has us wondering if buying a gas mask and heading for the closest cave may just be a good idea.
Or, Harley Schlanger.
Schlanger himself made a run for the U.S. Senate in 1990, receiving 250,000 votes in the Texas Democratic primary.
Gold Radio Cafe on September 28th.
Also take note of his Dr Deagel appearances.

Hm.  Hm.
Rajiva’s revelations are important because they blow apart the myth of the “Ron Paul revolution” as a grassroots movement, and confirm Paul’s close ties with elite globalist financial concerns. In fact, Lyndon Larouche’s Executive Intelligence Review (cited by Rajiva) implied a direct link between Libertarian circles and the Rockefeller and Rothschild, the very elites whose domination they claim to abhor!
And yet, Harley Schlanger recently suggested to some Ron Paul supporters the org may endorse him “if”.

The campaign continues.
“Should give him pause that the Larouchies support Glass Steagall, btw.”.  Yeah.  The problem with this cult.
no political safe haven, just as I don’t want Lyndon Larouche, the KKK or the erstwhile members of the White Aryan Resistance to have one.
Too much LaRouche makes you blind…
Wrong again deadbeat. LaRouche is toxic and hates our school of thought. I have already been through this with you over 10 times.
Funny, I never remember you being to the fore debating with LaRoushytes on the site, especially when they were throwing wild accusations of genocide around like confetti. In fact, you supported them, to the best of my recollection, just like you support any wackiness when it suits you.
BTW, “our school of thought” sounds like a fancy name for a cult. In it certainly not one that encourages critical thinking.

Francisco “Kit” Tatad, an advisor of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, a Senator, a long-standing friend of LaRouche, and more recently an advisor to current Vice President Binay, was a speaker at the Rhodes conference, as was Helga Zepp LaRouche. In his regular column in the Manila Standard today, Tatad quoted Halga on the danger of war driven by the collaps of the financial system:
The accelerating collapse of the transatlantic system is exerting such intense pressure on the dynamic driving the danger of war that humanity could crash into a brick wall, the global activist Helga Zepp-La Rouche told the closing session of the Dialogue.
on Paul Ryan workout photographs:  He looks like a complete and total LaRouche-bag. A moron. A Mittwit. A buffoon.
Disaffected, probably troller, message board poster to Democratic Underground:  Have fun with your symbolic write-in vote for Hillary/Paul/Johnson/Forbes/LaRouche/Pattinson or whoever...
“The AK Files”:   I’m not a big LaRouche fan , but the comment towards the end about Obummer being certifiabley insane was precious.
Advice upon seeing Gary Johnson supporters.  You just need to learn mockery. “Gary Johnson is too mainstream, I’m voting for Lyndon LaRouche.”
On Libertarians… over my lifetime the Libertarians have always attracted the fringe element , the worst being when the scoundrel Lyndon LaRouche declared himself one even though he formed a different fringe party .

KGAB AM 650:  Cheyenne, Wyoming’s Larouchie station:  At 7:37AM MDT, political pundit Harley Schlanger will be talking about Obama and his crew covering up the assassination of Ambassador Stevens.  Schlanger sold the SGT Report on Larouche.  Gets us the “youtube slow playing conspiracy” comments.
making the pitch to “Occupy”.
Helga Zepp was with Daniel Estulin

ITEM NUMBER FIVE.  Kesha Rogers Campaign update.

All Candidate Get Together.
It was a lot of fun and very informative. I bet that some people were surprised when Kesha Rogers started out with “we have to get rid of Obama”. Or when the Green Party candidates seemed downright reasonable and authentic, clearly articulating that we all have common goals as citizens.

Harris County Conservative Politics
How about who didn’t show up instead? Out of thirty-one candidates running for U.S. Representative in nine different races, only one showed up. Kesha Rogers who says she is a LaRouche Democrat. She stated she is a “Patriot and wants Obama gone”. I’m sure she picked up some votes that night. She reminded me of Democrat plant Republican Carl Pittman who managed to hood wink the Tea Party with select words. Words worth votes are Patriot, Constitution, freedom, second amendment and so on. Don’t fall for it; her second point was “investing” which always means your tax dollars at work. Mama always said you can go to Hell just as fast for lying as stealing. Having $931.00 to Pete Olson’s $151,750.00 won’t take her far

Just Say not to Kesha“.

We here in the Fighting 22nd as Texas Congressional District 22 is lovingly referred to by some have experienced The Kesha before. She was the nominee in 2010 also and got trounced. In that election I wrote a blog post about how to vote a straight Democratic ticket and then go back and deselect Kesha Rogers. So I was mildly amused to read in the KHOU piece that “Democratic activists considered launching a campaign telling people to vote against her, but they worried confused voters might cast ballots against other Democratic candidates with similar names.” […]
And so again I am casting my NO on Kesha vote by deselecting her from my straight Democratic vote. Heck, this year I might go ahead and vote for the Green Party candidate.


Rogers’ name appears on the ballot this year for the second consecutive election year, representing the Democratic Party in a solidly Republican congressional district.  Her chance of winning office is almost non-existent in the district once represented by Republican stalwart Tom DeLay.  Only a jaw-dropping political miracle would allow her to defeat incumbent U.S. Rep. Pete Olson.
Her presence on the ballot is a distracting embarrassment for local Democratic Party leaders, who’ve had a hard time recruiting candidates to make a long shot run for Congress in the district.
“Kesha wants attention,” said Steve Brown, the chairman of the Ft. Bend County Republican Party.  “She’s looking for a platform to advance the LaRouche campaign, to try to impeach our president.  Obviously, she’s not an electable candidate.  Unfortunately, we can’t seem to get rid of her in Fort Bend County.” […]
But her anti-Obama message resonated with voters in her district.  Drivers seeing the “impeach Obama” signs and banners held aloft by her supporters honked their horns, yelled encouragement and took pictures with their cell phones.  Every few minutes, one of them pulled over and picked up some literature.
Rogers isn’t at all surprised.
“No,” she said “More people realize what’s at stake for the nation right now and they’re looking for leadership.  And they want to know what’s going on.  They want to know who has answers.”

 ITEM NUMBER SIX:  Conspiracy Theorists versus the Larouche Cult.

Conspiracy Theorist poking holes at Princess Diane conspiracy theories.
While the inane ranting’s from La Rouche and his underling Jeff Steinberg concerning Philip being the central organizer of a number of genocides (with utterly no evidence) destroyed the credibility of the report.
This is a real problem for Steinberg. On one hand he can come out with some okay stuff, as seen in Part XII, I linked one of his better articles on the Diana case which discussed an odd series of break ins of prominent photograph distributors in the aftermath of Spencer’s death. But he consistently undermines his own material and that of others by going off on any number of tangents.
“The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor” is a case in point. If one can ignore the underlying paranoia, there are some four or so useful articles by Linda de Hoyos x2, Joseph Brewda and Allen Douglas in the publication, outlining the many contradictions and problems inherent in having Royalty and captains of commerce become involved in environmental issues between pages 24-39.
Indeed, this sort of problem has since been highlighted by the King of Spain being booted out of the Spanish WWF for going on an elephant hunt (9).

Scientology, Larouche, and Jerry Garcia!

Putting aside the more obvious tactics of Wiley Coyote conspiracy theory websites, books, movies and other assorted propaganda mediums, I’d have to say that one of the worst dirty tricks that I have seen, would have to be the very few sources that give you close to the real information. One of those sources that I have repeatedly run into whenever I get onto what I call “the real trail” of what’s what – is the IHR (the Institute for Historical Review) and Lyndon LaRouche.
He, and the very few other sources like him, are what I call the last bastion against any truly serious researcher who is on their ass historically.
The dirty trick is, that La Rouche loads up a serious amount of truth in his writings. For example, his writings will correctly peg various British men and women, and their role in this “dominate the world” agenda. This truth-loading, as I call it, is meant to seriously mind-fuck any erstwhile researcher, and (they hope) cause the outright lies and actual agenda (that is always there as well) to “go down easier”.
A cliff, if you will – to follow them over. […]
’ll give you a hint. The absolute hysterical hatred still directed at President’s Jackson and Jefferson is literally a dead giveaway. These men literally cannot talk about Jackson without insulting him one way or another. But this book, THIS book went into an absolute tirade about how these two men had stopped the wonderful plan for Americathat of course…LaRouche was now trying to sell a new generation of Americans on!
I laughed my ass off, when I saw that, because man, that is one hell of a cliff of reason Larouche just tried to sell people to jump off.
And what was
this cliff of wonderfulness we were supposed to leap off of? What was this fabulously great plan based on? Oh yea. It was Plato and his hierarchy of souls, (peasants have BRONZE souls) and how “they” (the enlightened such as Franklin and Hamilton) planned to elevate all Americans to their level of “gold souls”!!!!

Their level?
Hamilton was the man who installed the British/Netherlands control of America’s finances through the First Bank of The United States!
Oh yeah, now there’s a man to emulate.

WW3 “A Minor Disagreement”.

ITEM NUMBER SEVEN.  “Why We Left” fallout observations.

John Buchan asks.  Where is the PDF of EIR for July 22nd 2011?
As far as I can see, Alicia never became editor of EIR. But notice that, in Orwellian fashion, the only COMPLETE issue of EIR that you cannot get hold of from the archive is… July 22nd 2011. Did her name appear as ‘editor’ that day? Anyone know? The preceding and following issues have the usual Nancy Spannaus has editor – Alicia is not even mentioned on the editorial board, just the usual hopeless ‘boomers.’ The disappearance of Alicia is worrying – in Scientology, she would have been consigned to the Hole along with Heber Jentsch et al. Or maybe subjected to a Lisa McPherson ‘treatment.’ Where is she?