Introducing the 9/11 Tooth Movement

The 9/11 Tooth Movement s an organization of Dentists who use their expertise in the field of Dental Surgery and Dental Hygiene to expose the inconsistencies, lies, and cover-ups of the official government accounts of the events of 9/11, as well those of the “un-official” versions proferred by the prominet so-called “researchers” in the 9/11 Truth Field.  To date, their documentaries, “What’s Inside the Cavity?” and “Behind the Fillings” have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of viwers on the Internet and through Educational Free DVD drops, despite the active suppression efforts of google, the Government, and the broader 9/11 Truth Movement.  After you see the up-coming release “Smashing the Molar”, you will never be able to trust Popular Mechanics Magazine or Mark Dice again.

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