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Tuesday, August 30th, 2011
This is interesting, though not wikipediable.  They more or less give their identity, and reference finding this page at laroucheplanet while looking up a former fellow member.
In October 1981, approximately 120 members resigned en masse from the LaRouche organization with a concise, simply worded document. This exodus created a major shift in the NCLC because the people who resigned had provided most of the operating money for the NCLC. It was centered in the Detroit, MI, local office (and became known as “The Split”). This was planned by the Detroit leadership, many who had been with LaRouche since the early days in NYC. The Split took many months and was executed with logistical precision and the utmost secrecy. Most of those who left easily transitioned into already established business and enterprises that had previously been used to fund NCLC business. LaRouche had a simple reply (relayed by one of his security team in New York) to the effect of ‘Even Judas Iscariot got 30 pieces of silver.’ Many believe The Split made the LaRouche organization’s move to Virginia necessary.

Ideally it would slide into the Larouche tree of articles, more so than some other crap.  But some phrases give it away — “became known as ‘The Split'” — neat, but — to whom did it become known as “The Split”?  Well, I present it here.

In more puzzling editing news, this comes up by way of sarcastic suggestion:

Start with every single “book review” and the like. And all the “but the person had a beard, so he must have been LaRouche” stuff. Add in the stuff which only serves to broadcast some of the wilder accusations. Cut the article down to about 10K. Cheers. Recall, I regard articles on small groups as properly being covered by BLP, and all opinions in such should be clearly labelled as opinions by specific people at best. Collect (talk) 12:03, 26 August 2011 (UTC)

Oddly (oddly, I say, because of the “What the hell is he talking about?” factor) he doesn’t appear to be a Larouchie — he objects to the attempted inclusion of the “Thyssen link” to the Prescott Bush page, for instance.

In other wikipedia Someone tried to remove Alejandro Peña Esclusa from “list of associates”.  Someone objects to the identification of Reagan as “far right”.

We get this discussion:
Saying that the Reagan administration was a ally of the LaRouche movement is very misleading. While it’s true that LaRouche played a role in underground talks with White House officals over the creation of SDI, Norman Bailey notes these ties were cut off after they went public. Also, LaRouche opposed Reagan’s economic policy whereas the implication is that he approved of everything the Reagan White House did. I think this needs too at least be rephrased. Est300
I’m not a big fan of the assertion either, which I think gives excess weight to minor connections, but I will note that it says the movement “sought” alliances with these groups, including the Reagan administration, not that the alliances were ever made real.   Will Beback

Also the Larouchies want to assert Roy Frankhouser as picked up by Larouche due to his claim as a  “High Intelligence Source”.

NUMBER TWO:  PO TOUR, covered by Daily Kos

The factnet user “poe” can be quite annoying sometimes — see for instance:
“The Jew kid” — That isn’t language anyone in the organization would use. I don’t know who “friend” is, but I am sure they’re not a member.
Actually “friend” tends to be at the fore-runner of organizational trends.  See Daily Kos:
They asked me if I was ready to dump Obama and I responded by saying that if Obama were like Hitler that they wouldn’t be able to sit outside a US Post Office with signs calling him Hitler.  I said that I was just mailing a package to Israel where there are people who actually lived through Hitler.  They responded by saying that I looked like a Jew.  I am part Jewish.  I said that they are just lucky to live in a country where they are free to hold up signs like this.  I said that if Obama were like Hitler that they would be killed for holding up signs like this.  They smiled and said that sounded like something a Jew Nazi would say.
That’s when I lost my temper and suggested that they take their signs to a inner city neighborhood (instead of a 99% white upper middle class neighborhood in a 99% white city) and see if they get such a patient reception.  With more big smiles they said that was also something a Jew Nazi would say.  Then he took my picture with his phone.  To which I turned around and took a picture of him back.
An older gentleman walked out and saw their signs and muttered “oh, LaRouche” with disgust.  I turned to him and said “Yeah, LaRouche.”  I told him that I’m part Jewish and they just called me a Jew Nazi.
one day soon they will fuck with the wrong dude  and get rich out of it.,,this is a nation of lawyers. […] in that kind of an environment you need to learn ways to deal with your frustrations….like blogging about it.
I think I’m gonna start carrying a paintball gun  and practice my aim. How fun would it be to nail that poster with a giant splat of florescent pink paint?
You can carry it a little further if you have the time.  Pull up a seat, and make calls on your cell phone and while talking, glance at them repeatedly, so it looks like you’re talking about them to someone.Make them More paranoid.
Yeah make like your talking about them!  That’s a good one! I’ve used it myself and it really works! Makes them crazy!
 This is a job for… Pie!
Only thing annieli, Pie, is too expensive and good  for them!
I’ve considered carrying eggs.  But I don’t drive and that can get messy if they can’t be safely stored.  Although eggs in ones car after several weeks may become quite rank.
Jew nazi caught my eye as well. It’s like saying you are a slave landowner or a prisoner warden.  I’d have asked him to elaborate.
Tell them you LOVE L. Ron Hubbard!
Of course the fact that they were essentially advocating assassination (in dog-whistlease) (saying we should “invoke the 25th Amendment“) makes it something that ought to be passed along to the authorities.  It seems highly unlikely that any of the avenues to invoke it would otherwise be viable, leaving the only one not requiring participation by the VP and a majority of the “principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide” as the only one they could reasonably intend – death of the President.  All in the name of Liberty and Democracy.  Wonder if these folk will ever get tired of being used by the manipulating and authoritarian elite?
I’m freakishly strong, my hands are incredibly powerful, especially for a woman (a genetic gift from my dad).  I’ve found the best way to deal with cretins like this is to say “Hi!” and stick my hand out for a handshake.  They’ll automatically stick theirs out in response.  So I’ll grasp that hand and shake the living shit out of it.  You have no idea how many men I’ve made blanch and try to withdraw before I’ve even said a word.  Then I use my most pleasant voice to tell them politely what a tool they are.  I don’t relinquish their hand until I’m done having my say.  Then I walk away.
It’s like Jon Stewart was saying about  the wingnuts calling Warren Buffett a socialist. “That George Clooney, always out there bangin’ chicks. What a queer!” They have no concept of how ridiculous their slurs sound. When they were kids they were the ones calling people a “spastic morphodite” like that was some kind of wicked clever put-down.
and the reference to the 25th amendment, I think it would have been fair and a civic duty to call the FBI, right in front of him, after taking his picture, and tell them there is a man standing in front of the Post Office advocating the assassination of the President.
LaRouche and his small ilk are amazing in their cockroachoid ability to survive and linger, whatever the season and whoever the leaders.
When I was getting my Ph.D at Michigan There was always a table on the Diag hosted by a group of Larouchies.  The thing that amazed me is that every couple years they had recruited some new younguns to sit there looking like idiots.  I mean, seriously, one or two morons is one thing, but the ability to keep recruiting them year after year is what amazes me.
People need to belong.  And if you feel like you aren’t fitting in anywhere and someone welcomes you with open arms…
A town without Larouchies is like a day without  sunshine hailstorms.
A town without Larouchies is like a day without shitstorms.  I have only seen them (that I can recall) in the Fremont area of Seattle, just at the north end of the Fremont Bridge.  Really bad choice for finding acolytes, but good for finding people that will yell at them. 🙂
Them at Westlake Center and UW while I was a student there.  I used to pick out the newest recruits and plant seeds of doubt in their heads…eventually the word was put out that they were no longer allowed to talk to me.  I loved how they sheltered their weaker believers from me.
I think I was reading some LaRouche internet stuff in mid ’09- during the heart of the financial debacle- and it seemed to me that at least some of it made rudimentary sense.   I think LLR was against the bail outs or something like that.   However, if I would have scratched the surface, the analysis would have likely led to a picture of a perfect hook-nosed Jew as the perpetrator.
The LaRouchies need to join up with… the Fred Phelps gang and maybe throw in the Maoists over at Bob Avakian’s Revolutionary Communist Party and then they’d have a group everyone could hate, except, of course, for the kind of idiots who gravitate to these groups.
its honestly usually quite fun to engage the LaRouchies.  Very rarely do you meet stupider people who are more sure of their stupid beliefs, except when dealing with Paulites.
Same sign in newton , ma last year  i made the mistake of interacting with them and regreted letting them get me agitated. I told the young man that he was just the latest in 30 years of kids thinking they found they new and only truth with Larouche but he was just being used
But what was more effective was calling the wellesley , ma library and leting them know that the Larouche candidate was holding a “lecture” at their community room…it was on the handout. Libraries can’t host candidates so she kicked them out!
The PO must be their nationwide MO.   I live in Texas, and the same kind of people sit outside our post offices around Austin with the exact same signs. I’m still not sure why they hang out at the PO.
I had my picture taken by one of the Larouche zombies outside Anna Eshoo’s office during the healthcare debate. They are so off the wall.
LaRouchies are weird. I remember talking to   them about 10 years ago. They said the main solution to world’s problems is to build roads in Russia. They were unable to explain why in Russia (other than it’s big), why Russians can’t do it themselves and how will it help non-Russians.
I once ran into a guy I
knew from undergrad, who said he was just back in school after he’d dropped out of grad school and joined a cult.  Out of sheer morbid curiosity, I asked what cult.
i remember the first time i ran into them. after a brief and utterly useless “conversation” with the guy manning the table, i realized “OMG it’s a real life troll!”
It is my understanding of history that there were  very few Jewish members of the Nazi party.
What caught my eye …was  the line on the poster that said “Invoke the 25th amendment”.  The 25th amendment has to do with presidential succession.  How exactly are these folks suggesting that it be “invoked”?  Is that another euphemism for “Second Amendment remedies”?
LaRouchies, who are so enamored of Gaddafi, have some gall comparing Obama to Hitler.
the Larouchies …hated Bush too. Yet I don’t remember such creative signs in front of the post office. I saw these same signs in front of the p.o. of the small town where I work. It was all I could do not to use some tae kwon do on their asses. My compliments to the poster for not resorting to violence!
LaRouche people are like Ron Paul supporters on acid.
I found out about Larouche when I made a statement on a Department of Energy security clearance questionnaire about having subscribed to the LaRouche organization’s old “Fusion” magazine and that it was possible that the LaRouche organization might therefore have me on a membership list or something. I had subscribed to it (this was in the early 80s) for the unintentional humor in it on various subjects (Queen Elizabeth as international drug lord, for example).  A few days later I was hauled in for a good grilling about the matter. I guess the security folks knew more about LaRouche than I did at the time, lol.
Hey, they’re everywhere, like cockaroaches. A while ago they were outside a post office station in Willow Grove, Pa. Best to ignore them, or give a quiet sneer.
I talked with them for about an hour Yesterday, I just couldn’t let them do it.  So I went down there armed with some simple facts about LaRouche.  They wanted me to leave.  I didn’t.  So they called the police.   I told them that they just made it so that I had to stay, because I didn’t want to give the police the impression that I was avoiding them.  So the police came, and… we talked about stuff.  Cops left.  I stayed another 10 minutes or so.  I realized the reason I can’t let this shit go unchallenged.  It should not be easy for people to put crazy ideas into the mainstream. 
Like every other day. I’ve engaged with them a total of twice. First time an older lady asked me if I supported Obama, and I said I voted for him, yes. Then she proceeded to tell me he went to college with Lenin.  I said Vladimir Lenin? Yes, they were classmates. Oh, so seeing that Lenin was dead for 40 years when Obama was born was he a zombie? Then she started pointing at me and the group of like 5 or 6 of them started chanting “Commie Sewer Rat” over and over. So I rolled my eyes and left.  Second time, was some guy ranting about global currency, and North American Union. Told me that soon I won’t be able to mail anything because the dollar will be defunct and replaced with amero or something like that. Also, Obama is the product of a prostitute, and his mother was “an international whore who got knocked up by one of her johns”.  Now I just ignore these people, like about 99% of everyone else. These are the same type of people who believe in the anti-christ and end times bullshit too. You can just tell. I guarantee you they believe in that type of stuff too.
Yeah, here’s a possible new recruit.  Ryan Kilpatrick affirms “The Jace Hall Show” — becoming enchanted with the message for Larouche about their slacker friends and for space travel and anti-“negropantic” and all that.
And now an interesting question from a daily kos user:  Is there a team of Larouchies trying to hide this diary entry?

Dateline … Seattle, if I recall.  They informed me that Larouche was in great health and has at least another ten years to go.
True story: Back in 2004, I was at an anti-war protest at our local federal building when the LaRouchites hit me up and started rambling on and on about the One World Government and shit that I had no interest in discussing.
It was some nice old lady, though, so I didn’t want to be rude and dismiss her. Finally, to shut her up, I signed their pledge to end imperialism or something crazy like that. I put down my e-mail address and my cell phone and went back to protesting.
Didn’t think much of it. I’ve done that before and have hardly been pestered because of it.
Well about a week later, I get a phone call from an unknown number. I answer it and it’s their group asking if I want to attend one of their local meetings in my neighborhood. I tell them no and that I wasn’t interested in what they had to say and the guy would NOT shut up. He kept going on and on about what they were doing and how important it was that I come see for myself. Finally, I had to interrupt him and tell him he was wasting my minutes and then I quickly hung up.
It finally only ended once I changed my number.

Dateline Jackson Community College, Michigan, for the Bill Roberts for Congress Campaign!
The keynote speaker will be Bill Roberts, a Wayne County-area resident who is part of a slate of six LaRouche-supported Democrats who plan to run for Congress. […]
LaRouche, who has been at odds with both Democrats and Republicans over the years, is considered a political extremist and conspiracy theorist by his critics.
Cindy Allen, spokeswoman for JCC, said the college rents space to various groups — political and nonpolitical — and does not discriminate based on their political views.


Dateline Bristol — Warren

“What is this? This is pathetic,” one man said as he walked by and kicked the sidewalk sign across the parking lot. After running his errands, the man returned again to pick up the sign, carry it a few feet and throw it across the parking lot.
Mathis retrieved the sign and returned it to an upright position and continued trying to flag cars down.
“People have nothing else to do but to come over and do things like that,” he said. “It’s inconsequential. It’s an outlet to get angry.”
But the man who threw the sign and drivers who passed by and yelled profanities and things like “you should be ashamed of yourselves!” won’t deter Mathis from coming back to spread his belief.

“Fairness Doctrine” gone and — memories.
But no matter. Within 5 minutes of me signing off the studio phone would ring. It’d be the Lyndon LaRouche loons again — or the NYPIRG nuts — demanding another half hour of free air time to peddle their nutjob conspiracy theories. And we had to give it to them too. Fairness and all. They worked the system for all it was worth, not that anybody listened!

Dateline… Houston:  Later Tuesday afternoon I received a most unusual phone call. As the President of a local GOP women’s PAC, I often get calls from those interesting in speaking to our group. This person and her approach was different, to say the least.
The phone rang and the number that came up on caller id was not familiar and the “unknown” label flashed. It was a local area code so I answered. “Hi. This is Julianne. May I speak to Karen Townsend?”. “Yes, this is she”, I replied. “Hi. I’d like to talk to you about the LaRouche initiatives.” “Lyndon LaRouche?”, I replied. “Yes. Are you familiar with Mr. LaRouche?” My response was as calm of a one as I could manage -“Yes, I am.” Then she said, “We are looking to build an army.” With that I was out. “I’m not interested. Thank you.” And I hung up.
A minute or two passed and another call came in. It was from Julianne again.After the I just want to discuss some points we can agree on, she said, “Can I talk to you about speaking to your group?” This was easy – I told her our group has programs lined up through the end of the year. In January we will have a new President and a new Programs Vice-President. Then I went on to tell her that our group really doesn’t have supporters of Mr. LaRouche’s in its membership.
She went back to the I think we have ideas we can both agree on bit. So, yeah, I’ll engage and hear what she is serving up today. I ask, “Well, like what?” and she brings the conversation to an end with her opening remark – “Can we both agree that President Obama has committed treasonous acts?”
Oy. No, Julianne, we cannot agree upon that statement. Bye-bye.

Once you have seen a few LaRouche publications you can spot one at twenty yards, before any of the text is actually legible.
LaRoucheism is not a political movement at all, but a scam pure and simple. It is much the same deal as Scientology, except that Hubbard was smart enough to see that labeling your scam as a religion immunizes you against prosecution (in the US, anyway). I am proud to say that the guy who succeeded in locking LaRouche up for securities fraud was a law school classmate of mine

Dateline Pennsylvania: 

When asked what they were there for today, one protestor said they did not talk to journalists and would not give any comment.

The goal was to get 100 Pennsylvania governmental agencies to express their support for H.R. 1489: Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2011, before this summer’s Congressional recess. That’s according to Dan Gring, a committee volunteer who lives in Hatfield Township. He said only five have passed supporting resolutions.

Committee representatives have recently appeared at public meetings throughout the North Penn and Indian Valley regions — including Towamencin, Upper Gwynedd and  Hatfield townships — according to Gring, a machinist.

“It’s been an uphill battle,” said Gring, who spoke to members of the North Wales Borough Council earlier this week.

Dateline New Hampshire: 

Fifteen activists with the N.H. American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, N.H. Alliance for Retired Americans and picketed outside with signs bearing slogans like “Hands off Medicare and Social Security.”

A handful of volunteers with the LaRouche Political Action Committee also handed out fliers and held up signs, one of which bore the image of President Barack Obama with a Hitler-style mustache.

Dateline Elk Grove:

Two protestors were escorted out of Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Gold River)’s Aug. 18 town hall meeting in Elk Grove for being disruptive and a group of picketers rallied outside before he spoke.
A sheriff’s deputy removed Alexandra Phillips and Mark Samet from the meeting after they shouted at Lungren and wouldn’t let him speak.
“Why are you bailing out Wall Street?” Samet told him. “What you are doing is wrong.”
Phillips chimed in, “You deserve to go to jail.”
One person near the middle of the room stood up, turned around, and shouted, “We didn’t come here to hear you.”
Another person said, “Shut up and let him talk”
Phillips and Samet, both supporters of political activist Lyndon LaRouche, came from San Francisco and set up a display outside of an Elk Grove post office earlier that day and they displayed posters of President Barack Obama adorned with a Hitler-like mustache.
Their goal was to find leaders in Elk Grove who were willing to help push the LaRouche Movement forward.
Elk Grove resident Norm DeYoung, who is president of the Sacramento chapter of United Republicans of America, sat in front of the pair.
“They weren’t there to be part of the town hall,” he said after the meeting. “I wasn’t polite. I told them to shut up or go outside.”

Today some Lyndon LaRouche supporters tried to use the Loveland USPS parking lot as a rally spot. Lotsa Obama w/ Hitler ‘stache posters. #
I’m sure the LaRouche guys thought the gub’mint was really getting them down when the cops showed up to shoo them outta there.

Dateline Sam Houston University
“We want to get as many young people involved in our political movement,” Grenados said. “We aren’t partisan; we just want them to support us because we will fight for them.”
That’s Bob Shrum’s typical political messaging.  Though, in presidential elections, he’s got a track record of losses similar to Larouche’s, so…
“Section four of the 25th amendment to the Constitution says that any sitting President can be removed by his cabinet for mental, or physical reasons,” Grenados said. “Obviously the President isn’t physically handicapped, but he suffers from a mental disease.”
Grenados said several reports from 2009 claimed Obama suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
“Well over 50”. 
Dateline Riviera Village section of Redondo Beach
It appears Mr. Obama’s just pissed off the LaRouche gang something awful by screwing humanity

Dateline Australia:  Who said America doesn’t export anything anymore?


Mr. President, ԁο уου realize thаt еνеrу day уου remain Ñ–n office, уου personally vindicate LaRouche’s warning thаt уου wеrе nothing more thаn a British-owned failed personality? It’s time tο ɡο.

Yeah, you go with whoever wants them to go.

Notable, kind of, Ron Paul has hired on as an adviser a lawyer who has drafted Impeachment papers for Barack Obama.   His name is not Lyndon Larouche.  Can he be said to be “joining” Larouche — or Clark?  I don’t know.  I don’t think he has the answers Howie G has.

I present two pairings.  The first is just your garden variety Internet comment.

Mr. LaRouche and Webster Tarpley’s plans are the only solution.

Well, at least “Mr. Larouche” gets top billing, but… huh.

The second, actually a headline from LPAC
Who Will Join Clark and LaRouche To Oust Obama?

Perry Clark — a few more items in the local media — and it fades away…
But most importantly, Perry angrily puts the Queen Elizabeth-enabling tool of the Illuminati, Phillip “Bankster” Bailey, in his place, as he points out how Bailey is “a little man with a little mind” with his gotcha New Hitler-appeasing questions (asked with faux- respect and civility, of course).

Please excuse us as we roll our eyes over Perry’s hunger for attention.
He may make some good points but taking economic advice from Perry Clark is about as wise as taking life skills advice from Karen Sypher.

I see the Larouchies surfing about to attract the Ron Paul fans — may have to swallow hard in praising Ron Paul.  We see them Selling Larouche to the Gold-bugs here: Nixon took us off the gold standard, Larouche has predicted every economic collapse from then to now. Yeah, well we’ll get some aggrieved voices out there.


Mark Levin took time in his show to blast Ron Paul as being more in league with the “Left”.  And then Larouche and Jones come up here predictably in relation to Ron Paul.

And so it goes:  Frankly, you Paul supporters are getting to be like LaRouche fans, more interested in worshipping the guy [than] what he stands for. At least we understand the difference between “than” and “then.” Can a LaRouchite say that??? Or YOU?

Is Paul the Right’s Lyndon LaRouche? (ah NO)

In many ways, the Ron Paul supporters remind me of the Lyndon LaRouche supporters who used to pop up in various places on the SoTech campus trying to sell buttons, coffee mugs, reading material, and above all else, entry into the Cult

Chip Berlet puts a few incidents down here in context with the Tea Party.  I note that a week ago when Jon Stewart referenced a Hitler Obama sign, he used the non Larouchian one, which always used to be the first image that shows up with Larouche.

Posting to Bill Maher about “what’d be analogious to the Tea Party”:  Whole foods? MSNBC? If he wants some loonies, try mainstreaming the LaRouche movement. That’d teach them

Maybe… Agreed. If Code Pink were successful in forwarding the progressive agenda, they’d be analogous to the Tea Party. As a political force they’re about as effective as the LaRouchies.

I think Neiwert comes close to playing the same game here that the LaRouchies do – choosing various connections and extrapolating (ie. he’s coming close to being a conspiracy theorist himself). A lot of people on the traditional right


As you might guess, I think its a d**n good question. I’d take it a step farther though – Why does any candidate who is seen as on the “fringe” scare everyone so much? Okay, you might not like their policy considerations; perhaps they are pro-life and you are pro-choice, or they want more social spending and you want less. As President, they can’t (usually) make all those decisions unilaterally. A President can’t forbid abortion without getting at least Congress to agree. A President can’t appropriate funds by him- (or her-) self.
So, why would a President Palin, or a second term President Obama, or a President LaRouche frighten you?

Dateline Brazil, a country that is big as the United States in territory has proportional representation. One state(Sao Paulo) had more than one thousand candidates for Congress last election, and the voter was supposed to choose one. One election the most voted congressman was a TV celebrity that was a gay stylist that liked to make misogynistic comments, on the other it was a far right doctor that idolized Lyndon LaRouche.
Ouch, I’d apologize for exporting Larouche to your country, but then I’d sound too much like Obama.

Frum… Frum… Frum… He is as much a conservative as LaRouche is a Democrat, that is he calls himself one but his actions/remarks do not track that declaration. Therefore, ignore Frum and perhaps he will return back to the cocktail party

And why does the MKO — a mostly irrelevant group as ideologically coherent as Lyndon Larouche’s cult and just as ineffective — so raise Parsi and the

Is there any real difference between Ron Paul and Lyndon LaRouche?
They both run for President every 4 years, and neither one will ever win…Wow. That takes me back. Whatever happened to ol’ Lyndon?……….
LaRouche is in jail………

Naturally the fruitloops and fruitcakes at The Punch were outraged. LaRouche somewhere out of the mainstream, Pauline Hanson not still at the centre of politics, except when turning up to a Tony Abbott addressed rally?
Are the propaganda pieces handed out by the crazy Larouchies or the International ANSWER lunatics or the Westboro “Baptist” “Church” a**holes or whoever also “actual newspapers?
All the things you mentioned except LaRouche (Examiner, ANSWER, Westboro, Fox News) promote an ideology.


It is interesting that the Alex Jones Show’s web master misidentified Harley Schlanger.  But whatever.  The web was raging after his appearance.

 At this point I’m a Ron Paul supporter but not a RP lemming. In reference to Harley Schlanger’s comments on today’s show I want to know if Ron Paul is willing to bring Articles of Impeachment to the floor of the US Congress if his bid for the Republican nomination falters.

Saw some of the hand wringing meshugginahness at mondowiess, just heard Harley Schlanger on the Zionist Alex Jones show imply that Moses hated Jesus and had a Talmud, small wonder that so many “JEWS” are afraid of confronting the “JEWISH” narrative, from which oozes this global psychopathic crime syndicate of Talamudic Terrorism for Jewishness, It really is very simple, without a Talmud there is no JEWISHNESS, if the Ashkenazim proselytes to Talmudic Judaism which comprise roughly 90% of WORLD JEWRY would just be honest and UNCONVERT from the STOOL SCULPTURE DEITY CULT….Ipso Facto Talmudia would cease to exist, and Americans could invest in INFRASTRUCTURE, their childrens futures –;article=138398 – without talmudic cesspit bondage chains on their little legs, and we could go back to being FREE to grow HEMP if we want to…just a thought.

A few more reactions here


Let’s just get on with it then. If they want to come and get rid of us, then what are they waiting for??????
So the one chance we have is the distruction of the currency. If so, I happily wecome it. It cannot happen soon enough.
I wish I had my gun rights back. my grandpa and me used to trapshoot. he’s able to still pull and enjoy watching me shoot. hope I can get right back soon as he doesn’t have long left on this earth
we must start to get ready for this n.w.o. all the important hardware that is nessecary for youre saftey.god save us all….
WTG Alex, for having HS on the Show.. He sounds like a great new voice in the resistance community!
LaRouche and Alex/Ron Paul agree on 90% of the issues out there, yet even though both preach that the left/right paradigm is designed to divide us, they still stick to it, ridiculous. Please, this is a plea to both LaRouche (LPAC) and the followers of Ron Paul and Alex Jones (I follow all three), join forces already and lets all fight the NWO together, if we stay divided we’re doomed!
this guest went close to right to the very top in this interview. LPAC has it’s stuff together. I’m going for Ron Paul, but LaRouche would’ve been great in the 80s. I wasn’t aware of him then as I was in grade school, but these guests are off the hook. LaRouche has a lot of plans and vision. Very competent and capable people.
so glad that alex has started to warm up to LaRouchePAC- it is the best Statism out there for those that believe the State should exist.
With people like La rouche, schlanger, Jones, ventura, RON PAUL 2011′, Rand Paul, etc..coming out like this, you have to wonder how much longer the media will be able to evade the sheeple for? This is getting good,. The only thing stopping America from exacting its revenge on the criminals is major channels for information to get to the people with..if everyone said: This sunday, make signs, 4 signs each, put them on your major street intersects that would gain many more enlightened patriots GBA
He was named after a motorcycle? Just kidding. One of the best guests ever and i think it’s his first time on the show.
“We have to get rid of obama” HOW THE HELL CAN PEOPLE, WHO ARE SUPPOSEDLY AWAKE MAKE STATEMENTS LIKE THAT? Barry is a fuckin puppet. All congress are puppets, the SCOTUS is a puppet. I am sick and tired of this bullshit. I like Ron Paul; but a baby in a crack house has as much a chance to do ANYTHING with these criminals. Additionally, who fuckin cares. We are Americans. I am sovereign. DC is a corporation and the flag is a corporate flag. We need to kick the country of DC out of America.
BRING BACK GLASS STEAGALL; ON AND FUCKIN ON AND FUCKIN ON AND FUCKIN ON. Is this the only thing the Larouche pact can think of? Here goes a hint Lyndon… IT’S FUCKIN GONE. DO YOU REALLY THINK THE CRIMINALS ARE ALL OF THE SUDDEN GOING TO TURN AROUND 180 DEGREES? Sorry to yell but it sickens me to no end. I am ashamed of you Alex, you always seemed to be awake. Now I feel you are supporting the enemy. The direction this country needs; is to break away from the country of D.C.—- I AM SOVEREIGN!
Is it Harley or Harvey?
This guy was doing great until he slipped into that same old tired line about Nazis.
Ben Shalom Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, Paul Wolfowitz, Dominic Strauss Kahn, Goldman Sachs, all of em, aren’t Nazis, or Nazi run.
They’re Jewish.


Everyone.. We are all being depopulated. It is a slow death ,its not like there walking us in ovens or Decapitations are happening…But GMO food , pharmaceutical drugs , Fluoride in the water , Vaccines , aspartame , giving people syphilis through vaccines , Aids , All slow deaths but = Death
now count in update wide reprouctive sterilizeratity factor by a few generations
~this has been augmented into the homo sapient gene pool inclusive via a wide array of vectors incluseive of entire Life Matrix of my Earth,\
=no penology exemptions
Lyndon LaRouche posing as a constitutionalist is just ridiculous! Schlanger rightfully hitting on elites fancying population reduction is just a piece of bigottery too. LaRouche’s thinking is just as unconstitutional and inhumane as that of the MIC, the Wall Street Gangs and the Green CO2 Fascists. You might want to get a second opinion on LaRouche: lyndonlarouchewatch(dot)org
a new generation of young people running shit? ah i don’t thiink so replacing old morons with younger ones i don’t know man
LaRouche is stealing votes from Ron Paul. Instead they should join forces.
Holy krap this guy is useless = just spouts obvious generalizations & assorted BS 2 kill time. What a boring guest. “Well it’s up 2 the fish 2 swim. If they want 2 eat, they must chew. Sometimes they poop, and run from predators, but other times they can be more relaxed and near their friends.”
We know that a handful of sick people want US dead!…
and they’re doing it right in front of our eyes…
YET we’re SPACED out about it. Why!?
Because you don’t want to believe…
that they want your “special ass” dead?
Everyone else’s ass is grass..but Yours is left alone.
How fucked up is that?
To all of you who say Alex Jones is afraid to mention “the Jews”, I noticed that HE brought up the farcical ADL to Harley Schlanger. I don’t see a shred of evidence for a Jewish conspiracy. What I do see is that Jews worldwide disproportionately take jobs in the finance industry, and are not doing much better at it than the rest of the banksters. What’s next? Blame “the Jews” because Dr. Liebowitz didn’t warn you about your sodium intake?
also reminds me of the illuminati card game 1996 , the exact events that are happening were already on these cards .
What about Ron Paul and LaRouche joining together?
Maybe I’m wrong, but aren’t Jews basically Caucasian?

The Nazi Hitler talk means nothing to me.
There is a genocide right now of farmers in South Africa. No one cares. The ZOG USA isn’t going to work.
Alex talks about not necessarily agreeing with solutions put forth by LaRouche. He expresses the same disagreement with Webster Tarpley when Tarpley tries to advocate for solutions. But I wish Alex would suggest some solutions of his own, then, or have guests on who have ideas for solutions. What does Alex think of Ellen Brown’s campaign for states to establish public banks modeled after the Bank of North Dakota? We need something to restore our economy!!
The Earth is hollow dudes, Unhappily NASA is lying to us all on this. It’s a simple puzzle to solve.. I think we have to think in terms of concentric colonization and that’s what all the craziness is about.
Why Alex Jones never mention the Zionists, he trashes Zeitgeist, Annonymous, Wikileaks, but he never mention the fuckin’ zionist jews.
Zeitgeist should never be Trashed…The Venus Project can save humanity.
We are approaching a galactic alignment where our solar system will pass through the galactic equator – the dark rift, as the Mayans called it.

Feedback from previous Jones appearances.
When Lyndon LaRouche made his second appearance on The Alex Jones Show on June 30, 2011, he made a bogus claim about America’s monetary system.
Wait.  Really.  Bogus claim?  I’m shocked!

GODLIKE PRODUCTIONS… Ahhhh, a Larouche post. How nostalgic. It makes me pine for the days of Sorcha Faal, 535, the Webbots, and Gaia Man.

Speaking of Harley, don’t lose these “justice for john wiley price” crap:

 OMFG, there’s a justiceforjwp.COM? Not ORG, which is a non-profit? That tells me all I need to know. It was registered to a Larry Hall. It looks to me that they tried to obfuscate the owner of the site. The site says the following on the donations page:  “DONATIONS ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE”

Here’s the WHOIS info on the site:



Alan Jones?

The National Library are looking for donations of materials (Flyers, pamphlets, stickers, ephemera, documentation, etc) related to the Convoy.
So, if anyone has successfully infiltrated Just Grounds forum and can convince them to part with flyers about reptoids, the Queen-Hitler-Vegan connection, the Australian Sovereign Citizen movement, the Lyndon LaRouche Movement, as well as the actual extra-Constitutional petition of demand, feel free to donate it to the Collection.
Getting the duty Librarian to believe you might be another problem, though.

Literary reviews:
The Humbuggery of Charles Darwin
Yep you read the title of this post correctly folks.  The Citizens Electoral Council considers Charles Darwin theories and work as humbuggery. Remarkable given the paranoid delusions of grandeur of Lyndon LaRouche.

Go figure.  Insane Lyndon Larouche Teaches Kids Mammals Are A Mistake and Turns The Elderly Into Climate Egoists

Hm… one last shot at the Oslo Terrorist:

The origin of this fabricated conspiracy theory would appear to be in Lyndon Larouche’s paranoid cult in the early 1990s. The confessed Oslo mass murderer, Anders Breivik plagiarized extensively from one version of the tale

It’s there an up-to-date guide for overseas visitors to the US scene? It’s nice to be called up from the Australian farm team, but I don’t want to end up in some glossy publication that turns out to be funded by LaRouche.

ITEM NUMBER SIX — News on “associates”:

Amelia Boynton Robinson gets a thrashing from the right-wing “American Thinker”.

Robinson herself is a walking contradiction. The Martin Luther King, Jr Freedom Medal recipient  has served for decades  as  the Vice-President of  Lyndon LaRouche’s Schiller Institute, which published her autobiography in 1991. LaRouche  garnered  KKK support in a 1984 Presidential bid under the Independent Democrat Party. In 1992 the mayor of Seattle rescinded the city’s offer to commemorate Black History Month with an Amelia Boynton Robinson Day.  Seattle organizers did not know about Robinson’s ties to LaRouche who was in jail at the time for “fraud and money raising abuses.”
Hey!  The Frankhouser connection was all about Intelligence Connections!  I read about it at wikipedia!

Lewis Du Pont dies.  I have nothing to say about that.

After college, Smith taught English and history at the Hill School in Pottstown and Friends Central in Wynnewood. In the early 1980s, he became actively involved in political organizing. His work led to his association with Lyndon LaRouche Jr.

Memories…  In 1986, Dannel was the only prominent politician to support Lyndon LaRouche’s Proposition 64 in California, which would have labeled AIDS a disease subject to quarantine. In 1989, Dannemeyer read into the Congressional Record Cameron’s graphic description of gay sex, “The Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do.” Dannemeyer left the House in 1992 to try to run for the Senate seat for California, but he lost in the primary.

They don’t have her…
Denise Giardina is a radical. Perched on the worn couch in her cozy home in Charleston, West Virginia, Giardina doesn’t shy away from this term, a death knell in modern politics. She certainly doesn’t fit the stereotype. Her wardrobe doesn’t consist of military fatigues. There are no pictures of Che Guevera on the walls. No Lyndon LaRouche For President fliers lying on the coffee table. That’s just not her style. Instead, Giardina looks to Henry Thoreau, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Mother Jones as her guideposts for revolutionary change.


Yeah, well:
  LaRouche organization made quite a few unfortunate calls in the last few years. I guess trying to predict an exact moment when such a complex system as world economy would collapse is an impossible task.
Also, in my opinion LaRouche made a 180 degree turn on Imperial destabilizations of the Arab/African countries, initially condemning it and suddenly changing their view.

Most people are indoctrinated by our Jewish media and public fool system to see Nazi Germany as the epitome of evil. However, I’d like to point out that Hitler is one of the few leaders to actually screw the Illuminati/NewWorldOrder/JewBankers and run them out of his country. He was also able to shut down all the Freemasonic temples and round up all the Marxist agitators in the country. His biggest victory was creating his own debt-free money which circulated in a poverty-stricken country ravaged by starvation and unemployment to create one of the greatest industrial powers the world has ever known. This along with purging the Jewish media from Germany created one of the biggest and most dominant countries ever known.If you are curious to learn more about the triumphs of Adolf against the Illuminati bankers, this is a nice little un-biased, fair site that will show the legacy of Hitler.
COUNTERPOINT from Howie G:  Few are willing to state the obvious truth: That Lyndon LaRouche has already presented the only workable “Plan B” to the current crisis, in the form of a return to FDR’s Glass-Steagall Law and ensuing scientific development policies, and in the form of a radical rejection of the anti-human British liberal philosophy of pleasure and pain. And either LaRouche’s policies are implemented, or the planet will sink into a New Dark Age. ……
Larouche is someone to pay attention to.
COUNTERPOINT: That’s kinda hard with him boring the piss out of me.
POINT:  I can be optimistic about the future if we change our Presidents. I think that, under the right conditions, that John Kerry, properly advised, will know how to approach this crisis we’re entering into now.



ROCHE is based in BASEL.
BASEL is BÄLE in French and hence the link

Here’s another one from the “Satan’s Fake Apocalypse” for ya!
Then it hit me: Obama, according to Webster Tarpley, had a rather wild time in his early adulthood, and this, also according to Tarpley, has been swept under the rug by killing those with firsthand knowledge, including his supposed male lovers. (This is one reason I suspect that his family is just intended to provide him with the trappings of an average person.)

Here’s another one!
I have it on good authority that the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Build A Burgers, the Rothschilds and the Lyndon Larouche Institute for Whole Cloth Preservation are headquartered in Luxembourg. With all that money and power, it’s no wonder they have a high minimum wage.


I have no idea where this twitter feed is going, but maybe it’ll be interesting.!/ciampion

 Dennis Miller Top 25 MNF jokes — #17.

Memo… “Australian Movement for Sustained Development”

ITEM NUMBER TEN:  The Ultimate Ron Paul — Larouche :  “Why Is the Local Media Ignoring –?“  COMMENTPALOOZA

I never knew LaRouche was an actual person (I still have my doubts). I thought it was just a random name that the political trolls that constitute the fanbase made up.
One time I made a LaRouche supporter burst into tears.  It was awesome.
Jesus H. on a Harley, I can’t believe even Paul Constant (admittedly not on my A-list) is falling for such stuff.
This entire Lyndon LaRouche scam is just that: a matching campaign finance scam, dood.
Remember that box on your tax returns that you can check off if you want a donation made to the presidential campaign that doesn’t cost you anything?
LaRouche receives around $30 million every four years for his faux political party!
I can’t believe you are unaware of that??????
Just can’t get away from this one..

LaRouchies run the Democrat Party, so why not Paulians the Republicans? It is all one big conspiracy!

“Larouche Is A Complete Idiot” youtube video COMMENTPALOOZA

This white jewish elite wich we call the british dutch empire is just as repugnant, they are preparing world war 3, and the only thing a sick twisted dutch pedophile like you can say, is : lyndon larouche is an idiot????
I think lyndon larouche still isn’t telling the truth about what the british empire is. beause if he did they would call him anti semitic. obama has been put in the white house by the elite to be the fall guy while they bring down the us dollar and thus the worlds monetary system.
this guy is introducing a new species, when he takes a dump, then we can call that evolution. lyndon larouche like most scientists knows that evolution is non sense.i am afraid that the u.s. is not aware that the dutch are still believing that shit.
this guy has a dutch accent, and you know what that means. dutch= hypocrits, pedophiles and gay people/a non cultural people with the most disgusting urges. if pedophelia was infented, then it was infented in holland.hat a disgusting accent. shit. fuck.
Yeah, well … If that’s a point … here’s a COUNTERPOINT:
Ever since reading a Lyndon LaRouche article called “The Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites (1978?),” I’ve been pretty convinced, as the article suggests, that the Jews are ultimately. NOT in control, and are indeed slated for destruction.
But, here’s the Point again — (click “read more” button”)
A Larouche Movie that revives an old plan from the 1960s
3rd item cited here.
Alice Wolf sells the Larouche has been predicting earthquakes for months.

defensive posturing

Monday, August 29th, 2011

The Obama 2012 bumper sticker — and unlike the first time I saw the first t-shirt I did not bother to note the first time I saw the first bumper sticker —

“Hope and Change Are Working Out Quite Well, Thanks for Asking”.

Hm.  It’s a little too defensive for its own good, isn’t it?  I understand the thrusts of the Obama 2012 argument, but that bumper sticker slogan needs work.

Meantime — isn’t it about time to remove the “Impeach Bush” bumper sticker?  Or the Kerry / Edwards 2004 one?

In other items of interest — I saw the Scientologists peddle Dianectus machinery “tests” at a table outside Saturday Market.  It was just a few feet away from a Fortune Teller.

No Anarchy for you

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Someone should do an inventory of where “Anarchist symbol” graffiti shows up around town.  I take it that the Anarchists are claiming various items of public and private property — freeing them.  A “Portland Tribune” box down South.  A dumpster downtown.  There seems to be an upsurge, but maybe I’m just noticing them right this moment for some reason.

This is what Anarchy is all about!


I caught the core of the Friday evening anti-war marchers — the part that remains, that makes some mincemeat off of the idea that Obama has exposed and showed the “anti-war movement” as a pack of partisan hacks.  They chanted a familiar slogan — “US Out of Afghanistan!  Can We Do It?” — bullhorn man.  “Yes we can!” — not in sync.  Generally speaking, the smaller these things, the more visible the “Zionist Control US” sign is — by dent of how few people there are here.  I believe the “Protest Warriors” — the Conservative pro-war Republicans who marches with the protesters waving sarcastic signs and chanting sarcastically, have shriveled away as well — I suppose in wait for the Romney Administration and the ensuing dying of the “Tea Party”.

The thing I wondered about with the “US Out of Afghanistan!” line — where’s Libya?  Still, even down to an upper single digit number — mildly attached the Democratic Party and not getting at one part of the Administration’s participation in war policy.



Aliens and Zombies and the Government’s Scenarios for Disasters

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Using spectrometry, extraterrestrials could detect changes in Earth’s atmosphere and deduce that we’re out of control, the report suggests. It’s one of a number of scenarios discussed in the paper, written by Shawn Domagal-Goldman of Nasa’s Planetary Science Division and Pennsylvania State University academics.

“These scenarios give us reason to limit our growth and reduce our impact on global ecosystems. It would be particularly important for us to limit our emissions of greenhouse gases, since atmospheric composition can be observed from other planets,” the authors write.

“A preemptive strike would be particularly likely in the early phases of our expansion because a civilization may become increasingly difficult to destroy as it continues to expand.”

In some places the authors get really carried away – one wonders how many of them are frustrated would-be Hollywood screen-writers.

If we did get attacked by aliens, they suggest, it’s possible that another bunch might fly in to save us.

“In these scenarios, humanity benefits not only from the major moral victory of having defeated a daunting rival, but also from the opportunity to reverse-engineer ETI technology,” they say with glee.

Two thoughts — one, expressed here by, I guess I can call her “Low-grade Climate Change Skeptic”, Megan McArdle of The Atlantic:
As longtime readers known, I have been extremely critical of the attitude that some climate scientists seem to have developed towards dissent, and what you might call the PR aspect of their work. Nonetheless, I am quite convinced that the planet is warming, and fairly convinced that human beings play a role in this. (When you’ve got Reason’s Ron Bailey, Cato’s Patrick Michaels, and Jonathan Adler, you’ve convinced me).

The phrase that pays is “might call the PR aspect of their work”.  It’s hard to know how to bump up against the “PR aspect” of the various institutions trying to declaim Climate Change, except through PR — large parts of that email scandal which skeptics hold is not getting enough play out there — look up the term “Climate Change Scandal”  in google news and you tend to get news articles like this exonerating scientists of various misdeeds — stem from this. 

NASA is sort of engaging in something of “bringing it to the masses” here.  They’re intermingling Climate Change (or, Global Warming) with the Exterrestrial Threat.  It fits the same genre as an earlier Homeland Security Deparment thingamajing about the Zombie Apocalypse.  I don’t think it’s a good mix, and it ends up being embarrassing and rather easily discarded –counterproductive, I might say — what’s the Gummint’s band of eggheads trying to pull here?

Something I picked up on the “Noam Chomsky” wikipedia entry

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Yeah, I knew this first part ever since I heard the conspiracy theorist part of KBOO’s one year anniversary job for 9/11, the two twenty-something year old 9/11 truther researchers began by asserting full forth — “Just so we’re on the right page, the government is complicit”, calling into question the sanity and intellectual honesty of anyone not seeing it  — and then tearing apart Noam Chomsky for comments about 9/11 Truthers — “Disappointing”.

Chomsky has dismissed 9/11 conspiracy theories, stating that there is no credible evidence to support the claim that the United States Government was responsible for the attacks.
“I think the Bush administration would have had to be utterly insane to try anything like what is alleged, for their own narrow interests, and do not think that serious evidence has been provided to support claims about actions that would not only be outlandish, for their own interests, but that have no remote historical parallel.”

But this next part is interesting.

In addition, Chomsky believes the conspiracy theory movement is being fueled by the government establishment to distract the public from more pressing matters.

“People always ask, “What can I do?” And then they say, here’s something I can do. I can become a qualified civil engineer in an hour, and prove that Bush blew up the World Trade Center. I’m pretty sure that in Washington they must be clapping. A couple of years ago, I came across a Pentagon document that was about declassification procedures. Among other things, it proposed that the government should periodically declassify information about the Kennedy assassination. Let people trace whether Kennedy was killed by the mafia, so activists will go off on a wild goose chase instead of pursuing real problems or getting organized. It wouldn’t shock me if thirty years from now we discover in the declassified record that the 9/11 [conspiracy] industry was also being fed by the [Bush] administration.”[69]

You know– that’s a South Park episode!  Were Parker and Stone reading Chomsky or was Chomsky watching South Park?
which a 9/11 Truthers thought propaganda and  and “launched”.  Randi message board believed it did good.


Friday, August 19th, 2011

Jon Huntsman, Jr.
“To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy,” Huntsman tweeted Thursday afternoon.

His path to the presidency is along the lines of McCain’s in 2000.  Win the Independent voting pool in New Hampshire — perhaps something along the lines of a people sick of the Tea Party and ready for “The Sane” — and then parlay that victory to a win in South Carolina and momentum from there on through the rest of the primaries — “Big Money”, I guess, consolidating behind him.  I doubt it.  Note McCain didn’t win, and he had a better and bigger opening in South Carolina than Huntsman did, and a bigger block at the starting gate in geo-cultural opposition at the starting gate.  Still — that figure, the one likely to win New Hampshire and on for the rest of the primaries — is in full pandering mode.

“I don’t know that you sign a membership,” he said. “What I consider myself is someone who is in sync with the Tea Party.” — Mitt Romney.

Maybe Huntsman is pandering to “Captain Beefheart” fans — I don’t know.  That may be like suggesting Romney was pandering to Scientologists when he listed some L Ron Hubbard book as one of his favorite reads.

Shifting through the muck of Bachmann versus Paul versus Perry.  Michele Bachmann: “Working from the Inside to bring the System Down.”  That’s how she explains her quasi-scandalous past job with the IRS.  It’s rhetoric which is being flowered out by a lot of politicians of this stripe — Alex Jones conjoled Rand Paul on that point — “Agent from Within”.  (And incidentally, Ron Paul — his son sucks, just in that way I thought he would when I cheekily and merrily labeled him — on this blog — a “neo-con”.)

Bachmann won the Straw Poll with the help of Arms Trader to Uganda for Jesus Peter Waldron.  Ron Paul can’t get no respect —  Look.  A new Ron Paul fan website, born out of the current controversy over nature of Paul’s coverage in the Ames Straw Poll.  Features a slashing against Bachmann.

Rick Perry:
Until I saw clips of him in the past two or three days, I hadn’t realized how much watching and seeing Perry is just like having George W. Bush back in our living rooms. Maybe this will be an ingredient for strong conservative support. I can’t imagine that any sophisticated Republican operative thinks it’s a plus in winning 270 electoral votes. When Republicans ran against the first post-Nixon Democratic president, in 1980, they didn’t try to find someone who looked and sounded like Tricky Dick.

Gary Johnson:  Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson originally thought Gov. Rick Perry was just impersonating another former Texas governor who became involved in presidential politics, Politico reports.
“Have you ever heard Rick Perry talk? I thought when I listened to him talk, I thought he was doing a parody of George Bush. And I was looking around to see if anyone else saw the humor in that. And it wasn’t. It was just the way that he talked,” Johnson told Politico.

The way to get out of that, I suppose, is by mouthing rhetoric from Ron Paul about Ben Bernanke and angering the whole of the Bush Administration.  After that — yep, quite Bush like in fund-raising terms.

Rick Santorum had a media- arbitrarily defined “good showing” at the arbitrarily hyped Ames poll, and went on to showcase with an ad presented in bold action font— not quite on par with Pawlenty’s bold action ads.

Though, Santorum needs to watch it.

A Dutch company on Tuesday launched a lawsuit against the company that designed the campaign website for Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, accusing the site’s designer of illegally using its trademarked font.
Typotheque VOF is seeking at least $2 million in damages from RaiseDigital LLC, a Virginia-based consulting company that develops new media strategies for political campaigns and politicians.
According to the lawsuit, Santorum’s political action committee, America’s Foundation PAC, commissioned RaiseDigital to build, which serves as Santorum’s official 2012 presidential campaign website.
But as early as June 30, the site began prominently featuring an “unauthorized derivative version” of a type of font called FEDRA, according to the complaint. Typotheque said it owns the trademark to the FEDRA font, but that it has not seen a dime from RaiseDigital in licensing fees.

Thaddeus McCotter gets called a Man of “Big Ideas” —  also agree with Gabler that we have lost appreciation of big thinkers (look at our political classes… outside of Paul Ryan and Thaddeus McCotter I can’t think of a single big thinker on the national stage.

Also, he’s getting media attention where he can get it — that patch website really does suck.    Still — local color — he’s assembling crowds in the “Shade”.

Good news for Bachmann, and perhaps a sign of the cratering Roy Moore campaign.  A former Roy Moore supporter has jumped ship to the more “electable” Bachmann.  (Maybe I should start treating Moore like one of the third party candidates– alongside the Prohibition Party’s nominated candidate.

Buddy Roemer has the desire to “debate somewhere, sometime“.  Yeah, good luck with that… Mr. “Everyone is running around with secretive super-pacs“.

It’s really weird to see the positive framing for things like this:

Successful businessman and black conservative candidate for the presidency, Herman Cain says that it would be a great idea to impeach President Barack Hussein Obama.
Really, just because... Why not?
Theoretically you should present a reason for such a thing, but Cain doesn’t even feel the need to bother.
Also a comment like this ends up getting a fair share of positive affirmations.
“If ObamaCare had been fully implemented when I caught cancer, I’d be dead,” Cain said.

Hm.  No.  Not even under the logic of the argument — “Successful Businessman” Millionaire.

Cain is a former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, and has worked as an executive for Pillsbury and Burger King. He said the way to fix the economy is by releasing the chief engine of growth: private business. Cain said there’s an uncertainty in the business world right now, and investors are holding on to their money, rather than investing in new projects.
“All we need to do is get government out of the way,” Cain said. “Get government off people’s backs, and the jobs will be there.”

Good times!

Why can’t Cain, Roemer, McCotter, and the politicians like them do what Newt Gingrich is up to — dart your campaign with stuff like appearances in Hawaii?  Surely how Gingrich will win — win the primaries and caucuses of America’s tourist destinations.

Doc Hastings is burning up

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

It’s pretty easy to see a swarth of the anti-Jay Inslee campaign for all of Eastern Washington.

Jay Inslee drops down into Eastern Washington.

He left the area after being unseated by current Fourth District Rep. Doc Hastings in 1994, but told members of the Tri-Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce that he hasn’t forgotten his time as a hay farmer and small business owner east of the Cascades.

“It’s important to have a governor who knows a ‘Day’s Pay’ is not just what you earn,” Inslee said, referring to the B-17 bomber named in honor of the World War II-era Hanford workers who each donated a day’s pay to buy the plane as a contribution to the war effort.
“It’s important to have a governor who knows the Bulldogs aren’t just Garfield High in Seattle, but also the Pasco Bulldogs,” he said.
But it also is critical for the state’s next governor to understand Eastern Washington’s economy, and to see the potential for economic growth in its industries, he added.
Inslee said he sees the potential in Eastern Washington for industries that could make the entire state prosperous, namely the technology and energy businesses that are putting the Tri-Cities on the leading edge of what he termed a “new industrial revolution.”

Yeah, cue the “split Eastern Washington to Seattle suburbs” in one… two… three…

Still, Jay Inslee versus Doc Hastings news continues in odd places.

In Washington, Reps Norm Dicks (D-6th), Jay Inslee (D- 1st) and Adam Smith (D-9th) had a perfect voting record, voting for clean water all 14 times.  Reps Jim McDermott (D-7th) and Rick Larsen (D-2nd) voted for clean water 13 of 14 times, and Rep Dave Reichart (D-8th) voted for clean water 9 of 14 times.  On the contrary, Reps Doc Hastings (R-4th), Jaime Herrera-Beutler (R-3rd) and Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-5th) all voted for dirty water each time.
In Idaho, Reps Raul Labrador (R-1st) and Michael Simpson (R-2nd) voted for dirty water 13 of 14 times.

Actually Hastings, Beutler, and Rodgers weren’t voting for dirty water, so much as voting against, er, Job Killing stuff.

Republican Congressman, Doc Hastings (District 4) was also in town Monday morning and talking jobs with the folks at Adventure R-V.
The republican congressman told KIMA he agrees with Senator Murray’s assessment that Yakima has a skills gap.
“Let me put it this way,” Hastings said. “Talking to the proprietors here, they could use more people. And they’re having a tough time getting people.”

I suppose Hastings’s signing off on the “debt dealing” will garner him a primary opponent — or, I guess, a Republican “prefers Tea Party” candidate in the jungle primary.  Somebody other than Gordon Allen Pross.   This blog has accumulated the votes and puffed out the slew of Republicans, short of Ron Paul, as “RINO” and “Rat”.  Doc Hastings is apparently a “RINO”.   It won’t go anywhere, but it’ll make a fun voting pamphlet statement nonetheless.

Maybe this guy could run.  Surely he’s upset with Doc Hastings over not foaming at the mouth 24 / 7?

Last chance to get a Doc Hastings photograph at a yard sale.  Prices slashed.  I think the other offers are more enticing.