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In partial defense of President Trump…

Friday, August 27th, 2021

… if a Senator or Vice President Biden were to have said that Osama Bin Laden was a “one hit wonder”, who would be barking at it and who would be defend a …

… reasonable, though technically incorrect, assessment…

… if one of those impolitic thingees…

… Which, theoretically, was the political plus for both Trump and a past Biden…


Yeah, I know. I can picture the Trump tweet.

catching up

Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

Not traversing into downtown much, or at all, during the still surreal Covid moment, I miss all signs of the frequent occasional melees — no free vegan milkshakes for me! — but evidently, as I see reported, the Fas and the Antifas were at it, playing their Spanish Civil War reenactments. This one becomes interesting enough in that we have more signs of obnoxious behaviour from those fas — enough that crooks and liars reports it with an identical line as we have seen from the conservative press except actors flipped — Why? Are? The Cops? Not? Interceding? Hereabouts? Naturally the comments sections of right wing sites floating about get an automatic “bad things happening in Portland” mention, no clarification from there. No footage from Andy Ngo to glom off to?

(When last we saw antifa of Portland, they were stealing food from a church picnic, a churchly group they deemed bad in their broad definition of whom it is they are fighting. This weekend sees the big pickup truck drivers of Vancouver based manly men shooting smoke at… whomever…)

The police response on this one is surreal. In the past we have had the antifas complain on their perfectly reasonable tactic of allowing the fas an escape route in opening the bridge after keeping the two parties separate for the afternoon, bridge closed. This one decided that the two could go at it if they must, while supplying a tone deaf counter programming … Friday

Speaking at a “choose love” online event Friday, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and other metro area leaders broadly condemned the political violence that has become routine in Portland.

Asked if unchecked political violence is inevitable, Wheeler said there are discussions online suggesting people planned to come to Portland on Sunday specifically to get into fights.

Something about the rhetorical pitch drowns and washes away. No one is much interested. Something like responding to a wave of juvenile delinquency by plopping down a balloon dancing event. Though, it occurs to me, if not for civic restrictions, and the troubles of demographic matching with “Proud Boys” the mayor could try the Vortex event tactic. I guess it has to be two events due to the clash of cultures.

Rambling impressions on 20 years of Afghanistan coverage, part 1 of 3

Tuesday, August 17th, 2021

It is a signal of the realism of the situation that the post 9/11 insta-expertise from the nation of armchair generals sided against any major Afghan project. I have a Rudyard Kipling quotation for you about how if you find yourself fighting in Afghanistan, just go ahead and shoot yourself. I have a quick study pointing to a golden age for Afghanistan for the early 1970s, under the stewardship of a progressive minded king, and we have the name of a popular female singer to throw out. We have cold water tossed on the notion in explaining that this progressive minded king was always having to make realpolitik compromises with a host of noxious warlords in control of much or most of the land. We have the quotation from Brzenski for everyone who wants to give equal blame on the US as against the Soviet Union on the Soviet war in Afghanistan, and a movie about Representative Charles Wilson from Texas.

Through the summer of 2001 there is a cutesy story about the last two remaining Afghan Jews being at war with each other, a contentious fight over a couple Christian missionaries, and a repeating destruction of Ancient Buddha artifacts by the hands of the Taliban.

An d toss in a John Quincy Adams quote about not looking for monsters to destroy, as a couple small voices in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 — seen, yes, on CNN, suggest room between al Qaeda and the Taliban, some gradations of needing to respect an objectively awful political entity — a voice of warning due to the moral troubles and equivocations to come.

But the bulk of the post 9/11 insta- Afghanistan armchair experts were holding their hats on hawkish Wilsonian rhetoric — Man yearns to be free, Democracy crushes the Tyranny. Immediate designs to carpet bomb in that general direction are reformed into a notion of world Transformation. Enter a new story on female Olympic athlete — the one person competing head respectfully covered. Laura Bush coos, as she did at the election of some dude named Hamid Karzai… Who was — who? Surely the Afghanistan in star experts knew all about him. The great news — surely that weird entity featured in Pacifica Radio and KBOO land, the “Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan” — totally relevant to internal Afghanistan politics — are cooing with First Lady Bush as the Taliban recedes and an Olympic athlete is not in a burqa.

The number one cash crop — Heroin — poppyseeds– the sustenance of America’s erstwhile ally. We learn about a cultural practice of buggering little boys, there is a name for it, from the province of deeply religious Muslims who are fervently anti-gay. Somewhere in this we get word that one way to popular support from the Taliban is opposition to such — both drug and paedophilic practices. Except if they aren’t.

one footnote amongst several

Saturday, August 14th, 2021

Dipping into the curious equation of the California gubernatorial recall efforts, noting the Newsom strategy of urging voters to ignore and not fill out that second ballot —

— and seeing that in one of them fairly unpredictable and volitile polls, a Democrat — as the big “only person you can vote for if you want to put in a Democrat” — is in the least

— because otherwise, Larry Elder leads with 12 percent of the vote…

The 29 year old Democratic front- runner from out of the Tech industry (if running a YouTube channel can be called such) is now bubbling about — having to sell himself against the Newsom premise — or, as presenting himself …

And — boo boy — Biden is coming to campaign in Cali — as a sign of “bringing in the Big Guns”… Curious to see if Biden counts as a ” Big Gun”, even if he is President…

The upshot comes out of the status of the Democratic Party runner -up, second most relevant figure of nine in this race —

For one year of gubernatorial service —

He does share one quality with the previous winner of a California Recall election.

He played a Terminator.

Patrick appeared in Episode 205 “Goodbye to All That” as The Bedell Terminator, a T-888 sent by Skynet to terminate Martin Bedell, a future officer with the Resistance. It was noted in several production Podcasts and Blogs that Patrick was allowed to use the actual .45 Long slide with laser sighting used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original movie; a fact that delighted not only the actor and the crew, but fans as well.

So, should one want to etch that distinction into California history — voted in bot one, but two actors who played a Terminator cyborg as governor– Californians have that option.

Remember that bold red “impeach” bumper sticker?

Friday, August 13th, 2021

Impeach President Carter.  Richard Mullins demanded, for lax immigration on the Mexican border and for the Panama Canal Treaty.

The Impeach President Ford button was a thing to buy.  We also see a behind pay wall archived news story on impeachment efforts from  California — I assume Orange County.

I am very much puzzled by the “Impeach President Biden” sweatshirt image.  Curious to see if the lot of the right wing fringe of Congress gets any dibs on this burdening effort, I see the bias of Wikipedia — first sentence for Paul Gosar, “Paul Anthony Gosar is an American far-right politician and former dentist …” — where, say, Cynthia McKinney  — “Cynthia Ann McKinney is an American politician and assistant professor at …” — but I am sure Coast can rail against Big Tech in his Biden Impeachment drafts.

Impeaching Eisenhower was a beatnik affair –  Kerouac’s conservative politics an outlier.   And we have a retrospective argument against a compelling argument to impeach him for the U2 Incident.

Someone should fill out President Dukakis’s stewardship of the Soviet collapse Here, othrwise the bias of presupposed fatalism rings in — undid by just what undid Bush, with perceived mideast in actions not even buffering him!    I do not know when the President Perot one was written — the “succeeded by Biden” final gives the game away as trying to find one it abilities.  I gauge the “stopped 9/11” line as … Based on …?  And suppose the rest has the premise that “anyone woulda rode the 90s economy to high approvals!”

Mandela affects

Tuesday, August 10th, 2021

Ain’t no rule that says a dog can’t play basketball“, the famed line from the 1997 Disney movie ‘Air Bud’, is a copy and paste from the 1954 Warner Bros cartoon short “Gone Batty” and its line “There’s nothing in the rulebook that says an elephant can’t pitch.” Both remarks are made with the same opposing team making a ruckus to the officiated, who — either shown flipping through the rule book or holding it — makes this pronouncement.

The 1997 citation has a good deal of internet citation, moving to absurdities of loophole suggestions and stupid questions — is there anything that would disallow it? — and onto citations of rules that, yes, would disallow Air Bud. No one references the 1954 cartoon.

Beyond the obvious factor that a dog cannot play basketball, but maybe Air Bud exists in the same cinematic universe as Teen Wolf — a movie that always left me asking — is there anything intrinsic in the qualities of a wolf that would make one good at basketball?

At least a cat may theoretically make for a good pitch runner, though good luck in training it. We would probably need a very specific scenario in hitting the ball to make the gambit worthwhile and get the cat land on the bases at the right times.

The elephant in “Gone Batty” proceeds to violate rules aplenty of the game of baseball, beginning with having an accompanying player on the pitching mound with him. But this may be part of the immoral universe of the short — turnabout is fair play after the opposing team spent eight innings cheating and cheating in running up their preposterous comical score. I do not know if Air Bud violates the rules of basketball, though it is noteworthy that he is wearing sneakers.

One big rule change in comparing the two is shown with the English used — the umpire in 1954 not moving to that colloquial “ain’t”, the best to affirm his authority.

But we always have problems in setting up the boundary lines of these remakes.


Monday, August 9th, 2021

That right hand upper tier corner of youtube recommendations throws this at me.

And now I am left sorting through what I have been watching from YouTube to figure out the algorithm. A smattering of Soundgarden videos. A couple “riff track” movies. The creepy 1970s movie “The Baby”.

Was it the cute cat videos?

Old Wally George programs, who probably was left out on a uhf station in Anaheim griping as he watched Morton Downey, Jr taking his act big.

Amused myself with a couple episodes of the stupid 1983 sitcom “Jennifer Slept Here” — because looking at the infamous 1983 NBC Primetime lineup is a thing to do.

Maybe this vast Homosexual Agenda paying for the ad isn’t narrow casting at all, just asking everyone to keep the idea in your head, bound to recruit someone.

headline news I cannot use much

Friday, August 6th, 2021

Headline new jumping about yahoo. Huffington Post gives us “California GOP Gubernatorial Front-Runner Larry Elder Promotes Anti-Vax Doctor”. Sure. And there is perhaps going to come a time when the Democrats of California will want to pump up a candidate on the ballot for the ” in case their incumbent loses” — though maybe not — the two Democratic candidates with ” Wikipedia notability” lie outside their purview, so maybe the party brass just assumes they can get Elder or whoever in a year’s time. It figures that the lesson they brought from 2003 — do not confuse a binary proposition by letting in a Cruz Bustamante run and deal in a partisan fight where an unpopular Democrat should beat the Republican — may just blow up in their face. I suggest the Democratic Party try a clandestine bolstering and mobilize behind Jenner, just to screw things up.

“Miley Cyrus rocks crop top, goes makeup-free in Malibu after she rails against cancel culture”. This is brought to you by Fox News. Does she have stock with anyone?

“Juventus Women Tweets Racist Photo, Apologizes: It Was ‘Not Meant To Cause Controversy”. Courtesy huff post. As offensive photos go, I am kind of nonplussed. Probably not a good idea to put on that hat — I… Guess. But mostly — for a second I was confused — someone with first name ” Huge the” and last name “Women”? No. Apparently it is a sports team. I am confused because there is one mildly amusing image if in some right company accompanying it which goes in the “political career finished” category. Is it a sports team of one member?

“Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters Troll Westboro Baptist Church Again With Bee Gees Cover (Video)”. Mostly I am puzzled by describing any interaction with WBC as a ” feud”. That possible with those people?

“450,000 bees found living inside walls of U.S. home”. If only we had a time machine and could deposit them a decade back when the news was admitted with how a bee shortage was going to destroy our ecosystem.

“Biden flubs number of vaccinated Americans”. So goes the Washington Examiner. Stick a “-gate” behind the casual mis-peak, I guess.

“Obama cut Larry David, David Letterman, and Conan O’Brien from his 60th birthday party, but Beyoncé and Jay-Z are still invited”. I guess that will lose him the ” white working class” in racially polarized America? (Funny headline, apparently not noticing this racial angle, because reading on I do see “Bruce Springsteen, Steven Spielberg, and George Clooney, made the pared-down list”. And reading on, I see that the ” white working class” are alienated not so much because of the initial headline showing some white celebrities disinclined in favor of some black celebrities, but because it is a vegan affair.)

“We watched Meghan McCain’s farewell to ‘The View’ so you don’t have to” — an LA Times headline that begs a question — Why would I have to watch it in an alternate universe where they did not watch it? I do not understand the equation here.

“Britney Spears gets her 1st iPad amid conservatorship battle: ‘I feel like my life is changing'”. Huh. So… her conservatorship simply left her stranded in the year 2003, unable to buy new consumer projects? First World Problems.