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The stupidity burns

Tuesday, October 31st, 2023

“Solidarity is important. For the same types of oppression we face as black people, as trans people, as Jewish people, as Asian people, it’s all the same forces and when we come together to fight for liberation we are also fighting for each other. “

Uh. Um. Erm.

I throw my hands on the air. There is no response because there is no content in this. But upon closer inspection, I do see this person failed to get gay people in — skipped right to trans — suggesting… Bill Maher was right — the Overton Window has moved so gay is the new straight, not worth mentioning in any wheel of oppression.

On Jewish people — yeah, that one gets trampled on in a hurry.

Dean Phillips throws his hat in

Monday, October 30th, 2023

Is everybody ready for the Dean Phillips surge?

He’s going to take down Joseph Biden in the coming primaries!

The second coming of Roosevelt, Kennedy, and an ounce of Mario Cuomo and…

A voting record that matches Biden 100 percent? Yeah. That makes for a sterling debate. Every rebuttal will be … “I agree, but I’m three decades younger than you!”

democracy does in darkness and what not

Wednesday, October 25th, 2023

It is worth looking back at the Republican political fight for Speaker after Next Gingrich departed in 1998. Because in some ways the storyline of how we produced Mike Johnson is akin to how we produced Dennis Hastert except (in terms of legislating and governing — the ex Speaker turned out to have run his high school wrestling regime with grooming tactics) … More horrifying.

Lowest Common Denominator. Fewest enemies. And all right — this was what we get with the veto power of Gaetz and Trump and a bottom line need to elevate someone under the litmus test of — where were they and what did they do to aid the January 6th attempt to thwart the election of Joseph Biden?

I doubt it is a worked out conspiracy hatched and plotted at Mar-a-Lago, but it runs into the gambit through sniffing out the course instrinsically as events unfold. The conspiracy would have to be one where everyone thought five steps ahead to the end last December or January. Okay. Let Kevin McCarthy have the gavel. For the moment. But when the opportunity comes up, get to the contrived crisis that will depose him. Play the sides against each other and make your demand, Jim Jordan. When the per-Trump Republican Stalwart opposition vetoes it, move onto someone who served the same purpose and will be reliable after the next election but has not been mean to the pre Trump Republican Stalwarts. The purpose would be to have the gavel and control of the House when they replay the events of January 6 in January of 2025.

I kind of do not know what else I am looking at here. Certainly not this line — America decided nothing; America was not asked.

And, sure. Disclaimer. Or slight but important enumeration for the msnbc commentator who remarked on the backfiring of pressure tactics for Jordan — and the air of political violence — “well, it is the first time they got that.”. Noted – – the only Congress figure shot and hospitalized of the bunch is Scalise. If this or this does not play against the argument is less important than keeping facts in order.

herding cats

Wednesday, October 18th, 2023

For the life of me, I do not know what this poll means.

Majority of Americans — and even the majority of conservatives — support McCarthy’s ouster.

In functioning government terms, we would be in better shape without a McCarthy ouster. On that score, I guess I do not support McCarthy’s oustwe. But I could not vote for the guy or want a congress critter to do so — unless, like, he makes a deal to drop the Biden Impeachment charade and agrees to debt ceiling obliteration. I guess I support the Republicans keeping him as their leader. I do not support the Democrats taking him in as a leader.

But The deed is done. We skip ahead to Scalise. And then we skip to Jim Jordan. And we are moving further and further into the ridiculous. Scalia’s was yesterday’s wackadoodle, a sop from yesterday’s leadership to appease yesterday’s wackadoodles. By dent of him being in leadership, he is tainted by the perpetual “rebel”s. So comes Jim Jordan. And what’s next?

In the proceedings there come a few moments of curiosity. See this WATCH: Maxine Waters Is Met With A Chorus Of Boos From Republicans During House Speaker Vote. Very simple question — any particular reason why? Yes, I know she is a partisan figure who has made partisan comments for years but that does not account for anything. No one else got this treatment — even partisan figures who have made partisan comments. The more bothersome problem is the “bottom half of the Internet” commentary that with a prior that this makes perfect sense, a natural state of being –boo Waters. Did she make statements on Palestine that I missed?

The vote rallying announcing at the end of the second vote gets amusing. So all the Democrats applaud at Jeffries — show of support to the leading vote getter and all that. He leaves off the honorific “Honorable” for some of the alsos — I gather a former Representative in Lee Zeldin does not get the honor. I would have to go back and see if John Boehner was given the title — a man who also received a batch of applause, I guess from Republican nostalgia-sts pining for the previous era.

bombs bursting in air

Thursday, October 12th, 2023

On the irretractable “Israel – Palestine” conflict, also known as a war, I got nothing. The problem is that neither does anyone else. The only hope lies in the fact that you could throw your hands in the start of the twentieth century on “The French and German people have been at each other since the dawn of civilization — there’s just no hope with this one.”

I realize I can not politically align myself with anything called “The Left” is when I see that the Palestinian cause has somehow through some mechanism come to be a centrifugal force, an irreducible component in everyone’s anti-imperialist and intersectional politics. The former may follow a logic if trapped in a tight manichean world, the latter makes less sense than the former — as Jon Stewart once quipped in a mock-coverage of Palestinian elections, “and to divide it into blue state and red state…who are we kidding? It’s all red state.” Stare blankly at the lgbtq rights map. In the current spot, and the war tactics of Hamas, and the this and that symbolism of Palestinian rights activists in adopting them as symbolic figures, I have to question what everyone’s problems with Abu Ghraib was. And wedding this and that world demonstration, ask what the problem was with yahoos chanting “The Jews will not replace us” in Charlottesville.

So it is Black Lives Matter sticks in its by-laws fierce support of the Palestinian cause. The Woman’s march did the same – – part of an ensuance that it would fizzle out at its second year. I guess The Nation attempted the reach for the interconnection on BLM. Israeli military technology drops back into American police forces. On the Women’s march, I just figure — leftists want to get everything in.

In the meantime, American politicians play the little bit of “Main character syndrome”. Bare in mind it is the Biden — Netanayahu duo, if you insist on fingering Biden somehow — that other guy is there as well, and in closer proximity to the action.

Kennedy’s old co-workers

Monday, October 9th, 2023

I guess Robert F Kennedy Jr’s support for Israel would turn off a big part of his base of support? Or maybe the whisps and embers of World War 3 in the air tonight will, by election 2024, fade into its generic turmoil, and other issues will galvanize back to Kennedy as opposed to Biden — or, at this point Biden is unacceptable and they have someone to keep from casting for Trump.

Back in the day, Kennedy was a host on Air America. A weekend host — even fewer people listening than to the radio network on the weekdays — and he, to be blunt, does not have a voice for the radio. The show was co-host, and I guess you can say carried, by Mike Papantonio. And it is here that you can maybe take stock of the array of radio speakers from Air America to see who had aided with Kennedy in some righteous fight against Biden. Yep — there you have — Mike Papantonio. So Franken, of course, nixes Kennedy on his podcast — no idea what he thought of Kennedy when he was on the same payroll.

Beyond that — Sam Seder switches and no word on Mike Malloy.

short termers

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023

I do not fully understand a kvetching on America’s two party presidential system with a favouring disposition toward multi parties found elsewhere. You begin with the problem that most of the nation’s getting referenced very much amount to two parties with the addendum that when a significant third party vote of significant differences does get in for a minority stake coalition government, the rule is they just get rolled. So went the Liberal Democrats aligned with the Conservatives. Beyond this, the case study I find on what the great third and fourth party fever has to it and the sure knowledge of the rule of minor discordant actors lead is Seen in the right-wing direction through taken in Israel’s Netanyahu governments, something I doubt the largely progressive angst against the two party straight jacket much like.

The deposing of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House too reminds me of the current state of British politics. One short termed Conservative Prime Minister after another. Imagine America has this system — as opposed to a separately elected president. We would be talking about Prime Minister Boehner giving way to Prime Minister Ryan over to a Pelosi restoration over to a Ryan restoration and the perilous position that was McCarthy — peril now come to him. Or. Just in case you thought the governing politics we have was unstable — it gets a whole lot more unstable.