Technocracy is Coming?

I let this topic fade out of view, but I was always meaning to come back to it, though never quite knowing what else I’d have to say about it.  The only thing I can really say is I had a mental image that popped in immediately upon reading around this:

The movement has been growing exponentially the last five years or so… because of the internet. […]
Mostly we are attracting really smart young people… my opinion anyway… from around 14 to 28 years old for the most part. People sick of fake alternative things… like Zeitgeist, political crap, fake solutions of reform.

Imagine, for a moment, two parents of a fourteen year old boy, in the bedroom.  The mom gingerly says, “I’m a little worried about Johnny.”  The dad asks, “Why is that?  He’s getting good grades, and seems to be getting along well at school.”  The mom: “I looked through his Internet files, and came across something that’s a little … troubling.”  The dad: “Now, now.  I think we can let pass a little bit of pornography… it’s not too far removed from what you’d see in Playboy, is it?”  The mom: “No.  It’s not that. That would make sense.  He seems to be getting into…” The dad: “What?  Satanism?”  Mom: “No.  He seems to be getting interested in… um… a complete destruction of Society as we know it and a reshaping … um… I don’t know what this is. Thackocracy?”  Dad:  “Hm.  It’s just a phase.  He’ll move past it.  Why, when I was his age…”

Rejecting all forms of traditional political science, the Technocrats refused to even use standard geographical maps because their boundaries were political, so they would refer to states only by their geographical coordinates. Names, too, were suspect for some reason so members of the movement in California were designated only by numbers. A speaker at one California rally was introduced only as 1×1809×56!

Anyway, I was reminded of Technocracy when I heard an advertisement for “Technocracy, Inc”, and an invitation to go to their website, this morning on KPOJ, around about 8:20.  An invitation to go to their seemingly still unupdated website and “Evolve Again”.  What they’re aiming at with a brand new radio ad campaign here, I do not know.  But the website does not seem to have improved any from what I can tell from two months ago.


Technocracy’s rallying cry was “production for use,” which was meant as a contrast to production for profit in the capitalist system.
I thought that was Upton Sinclair’s “EPIC” rallying cry.  But everyone had different ideas which coincided a bit.

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