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Taft and Sinclair — 2 novels

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Some variation of the old “Rip Van Wrinkle” idea is played out by a couple of novels I’ve read recently.  One feeds off the repeating assassinations of Upton Sinclair, the other runs William Howard Taft for President in 2012.

The Upton Sinclair book is highly recommended; the Taft one less so.

Something about the book rings false.  Can I accuse the story of being pestered with contrived plot devices?  The Independent Congresswoman Rachel Taft.  How did that come about?  Granted, William Howard Taft is a forgotten President, and granted forgotten Presidents are better remembered than Historically Important Senators, but … we do know that Taft’s son, Robert, looms large in the Senate echelon, and in the history of Conservative Republican Politics.  (Though, a bit like William Howard Taft, it would be interesting to focus on what this means in a linear history; both politicians get a little bit more complicated than that.)  The most recent iteration of the Tafts in politics — Ohio governor — crashed and burned off of corruption charges — which is a far cry from the stolid character of the most recent iteration in this book, Rachel Taft.  Do these historical details just get in the way of telling a story such that they just have to be thrown asunder?

Your other plot device … Apparently Citizen Kane in this book’s narrative was originally set to concern William Randolph Hearst, but was changed by the now somewhat obscure Orson Welles to William Howard Taft due to political pressures.  This gives Taft things to sign in the 21st century, and your irony of the reluctant President’s most public imprint being a fictionalized megalomaniac.  Before the Public goes on to use him as an empty vessel, and re-interprets his record into modern times according to their individual political beliefs and biases.

So that’s Jason Heller’s “Taft: 2012”.  The concept’s there, but it falters — feels oddly didactic.  But it’s a quick enough read, so go ahead.  Also has a neat website, for what that’s worth.   I wonder if some of my problems wouldn’t be solved if the figure that came back to life wasn’t, like, Chester Arthur instead.

Chris Bachelder’s “US” avoids such problems.  And, now that I think about it, it’s probably a more inspired premise which can’t get too bogged down in making points about electoral politics.  Just make some fun at the earnestness of Upton Sinclair, and create “in a world” where Upton Sinclair springs back to death after getting killed — and in such a world it would naturally follow that a sub-culture would spring up of people perpetually killing him off for politics and hobby.

And there’s your retro-Progressive Era politics in fiction for you.

the only way you can expect any Americans to care about British politicians

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

This is weird.


The Conservative Tory British publication, the Spectator, and the the liberal British Labor publication, The New Statesman, both portray the Labour Party leadership as …

… Wallace and Gromit.

At the same time.

I can’t be the only person who noted this.  And… sure enough, I’m not.  And

The Specatator cover’s Gromit is Ed Balls, the other major figure in British Labour.

A quick google search of the usages of Wallace and Gromit with current British leadership suggests some historical characterizing over the years of  of Wallace to Miliband and Gromit to Cameron — see here for not any picture, but a description.  Why?  I don’t know.  Why not?

shocking video of British Labour leaning toward Socialism over Capitalism

Friday, September 27th, 2013

A curious note of horror from the libertarian magazine Reason about a “balls in the booth” poll of British Labour politicians — “Socialism” beating out “Capitalism”.  And

It is hardly a surprise that the majority of Labour Party members shown in the video voted for socialism. However, there are some particularly disturbing parts of the video, namely the young woman who said, “I don’t think anybody benefits under capitalism” and the two young men who mention their support for something called “responsible capitalism,” as if “capitalism” wasn’t quite good enough or entails some degree of irresponsibility.

How do I parse this?  I don’t see this quick jump from “hardly a surprise” to the somewhat boilerplate explanations.  Also, the horror of the young men calling for something called “responsible capitalism” — which strikes me as a fair statement, as capitalism is indeed not good enough, tends to suggest some degree of irresponsibility, and in parts and places has to be regulated.

It’s not even that I expect the Reason blogger to agree with that sentiment; I just don’t expect it to god-smack him that someone would suggest it — particularly when he’s already come out on record and in a blase way of non-shock as not being surprised that Labour Party members would vote for Socialism over Capitalism.  (What’s this I hear about Scandinavian countries and their peculiar love for something called “Democratic Socialism”?  Well, that’s a ways north and a different political culture altogether.)

Two more notes on this issue — reading the New Statesman recently, counter-arguing the points of “look what the Labour Party is advocating right now” — I see some suggesting that a few long since abandoned in practice measure and relic of the party’s pre-“New Labour” neo-liberal Tony Blair reformation past that smacks of socialism principles have now been stricken-ed from the Party charter.  Whatever the horrors of American libertarians looking abroad to Labour Party decisions on their economic policies, it can’t measure up to it’s Thatcher – era charter, when conventional wisdom holds the party retreated to its liberal bases and drew up something some members of the party described as a “Suicide Note”.  (Though, as these things go, this brings us to the withering criticism of Blairite / Gordon Brown New Labour as soulless and Nixonian — see Christopher Hitchens.)

Which brings us to issue number two.  To situate the politics of the leaders of the two nations.  Who’s advising the current British Prime Minister David Cameron, your leader of the Conservative Party, as he moves to his re-election campaign?  Barack Obama adviser Jim Messina.  And why not?  They both stand for not dismantling their country’s health care programs.

Ted Cruz and Adolf Hitler and John McCain.

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

10 Analogies on the Republican Congress.  Actually, 11, because the “Honorable Mention” is the most amusing one.  Arguably the only one worth noting.  Because if you want to make an allusion, what you want is to something of either obscurity or convolution.

There is something in the latest “tiff” between McCain and Cruz.

Now the angry veteran of GOP politics is after Cruz once again. This time, it’s about a reference to appeasement of Adolf Hitler that Cruz made during his epic 21-hour fili-talkathon against Obamacare on the Senate floor.
This came during a long section in which Cruz was talking about times in history when “pundits” said things could not be done, but then they were.
For instance, during the Civil War, there “were a lot of voices who said the Union cannot be saved,” Cruz said, but it was.
Then came the Nazi part.
“If we go to the 1940s, Nazi Germany – look, we saw it in Britain. Neville Chamberlain told the British people: Accept the Nazis. Yes, they will dominate the continent of Europe, but that is not our problem. Let’s appease them. Why? Because it can’t be done. We cannot possibly stand against them,” Cruz said.
At this, McCain took umbrage. Why? Well, for one thing, umbrage and McCain are well acquainted. For another, it’s because this seems like a reference to the GOP Senate establishment, which disdained Cruz’s talkathon against Obamacare as a waste of time. Democrats control the Senate, in this view, and President Obama will veto anything that defunds his signature health law achievement.

Also… um… Hitler?

“I resoundingly reject that allegation. That allegation, in my view, does a great disservice. I do not agree with that comparison. I think it’s wrong,” McCain said on the Senate floor shortly after Cruz’s speech ended.
McCain went on to say that Cruz had told him he was speaking only about talking heads, but McCain wasn’t buying it. “I find that a difference without a distinction. I find that something that I think I have to respond to,” McCain said.

We note… perhaps?  Perhaps not?  We can’t distinguish McCain from the “talking heads”.  He’s got a regular practically weekly shot on the Sunday political talk shows.  But somehow this is neither here nor there, because… um… again… Hitler?

So he continued responding, saying in essence that to compare the two situations was pretty objectionable, considering. Left unsaid was the obvious point that as a war veteran and former POW, whose grandfather commanded US naval air forces at Guadalcanal and whose father captained a World War II sub in the Pacific, McCain does not think comparisons between the legislative process and Hitler should be made too easily.
He did say that the voters had the chance to consider Obamacare in 2012 – and the GOP nominee lost.
“The people spoke: They spoke much to my dismay. But they spoke, and they reelected the president of the United States,” McCain said.
Given that McCain took to the floor shortly after Cruz left it, his words were something of a purposeful slap in the face. Cruz’s conservative supporters replied in kind.
“Beltway barnacle McCain’s longevity is NOT admirable. It’s a bane,” tweeted right-leaning pundit Michelle Malkin.

“Right leaning pundit” Michell Malkin.
Kind of like saying… (wait for it, me… mr. ironist…)
“Right leaning historical figure… Adolf Hi” … oh, never mind.

“It’s fun for Dems when McCain lights into Cruz, but no Republican’s criticism does more to endear Cruz to the base,” tweeted Slate political analyst Dave Weigel.

Yeah, well.  Whatever.

My favorite bit from the latest Hitler bash

On Wednesday morning, the Anti-Defamation League weighed in. “I wish Senator Cruz would have used another comparison, but his statement does not trivialize the Holocaust,” Abraham Foxman, national director of the ADL, said in a statement sent to Mother Jones.

You know.  If you’re the Anti Defamation League, maybe you have to pick your battles.  Or maybe you get a little tired that every time some politico figure throws out a terrible Hitler analogy, you get a call and are asked for a response.

does not like green eggs or ham, damned.

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

I suppose Ted Cruz gives a good illustration of the argument for the peeling away of the Senate’s new 60 vote threshold norm over to “If you want to Filibuster, we gotta make it so you’re talking”.  In the gauge of debating the merits of various filibuster reforms, I’d seen the “There’s no shortage of right wing think tank studies these politicos can throw out there”.  True enough, but what we see with Ted Cruz’s adventures is … a now “iconic” “Green Eggs and Ham” reading, political theater that is largely mockable.   Even if it solidifies his fan club — “Ted Cruz Takes His Stand” — and fund-raising — I think Democrats can take Wendy Davis’s filibuster in Texas over Ted Cruz’s in the US Senate.

(There are, of course, other methods of political theater available for political figures.  See the current storyline about David Vitter.  Interesting to note, googling David Vitter brings up a famous photograph of Al Franken — which begs the question of a recurring keyword search to my blog about Senators in Diaper — who is everyone looking for?)

So we get two different sets of tweets and live blog comments.  And a dizzying “bottom half of the Internet” which is best left ignored.

Inevitably historical perspective commenting weighs in to argue that “we’ve been here before”.  Also, we get from some sources a dizzying narrative — see here at Reason — on how this ought be blamed on the Senate Democrats, because… urm?  This is legitimate procedure somehow?  The polls seem to be pretty clear that the public understands the problem of partisan brinkmanship in using this process to undo a legislative accomplishment from the other party, whatever its merits or detriments.  I half wonder if this would be the moment that “Obamacare”‘s poll ratings shift into the favorable

Whether or not this is “new”… and we get this fact check report to judge this.

Democratic Senator Harry Byrd against Dwight Eisenhower on Highway Construction.  I think history vindicates Eisenhower on this one.  Also, it’s worth noting the flavor of “Democratic Party” credentials of Harry Byrd… Harry Byrd didn’t vote for any Democratic Presidential candidate after Roosevelt in 1932… and was this lagging force in the party’s evolution (Eisenhower mocked the two contradictory wings of the party while trying to carve out the meaning of “Modern Republicanism”.)
Democrats against Nixon for Post-Watergate Campaign Finance Reform.  Okay, this was a cheap shot.  But we’re still a ways off from the end-game, and it ends up with a lot of bluster.
Republicans in the Reagan Administration stock-piling conservative social issues — school prayer — to be wiped out by the end.  This is called political grand-standing.  I don’t think History vindicates them much.
And some popular concessions were pulled out against Carter in the midst of the Oil Embargo.

Yeah.  And didn’t John Calhoun do something?

merry merry go round

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

A correction, of sorts.  In a previous post looking into how Congressional Opposition to Syria held together, I referenced something I saw about how the Democratic House caucus, after 2010, was down to its concerted urban core districts.  I neglected to mention the other bit of odd analysis I had drifted over — the 2006 and 2008 Congress critters coming in on a wave of anti-war antipathy.  The contradiction would be that a lot of these seats would be marginal, and more likely to side with the weary “Support the Troops” “bi-partisan” consensus.  But the problem… and it’s worth asking… my sense is that these Democratic seats were almost en total wiped out in 2010.  How many of the Class of 2006 and 2008 Democratic defeated Republican Incumbent seats remain?

But on the matter of the Appropriations Year 2014 “defund Obamacare” front, we have this curious nugget: every Republican Incumbent  up for re-election in 2014 is on board the “Ted Cruz Express”.  Surely, you jest?  One problem with the quick-snot analysis … sure, but this is the 6 year re-election cycle from 2008.  Susan Collins is about the only one who shouldn’t be aligned with it from this political ground.

And in other news

Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.), chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, was reacting to a new online ad effort launched earlier in the day by his counterparts at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. With many Republicans in Congress demanding that Democrats and President Barack Obama either defund Obamacare or face a government shutdown, the DSCC is trying to tie GOP candidates to the generally unpopular idea of closing the government.
For Moran, the move looks like rooting for failure.

To which you just scratch your head and say… er… “You Started It”.  Freaks.
The one thing the Republicans have going for them, and what will serve them well in 2014 is the natural tendency of Americans to “blame both sides“.  It’s a bleak prognosis… no one wants to be a party hack, surely.

nothing to see here…

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

ITEM NUMBER ONE:  Press TV … and — ???
I can spot Russia TV‘s audience of “the West”.  In our — urm — do I call it a “Cold Cold War”? tensions with Russia, the Russian government’s “see no evil in Russia; see all evils in America” approach gains an audience for people on their pet concerns — both legitimate and paranoid, of what ails America.  And so I see clips linked all the time.  Meantime, Iran’s Press TV… is a different beast.Maybe I’m just closer to Russia TV’s target audience, maybe they’ve found the sweet spot in their assortment of off-key punditry that lends away from the problems of American media’s beltway establishment focus and gives it some occasional attraction — or maybe Press TV is just a little too narrowly focused in on feeding in on International Relations and Israel, but I don’t really see their viral presence.

That being said, we see that latest bunch of appearances by Executive Intelligence Review on Press TV.  All not too interesting, for the most part.  Dutifully we see your Bill Jones on the surveillance state (like, Iran’s government wasn’t tracking protesters’ social media during the “Green Revolution”),  also see him on American soldiers’ in Afghanistan, on mass violence in America,
For Syria — and this is what I knew would get EIR all over Press TV, what with the Syrian Electronic Army finding them handy — Jeffrey Steinberg of the “weekly newsmagazine” EIR, this, Bill Jones again, and again…

But what I tend to look for amongst the debris of these appearances… does Lyndon Larouche get a mention?  Or are they left apart?  And here we see…  Lawrence Freeman!!!
The Russians are very correctly aware, as we are here in the United States, this is an attack on a sovereign country that could escalate very quickly to a general war and, therefore, to nuclear war.
Mr. Laourouche, the head of our magazine, has made very clear that any attempt for the US military involvement in Syria is a step moving us closer to nuclear war, which is an annihilation war if it takes place.
Obama is behaving completely out of control. He’s not functioning as the president of the United States. In fact, he may be setting himself up for early impeachment if he continues this policy because it would violate the US law.
This is a policy not of the British people but it is a policy of the elites of the Brits including the royal family, that we have the right to move in and take out current governments, destabilize countries and reduce their population – actually, kill off a number of people and cause chaos and destruction – so that this financial system, which is run out of the city of London and Wall Street, can try to maintain its power. Powers and Rice are very much behind these attacks in Syria. They benefit no one with this policy of war, destruction, chaos and population reduction. That is unfortunate.
And Michael Billington ups the ante!  From Nuclear War to THERMONUCLEAR War.
So, the War which [founder and contributing editor of the Executive Intelligence Review] Mr. [Lyndon Hermyle] LaRouche warned, would very quickly have become a war with Russia, a thermonuclear war very likely.

The other thing.  It is always interesting how the comments section of Press TV skips to the Zionists and then skips to just the Jews.
The author of this artical forgets to mention who really benefits from this war. The only one who benefits from this war are the Rotchild`s bankster maffia in London and Israhell!
Well that threat is now being carried out by these Zionist SATANIC JEWS of IsraHELL, through its SATANIC minions the US,UK,FR. IsraHELL a […]  But with Crushing destruction of DEMONA and the nuclear fall out will kill these nazis and make them run TO THE SEWERS of EUROPE,but even the Europeans will not let you live in there gutters and will constantly pour RAT POISION INTO THE GUTTERS to get rid of ZIONIST JEWWISH STENCH for EVER!
the oligarchs the zion jew financial jackals lost their chance in dismembering Russia to get their claws into Russia’s natural resources at time Putin came on scene – he kicked em out and they got a good whippin kickin. zionjew jackals will never give up to tear chunks out of Russia it’s their dream – to own planet earth. Russia needs invest in LIKEMINDED PUTIN NATIONALIST STRATEGISTS. zionjew jackal financial cabal needs smashing
I think they do that to the queen of england too. That is highly disgraceful. America was BORN from the revolution against england. During her time, secretary of state Condoleeza Rice played classical piano for the queen of england, and said “it was always a dream of hers to play for the queen”. Some american!

In other “Foreign Reception”, Russia TV gets us… Jeff Steinberg.  And while the comments aren’t nearly as one-sided and one-minded, it is curious to see that “Saud Arabia is not powerful at all. They are totally enslaved to the Anglo-Judaic agenda.”

Point: Your children are going to die in a global thermonuclear war.
Sarcastic repointing:  OH NO NOT A GLOBAL THeRMOMETER WAR!!!
Counterpoint:  No they aren’t.
This is what brought the end of the threat of thermonuclear war.  (Next time, can they please add a few more prefixes to “nuclear”?)  This is the translation of our appeal by Rachel Douglas (LaRouche movement)^ Please send it to whom it may concern.  (More selling to the “Marborough Group” here.)
Patrick Timpone The wrong podcast was posted yesterday for the Lyndon Larouche interview; the new interview has been posted!

Is this true?  The Barack Obama Administration has gotten so terrified by the work of the Lyndon Larouche Movement, that they’ve now… urm… brought local law enforcement to follow up on citizen complaints and enforce standard and minor code infractions in some municipalities that shut down their card table placements, where other municipalities have more lenient codes or interpret and enforce them less stringently and let them pass?  Is there a strategic idea on how Obama is enforcing this crack-down, or are some local government police agencies rebelling against the Obama Tyranny?

Dateline Porterville:
“There are city ordinances in place regarding public meetings, protests, and putting up booths (tables) that obstruct public right of ways (sidewalks),” Sgt. Dominic Barteau, spokesperson for the police department, said as a possible reason for the group being asked to leave the area.
“We do these book tables all over the nation, but no, we can’t do it here,” Sylvia said. “Obama is freaking out because he’s on his way out. He’s on his way out!” […]
In one of the documents being handed out, entitled “Obama may go out soon — we must shape the new presidency!” the verbiage is very blunt.
“The policies laid out in this report are the only alternative to the imperial drive for World War III and human extinction, and Obama must be impeached this week for even threatening such a war. Patriotic networks in Congress are now preparing articles of impeachment, and this war must not be authorized. Obama, John Kerry, and the rest of this treasonous Anglo-Saudi administration (historical note: the Larouchies backed Kerry for President in 2004.)  must be thrown out and relegated to the dustbin of history; and the Glass-Steagall policy implemented as a single act of congress, preparing the way for a real American Presidency for the twenty-first century.”
“As a mater of fact, the projection of all trends is that the human species is being reduced, by the order of the Queen of England, to a rapid reduction of the human population from 7 billion persons to less than 1!” […]
“We stopped the plan of war in Syria, our organization played an important role,” Sylvia told an observer.
Key music from “The Twilight Zone”.
John Coffee key music from the Wizard of Oz “Somewhere Over The Rainbow….
Y’all should learn who Lyndon LaRouche is before you go defending him and his Stepford Children 🙂
As for the arrest, PPD arrested God Hates Fag dude at least once, maybe more, for the same thing, and they ask us to move off the sidewalk when we protest the goings on of City Council outside as well. And they gave us no such courtesy when we spoke up inside of City Hall.
I know in our case, and I suspect in the God Hates Fags case, the courts were not especially impressed with the evidence PPD put forward.
Anyways, when these folks were here a year or so ago, I got a video of their behavior. It was interesting, having encountered them in the early 80s 3000 miles from here. There positions change with the wind, they are always against everything no matter who is President, and have been for many decades.

Dateline Madison Heights Food Lion!!
The LaRouche Political Action Committee set up shop by the Food Lion. Their signs clearly stated their mission of wanting to impeach President Obama.
“We’ve got teams out in all 50 states. People need to see a fight on the streets, we want this President out, we want this policy changed” said Robert Baker, a member of the PAC.
In my opinion, Lyndon LaRouche is about as strong politically as a wet noodle. He and his nuthouse ideas have been laughed at for years. The news must really be slow for WSET to give this joker any attention. Let’s move on to some real news. Thank you.
LaRouche is a bigmouth trying to be a bully & pertinent. Right place to chase bears; his PAC is classless & wasting time & money. Glad it’s not mine. Has-beens, bad losers that don’t know how to just go away.
Another thing….how is this news? There wasn’t hundreds of people out there or anything. In fact, the clip only shows one guy in a blue pickup truck. Not exactly record-breaking attendance. The next time I see the Boy Scouts selling popcorn at Lowes, I’ll have to remember to call WSET to run a story about it. You know it’s a slow news day when THIS makes the 6 o’clock news.

Personally, I don’t think “all 50 states” is good enough.  I want all 57 governing bodies, as pronounced by candidate Obama’s famous “57 state” mis-speak.  Once they get there, then maybe then I’ll be able to take this effort seriously.

Datleine Shelter Island:
The Larouche Political Action Committee, a political fringe organization, set up shop Tuesday morning on the sidewalk between the Center Post Office and Schmidt’s Market. […]
Ms. Scialdone compared President Obama to Roman Emperor Nero, saying the president’s administration is “far worse. We’re experiencing the greatest economic collapse in world history.” […]
Asked if a LPAC poster that pictured the president with a toothbrush moustache was comparing Mr. Obama to Adolf Hitler, Ms. Scialdone said, “Absolutely.”

Dateline Boston:  “The main thing we’re out here to do is get support, and for people to stop driving and impeach Obama,” Rachel Brown of Quincy told The Times. “And people are glad to find out that there’s a movement that’s doing something, and actually has a policy to organize around.”
“Impeach Obama!” one man yelled out as he drove through the intersection and turned on to Lagoon Pond Road.

The protest comes less than two weeks after the president’s Martha’s Vineyard visit.
LaRouche is a nut case. He has a cult following. I went to school with Lou DuPont who’s parents kidnapped him from the LaRouche cult. They were practically crucified.

Dateline Red Lion.  Some photo or other.

Dateline … Randi Rhodes listenership.
While driving down town this morning, I saw a guy setting up a table on the side of the road, with anti-Obama slogans. I assumed this was a typical Teabagger demo, so I went home and got my camera. It turns out this was a LaRouche Pac demo (are they still around?).
When I got close for photos, the guy asked me “Are you with us or against us?” I asked him how he could have both Fascist and Communist references in a single anti-Obama poster. He told me that Fascism and Communism were the same thing. And by the way, Obama was nothing more than another Bush/Cheney. It must be comforting to be against EVERYONE.
If you remember Barney Frank and the infamous (and hilarious!) “dining room table” incident, it involved Rachel Brown, another Larouchie idiot/perpetual candidate.
My introduction to Lyndon Larouchites.

Dateline Out there:
Oh look, it’s LaRouche. Next time I see his wife I´ll ask her how that trans atlantic monorail train is coming along. And the trans euro-african highway system. Or any of the other woo Ideas he has that get swallowed up by his “movement”.
I´ve talked to members of their german outgrow party, who are also running for our equivalent of the house of representatives. The thing they address about the banks there is what they want to fix, however, the nature of their movement makes me highly suspicious of them. They’re not as crazy as the Zeitgeist people, but they’re also not completely balanced in the head either.

Dateline sighting of this stuff
I bet they’re Larouchies.  Not that they have the wrong idea, just that uh, I think they’re Larouchies.
IMO, too many of them are smiling for them to be Larouchies. Just my gut impression.
“Ich bin ein Berliner”  “Ich bin ein Larouchie”?
Huh. Is that still a thing? Why do you think that?

Dateline Wawa

Yesterday afternoon (around 4:45pm), I drove by the Wawa in California, Md and noticed a tent set up on the sidewalk. They had protest signs set up around the stand. Does anybody know what group was protesting? I swear it said LaRouche, but I’m not certain.
I hope it takes, and their protests are successful.

they were protesting Wawa being out of pumpkin spice coffee.
I saw them there around 6PM too. I am all for getting rid of Obama but people need to face reality. He is NOT going to get impeached. Can you imagine what it would be like if he was? You haven’t seen any protests until that happens. Congress doesn’t have the balls to do it anyway. Oh and don’t forget, get rid of Obama and you get Biden.
Well, one could fire two shotgun blasts from the porch, and maybe that would scare Biden away……
Could only hope..
The house doesn’t have the balls and the senate is in his pocket – controlled by his commie pal Harry Reid.

Dateline Horsham:
Political organizer Joe Billington, of Upper Darby, said he and fellow representatives of the LaRouche Political Action Committee are out every day “educating people on what’s going on.”
The group, which he described as being “Lincoln Republicans” and “FDR Democrats,” is in “serious disagreement” with the president in issues ranging from foreign policy to the financial state of the country.
To prove his point, Billington had stacks of fliers and booklets to give away and poster boards attached to his table which called for Obama to be impeached.
Billington said he’d be in Hatboro until 4:30 or 5 p.m. Wednesday, but said his group would be out meeting and talking to people until “Obama’s forced to resign.”
These guys can say whatever they want at the corner of Wawa’s as is their right, It’s also my right to keep laughing that this group that keeps calling EVERY modern president, Hilter. When are they going to learn that that kind of talk is not effective. It just makes them look like a joke.

Dateline bunch o’ sites:

The hell is it with the LaRouchies? They take the standard concept of dead-enders and make them seem like an interstate.
Last ones I saw were at a teaparty wankfest. They kinda fit in there.
@trollhattan: I can’t believe the larouchies are still unembarrassed to identify publicly as larouchies.
Years ago I went to the courthouse for something and when I exited there was a larouchie table right outside. I asked the person if I could have one of their newspapers and she said, “Really? You’re serious?”
And I said yes, went home and then proceeded to fall into crazytown next time I went to potty and started reading it.

Dateline Insane Call time:
Got a call from a call center(looking for money of course) and they where saying that I signed up for some crap call list(my info was probably sold by something to do with hunting). Either way they where saying that they have some thing on the table to impeach Obama(I don’t know whose table, most likely the guy whose kitchen they set the call center up in because the place sounded like a cluster F). anyway he said they need money to impeach him and shut down wall street to get rid of all of the volatile debt we have. At this point I figured I would buzz him with some questions because I was in boston traffic and didn’t have shit else better to do. First thing I asked him was if they get rid of barry who are they propping up to put in? This got no response and he reassures me that Barry needs to go now. Then I ask him how they plan do get anything through with a senate that is a majority D and the rest mostly dickheads? This got a” we don’t need the masses just a small upset minority”(Oh boy are we just thumbing through quotes now to hit a hot button). I then ask if we get rid of Obama whats to say we don’t get another moron in the next election considering you do need the masses and they vote these shitheads in. He then tells me he needs money to get rid of him to avert nuclear war if we go into Syria. So I ask what country he thinks will be dumb enough and not value life on earth enough to just start lobbing nukes around. He says that it’s the social elites plan to thin out the worlds population. This gets no response from me and eventually a “hello?”. I then tell him that my money is tight and anything I can spare goes into ammo and food. His reply is “yeah but you can’t shoot hyper inflation or the fall of the nation”. I say no but I can shoot things that taste good and things that loot. Then he goes ballistic and says that I am an “unpatriotic lunatic that is the problem with this world”. I wonder if he sees the irony in the fact that I don’t like the government because they try and take my money and the first thing this guys “organization” tries to do is exactly the same. And then he gets pissed at me because I wont give him my money which I pointed out was very libertarian of him and half way through me thanking him for giving me something to do in traffic he hung up. So the lesson I learned is there is definitely moonbats on both sides. Just curious if anyone else got this and my question is did you decide to stop WWIII or not
Yeah, I’m sure they want the money to impeach whoever… Certainly.
has to be those crazy larouche bastards. who is that broad who runs every time? complete cult like followers
More likely complete fraudsters glombing on to whatever hotbutton issue may get people to open their wallets (or better, release their credit card numbers and credit information.)
of course, some of these (specifically the guys outside the Annapolis gun show, anyway) are LaRouche guys, so..

Dateline 2004,  retro goodness.

In online fighting, we see them again Surfacing onto Thom Hartmann forum.  (Interestingly, his show is broadcast on Russia TV…)

Hm.  The good news with Webster Tarpley is that he never backed Kerry, so this isn’t weirdly jarring.  Though he did back Hillary Clinton, for reasons that never made a lick of sense to me.

Also, while I at first want to fault Tarpley for saying the Saudis gave a gift to influence Hillary Clinton on voting, it appears to be the Serbian news site’s flub.

Stimson, Lovett, Harrison, Bundy, Harriman, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., and Now Kerry: The Skull & Bones Death Cult and the Genesis of US National Catastrophes  —  Webster G. Tarpley on The Jeff Rense Program
Obama’s Coalition Reduced to US and Weakened France as Kerry’s Skull and Bones Diplomacy Falters; Turn the Imperialist War Into a Revolutionary Mass Strike
White House Kosovo ’99 Model for Syria Attack A Suicidal Fallacy; Unlike Then: Russia Has Strong Committed Leadership with Putin, Syria Can Defend Herself, American People Sick of War, GOP Waiting to Impeach After Attack

Say.  When was the last time Tarpley made Alex Jones, and has he ever bothered to tackle the problem of the Larouche cult as disinformationalists on either program?

In other news… I don’t know if the bid of the “Tax Wall Street Party” is but an opportunistic hub ub for the barncale that is Webster Tarpley to attach himself to — but he is championing Randy Credico’s mayoral bid.  There is some nexus here with the party and the Tarpley front “United Front Against Austerity” — currently seen encouraging people to hashtag Tarpley for Fed Chair.

Supported by the fast-growing United Front Against Austerity (UFAA), a nationally-organized group founded by historian Webster G. Tarpley

Oh, mercy me.

I remember an ad for Randy Credico’s Senate primary bid against Chuck Schumer, a thing that I don’t disapprove of — even if it’s a bit more of a protest/symbolic show than anything else, in The Nation.  It turned me off of him.  He described his bid as “like Jon Stewart’s Daily Show on Steroids”.  This slides into the “if you like _a__, you’ll love _b__” territory, where … b ends up being a without a’s charms or restraints, and so… the whole thing sounds horrible.

ITEM NUMBER FOUR:  Historical purview….

This is a pretty cool random article generation:

 But whether you call it the Fascism of Franz von Papen, or the opposite of Kurt von Schleicher, the Oligarchism of Britain or the modern nation-state of Franklin, Washington, Hamilton, Quincy Adams, Lincoln, Garfield, Mc – Kinley, FDR, Kennedy, and La – Rouche, the “Rule of Law” or “Natural Law,” one very basic thing always remains dismally the same: By whatever name, and under whatever language as well as principle of general, abstract rules, it all comes down to the interpretation of whoever has the authority; etc etc.

All right.  Time to note his birthday, and after noting how longwinded he is, go about this  in the only way that makes sense.
In honor of Lyndon LaRouche, perhaps the 20th Century’s greatest politician, and his 91st birthday (Sept. 8, 1922), iONdom is launching its saunter into the Android Meme’s political bullshit with the formation of the Wyndham Lewis Party as we approach the centenary of Wyndham Lewis, the world’s first media ecologist and SubDeanie, and his arrival at the leading edge of London’s cultural vortex (1914):


Bob Dreyfuss gets hit.
The Science Team’s Animations prove useful to someone.

Impeachment gains traction
He won’t be impeached because first he’ll be charged with document fraud pertaining to his birth certificate making him, not the president, but a normal everyday criminal/usurper. THEN every bit of legislation he’s signed under false pretenses will be NULL and VOID. A much happier scenario than impeachment which will KEEP all those laws in place
Obamas not going to get impeached…lol…the racist couldnt beat him in an election so now they are talking impeach…sorry mother fuckers…it wont work.
There’s been some commentary as of late about a bunch of the “anti-Obama” efforts which liken it to essentially money-making scams off, not really leading anywhere.  (See here, for instance.  And on a recent new anti-Affordable Care Act Implementation Act ad campaign, see here.)
Yeah, there’s opportunism, then there’s what the opportunism feeds.  And onto the paranoia of the old “Culling the Population” front (thank you, Louie Gohmert, who “must be the editor of the Larouche newsfeed“.) — from 6 billion to less than 1.  Oh, and “Stop Thermonuclear War”… which everything is leading toward.
See:  A group I have sometimes sneered at, the Lyndon LaRouche organization, nonetheless at least now has a sense of the immense crisis which could be coalescing. Lyndon LaRouche is now warning of “thermonuclear danger” if King Barack Obama is allowed to continue with his singular edict against Syria. “Any U.S. attack on Syria has the potential to trigger a larger war, which could lead to a thermonuclear war and extinction.” You would only be safe if you lived “under the dome.”
So, on that score of “repeating cycles”, it’s an ironic headline title this, which includes your “The Rise of Fascism in United States Politics” clip.
See the money suck from:  If that doesn’t count as statism, I’m right with you probably, I’m not hoping for LyndonLaRouche to take charge and get it fixed, I just value his blah blah.

Ayn Rand followers defending against the charges of Larouche:  I’ve seen ‘documentaries’ and conspiracy yarns (often from the Lyndon LaRouche camp) that portray her as some sort of sadist and a cartoon caricature of a ‘social Darwinist’ (a nebulius anti-concept invented to attack anything smacking of inegalitarianism).

 Leftwingers finding a source for 9/11 Truth crap.  And a new conspiracy theory for you!
I’m still convinced that the Larouche cult is behind the 911 truth stuff.
The narrative and the rhetoric fits their own way too well. Alter-9/11 truth
I first read that as saying LaRouche was behind 9/11. That would be a refreshing conspiracy theory to say the least.
Well that makes sense too, known reptilian and international finance king Lyndon LaRoache would certainly stand to gain from increased instability in the middle east. Lets run with this

How to overthrow the Illuminati:  In this respect, I think, Lyndon LaRouche was far more of a realist than Lisa Fithian.
Moon colonies, both real and facetious commentary.

Maybe the CIA is running ads in Muslim media so thay can get copies of all the Al Qaeda resumes?
Yup. That’s what the government did to get Scientology cultists and members of the LaRouche campaign.

We see someone come out for the quarantine of AIDs patients, political correctness be damned, and Larouche is mentioned.

And then there’s this analysis from a former non-member but supporter:  The LaRouche Movement has failed. Look at it’s history. Look at LaRouche. The problem lies not only with outside opponents and foes, but with the very internal organization itself. I do not oppose the Movement, but wish it would revolutionize itself to be more effective. It has too many internal flaws. As for Diane, I wish her the best; but the fact is the movement needs a statesman….with an emphasis on MAN. It needs someone who engenders great respect. Someone people will stop and listen to.

Jesus is coming soon.
My apologies, but I fear that the ability to take meaningful action has passed. The people are not waking from the two party paradigm fast enough to act cohesively and the media, political and business classes have gone insane and fiddling as Rome burns. We are all screwed on an epic if not an evolutionary scale.

Tom should give up on shilling for Lyndon LaRouche and his Fusion Energy Foundation type ‘projects’.  (Tom Whipple)

Leaving aside the problems inherent in Henry Makow
Into the comment section, to see how this readership views Larouche.:
I briefly supported Larouche but was turned off by the constant telephone solicitations from an intense NYC Jew always connected with an imminent hyped up “crisis” ; and the naivety of Larouche and his followers in regard to FDR.  I recall this Larouche booklet “Satan’s Children” ;  so it shows there is a disconnect between having an awareness of evil and personifying goodness.
Pre- and post-imprisonment LaRouche are two very different things. What I am told consistently is that after LaRouche got out of prison, nothing was the same. Either he made a dirty deal for his freedom, went nuts or some combination of the two. Typical of this is blaming 9/11 on the Saudis, campaigning against Gaddafi, or focusing intensely on the relatively minor evils of Obamacare, while neglecting other more pressing issues. There’s an article called “why we left” by a group of recent ex-LaRouchies that displays some of the nuttiness of the organization in its current form.
G.H.W.Bush had no patience for LaRouche’s potential antics for Bush’s presidential run in 1988, so he got LaRouche raided and hauled off in chains by 400 law enforcement officers.  He convicted of 11 counts of mail fraud, conspiracy, etc. etc.  He was actually locked up in prison from 1988 to 1994 – that’s eight years.  He was sentenced to much longer, but none other the HILARY CLINTON used her clout as First Lady (and Illuminati ‘Dark Mother’) to spring him.  That’s how the great LaRouche became beholden to the Clinton – Bush crime family.  So he’s really not to be trusted anymore, if he ever was trustworthy
What a weird conspiracy theory that is, and … contradictory.

Also interesting… asking for your prayers upon leaving the cult.

And note from factnet:  if $ isn’t drying up they’re certainly having their ranks depleted. I’m having more current members than ever contacting me on a regular basis. No one is saying much about the current state of affairs and I don’t ask, but they ask plenty about the process of leaving.

ITEM NUMBER SIX:  Electoral shortcomings.
Some final analysis on the outcome of the CEC in Australia’s most recent elections:
 On the other end of the spectrum, Fremantle Citizens Electoral Council candidate Ron Rowlands suffered the ignominious honour of receiving the least primary votes of any candidate for the lower house. Rowlands was nominated only 96 times as of Thursday morning, receiving 10 fewer votes than Melbourne Rise Up Australia candidate Joyce Mei Lin Khoo and Forde Citizens Electoral Council candidate Jan Pukallus, who each received 106 as of Thursday morning. Both considered fringe Right parties, the anti-multiculturalism Rise Up Australia received 40,176 primary votes across 77 federal electorates, whereas conspiracy theorists the Citizens Electoral Council received 8799 votes across 24 electorates.
A defense of the system by pooh poohing the CEC effect.

AND… Election Resultat for Bavaria are available: Total of votes 11814594. thereof Büso: 1719…. nothing more to be said!

Meantime, Diane Sare is framing the issues for her Gubernatorial bid.  This November is 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The great question before is: do we plunge into thermonuclear war, or embark on a thermonuclear NAWAPA? Join the Sare for Governor campaign in ending the last 50 years of degeneration and decline, and, instead, let us usher in the era of a thermonuclear renaissance, thus restoring the state of New Jersey to her rightful place in civilization.’

It’s enough to win the endorsement of “Frelinghuysen Municipal Chairman of the Warren County Republican Committee”, Mark Quick.  Who, last we saw, had been kicked out of the state’s fledgling Reform Party.  Hm.  Kinda tapped off in the low single points there.
Hm.  I guess he’s slunk back to the Republican Party somewhat, but… has a rather… odd relationship with it.
The email, which features several uses of profanity, ends with what Qarmout deems a threatening reference to death by hanging.
“Treason can be solved with a good old oak tree but today it’s not condoned lucky for you,” Quick wrote in the email.
Quick said Tuesday he fully stands by the email and in no way sees it as threatening. He called Qarmout’s plans of forwarding it to police an “absolute joke.”
“It’s just words,” Quick told The Express-Times. “You can read anything you want into words.”

And Hm… edit the wikipedia page if you shall.

Anyway… Diane Sare wants to know... Who stopped this ad? Was it Governor Christie? Or just someone like him? What exactly is he eating these days anyway?
‘Cause you see… the guy’s fat.  (Actually that was a line used by the cult against Al Gore.  Weirdest thing I’d heard from them.  “Al Gore’s fat”.  To which you can only say “okay.  and?”

Join Brett & Jon Rappaport on The Final Say each Monday to Friday from 3 to 4 PM EST, as we discuss and analyze current news, politics, policy, issues, and world events.
Our guest today is Diane Sare, who is challenging Chris Christie for governor in New Jersey.  She will be discussing some important issues which not only impact this race, but need to be debated all 50 states, 57+ if you are Barry Obama.
Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.
Ironically, that quotes come from Ronald Reagan, and alluded not just to President Johnson but to President Kennedy.  (And don’t forget to see Diane Sare’s piano recital to celebrate JFK and her candidacy… because … Bach?)

All this stuff clutters together:  You left out a few details1. From May 22nd, 2012 – over a year old news.  2. From Lyndon LaRouche web site.  3. Written by a local candidate in NJ – Diane Sare.  Repeat, rinse, recycle.
Anyone know if LaRouche has ruled out a 2016 primary season run?
I didn’t know he ran in 2012, 2008, 2004, etc.!
Isn’t he 150 by now?
If not, he looks it.
Who is the Greatest European… Hm?  Howard Scott?  Technocracy inc is still a thing?  (Back to my old statement: to see where the Larouchies will be in half a century.)

If Gore were running against Condi Rice in 2008, who would win the anti-Obama vote?  Hm…  This gets amusing here… it always gets amusing when you throw in Larouche’s name to candidate’s list of history.
Oh, and in terms of your argument: when the sole counter-example you have in the last 75 years is the guy who freed Europe from the Nazis, that doesn’t strike me as a good comparison for Rice (or really, anyone). Here, let’s try it this way. Here’s a list of Presidential candidates since World War II who have not previously held elective office:
Group A: General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of NATO
Group B: Herman Cain, Wesley Clark, Pat Buchanan, Alan Keyes, Al Sharpton, Steve Forbes, Gary Bauer, Lyndon LaRouche, Morry Taylor, Jesse Jackson, and W. Averell Harriman
Anyone want to make the argument that Condoleeza Rice belongs in Group A instead of Group B???
You have forgotten Pat Robertson and Alexander Haig

Every time I listen to Larouche, I always feel a lot more comfortable with the thieves running things. What would Amerika look like if Larouche were in control? I wouldn’t want to find out.
Figuring out the West Wing Presidential Secession and where it diverges from our history.  Interesting history — apparently a new election came after Nixon’s resignation, though may not be consistent.  And then the mark of “Who Knows?”:  The identity of Newman’s predecessor was never canonically established as far as I recall. It could have been Reagan, it could have been Lyndon LaRouche, it could have been another ficitional president we never heard of.
Mr. Weiner is not without stiff competition. Mr. de Blasio, the city’s public advocate, has run a spirited campaign appealing to a demographic that largely stopped following politics after the imprisonment of Lyndon LaRouche. His campaign emblem, the trademark de Blasio “hammer and sickle,” can be found displayed proudly in the underrepresented barrios, jam-band concerts, and UFO conventions that Mr. Bloomberg’s administration attracted bad vibes for ignoring.
Incidentally this combination of an obsessive believe that nuclear power is the cure all and a plain out there belief in Space Colonisation damn the practicalities all held back by certain forces is starting to sound a little LaRouchy…
che guevera quotes larouche.
Ron Paul is a ‘Lyndon Larouche’ Libertarian.
I’m a quasi-LaRouchie which means I’m an FDR/JFK democrat. So rare I’m labeled both radical right wing and radical leftist. chuckle.
I’ll take that ouasi-ladouche means confused right wingnut.
Hell, I have more respect for Lyn Marcus (Lyndon La Rouche) at this point. ‘Seeking out specialized political profs’… lol. I’ll bet. Only a lib can .
I mean, who the hell knows what the Queen and that LaRouche asshole are up to? And… is there something not quite right with that whole 9/11.
Controversial Larouche; Controversial Limbaugh.  Saudi-British plants.
Abraham Lincoln versus the British Empire.  I knew it would be LaRouche, as soon as I saw historical US figure referenced in opposition to the ‘British Empire’.
They’re as bad as Larouche. And why do you think I boycott my favorite beer, Coors? For political reasons.
LaRouche has diagnosed Obama as clinically insane?? Er, OK ….. but he does have a point on this one.
Intelligent debate ? Not with you and the other delusional posters, now that is funny !!! Larouche and the Bircher people having and intelligent debate, oh come now.
OMG Larouche as credible evidence. Now that is funny ! 
You might want to note that this is a US States Senate hearing, you can look that up yourself if you get past your blinders.

Larouche is a criminal. Get over yourself, too funny.
Larouche has nothing to do with anything other than a name on a link.
It’s the insane conspiracy theory people….Larouche, maybe you want to post the information you get from the Bircher Society as well. Too funny, always funny to come here and see the posters who follow this stuff…..
A conspiracy theory is like the second gunman, or like saying Bush organized 9/11 to appease Israel.
Not even the LaRouchies are as vile as NAMBLA.
This guy sounds like a particularly dumb LaRouchie! I am sure these imbeciles are not aware that they would have been disappeared by now if they leveled this kind of criticism on Hitler.
So he gets so much right, including the Venetians and the Frankfurt School and yet it is mixed in with all this other guff.   Thus to quote the Schiller Institute on anything is like quoting Alex Jones or Jesse Ventura, even though Jones or Ventura might actually have got onto something.   Many people stumble on the truth and then go off the rails in following it.
Ron Paul is a 100% Lyndon LaRouche Libertarian, the most right wing of all political ideologies both economically and socially.
But then there’s this association with LarouchePAC, an organisation I hadn’t heard of before, which a little googling reveals to be puzzling. Mind you, any group that’s anti-AGW and loves the music of J.S. Bach can’t be wholly bad. But I suppose it could be a political cult of some sort.
infrastructure can suck my dick. It’s a fancy word for “most efficiently ringing sweat from the poor to spice the wine of the ruling class.”  (As opposed to Lawerence Freeman. Below you will find Lyndon LaRouche’s response to a question from me regarding the creation of credit for development of infrastructure in Africa. I believe you will find Mr. LaRouche’s answer provocative. )
A pro-comment for a change:  “Smartest Person on Greenie Environmentalism”.
larouche and birch had a baby named alex… Alex Jones: Globalist conspiracy created Navy Yard ‘patsy’ shooter to ‘discredit’ me.
Paging Lyndon LaRouche… Damn, you got me.
Who cares what “science” says, I know my ears! I wonder what the audio world’s Lyndon Larouche or L Ron Hubbard would be.
On Rand Paul:  His dad went from Perot/Nader spoiler candidate floor to LaRouche joke candidate by dint of his racist background. So he doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes, and is doing his best to be about equality.
LaRouche needs to be supported because only he can protect us from the joint-conspiracy of the communists and the Queen of England!
David Icke?  Poor man’s Lyndon LaRouche.

This is interesting.  Someone puts up one of the more common “ha ha.  Look at the ‘Tea Bagger’ pictures — the “Get a Brain, Moran” man.  Here’s the response… just deny it
Probably another democrat plant like have been at rallys. There were some imposters in Annapolis last session.
democrat photo ops or LYNDON LAROUCHE freaks.

If I was a Democrat social media internet operative, I would go on conservative sites and try and convince people to vote third party.
If I was a raving paranoid party hack, I would attempt to subtly imply everyone that displeased or disagreed with me was a social media internet operative of a leftist persuasion.  […]  Don’t worry, I’m really a plant sent here by the Larouche Democrats to cause the downfall of both parties, at which time Charles will be elected and we will bring about a new America.

These guys are on every street corner with Obama, Bush, the Queen, and everyone in a Sh*tler mustache. What does JTF think of them? By their page, they seem to be Jew haters obsessed that everything Israel has ever done is starting WW3.
This is the website that belongs to Lyndon Larouche, a neo-Nazi conspiracy theorist.
Larouche is a Dukist who believes that the so-called “zionists” control the media and the U.S. government. He blames Israel for the war in Iraq and claims that the American military have responsibility in September 11 terrorist attack because he believes they attempted to overthrow the government.

ITEM NUMBER EIGHT:  The Stormfront Corner, and its ilk

Larouche “syrian war must be stopped, its likely an extinction event”Ahhhhh shut this old sociolist FDR loving windbag the hell up.  There WONT be Thermo nuclear war.
the term “anglo”, is “British Anglo”, which is like a code for the Israeli/Zionist movement
its not used often,
check out the editorial board for “Exec. Intelligence Review”  (counting Jews.  To the end here…
Anton Chaitkin = big time Jewish Israel supporter.  claims father sat on the Nuremberg tribunal etc., also a major Holohoax pusher.
Debate finale: No WWIII anytime soon. Have a good weekend fellow doomtards.

Into the Laconics forum with this.
Egypt is confusing to me, it seems like trying to boil beans at 10,000 ft: lots of turbulence but nothing really happens. If the Jews don’t like Muslim Brotherhood, does that mean they didn’t work to dump Mubarak? Mubarak was fairly subservient to Israelis, not sure why they would have dumped him. Perhaps the idea is just to weaken Egypt thru chaos & the Jews don’t ‘specially care who “runs” it since they know they can cow most any leader.LaRouche says the Muslim Bros are bad eggs, part of the long-time scheme to install incompetent fundy Muslims in Arab countries, & that the generals’ takeover was a legit & popular move to get rid of MB crooks.

And your Stormfront forum thread.

Never give a LaRouchie your phone number…
Obama is a complete sociopath, filled with a hate and bitterness that was never his being a white-black in the 80s. He was abandoned and then brainwashed by Frank Marshall Davis. He is hell-bent on socializing this country and has succeeded thus far simply following the Marxist plan.
He is unique in this regard.
that means the House of Rothschild, alias the Federal Reserve Bank “Jews”
The House of Rothschild owns Israel to whom we hemorrhage over half our Foreign Aid:

The ET’s need approval from the government first before they can intervene.

Facebook and youtube Comments studies:
From LPAC’s Facebook page, here’s a comment appearing under a post devoted to NSA spying and data collection.
“Lets not be hasty on this one…there are Jewish records in there, and those rat bastards are the ones subverting the country. The whole country is lost and will stay lost till that truth is fully understood. When you can call the miserable bastards Jews and a brood of vipers just like Jesus said they are, whose father is the devil, and the damn press is ready to crucify for exercising free speech in simply telling the truth, nothing else really matters about our country, cause we don’t have a country. Face it.”
Even if the current org is in denial about Lyn’s legacy of antisemitism, the Facebook page seems to need closer monitoring as well if they hope extract money from the “saner” elements drawn to LPAC.

ITEM NUMBER NINE:  Larouche Org launches a Canadian Edition of its … publication nexus?

First offering!
In order to give Canadians a clear sense of the American System in action under the leadership of Franklin Roosevelt, we have here reprinted a study conducted by Nancy Spannaus, editor-in-Chief of the Executive Intelligence Review

Is this a propaganda push to convince Canada to give them up their water in a Thermonuclear NAWAPA?