Igor Panarin — VINDICATED!!!

This comment popped up today on an old blog post explaining a Russian nutcase professor.

clayton Says:
February 2nd, 2010 at 11:44 am
The date is February 1, 2010. Igor Panarin said that if civil war did not break out in November 2009, then he would have a ready answer.
So far I have not found it. Is there one?

Wait!  Wait!  The power of looking into the blogosphere presents us with ideas.

Let’s start with this, which actually somehow puts the date at January 31.

I would put nothing past the narcissistic pathological lying Comrade Obama who is an antichrist if there ever was one.

We’re talking about the biggest enemy America has ever fought in its history, THE ENEMY WITHIN, whose idea of national security is to make easier for our enemies both foreign and domestic to destroy America!

One thing that I DO KNOW, is that Obama, in creating the chaos necessary for despots to succeed, is INTENTIONALLY bankrupting the country in order to consolidate his power over every aspect of our lives! And that should get the attention of what’s left of the sane in this country who are being held hostage and are being enslaved by a radical left that couldn’t care less! -DrE]

And now the Trumpet Blows.

Now today I ran across this headline;
US bracing for secessionist sentiments

After one-and-a-half-centuries, Washington has come across a new phenomenon surfacing in its political arena as secessionist advocates in the state of Vermont seek a divorce from the United States of America.

Read it here; http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=117609&sectionid=3510203

Is it possible that as the ship goes down that certain states will refuse to go down with it? You bet it is. There may soon be an outcry from the fiscally responsible states (Vermont, Texas, North Dakota) to refuse to bail out the fruits and nuts in California and New York.

Good lord.  The First Republic of Vermont?  Really?  Where has this blogger been?  I’ve posted on it a few times over the past half a dozen years (as well the less advanced “Cascadia” secessionist movement.) 
Heck.  Secessionism Fever appears a re-occuring item.
But isn’t Vermont… pinko liberal?

Never mind that, though.  I’d think the Civil War would be a bit more pronounced than the ancient fringe secessionist movements milling and mulling about.  Igor Panarin needs to stick to apocalyptic forecasts of doomed America — with no dates certain — and enough wriggle room that many a bad sign in America can be shown as “America in Decline” ala Roman Empire.

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