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LORG flexes its muscles over LPAC, but does lpac have 2 aces up its sleeves?

Sunday, February 7th, 2021

I.  In one last poke in the eyes at the Larouche Movement (both of them), President Donald Trump — surely well aware of the pleas — pointedly did not pardon Julian Assange or Edward Snowden, nor “exonerate Larouche”.  He instead, in a massive rebuke to the Lyndon Larouche Movement (Lord as well as lpac), pardoned Steve Bannon — much derided in Larouchian literature — whose indictment was headlined with ” Good News for the Republic”.   Newly free Steve Bannon goes on to become  an obvious point person in any ” Trumpian Patriot Party” or movement movement, reportedly already reunited…   Surely points Trump’s side as against Daniel Burke’s fantasy.

Part of the question for Trump becomes… What’s less clear is whether he represents a major political tradition that can become persistent beyond his own active career — like, say, Peronism in Argentina — or might shrink into the kind of small and eccentric following that former Marxist Lyndon Larouche led into the right-wing fever swamps.

The question in post Trump America —  can they sell their wares to the Trump loving masses such as… This letter to the editor writer who has “China” on the brain?

With a sold-out-to-China President Biden, a Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnel married to a Chinese lady from a Chinese business family, and a Baltimore mafia family House Majority Leader Pelosi who has had a Chinese “chauffeur” for 20 years, sounds like the country will be close to, if not actually, sold to China.

On the other hand, Trump pardoned Stone — and as we see here, Stone is Trump’s Larouche connection even as Gannon is his Lenin connection.

II. Serious question: Would you rather have Lyndon LaRouche or Marjorie Taylor Greene serving in the United States Congress?
Both are horrible but only one gets the pitch A down to 432 Hz
“Whoever wins we lose” indeed
LaRouche’s schtick has more variety and staying power. Marjorie’s only got the one bit.
Lyndon could recite strange facts about classical music tuning. Marjorie, I would wager, cannot.
Only one of them is willing to stand up to the House of Windsor
I thought I would be entertained by Marjorie but unfortunately she’s looking more and more like a snuff film than the campy horror flick I had imagined.
Given Lyndon LaRouche is dead, I’d say LaRouche.

Someone must clue him in.

 So it is…  It’s like Madison Grant and David Icke and Louis Beam had a baby, and that baby grew up reading Lyndon Larouche’s laser beam theories

Marjorie Taylor Greene, at this moment  all the rage.  And James Follows raises the issue with the question — who is the Democratic Party equivalent?

My two answers are … in recent memory, Cynthia McKinney counts well enough  and that the current Congress the answer is telling of Republican Party malfunction.  In the comments here, Larry McDonald gets a mention (refer to him here because he spoke against Larouche on the Congressional floor) and then of course… There is Larouche.

A bit of irony pops up with This “boomer” insult — instigated by someone making a Larouche reference by way of insulting Marjorie Taylor Greene –in that for the past generation, “boomer” was a Larouchian insult — the better to stoke the egos of the quickly aging Larouche Youth Movement.

Another question is… Previous antecedents for qanon.  In the Obama years, an online “secret insider source” blog appeared by the name of “Ulsterman”.  One difference is that the Larouchies cited Ulsterman’s revelations where qanon was dumped on at least a few times.  One other conspiracy outlet that seems to have fizzled — The Zeitgeist Movement.

We see a podcast series cited as an examination into well known Quaker Burlesque dancer, which evidentally ends at The Lyndon LaRouche PAC, which typically spends down most of the money it raises each cycle, ended 2020 with $49 in the bank, a record low.

And it is thus….. Donald Trump was just compared to Lyndon Larouche on TV…such an insult to Mr. Larouche.  Headlines come in… Stick to the Benedict Arnold angle.
Unsure what specifically is called ” sad”.
A reporter on @CNN just now compared the president with Lyndon LaRouche LMAO
Many will have to Google that name.
Oh so. Almost snapped my own neck turning my head when CNN did a Lyndon Larouche name drop
Douglas Brinkley
LORGers respond to the one mention of Larouche as sign of guns ablazing against Larouche.
It was to be expected that CNN would line up its guns at the LaRouche movement, as it is a coherent movement and with much credibility gained despite the campaign against the image of the movement for What support globalization, neoliberalism the Anti-national state

Further commentary saying the same thing — see Doug Brinkley dropping the name Larouche and sticking to Benedict Arnold.

IV. Memories
I saw the LaRouche movement in Melbourne do exactly this one.
May 2005 paper headline: NUCLEAR WAR THIS MONTH!!!
Interesting item to cite for opposition to Trump’s second impeachment. Many times, legislators, staff, the public had reason for fear. LaRouche’s cult attacked, the East wing fire, post-9/11 fears, threats to kill us/hurt others. You always wonder
Screenshot_20210115-173952. Men never want to have the Lyndon LaRouche Talk.
I had the Lyndon LaRouche Talk with my parents as a teenager.
Have had this exact conversation but I was talking about Huey Long.
Well, we all make our compromises when we get into a committed relationship.

And… Got Lydon Larouche emails for months when I was 18 because a dude had beautiful green eyes. Lost interest once I began reading the Lydon Larouche emails.

And  In the 80s it was Lyndon Larouche and his followers. They’d yell in an airport “do you believe in a strong defense”. If you’d say yes you’d get sucked into a bizarre world of conspiracy. Wierdest was queen of England head of drug trafficking to get US back.

More Here:  I was just reminded of inauguration day 2001, freezing my toes off on 14th St in my knee high Docs, the crowd had so many different agendas (Free Tibet, LaRouche supporters, disgruntled liberals, cannabis legalization). For real people started wailing and crying when it happened.

Competition abounds in the field of pamphleteering.

And… I remember the Lyndon LaRouche people, especially on college campuses. They were so nuts

In class too!  Some Larouche people interrupted a physics class to yell about how Newton was a fraud

Hm. Was in 7th grade, walking in front of the post office when of his fans tried to convince us to support him. From what I remember, he thought the British were trying to re-invade, and didn’t have friends growing up (had conversations with “greats” on lonely walks).

Heh. bf: one night we were on the phone and she hit her toe on the cat perch she says you guys leave out in the middle of the living room and she just let out this string of curse words that ended in LYNDON FUCKJACK LAROUCHE and that’s when i knew i lov– mom: she talks on the phone?

 So more … Boy this brings back memories; the Larouchies were always around when I was working on Central America solidarity demos & campaigns. They were nuts. One time one of them got up to interrupt a speaker by shouting “this event is organized by the imperial presidency!” (cont). some people laughed, some people shouted for him to sit down – the speaker (whose name I forget) just said smthg like “ok, let me know how much Reagan’s going to pay me for speaking tonight.” They were so weird.

1980 I was picking up extra money working at nights at little grocery store in NH—they kept trying to set up a table inside the store to talk to customers-were a pain always tossing them out-Reagan Bush primary elections–One day a goofy looking guy comes in (more). The guy wants to stand in the store and talk to voters–he said: “I’m George Bush’s son–I said “Hi, I’m Herbert F.’s son–now get your ass out of my store” I tossed George W. Bush—out of a store—didn’t even know who he was at the time–kind of proud of it in retrospect

I didn’t doubt it.I actually went–in late 70s to a meeting held by loon ball referenced in the story, “Lydon LaRouche.”A French foreign student with whom I had become friendly insisted I was being led astray by bourgeois feminists and that I needed to join his group to “make + the revolution.” After two meetings, she and I weren’t friends anymore bc he was a dogmatic lunatic and his zombie followers creeped me out. But I miss the days when there were so many groups “making the revolution,” even though that’s one of the reasons it never got made.

How to ditch em My wife has some hilarious stories of the time she became friends with the local LaRouche cult. She had to have a friend tell them she was dead to get them to go away.

 I guess now they have to wander over to OANN… used to see the occasional guy with crazy larouche signs across from the Fox News studios on Sixth Ave in NYC

V.  Date line WA January 6thy.. here…

I’ve been meaning to look into where LaRouche folks were going after his death. Kinda disappointing they just went MAGA. At least the British are still to blame.

Richard Williams Burden weighs in — from afar.

LPAC expressed outage at Lady Gaga’s role at inauguration, as did random left wing Twitterer: Aristotelian:  Lady Gaga singing the national anthem in 4/4 instead of the normal 3/4 is an appropriate musical metaphor: Just as she re-arranged a song that celebrates slavery, neoliberal Democrats are trying to remix the USA to make it woke, when in reality it’s an empire founded on genocide.

this is almost A=432 lyndon larouche level shit.

Brushing aside The Proud Boys as (a) CIA and (b) British by way of Punk.

I guess Richard William Burden has.

VI. Finally… How Trump fulfilled the promise of Larouche and gained their trust and loyalty is explained. Trump has secretly overthrown the Queen is certainly a creative story.

It runs against counter-veiling matters. Funny way for Trump to show his antipathy at British Power, eh?

. Is the tshirt image Lyndon?. Or just some other bald old white guy?

Daniel Burke on the difference between the Civil Rights Protesters of the 60s and MAGA incursion of 1-6-21.
Rebuttal: It was an overall cultural break down. Even if Trump had classical music on Jan.6, 2021, people where already breaking into the Capitol, at 12:40. But, however, it seems to me that why didn’t anyone walk up to Trump during or after his speech and said they are breaking into the C

VII. Noted: LORG has Pennsylvania State Rep. Diamond , Keyed at a Manhattan Project webcast.

LORG also has snagged Daniel Estulin, leaving LPAC with one less asset.  Getting frisky, we see LORG responding to LPAC tweets with “real source” gusto.

The one thing LPAC does appear to have in its corner is Helga helming LORG, tweeting out Onion headlines and wondering if it’s true.

One more thing lpac has going over lorg can be seen in This banner thrown out at the January 6th event:  LORG’s banner would have to have a more complicated url directing everyone to nation builder dot com.

Not a happy prediction for lorg or lpac– But a sign of who has the conspiratorial headspace right now.

VIII.  The red brown alliance analyzed (with mention of Cynthia McKinney) — your mileage may vary — and a Media bias analysis/ report.  They both refer to LPAC, not as yet LORG.

A curiosity… We see LORG and LPAC take the line, entangled in a Proud Boy turning out to be a snitch, that the events of January 6 were some kind of deep state inside job.  And reactions to that news include a recitation of Larouche as CIA.

(Someone has to tell me if this podcast is worthwhile.)

Australia prides itself that their branch of larouchies look very American and not native.

IX. A left wing podcaster / youtuber brings in Daniel Burke based off Snowden and Assange activism.
Holy crap why do you have that insane LaRouche PAC cult tool on your channel?
LaRouche is sketchy, deserves an episode all to himself. Dude operated like a plant, fooled Nader and others with fake left speak kinda like Stoller is trying now. A lot of weird stuff out there about him.

X.  Stirring Hitler debates.

Pontifex:  didn’t say that he’s alive in Argentina, but he didn’t kill himself, do you have any fathom of what you’re talking about? Mind explaining to me why when DNA technology was invented post-War and the soviets tested his body it said it was a woman?

Chief Kirk:  Who cares he’s a coward like trump

Pontifex:  nah, wrong
Chief Kirk 
Hitler ruined the German peoples lives quicker than jews
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII:
nah, he didn’t
Chief Kirk 
Yeah he literally created Israel and smeared the German peoples name. A lot of people suffered and he ultimately loss like a coward.
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII 
lol you’re a coward for having this mentality u pussy
Chief Kirk
What for being brave and winning with ways to save the people instead of create a worse situation?
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII 
Read beowolf
Chief Kirk:  I read beowolf in elementary school homie
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII
then you should know hitler isn’t a coward
Chief Kirk 
I think suicide is cowardly.
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII
he didn’t kill himself bro lmfao, there’s no evidence you’re just repeating a lie
Chief Kirk 
What happened then?
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII 
we don’t know, but he didn’t kill himself, because there’s no proof I don’t believe he’s in Antarctica
Chief Kirk 
Lol fine say he escaped. Why did everybody face charges for what he did? You think that’s brave?
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII 
everybody? this isn’t even true, countless high ranking nazis were just never found, many others got pleas and started working for the US and Russia, I don’t see how a bunch of them escaping somehow makes them cowards, you seem to really hate national socialists, I wonder why.
Chief Kirk
Say I’m the leader, and other people get in trouble and I hide, that’s not leadership quality. You gotta sink with the ship.
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII 
Chief Kirk
Because he created the wars and lost them then ran away (allegedly)
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII
but he didn’t create the wars, and he didn’t run away, he escaped story after story in European history tells of princes, kings, dukes, etc escaping you have weird non-white morality, are your eyes brown?
Chief Kirk 
Then they are cowards too. My eyes could be purple and it wouldn’t change history of German people losing and jews getting israel which is the main problem we face today is people in Israel with power misusing it to control the world.
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII 
Chief Kirk 
name a better leader who has opposed the banking cartel and done as much damage as hitler
Chief Kirk 
the Templar’s are working with the jews look up Synarchy and the fascist bankers that connect in Switzerland banks
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII
Chief Kirk 
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII
Chief Kirk
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII 
Chief Kirk 
And your source is lyndon larouche? and you called ME the Q BOOMER LOL?
Chief Kirk 
Yes you are a q boomer who thinks Hitler was a hero vs the Jewish banking system when he was an Austrian puppet not even German who was put in power to help the Anglo-Jewish banking powers vs Russia
Nancy Spannaus escapes the Larouche past sort of.  Someone else doesn’t.

Civil War in larouche land on full display

Friday, January 8th, 2021

CIVIL WAR BREAKs OUT IN LAROUCHE-LAND. Twitterers turns snippy.

Hoo boy. Reputations hang in the balance. The reputation in question?larouche pac b like “here’s how trump can win if more people listen to beethoven”
It’s “lpac” vetsus “lorg”, and we see that Howie G chooses his side, slamming LPAC by implying (gasp) they’re down with The Beatles.
Sorry, Ben Franklin wasn’t a fan of the Beatles… Maybe Larouche Pac can make The Beatles” their official musical icon now? But if you want to think like Beethoven, go to lorg.
Ben holds it down for LPAC with biting sarcasam.
Good point, I remember reading Franklin’s critique of the Beatles… Very intelligent point you’re making.
To which Howie G makes it personal and does not allow lpac to claim the name “larouche”: yes barbaraboyd pac is having Beatles look alike remote concerts soon to fundraise…. or if you want to think like Beethoven, go to lorg.
And Ben ” goes there”.
Sounds like you should seek some help. There are many good programs out there,
Moving down the list on classic rock radio, Howie G lets the insults flow with another group.
As tears go by…. when is the Rolling Stones concert guys? You can do “look alike” … Maybe Larouche Pac can make rock star official musical icon now? But if you want to think like Beethoven, go to (lorg).
To which the official lpac tweet feed defends its honor by foundational rights.
Not at all sure what you’re referring to re: “Rolling Stones,” but thanks for the promotion of the PAC founded by Lyndon LaRouche!
Will Howie G move on to reference Cheap Trick? Time will tell.

And here we have Ben at lpac making a charge against Helga and LORG …
not joining in the fight
Boom! I called it perfectly. #sunshinepatriots deployed to the opposite side of the main activity, just so you can lead your broadcasts saying, “I was there.”

II. Your warning to the Left.
recent discourse has convinced me that we may see another larouche moment on the left as opportunists attempt to weld chauvinism, conspiracy theory and a workerism of cultural signifiers.
And, an analysis.
Along the same lines… “Red Flash tendencies”.

III. A note to Matthew Sweet, who keeps (understandably enough) passing this line: The prosecutor in the case was the young Robert Mueller.. According to Molly Kronberg posting at the factnet forum not at factnet anymore, Mueller had the most minimal of involvement in the case — nevermind its convenience for Trump era Larouche storylines and nevermind no one outside of laroucheland will think anything of Mueller if it were the case.

A note to Bruce Todd: Who is to blame if Trump does not pardon Snowden, Assange amd especially Larouche? (And where was Bill Weld, winner of one delegate in the 2020 Republican nomination contest, at the Republican roll call?)

IV. We see that Harley Schlanger now gets referenced as “LaRouche Foundation spokesman”, as an entry the SGT Report, this does not put him in lpac or lorg.
An anti-China Larouchie… I guess ripe for the picking by lpac but not lorg.

We see lpac stick up a “Mission of lpac”, which I gather may be a statement of principles in this civil war.
Which faction will answer this concern?

CIA is an extension of mi-6, the Queen’s personal intelligence service. This is the hard and hidden truth which is staring everyone in the face. China walks to the beat of the British Monarchy drum, as had the US for the past century. I can prove it to you, LaRouche already has

We see Daniel Burke getting dozens of replies, and tens of tesponses as he defends Trump’s right to tweets and pbs airplay. For example:
You’d think someone with plans to be a career politician would be aware the President can give statements anytime he wants to for press releases. Or just walk into a local Waffle House and start a fight so someone will record him crying about Pence being mean to him.
And the perpetual question… larouche, really?

V. A NYT article on Noxon supporters in the last days of his administration gets a Larouche allusion. Worth mentionioning, Larouche was right there on behalf of Nixon… Odd Lefties they.

VI. Winning friends and influencing people in the Great Washington Rush. Signs along the highway. And at strip malls…
Recently into December, a friend and customer who frequents a strip mall told me about a LaRouche PAC kiosk place near the retailers still campaigning for the president. That seemed fine before the election, and undestandable a few days after—during the tumult.
However, by Thanksgiving week, we most accepted, even grudgingly, the math that Joe Biden was really going to win. It seems the reality.
Still, the kiosk returned, at this point in time hoping to do what?
And I wonder if this is even helping the folks at the kiosk. They looked like neighbors of similar 60s age and could very well be me. They seem just as concerned as me. One can certainly empathize with that.

VII. Funny thing on this… here

Donald Trump embarks on the next phase of his checkered career as a professional defendant, who will soon be spending more time in court than Perry Mason, the Cruz/Hawley axis of insanity is going to learn some harsh lessons, not the least of which is they have less chance of ever assuming the presidency than Lyndon LaRouche.
Round about here:
Without vast media attention, Trump’s influence will steadily dwindle. See, Huckabee, Mike. By 2024, Trump’s so-called “base” will pretty much consist of the Proud Boys, Alex Jones, Sidney Powell and the tiki torch crowd. Now there’s a gathering of braying beagles for you.
No mention of lpac or lorg. Even though I jad neen pondering a future disgraced Trump as a real “get” for the larouchies, but it does seem he has bigger platforms to “get”.
By 2024 would anyone be surprised to find Trump pimping My Pillows on Glenn Beck’s conspiracy theory radio show?

From the right a couple years’ back, an attempt to warn on Larouche.
If there is a conspiracy, LaRouche is your front-man and he’s trying his best to make Trump supporters seem intellectually weak, nutty and down right dangerous. Stop with the conspiracies and lets get back to trying to save our country.
I want to rescue the good name of conspiracy theorizing, but on the score here — hm… There is a broader prpblem than Larouche as spherehead to ” make Trump supporters seem” all that list.

Can go onto broader parts than contrarian minded prosecutors and defenders: It seems that there is a quick path to kookery for high level prosecutors. I don’t know the answer. I remember watching former US AG Ramsey Clark fall into this hole as well with his support for LaRouche and the Workers World Party.

VIII. LORG has lately been pumping up former surgeon genetal of the Clinton administratipn, Jocelyn Elders. It is worth pointing out the controversy which gave Bill Clinton his reason to fire her… And the specifics of it, which slide against Larouche ideology. The “Malthusian”ist question was whether teaching about masturbation in public schools may be good for population control. Elders’s response dod not directly respond to the ” population control” line.

IX. Noted sic: EIR Lead Article for SUNDAYY, December 20, 2020

And then… LaRouche PAC’s organizers on the ground January 6 in Washington, D.C. found the President’s supporters steadfastly committed to the movement Trump built and to expanding it to meet his promise to make America once again the manufacturing and industrial capital of the world and the center of profound discoveries on the frontiers of science. There was extraordinary and widespread recognition of the pioneering role of Lyndon LaRouche in creating the circumstance for overthrowing the occupation of our country by British, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley oligarchs.
Also there… LORG.

We see them linking to … I assume originally pegging an antifa provacateur for the violence and melee, but instead the Washington Timrs has an update…
Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that XRVision facial recognition software identified Antifa members among rioters who stormed the Capitol Wednesday. XRVision did not identify any Antifa members. The Washington Times apologizes to XRVision for the error.
They still have the Breitbart and asdorted alt right twitteters.

More from this gathering.
And spiritually about: Now is the moment my father said would come if a wacko like Lyndon LaRouche ever got elected. Well done MAGATs.

Quick shout out to Chinese media. Curiously, domestic consumption would stick with an equivalence with antifa or blm.

X. Memories…
ANDIn 1991, co-running GulfWatch, a daily news-sheet of the Scottish churches on the Gulf War & later published by Edinburgh Review I had the LaRouche cult try to recruit me. Daily calls & faxes from Germany of “inside” info. Pushy! Soon sussed it as cultic.

my grandpa had us helping him canvas as soon as we could speak in full sentences. I was 4 and hollering “No Larouche!” outside our polling place because my grandpa was pretty sure they wouldn’t arrest a preschooler for election
My dad loved to get into it with the LaRouchites. “So the Masons are part of this conspiracy? How high up do you have to be to know about it? My Dad’s a Mason. Does Dad know about this? And there’s this guy at my work…does Bob know? How can I find out?”

recalling the one-two punch of the trotskyists and larouche people as i exited the student union like a year ago
larouche people were for sure significantly more deranged, i got around 30 seconds into talking to them before they mentioned “the british” (larouche dogwhistle for jews) and said they were to blame for the state of the modern world.

I’m old enough to remember when — if you wanted to hear stuff like this — you had to find the card table staffed by the LaRouche campaign at the ass-end of DFW airport.

AND I literally came across a LaRouchie stall once. The May edition of their paper said “NUCLEAR WAR TO BREAK OUT THIS MONTH!” The June issue said: “LAROUCHE PREVENTS NUCLEAR WAR!”

DELETED: 1974, college roommate’s brother, a serious larouchite
I got to read 100 page tracts on how American Civilization went off course after Benjamin Franklin
40 years later, in front of supermarket, a lady with a really off vibe, asking for signatures for her run for local office
when i say seriously off vibe, I mean one of those people you say hello to and go, whoa . . something wrong here
you could say LaRouche gave a lot of crazy people a purpose in life
if it kept them out of institutions, IMO, a net good for society.

As a kid I watched a Lyndon LaRouche hourlong ad. He was a respectable looking guy, using a respectable tone of voice, and speaking in complete sentences. Anyhoo, it didn’t take long to figure out that none of what he was saying made a whit of sense – Crenshaw fits that mold

Thomas Pynchon. Still out there.
I am curious what “scene” this “old timer to young whippersnapper” refers.

Interesting. I met with LaRouche supporters annually for about 15-years. I shared an expose which I asked them to read while I read their material.
Really? Interesting. I shopped once or twice in a bookstore he apparently owned in Leesburg, VA. I mean America has a long tradition of tolerating outside opinion but it’s been discouraging to me to see just how many people have learned to hate the “establishment” in our nation.

Intetesting introduction into campuses:
He places a spotlight on uncommon guests “to expose students to possibilities they may never have imagined.” Further, this instructor connects the guest speakers to an assignment. His students hear from libertarians, socialists, and followers of LaRouche. After engaging with these three ideological standpoints through reading materials and the guests’ talks, students write a paper articulating an argument on which position is most convincing, and whether that ideological standpoint stands a chance of being incorporated into American politics.

Everyone keeps leaving out Walter Judd from the “Debs and Larouche” list..

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

Ice Cube‘s tweet promoting a new music video, and if you are Lucero, running to complete Kamala Harris’s term, you chime in with a big ask…
Messsge me sir, my Senate campaign would like to meet with you ASAP. Much respect!
Since deleted, after responding to skepticism with…

That is also just the LATEST I have been involved in. I was PERSONALLY recruited to politics by L. H. LaRouche, Rev James Bevel, and the legendary Amelia Boynton Robinson in 1993. I then spent 15 yrs organizing in 25 different states. Obama should be envious.

For a snotty response “I don’t care if you helped Michael Jordan win a championship.”. (Say… where were you with Fulani?)

II. In all the election fraud dot connecting
And where Larouche is now referenced as scam artist to be emulatedor… with some irony
(Odd reference point.)

The ” Convicted Trump can run … Eugene Debs and Larouche ran” line gets one more name… Keith Judd. Nice catch! Interesting item here regarding his closest thing to a political triumph:
Judd, who did not qualify for any other primary ballots, contested the ballot count, alleging that ballot workers suppressed the actual total (which he said showed him in the lead) in an effort to cover up an Obama loss.
Another candidate… 2004’s Peace and Freedom Party nomination of Leonard Peltier.

III. Now appearing with the MAGA true-believers. (even though he is dead year and a half on). for a response of brush up on history.

What’s the thing with the British Empire? I saw similar signs in San Francisco about ten years ago, which seemed odd back then.. Have to find your stamp. Like Icke with the lizards, when you see lizard you know it is Icke… When you see the Queen, you know you have Larouche.
Then again, the two get entangled in people’s mind.

One tweet by one member of the ” Biden cheated ” right with a message to fellow protesters, regarding China.
You will have to listen to Bard’s Logic interviewing Obama era Larouchesuperstar Kesha Rogers on the stolen electipn and creation of a one party state (pretty unsuccesdful if that is the case, given how well the Republicans not named Teump did… Unless it is the Democratic Republican duoploly as one party and Trump as another party –) to decide if this China issue can be reconciled.

IV. one recollection of post offices.
a good way to meet chicks.. (oddly not a solo thought.)
one in the neighborhood.
dodged a bullet in college avoiding the lure of singing and math.
in the day.
one old guy hanging around the Student Union
fighting the Ruskies at the airport.
the same with addition of Jane Fonda.
a brief adide to Jeb Bush

Flipping meanings on heavy handed Star Trek Voyager political messages.
Curious commentary: I have to say, of all the rabbit holes to go down, I was not expecting to go down the one about Robert Beltran being a supporter/friend of Lyndon LaRouche.
I am not altogether opposed to the argument on current Star Trek moving into heavy handed politics, excepting that… Er… That was always the case. Leaving aside this debate… How do you drop Beltran as Larouchie into an argument for either political point?

savage with nunchunks over jazz
From what point do you consider the schismic splits of political sects? And is “gothmarxist” showing coalition building or an example of said? A historical review of the Larouchies’ place in schisms. (Probably now better fit for this group to merge and divide.
powerhouse in its own. (Occupy Ohio a big financial boon?)

Can’t argure with that logic.. Hey, get behind Ron Paul and NEVER see any real change made. LaRouche and many of his people served years in Federal Prison. Why? Because they were legit.

As for this comment on Alex Jones films being full of Larouche alumni, Tarpley is long gone.

V. novel explainer for Sidney Powell,

VI. Ximura Consulting LLC is a strategy and consultancy firm with expertise in Community Development.
Consulting with Larouche, it seems.
Many a job applicant.

VII. 23 signatures to the Schiller Institute’s call for …Committee for the Coincidence of Opposites (Coincidentia Oppositorum) … Which will hold to the legacy of Nicholas of Cusa, a man who fmously stood in opposition toward all coincidences.
How this correlates with Harley Schlanger’s enemy — — The Children of Darkness — I dunno. (I will have to watch the video to see if it relates to the Chemey era “Children of Satan”.)
One way of looking at it.

Speaking of circling the squares…
Pretending Trump’s four year posture on Iraq, and Iran, is anything other than what it was.

VIII. Philip Martin extrapulates the import of Larouche on current political dysfunction.
. I talked to him a couple of times in the ’80s, and he never broke character. He knew a lot and could read a room. There was nothing coherent about his political philosophy–swinging wildly from far-left to far-right positions from moment to moment–but he understood there were people out there desperate to have the confusion of the world explained away.
The problem is the world can’t be explained. And the more we know, the less we are able to believe.

Hey. An anti-Trump Larouchie!

IX. Diane Sare’s Senate campaign plucking up a lefty libertarian cause. We note Trump floated a Snowden pardon, and we note that he appears far down any list.

Daniel Burke wins 99.6 percent of New Jersey vote, British Empire fraudulently steals it.

Monday, November 9th, 2020

Meet the face of the anti-Biden Resistance, an every guy, easy for coastal elites to mock but the salt of the Earth. But herefor, a battle rages for his soul and loyalty. On one side, Alex Jones. On another side, there is… the Larouche org, who when npt in the streets directing the crowd to a cardboard table off on the side are holding these webcasts. Who will the guy gravitate to? The answer may come down to… Who would he rather have a beer with?

II. ate lunch with him in the 70s, movie ideas, and dream castings.
Gotta love the see nothing, hear nothing respnse to citations of inconsistency.
Nigel Farage, Supposed Trump “international nationalist” movement head for Brtain, (and compared to Larouche here) claims Biden as Foe of Brtish Empire.
Black larouche support in early oughts.
Sometimes the reason for Larouche success is just this simple.
One dollar donation proves dividends.
That’s one way of describing “Beyond Psychanalysis”.
Campaign stories from a one time campaign journalist, New Hampshire.
friend who dated a girl
Why Polls are off these days.
Community college memories.
University of Chicago.
Uber Driver.
Hammer and Scoreboard supposedly a “Larouche radio station”?
the colorful back history of one Larouchie.
Dem precint chair and Larouchies.
The post office tour had its results.
The current battle probably will get about same after-effects.
Dick Cheney remains the enemy.
Out in St Paul, shouting “freedom!” over and over. But, I thought he was dead.
and Trenton, nay … Isn’t Biden Irish?
At least they didn’t do the “the Ukraine”. Maybe not Putin lackeys after all.

III. Did not answer the question, but I guess they have answered the question by their post-election actions. No.
Then again, the Larouche org’s motives may just dovetail perfectly with Trump’s.
the campaign is soliciting donations for its “official election defense fund,” but the fine print shows half of the donations are to be used for another purpose: to retire the campaign’s debt. That’s a particularly conspicuous clause given Trump had previously said he might put up his own money for his reelection effort; even as he swears he has a legitimate legal case, he’s not just declining to use his own money, but he’s diverting half the money raised for it to another purpose tied to the winding down of the campaign. (The imbalance is even bigger for a related effort, with 40 percent going to the Republican National Committee and 60 percent going to retire Trump’s campaign debt.)
Such may be the real story of the silarity noted by Matthew Sweet.
Then again, Trump legal action is reminding people of Larouche at many a corner.

IV. New Jerseyans saw and noticed the Daniel Burke campaign.
It should be noted in at least one webcaster’s interview, he was identified as a “Larouche Republican”. But in his rally and “drop money at my table” speech he definitey provided an off-ramp. The news mefia settled on supporter of the late political extremist.

(Funny, Burke was not alone in his Larouche reference to this gop tweet.)

Also admired, the campaigning for Trump, “greatest revolution in history” and on, sure to be repaid by a post presidential appearance on an LPAC webcast after the current tireless efforts.

Final tally for Burke… Oh, point four percent of the vote. Probably the result of election fraud… He really won 99.6 petcent, you see.

V. 432. One guy speaks out. Counterpoint. Values to raise your kid by. To be fair, I had a similar problem with a lot of antiwar left wing groups, but it trended to that “Free Mumia” crap.
When the John Birch congressman fought Larouche on the floor.
Robbie Barwick.
LPAC versus Heaven’s Gate.
Neoplatonists versis Paleoplatonists.
Rock and Roll will never die. Though, male pattern balding will.
One theory.

VI. I personally have a hard time swallowing the facebook and twitter and youtube* “warnings” now seen on lpac material, though this is not necessarily the examples of where I would cite its problem, and I have less of a problem dumping it on elected officials — see D Trump. But nonetheless, when we see the right allies in the struggle against “big tech censorship”, as with Alex Jones and his bullhorn, they have at least some leeway and consistency in referring to a foreign example of whete this leads… China.
The current LPAC matrydom is against these private corporation ” disputed” notices, as opposed to how the Chinese government would simply wipe the message out, or disallow anyone from even seeing it Something the Bards Logic podcast appears to know, and that the Larouchie quoted and Larouchoe intervirwed apparently won’t argue against — there, at least. (The tables provide a big tent outlier for China attitudes, reciprocated in part and kind). It may be that their adoption of qanon phraings Wr Are Many, they are few momentarily obscures the difference.

Aso not brought up anywhere: the Larouche fight against Voter Improprietries in the 2004 presidential election on behalf of John Kerry, with ally Democratic Congressman John Conyers.

*Youtube has a somewhat more subtle disclaimer model than the tag on twitter that had LPAC declaring ” badges of honor” — a link right below the webcast on vote fraud conspiracies to detail how “robust safeguards help ensure the integrity” of results.

In one sense, we do see the larouchies block, fairly I supposr.

A comedian and his Biden Dream cabinet, following your Republican anti Trump loaded one.

VII. En route to Operation Mop Up.
A logical mid-point — the perenial use of the term “mass strike”, last deployed in citing Rosa Luxemberg for the Tea Party.
AND A logical end-point. (Or is it this?)
In all, McDuff talks of his conversion to Larouche thought.

VII. A National Revirw article by Robert Zubrin LPAC may want to crib while moving beyond into the ” funded by Soros and various Jewish surnames” line.

Intetesting, space was atbthe crux of what appears Daniel Burke’s most commented upon tweet.

IX. Rebuttal.
It is where the most common tweeter reference to Larouche is in reference to a Trump 2024 run and an imagined imprisonment with a reminder that ” Larouche ran from prison”.

Blast from Past name Christophet Earl Strunck, uh huh… follow at your leisure.

Binney now on Russian media, now skipping to one removed from lpac apparently. His associations and reputation proceed.

Final word comes from the ultimate in under-represented swing voters.

Daniel Burke woos the Zoomer and Boomer demographics

Friday, October 2nd, 2020

I. The Museum of Weird and Demented Religious Tracts of Bellaire, Ohio has a new exhibit.
will draw him, at least.

Why they couldn’t go with this one, dunno…

It is funny, as Lyndon gets tagged (incorrectly as the case may be) with that “neo-nazi” tag sometimes. Misnomers abound: What is this on “Obama in black face?. If it is that Joker image being referenced, that came from elsewhere — popularized in part by Alex Jones but not originated there.

This, on the other hand.

Just one of many… Worth noting, James Bevel was the guy at the time and he was guilty of the supposed sins the org was revealing.

Ii. A response that this twitter feed cannot make due to it being a fill in blank randomizer bot: it is all at the proper voice modulation.
In other bot stoppings: Bet you didn’t know he had a daughter. (Then again, he also apparently played Lou Reed’s most infamous album. (Can j-pop be recognizable at 432?)
Rmember seeing Labouche live?

Y’know, the funny thing is I think r cam might be serious. Explore the conspiracy starting with the question “Who profits?”

It comes up in the answer on “huh?”

the esoteric joke.

III. Election 1988 headlines… If the org had arbitrarily chosen the other partisan side, they coulda stuck with it for claims of prescience.
And now as a rejoinder to the lpactwitter war-room.

Here is the analogy of Bakker cell-mating with Larouche to… Trump joining Snowden in Russia in some fantasy future.

Oh, the company you keep, … For the life of me, a quick google search and I have no idea what the Mccrae – Larouche link is.
another “link” : Igor Kochran, though this one I have a better gauge for meaning.

Sure, but it clashes with quotes from 2008.

The Jews are responsible for all the assassinations.

Y’know, I don’t think the “Operation Northwoods! Operation Northwoods!” line ever came from Larouche. (And is she classifying Tarpley as Larouche?)
That being said…

For the life of me, I can’t make heads or tails of Larouche’s stated reasoning for support of O’Malley in 2016, except it contradicts the repeated rah rah cheerleading that came with that repeated Fox Business Channel quoting to line him up with FDR. Is this a case of deployimg that “noble lie” the org always placed on the Straussians?
Overall, I do sense a bit of knowledge with that “28 roommates” tweet.

Hey! One of those “memes”.

IV. Becoming a line o convention: Larouche Wright Brothers now QAnon Apollo Program.
But maybe this is why Daniel Burke saw fit to disavow them.

Skipping to the bottom line, which frankly appears to bein line with the current Larouche line that “God won’t let you destroy his leader”, or however that creepy meme goes.

V. To any and all issues, the larouchian response is “exonerate larouche too”.
Though these requests to any and all figures of renown on social media don’t deploy this religious baggage.
(Though, on answering where to go if you become disillusioned by fox news.
And why would someone be aiming to get an audience from the “Zog controls everything, Trump and Biden both” crowd?

We see the larouche twitter war-room deploy the meme weapon calling Larouche “cancelled before cancelled was cool”, sure to win over the burgeoning right wing Zoomer demographic. For the older righties, well, Harley Schlanger and the Band do that “edge of coup” prepper thingy. (Aways away from Daniel Burke in by-gone era… not Trump allies).

VI. saw em at tcu.
and in front of a Manhattan office
Voted for …
So That’s why Cathy Guisewite got cancelled.
Another supporter.
involved in a lawsuit. (On Mike Billigtopn.
Sudanese opinion
tried to recruit me
2008 yelling match
Meeting a veteran of Operation Mop Up.
no girls???
USYD mid oughts.
fun like the jehovah’s witnesses
THe modern equivalent to the olde “He’s still alive???” response.

As Trump touts the achievements of Space Force in remarks in Middletown, a number of supporters next to the press riser begin a chant of “Pelosi to the moon!”
Remarkably similar to supporters of Lyndon Larouche in late 80’s holding signs inside National Airport ‘Expand NASA’s budget, send Congress to Mars’. Peas in a pod….

VII. The people are lining up for the schiller institute youth web conference.
Reportedly, This past weekend there was an International Youth conference (the third since May) over Zoom by the Schiller Institute. I never saw more than 170 persons watching at any one time., which is 170 more than zero. Musta been drawn in by Joycelyn Elders.

what a weird degrees of separation and forced at that manner of disparaging a guy.

VIII. Interlude to other guy: Funny thing: Bob Avakian and his rcp has had a larger presence in this city, such as it is, than the Larouchies — who at least showed up once in a while during the Bush and … At least early Obama years.

Well, Bob Avakian has taken a fig leaf of strategy from the Larouchies and are campaigning for one of the two party selections, overthrowing forty-five years of sitting them out to back Biden against Trump. Counterpunch explores whether they (or os it “he”?) have any point in finding Trump fascist as compared to anyone else, or even if so if it follows Avakian prediction what breed of fascism it is supposed to be.

We await to see how much effect Avakian’s endorsement to vote for Biden has on the election. It has been noticed.. Funny, it dors read something of the initoal Larouche literature on Martin O’Malley.

IX. Here is one man weighing the New Jersey senate election options. (Any word on them following current palace politics?) Watch out for the spite vote, though.
Daniel Burke’s presence on the ballot encourages schemes of entryism infiltration. It will be interesting to see how the Larouche party does in comparison with Of By For, for example. (Intersting to see if either candidate complains of the “butterfly ballot” effect, claiming misvotes.)

Here we have Burke questing for votes… Where?

Up ballot still gets you… Maybe?

Win a vote,
Lose a vote.

One media interview with Burke is Caleb Maupin .
It’s extremely concerning that you’re platforming the LaRouche movement. You wrote about LaRouche in Workers’ World calling him a fascist back in 2009, cannot for the life of me figure out why you would platform this guy.

X. Chinese Democracy.

Concerning themselves with the this thingDid Xi pick up the b and r from larouche?. The John Birch Society weighs in.. (The John Birch Society, seen here quoting approvingly as a source Webster Tarpley.)

Maybe it is, sure, but back from the old days when it was something else.

And, Point. Counter-point.

Rounding up if we must and William Jones and eir don’t come up until the last paragraph. (William Jones … Don’tbring up Trump on this.

Trump allies responding to news of his coronavirus: Here is the Larouche org and here is Georgia Senate candidate Kelly Loeffler.

XI. Point: (lpac report of their presence at a right wing rally). Slogan of stopping a coup against the President,” accompanied by a photo of Obama and Biden with a shared Hitler mustache. Another, new sign read: “Donald Can’t Do It by Himself.”


Daniel Burke writes off the qanon vote

Friday, September 11th, 2020

I. I do not know from what fever swamp the much mocked statements from Trump

“A person was on a plane, said that there were about six people like that person, more or less, and what happened is the entire plane filled up with the looters, the rioters, the anarchists, people that were obviously looking for trouble and the person felt very uncomfortable on the plane,” […]

“No. People that you haven’t heard of. They are people that are on the streets, they’re people that are controlling the streets. We had somebody get on a plane from a certain city this weekend. And in the plane, it was almost completely loaded with thugs wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms with gear and this and that. They’re on a plane.”

comes from, from whence he picked it up. The go to place for lazy punditry these days is qanon, but a smattering jump over to Larouche. The one person who provides some marginally substantial reference to this one is… Matthew Sweet. Well, he does have a book to hawk, and a couple hobby horses to observe.

II. Hillary Clinton chimes in her twitter space, and it is then only a matter of counting to see a comment reply of… “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.” Interesting thing, back in the day the Larouchies were selling their variant of the right wing conspiracy in support of the Clintons — seems to date back to at least 1993 — some names in the Democratic Party narrative, then tossing some more in, to get to all Jewish financiers everywhere and at all times.

III. So. What does the Larouche Movement think of qanon anyway? We turn to Senate candidate Daniel Burke

Qanon using strategy of Larouchies, pick an issue with mass agreement at surface level. But this may be a CIA plot to smear the Larouchies by aping them. (Or maybe every one of the orgs are Russian.

And Daniel Burke’s run for the Senate continues to make an impression.

I am a bit puzzled by this podcaster inviting ubi opponents on his show for debate, then accepting Burke … Who promises to say nothing about ubi. For Burke, this campaigning adds up to something, I suppose.

Will Ryan Derks be Burke’s ally in The Housr?. What does that mean about the ideological reference point for the Larouchies?

A not good spokesperson for Freeing Assange. (As they graft to the cause.)

IV. The most high circulation news the Larouche Movement has received in print media in some time, and they are barely mentioned. Roger Stone said something at a Larouche webcast.
Say… What does Roger Stone think of qanon? Good place to grift from.
And… I don’t quite know what this isIs this a good description?

Hey. A qanon-er is running Bill Binney’s twitter account? More deep state connections for Burke to untangle.

In a different world this could be the line the larouchies would take on Steve Bannon. Instead “good news for the republic”.

V. Experiences recalled. The legacy of Lyndon Larouche — how the movement has affected people on the ground.
Permanent picket outsode alma mater, and a lesson in cults, more mystical thinking the higher up the ladder you go.
Voted for Larouche in 2nd grade class… Today, this person would get a text message trying to recruit.
or do they wait until 5th grade to recruit?
She liked the Black Israelites, but not the Larouchies.
Accidental defense of a Larouchie.
Some people’s 90s tv nostalgia is Friends and Seinfeld, others is Farrakhhan and Larouche.
Positive affirmation and love / agape vibes all around
the price of working in newspapers
the perils of being a cab driver
stuck on a bus
Gotta check your cc’s..
when phoned in by a larouchie…
laughed and walked away.
Zeitgiest and Larouche equal Socialism, apparently. (Is this move apt to result in the same attitude L Ron Hubbard had toward Non-paying Scientology “squirrels”, or is this good infiltration strategy?)
We were obsessed with Larouche and Gravel, 95 – 99…
watched the infomercials.
probably never read it
Foucault meets the nclc
They probably did think the petition signing accomplished something.
a footnote to Lubbock’s battle with Churchill.
How Larouche ran in 1984 versus Mondale. (a reference to the grain cartel barb.
Did the Larouchies ever kick the neo-nazi out?
Lynyrd Skynyrd and Larouche???. (odd, conidering).

And the how I woulda voted game.
If that doesn’t do it for you, thete’s the “How some cartoon characters woulda voted game.

When Star Trek Voyager made an anti-conspiracy theory message.

The British Plot finally explained.
What is this book?

VI. Wow. The Larouche movement is making a concerted effort to UP THEIR GAME in meme warfare. So comes… whatever this is. Too Aristotlean for me.

Looking for that “excellent sense of humor” from the late Larouche?. Well, there is this “joke”

(Make what thou willst — he is not quite on larouche script).
I do not think Larouche woulda stood for this one, but maybe he had some contrarian attitudes in 69.

Eyes Wide Shut Larouchie propaganda?

A comparison of design sense with chief competitors shows they may be winning this war. (Mental note: Look into Prona.

Observations on generational gains in Laroucheland.

VII. Somebody has chimed in on the whole c note controvetsy, leading to a smattering of reminders of Lyndon Larouche. The Larouche Movement mocking in the same way they once did twitter and facebook.

Wait… Is this the reason they picked up this cause?. Someone chime in, please, to lend credence or throw cold water on this explanation.

How the game is played:Larouche predicted the Bubonic Plague, which somehow transmogrifies into covid so that Larouche was right. (A Lesson if this person is serious.)

VIII. Moderately interesting point to discuss Were the Anarchists of the Russian Revolution who were then devoured by the Bolsheviks… Basically… Asshole Larouchies?. Discuss.
another historical analysis.

IX. the people are hungry to hear

served in ww2 (heh), so his Britain did it explanation on the Atomic Bombs over Japan has… Credence?

X. Each passing year sees fewer notings in google’s news aggregator of Larouche’s birthday. This year we get… one.

Larouche does get the paragraph notable treatment with rememberences of whete his political machine touched down — notably Illinois 1986, and here the memorials for Governor James Thompson explain why he had an easy re- election. And one interesting but flawed supposition in the comments section that the Larouche victory was somehow a Republican dirty trick. Partisan conspiracy mongering reminiscent of Clyburn comments when Alvin Greene won a Senate nomination.

XI. Ron Wieczorek convinces South Dakota that Larouche is the Way.

XII. According to William Jones to China media, all that stuff Trump has said about China — he don’t mean it. Why, the Democrats’ entire obstruction has from day 1 been about stopping Trump’s friendship outreach with Putin and Xi.
More Chona propaganda, and a predictable line on the petsecution of the Uighurs.
All goes to this question.

Who’s speaking in Pakistan?
The 9/11 trutherism of the Larouche movement, and current stpries in the Arab world.

Harley Schlanger does the x22Report. Paul Glamez does his General Welfare appearances. And gold currency is sold along with prepper c-rations.

XIII. Someone with a bee in her bonnet, excited to see some connection with Larouche and “cultural marxism“, to send out the warning in her twitter missives and demolish all who dare tread on the academy and pc-ness — as though either down the scale or adjacent there isn’t a point, or the basics of even the most horrid See hete for someone who apparently thinks Larouche invented political correctness as a conspiracy theory. (On the decline of Marxism and the rose of post-structualism or if the right have their terminologies warped.)

Does Christian Parenti’s new book extolling Hamilton necessarily mean it is taken from the reverence bestowed by Larouche? Some may see a faux left in glamorizing Hamilton, a weird proto-neoliberalism.

the cec has been accused of being … Etc.

Daniel Burke never at war with eurasia

Sunday, July 12th, 2020

I was trying to find a couple ad images that I see popping up from Trump’s re-election campaign, “make america great pac” or maybe from Trump’s campaign itself. One is “Trump versus Antifa”, which I take to be a theme with which Trump hopes to gain traction. The more pertinent one here has that slogan “Biden is weak on China”. Which, we see that theme hereabouts.

Meanwhile, wasn’t there once a group called the “Club for Life”, which woulda criticized or opposed such Chinese state policies?

Number Two: A foe has passed on… rip Lester Grinspoon. Nixon didn’t like him, and neither did Larouche.

A “friend” … Or “co-thinker” distances himself and calls Larouche a Freemason and Hapsburg – Rothschild spy for the EU. (He is also a self described victor over larouche – tarpley.) Ironic, as Larouche convinced the multitudes he was against the Hapsburgs— but such is the dealings of a double agent.

Andrew Woods also has a clarification to not use Larouchian explanations on what he wrote.

Number Three: Ron Wieczorek breaks in his take on a matter that is surely a hot topic around the water cooler with South Dakota farmers, Sweden’s closing of the Olof Palme investigation.
(Not too much coverage in the USA, though the Washington Monthly had an article, eliciting broadly speaking the same comment responses I would expect from South Dakota farmers.
Why of any relevance to Larouche: Early supects and persons of interest and the sea of inflammatory rhetoric the cult put out on Palme at the time.
Certain irony in this conspiratorial website praising. (Ignore the misspelling of the name, and common mistake of not placing “former”).

Deanna Wieczorek has suggestions for Trump, none of which appears to interest him. (even as the masses mobilize.)

Y’know… It strikes me that I am not seeing the Larouche movement go to bat for Trump appointments who are criticized for speaking at some Larouche conferences in the past. William Perry Pendley can’t be a cause?
Or are we just dumping 21st Century Science and Technology into the dust heap of history?

Number Four: What do you suppose Queen Elizabeth would have done had it been Lyndon Larouche?
Anyways, the ever controversial and acerbic President what he thinks of the lady. We will find out if it alters their rhetoric.

Number Five: So we see Charles Kirk weigh in on Plato v Aristotle, and twitterers note the Hey!. Larouche did it already. If differences abound.
Debate? Or is it enough they are both on Team Trump?
One bottom line on the Larouchian contribution to this debate. and another. if differently.
(Was this the company he kept?. (Or this?). action figures?. The Office?

Number Six. For anyone interested in election minutiae, a map for countywide 3rd place tallies in the 1988 presidential election. And analysis / guess-work on why Larouche “carried” Iowa.
Statistical pointlessness. (How does this video game work?

Be sure to map out these candidates’ results.

Lame Claim to Fame, a 2004 party at the home of Larouche.
And what do the kids think of Larouche?

Today we find bots randomly spitting out lpac fec report data and people marvelling over said fec data. We do see photos of overpass signs and a gathering of three (or was it four?) somewhere or other, so thete is that.

Number Seven: First thing that popped into some twitterers upon the smashing of the Pike statue: Hey!. Remember? Lyndon Larouche? Huh?.
(To be sure, the two are following seperate historical understandings.). Though, these were the political aims.
And curious: Who suggested the idea to whom?

Interesting to see Matthew Sweet disparage “cancel culture” with reference to Larouche, which — with other allusions to Trump supporters and parts of the gop to the cult, presents a great deal of alienation for the left and right.
(See the somewhat dishonest rejoinder regarding a Matt Taibbi editorial. Granted, Larouche inc took it to probing Angela Davis… And is now prone to the rhetorical bombast “Get their knee off of Larouche’s Neck”. (Classy).

I believe they have the culprits behind the “Next Step” wrong. But maybe the rcp took the name too.

Here’s another new book which apparently plugs the larouche memo generator.

Number Eight: Assessing news sources.

When last we saw Sean Stone in these parts, he had served as a laison to bring first Jeffrey Steinberg and then Lyndon Larouche onto Alex Jones, despite a few disparaging comments between them previously. Now we see Dennis Speed on the Stone podcast, pumping up a statue which Fredrerick Douglas reportedly had private misgivings regarding even as he was beginning to become more reverent to Lincoln as a political aim to goad the Republican Party at the time as of moved away from Reconstruction.

Michael Billington does Iran’s Press TV, happy to play two sides against the middle, probably wouldn’t be happy with Evan Siegal’s request.

Jacques Cheminade does China.

Helga made noise about the Daily Coin running an eleven year video of Lyndon. To which begs the question… What is The Daily Coin?

EIR vs Spiked, regarding apes and primates. Of course, it needs to be pointed out, primates were very much on Larouche’s mind during the Obama administration.

Bards Logic for Blog Talk Radio brings Bob Ingraham to you.

Number Nine: Triggering memories of Boston usedta happens.
lost youth photo.
Is there some sort of plaque.
Airport Memories.

Memories of Temple U. did this tp a larouche table, fondly lol.
What was Noam Chomsky up to in 1976?. (Same thing as instrumental classical musicians, I guess.
How to handle canvassing larouchies.

1986 saw people waving Larouche in circle with line crossed out sign. Well, they were pedfling Soviet propaganda.

Number Ten: Fresh off of recording Christian themed music with Kenny G — because he’s just trolling everyone now — and now… Because he announced a presidential run, Kanye West gets to be called the next Lyndon Larouche.

KW Miller, congressional candidate in Florida. Absent a Beyonce conspiracy thepry no one woulda paid him any mind. Would they?. Is the other stuff enough to get him noticed?.

Scott Adams garnered a small handful of “heh heh just like larouche” comments.

And beyond that it is the old standbys of public figures.

Number Eleven
Land bridge ideas, train routes, etc etc etc handed in college.

what happens after the org corners the market on politico with hitler mustache, like the South Park episode “Simpsons Already Did It”.

“outsider artstrange company

Number Twelve: The thing is, Dennis King or Chip Berlet would agree with the sentence by Alan Osler. Just short of this. (hm), hm,
Actually, the time has come at long last to fact check this cartoon. He brought up Luxemberg favorably when courting the Tea Party in 2009- 2010, so how would it all change in 2045?
In the meantime, it does dawn on me that I too see more RCP material about than Larouchian these days. Wheat-pasted on bridges, mainly.

Good for acid trips?

Number Thirteen. The requisite Senate candidate round-up coverage in the news media, representative most of what will come in the newspapers. In social media… Well, The Daniel Burke Senate campaign impresses and impresses and embracing that Simpsons joke. Still needs work on photoshopping together memes, thoigh.
And any day now, having commuted the Roger Stone sentence, Trump will move to doing whatever it is the larouchies think he should do for Lyndon. (Skip to the last sentence William Jones has here, and… Erm… Not only does Larouche “require no pardon”, bit it is an impossibility.)
If Trump doesn’t “exonerate Larouche”, after taking his step with Stone … Well, I guess Burke will sadly announce he was a Chump for Trump.
Apparently taking a page from Lindsey Graham — who endorsed Ted Cruz’s presidential bid even after saying some horrible comments — Burke has called on Rand Paul to join the Larouche Movement even after Larouche called him a “Nazi” and “Enemy of Civilization”. But maybe Burke is just trying to create political distance from Larouche? AS it were, we will see any day now, Rand Paul join the Larouche Movement… Any Day Now…

Number Fourteen. Larouche versus Chapo Felix, because Larouche ceased watching entertainment with The Man From Uncle, or whatever… And moved onto creating his own realness.
Now waiting for the moment in an ultimate battle and apparently with alliances of conveniences to spare.

But… He hobnobbed with spooks.

Raise your hand if you knew that there was a “Larouche Citizens Committee of Mexico, which seems to send out press releases from Leesburg (or is it Germany these days?) with “Open Letter to Lopez Obradar” written above it. It seems to be part of a renewed focus on “Ibera-America”, as we see the org now pumping routine diplomatic comments between Trump and Obradar.

Number Fifteen: The AVP reports Larouche as the source of a popular in leftwing circles notion that Israel originated “Deadly Exchange” on interactions of police tactics with the war versis Palestinians.
Prompting this rejoinder.

Has Bob Avakian taken over the Larouche org?

Tuesday, May 19th, 2020

I.  Justin Amash, Republican turned Independent turned Libertarian member of the U.S. Congress, had announced a bid for the Libertarian Party Presidential nominee.  Then he made an abrupt about face and dropped out.  Notwithstanding the party members’ fatigue over three straight races headed by ex Republicans and Amash maybe not knowing how to answer the question of whether everyone can set up oil rigs as individual island nations or whatnot, what might account for Justin Amash’s decision?

Is it possible he was scared off after seeing social media mocking him with the potent insult in American politics — “another Larouche”?  He was dying so badly by the insult he saw no other way but to withdraw?

The repercissions in the election ate staggering. Though, Larouche would not come in fourth.

Over a year after his death, which those who care know, and the question is… How long will Larouche be tossed as this insult? (And segue into this ). (Hey! The Caveman show is probably available by streaming.

II.  The answer may lie in the success of Helga and the Bunch in their “Larouche Legacy Project” and the publication of the writings and sentences of Lyndon Larouche into leather-bound diamond encrusted gold plated volumes, sure to set the world afire, taking their place in any showcase book shelf.  Just leaf and you will find — he was talking about viruses in 1978!  So ahead of the curve.  And … He had a plan to colonize Mars — Was with China on the moon. if we had just listened to him instead of jailing everyone 2 degrees separate from him (Roger Stone, for example) we’d have populated all of Mars… and stopped the Pokemon menace.
apparently the most important figure not taught in schools
In the meantime, those that care relegate him to “Alex Jones of his generation”.

iii.  Diane Sare has thrown her hat into the rimg, running for Senate … For New York in… 2022.  Or so a blip on her facebook page has it.  I spoke any campaigning for Daniel Burke for New Jersey in 2020 counts as campaigning for her seat.  They are missing a golden opportunity — they ought have fun both candidates for the same seat, one as a Republican the other  Democrat.  That way of one wins the nominatipn, why then they can appeal to disaffected supporters of the losing candidate to win in November. To be fated for recount request possibilities. (Seem stuck in New York area and South Dakota now.)

Surprising they don’t take up election reform…, considering…

As were, Sare has herself running as an Independent (and has already lost herself one vote), and Burke appears to be the same, even though he did have himself as a “Larouche REPUBLICAN” in an appearance on the powerhouse “Blog Talk Radio”, where…

IV.  From his perch as a regular on Blog Talk Radio’s “Bard’s Logic” podcast, Daniel Burke was shuffled in on an episode exploring “Should China pay restitution?”  (In February we are a debate with Michael Billington over who the greatest threat to the U.S. Is… China or the Deep State… I suppose here we can see a little head fake and get to common ground in dealing on the Deep State, though I wonder if the tone will darken a couple month’s forward.)

But maybe thete is a rightwing “nationalist” source that toes to their China stance. OR not here.
Astounding Schizophrenia otherwise. (Hm hrm).
They have to create their own, though it seems like an echo of the youtube channel.

Bill Jones does his best to excuse Trump to Chinesr media. (I wondet how Cliff Kincaid squares the circle in lombasting the China connection.)

I half think this is a trolling of Burke. Lest, why bring in Israel? (It is a double loop.

V.  Ron Wieczorek commences his letter to the editor campaign.  2 swift rebuttals in the comments section, but he does have the print audience all to himself.  How it will reshape South Dakota politics remains to be seen.

VI.  Daniel Estulin, whose books are composed two thirds of parochial footnoted material, is slammed when he deviates.
Find out later for whoever, your conduits for such things as… Oh… The Bill Gates depopulation agenda of anti-vax machine.

VII. A coup sends Helga out?. Bob Avakian has taken over. It would explain some things.

Another guy who thinks the larouche movement has sold out. And one who thinks they’ve lost theor mojo.

Actually, this tweey from Helga suggests a knowing wink. 3 blokes and a statue declared to be “The Four Powers”. It’s as though she is preemptively offering the punchline some poster at factnet would go with to… profit?

VIII. Long time Supporter?  Possible supporter!. maybe? Until we get to the hang ups in Debating the aristotle line. (Or maybe it was here.
If only the org were still around they may have new means to recruit.

Unsuccessful recruitment attempt. (Pleasant debating society. (Not for everyone)
Will Helga allow this?. Does she support this?. Did some punk band adapt his name?. (not so insane an idea<) Big in Japan?. (Psuedo Christian Rock?. Does Creed have it in for the beatles? Supporting actor. Remembering the lym.(The org’s list includes most of humanity. (for fifty year spells. including… if only one anyone name checks.

flashback. Bark bark. watched em in some state. Chicago lore. Just four years back. Mail boxes. Posters. Drag queens can be larouchies, can’t they?. (not as bad as qanon?
Lame Claim to Fame. and again.


IX. Reading King’s book. Answer: no real demand, also will suffer through attack as British agent by remaining group.
Possible next book?. Skip this one.

I am reasonably certain the larouchie asking for a source and getting one is not clicking the link. (Counterpoint of sorts.
the damned british. again
If Doc Brown were…
There is irony in this post which is maybe where Matthew Sweet is pointing generally. if mote specicically hereabouts. (Times change.
Conspiracies ulterior motives.

X. rip her, if not her political master, but I gotta wonder on the role of a “larouche elector”. I know the guy won scattered delegates in blind opposition fashion (the vote which inflated Bernie Sanders’s total in 2016), but the party strips this vote at the convention rules.
IN 2020, I am hoping Bill Weld can hang onto the one he somehow won in Iowa, but I doubt it.

XI. Getting a bit of attention, the nomination of a Republican senate candidate in Oregon, no chance in the general, who follows and believes qanon. I think there is a tad less then meets the eye — it was either her or a non qanon spouting wingnut for the honors of losing big in November. I have not looked in comments sections of national news sites, but I imagine some references to Larouche pop up, as in twitter, and more specifically the 1986 Illinois<> primary results. Notably, the more recent election victories of Kesha Rogers… are not cited or recalled. The peaks and valleys diminish.

XII. Despite a change in name, “citizen’s electoral council” still predominates media coverage.


Wherein i pursue the twitter and see the larouche used mostly as political insult, but that is at least something.

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

The idea of holding a conference with Bill Binney on “Rescuing the public from the surveillance state” from a group who… Well, you can read about their surveillance state in “Why We Left”… Dark irony, no?

We’ve been down the Russia disinformation campaign regarding viruses and whence they came. The question before us… Are the larouchies in strong enough to spread any line these days, as they were in the 80s in their big AIDS scare? (They defend China’s response, ax is their nature, already taking a line in opposition to staunch Trump supporters,). Or maybe it’s a lame question. (incidentally…)
They’re on it.

I see with twitter that … Hm… Larouche does enjoy his afterlife as reference point of allusion of politico insult. (or punchline). And occasionally people note he still has his followers. (and internet hobbyists)

To insult Trump. and his supporters and Republicans. maga. Or, Lodged by Trump supporters. such as.

Funny to see larouche pegged as ant-communist cold warrior.
George Wallace…

See too The larouche trump team promoting to the right. (gate-keeping against qanon), some background history. Hey! Here’s Daniel Burke reaching out to a Waco memorialist. (And arguring with a Hayek advocate.
He missed a prospect, though. (never miss a chance to sic your critics.). Interesting to see him chasing Geraldo Rivera, as according to the Matthew Sweet book so did Molly Kronberg back in the day.. (as he desperately tries to reach the president.) (apparently anyone he’s retweeted.). We do see them reach one notable, if to no grand effect.
he’l be right on it i’m sure. (particularly after buttering him up.) (part four of a four srep plan?. (Newt Gingrich sure to swing in any minute now.)
Say… depending on the moment, reagan framed larouche.
tart message to the gravel institute.
Carl Osgood reaches the masses the old fashioned way — letters to the editors. So, twitter is for reaching out to elite opinion and more specialized micro opinion targets, this is more broad.

I guess this guy was with the larouchies in the obama years but not now during trump? (what violation of pc culture did he violate now?.

QAnon. (who this guy probably also sees as part of a jew commie conspiracy)– right alongside David A Clarke, jr.
Trots. jbs by way of dissing yang and tulsi.
Y’know, to say “the lyndon larouche of the 21st century” is to suggest larouche died in the twentieth century. (news is often slow to travel anyway.)

Koch Bros.
klugmauer tv?
any mass of conspiracy figures.
Joe Biden. and again.

Tulsi Gabbard‘s sliminal campaign is mocked. (and again.) again. unusual supporters, with some theorizing on electoral manifestations.
Similarly, Joe Biden’s early primary results. See too Elizabeth Warren. (and again.). (supporters spoke too soon). berners,… ghost of larouche better than biden, apparently. hardehar. I guess.

Biden and Bernie share a thing in common.
and warren, sanders…

Messages from the likes of Adolf Stalin. a jest for the sake of jests. or two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine ten twelve. thirteen, thirteen and a half., And actually this one may be serious. Is there such a thing as a serious troll? hard to tell on that one. Or if ‘beam theory’ really wants to know what weird al yankovic thinks of larouche — a joke, right?

the Larouche campaign of beer twitter“.

Pete Buttigieg’s sanctimony. (funny). (dunno what this is supposed to mean.
ain’t this crude?

Beto O’Rourke.
Rudy Giulini.

poor jill stein. Jill Stein.

Who is Willy Wimmer, supposed identity of “larouche person” in that Steele dosdier. Is this just bloviating, or is this an accurate diagnosis of that reference?
One immediate answer to the question posed here is because he’s dead.

Ron Paul.
Ron Paul, Eugene McCarthy, Lyndon Larouche???
Cue Billy Joel and We Didn’t Start the Fire.

Ralph Nader. lodged with stein.
political candidate followers in general. anti biden democrats. someone just banned by twitter.

Bernie Sanders supporters. unless it’s ron paul. (cynical much? Berners. . and again. and (Or Bernie including at Howard his self.). boo!. and his merchandise. bernie bro equals lym… Who you could not avoid in boston between 2003 and 2010, which begs the question– what about now? (Larouchies don’t have broadband?)
and campaign videos.
I doubt Larouche ever drew 10,000 people, but someone can clarify.. For that matter someone can clarify the huge wings in Germany and owning many businesses.
I guess if you’re worried about the perennial campaign thing, we need to note larouche’s 1976 outing had him much younger than Bernie in 2016.. So, as pointed out here. .
card tables in 10 years.

Or, as counterpoint, the Bernie as gatekeeper model, the real stuff is… Er1984 larouche. (Hypothehtical postulations. More electoral conspiracy theorums.

Or, as other counterpoint: more productive evolution in politics. (I think its more in reference to the rcp.
you do get the feeling there is a wear you out strategy, but i guess once you find one prospect you can’t relent. (lest you’re stuck in the funk of occupy infiltration botches.

The heat of a primary campaign presents odd formulations: Larouchies sent by Bernies, you say?. (Seems to be her fixed idea.

My thought on this, wherever you land in considering Bernie’s political trajectory, starts with pointing to his 70s election campaigns in gadfly land. Once elected Burlington mayor, he slides into your mode of “sewer socialism”, losing some support from old radical pamphleteering cohorts (later run against him in his senate days) as he wins support from the city’s public by a performing admirably during the Big Snowstorm — some conservative-ish deciding that if the roads getting cleared is the first step of the feared proletarian revolution, we remain aways off, or if maybe cleared words is that workers paradise we’re supposed to fear alonside dodgy cable access commentary on the Sandinista cause– so be it– we can live with that cable access program.
(model of historical precedent.

Trotkyite micro-sects. (Sparticists count or are they too big?
Counterpoint: In defense of trots. (further counterpoint.
But… didn’t they disband?. (guess not.)

conspiracy talking cab driver.
Is there an implied conspiracy theory here?. (Oh, wait. it’s a discrediting). When talking about music turns insane. (attempted dose of sanity.

neonazi candidate.
Rocky de Fuente I and II.
Stassen and Paulson. Cellmates with whom?
vox or moveon though infowars is not apt to get retweeted by larouche. (Ye get em.

Guy shouting at congressman.
Hyper partisan nit picker and rhetorician.
overstuffed meme creator.

The DSA. to be sure. again. socialists more mainly.

3rd party default insult.

math degree drop-outs.

Better to be a Moonie than a Larouchie. (Is he sure he’s remembering the right airport based org?)

Wistful memories in Boston. Or Houston voting. 2000 election primary results. The Illinois Democrats of 1986. (in more detail.). Or nuclear activism. 1992 primary results. 1996 primary race voting. the connecto conspiracism. Mark Benson has a Lame Claim to Fame.
Remember the Natural Law Party?. 1970s crash and smash at a Jarvis Tyner event. nawapa. 1980s inner-city (black) docu-narration. reagnites. history of george soros as boogey-man.

anti climate activists.

Unfortunately, Fiona Hill is dragged into the smear, (the giddy stumvle upon convenient disqualifying half-truth, spit it out everywhere immediately school of research) fixed as everyone is in the political tribalism it is hard to extract her in some people’s minds. (Larouchies try to defend their guy). Across the aisle, the dollop infers larouchies in trump land.
A warning to activists of specific noble causes. Warning about use of insult.

Attempting to make hay over the nazi flag showing up in screen at a Bernie Sanders rally — fraud history repeat once, and and again, here, ask the illinois dems in the 80s or the texas dems of last decade. or. (hm. And, dowd recalls reagan on dukakis again.)

A curious request, but so is this one.

Out with larouche, in with vermin supreme

Thursday, February 27th, 2020

I.  Can’t the Larouche org get any respect as a short hand for politico flotsam?  Consider how the New Republic references scenarios of politically undesirable candidates:
Vermin Supeme style stunt candidate, Larouche supporter, or a libertarian.

This Vermin Supreme guy — the new face of the Presidential Fringe. Note this book makes no mention of Larouche… How the mighty have fallen, indeed.

Though, at least one person from Port Townsend still goes to them.,
PTPD received a report about two men selling a box of “Larouche 2020” t-shirts at the post office.
Yeah, well… the campaign has takers, campaign results, defectors, and not takers.

Still shorthand to pummel Phyllis schafly, so they gots that. [As too merging to john birch to get to qanon. 40 years ago? getting there.)
floats about still.

II. The legacy of the Larouche movement: airport after thought to Hare Krishnas. Someone needs to create some retro-futuristic dystopian Mad Max ish sci fi where the future is revealed as Hare Krishnas vs the Larouchies for global dominance.
Crazy marxist dad did some haranguing, all back in the day. Well, consider the company he kept. (hm…
He has been exonerated after all.

III. Webster Tarpley refers to a “Tyrant Xi” on twitter. Thouugh that is part of why you see former fans turn on him and think he may be compromised by the deep state.
Not that I want to side with the people he has abandoned to align with ant Trump lefters, but his line is not consistent, being the one who rallied crowds calling Putin a force for Peace.

And Michael Billington sells the deep state on blog talk radio, leaving Tarpley… ?

IV. Interestingly, Jeffrey Steinberg, not Lyndon Larouche is the man listed in the 12 Americans against the British Royal Family. These days, Steinberg has… I guess… quit the org to pusue other other more comic book efforts.

I suspect a conspracy, where the powers that be are flooding headlines of peoples who share their enemies’ names to keep the public from this source. The British have some dude named Alex Jones we can make a story out of. See too the new director of… The Schiller Institute. Steinberg?

Confusion reigns in all corners. This blast from the past…and I could be wrong, but it does not read like Larouche.
More recent examples have clearer thoroughlines.

V. All about Stepping from the brink and mobilizing for trump, xi, putin.

Helga Zepp emerges as a social justice warrior, fighting microaggressions  on any pun laced headline or allusion to kung fu or bat soup. Maybe this is the play to a student activist core that have not been there in the era of Trump?

“Absolutely Heroic Response”, sayeth the Helga Zepp Xi Booster Movement. woo!.  (Lawrence Freeman thinks Ghana should be like China.

All the while, Trump fails to heed the call of the Helga Zepp Plan.

VI. It does appear you can blend the deployment Trump rally outreach with coverage of Burke’s 2020 New Jersey Senate bid.

As far afield as Ohio. Stop the coup; colonize mars

What I don’t understand is how Daniel Burke can get the stop the coup and colonize mars message into this nrws article without promoting his Senate aspirations, or the Larouche Movement for that matter. But I guess this predominates at a Trump rally. (Burke does the blog talk radio, and identifies as a… “Larouche REPUBLICAN”. Is that… official?

VII. Harley Schlanger looks to be emerging as the face of the Larouchian Movement. See “national spokesperson for Lyndon larouche”. [Hrm. He speaks for a dead guy?]
Sputnik News is
the place to go if you want answers and debate on whether Trump is winning Mega or winning Ultra, or
Obama getting ready to slam Bernie publically. Oddly, speculated in the National Review, but dismissed with the premise that he’s too much a wimp.

VIII. Ronald Wieczorek, Mount Vernon on Why you must defend this strong presidency

British MI6 launched this now years-long attempted coup against Trump, and our intelligence agencies and mainstream media joined in. These traitors don’t want to allow (any) president to cooperate with Russia or China or end the wars. They don’t want to allow (this) president to handle a financial crisis, because a strong President could adopt LaRouche’s Glass Steagall and national credit policies.
Glass Steagall pursued in one way or another by Trump… Any minute now…

IX.  Exiting the year 2019, entering 2020, a smattering of

memorial obituary;  notices, Gets to be called “influential” you see, and a return for a quick clip at the one year death announcement anniversary. capturing an essence, I s’pose.

X. While I was not looking, the citizen’s electoral council became the Australian Citizen’s Party.

Also, against the barrage of Neocon propaganda against china, and see too that neo-cons did it; not Trump
The Progressive socialist party of Ukraine is headed by one of those “Schiller party co-thinker”s. However one co-thinks.  Ossenkopp is associated with the Schiller Institute … International think tank.

XI. Somewhere Lyndon LaRouche says, “Hillary Clinton is crazy.” {larouche supported hillary in the 2008 primaroes, thpugh not so much afterward.}

Or is it Gabbard?. {Tulsi}.

“It’s not like she has a ton of places to go after this,” the operative said, likening Gabbard’s position in the current Democratic Party to perennial candidate and convicted fraudster Lyndon LaRouche. “She can do remote hits from Hawaii for the next five years—who wouldn’t want to do that?”

XI. abuse of power…

Steve Hassen has a book out.. Larouche barely figures.

“Pathological lying is characteristic of destructive cult leaders – saying things in a very confident way that have nothing to do with facts or truthfulness – blaming others and never taking responsibility for his own failures and faults – shunning and kicking out anyone who raises questions or concerns about his own behavior – his use of fear-mongering [calling] immigration a horrible thing… [saying] the press is the enemy of the people. That’s what Hubbard would say. That’s what Moon said. That’s what LaRouche said. Why? Because they’re demagogues.”

Ronald Wieczorek disagrees.

Back when Bloomberg’s positions had him living in colonial New York City, the LaRouche Political Action Committee created a stir there by portraying him as “Mousolini”—he shares policies with the Italian…

Bloomberg is currently getting slammed for cozy business and rationalizing China’s government.  Oh, and there’s a bit of authoritarian suggestions thrown about. Hm… the infomercial on viral epidemic tactic is familiar, ain’t it? (Buttitieg’s exit has implications for them all.

XII. Back in the day, the lym would spout “boomer” as a perjorative in Larouche’s internal politicking. Oh how everything changes..

On November 3, Massachusetts’ renown politicians Senator Ed Markey and Representative Jim McGovern convened a town hall open to the public at Clark University’s very own Atwood Hall to discuss the Green New Deal. […]

On Wednesday, Oct. 30, the House passed a set of procedures to govern the president’s impeachment inquiry. “What is happening to the president is a witch hunt,” said a woman named Jennifer, who identified herself with LaRouche, a pro-Trump super political action committee founded in the name of Lyndon LaRouche, a political activist, convicted fraudster, and cult leader.

Jennifer was quickly booed by audience members who shouted things like “this is about climate” and “OK, boomer.”
Ah well. They can always turn to choruses to balm the sting.

XIII. It isn’t set in the D.C. of K Street or Georgetown, or even the Lyndon LaRouche crazies hanging around DuPont Circle. It’s in the projects and town houses, the late night liquor stores and neighborhood baseball courts.
I guess someone else will have to write the Washington DC of the Larouchies.


And a standard Trump hires someone contributed once or twice to Larouche publication story.

IX. The Post Office tour returns.
They had sandwich boards set up between the sidewalk and Fulton Avenue. The signs and accompanying literature supported Trump’s policies that align with those of past political activist Lyndon Larouche, and decried the Green New Deal proposed by U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

By 1 p.m., however, City of Middletown police officers informed the pair that their signs were violating city ordinances regarding temporary signs. Under the threat of a summons, the demonstration became a single table of literature with a sign attached to the top of it.

the insult legacy.

ell, it has finally happened! The Lyndon LaRouche-like, tin-foil-hat-wearing, gender-deluded, pecksniffian Democrats, in a continual state of psychotic rage, have proven the truth of H. L Mencken’s statement that “democracy (and politics) is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage. …. The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed … by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

Counterpunch considers “executive intelligence review” a Spooky sounding name.