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ending geopolitics

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

I.  Mae Brussel, the world’s greatest single conspiracy buff, has insisted, over various underground radio stations, that virtually all the terrorist Left is a secret C.I.A. operation to discredit the rest of the Left. More recently, the U.S. Labor Party has taken up the same model and is accusing almost everybody in the Left of being a government agent working to discredit the Left. Although neither Mae Brussell nor the U.S.L.P. are any better at preparing an evidential case than the late Joseph McCarthy, the Watergate investigations revealed that the FBI’s “COINTELPRO” operation did involve agents provocateurs and attempts to divide the Left by inciting crime and spreading paranoia. Maybe all the paranoids are right, after all.  — Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger, 1977

II. At long last… a … uniform?  That the members of the org can dawn when they do their PO Box tour (or wherever it is their deployments are in the Trump Era.)

laroucheshirtweirdlaroucheshirtweird2   So, when someone accuses them of spouting out goobley — gook, or asks them to clarify what it is the “B-12″ incident, they may just point to their shirt in a state of smug self-assured over-confidence.  How this wins over the masses, I do not know.
(Yes.  These things probably belong to a motorcycle club.)

III.  Stop me if you’ve ever heard this one.
A one time member.  Left a once solid organization, the Larouchies, dedicated at one time to fighting the good fight.  Or, was when s/he joined.  Now, it’s sad to see what it has become — truly deplorable — as a totally different organization than when I was a part of it…

… when it never would have worked to put themselves as supporters of a world-paradigm shifting Trump administration… and were all about… er… doubling the squares?

They still do choral performances to C=22, (prolific enough)  so don’t quit on them just yet, true believers!

There is one novel and interesting wrinkle in this testimony from a recent ex-member.  A reformation past the scandals of the 80s.  Given the word in the org continues to portray it all as political persecution with time served by political prisoners — lead by the most feared of all political prisoners — Larouche himself — it does make for a pretty lame glasnost.

But, as it were… no one can quit now.  How else are they going to succeed at their stated goal of ending geopolitics for once and for all, if all the foot soldiers disperse into… geo and politics?

IV.  I see a decent uptick of features in mainstream media on the “New Silk Road” — China’s development of high powered transportation hubs to connect to major European and Asian ports.  It’s not without its birth-pains.
One focus, running counter to Larouche propaganda, is the irony of China seeking a larger role in the world as the US (under the aeges of the current president) seeks a smaller role.

Echoing the Larouche Nero fixation during the past administration… Nero comes back into vogue.  A little too easy.

V.  2 time Democratic congressional district of the Texas Fighting 22nd, and forcer of a primary run-off for US Senate seat…
… The most successful Larouche politician of the Obama Era, though no one who got even close to winning…
has pulled up the stakes, and fled the Democratic Party to run as an independent.  Into the 9th District.

By some accounts, the Democratic Party is actually fielding a challenger against Pete Sessions — staring at the rejiggered map of 2016 which lead some suburban areas to become more Democratic and some rural areas more Republican in keeping with opinions on Trump — and had Texas closer than Ohio for Clinton.  Yet, Kesha doesn’t want to be a factor in the district that, theoretically, she has acquired a base with?
HmAmong the items on her campaign platform were opposition to fracking.  Surely this will be at the center of her campaign?

High speed rail takes citizens across great distances in minimal times. Manufacturing is accomplished on modern platforms. Space exploration has been made a priority. Most importantly, the people are optimistic about the future; new ideas are the subject of impassioned debate and discussion. This is a project long envisioned and campaigned for by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche. President Trump, whom Congressman Green wants to impeach, is exploring how the United States can benefit from this Great Project.

Just as a vote for Rogers was a vote for the impeachment of Obama, a vote for Rogers is now a vote against the impeachment of Trump.  Got that?  And if that doesn’t float your boat… maybe this other one might win you over:  A vote for Kesha Rogers is a vote to end geopolitics.

VI.  Dateline Australia.

Today we report that a Senate committee is even seriously listening to complaints from extreme fringe group, the Citizens Electoral Council, traditionally connected to bizarre American conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche, that the government could commandeer bank deposits.

VII.  China is the new Russia.

Surprise appearance by the EIR.

VIII.  Oh.  Here they are.

There was another protester standing in the parking lot handing out documents from the LaRouche Political Action Committee attacking Robert Mueller, showing a picture of Mueller side by side with the burning Twin Towers after the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, and urging people to go online to find out more.

Look it up, and you’ll find out more at… er… lar-pac?

The U.S. House of Representatives plans a nearly unheard-of five-day session in the week of Dec. 18-22, after activists with the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee distributed a dossier titled “Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job If You Let Him” to every office in the House of Representatives today.

what in the estulin?

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

ITEM NUMBER ONE:  It is instructive to take a gander at the Daniel Estulin 2015 book covering the Tavickstock Institue, on the question of what portion of this book is simply replaying the works of the Lyndon Larouche Movement.  54.5 percent.  Therabouts.

Skip to the endnotes for each chapter, and count the sources to Larouche publications — from the 1970s on into the 2010s.  I note that a weakness in my ability to spot things quickly, as the citations get a little slippery — sometimes skipping over to the American Almanac website instead of the orginial EIR source, for instance.  As well some unfamiliarity with names throws me off.  The result is that in two countings, I myself have slighly diverging numbers.

Introduction: 5 out of 8
Chapter one:  52 out of 84
Chapter two:  14 out of 29
Chapter three:  1 out of 18
Chapter four:  48 out of 80
Chapter five:  50 out of 91
Chapter six:  42 out of 68… with an additional 3 going to, believe it or not, the Larouche Planet website (“Larouche in Wiener World”)
Chapter seven:  17 out of 31

The one that stands out in this group — Chapter three, is instructive.  Here we have a study of how the Illuminati is sending messages through popular music.  It makes a big deal of hip artists’s boasts on being the “Rain Man”, never making clear what this is supposed to entail — is this transferred to simply the Illuminati’s boastings of “Rain Man” dom, conditioning the public to accept the current metaphorical rain, or a signal to its puppets to switch on some “rain” switch?  On the dealings with Rihanni’s song “Under the Umbrella”, we have the issues of robots dancing and goat heads in music videos — the robots Estulin spells out as being conditioning us to accept our robot overlord future — though what this has to do with the Umbrella I don’t know… maybe we’re just all under the Umbrella of the Unseeing Eye?
And what of the echoing of Rihanni with “Umbrella… Brella… Brella… A?”

Anyway.  We can see why Larouche hasn’t much to say about this, being the Larouchies don’t much deal in popular music.

ITEM NUMBER TWO.  Hey now.  An interesting recent attempt at editing wikipedia for some actual analytical purpose on Larouche and his movement.

The Wikipedia editing attempts far-right Perhaps now more clear than ever,  which espouses deeply [[antisemitic]] ideas and conspiracy theories characteristic of the far-right, Sure… the movement’s underlying ideology entails a series of [[anti-semitic]], [[Holocaust-denying]] [[conspiracy theories]] that are paradigmatic of the far-right No.  They stand for … um… Silk Roads and Land Bridges and… um stuff — foremost of all,  its leadership, in particular, LaRouche’s wife, [[Helga Zepp-LaRouche]], has made the conspiratorial, far-right, and [[anti-Semitic]] underpinnings of the movement evident to the public in a 1979 statement that refers to the Holocaust as a “hoax”.   Good to point out a leadership shifting.
In her statement, Zepp-LaRouche, writes: “While in the US, no one especially cherishes even the slightest illusions about the power of the Zionist lobby the present administration, the influence of a covert Zionist lobby in the Federal Republic has been only a few initiated political figures known, but not the general public. And so we have to take the hypocritical Holocaust hoax as an opportunity to blow the whistle on these foreign agents.”

Interestingly enough, the “Anti-Zionist” tag is removed on Lyndon.

ITEM NUMBER THREE… too clever by half.

The peinlich presentation of the Ignoble Prize in Economics to Richard Thaler—the latest in a long line of Stockholm and Oslo

There actually is an “Ignoble Award”.  Here’s who won it this year

ECONOMICS PRIZE [AUSTRALIA, USA] — Matthew Rockloff and Nancy Greer, for their experiments to see how contact with a live crocodile affects a person’s willingness to gamble.
REFERENCE: “Never Smile at a Crocodile: Betting on Electronic Gaming Machines is Intensified by Reptile-Induced Arousal,” Matthew J. Rockloff and Nancy Greer, Journal of Gambling Studies, vol. 26, no. 4, December 2010, pp. 571-81.
WHO ATTENDED THE CEREMONY: Matthew Rockloff and Nancy Greer

Surely the Larouche Movement can be put in the running and win something one of these years… just like, say… Jack Van Impe once won an award.

Webster Tarpley wins a mention for a dubious honor… but when was he ever a star bright enough to become dimmer?

ITEM NUMBER FOUR:   Once again, they’re hitting the Farm Circuit.

Oct. 28 will be a day full of expert presentations. Bob Baker is an economic policy consultant and specializes in agriculture economic research. He is currently a correspondent for the Executive Intelligence Review news service.

Will Kansas farmers go for the Silk Road?  Only time will tell.

They’re also hitting the Italian Engineer circuit.


Run down of BUSO campaigning in Germany...

“The future of Germany is the New Silk Road!” reads one pinned to a streetlight near Berlin’s main train station.
“Cultural renaissance instead of barbarism,” reads another. And, “Germans can stop world war!”
These posters, in a matching blue and yellow color scheme, all urge Berliners to “vote BüSo.”

More or less, a “What is this? item from Foreign Policy.  The Larouche Movement responds.

The author of the attack, Bethany Allen-Ebrahemian, comes from the East-West Institute in Hawaii, and the detestable contempt she affects for Chinese intelligencia and leaders is a mark of neo-Con geopoliticians. But it belies a real fear of the New Silk Road policy, and the LaRouches as leaders of it.
Foreign Policy will be one U.S.-based observer nervously counting the votes of the parliamentary slate of Germany’s Civil Rights Movement Solidarity (BüSo) party.

Sure.  The members of Foreign Policy magazine watched the results,biting their fingernails as the results came in, wearily counting BUSO votes, like they were liberals watching the election results map of Michigan last November.

Results of the German national election are in:
Out of 46.4 million votes, BÜSO gains 6735.

Then they… partied?

It is interesting to note that there has been a shift of media, from Russia’s propaganda outlets to China’s.  And it gets rather comical — Helga’s really laying it on thick, ain’t she?


Hunter Cobb sells the China “work” —rarely does one see the name LaRouche in print, despite his visionary leadership and willingness to take on the powers of Wall Street and London, weathering wild defamation, proven targeting by the FBI, etc.
I have been an ally of LaRouche for more than 40 years and have seen his vision becoming a reality in much of the world in the recent years.  […]
One of the two Americans who traveled to China for this conference is a close associate of LaRouche. He gave a presentation here in Alameda Sept. 30. Those who would like to know more, may contact me at hunter

Interesting to see just what was happening at this conference

“… I think we have to go for the full thing. I want full victory. I want to crush Mueller, crush the entire apparatus that’s out to destroy Trump, this country, this organization, and I want to build up this country over the next 20 years. I see Americans as optimistic and hardworking and mission-oriented, and having fun the way I see young people in China doing today.”

On paper it looks like a rousing speech, but then he closes the meeting and the applause makes us feel there are like 5-10 people in the room. If Mike think he’s “on to something,” I think he’s very sadly fooling himself.

And elsewhere… American intellectual Lyndon LaRouche… so he’s got that.

ITEM NUMBER SEVEN.  Historical notes


In October 1983, an article in the Executive Intelligence Review, a publication linked to controversial American politician Lyndon LaRouche, proposed the building of a Kra canal to the Thai Ministry of Transportation.


Atlas Novack opposes a constitutional convention in California— don’t vote for this ballot measure; do what you did to the larouche one.


So, way back in 2004, I decided to engage one of them in conversation, which I quickly learned was like entering an alternate universe where up is down and the Pope is Hitler.
Somehow, we shifted from politics to science. They believed that “reductionism” — the notion that complex phenomena are best understood through a process of reducing them down to simpler parts — was Satanic. Not wrong or oversimplified, but Satanic. As in something the Dark Prince himself would approve of. They also didn’t like Isaac Newton very much. […]

In other words, Lyndon LaRouche is some strange combination of Paul Ehrlich, Ray Kurzweil, and Alex Jones, with just a dash of Naziism. If that’s not a winning campaign, then what is?

I came across him when researching history of mathematics.  He had a thing about Archytas, and in contrast a list of great mathematicians he didn’t like.
Especially “putting down” Euler — that was really over the top.

I’m sure we can find some non over the top Euler critics out there.

FOUR.  Illinois 1986.

Five:  a quick mention of a Citizen Electoral Council win.


An item published by the org: An article published The Nation Caves, Attacks VIPS Report

Yeah, but I think this is more worthwhile reading… at least in terms of what’s important here..



David Neiwart’s new “What Happened” book — Alt America — on the so called “alt right” and its rise through the Obama administration into the new Trump administration does not have a mention of Larouche in the index page.  But somehow we get this…

The phrase “cultural Marxism” had first appeared in right-wing circles only a few months before, in July 1998, when William Lind, leader of the far right Free Congress Foundation, gave a speech he titled “The Origins of Political Correctness”.

It then slides into a mention of Norweigian terrorist Anders Breivick.

Notable here because William Lind made the coinage for the Larouche Movement in 1992 …

the movement

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

I.  For the first time in a year, when my uncle alluded to Larouche by way of stating what a weird blog this is, I heard a random mention of the name “Lyndon Larouche”.  It was in an overheard conversation, with the man walking past me saying something like … “So.  He’s just been posting these long conspiracy diatribes on the Internet.  Like he’s Lyndon larouche or something.”
So, as we see, the name is, after all, Out there, in public currency.

II.  Robert Dreyfuss, for Rolling Stones magazine.  And so goes the deal, where any politically contentious article by Dreyfuss will get that … “say, you know where he got started” line.

III.  Sort of lost track of this one, but worth noting… Webster Tarpley has shuffled over some money over to Melanie Trump to get her off his back for calling her a one time whore.

The lawsuit was settled in January and Tarpley agreed to pay a “substantial sum” as a settlement. While how substantial the sum was remains a mystery, a separate lawsuit has given the world a price tag on how much defaming the first family could cost you.

IV.  By way of background, in the early 1990s, the Larouche group took up the cause of removing a statue of Confederate Albert Pike.  Which is how I’m particularly jarred by the manner this section of this wikipedia article moves through the Larouche protest to the “renewed interest after the Unite the Right Rally”, given the current Larouche line, more Trumpian than Trump.

In the case of Charlottesville, both gangs in the action were either controlled by the FBI or by other trained intelligence operatives on the scene.
The Klan and White Supremers on the scene, Richard Spencer and David Duke, are long-time assets in the FBI orbit. Duke was largely a George H.W. Bush creation.

The actual George HW Bush choice at the time of David Duke’s political primary victories was one Buddy Roemer.

It turns out that the other major figure, Jason Kessler, now proclaimed to be “Alt Right,” was actually an Obama activist until November 2016, and participated heavily in “Occupy Wall Street.” Some say he was an assignment editor at that point for CNN.
Some say…

A strange metamorphosis, to say the least. The man who drove the car injuring many and killing a protester, was a mentally ill grifter named James Fields, whose fascination with Nazism and violence had been profiled by authorities since high school.
On the other side are Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe;
Clintonista.  A more purer Clintonista than the one time Clinton lover Larouche,  and the strange metamorphosis we get from them on them….
Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer; Brennan Gilmore, a former State Department employee who some say worked for the CIA;
“Some say”…
the Obama “resist” apparatus in Virginia;
Don’t forget the hashtag!
and the violent, lawless anarchist grouping known as “Antifa.”

V.  Abdicating whatever claims he had as an advocate for Glass Steagall, abdicating his  war weary stance on Afghanistan, other than a grand Wall against the Mexican border — which runs contrary to Larouche line on immigration heard about Obama as “deporter in chief”, all infrastructure projects disperse  — what policy binds the Larouche to its pro-Trump status?

VI.  Letters!  I stand with President Trump. This is because I believe he is genuinely concerned about the future of our nation.
I am now going to say what appears to be the forbidden word among the major news media — “Lyndon Larouche.’ I’ve been associated with this organization for over 20 years now and I have an online subscription to the EIR DAILY ELERT news. I also listen in to their weekly conference calls. I deem this news source to be more truthful and reliable than any other news source I know of. This is the main source of the information I use in arriving at many of my conclusions.
It’s amusing because, when Trump was campaigning, Larouche treated him like a joke. Their organization is now one of his most ardent supporters, though I personally favored Trump at the time. The change came when they found that he is in favor of the return to the Glass Steagall Act. This act separates the banking system into investment banks and commercial banks. Commercial banks were not allowed to gamble depositor’s money in the stock market. It was first enacted in 1933 during the Roosevelt administration. […]

 And Ray McGovern’s group, right?
According to Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, Russiagate has been proven to be a fraud. The U.S. citizenry must perform the necessary political intervention that can order the reorganization of the U.S. government, the U.S. Treasury, the Fed and Wall Street. Then fund the redevelopment of North America that can beat back the Wall Street directed Greatest Depression upon us. Millions of lives are at stake. We’re wasting time. Implement Larouche’s Four Laws. Contact your political representation. Contact the President.  Ron Wieczorek.  Mount Vernon

VII.  Dejavu.

Speaking of Trump’s staff, the National Security memo — authored by Rich Higgins, who was later pushed out of the NSC — is very disturbing. That these are the views of a key White House staffer, and that this information actually landed on the president’s desk, would make Lyndon LaRouche blush.

Actually what’s cited here appears to be in keeping with past Larouchian literature.  Nothing makes anyone with the org blush.

Foreign Policy: “Trump is being attacked, the memo says, because he represents ‘an existential threat to cultural Marxist memes that dominate the prevailing cultural narrative.’ Those threatened by Trump include “deep state” actors, globalists, bankers, Islamists, and establishment Republicans.”

More: “Though not called out by name, [National Security Adviser] McMaster was among those described in the document as working against Trump, according to a source with firsthand knowledge of the memo and the events. Higgins, the author, is widely regarded as a Flynn loyalist who dislikes McMaster and his team.”

And here’s the thing… That Andrew Breivicks (2011 Norwegian terrorist) had a plagiarized essay of a Larouchie penned article decrying “Cultural Marxism”.  It is important to note that the author who wrote it has expressed his horrors at the appropriation.


Greenwich, and we’re TRUMPIER THAN TRUMP, CHUMPS.  3 for Larouche / Trump, or Trump / Larouche.

Outside Town Hall Tuesday morning, Greenwich resident Patrick Servidio and two other members of the conservative LaRouche Political Action Committee handed out literature stating that President Donald Trump’s alleged connection with Russia during the presidential election was a British-directed hoax aimed at moving the U.S. to war with Russia and Middle Eastern countries.

“We’re out here to defend President Trump and the American system,” said Servidio. “We are in a very dangerous situation, and it’s a coup against the President of the United States. And this has never happened before in the history of America, but this is all British controlled.”

A registered Republican, Servidio has lived in Greenwich for 74 years.


Closer to the convention center, the controversial Lyndon LaRouche movement passed out flyers to Trump supporters waiting in line. The anti-capitalist, pro-labor group sees a friend in Trump, who has said he would consider reviving the Glass-Steagall Act to break up banks and not go to war for the sake of nation building.

“We did everything we could to defeat Hillary,” said Joe Billington, a Cleveland native who worked on LaRouche’s eight presidential campaigns, each a long shot. On second thought, Billington thought, Trump’s hiring of a former hedge fund manager from Wall Street to run the U.S. Treasury “is concerning.”

Don’t say?

Shopping plazas!

Myles Robinson, of the Massachusetts-based regional office of the LaRouche Pac Movement, brought his message to Richmond on Friday. With a full display of information and graphics which explain the LaRouche cause, he stood on the sidewalk of the Chariho Shopping Plaza on Main Street, explaining the Movement’s concerns to those who pulled over.

We’re building a movement to protect President Trump from the FBI coup attempt, and potential assassination,” he said. “The problems are not being caused by Democrats,” he went on. “It’s a much bigger issue.”

Hey da.  About that Glass Steagall… it appears to mean as much for Trump as it does for Larouche, so maybe this isn’t such a reach after all?

“Defend Trump from the Coup!” “Donald Can’t Do It Alone.” “Trump Wants Peace: How About You?” “China, Russia and the United States Can End War.” “Build the World Landbridge!”

Signs and slogans proclaim the pro-Trump, anti-establishment stance of two men who set up a desk in the grass in front of the Ridgefield Post Office parking lot on Thursday, July 20, talking politics to whoever would stop to listen.

“We’re trying to protect Trump from the coup, and we’re calling for Glass-Steagall,” said John Scialdone of Hackensack, N.J.

BURN!!!  YIMBYs are a compelling man-bites-dog story for lazy reporters who treat San Francisco as metaphor and, as one local reporter told me, “Trauss is a beguiling figure to cover because she doesn’t seem reined in by the bounds of common decency.” She’s like followers of Bob Avakian or Lyndon LaRouche at a rally hawking sectarian newspapers.

Iran tv on sanctionsNorth Korea “debate” with William Jones and William Overholt.

The Altramura Center for the Arts has a Schiller Institute relaying of Verdi.

Blast from the past.


Caulkins also recalled the 1980s battle with the Lyndon LaRouche organization. Then a perennial presidential candidate, LaRouche spurred controversy when he moved his campaign headquarters and fundraising operations to South King Street in 1983.
The friction between the organization and other businesses came to a head when fraud charges were brought against it because of allegations that individuals, especially the elderly, were being scammed. LaRouche was convicted of mail fraud and conspiracy and sentenced to 15 years in federal prison. He was released in 1994.
As one of the community critics of LaRouche and his associations, Caulkins came under threats during the period.
“That was a fun thing,” Caulkins said, recalling that people would drop off donations at the store to support him amid threats of litigation. It was also scary. He said LaRouche associates would come into the store, lay guns on the counter, and tell the clerks, “You tell Stanley Caulkins—he’s next.”


new silky new road

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

I.  We see the Larouche org making hay about the various mechanitions of the “Deep State” against the President Trump.  Hailing recent comments deriding the “coup” from Robert Parry, Dennis Kucinich, and Daniel McCarthy — and here we must note McCarthy’s warning, which is favorably quoted by Team Larouche.

“If [Trump] is impeached and removed on anything but the most ironclad and universally accepted grounds, the country will experience a great paroxysm, not of violence, one hopes, but a much more radical rejection of the political establishment in both parties, and of the beyond-partisan deep state, than anything we have seen before. The crisis of legitimacy that led to Trump’s election in the first place will only get worse. The brutal truth is that an impeachment is already underway—not of the President, but of Washington’s entire political elite.”

Yes.  This from the “Impeach Cheney First” and the group that — right until the last days of the “Existential Threat” that was the Obama Presidency demanded his ouster to Save the Universe.

Elsewhere we see the praising of the ironclad universally mocked Nixonian comments of Trump — parsed with this editorial commentary —

“Look at the way I’ve been treated lately — (laughter) — especially by the media. No politician in history — and I say this with great surety — has been treated worse or more unfairly. [Except Lyndon LaRouche—ed.] You can’t let them get you down. You can’t let the critics and the naysayers get in the way of your dreams. (Applause.) I guess that’s why I — thank you. I guess that’s why we won.
“Adversity makes you stronger. Don’t give in. Don’t back down. And never stop doing what you know is right. Nothing worth doing ever, ever, ever came easy. And the more righteous your right, the more opposition that you will face.”
Nixonian or Larouchian?

Interestingly, the obsession of Larouche is Robert Mueller’s past prosecutorial role with Larouche in the big Trials of the 1980s.  And so Trump and Larouche are now joined at the hip — the “Get Larouche Task Force” up and running to “Get Trump”.

Even though…

Lyndon LaRouche today warned that there is a British-run coup d’état in process against the Trump Administration in the United States, which threatens to parlay the stupid and dangerous April 6 air strike against Syria, into a full-fledged thermonuclear confrontation with Russia and China.
It’s the British bastards who duped President Trump into attacking Syria, with their lies and false intelligence, LaRouche charged.

See.  When Trump does wrong.  It’s the British who did it.  Got that?

So where are the Larouchies?, asks the Chicago Tribune:
Anybody else notice that the Larouchies who were out on street corners for the last eight years braying for Obama to be impeached are suddenly nowhere to be seen? Wonder why that is, certainly not because they’re a gaggle of bigots.
Or it might have something to do with Kinkos costing a bit more after merging with Fed Ex.

II.  The Larouchies are right now moving on full speed trumpeting up the “New Silk Road” project.  Speculators are speculating, and noting increased mention of Lyndon Larouche in past tense terminology, that this suggests a pivot toward Helga Zepp Larouche.
I ponder whatever happened to Glass Steagall, and why the movement hasn’t abandoned Trump due to his abandoning of the Glass Steagall.  And if they don’t care so much about Glass Steagall, how can anyone trust them to stick to a New Silk Road?
Note:  Big enough to get into the house organ for the John Birch Society.

III.  Amusing footnote in the creation of Bull Durham.

For Nuke LaLoosh’s name, Shelton had to travel to Columbia, South Carolina, where he was preparing one evening to dine at the Radisson Hotel. As he sat down for a cocktail, the waiter greeted him.
“Hello, sir, my name is Ebby Calvin LaRouche, and I’ll be your server tonight,” the waiter said, “but you can just call me ‘Nuke.’ ”
Shelton jotted the name down on a napkin, wondering whether “Nuke” was spelled like a nuclear meltdown or like the nickname “Newk,” as in the former Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Don Newcombe.He went with the former, then altered the last name because he did not want it associated with the radical leftwing LaRouche Movement authored in the 1970s and 1980s by Lyndon LaRouche.
Shelton worried ever after that the waiter would one day demandroyalty fees from the movie for using his name as Robbins’ character. He never got the call.

IV.  Interesting terminology to parse.
Senior American Political Expert Michael Billington.

In a recent interview with the far-right LaRouche PAC, Black also suggests a recent chemical weapons attack in Syria — carried out by Syrian government forces, according to eyewitnesses — was likely a “false flag.”
V.   Historical Legacies Noted.
Recalling the Obama Hitler era posters of yore
 Country Music sings more about Pot than even Rap.  Lyndon LaRouche’s war on drugs wanted to punish anyone playing or selling rock and roll, but country artists have gotten off scot free.
VI.  This is funny.
 Discussing the French national election.  They don’t know that they’re talking about Cheminade, and who Cheminade is…

‘one dark horse even claiming that the Queen of England was involved in drug smuggling. ‘
You’re probably too young to remember, but for many years this was Lyndon Larouche’s signature conspiracy theory.
Ha! I do remember that, and I was talking about Lyndon Larouche a couple of weeks ago with a friend of mine (who is a music professor) because I remembered something about Larouche wanting the musical standard to be changed from middle C = 440 Hz to A = 256 Hz. Something to do with 256 being 2^8 and that somehow being in tune with the universe. It almost makes sense if you ignore that Hz is cycles per second, and a second is a unit people agreed on to measure time by the same standard. It doesn’t have any significant value derived from the universe.

I really can’t imagine why you would apply a binary structure to music anyway, it doesn’t make sense on a conceptual level.

 As this suggests, politicians are not merely engaged in prestige games, but have more imperial ambitions at stake. The maverick French presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade has openly expressed a desire to build a settlement on Mars, calling it the “promised land”.

By strictly leveling the playing field, the temps de parole rule certainly boosts the visibility of smaller contenders polling below five percent – including for Jacques Cheminade, who wants to colonise Mars, and Jean Lassalle, a centrist who has campaigned around France on foot.
However, for years broadcasters have blasted the strict equality rule as being incredibly difficult to enforce in practice. They said it actually risked discouraging them from hosting political shows.

Communist firebrand Nathalie Arthaud vowed to protect French workers from being “strangled by the capitalist system”, while anti-EU nationalists such as Francois Asselineau, Nicolas DuPont-Aignan and Jacques Cheminade enjoyed rare airtime.

And then there’s Jacques Cheminade (0.5 per cent), who has been running since 1995 and is planning to colonise Mars.

Three candidates — Philippe Poutou of the New Anticapitalist Party, Jacques Cheminade of Solidarity and Progress, and the unaffiliated centrist representative Jean Lassalle were qualified at the last minute and will join the list of the first eight candidates that have each collected a minimum 500 signatures necessary to run.

Jacques Cheminade, 75: Veteran former civil servant who received 0.25 percent of the vote in the 2012 presidential election.

Any of these candidates could pull ahead in race. It seems Trump’s win as the U.S. President has opened the door of opportunity for chaos and upheaval around the presidential election in France.

Jacques Cheminade and Philippe Poutou both of small far-left parties


Updates Galore

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

I.  Remember him?  Another term is beginning to crop up — one I’m reluctant to utter. It makes me think back to a lone protester, waving a nine-foot-long banner on a Palmer street corner during the Obama years. A Lyndon La Rouche, fan he proudly advertised that affiliation along with his bigger message. The man was clearly unbalanced and I don’t want to be associated with him. Yet there are people in Washington D.C. making similar noises now. What was the term?
He’s referring to famed Alaska protester Sidney Hill.  Who now has his own twitter page, where you can follow the basic Larouche line.  He gained renown for a lawsuit against him — an incident that ended with his acquital.  A punk rock song was inspired by his regular protests (“Wasting Your Life for La La La Larouche”, alas no longer on youtube).

II.  The Larouchies Take to CPAC!
Just outside of the Potomac Ballroom where Bossie spoke, I was greeted by a man handing out flyers on behalf of the Larouche Political Action Committee, an organization claiming to know the truth about a grand conspiracy involving a new “imperial order” and George Soros. “We need to take down Mr. Soros!” Yelled the man with the papers. Of course, I grabbed one, though making heads or tails of the content of said paper was a less certain outcome.

The ex has been out,trying to get signatures…usually in front of grocery stores,occasionally South Station in Boston. They manage to collect a few,no more than single digits,so the “thousands of signatures” surely are not coming from the Boston office.
Just this weekend,they were told to,and I quote, “go back to Russia” and Rachel was called a communist to her face. Apparently,their sign,saying” Russia is not the enemy” is not going over well here.
I’m waiting for the inevitable punch in the face from some disgruntled T rider,as they like to work the MBTA train stations,only to be told my T workers to that they’re not allowed to solicit on T property and stop bothering riders.

LaRouche movementites on Jefferson, something I didn’t think I’d see in 2017

IV.  History:  Kesha Rogers’s campaign now as Texas political loreFrom the fertile minds at Lyndon LaRouche and Co., this is a campaign video from Kesha Roger’s 2012 race for Congress from a Houston district, where she secured the Democratic nomination. This year, she is in the runoff for the Democratic Party’s nomination for U.S. Senate, even though she supports the impeachment of President Obama. (Rogers billboards pointing that out went up in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio this week.)

V.  WHO IS Joseph Ford Catto?  He appraised Lyndon Larouche round about 2013 for “Washington Times Community Pages” (Whatever that is).  Now, he’s interviewed Lyndon Larouche for “San Francisco Review of Books“.  Funny thing about the San Francisco Review of Books, the wikipedia page places the publication entirely in the past tense.  Funnier thing, the new San Francisco Review of Books is composed entirely of articles by Joseph Catto.

VI.  All’s well that ends well for Webster Tarpley.  Melania Trump, having been rebuffed in her bid against the Daily Mail, goes ahead and cuts out the lesser of the two parties she was suing.  And now Webster Tarpley can go back to — um — extolling the virtues of the Obama Administration, upholding the Affordable Care Act and thus leading to his old Alex Jonesian fan base to mockery — it’s safe to suggest that his appearances on Russia TV are over?
So after being a leading voice against Obama’s election you are now cheerleading his most fascistic boondoggle?!?
Tarpley is a genius on Venetian history, but cannot see progressive left are the new Venetians, protecting the deep state
Well, the Resistance is all about the World Historical Event.

VII.  The Larouchies have some work cut out for themselves, as they steer in their love of Trump well selling American government building of Russiaphobic paranoia to Russia State TV.  (As well, for Iranian TV, sticking to the basic liberal / left line on military spending and its repercussions globally, as against the current Trump Administration typical right-wing conservative tact of increasing military spending).

And good luck waiting for this one. (Trump’s policies inflamed negative public opinion: Analyst)
Jones further argued that the extreme measures Trump has taken on immigration “has fed into this campaign which has been fomented against him.”
Therefore, he said, Trump should learn to be a little bit more “tactful,” asserting that he really made a “wrong decision” on the immigration issue. 

VIII.  Jacques Cheminade.  Making waves (or his usual meandering to last place) as he runs for President of France in the new “Nationalist” era.  The larouchian party is thus getting referenced as “eurosceptic Solidarity et Progres party“.

IX.  Dan Schmitt. Glass Steagall. For the Farmers.  Not on board the Trump Train yet, even as the Larouche Movement he’s pledged to goes full force.
Andy Dolson sees Trump following Larouche’s blue-print against Soros-British-Empire… except for the Treasury pick.  Which you’d think would be, you know, huge.
On Glass Steagall.  Is it possible that this is going nowhere in the Trump Administration?  (The Executive Intelligence Review press release, after moving through a positive appraisal of a smudging answer they wouldn’t have accepted by the previous occupant, then goes on to praise the skype “journalists” that the Trump Press conference has been taking.)

 X.  Still the Enemy.
Barack Obama, after eight years of mass killing with drones and genocidal “regime change” wars, has refused to retire from his treasonous role, but is now leading an insurrection against the democratically elected President who solidly defeated his clone, Hillary Clinton, in the November election.
“Obama is actually highly vulnerable,” Lyndon LaRouche noted today. “He has exposed himself as a traitor to the United States.”
He goes on to finger George Soros as well.

The question is… Can he still be impeached?  Will an “Impeach Obama” call still bring in some fund-raising and attention?

I sense the note of Poetry in what the President was doing“…

In a discussion on Trump’s proported gaffe on Frederick Douglass, and in arguing there was no gaffe — the works of Douglass continues to grow and we can refer to Douglass in the press tense here at (ahem) “Black History Week”. Then we get to a brutal attack of The Elements of Style, Strunk and White.  (Strunk and White?  STUNK and White is more like it, amiright larouchies?)

XI. Footnotey If you check Ray’s footnotes, you’ll find that the main source for the volcano theory is Rogelio Maduro, the associate editor of 21st Century Science & Technology, a magazine published by the Lyndon LaRouche network. Maduro is evidently not part of the “agenda-oriented scientific community”–even though he does have a bachelor’s degree in geology.
NB makes note of the pee pee tape

XII.  So the question.   First Step in LaRouche Exoneration?  Is this the Lyndon Larouche Power Hour?
Now that Donald Trump is President of the United States, perhaps Lyndon LaRouche will be allowed to emerge from forced exile, as his enemies have now been outed and routed, and he should take his rightful place amongst one of America’s greatest heroes, thinkers, philosophers, writers, lovers of humanity and the United States of America.
Or just the Alex Jones Power Hour (mocked as he was on Saturday Night Live.)

Poor Lyndon will not live long enough to get his due. Even in death, his powerful enemies will continue to smear his name. Hopefully though, his organization will grow and continue his legacy by sweeping the supranational oligarchy into the dustbin of history.

Won’t be mocked on Saturday Night Live…

XIII.  The Trump Bash

In addition to a live feed from Washington, DC, where Trump will take the oath of office on Friday shortly before noon eastern time, the audience in Moscow can expect at least two “presentations” — one about the “political philosophy” of the “triptych” (the art collective’s belief that Russian President Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen will usher in a new world order), and another by Kirill Benediktov, a science-fiction writer with ties to the LaRouche movement. (Critics call that movement fascist or a political cult.) Benediktov recently wrote a book about Trump called “Black Swan,” where he reviews some of Trump’s past entrepreneurial escapades in Russia.

But… same… as … it … ever… was…

On Jan. 3, 2017, as the new 115th Congress convened in Washington, D.C., they were met by an organizing team from the LaRouche Political Action Committee. This team of political activists and volunteers walked the halls of Congress, buttonholed Senators and Congressmen, and took part in numerous meetings, whose primary focus centered on the emergency economic measures which must be taken to save the nation.


everything’s looking milhouse

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

ITEM NUMBER ONE:  Richard Black talks to Mike Billington about the drug war in the Philippines, in support of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.  It takes “Right Wing Watch” over a month to notice.  (To be sure, it trickles through the media slowly — and the international media sometimes can’t quite spell out the difference between US Senator and State Senator.)

(Here he is on the “Ron Paul Liberty Report” regarding other anti-interventionist isolationist views.)

ITEM NUMBER TWO:  Well.  Here’s the wikipedia’s new subcategory regarding the 2016 election campaign of Lyndon Larouche.

On October 17, 2016, LaRouchePAC advised readers to write in Lyndon LaRouche and Alexander Hamilton in the 2016 Presidential elections. In the article “What We Need in 2016: — Alexander Hamilton’s Principles, LaRouche’s Four Laws”, the PAC wrote “American citizens should write in LaRouche’s name at the presidential ballot box to stand for the re-adoption of Alexander Hamilton’s economic principles, as LaRouche has reclarified them. “I’m writing in LaRouche and Alexander Hamilton, let’s get the nation to elect the right principles” will cut through the dread with which Americans are questioning each other about the approach of Election Day.” [18]

This exhortation was disseminated by PAC members through social media. No verifiable statistics have been assembled concerning vote totals.

The question is… does this presidential run qualify as a presidential run, thus making it nine, thus breaking the “eight time presidential candidate tie” with Harold Stassen that is so much a part of the Larouche legacy?

ITEM NUMBER THREE:  Helga:  But I have the most severe doubts that this question of a Classical education and the aesthetical improvement of man can be expected from this Trump administration.
Wow.  You don’t say.
I think you need a kind of spirit of ennoblement, of the sublime; and that level you do not find in any of the utterances from the Trump side. At least, I haven’t heard anything even close to that.
Read his twitter account more carefully.  It’s there.
But you have heard it from such people as Benjamin Franklin, as George Washington, as Alexander Hamilton, John Quincy Adams, and especially Lincoln.
I hear the first draft of the Gettysburg Address… famous for being rather short oratory… was even shorter, and (as Lincoln was renown for being crude in some private occasions) might just have read a lot like one of Trump’s tweet.  But that’s up for the archivists to uncover.

ITEM NUMBER FOUR:  So.  Where are we with Russia, as Obama offers his out the door retaliation and Putin waits it all out for the start of the Trump Administration?

They have Mike Gravel talking down the accusations of Russian involvement in hacking.  Because if anyone should know these things, it’s Mike Gravel, “Veteran Intelligence Dissident“!  (Hm.)

Of course, none of this stops the Larouche org from crowing over the increase in Russian might and power.

In an editorial in Hürriyet in Turkey, chief editor Murat Yetkin writes that Russian President Vladimir Putin has the most influence in the Middle East and the new U.S. Administration should work with him. […]

When briefed on this assessment, Lyndon LaRouche said it was on the mark and if we can get rid of Obama, a combination can be pulled together along these lines.

Though, sooner or later, in positioning toward here and there for increased “exposure” … we’re going to have to figure out what to do with Trump on China.

And then there’s the fight against the Real Killer.  In response to Obama’s statements, Lyndon LaRouche said, “These words are a threat to murder people of importance. This is what Obama’s stepfather taught him.” LaRouche called on citizens to “watch this guy, so that he doesn’t kill. He is publicly threatening the world. The nations of the planet are now threatened by Obama’s plan for mass killing of people.” Obama “is intrinsically a killer,” as LaRouche put it. […]

LaRouche emphasized that, “The signals are all there. Obama has made it clear. . . Obama has made repeated efforts to show his readiness for large-scale killing in the United States and other nations.” What needs to be done, is “to shut down Obama,” to prevent what he intends to do.

What the hell is it to “shut down Obama”?  And born of this is your conspiracy theories that surround any number of tragedies (tends to go toward “Gummint orchestrated it to take your guns away).

ITEM NUMBER FIVE:  Looks like the “lamestream media” is siding with “Obscure blogger” Webster Tarpley as against Melania Trump.  You can read the sarcasm pouring out here.

So what did Mr. Webster Tarpley from Maryland do to get the First Lady-elect so mad? He said mean things apparently, and spewed “false rumors.”

Sure.  So recap: 1) 70-year-old man, who up until this lawsuit has no measurable national or local influence, writes about rumors he read on the internet on his own personal blog. 2) Gets threatening letter from Charles Harder, Melania Trump’s attorney, to take down said articles. 3) Immediately complies with the request. Takes the articles down, and apologizes. 4) Then a few weeks later, gets sued by Melania Trump for $150 million for defamation. What the heck? How exactly did his barely trafficked website damage Melania’s reputation?

Things get interesting.  Sure.  They he no longer has Alex Jones as a megaphone for these things — Jones would be spreading false rumors about Clinton these days and charging for Trump — and it’s noteworthy Jones associates are hurraying the lawsuit — but he does have, oh, actual megaphones and signs he and his group waves around.

 Her attention to the website unquestionably brought him more notoriety and web traffic then the actual story itself!

Or, to put it another way

Whether a lawsuit by a future first lady against an unknown blogger is the optimal way to combat fake news is another question.

And to Rachel Maddow.

At that point, Maddow looped back to the retraction issue, eliciting a comment from Conway about how that doesn’t undo the damage. Maddow proceeded to cover her face and exclaim “My God, you guys are endorsing this strategy!” in the moment immortalized by this article’s featured image.

… You want to play “6 (or, I guess 2) degrees of separation”?  Rachel Maddow was a host on Air America Radio, alongside Mike Malloy, who once (to the howls of right wing bloggers) had Webster Tarpley on his show.  No evidence they met, though.

ITEM NUMBER SIX:  Town Hall goes back to thisThey knew the Obama/Hitler pictures actually were the work of progressive Lyndon LaRouche lunatics who show up at every political gathering

And, your EIR correspondent overseas press round-up.  (Note, it’s who cites Cheminade of Germany.)

ITEM NUMBER SEVEN:  Apparently Bill Roberts is the man to watch, if you’re watching the Larouche org’s apparatus.  We have a floundering Manhattan Project, and in light of the election cycles’ focus on the Rust Belt — all eyes are on Bill Roberts.  Expect a swing of activity and card-tables getting popped up in Michigan.

The Larouche Movement in the Age of Trump

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

An axis point of crony capitalism, demagoguery, and crass tabloid culture, the new Presidential administration takes the White House to the new-founded accommodation of the political party he over-took and may just be a natural extension of anyways, and the cheers of the “deplorable” group of a new Old Right political faction.

The gray area where Conspiracy Analysis meets Conspiracy Theory, and your Webster Tarpley wanted to bother with his Trump book — to sit aside the damned Poppa Bush, Obama, and Romney books — after slipping around the stupid “Wife is a literal whore” line to get to the 2016 election — A subterranean plot within the FBI to force James Comey’s hand in “jumping the gun” and announcing his scheduled probe for what turned out and what was always likely duplicate materials already decided on Anthony Wiener’s computer to sway the last votes long as the Russian Government  sponsored wave upon wave of propaganda disinformation and a politically inconvenient hacked email dumping from the Hillary Clinton campaign showing her duplicitous on free trade, the campaign not enthralled with the Catholic Church, and a real aversion to Dr. Who.

The Larouche connection?  Here, Dennis King posits a reformulation / new version / variation of the old “Intellectual author of the 9/11 Truth Movement” line for much of the conspiratorial mongering backing the Donald Trump campaign.

Many people who want to bring back Glass-Steagall have no truck with LaRouche (Bernie Sanders, for instance). However, is Trump getting LaRouchian ideas from third parties? His tweets have shown that he is influenced by social media of the Alt-Right, which strongly supported his candidacy, and he has appointed the most important single figure in the Alt-Right, former Breitbart CEO Stephen K. Bannon, as his Senior White House adviser. It thus would be difficult for Trump to avoid a certain amount of indirect influence from the LaRouchians, since (a) they are the most prolific and imaginative producers of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in the history of the U.S. far right, and (b) their tropes and memes have become common currency in the world of conspiracism and bigotry as a result of their aggressive courting of far right activists that began in the mid-1970s and continued for decades, often in venues ignored by the media. I say this even knowing the hostility of so much of today’s Alt-Right to LaRouche, who has been called, among other things, a “verminous space bat.”

Two popular conspiracy-oriented talk show hosts who strongly backed Trump (one of them, Alex Jones, was a source for some of Trump’s more outlandish claims–see below) also have supported LaRouche on a number of issues. I would not be surprised if, at some point, we find out that LaRouche’s internet media network did directly influence Trump’s views on NATO, Vladimir Putin, the illegitimacy of the Obama presidency, and the existence of a conspiratorial Jewish elite.

Not to be out-done, Nick Benton throws in his piece on the left / right dichotomy, the “alt right” and ends with a reference to Larouche as a “darling of the the alt-right radio talk show circuit”.  Hard to say — he made a few appearances on Alex Jones.  Jeff Rense, maybe?

It was in the 1970s, during the era of “detente” when the Nixon administration and its Soviet counterparts secretly carved up tasks for defusing the serious civil rights, anti-war and pro-labor social ferment in the U.S., a very stupid move on the U.S.’s part.
The CIA and FBI handled the expansion of the “sex, drugs and rock and roll” counterculture, and the KGB was given license to manipulate the splinter left.
The U.S. saw the KGB plan to turn the left into the right in its interest. Anarcho-hedonists siphoned off political energy with the lure of excessive sexual freedom and religious cults took their share from emotionally weakened youth who’d been cut adrift from their families by their activism.
The KGB and its East German counterpart, the Stasi, zoned in on leftist pro-socialist political groups, including the old Communist Party, U.S.A., an array of Trotskyites and Maoists and remnants of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). As a writer for the Berkeley Barb at the time, I had a front seat witnessing a lot of this.

And then on to Operation Mop-Up, and the left wing alignment to the right wing.  See too, for that matter, the Revolutionary Communist Party on the Boston busing controversy.  (Page 7.  Love the Communists at! — which I mostly know about from reading this book.)

Regarding the antics of Alex Jones and his listenership / following — during the Bush Administration, it would be composed of any number of peoples who’d consider themselves of the “left” — going on, as he did about the “Neo-cons” and George W Bush and the conspiratorial reality of 9/11.  This position could hold through a lot of the Obama Administration, but falls apart when Alex Jones embraces Donald Trump.   [Apparently not to everyone.] (Arguably paying heed to someone who paid attention to him once, and also having the fervent of ).  It is laughable — the name prisonplanet — in endorsing the candidate whose rise to power ensues a rise in prison incarceration — closer to the paranoid fantasy he’s had since the Clinton Administration of building concentration camps in the wild mid-section of America.

But where are we with Larouche now?  Curious to see during the campaign, a member floated by the factnet message board to sell the “Stop the Fascist Trump” line — replete with new Larouche PAC graphics — more confounding than the Obama with Hitler mustache but quite garishly colored.  Nothing more was heard of this campaign.  Was this something to the equivalent of cadres of the old Communist Party trying to divine the Bolshevik Soviet line (such as, oh, anticipating what was happening with the Stalin – Hitler Pact), and so jumping ahead of themselves before the line was revealed to be something else?
They appear to have anticipated the election of Hillary Clinton, and treaded accordingly — going onto Russia TV on election eve with a “pox on both their houses” attitude — and now?

A high-ranking Russian official has said there is a great deal of similarity between US President-elect Donald Trump’s foreign policy approach and that of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, expressing hope that the strained relations between Moscow and Washington would improve.
Mike Billington, a member of the Executive Intelligence Review, said in a Friday interview with Press TV that the US-Russia ties will undoubtedly improve under a Trump presidency, because he has recognized that relations with Moscow are “crucial” for “the future of mankind.”
Billington added that the American people are very united on fundamental issues such as their absolute disgust with perpetual warfare and the threat of a thermonuclear war with Russia.
The analyst further argued that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was defeated in the election because she continued to demonize Russia in her campaign.

AND:  Not just of bilateral, but of global significance,” was the way EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche characterized the first telephone call with Putin and Trump.

For the moment.  Should the Larouche org wish to find some recruits for a new youth movement, there should be a “mass strike” atmosphere they can sell themselves as the fore-gatherers of Rosa Luxemberg for — unless they believe is best tied to align with right-wing formations like the Tea Party.

Webster Tarpley has always had a harder row to hoe.  Being fervently pro-Putin but then having to back the candidate of Russia’s choice which he has to campaign with the left-wing stance of fighting not just Trump’s demagoguery, not just his Fascism, but his Nazi-ism.  And now he has this tweet to offer to guide his future course.

Organic mass leaders let down by #Democrats are invited to contact the #TaxWallStParty to help create a meaningful programmatic opposition

It looks like we will have to look elsewhere for the Trump – Hitler.

For example, a Tea Party rally in San Francisco brings out large numbers of organized Lyndon LaRouche supporters, who carry with them reams of literature and well-rehearsed presentations. No one invited them, but in the American public square there is no way to prevent them from working the crowd. It’s their constitutional right. The public square in America, as Haaretz seems to have forgotten, belongs to everyone.
Moreover, because their message is the most extreme to be found, the media gravitate to the LaRouchies like flies to horse manure. On the evening news, it is the LaRouchies whose message is not only reported, but presented as characterizing the rally.



This public funding program would necessarily be open to any candidates who can meet its minimal requirements,” Von Spakovsky explains. “That includes fringe candidates and even felons. Case in point: The presidential funding program has bankrolled Lyndon LaRouche to the tune of millions of dollars – $ 1.5 million in 2008 alone.

And not to be outdone… When the Larouchies hit Kansas!

Presentations for the day covered numerous topics and issues relevant to independent cattle producers today. Jessica Laurin started off the day with an overview of the Veterinary Feed Directive, followed by an economic update by Bob Baker from the Executive Intelligence Review.

two choices for President.

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

Apparently, in-house at least Larouche is a write-in candidate for president.

American citizens should write in LaRouche’s name at the presidential ballot box to stand for the re-adoption of Alexander Hamilton’s economic principles, as LaRouche has reclarified them.
“I’m writing in LaRouche and Alexander Hamilton, let’s get the nation to elect the right principles” will cut through the dread with which Americans are questioning each other about the approach of Election Day. The only option for survival of the United States and the world economy, is offered by Hamilton’s principles as clarified by LaRouche’s Four Laws. Decide the future.

But throw him out.  You don’t vote for corpses — do you?  (Maybe Ron Wieczorek does?)

So, for those interested there is one Larouchie running for President — Christopher Earl Strunk.  On the ballot anywhere?  Not that I can tell.  But he filed wit the FEC, so that’s worth something!

Whom he?  He head the “Natural Born Citizen” party, which relates to the great “Obama Birther” controversy — an issue which I would think would now be as dead to the conspiratorial die-hards as the birther issue surrounding Chester Arthur — but who knows?

And on the eve of election… Don’t Forget to vote.
But if you do not, we will get, as president of the United States, Donald J. Trump … worse than Nixon, worse than George Bush, worse than any candidate that I can remember since I cast my first vote in 1952. I consider him even more dangerous than George Wallace, Lester Maddox and Lyndon LaRouche. If you don’t know them, “Google”!
Nah.  The choice is between Lyndon Larouche and protege Christopher Earl Strunk!

II.  Hm.

It is evident from Beijing’s characterization of the South China Sea dispute that it does not think the Philippines is capable of acting in its own diplomatic capacity. In one editorial published (link in Chinese) by state news agency Xinhua in May, Manila is said to be simply acting out a script that is “directed” by the US, with other countries including Japan acting as “cheerleaders” in the background. Chinese state media also rolled out a “US expert” from from the little-known “Executive Intelligence Review” to bolster its argument that the Philippines is merely America’s pawn.

III.  Plotting the post election gyration.

Lyndon LaRouche today emphasized that the carefully orchestrated campaign against Trump over his perversions will not succeed in damping the popular rage against Obama and Hillary.

So.  They’ll make their pitch to Trump voters.

Commenting both on the war hysteria and on the thorough breakdown of Obamacare, with millions of people being forced to pay 50-70% higher premiums for less care, he noted tha these are adding to the rage in the population against the killer Obama and his asset Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is still suborbinate to Obama?  Wait.  Apparently.

Later, after Obama was elected President, when he offered Hillary the position of Secretary of State, Lyndon LaRouche knew immediately that this was a poisoned chalice, and warned Hillary not to accept it. But she was misled by her own ambition.
Hillary had lied to herself that she would be able to influence Obama for the better, as she conceived the better. Instead, she proved the bitter truth of LaRouche’s forecast. Over the first two years of Obama’s first term, Hillary Clinton degenerated into permanent hysteria out of sheer physical terror of Obama. She became nothing more than Obama’s brainless zombie—as she still is to this day.

Speaking to on the phone, I’m sure.

“Our job is to round up the necessary forces to search for a peaceful solution to Obama’s drive for war on Russia. If he starts a general war, it is doom. Get the people with guts, in the government and out, to shut down Obama, to get him out, now. Do they want peace? Shut him down.”

News flash, as you pursue an Impeachment brief in the lame duck phase:  Obama will be “out” in January.  (Really?  How do you publish this as a cover at this stage in the game?)

IV.  For the second straight year…  Bob Baker attends the “Kansas Cattlemen’s Association” — and, oh yes, there it is … under contributors “Executive Intelligence Review”.

 V.  He saw it coming.
“It was Mike who spotted the LaRouchies before Adlai Stevenson and the Democrats did in 1986. It was Mike who predicted David Duke was rising in voter approval in a run for Congress years ago. And it was Mike who saw the tribal power of social media a long time before the rest of the so-called political geniuses figured it out,” Marin said.
His knack for polls and political expertise even got his foot a bit into the entertainment world via another Joliet native, longtime “Saturday Night Live” writer Jim Downey, known for his memorable political satire during elections.
The two collaborated on political skits — Mr. McKeon providing analysis and expertise that Downey in turn used in his writing.And So… RIP.
VI.  Who the Hell did this thing?
A giant banner emblazoned with an image of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the word “peacemaker” was draped from the Manhattan Bridge in New York City on Thursday, and police said they are trying to find out who hung it there.
While you can look over toward a possible political provocation by organizations associated with Webster Tarpley (who has a history of protesting for Putin) or Lyndon Larouche (who continue their work on behalf of praising Putin), it appears in naught.
And from here… Jeff Steinberg sells Russian Media on the Democrats thinking of Dumping Hillary line.
VII.  An interesting piece in the New York Times, recalling the experience of growing up in the Socialist Workers Party.
Selling polemics of the sort
It’s written in something between the tone of the old LaRouchie free papers you could get on the street and the argot of 30s era party organs. From another vantage point it reads kind of like taking Trump tweet language and stringing it out into actual prose. As you can see, it’s all but unhinged me.
  Or of this sort.

In 2000, Lyndon LaRouche supporters were seen canvassing on college campuses in direct opposition to Democratic nominee Al Gore, and waged a campaign against President Obama in 2008. One sign read “The Pure Evil of Al Gore” and another had drawn an Adolf Hitler mustache on Obama’s picture. LaRouche’s “Worldwide LaRouche Youth Movement” has been described as a cult by some former members, and his total votes in the general election lagged behind at least seven other candidates in 2000.

Or this sort

Later that semester, the silver-maned McGurrin and I walked the wide path toward University Center. As we approached, he opined on politics and paused when we observed an escalating altercation. A hostile student and a young Lyndon LaRouche supporter exchanged words. Along the politico’s table hung signs that read “9/11 was an inside job.” Voices raised to shouts and suddenly the folding table seemed to explode and fall to the ground. The angered student stormed off leaving the young activist scrambling for pamphlets and other paraphernalia. No one was hurt, but this sort of tension lingered for some time.

A bid for the the World Socialists, or whoever you care to vote forSimilarly, you can send any message you like by not voting. You can say you are sitting out the election because both parties are neo-liberal, or because an election without Lyndon LaRouche is a sham, or because 9/11 was an inside job. The story you tell yourself about your political commitments are yours to construct.

VIII.  Apparently there was a LPAC video with an unusual number of views.  Here’s the only place that shows up when you type the link into google.

 IX.  Etc.
 Executive Intelligence Review and Stormfront in lieu of conspiracy theories about — from George Barna.  (International Jewish Bankers fundin Black Lives Matter.)
Who?  A “Never Trumper” of Kasich vintage who has donated money to Chuck Schumer and “socialist” Lyndon Larouche.
As Trump “finishes” the “Birther Controversy” … a comparison with Larouche.
 They are other parties out there, an example would be the Citizens Electoral Council, now they are really crazy and there is no way I would put One Nation behind the Citizens Electoral Council or the Communist Party.

Gretchen Small: This was … as my magazine Executive Intelligence Review warned, this was a coup, a judicial coup by financial rapists – I think that is the only word you could use –  The only one?

Wait am I at a performance of Requiem put on by an organization backed by Lyndon LaRouche?

Trump versus Daily Mail (and, oh yeah, also Tarpley)

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

On the hustlings of familiarity, the 2004 speculation on a Bush debate hump (sure) winds its way over to Hillary Clinton and an earpiece in 2016.  Throw out “false equivalency” charges against me for bringing the two together if you wish.

Chief amongst the conspiracy mongerers Right about now, Alex Jones, has been trumpeting up his associations with Donald Trump — familiar as it is to his big interview with Charlie Sheen where he insisted over and over that “we work out all the time”.  It is just enough for Hillary Clinton to mention his name in a speech.*

Webster Tarpley has, it appears, severed ties with Alex Jones fully right about here, and from my eyes his organization looks ever increasingly like the proto-Larouche org he once was a part of.  To be fair, he publishes his daily Memo (Briefing) (habitual as it may be with innuendo and fraudulent charges against on Ms. Trump).  His weekly “World Crisis Radio” is now joined by a daily show “American System Network” — with stated ties as the ideological post-script to Henry Clay.  He’s taken to campaigning for Hillary Clinton and calling Donald Trump a nazi, jumping to a role as a left-wing gate-keeper against the Green Party and coming full circle on an obvious “bi-partisan” / Bilderberg Group / two party duopoly, seemingly now jettisoning his long held opposition to President Barack Obama.
His political party — the Tax Wall Street Party, fielding a handful of candidates — has remained outside the Democratic Party… so far.  And I suppose Tarpley hasn’t jumped to the idea of becoming President just as yet, so even if some transition is made from Larouche’s 1976 Labor Party to a fielding nominees in Democratic primaries, we’re a ways off.

As for this

Melania Trump’s lawsuit describes both publishers’ conduct as “despicable, abhorrent, intentional, malicious, and oppressive.” But the legal battle will hinge on a specific descriptor her lawsuit used to describe Tarpley and the Daily Mail’s actions: “actual malice,” which basically means that the publishers knew, or should have known, that something they published was false.

It’s an annoying case, not much liking either side.  (Though, frankly, what do I care about the possible First Wife?)  And I’m focusing on the lesser party here, the party to the case that is, reportedly, thrown in just so that the Trumps can have the case in a more favorable court setting.

Steve Klepper, an appellate lawyer for the Baltimore law firm Kramon & Graham, said the inclusion of a blogger in the suit indicated legal maneuvering.
He told the Guardian: “Anytime you have a filing that adds a minor in-state defendant, it’s a flag that they were joined to prevent removal to federal court. And as we know, Donald Trump has not been having been the best luck in federal court recently.”

And item number one in Trump’s very self – interested pledging to pass stricter libel laws if elected, I understand this basic idea.

Trump’s biographer said the suit seemed to be ‘more a threat to other reporters, publishers, news organizations’ to shy away from reporting on nominee’s wife.

So …

Klepper pointed to a Maryland defamation statute that might provide a basis for Melania Trump’s suit. It reads: “A single or married woman whose character or reputation for chastity is defamed by any person may maintain an action against that person.”

The retraction in Tarpley’s “Daily Briefing” is pretty funny.

The Morning Briefing published on on August 2, 2016 referenced unfounded rumors and innuendo regarding Melania Trump, wife of Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, and her life prior to her marriage. The August 2, 2016 morning briefing asserted that it was widely known that Melania Trump previously worked as an escort and that Mrs. Trump was in fear of revelations that she used to work as an escort. The briefing also stated that multiple unnamed sources stated that Mrs. Trump was in a state of apoplectic tantrum, was suffering from a full-blown nervous breakdown, that both Melania Trump and Donald J. Trump feared the revelations coming to light, and that Mrs. Trump’s condition was negatively affecting the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump.
While the editors, writers and contributors did not generate said rumors, the briefing in question was not diligent in fact-checking or maintaining a healthy distance between innuendo and fact.
As such, Webster G. Tarpley, as editor of the content that appears on, hereby officially retracts the August 2, 2016 morning briefing in full and apologizes to Mrs. Trump for any duress and harm she may have endured as a result of the contents of the August 2, 2016 morning briefing.

He’s the author of a book on George H W Bush.  One on Barack Obama.  And one Mitt Romney (though, having never seen the Mitt Romney book, I don’t even know if it’s about Romney so much as it is about the Big Mormon Threat).

This, I’d say, could be expanded out to everything Like most Larouche texts, the Bush “biography” is a mélange of fact and distortion, written in a highly suppositional style that makes numerous leaps of logic and asserts connections where there is no real evidence to support it, at other times omitting exculpatory or contrary information that reveals a more complete picture.

Sure, I just deleted the “positive” aspect in that final quote, but you find that giant leap of logic with Melanie Trump, crudely speaking “escort” — model = escort.
I suppose the one good thing about this lawsuit (which, with reluctance and annoyance I’d slide to siding with goddamned Tarpley) is it forces him (as well the bigger newspaper tabloid) to rectify one obnoxious crude and personal “leap of logic”.

On the matter of Tarpley jettisoning his role as “historian” (philosopher of history?  journalist? political activist?) in favor of “blogger” (David versus Goliath, I suppose)… it is interesting — given in court proceedings, parties tend to try to amp up their credentials and down-play their opponents in court briefings.  Can’t call himself a “conspiracy theory” (was he there for Princess Di?)


* There are plenty of fringe ideologies, but the presidential frontrunner doesn’t usually dedicate a speech to dealing with them. In case you missed it, the John Birch Society, the Lyndon LaRouche movement or even the Westboro Baptist Church don’t drive our political discourse. They’re bizarre ideologies that most of us don’t want to be associated with, let alone support.
So why would Clinton give the Alt-Right airtime if it’s so obviously objectionable? It’s a political play, plain and simple.

A vaguely defined grouping, this “alt right”, an advisor plucked out of one website here, a paranoid 9/11 Truther turning his media empire into a Trump Fan Plaza there.  Political play, you say?  Surely you jest?

The Remnants of the Reform Party and Alabama considers ballot history.

Considerations of Larouche encounters.

only ran into them once (they’re less active in Germany, where they call themselves BüSo), they talked to me about nuclear power because I had studied one of their posters showing a nuclear power plant (as a physicist I have some interest in this topic). The LaRouchies quickly asserted that solar power was a terrible idea, nuclear was top. I tried to argue that solar has some merits and some drawbacks, just like nuclear has advantages and disadvantages, but they wouldn’t have any of it, in their opinion it was nuclear and nothing else.

When I lived in another city they used to scream wide-eyed at me outside of the subway stations and ask if I supported National Socialism in US government. And they had posters of Bush and Cheney with Hitler ‘staches. Now I live in DC and they hang around subway stations here too, but have updated the posters to Obama with a Hitler ‘stache. They need a fresh approach IMO.

I was visiting a friend in Canada a few years ago, and he told me to talk to LaRouche pamphleteers on the street if I encountered any. He promised it would be funny. So I found some (since these people are always in Montreal, especially when the weather gets nice), and the guy I spoke with started telling me all this shit about a secret oil pipeline from Russia or something. Whatever it was, be sure it was serious business! For every claim he made, I responded with phoney concern and an innocent request for proof. I kept saying, “How did you find out about this? Declassified documents?” and he kept trying to work around that and continue his screed.
They also used to put up signs that said “Hitler to Obama: ‘I just love your new healthcare plan!'” Oof.

 Oh God, when I was in college, there was some mysterious person who would leave copies of EIR (Economic Intelligence Report) and a copy of this newspaper that had a headlines like “NEW BRETTON WOODS IN WORKS, AS LAROUCHE PREDICTED.” I cherish them, it’s real hoot stuff. Frankly, a lot of it is just Roosevelt-style government works programs, like he wants to build a high speed train that goes around the world, like building a connection at the Bering Strait.
He’s got some really batshit ideas. Like he has something against modern music, he says it’s not in the right key and he’s petitioned musician organizations to get musicians to perform in a lower key. He also is paranoid about the British, he thinks they’re trying to take over the world, like he thinks the Beatles were a British psych-op operation. I remember reading in EIR about how Condelezza Rice was do a state visit to the UK and how “LaRouche was one of the topics of discussion.”
Last year, I had the misfortune of having one of these nutjobs preach to me on a Philadelphia street corner about the British monarchy and the Jews’ plot to destroy our very way of life. I kept his flyer full of crazy as a souvenir, but I lost it soon after… wish I could’ve scanned it for you guys. It almost read like timecube.
What the fuck is up with these guys, and where do they come from? Does LaRouche himself pay his personal army to do this in every major city?

Tarpley backs Clinton; Goldman backs Trump

Monday, August 15th, 2016

ITEM NUMBER ONE:  Larouchie proves King-Maker in Texas

Just call Craig Holtzclaw the most powerful Larouche Member in American Politics.

On Saturday, Houston lawyer Shawn Thierry effectively won a state House seat by a vote of 13-11, with the deciding vote cast by a card-carrying organizer with the Lyndon LaRouche PAC, a fringe group whose politics are all over the map.

They print out cards?

There were supposed to be 27 chairs at Saturday’s vote. A few days earlier, one chair, another acolyte of Lyndon LaRouche, was stripped of his position after party officials determined he resides outside of the district he was representing. Lee Carter was thought to have a slim majority of the remaining 26 chairs.
But when the campaigns turned up to the center, personal crises had kept two of Lee Carter’s chairs from turning up. With 24 chairs remaining, things got off to a shaky start, presaging difficulties to come: When the chairs attempted to elect one of their own to preside over the meeting, the two candidates both got 12 votes, precipitating a literal coin flip. […]

But what is it Holtzclaw believes, exactly? “I am a LaRouche Democrat,” he said, as in yet another acolyte of the infamous semi-cult leader who thinks Obama is Hitler, has argued that the Queen of England controls the global drug trade, and who wants to colonize space. Ah.
Holtzclaw said he had voted for the candidates who communicated to him that they were willing to take elements of the LaRouche platform to Austin, namely, telling all those tea-party Texas Republicans that we need “big government investment in infrastructure.” That’s what LaRouche calls “the science of physical economy.”
Blackmon and Thierry, he said, had seemed to embrace that line more than Lee Carter. And that’s why she lost, in part.

We await to see if there was some “corrupt bargain” as that which was historically alleged to take place when Henry Clay swung Presidential the election of 1824 the way for John Quincy Adams.

ITEM NUMBER TWO:  Australia Votes…

In the system that brought a member of the “Motoring Enthusiasts Party” into parliament… the Citizens electoral council remains … right at the bottom

Jeff Davy — Citizens Electoral Council — 159 votes.
We now wait to see how the four candidates do in the Northern territories.

Hm… The fertile soils of Kingaroy which gave us Sir Joh also gave life to the Citizens Electoral Council which, in the 2010 federal campaign, issued a press release insisting that Prince Philip collaborated with former Nazi officer Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands to establish the World Wildlife Fund specifically to reduce global population.
More than 2000 Queenslanders voted for the CEC in the 2013 federal ballot and it was their democratic right to do so. It is also a democratic right to politely pose the question: “What on earth were they thinking?’’
And yet … is there method in this madness? Perhaps the behaviour of modern political parties is such that the electorate’s only rational response can be irrationality.

More results?

The first preference vote count to Sunday put Labor’s Damian Wood in third position with 12,160 votes, followed by The Greens’ Carol Vernon on 5,756, Christian Democratic Party candidate Wayne Lawrence on 3085, independent John Arkan had 2979 votes and Michael Gough from Citizens Electoral Council on 616.

ITEM NUMBER THREE: Tarpley and Spengler weigh in

“Accuracy in the Media” and Cliff Kincaid take on Webster Tarpley at the LeftForum… And here, it is interesting to note the direction Webster Tarpley has taken with this presidential election.  It shadows pretty well some typical Bernie Sanders supporters as they slump over to nudging Hillary Clinton support against Donald Trump… though, losing a bit too much anti-Hillary grounding.

… From hosting a cartoon on his twitter account showing Bernie Sanders as a “gate-keeper” keeping wayward leftwingers in line for the eventual corruptible Clinton… to grumbling that Bernie Sanders isn’t really going after Clinton as the corporate-ist (did he say fascist there?) she is… to now?
Twitter feed:  Morally insane #GreenParty #pseudocandidate #JillStein openly embraces #Trump #Fascism to boost her gate receipts!
Twitter feed#Psychotic #JulianAssange spook limited hangout operative for #British- #Chinese bloc backs #Fascist #Trump 2016
Twitter feed:  #BernieOrBust lack realism-#FeelTheBern failed to educate them in #Fascism & #Psychosis of #Trump, threat to #Civilization- #subjectivists

And here Tarpley is at the conventions.

Not far from where Guerrero stood in the slim bars of shade next to the Visitor Center were two signs, both of which compared Trump to a Nazi. These signs were held by members of the Tax Wall Street Party, which formed two and a half years ago and has run candidates both in New York state and in California.
Washington, D.C.-based historian and author Webster Tarpley, wearing a shirt and tie, explained that the inflammatory nature of the signs was necessary to promote his party’s goals — and goal No. 1 is to stop Donald Trump.
“The basic idea is if you’re going to fight Trump, you have to tell the truth about him,” Tarpley said — including about his potential psychiatric problems. “Trump says he suffers from a mild form of Obsessive- compulsive disorder. That would imply he’s seen a psychiatrist. We need to see his medical records, as well as his tax returns.”
Tarpley mentioned Trump’s onetime biographer, Tony Schwartz, who has lately been speaking out about Trump’s personality issues, as well as Justin Frank, author of Bush on the Couch.
“It’s an ethical dilemma because we don’t like to psychoanalyze someone from a distance. But this is the politics of life and death and needs to be confronted.”
Tarpley has taken his dim view of Trump to Jewish groups, including the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), some of whose members questioned Tarpley’s analogizing Trump with Nazism.
“At AIPAC, people said the Holocaust is sui generis. Fine, but you have to get the lessons from the death and suffering. Of course you don’t want to throw ‘Nazi’ around, but this is an emergency.”

Meantime, David Goldman, aka “Spengler” is backing Donald Trump.  (Spengler received some interesting bit of citation from Webster Tarpley in his 2008 anti-Obama book.)

Trump is vulgar, ill-informed and poorly spoken. He has no foreign policy credentials and a disturbing inclination to give credit to Russia’s Vladimir Putin where it isn’t due. But he has one thing that the fifty former officials lack, and that is healthy common sense. That is what propelled him to the Republican nomination.

So, there you go.  The two most larouchian of the post-larouchians weigh in for opposing candidates in the coming election.  Where does that leave Larouche himself, and the Larouche org?

This can’t be right, as the analysis of webcasts pour onOne questioner wondered out loud why he hadn’t heard any support for Donald Trump. […]


Over the last five weeks the world has changed. Events combined with willful interventions, especially those of Vladimir Putin, have created a new global dynamic and transformed the potential for real and total victory in the immediate period ahead. Success now depends first on the adoption of LaRouche’s ‘Four New Laws,’ […]

What is urgent is the requisite creative pre-emptive action, rather than the repeated failures derived from Newton’s systemic fraud of action-reaction—a fraud that predominates in the neurotic impulses of the political and financial class of the trans-Atlantic today, and a fraud that Einstein so brilliantly exposed. Such pre-emptive action, as required by LaRouche’s Four New Laws, is the very foundation for the preliminary steps by which we eliminate the unnecessary burdens and debts of this failed system.


French journalist and founder of Agora Erasmus, the Belgian LaRouche movement,

Not enough attention is paid to Belgium’s Larouche organization.  But there it is, an appearance in Russian media.

And, sure.


The Democrats have had to deal with firing Lyndon LaRouche many times over the years. But sometimes, the LaRouche Democrats win!

ANDThen came AIDS. In 1986, when right wing extremist Lyndon LaRouche launched his Prop 64 initiative calling for mandatory HIV testing and quarantining HIV-positive people in camps, Weinstein and his best friend Chris Brownlie started the Stop AIDS Quarantine Committee. They distributed more than 60,000 fliers and organized over 4,000 demonstrators to march on La Rouche’s headquarters in Atwater Village, according to gay journalist Bruce Mirken. That march and the No on 64 campaign helped defeat the measure by a whopping 71% to 29%.

It’s a goddamned shame that Lyndon LaRouche isn’t running for president this year. Based on the accuracy of his predictions over the years and his intensely cult-like following, he’d stand a pretty good chance.

HmAfter being hired for my first outdoors job I was chatting with the human resources person and somehow the topic turned to why Bill Clinton deserved a second term. So of course I calmly stated I was going to vote for Lyndon LaRouche. She stared at me as if walrus tusks had sprouted from my nostrils, paused, and then wryly asked if I was simply “stirring the pot.” I surely was, though I didn’t let on. Nor did I reveal the fact I didn’t have a clue about LaRouche’s politics, or anyone’s politics for that matter.