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A week to total victory

Tuesday, November 1st, 2022

Diane Sare Down the Home Stretch

WILL This guy swing Diane Sare to victory???? TIL that there’s still a (somewhat) active LaRouche party in New York. Might have to throw them a vote just so they’ll feel supported and keep going. Political malpractice not reaching out to me his constituency. Instead they run into the roadblock of this sentiment — LaRouche gives me diarrhea. — in front of Schumer’s office.

Fun fact! The Larouche Movement campaigned for John Kerry in the 2004 general election of 2004, Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic Primary season, and Martin O’Malley leading up to the 2016 Democratic Primaries.

Fun fact! Lyndon Larouche pillories and pours nothing but scorn on Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy in the book The Curious Case of Walter Lippmann.

Point: Almost all of the people quote-mining LaRouche for naughty screenshots today voted for Jim Crow Joe Biden exactly two years ago. Counterpoint: says Larouchie at every corner — Lyndon LaRouche who understood the enemy like no other has never ever been wrong!! Says no one anywhere ever: “Joseph Biden has never ever been wrong.”

Point: Selling Sare and “Maga Communism“. I like how there’s only 4 people not with the LaRouche movement pictured and the one that passed the booth can be seen keeping a wide girth. Counterpoint: Beto O’Rourke has a crowd.

Chuck Schumer’s staff has to walk past this. And — What is this JFK/ NASA Larouche position ? I know it has to be crazy. Trying to sell space program and eulogize a man he called a Nazi in the 1970s.

In the grand LaRouche tradition, Sare is campaigning on a couple decent ideas and then some unhinged shit, including collabing w/ Russia to “stabilize” the world (lmfao), constructing a “world land bridge,” and rejecting the “pagan cult of earth-worshipping environmentalism”. I’m not going to write a whole treatise here because I have better things to do but damn can we get some better independent candidates in this country? oh yeah and she’s a M@G@ grrl. (Betsy Johnson us my choice for Oregon governor. You should have gone for Gary Johnson more in 2016, alienated Republicans who can’t vote Democrat.)

Hmmm, very interesting that the so called “tolerant left” doesn’t want to debate me, the schizophrenic on the street corner, about the pressing issue of Jew mind control and the Vivaldi frequency.

Oh look, they have a sign studded van.

Larouche candidate Diane Sare has a sound truck blasting its message to the residents of Astoria while what do we get from Chuck Schumer? Crickets. Makes you wonder if the Democrats even want to win.

Desperate to get on Jimmy Dore.

I saw a LaRouche van in the wild today. Like in real life. In my home town. Fascism by its own name is back on the menu. Masks are flying off these hitlerium-breathing white suburbanites.

I voted this morning and I did not realize the LaRouche Party actually was on the New York ballot this year. They are running a senate candidate against Schumer. Like being haunted by ghosts of lunatics past.

Geoffrey Young Distances Himself

Geoffrey Young supporters are annoyed: We in the Young campaign want to abolish the CIA. We have very little interest in Lyndon LaRouche. In fact, that people still consider him relevant is one of the big surprises of this campaign, right up there with MAGA communism. The question shows up: Before I let you go, let me ask one thing, do you, as the Field Director of the Young campaign, endorse or disown the support you have received from LaRouche actors? Short answer, no.

Geoffrey Young speaks: I have absolutely no idea why @Burke4Senate would promote such insane population growth, which is 10 times more insane than Lyndon LaRouche’s suggested number. I don’t even want to speculate why.

And on! I’ve never met a LaRouchite, a MAGAcommunist, or a Mitch McConnell Republican who knows anything whatsoever about energy. Literally everything they “know” about energy is wrong. I worked for Kentucky’s Energy & Environment Cabinet 15 yrs

So. The line”he’s a Larouche cultist” ceases to be right. Gadfly podcasters maybe somewhere near right on this a month back, but not now. But nobody ever cares about precision. He can’t escape his associating.

And this rhymes: With Young’s own party adopting a hands-off approach to his candidacy, incumbent Republican Andy Barr has opted to stick with a campaign of uppbeat ads and did not appear on the program alongside the unorthodox candidate.Andy Barr, by chickening out, refusing to be here tonight, I think that speaks poorly about him,” Young responded.

Then there’s this: Unlike virtually every Democrat in America, I have proposed a solution that might actually work: to impeach the six corrupt, woman-hating, Constitution-shredding, Republican, partisan hacks on the US Supreme Court who overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

Mindy Pechenuk going places

LPAC is running Mindy Pechenuk in California… And it goes.

And the selfish reason the Incumbent may want to go ahead and debate the dining room table. “Even more, Bonta could finally have Assembly-level debate experience. She hasn’t won an Assembly seat outright just yet. She won a special election, but not a general election. And that special election last year in the run-off? She only squeaked by with 56% of the vote. A debate could really help her here, especially if she is thinking of a higher office in the future.”

Not a good sign for lpac:

No follow through on tweet.

CORY BOOKER Kicking Larouchie ASS!

I have no opinion on Senator Cory Booker, but here he is kicking some Larouchie ass!

So tweets Jeff Stein: EXCLUSIVE: The Russian government is making false claims about Tucker Carlson being placed on a Ukrainian kill list. The misinformation originated from a Senate candidate for the “LaRouche was Right Party” – and an embarrassing mistake by etc.

Curious. It is not difficult for me to see in the middle future my opinion on US involvement with Ukraine align solidly with policy preferences of the Larouche movements. A difference may be I would have zero illusions on Putin’s government and the nature of any territorial gains, which only underscores that they will have to lay it on thick to remain noxious by design. See this tweeting display by “space larouche”. The glib responses on Russian bombings of Ukraine can be described as glib.

Your organization changes its line every time the leadership decides. They stand for nothing other than whatever the leaders dictate. Here’s Lyndon LaRouche predicting nuclear war by the end of 1977. According to them, they were the ones who staved it off. And today? The beat goes on. If we don’t die in nuclear war I am giving JosBTrigga and Noggatone a significant share of the credit.

Cultural Concerns

#Magacommunism and larouchianism are such an odd match. LaRouche is culturally all about listening to Beethoven and admiring Renaissance paintings, and MAGA is culturally into Kid Rock and Michael Bay. If MAGAS only knew what L’Rouche thought about their favorite entertainment.

My beef with the Larouche people is that they want us to sing German High Church Lutheran Hymnals when we have American Sacred Harp, which is not only better musically, but simultaneously more avant-garde & humble/primitive. I don’t give a shit about “High European Culture.”

Future Elections

A theory: I think they building for a People’s Party run in the case of Jimmy Dore, who the fuck knows with the LaRouchies but they seem to have some cash behind them, Tulsi maybe even getting ready to jump on a Elon Musk for President campaign… It’s the 1936 Union Party bid of William Lemke all over again!

Internal DSA politics. Strife.


A LaRouche-ite once told me I was being too objective for asking if LaRouche had any platform other than economics.

I disagree. Everyone is well aware the country is full of foaming nitwits.

Point: Dude I remember hearing about LaRouche back in my early 20’s also, it sounded catchy. Funny its always young kids pushing LaRouche, nearly 20 years later and its still kids I see following him, rarely adults. Interesting. Counterpoint: I have the opposite problem. My anglophile mother warned me away from him as a kid. I’m only discovering him now and I have to say he is based AF

Ahhh, I remember meeting Lyndon LaRouche in Madison, 1973. He convinced my best friend to give him her trust fund & to quit school to work for “The Org.” Her mother rescued her from the NCLC cult 9 years later. #WakeUp#StopTheToxicBS

I remember when the only time i would see larouche cultists would be walking past their table at the post office. they always had a picture of whatever president was in office with a hitler mustache. now, thanks to modern technology, i can show them fun pictures too! if i can get one larouche cultist to look at pigpoopballs, i consider that a win.

I remember scoffing at the Lyndon Larouche and John Birch types inside of the Times Square and 34th street subway station. They’ve always been here.

When I was young and lost and depressed in my early twenties, I feel in with some LaRouche-ites, having no idea who or what they were, and it was quite an education in wild ass weirdos for a week or two. went to like two meetings and was immediately weirded out by like the seemingly normie Democratic exterior but the bugfuck weird shit they actually talked about and seemed to believe it. Big ass cult vibes but like if the Cult were all unitarians. Just bizarre stuff. They were able to bottle up the obvious crazy for a while, and I wasn’t in my right mind at the time, but boy howdy when it came out, it came out

There was a really awkward moment here in Virginia in 1994 when the LaRouche guys all became diehard “Re-Elect Chuck Robb” guys because they all believed weird conspiracy theories about Oliver North (aside from the actual conspiracies North did in real life)

When I was in college, there was a LaRouchies had a regular table outside the student union. My Dad told me to ask them why LaRouche went to jail for mail fraud. When I did, they corrected me that he went to jail for *conspiracy to commit mail fraud*. I remember a LaRouchie telling me about how the Queen of England, the Rothschilds, and Barack Obama were conspiring to seize control of the world’s water supply through satellites or something, and the solution was to reinstitute Glass-Steagall.

I forgot about the Larouche people. I haven’t seen them in a while but they used to like to have groups outside post offices on Long Island handing out crazy conspiracy flyers

I remember the LaRouche 2004 campaign mingling in anti-war circles in CA. Nobody talked to them. Even the fringey left – Peace & Freedom Party people, self-described Marxist-Leninists, etc – thought they were nuts.

I interned for a congressman in college and we hosted a town hall with multiple LaRouche plants in the audience.

larouchies…takes me back. in the same way itching takes me back to having chicken pox as a kid

I once, foolishly, tried to engage with a LaRouche critter… the man would only sing his responses to me. It was perplexing to hear crazy LaRouche stuff sung… in poetic verse. I don’t have much of a singing voice. And was a bit perplexed by the whole episode at the time. The LaRouche folks are a weird bunch. I’ve driven by and seen the old compound in Leesburg, Virginia. Strange place.

I got in an argument with LaRouche twits when I was in high school. They harassed people in the line that went out the door. “You’re at the DMV, idiots. No one is happy here. You aren’t helping. If you don’t want to be told to fuck off, set up shop elsewhere.”

Omfg so LaRouche folks story—back in 04 they tried to recruit me on campus, and I was a sarcastic college student, so I faked along. They tried to get me to invent my ow math, then screamed at me when I mentioned Newtonian geometry. Nothing about those folks is ok to ally with. But I have never forgotten the title of their pamphlet “Children of Satan II: the Beast Man” with a picture of Dick Cheney. Just bc we both hated that war criminal doesn’t make us allies, even if that is a damn good title.

I’ve seen LaRouchites outside the Farmingville Stop and Shop (my mom signed the petition to get Sare oj the ballot not knowing who she was, she gave me the campaign bookmark and I was shocked when it said LaRouche Independent, I still have that bookmark but fuck LaRouche)

They used to be at a lot of subway stations trying to peddle their literature. They loved picking fights with people and they knew they were alienating 99.9% of the public, but they were only really after the .1% who were susceptible to their messages.

I remember when I was in grade school starting to get my worldview changed from the Establishment/Juice narrative when I came across a few issues of LaRouche’s magazine. I got already turned off a bit and felt something was wrong when they blamed Venice as you stated.

I spent a couple days in the Seattle LaRouche cult house. Might have stayed but they insisted I be in their choir.

In 2017 I was being courted by a few of these Tankie dumb-dumb left pundits to join their org. I was still naive to the degree to which they tried to infect the Bernie left. Very quickly distanced myself but their events are FULL of people from the LaRouche cult.

when I was in Seattle in the 2000s the larouchies all wore nondescript gray and olive colored clothing. I was impressed by the consistency of their drabness.

As I walk in the tunnels below the Commerce Tower, I’m reminded of 2010, when LaRouchies would hand out fliers that had Obama with a H*tler mustache on them. One of those folks was nearly the Democratic nominee for the Senate in 2014. And she won a congressional nomination the two prior cycles.

Anybody who has done one on the ground event should already be familiar with the very basics of the LaRouche group, that it’s very well funded, behaves like a cult where all the members seem like robotic aggressive lemmings with brain transplants and often spread horrible ideas. I’m not sure. I met them at a bookstore in Madison WI and moved on from the conversation as soon as I deduced they were Larouche heads

Years ago, a college friend of mine took it into his head to quiz the Fruit of Islam guys peddling The Final Call in front of the Starbucks (next to the Larouchies). IIRC, the response was an incoherent lecture trying to explain that the core point was the prefix ‘semi‘.

I associate larouche with older guy who would smoke weed with me & my like 9/11 truther bush era leftist teen friends & he’d just be like “have you looked into the queen of England? Beethoven?” & even we were like “?” Can’t imagine ppl born after 1980 being into it and yet & yet


You used to see them everywhere even though there were never many of them. Between LaRouche dying in 2019 and the pandemic they seemed to disappear.


Well, I think the question of Bill Clinton is sometimes confused. Bill was framed,” Lyndon LaRouche replied. “And he was framed by the Queen of England.” (Shilpa Jindia Mother Jones)

first time I saw a LaRouche text was in 1997 or 1998, documenting an article about Oklahoma bombings, but I never paid much attention to him (much less than, say, LaHaye or Kaczynski).

it’s kinda crazy that lyndon larouche invented being terminally online whole decades before the advent of the internet

1985 Ukraine

Uh. Huh.

Q: how do larouche freaks cope with china heavily investing in green energy and ecology lol. A: play “Let’s Pretend”.

If my neighbor had any opinion on Larouche I would fear for my life

That would impede on my stance that LaRouche was a real person and not some sort of collective hallucination.

American Communist History — a black eye for the Larouche Movements that they will never live down.

one of them “larouche – obama” voters. Note: it would have had to have been the primary for a larouche vote — Larouche endorsed Kerry in the general.

Milton William Cooper was talking about how 9/11 was a false flag attack on his live radio while the attacks were still happening.

Sigh. This is a good beginning and nice summary. The roots of Q were there for decades in the Satanic panic and with the help of Lyndon Larouche. Nazis have been central to UFO lore since the 50s. 9/11 truth was the most successful foray of conspiracy into leftist spaces. Watergate counts, but I suppose the true leftist view on that is Nixon didn’t do anything anyone else did. CIA funding of various crap seems like a “successful” “foray” into “leftist” “spaces”.

Lyndon Larouche’s parents sent him to Quaker summer camp to organize the other kids against the camp counselors, who his parents believed to be Bolsheviks.

Wrong! It’s really interesting that it was Lyndon LaRouche that mainstreamed the TriLateral Commission conspiracy theory as part of the whole Globalist thing because originally it was George HW Bush most tarred with being a Trilateralist. Carter was the original trilateral boogeyman. Also the Bircher’s had as much to do with anything. And… The Trilateralists are, by definition, a conspiring group.

Try as I might, I can’t unremember when he was the only Democrat who took the Cheney threat seriously. Was there no serious threat there?

it’s the really shitty timeline where larouche’s machine somehow manages to get control of enough state parties in red states to win the 1992 dem presidential nomination and there’s a great depression 2.0 and jerry brown also runs as an independent and god is dead and

LaRouche’s anti second law of thermodynamics, appeared on Bergson’s work ealier, which is arguably the root of the time-reversal thing


is it supposed to surprise us that the same ladder climbing fraudalent anti-imperialists who already act like feds and seem to do everything out of a psyop playbook are telling us not to worry about the LaRouche pac?

We have the same problem with the Larouche *paid* people glomming onto Assange street actions – creepily attending with their clipboards to collect signatures for their mailing lists. We invited the LaRouche people to attend our actions if they would be willing to help us hand out literature on Assange (not their literature). We never saw them again. See too: They’re too crazy paranoid! I was organizing a rally for Assange with John Shipton speaking. Larouchies showed up. I was going around with a clip-board to get peoples contact information for our email list. I went to this one Larouchie woman and she freaked out. “Good God no!”


Mapping MAGA Communism: and, is this a reach out to the 3 Percenters?

Huh. Also LaRouche was a trot, where as Stalin literally made it illegal to be anti-semitic, punishable by death. The Twitter left. Stalinists, actual Stalinists. Yeah, well, Stalin’s last hurrah was this.

Larouche people despite being obsessed with expanding total population numbers have hitched their wagons to probably the two countries with the most acute case of population collapse in Russia and China

It annoys me that Tom Gillesberg from the Schiller Institute is only going to the polls to stop NATO’s wars, and thus has effectively shelved the idea of ??harvesting Helium-3 from the shadow side of the moon. He has lost his edge after Larouche died. Sad.

Redefinitions everywhere: I’ve never associated LaRouche with communism. What am I missing? I thought LaRouche was in the American System of Political Economy camp.

Stalinist Libertarian?

Out in Texas: LaRouche. Like herpes, never seems to go away.

I’m a little jealous that this third-rate hack gets to see the inside of the LaRouche cult compound, as someone whose morbid LaRouche fascination now dates back two decades, I’d kind of love to experience that. thanks–sadly, unlikely to happen since the head of LaRouche’s Schiller Institute blocked me after I made fun of him once, which is extra unfortunate cuz as a supporter of Lysenkoism & colonizing the moon, I really am a good fit

This is BüSo, formerly EAP, long led by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, wife of American right-wing extremist Lyndon LaRouche. This group has existed since the early 1980s. A political sect. Every interaction is certainly completely in vain. Use your time differently! BüSo? Former European Workers’ Party – Lyndon B. Larouche “The KGB and the Queen want to destroy western culture through rock music!” ca. 1987…once disturbed, always disturbed.

It’s been some years since I’ve strolled down Bruin Walk, but you should know that on his left is a LaRouche guy and on his right is a flat earther, and no one other than the guy he paid to take this picture will talk to him

Burke encounters Ukrainians, thinks they’re plants.

Paging Cynthia McKinney. Paging Donald Trump. Paging Tulsi Gabbard. All worth a shot — they gnabbed Jimmy Dore.

Here comes Hinkle! I can’t really think of worse reasons for reaching NYC than serving as the face of the next generation of weird fringe LaRouche-cult conspiracy theorists, but hey, enjoy the old men with their mimeographed pamphlets about railroads on the moon or whatever, they’re your people now. Yeah, but Jackson Hinkle is standing there.

Running in Germany.

Nicholas C. Kockler and a letter.

“New Deal Conservative” (sounds on the up and up) praises the edge lords of the Libertarian Party’s Mises Caucus, and urges them to check out Larouche. And… I looked a little into him to see he is a former Marxist who is still a Globalist. LaRouche’s theory saw himself & his followers as becoming “organic intellectuals” where instead of the working class being able to rule we would be led by elite intellectuals such as himself.

Everybody needs somebody sometimes… The fact is that the Neolarouchites are unfamiliar with his body of work,& are mainly aligning with the Schiller Institute because the CPUSA has rejected them & the CPI fell apart (coincidentally, Daniel Burke is in the DMs of ever person involved in the CPI takedown lol). …. … … They (Daniel/LaRouche org) were behind the CPI takedown according to an account that doesn’t know they are being watched, because they felt Caleb’s behavior was becoming a risk. The accusations were legitimate.

That Vega Crashing

An issue that needs addressing: empty seats. Routine town hall meetings are not campaign rallies. We are just off of space larouche chord long at Beto’s claim of huge crowds — pointing that these things are ginned. If AOC needed a photo op instead of her “chat with constituents” (which bring in its share of crazies and single issuers), she would have done so.

Headline: AOC Town Hall Discusses Asylum Seekers, War in Ukraine and Post Office. Before Fox News picked up and ran with the Vega video — to suggest “former supporters turning on her”, the asylum seeker issues got some press mention. The post office situation (where she has the most amount of influence) remains uncovered.

Hannity and Beck pick it up, and so comes a flashback to Rachel Brown with Barney Frank. Pajama Media slides in with supposed disaffected supporters line. Hot Air had to make correction to “Larouche supporters”, in a fit of honesty.

The name drpped, Tulsi Gabbard, endorses Don Buldoc who is… Something other than anti-war.

Boebert makes a partisan supposed jab. Wrong about “rare occasion”. Some feedback: One crazy Larouche follower is all that you are seeing.

Jose Vega yells at Alexandria O Cortez. This has meaning. Surely. We’ve been here before: Also, these aren’t “protestors” per se. They are LaRouche people: they are protesters. They are Larouche Protesters.

Best comment for breitbart video: All these kids losing their minds over this WWIII theater. I was born, raised, and grew up in the cold war era, everyday was potentially the last day. But we didn’t behave like shrieking Nancy’s over it, even though it went on for decades. Fekin amateur’s : D.

Here’s a take! Fans of former Democratic presidential nominee Tulsi Gabbard were seen shouting and argu..

Helga Zepp-LaRouche is an incredibly Pynchon name.

And this turns into a promotion for their boat show.

I am very sorry that we don’t want to be conquered by nuclear mafia fascist state. Address this to Russia, it’s their war of choice

The only ones threatening the use of nuclear weapons are Russia.

Hi Jose, Fox News – did you film this? If so, can we have permission to use on Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, Fox Nation, Fox Weather and all Fox News Edge affiliates across all platforms until further notice with courtesy to you? Do we need anyone else’s permission?

i see that the larouche people continue to make bizarre spectacles out of town halls even after his death

Hot Air had to do retraction from “far left” to “Larouche”.

14yrs ago, when I’d newly gotten internet & was heavy into Zeitgeist, going thru an InfoWars conspiracy theory kinda phase (more fascinated & intrigued than tru believer) I stumbled on this LaRouche PAC vid — & even then I was like at all the antisemitic dog-whistles

Sure, Greenwald — never a fan of AOC’s, but she had to learn I guess. The defense line on AOC to differentiate her claim vs Larouchies: it’s fine to bird dog a politician but silly to expect if you are bird-dogging one that they will engage you in a measured debate. that’s not the point of the tactic! but also not surprising that the LaRouchies wouldn’t understand this

interesting, well in that case it makes more sense. the Larouche PAC is a cult of people trained to act like confrontational assholes who largely have unoriginal and regurgitated ideas, matches up pretty well with Tulsi (cue reminder of two separate groups, if anyone cares.)

Epoch Times, huh? The big opponents of Chinese communism abroad and supporters of MAGA here.

You don’t actually have to debate the guy on the corner handing out Lyndon LaRouche pamphlets that’s ranting about banks and British domination” is one of my stock lines about the marketplace of ideas.

Hopefully Jose won’t eventually break with the LaRouche cult and “crossover” a busy highway in the middle of the night the way Jeremiah Duggan did.

in The Road to Unfreedom, notes that LaRouche was one of the two main vectors of entry of Russian propaganda into the American far right. Looks like that continues.

These were LaRouche folks shouting their brand of nonsense over the questions of a constituent asking a question. It doesn’t seem like AOC can even hear what they are saying. Please don’t pretend they were doing anything useful. They were just grandstanding.

The ‘pacifists’ who scolded Ocasio-Cortez yesterday are followers of the historical fascist conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche. His speech interspersed with praise for Tulsi Gabbard, a former Democratic congresswoman known for her appreciation of tyrants Narendra Modi and Bashar al-Assad. Human waste.

Cyenk Uygur chimes in. Anyone who believes those schmucks who disrupted an @AOC event are “peace activists” is so unbelievably gullible. If you believe AOC supports nuclear war because Putin theratened one – and she’s opposed to him – you have serious cognitive disabilities. Those guys were 100% fake. Responses get interesting: Those “activists” are just Tulsi/Dore clown right-wing tools.

Theory: After RT and the like got hammered at the start of the invasion, I imagine that Russia shifted their funding to other projects. LaRouche would make sense in terms of where to send money to.

To AOC: [Posts intense screed about how AOC has betrayed me, the working class, and the entire LaRouche movement.]

Yves Engler tries in Ottawa.

A bad take: I’d be a bit embarrassed to have the same position as Larouche, not to mention the far-right Putin regime. That’s just me though. No matter your slate of opinions, you will be agreement with Larouchies on something. 1. LaRouche cult members”? What? Is it 1986 again? 2. kinda

I read on Twitter that LaRouche is immune to aging, and he faked his death so he could continue to battle the Trilateral Commission and the shadowy forces who would poison our precious bodily fluids with fluoridated water.

And 1 Right, because Putin is freaking out about the possibility of using his nukes. And 2 It’s genuinely not something he wants to do.

Extreme-right nationalists are everywhere, including most of Europe. Ukraine may indeed have a extreme-right problem. It definitely has a “fighting for its existence against an invading foreign dictator” problem.

AOC will regret mentioning Larouche. She would have been better off not mentioning him. The more people make Larouche a household name, the closer he is to being exonerated. All that was brought up to smear him is lies and will be exposed.

Maybe AOC thinks those anti-establishment LaRouche cult members need a good dose of smart contract enforced anti-psychotic meds to calm them down a little, medicate them into being not so rude when the predator class casually discusses nuking a few million people into oblivion. This Predator class consists of Vladimir Putin.

AND here we go again: I bet the guys confronting AOC in that viral video were LaRouche PAC. They have done it before. Yes and no. Yes and no.

Exonerate Larouche? How about you go to therapy instead

More protesters. The legacy of this “shouting at AOC” is that now on, hecklers will be named Larouchies, even when they are not. The answer to this is no. Conspiracy-mongering Lyndon LaRouche-style clowns who oppose a random collection of things that annoy them, and then do their best to annoy everyone else. Their focus on trans-genderism throws them out as not shouting against Ukrainian Nazis launching WW3.

hot girls for lyndon larouche just doesn’t have the same ring

These do not appear to be Larouche protesters, but I can ditto A sentiment that — yeah, she has handled her disruptors pretty well, in the manner in which you would want a politician to (finest moments by would be with the “Eat the babies” lady). I guess she could follow the Barney Frank “give a quip” model, but it does not seem warranted.

Association with the Larouche cult is a liability, a ticking time bomb equivalent to allowing US terrorist biolabs to proliferate in one’s borders. It indicates deep corruption, and a massive vulnerability to all sorts of ideological sabotage and blackmail we are seeing play out. They kind of state as much.

Excited for the 2028 election with a DSA candidate (Vaush- and Greater PNW Polyam Commune-endorsed), a CPUSA candidate (Neo LaRouche- and TPUSA-endorsed), a Dem candidate (AIPAC-endorsed) and a GOP candidate (Neo LaRouche-, Black Israelite- and AIPAC-endorsed)

In Dave Weigel’s defense, they are protests.

More Results

A letter from the Progressive Caucus — Yeah, read the letter: there’s absolutely no there there. Given that all of them are in support of continued funding it just seems like a weird, poorly timed PR sop to the LaRouche crowd.

They took it as such.

That’s odd, I was assured by the reanimated corpse of Lyndon Larouche that AOC was a Drudkh-listening Banderite who was personally responsible for goading poor innocent Vladimir Putin into a war he didn’t want

Infared morons posting video of themselves being LaRouche style wreckers probably isn’t the own they think it is.

Daniel Burke wants to know: What the hell are you going to do to prevent the thermonuclear Holocaust that our government is setting up?

Gillibrand responds: In response to the substance of their questions, which a third audience member raised at the end of the town hall, Gillibrand said she shared their concern about the threat of nuclear war, and disputed Sare’s characterization of the Ukrainian Center for Countering Disinformation’s list. “Russia does have significant military and nuclear capability, which we have deep concerns about,” she said.

Ilhan Omar is mostly just bored. I am amazed at the nerve that some people have to not be upset with the country literally waging war, but at the country defending itself and those helping them do that. I was even told by one of these people tonight, “it’s America that started the Russia war”, seriously wtf.

Meehaps: To be clear, this isn’t a defense of the LaRouche CIA neo-Nazi goons. They are presenting the Progressives with a very convenient way to remain pro-war and thus preserve the Empire they run cover for between elections.


If he LaRouche clowns at AOC’s town hall were any indication, I seriously doubt these people were her constituents in her district. But even so, she’s right-they don’t get to order her how to vote. They get to BITCH, MOAN and if it’s bad enough, VOTE HER OUT NEXT TIME over it. Literally the same people. Do the math: New Yorj, Minnesota.

Diane Sare makes OAN.

Another group of Larouchies shouting completely baseless claims about a Ukrainian dirty bomb at members of Congress – here’s the same Bill Ferguson speaking at a looney bin.

I hate how the LaRouche cultists are the ones confronting politicians. Ted Cruz eating dinner. Jeff Flake in an elevator.


The Larouchies shout at Obama in Michigan. When talking about political violence against the husband of the Speaker of the House. A good way of tangling your message up.

Maybe Russia TV will clean it up for them.

LaRouche cult dorks trying to make any claim will always have the opposite effect, you weirdo fascist dweeb.

The 2016 Green Party vice presidential candidate is in accord. As too Code Pink.

LaRouchites coming full circle. Their concern trolling about neo-Nazis in Ukraine has always been about the “Obama-Hitler Slur

remember the time Lyndon LaRouche worked with the leaders of the OUN-B for decades to help the World Anticommunist League and to fight against DoJ investigations into Nazis the US brought over during Paperclip

Tell us about your plans for nuclear war with Russia,” she shouted. Hm. Are they doing that “Actually in charge, Cheney” thing with Obama now?

Jack Posobiec picks it up. As though it is anything but noise.

The Review of the Rolling Stones Shin-dig

Watching “defeat green fascism” LaRouche thing and it is starting with serious cringe. Piano and singing “he’s got the whole world in his hands.” Worse than I ever could have imagined. Sounds like there are two people there. They promised a boat but you can clearly see they are in a building next to another building. Helga LaRouche is in front of a bad green screen, which has that weird culty talking head vibe. Very weird disembodied uncanny valley look.

Jackson Hinkle enters. Caleb Maupin pops in.

Curious, the Larouchies apparently took with a straight face the line that Trump is coming.

It’s actually really funny that Lyndon LaRouche managed to build his cult organization into a multi-national intelligence apparatus that had actual government connections in the 80s and his German wife’s strategy to keep it going was recruiting a bunch of YouTube streamers lol

I just spent over six hours watching what looked to my eyes a whole lot like a cult recruitment meeting, and my brain is absolutely fried. […]. Whether they know it or not, our “heterodox anti-imperialist” speakers in this video are just bait, and the LaRouchites are all laser focused on bringing their fans into the fold. Flattering them as the next world leaders, terrifying them with endless visions of the coming left-wing dystopia, levelling thinly veiled attacks against Marxism, bragging about LaRouche’s great achievements and warding off cult accusations, and ultimately, yes — asking them to donate and asking them to join.

It’s like a History Channel Ancient Aliens telling of LaRouche meets a Shark Tank style competition to replace him with the production quality of a family filmed dance recital from 1995.

Crumps got turned away from the LaRouche conference for being an agent of the Queen. He attempted to traffick drugs and taint the purity of the attendees. Apparently he had pot on him. I care less about his attendance or lack thereof, but it is fodder for this and The fight is on! The attempts of the LaRouche Movement to silence me and Mike Crumplar have pushed me into the open arms of the Aristotelians — Daniel Burke’s attacks on our freedom have left me with no choice but to oppose the Eurasian Land Bridge and the 432 Hz tuning pitch. That’s what Daniel Burke has coming for starting this a blocked tweet / kill list! Anyway, his side of the story is the first paragraph here. See if things develop.

What are you major achievements other than proclaiming “MAGACOMMUNISM is inevitable?” I was promised Haz’s vid would get millions of views. He promised his Larouche-cock-sucka-thon today would “change the world.” Well?

I tried watching this today, I swear, but didn’t have the resolve to make it through more than a few minutes at a time. Gumby has the highlights on the hilarious LaRouche conference today.

Textbook cult rhetoric at the LaRouche / “MAGA Tankie” meeting over the weekend. “You don’t have a right to an opinion” isn’t just anti-worker elitism – it’s laying the basis for cult discipline.

I will be giving a talk entitled The Right Deviation Tendency in the American LaRouche Movement: Logo Daedalus and His Consequences at the Schiller Institute Conference later today.

They claim their concept of a “World Land-Bridge”, their Stairway to Heaven, will bring Jesus back. Seems ol’ LaRouche took Jimmy Page too seriously.

Comrade Xiangyu — whose comrade?

I have what might be a false memory of seeing a really, really poorly photoshopped poster for the event on the streets of nyc but I can’t find it in my camera roll if schiller needs someone halfway decent at canva they should call me

I’ve been obsessed with the LaRouche cult for 20+ years now (used to argue with them all the time in L.A., 2002-5ish) & seriously considered attending & trying to pitch a piece somewhere covering it, but was mostly thwarted by my inability to get out of bed before noon. have actually been watching parts of it piecemeal online, and it’s as deranged and unintelligible as one would expect, from the worthless streaming bros to the choirs and singing

Gadfly Podcast reviews.

I can’t even take the full 15 minutes. But the moments I chanced on, in order of hilarity: 1 the LaRouche widow’s stereotypical Colonel Klink accent 2 Star Wars! Not the movie, but Reagan’s boondoggle/LaRouche’s “vision” 3 Hinkle complaining that his relatives think he’s nuts

ya the Larouche conference was a real W for ya…i heard your gonna speak at Fuentes’ AFPACIIII after Paul Gosar and Andrew Torba’s “protocols of elders of zion” lecture next year…is that true? (since you already stream on his nazi site you must be close?)

LAROUCHIES: Adolf Obama’s climate rhetoric is part of his plan to murder all of us and give our blood to his British-Jewish overlords POPULISTS: You have to hand it to them, they’re right about Obama being responsible for murder. reminiscent of the 2000s when an anti war rally would have a LaRouchite really hype the crowd on doing a citizens arrest of Dick Cheney, but then a sharp turn to the Rothschilds and fetus harvesting. I’m trying to remember if there was a “we need to work with the LaRouchies” discourse in 2005 and I just don’t think anyone was that ridiculous. a couple mainstream figures like Dennis Kucinich and some of the Pacifica Radio types did get a little swept into the LaRouche “impeach Dick Cheney” signature gathering effort, but it didn’t seem to evoke LaRouche politics or see them as a separate political movement.

Brain dump filed under “I unfortunately know about this so now you have to as well”: The stupidest possible sect of “anti-woke” Putin-loving “multipolar” youtube “patriotic socialists” spent last weekend at a conference put on by the desiccated remains of the Larouche movement. Honestly excited for a brain dead 20-year-old youtube guy from Orange County to go on the nation’s highest-rated far-right prime time show to sell its audience on the promises of the “eurasian land bridge” and the importance of the Verdi Pitch


Breaking Bad. Wrestlemania.

Nathan Dahm. Elon Musk’s American Edge commercials. Jimmy Dore’s audience. Trump. Benny Hill. Land bridge advocate. The Bible. Tampa Bay Rays. Gump. Kanye, no longer “Space Larouche'”s great cause. Vegans. Yang. Tulsi Gabbard etc. DSA San Francisco. Gazi. The Van Gogh vandalists. Kenneth Copeland. Mao ZeDong. Ralph Norman. Tudor Dixon. Kate Bush. Pelosi attack truthers. Charles Lindbergh, Huey Long.

Pete Carroll hiring Oz Pearlman for a team session. All that matters right now is he had a great draft and turned Geno Smith around.

The tomato soup throwers indulged in time that would be better spent on picketing LaRouche-style climate change denial rallies promoting the myth of “Green Fascism”, such as the one to be held in New York tomorrow. Hell against Hell.

Boris Johnson is a New Yorker sleeper agent we trained to sound British as a scion of the World Bank to finally destroy the city of London’s dominance over finance and move the world’s financial center to NY and we have succeeded. LaRouche personally programmed him in 1974 during his private MKULTRA experiments

Fifty years ago, Trump would have been a flash in the pan. Another Huey Long, George Wallace, or Lyndon Larouche. Actually, he kinda is. One you have a historical reckoning on as with the first two, and to a much more limited extent the third figure.

Code Geass featuring Lyndon Larouche is one of my personal favorites.

Huh. A Scientologist Larouchie.

Caleb Maupin publishes new book.

Deplatforming Guy Debord (killing his publisher) and Lyndon Larouche (FBI investigations) gave us David Icke and Alex Jones..

The state of the Russian Communist Party: A lot of the patsoc draw on the Russian communists who are mostly just left learning right wing nationalist. Zyuganovism is something the left must understand, and I’m sure we will find the LaRouche Bags draw on the Russian communist leader

Left gate warning. Warning to all: Analyses are quick and easy to filter in mistakes. Maupin was not Larouche — not yet anyways.

Enter the damned “People’s Party”.

Sort of pound away at these things repeatedly — Hey, didn’t the Larouchites support Hillary Clinton for president in 2008, and didn’t LaRouche want to do regime change in Iran? — their answer is to continue praising the works that have these in them and maintain no self awareness at the cognitive dissonance.

Next Up!

Invitation-only meeting of the LaRouche Youth Movement. We will begin with a strategic briefing by @LightSkinMescan, followed by a discussion of LaRouche initiatives and organizing efforts. Come with questions. DM me for an invitation. More fun than Halloween.

Running in Australia

Every so often I remember that the LaRouchites have their own political party here and I go have a look at some of the stuff they’re posting, and I can’t stop laughing at just how insane these HTV cards are. Also very funny how they seemingly have their own TV Show on Channel 31 (The CEC Report) that nobody seems to have realised or noticed. LaRouche stuff always gives off weird vibes, especially online, but these guys are always funny to watch.

at ANU they’ve occasionally been caught sneaking into residential halls to put their newspaper underneath everyone’s doors


The RevLeft thingy.

Lmao Pixies – “Where Is My Mind” for the outro song on the new @RevLeftRadio episode about Lyndon LaRouche

and, preschool alumni unite.

And — complaining about the podcast’s anti-Stalin bias.

The Larouche Sideshow.

we’re live talking about how much larouche sucks, North Atlantic Fascist Organization, and what happens when you eat raw meat for months.

I am not a member of the left, and not even really a liberal. Do what you must with Tucker Carlson and Ron Paul’s anti-war stances, and Joe Biden’s stances.

True Anon has a podcast if you want to buy it. Holy shit listen to the new TrueAnonPod for an amazing Haz anecdote. Threatens a man in the men’s room, calls him an f slur, physically pushes a woman, calls security on the dude and gets him expelled at the last larouche conference

do you think if i made an EP of 432hz techno music i could get a pile of money from the LaRouche people or do they hate dance music

Jackasses in Germany

Monday, October 3rd, 2022

Have they succeeded with Hinkle getting non OANN to promote “Maga communism”? Okay…hear me out…what if reincarnation is real and this is Act 2 of Lyndon LaRouche’s ultimate plan to run for president a 9th time?

Let’s see now. Nothing he said has anything to do with communism or the dictatorship of the proletariat. … being a “maga communist” is like trying to be healthy by eating massive amounts of sugar and exercising. the one thing kind of overrides all the benefits of the latterHe’s even modeling his vocal inflections after Tucker CarlsonWhat does he mean by “do away with” John Bolton (who already resigned under Trump)? (In theory, keep him out of the next Republican administration?) … “Yeah, I’m a libertarian communist conservative, because I’ve decided words don’t mean anything.”i’m a Siddhartha Gautama Communist. I’m a Sadie Hawkins Communist. I’m a Flintstone’s Cocoa Pebbles Communist. I’m a Julius Caesar Communist. I’m a Mastodon Communist. I’m a Tuesday Communist. I’m a Realm-Between-Dimensions Communist. I’m a Pike’s Peak Communist. I’m a megalomani

Jackson Hinkle finds Geoff Young to be “sad”. Too bad for him, as Jackson has Trump message mojo due to this ” magacommunism” thing… Doctored though it is. On the other hand, Young has the good wishes message from the Ulyanov Institute — pleased to welcome influential US politician @GeoffYoung4KY in follower list and pronounces best wishes for successful further career. I assume it is a parody from NAFO but lord only knows these days.

Geoff Young Point: We Dems are better re 2 issues: abortion rights & protecting the environment. Counterpoint from spacemegalarouche: Oh you mean the two biggest projects in global eugenics and imperialism today? Wow Geoff, the democrats are so awesome!

More friction between Larouchies and Geoff Young: Get this, the GeoffYoung4KY campaign field director… Is attacking us for organizing in NYC? How is it a bad thing for us to organize in the most populous city in our state? Geoff, get yah minions in your campaign under control! Shameful! Theoretically, isn’t Geoff Young trying to win an election within the state of Kentucky? Like, I saw here in Portland a yard sign for McGrath a couple years’ back. It didn’t do her any good.

The War Commences

The Queen is worse than Hitler” … (At the long list of diatribes against Charles Manson — evil and not British –, Bertrand Russell, The Beatles, and … One Direction? That’s a new one!

And Sting loves the Queen. Makes perfect sense as he did a stalker pic song. Said the devotee of a cult that reveres Edgar Allen Poe.

Selling a Larouche conference to Ukraine.

They really do love Putin.

larouche groupies – ‘saving’ the world from thermonuclear war every day since 1968

Yelling at Dan Rather for not paying attention to their leader.

Gonna become a LaRouche guy, change my pfp and start a substack so people on the internet won’t make fun of me

Buddy of mine (TS clearance) who I served with got completely radicalized by LaRouche.

Joe Btrigga meets a congressman. That’ll show ’em!

We’re rebuilding the LaRouche Youth Movement in the US. Those interested should join us at the October 15th conference in New York. We will be heckling a lot more politicians. The Circle of Life…


In THE CASE OF LUDWIG FEUERBACH, Lyndon Larouche calls Karl Marx the Promethean Lucifer. He also claims Judaism is a byproduct of Christianity transformed by “mercantile-capitalist” forms, and Jewish culture is whats left after everything saleable has been marketed to the Goyim. Continuing on in that vein. (Jesuits are a Jewish project, says Anton Chaitkin).

An alternate universe where Bush wins the presidency in 1980 and Lyndon Larouche ends up a gubernatorial candidate of Illinois in 1986.

No clue why.

One of LaRouche’s underlings – Andreas Typaldos – ran Computron which was a huge funder of the USLP. Typaldos’ wife Renee was arrrsted in 1973 for alledgly being involved in a kidnapping plot. Typaldos went on to head – and run into the ground – a Linux company named Xandros. I used to be a huge fan of Xandros Linux, but when I found out about Typaldos’ connections to the U.S. Labor Party, I immediately stopped using Xandros and moved to Ubuntu.

Supposed legacy of Occupy.

Feels timely to bump this insane thread covering Elizabeth II to JP Barlow to Miles Copeland Jr to LaRouche to the MRA inside British concentration camps to the Mau Mau Rebellion.

Never forget that LaRouche thought Bill Clinton was apparently enough of a threat to the neoliberal globalists he was directly descended from that The Schiller Institute picketed the US Capitol with signs calling for the arrest of Ken Starr. LaRouche maintained this til he died. This came a decade after the Executive Intelligence Review floated the idea that Trump was an agent of Moscow (LaRouche also believed the USSR wae an Anglo-Zionist puppet regime) in 1986 lmao. How the tables have turned!

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands — more political than the apolitical former queen of England.

Robert Dreyfuss claimed Hashemi was a CIA and Mossad agent; Hashemi sued Dreyfuss and Lyndon LaRouche, whose Executive Intelligence Review had accused Hashemi of being linked to the alleged “funding of Iranian terrorism in the United States,” with the case dismissed in June 1983 due to Hashemi’s failure to respond to legal documents.

I think the way LaRouche got the following and a living was to read the news regularly, then spin a conspiracy out of whatever the recent issue was to give a sense of danger and being special outsiders to his lemmings. He changes views too with the times. Opportunist narcissist

LaRouche saw the infiltration of CPUSA after Hall took over from Foster, and knew what was coming- which came in the form of the New Left. It’s true he was SWP and always had a grudge, but how can you blame him? CPUSA after 57′ was awful. Gus Hall v Lyndon Larouche

This is snake oil. LaRouche was an anti semite and an anti communist his entire life. He said Russian people were heathens without independent thoughts, sold out S. African workers to their govt, and led an assault on American communists.

upon reading up on LaroucheAnd reading his work

The search for Bertrand Russell quotes.

We now go live to the foyer where Lyndon LaRouche and Webster Tarpley are welcoming their oldest friends…”

Encountering Larouchies in Germany

Some video of a Ukrainian refugee meeting Buso larouchies.

Dear German citizens, I am grateful for your country’s help to Ukrainians in this war, but this video is what many Ukrainians who fled to your country because of the war are facing. I have a big request for you: help identify the people in the video. Such behavior is unacceptable. In my opinion, their employers should be aware of these views. They should be held accountable for their harassment of Ukrainian refugees and their xenophobic stance in denying Russia’s crimes, which have been documented by numerous organizations

@avaritiaprima if I am not confusing anything, you seem to deal with such cases, can you help here?

Madam, you are beautiful. Special respect for not switching to dog language with Muscovites. What kind of city is that?

The author of the video is very patient. I would not have the patience to speak to those people.

It is so unfair and painful that Ukrainians flee from Russian bombs from Ukraine and are forced to go through the moral torture of Russians already in other countries.I don’t even know which international organization I can tag, they are all morally bankrupt

BüSo, I’m not surprised. Political sect, one is more degenerate than the other.

I am very sorry about that! I am ashamed of the behavior of these people, they are only a minority, but that doesn’t make it any better

Is it possible? just stop talking to a woman who lost family members to a russian bomb?! The Russian in the vid just needs to keep her cheeks shut and show that she has a SPARK of empathy and decency!

The blond Russian woman says that the Ukrainian woman should go away because she lives on her tax payments and gets 1000€ a month

What an ignorant & shameless person. She herself takes huge advantage of the opportunity to stay & work in the EU, and her home country is not attacked & beeing destroyed. Thanks!

The leader of BüSo party according to wikipedia says this: Zepp-LaRouche wrote an article describing climate change as a “Satanic Oswindle”… she suggested the origin of the “swindle” is the British monarchy. I have a feeling *arguments* won’t work.

Oh god. What a bunch of absolute freaks. Ideally just avoid at all costs. If you know German WTF is this ?? Look at this video from the BüSo party. Why is the guy not in a mental asylum ???

Side note. The poster at the beginning of the video is by organisation that promotes “bridges” with Russia and China, obv where propaganda is reiterated on autopilot. So surprised but not surprised

büso is the german part of the larouche movement. they probably don’t even have jobs they only live for their cult. better to stay away from them they are brain washed and psychologically broken

Holy shit, the third one gives me “Come listen to my one hour health shake presentation and you too, could be a millionaire!” vibes.

They’re larouchies, larouchites, whatever. Hard to believe they’re still around. I’m 65 and they were doing their thing when I was 20, and they’d been around for at least a decade already. The Queen was once their big bogey but I see they’ve managed to adapt. New day, new weather

So wild for guy who came of age in the 80s to see the LaRouchies are still a thing.


The LaRouche weirdos are huge on campus here and it just fucking bizarre. I see them all the time.

I had a comedy zine back around the 2008 election and one of the covers was “Lyndon LaRouche; the 19th Time’s the Charm.

We would sometimes get direct mail from them when I was a kid and my parents would explain they were cranks, and I picked up one around 1998 and said, “Yeah, they say there’s a new world war in the Congo?” And my mom was like “Ok so that one’s true.”

When I worked in the Texas Legislature they were still around, and would drop off conspiracy fliers claiming LBJ killed JFK. So many odd conspiracy theories about water policy, too?

Not to sound too much like Jack Ryan, but I actually met LaRouche and his wife once (not at a party). Then, had one of his minions as a colleague for a while. Strange times.

They won. larouche 4 life

Going into massive debt so my professor can make me read old LaRouche pamphlets and 4chan. That’s free speech, baby. —- Larouche handing out pamphlets in front of metro center is a scene from de Tocqueville.

LaRouche groups were campaigning in San Francisco for Trump, again. But, we have midterms not primaries or generals coming up. So, why divert attention to Trump from what’s current? That’s Propaganda+Extremism+CSPOA multi-paralleled. I’m fact, since 2007 LaRouche took my upset reaction of their posters with Obama’s face postered with a Hitler moustache. They knew where I worked and have been tracking anybody they can, plus sharing data as their “crusades” with their extremist group friends. I’ve been watching

LaRouche… the weirdos who handed out poorly written pamphlets back in college? yeah they’re recruiting the weirdos who failed at infiltrating the MAGA movement while it was still relevant to anything. gotta get those credit card numbers! i used to really enjoy baiting them. For some reason they always set their table up outside the philosophy/poli-sci building so I ran into them all the time when i was coming out of classes pumped up for opportunities to apply the socratic method to fresh victims. I would have watched. Popcorn. Lawn chair. Beer.

I’m old enough to remember when Lyndon LaRouche was the craziest, political cult leader in town.

within a month or two of 9/11 I was putting up flyers about MK-Ultra and junk ended up in contact with LaRouchies they sent a huge box of pamphlets after reading that women have shame about sex because their genitals are too close to their anus (?!) I realized it was a cult lol.

I miss the occasional rando handing Lyndon LaRouche pamphlets at Emmaus Post Office. (Interesting, coming off of a fury panic city council minutes speake).

Funny story: in ’04, I was the R representative for a ballot initiative that D’s agreed with as well./1. So we were working together with a D counterpart. Anyhow, we were in a car, in downtown Seattle, and some young woman ran out across the street without a crosswalk, and my D counterpart almost hit her. His temper really flashed, “GODDAMNIT! Don’t these people pay attention?”/2. It was only then, that I told my D counterpart the young woman had an armful of LaRouche flyers in her hands as she ran across the road. His response? “Damn it, If I’d noticed that, I’d have hit the gas rather than the breaks!” He was only half-kidding. Cracked me up. /3 FIN

My dad carried around some John Birch/Lyndon Larouche pamphlet that “proved” that Krushev was flooding America with pornography and sponsoring the British invasion to weaken American youth, wish I kept it.

Have you ever talked to a LaRouchite directly? I’d rather deal with a bipolar person off their meds. Had one zealot in college (pre 9/11) come up to me and proclaim LaRouche was the “new Socrates and Caesar and Pope” and that I should skip class to listen to his broadcast. (1/2

Larouche worked with the feds and the KKK to ruin the lives of leftists who opposed him. My cousin got suckered in and ended up living on one of his compounds. It’s troubling to me because people in the US fail at understanding history, and this will deradicalize some. …. Smear smear lie. Is all I see …. Cool. Enjoy the ride. I know my cousin didn’t.

Remind me of the LaRouche followers that used to be seen outside of political rallies who reminded me of the Moonies that used to be seen at airports.

This isn’t going to be as much fun as the time I explained field extensions and why you can’t trisect an angle to LaRouchies, is it?

I remember talking to some LaRouche fundamentalists in downtown San Francisco many many years ago. I was so silly to argue with them. A cult is a cult …. True. Then again, I bet Lyndon LaRouche never had to work a day in his life after getting that machine going.

funniest people i ever found at a post office

MAGA w marxist-this, marxist-that. PoliSci major here. I would’ve seen Marxists. Here’s where they were: bothering, interrupting profs, calling profs capitalist stooges, storming out, dropping out, selling Marx pamphlets on hub lawn folding table right next to LaRouche disciples

Guys, do you remember during the 1984 election, after one of the Presidential debates, a 30-minute Lyndon LaRouche segment? It was too long to be an ad. It was like a Ted Talk on live TV. I’ll never forget his saying that Soviets were invading any minute and we needed to prepare. Can’t find that exact Lyndon LaRouche spot on YouTube. I remember it featured a map of Europe, with arrows showing how tanks were already amassing for invasion. Even as a child, I knew he was a crank, loopy, and ridiculous.

I remember the LaRouche supporters, they’d try to sell you magazines like the Jehovah Witness Watchtower. Two difference: the Jehovah Witnesses hand their stuff out for free, and kept the leftovers for later attempts. The Larouchies handed their stuff out freely too, but then barked out a demand for payment — and also in the end left their merch in bulk at the nearest public garbage can to their card table location.

I am old enough to remember Lyndon LaRouche and the issues he created for the Dem. Party, his followers still show up ever so often. It was hell extricating the propaganda communists and the misinformation news letters. Now with the internet is the same story but on steroids.

In those days, when you hated a man, you didn’t send a SWAT team to his door for a laugh, you signed him up as interested in what Lyndon Larouche had to say. On the street, we called it “Larouching” a dude and it was rarely answered.

In… 2003? or so, one of our CIWS techs who was a raging conspiracy theorist-Larouche Guy subjected me to this rant over a four hour General Quarters while I was CSTT and couldn’t leave his space because I was initiating and observing a casualty. He had a lot of very specific arguments that I was not equipped to refute at the time and I found his web of lies unconvincing but I kept thinking: so what? Crushing the Nazis and the Yamato was good. If FDR really did do some underhanded shit to get us to, can anyone complain?

The Fight Continues

The Michigan GOP and “voter protection“. Haven’t seen LaRoucheniks in quite a while. At least not since a concentration camp survivor lost it and the old guy beat up the LaRouchenik behind the Obama as Hitler sign. These “Putin is our Friend” folks were Trumping before Trump.

Allies are there at “goyim tv“.

LaRouche guys are great because on here they’re like “We must break AmeriKKKa from the British imperial rule (God spit on the KKKween’s name)” and in the meetings it’s like “Ron DeSantis allowing gay kids? What a RINO”.

The People are noticing. I am frankly astounded that LaRouche supporters still exist. It’s like when they found a living coelacanth.

Q: What paralytic do you typically use when intubating a patient in the ICU? A: I think the preferred method here is, “Let me tell you about Lyndon Larouche…” Very cost effective but hard on the patient. Does involve some light literature.

kind of amazed we still have larouche nerds but i guess the whole zero-to-fuckin-crazy pipelines have really been opened up so i guess that might as well slot in

Every decade, 2 dozen new recruits. With a dozen dropping out quickly. AND… What’s with all these younguns getting into Lyndon Larouche? Like yeah, I get that they’re fascists but that seems kinda random and obscure, I mean they probably weren’t even born when he was really active and even I had to look him up because I only remembered his name. The system is self-perpetuating.

I have no idea what this bs represents. all the LaRouche dead enders have all simultaneously had the Very Clever Idea to call Luna Oi “Luna Soy.” I am sure she is devastated. Own something, I guess.

Response: That they are now trying to deflect and force me into a debate about land bridge is hilarious. What is there to debate about LaRouche’s utopian hypothesizing about building a land bridge? What does it have to do with LaRouche’s fascist theory and practice? A debate about land bridge: “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we built a land bridge?” “Yeah, sure, I don’t know, maybe”

AND: That was always the cool LaRouche idea. Not understanding calculus was a real turn off

Haz Twitter suspended. Haz Truth Social rises. Maga Communists always have their perch over there. I am not looking too deeply into this, some clearer allegations and case made hereabouts — because… Who the hell is Haz?

Haz on revleft.

Caleb Maupin now out of it, the Larouchies turn their eye to Jackson Hinkle — and “clout” quote from 2019 — (opponent of nuclear) — getting in the way of seeking the Green vote — “a dollar store Larouche“.. This seems to be about why: We are uniting Marxists and MAGA to overcome the oligarchical globalists & the deep state. If you don’t like that, enjoy irrelevancy. Another version: We are uniting The Amish and NAMBLA to overcome the oligarchical globalists & the deep state. If you don’t like that, enjoy irrelevancy. Analysis: I think giving it coherence apart from that is a mistake… he goes for whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear and right now it’s straight up LaRouche Thought with Putin Characteristics.

You Lyndon LaRouche promoters are truly a strange crew, wanted by no one yet seemingly everywhere.

A bit of confusion round these parts — and this dark alley-way: The more CPUSA redlibs I read on Twitter the more convinced I am that Operation Mop Up was necessary — This is into mating that the Larouchies lights beat themselves up, basically, and the Jackson Hinkles and Caleb Maupin of the world.

Fretting the maga communists, and talking off that ledge

Theorizing: With the collapse of the CPI, the center of gravity for this particular side of Breadtube has swung to the right and does not seem to be abating. Caleb atleast knew enough about optics to hide his increasing affections and affiliations with Larouche publicly, these people do not.

Diane Sare has a billboard.

And “many diplomats walk by” — here her campaign is reaching the masses! Someone approached me in NY with a pamphlet from the Lyndon Larouche movement… That’s still a thing?

The real UN general assembly is the meetup of falung gong followers with the Hare Krishnas and the Avakians and the LaRouche cultists near the secret service checkpoint on 42nd and 2nd

Sigh. The Larouche nut jobs are out at 42nd and 2nd. “Russia is not our enemy.

Getting attention everywhere! Yep. The duopoly is junk and all the 3rd party candidates are nuts.

Shrine table in Denmark.

Dateline Boston: A roving UHub correspondent reports a gaggle of LaRouchies were out in front of the Park Street T station this morning alerting the public to the perfidy of evil old England. Kind of impressive considering ol’ Lyndon finally kicked the bucket in 2019.

Comments: Lyndon Larouche was a good example of what the supervillains and ultravillains of comics and movies would be like in the real world. Evil, megalomaniacal, exerting a terrifying degree of mind control over widespread minions, but also stupid, incompetent, and absurdly paranoid. This news sent me to nostalgically perusing his Wikipedia article, where I learned that he once shared a cell with Jim Bakker, who said of him, “to say LaRouche was a little paranoid would be like saying that the Titanic had a little leak.” I also learned that, according to Lyndon, the Beatles were “a product shaped according to British Psychological Warfare Division specifications.” Now I never would have thought of that.

It’s unfortunate that he never hooked up with David Icke, who could have told him that Elizabeth II is not just a drug dealer and international criminal, but a reptilian being from another dimension. Get with the program, Lyndon!

I haven’t seen the current crop, but in the recent past, whenever I have seen the LaRouchies I am always surprised at how young and fresh-faced they are, and how such youth could go for the ancient, outdated ideas of such a dried up, out of touch (and now deceased) ) fossil. Something keeps that machine chugging along. Because in my observation I see that, despite what the media tells you, most culties (not to mention drug addicts) are now generally middle aged. If you don’t believe me, go take a look at the North Station area or the Methadone Mile. Not a lot of “youth” or “kids” there.

let`s hope soon we will talk about that gaggle of trumpies at park st. The same way we admire the larouchy crazies now.

Standing in the way: It’s messed up because I tick most all the marks for being some infra LaRouchie weirdo (YIMBY who loves nuclear and hates degrowth) but I’m just like nah, civil rights are good, so the transformation remains incomplete. I mean A Lot of the LaRouche losers seem like their beliefs logically line up with YIMBYism but when it comes to housing they are, by far, some of the most insufferable online NIMBYs.

I’m sure Chris Sare and Jose Vega will go right at David Hunt’s suggestion.

Diane Bettag. Dismissed.

On the over press in Houston, for the John DeJean candidacy. Even if DeJean is mentioned nowhere. Wait — why aren’t they running Kesha Rogers?

Joel DeJean is running against… George HW Bush.

Trump stands by Ukraine. what happened to the “anti-imperialist” president that LaRouche, Schiller, and Infrared all claimed stood with Russia?

Noted. Lick the boots of the boss.

Lorg-er throws it down at LPAC: That roaring sound you hear is LaRouche spinning in his grave, watching you sell out while still fraudulently displaying his name.

Communists for Trump endorses Diane Sare! This is definitely a real thing organized by real people who breathe real air in reality. Twitter absurdisms

I honestly have no idea if this is parody for or against magacommunism, for or against carbon reduction, or earnest in some sense. The Larouche link shared downthread further complicates it.

Am I missing that Trump endorsement of any land bridge or for maglev which makes a graphic like this have an inch of sense?

Two choices, no Libertarian: Oh goody, just got my ballot for the NY election. Just the saddest set of options. Great job @LPNational there isnt even a candidate! For the first time in my life I just see 2 names (+ a candidate for the LAROUCHE party)

subculturalism is negative for DSA imo but far worse are the drooling LaRouche freaks who aren’t in any serious political formation or labor organization. marginal, truly no irl presence. if they were to explain it to their coworkers they’d be too confused to hate them!

All the Larouche teens are “Stalinists” now (don’t laugh)

Another attempt at integrating the Geoffrey Young campaign.

Geoff Young is what you get when you order Lyndon LaRouche on Wish.

LaRouche was 100% trying to figure out how to program his own assassins

Point: Trying to create a LaRouche map and losing my mind at how many different connections he has to the Hoffas He’s somehow on both sides of the murder Counterpoint: REMINDER: Your ideation of “Larouche Political- Mapping” is an overlay for another person’s shower curtain, and the longer you’re on Twitter, the more likely they’re gonna meet.

Got one! I don’t really think anything good is politically viable in america anymore and we’re all just arguing over which path to take toward decline, and as such i’ve decided i like these new larouche people. i’m glad they’re hanging out

Space Larouche slams A “Democrat / Communist Party” alliance: You realize LaRouche wanted to work with Cartos’s Liberty Lobby, Wallace’s American Independent Party, the American Nazi Party, and the Klan? I don’t support any of these groups including the Democrats. You’d sooner see me working with the CPUSA than the Dems.

ICYMI Watch the recording of today’s highly successful Press conference: Shut Down the Ukrainian Hit List Targeting Americans and International Voices of Opposition

And all right. Two x speed listen:

William Jones on Iran’s Press TV.

Canada’s Larouche Team trips up, Burke pounces: Steve Bannon is the enemy of #MAGACommunism. He has done everything is his power to steer Trump and the Trump constituency in the direction of hatred and fear of China. He is a leading political opponent of he World Land-Bridge. TPUSA serves the Great Reset. I am reasonably certain in all interviews with Bannon, — friendly or adversarial — the world land bridge does not come up.

Burke exonerates Kissinger.

YACHT Meeting

Yeah, well. Patsocs: *claim anglos are the ultimate evil controlling the world* Patsocs: *Suspiciously, Supports the US* I’m starting to think when they say “Anglo” they mean something else.

I’m starting to think that something much larger is going on than just the casual chauvinist infiltrating communist movements. The LaRouche movement is a cult, and I’ve been seeing the name with nearly all the large figure “PatSocs.” I don’t think this is a coincidence.

Well then.

What fresh hell is this?

Graphic design is their passion.

A new generation of dupes getting roped into the LaRouchite dead-end to go nowhere for another 4 decades.

Nothing is more terrifying than the idea of attending the Nightmare Party on the LaRouche MKULTRA Yacht.

Oh I forgot that LaRouchites hate British Pop band, such as The Beatles. They say that they were a Tavistock Institute creation, or something.

This is happening after a bunch of people, including myself, talked about how similar the movements were. They must’ve been paying attention lol

Who’s going to the Schizo LaRouchite conference?

The design of this poster is giving me motion sickness

Me (with a bomb)

Why haven’t any of the Patsoc or Magacommunism retards tried to bring back Chairman Bob. Surely Lyndon LaRouche has more baggage than he does?

These people are so nuts that they make the ghost of LaRouche look sane.

Larpers for LaRouche.

Are there like teen influencers for LaRouche? Wouldn’t have imagined that.


Who the hell did that “flyer” because my 10 yr old could design a better one. The all lower case text in red? The typewriter font? The burning whatever? There isn’t a chance I’d trust these people with a credit card.

Right? With all this jerking off to Soviet aesthetics and whatnot, you’d think someone could put together a proper poster

What a dumpster fire. I think my favourite part is the Russian Imperialist shills being featured at the schiller institute. Brilliant.

No matter what you believe, if you start falling for conspiracy theories, all roads lead to LaRouche.

(on allusion to jailing Epstein associates): A bit confusing to brand your engagement-farming meme movement around Trump’s catchphrase and then call for arresting him in your platform

I can’t believe I saw this in public with my own eyes

The portrait of Freidrich Schiller with the flames is legit the best thing they’ve ever done

My condolences to your eyes.

It might seem tempting to go to see how terrible it is, but remember that the boat will be under maritime law.

Looks like they hired the Falun Gong/Shen Yun graphics teams to design that eyesore.

with a special performance of dazed and confused by led zepp-larouche

I actually like it here we sometimes have a mix of Gonzalo posters and Avakianite stuff it’s a good time


What’s even more hilarious is I’m blocked by three of these people. LMFAO

no one should actually get angry at jackson hinkle. the dude is a total clown, not worrh wasting energy im more confused at why he feels so strongly about calling himself a marxist/communist when he doesn’t even seem to have a cliff’s note’s understanding of those terms. larouche stopped identifying with marxism/communism when he broke from the leff i guess jackson just wants to stir up social media reactions

LaRouche 2.0?! More like 9.8 — but at least it’s consistent. Each one is worst than the last. Still, in this week of royal worship, I do wish for some oldies about the Queen as the major world drug dealer.

I genuinely cannot tell if this is a bit or not

I find it kind of hilarious that to them “gyms” are a top concern in the country and deserve its own bullet point.

He’s more like dollar store Limonov.

Not as entertaining and you can’t get into shouting matches with Hinklers while waiting for your Orange Julius and pizza dog.

At this point, I think he is doing an Andy Kaufman type bit. And I am glad. No one will even dare take red-brown alliance seriously ever again.

At least the original article had nunchucks

What’s your opinion on how organic this “movement” is? I’m not one to accuse others of being OPs but a whole network of these weirdos materialized basically overnight, some with massive followings, and Hinkle has been on OAN and Tucker recently. Seems real suspicious to me

LaRouche without the intellectual firepower (but, thus far, with fewer murders)

TBH I agree with 80% of the points. When I see “antifa street terrorism” and “patriotic education, end woke academia” I realise none of the good stuff is really on the menu.

Finally, a political leader who is willing to remove the red tape!

The best way to get rid of such infestations is wasp spray and a Bic lighter. I just realized they’re from the Schiller Institute, Lyndon LaRouche’s cult headquarters. Those people will kidnap you, drain your bank accounts, and leave you for dead on the side of a road in Germany.

Lyn Marcus did write an almost unreadable book on dialectical economics…that will keep the Patzis busy

love that larouche guys are still around. we should give them a state just to see what they do with it

Steve Bannon lurking in the shadows.

I could see the @EclecticRadical , @TinaDesireeBerg via @StatusCoup @vanguard_pod and maybe @grahamelwood going in on dealing with the LARouche MAGA Apologists in the near future here.

man i love that our generation has our own even dumber larouche people

parody account, it seems —

MAGA Responds

How we got there: the glue binding these threads together is a fetish for parliamentarianism and intrigue.

Not gonna lie, shit’s funny.

Desperation from Haz:

I had a dream that some frat boy YouTuber tried to resurrect the LaRouche movement as #MAGAcommunism lol wtf that was wild.

So, one big LaRouche circle-jerk?

The larouche guys have the frenetic/self involved vibe of a junkie trying to sell you something on the street but like fucking up their pitch and being really aggressive.


Steve Bannon. Herman Cain. Bobby Piton. Beto O’Rourke again. Cumballs and Bernie Sanders share a birthday. The People’s Party. Dan Rather. Patrick Scrivener’s reformation dot org. Conspiracy dot connector, and Jeff Berwick. Libertarian Party of Minnesota. Dan Bolduc. Schizoposting. The Fiat money decriers. Pastor Gene Kim, Herbert Armstrong. The Harry Bridges Marxist Club splintering off of CPUSA. Kanye. Arizona Candidate Mark Finchem. Bitcoin. Trump and supporters after doing weird thing at a a rally. Putin, Orbán, Bolsonaro, Jim Jones, Manson, Koresh, Pol Pot, Netanyahu, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Marshall Applewhite. Michael Tracy and the Ron Paul newsletters. Australian Republican Movement. Trump borrowing from qanon. Massachusetts Republicans. Kyrsten Sinema. Darren Bailey. Lindsey Graham. Convoluted graphist. Putin. Scott Ritter. Harriet Hageman and be extension Wyoming.

Mike Tracycautionary tale for contrarians, if you compulsively disagree with liberals whatever they say and are incapable of admitting error, then sooner or later you’ll wind up doing Hitler apologia. …. Every generation gets the Lyndon LaRouche it deserves

Regarding Ukraine — Jill Stein supporters. James Corbyn.

The Larouche Movement is just the American Kuomintang

Cheminade, Asselineau, I always confuse them: present everywhere for decades. The LaRouches “dragged” the barge in front of Charlety in 2007.

We make intersubjective comparisons of utility all the time. I have to say Lyndon Larouche makes more sense than this crazy Samuelson-Becker cult

I’m gonna bring up the National Beekeeping Service in every socialist meeting I ever go to now. It’s gonna be to me what the World Land Bridge was to LaRouche.


Brian O’Shea and Stewart Battle debate on “Blog Talk“. Here.

Finally getting around to watching this. Not even 2 minutes in, main guy mentions that he’s been in the John Birch Society and supported Lyndon LaRouche. 10 minutes and we’re talking Secret Space Program, and then the Dove of Oneness. This doc gets straight to the good stuff. Seems to be a worth a watch for us “rare species of exotic floral studies” types.

Louis CK does “Fox From Space Commune”. Good on Fox’s trajectory; bad on Louis’s.

Burke during a thingy: Does a point produce circular action, or does circular action produce a point? Reply: Dec.17/78 (New York)* Dobbs: Lyn, have you ever noticed that the central feature of all machines is rotation? LaRouche: Now that’s a mouthful, Bob! I’ll have to think about such a sweeping generalization, but my first impression is it has the ring of fact. *may not have occurred

RIP John Train

One mention in the NYT obituary.

Mr. Train’s other oddball preoccupations that led to books included “remarkable words with astonishing origins,” “mots justes and indispensable terms” and “remarkable occurrences” (in 1895, for instance, only two cars existed in Ohio, and, Mr. Train claimed, they collided).

He treated his political interests less jokingly. A committed cold warrior, he wrote for The Wall Street Journal about military affairs. He became concerned that the conspiracy-monger Lyndon LaRouche was a “possible Soviet agent,” Mr. Train’s longtime assistant Sara Perkins said in a phone interview, and he convened meetings at his home for journalists, law enforcement agents and others in government to raise awareness about research he had done into Mr. LaRouche.

Mr. Train’s activism provoked a ferocious reaction from Mr. LaRouche’s followers, who accused him in 1991 of serving as “chief propagandist in the ‘Get LaRouche’ drive.” In 2007, Washington Monthly wrote that Mr. LaRouche had encouraged his followers to believe that “they were the victims of mass conspiracies” that were “usually perpetrated” by Mr. Train.

God Save the Queen

Thursday, September 29th, 2022

Queen Elizabeth

In the crypt beneath the Schiller Institute, a pulse returns to Lyndon LaRouche’s fleshly tabernacle.

Big day for Lyndon Larouche followers.

We did it, guys! We killed the Queen of England!

LaRouche from hell: (Walter White saying “I won” at the end of Season 4 of Breaking Bad). (I would want to add the quote for Better Call Saul, “and after all that, A happy ending.”)

The Ghost of Lyndon Larouche suffocated her in her sleep with a Hardcover copy of the Collected Works of Plato.

pretend this tweet is a video of lyndon larouche doing the ghanian coffin dance

LaRouche about to get the best birthday present of all time

choosing to believe this was lyndon larouche’s doing

what a 100th birthday gift to Lyndon LaRouche, one of history’s greatest haters

At last, justice for Lyndon LaRouche

In case you were wondering, the only time Q ever directly mentioned Queen Elizabeth was Drop #100, where Q hints that she is corrupt, evil, worships Satan, and had both Princess Di and a bunch of MI6 agents killed. Also known as any David Icke book. Or any Lyndon LaRouche essay.

Larouche Twitter does some 9/11 truth off of it.

Tragic that Lyndon Larouche isn’t here for this

BREAKING: Larouche wins long battle on 100th birthday


Holy shit, the Queen might die on LaRouche’s birthday. larouchites are going to print at least 6 articles about this coincidence. Webster Griffin Tarpley right now. (jack nickelson clip). the LaRouche Movement and Infrared have grown too powerful, they are now going to summon a land bridge that will bankrupt all the nations of the world.

Look the real reason so many Americans (including myself) are being ghoulish about the queen is not because of anti-monarchy commitments or ancestral grudges, but rather because the monarchy is fundamentally a celebrity enterprise and US Twitter is all about mocking celebrities. Also just be glad LaRouche is dead, because hoo boy would he have some thoughts.

The crazy bastard really did it, didn’t he? Surprisingly, this is not getting a lot of play in the media. I am sure the royals have thought of this and they will conspire to have the death certificate dated after midnight. I am sure the royals have thought of this and they will conspire to have the death certificate dated after midnight. I can think of nothing funnier than the LaRouche movement hounding the royal family over this for the next thirty years

Who will be the next figurehead LaRouche movement and Maupinites will drape in antisemitism. My money is on Wackson Stinkle, who so far has only defended Human Trafficking and the usual LaRouche supported stuff like genocide and Colonialism. He hasn’t threatened to kill children or engage in sexual deviance yet to my knowledge.

I think we might have to credit Crypto-LaRoucheology for today’s astonishing timing. I am sure you are aware of the rumors she has been dead for a while. Maybe the LaRouche / Q team waited for today to announce it for the lulz

LaRouche can’t stop winning. He’s managed to wrest control of the crank left back and kill the queen from beyond the grave. It’s his world and we’re just living in it now. truly, has there ever been a time in which the world land bridge is closer to reality

By my calculations, LaRouche also outlived the Queen by 22 days. Lyndon and Liz, now heiling together in Heaven. Henry is still around, now it`s between him and Jimmy. Just got an earful from a coworker about how the British Royal Family controls all of America’s institutions, because they infiltrated over many many years etc… LaRouche’s legacy lives on, in the minds and words of coworkers everywhere

I’ll never forget the time at Michigan when someone slipped LaRouche publications into my backpack without me knowing. Must’ve been near the West Hall Engineering Arch. I was genuinely impressed!

(Noted Comics artist Michael Kupperman): ST. PETER: Ma’am, this is Mister Lyndon Larouche, he has some questions for you. >>slaps on cuffs<< “There’s no Statue of Limitations on running a drug smuggling empire or funding the Illuminati, Queenie!”

the queen died on what would have been Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday — somewhere he is smiling thermonuclearly

The Queen of England has graduated to the next plane of reality where she will battle her greatest nemesis: Lyndon Larouche

big day for larouche cranks, happy for them. (So I Married an Ax Murderer clip.)

The most I ever engaged with Queen Elizabeth was overhearing Lyndon LaRouche supporters yell about how she was conspiring with Jews to let India take over the world. And for that I will always be grateful

LaRouche busting out of his tomb to op champagne

Lyndon LaRouche och drottning Elizabeth dog båda vid 96 års ålder. Säger inte att det finns ett samband, men jag vill inte gå för långt åt andra hållet heller.

That Assad “Who Must Go” meme but with Lyndon LaRouche, the Queen, and a birthday cake

somewhere, Lyndon Larouche is doing a 1080 and a Christ Air in his grave

The spirit of Lyndon LaRouche has been avenged on his birthday.

Lyndon LaRouche finally gained enough energy-flux density on the spirit plane to kill Queen Elizabeth with a psychic blast. Now the world is finally free from the British plagues of opium and contemporary music

Gotta give LaRouche credit, his ghost is very powerful

(Prime Minister Truss on phone): Yes, Master LaRouche. They think it is of natural causes. Don’t worry, Prince Charles and the monarchy are next

Taking a moment to think about @nbcsnl’s “Lyndon LaRouche Theatre” sketch, which begins with Queen Elizabeth (Joan Cusack) packaging heroin and telling Kissinger (Al Franken), “This is the purest heroin ever, Henry. You must thank David Rockefeller for me

Predicting it now: there will be some guy who gets all his politics from streamers who will be mourning the death of the Queen but also endorses Lyndon LaRouche. You all have to help me find him.

The Queen dying on Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday ought to be treated like a portentous cosmic sign, like the appearance of a new planet in the sky.

Lyndon LaRouche vs Die Queen: 1:1

Working out the Liz Truss – Larouche theories currently

Q responders.

LaRouche/Schiller peeps busting out their black Nikes. (Marshall Apple white video)

Congratulations to Queen Elizabeth on outliving her mortal enemy, Lyndon LaRouche

god lyndon larouche would be loving today if he wasn’t also dead. He’s in heaven having a good laugh while Liz runs from Doom Guy.

God save the King (Lyndon LaRouche)

LaRouche mfers stanning for the Queen NGL the biggest trip i’ve seen on here. Hazbros

Breaking: Queen Elizabeth has left this mortal plane to do battle with Lyndon Larouche

the queen died on LaRouche’s 100th birthday. what is this if not a sign from God that the financial slime-mold of anglodom is finally falling apart?

LaRouche rn: (pro wrestling video).

Jackson Hinkle makes note of it. A typical response which follows: Did Lyndon LaRouche just win the War On Drugs?? Daniel Burke cries to get Hinkle on the Larouche show, or him on his show. (Ongoing attempts.)

I’m having flashbacks to the 1990s and Lyndon LaRouche people standing on sidewalks and screaming that Bush, Clinton and the Queen were taking over the world via the cocaine trade.


The Larouchies must be waiting to be told who is taking over controlling all World events.

nobody’s talking about how this is a big day for the larouchies too. a major link in the (((global))) drug trade is now gone!

People will try to say she died of “natural causes”, but the LaRouchies have been waiting, biding their time… If we’d lowered the tuning pitch to A=432 this never would have happened

LaRouchies Wait Patiently, World’s Lizard People On High Alert

LaRouchies everywhere are humming at 432hz to bring down the London bridge

absolutely unbelievable news out of the UK today I didn’t even know they COULD declare that they’re changing the frequency of C sharp, but they’re doing it. another victory for Larouchian music theory

Just kinda want to point out that Elizabeth II died on Lyndon LaRouche’s birthday and both were 96. Clearly he must have had one final gambit to take down the queen

Oh my god she died on his birthday. She died on his birthday. She died on his 100th birthday. This is quite possibly the funniest thing that has ever happened

do not endorse graffito on my walk to dinner but wow nyc urban artists move fast. (Ugly queen caricature). No tributes to Lyndon LaRouche on the 100th anniversary of his birth? Sad!

I’m sort of wondering/scared if Queen Elizabeth’s “death” is timed for some weird occult shit I’d rather not know about. I mean, what are the chances she died on Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday? And the last couple of videos she appeared in were clearly deepfakes.

This is literally the only time I’ll ever be kind of bummed that Lyndon Larouche is dead.

rip lyndon larouche you would have loved september 8th, 2022 the day queen elizabeth II died

loving the LaRouche people faving a joke at their own expense

Queen Elizabeth died on Lyndon LaRouche’s hundredth birthday. I’m going to be thinking about this for the rest of my life. Probably like once a week It’s important that they vet her doctor for LaRoucheist tendencies. the tentacles of the movement reach into every nook and cranny

Larouche out there somewhere in the great unknown. (Screaming at the top of a mountain)

We should never forget that she outlasted Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche Jr. and all his empty allegations.

Yeah sure, the Queen is only just now dying and has been alive up to this point, whatever buddy. my exact thoughts lmao. Great bit to wait until larouche’s 100th birthday to admit it though. Reunited in the afterlife

No doubt the LaRouche people are giddy over the synchronicity inherent the Queen of England dying on Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday.

The bane of Lyndon LaRouche’s existence.

What do you think Lyndon LaRouche is going to say to the Queen if they meet in hell?

Somewhere, although I suspect it’s a hotter than cooler place, Lyndon Larouche is looking at that original tweet’s proposition and feeling seen . . .

Tired: LaRouche got his revenge Inspired: The Brits eat their own

I’m willing to entertain the idea that Larouche birthed a shadow spirit to kill the queen on his birthday

Lyndon LaRouche finally gets to meet his greatest nemesis

Shame Lyndon LaRouche didn’t live to see America finally wake up to the International British Conspiracy

While typing stupid jokes I only just realised the first three letters of lizard is Liz wtf. And on Linden Larouche’s 100th birthday too. (foil hat video)

Just learned that she died on the centennial of the birth of Lyndon LaRouche, who had many, many conspiracy theories featuring QEII.

Well others have pointed out that it’s Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday. Allegedly the 1776th day since the first ‘Q drop’, which would be funny if true. But also, sometimes people just die. She was 96. RIP.

Point: This has to be the best day in a LaRouche guy’s life. Your particular thing is all anyone can talk about. Enjoy it while it lasts brother. Counterpoint: LaRouche did not actually do anything today and he’s achieved in a day what Leftists have never been able to achieve all their lives. Try harder.

Trying to reach Schumer. Senator, isn’t it an amazing coincidence that Queen Elizabeth passed away today, on the same day as Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday anniversary? She is gone but the disease is still around! I am talking about the Ukrainian Hit List! Shut it down now!

Lyndon LaRouche briefly travelled from Heaven to Hell to punch the queen (hereditary mafia parasite) in the c*

Truly cannot get over her dying on Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday. … all that Lyndon LaRouche rubbish again.

I’m digging all these “leftists” who have bought into Lyndon LaRouche’s theory of the omnipotent British monarchy, who at the same time think the National Health Service is awesome and the US should have it yesterday. I blame marijuana, but maybe they’re just drunk.

larouche heads having a party

Yes. Though it does occur to me that a fair chunk of American leftist Twitter seems to have an understanding of the role of a British monarch that imagines the late Queen Elizabeth II as a mashup between George III, Attila, Phillip II of Spain and the theories of Lyndon LaRouche.

All downhill now for Lyndon Larouche.

Woke up today still reeling from Queen Elizabeth dying… on what would have been Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday

Heatmap twitter must be cooking themselves into soup at their daddy’s account being knocked off on both QEII’s deathday AND LaRouche’s 100th birthday.

The planet has been deprived of Lyndon LaRouche’s obituary of Elizabeth Windsor, and for this I am sad. Please respect my grieving during this difficult time

On Haz — Nothing says being in touch with the working class like hating on snoop dogg

… .. Lizzy died on Lyndon LaRouche’s birthday??? Is God a shitposter?

Queen Elizabeth II died on what would have been Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday. He died in 2019, at the age of 96–the same age as QE2. Incidentally, the Queen would send telegrams to UK citizens who turned 100, and it’s a damn shame she wouldn’t have had the chance to (1/2) note Lyndon’s centennial.

La Reina de Inglaterra murió en el cumpleaños número 100 de Lyndon Larouche

LaRouche being older than the queen makes sense but also feels intuitively wrong to me

Would have missed Larouche’s birthday. She went out for the old heads

I swear to god today when I heard the news of the Queen’s passing I thought to myself “wouldn’t it be the funniest shit if it was Larouche‘s birthday today?” and to my delight it turned out to be so lmfao this is amazing #QueenElizabeth #Queen

Elizabeth II dying on Lyndon LaRouche’s centennial is something I expected to generate more shitposts than it did

I dunno, maybe Larouche’s 100th birthday is the trigger sign

In the LaRouche extended universe, does Charles become the world’s biggest drug dealer after his mother passed, or is that title independent of the monarchy?

What do you think Lyndon LaRouche is going to say to the Queen if they meet in hell? In order to make a quality joke here I would have to know far more about Antisemitism or American Trotskyism than I currently have command of. I famously hate Philadelphia. One of the reasons is I bought a LaRouche newspaper by accident because I saw Obama as Hitler on the cover and thought “Oh, Commie-zene, let me check this out.”

The LaRouchies are also celebrating her demise and they’re the furthest thing from “woke”. Look

On one hand, all the nazis falling all over themselves to hump a dead Queen’s corpse will drive away the LaRouchies and big fans of Madsen; on the other hand, this means extremely dumb people will now be trying to recruit left again. There are no winners in hellworld.

dying on larouche’s 100th bday is pretty funny

Lyndon Larouche Twitter is going crazy today

VICE angle: Dealers Are Giving Discounts on Cocaine and Ketamine in Honour of the Queen. My God, Larouche would have nailed it.

Lady Diana was both Icke-pilled and LaRouche-pilled? That’s big.

No mention of QE2 passing on Lyndon LaRouche’s birthday. Thes anons do not respect their predecessors.

Lyndon LaRouche, most famously harsh critic of the Crown and the Queen; her death was announced on his 100th bday. Marshall McLuhan, not a famous NASA critic, but probably the 1st famous person to cry Hoax; they landed the last Shuttle on his 100th bday.

(someone has a Thomas Dewey account?). GUYS. LAROUCHE 100TH BIRTHDAY = QUEEN DIED

That’s like 1 out of 365 odds

Reconverting to Islam because Lyndon LaRouche receiving the Queen of England for his centennial birthday is proof to me that there is a God in Heaven

So who is Lyndon LaRouche going to complain about now?

I’m trying to come up with something about banning the shift, but all I’ve got is that Lyndon Larouche line about the royals all being shape-shifting lizard people

Jimmy Dore killed the Queen. Actually it was Lyndon LaRouche.

It’s a shame Lyndon LaRouche didn’t live to see the day King Charles III assumed responsibility for the British International Drug Trade after Queen Elizabeth’s passing.

I really feel that not enough people are talking about Queen Elizabeth II dying on Lyndon Larouche’s 100th birthday. Coincidence? I think not! So, Queen Elizabeth II died on the 100th birthday of Lyndon Larouche. So maybe he was right and we need to retvrn to Verdi tuning.

Betsy and LaRouche both lived to the age of 96, too.

I truly hope King Charles lll can successfully transition himself into the head of his mom’s international heroin empire (as reported by Lyndon LaRouche) otherwise a lot of junkies will be suffering this winter.

LHC Restarted in April 2022 so… When does LaRouche nemesis The Queen die? On his Birthday. After he’s dead. Drum snare. Audience Laughs. Good Joke.

You know who I haven’t heard from yet? LaRouche cultists. What’s the deal? Their whole conspiratorial worldview hinged on the Queen being the world’s biggest druglord. Where the fuck are they right now.

As we all know Lyndon LaRouche proved that the Queen of England was also a drug baron but make no mistake Lizzy was a real one and her private keys are private. Charlie can run through something else the Queen’s Crypto was left to Candy the diamond pawed dorgi. As Homer Simpson famously said “Lyndon Larouche was right”

Remembering Lyndon LaRouche’s feelings about Queen Elizabeth II.

(Vice headline). If Lyndon LaRouche were still alive, he’d be thrilled by this headline. Some years back George Dubya Bush visited the Queen, and we speculated about whether the LaRouchies would say he was there to pick up orders or deliver product.

Also re: the queen dying, I don’t have a reaction image to encapsulate all my feelings but my God I can’t stop thinking about how funny it is she croaks the same day as Lyndon Larouche’s 100th birthday. Alright bye

She died on Lyndon Larouche’s 100th birthday. More people need to be aware of this.

(Biden) inviting trump to come and ruin the royal funeral would be pretty hilarious tho. He should invite whoever is running the LaRouchies now

Lyndon Larouche would also be appalled at the attention being paid to mourn a drug trafficker.

*Walking back from the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to my foot* yooo no WAY the queen died on larouche’s 100th birthday

Little know fact, Larouche was really into Vore and his obsession with Queen Elizabeth was because he wanted to crawl inside her belly. wanted to be shrunken down to the size of an ant so the Queen could step on him

I just realized the queen died on LaRouche’s 100th birthday. He’s won

Queen Elizabeth died on what would have been Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday

They also thought the British royal family ran the US, not to mention the world drug trade. Wonder what their take on recent news is? True fact: The queen died on LaRouche’s 100th birthday.

Lyndon Larouche was right. The British Royal family are drug dealers. She’s working undercover to bring them down.

What can I say, it was a funny week to be a Lyndon LaRouche fan. (funny image)

Queen Elizabeth . . . ruled a lot of the world? These guys need to stop reading old Lyndon LaRouche pamphlets.

Larouche cultists losing the last of their brain cells after the queen croaks lol

I’m trying to imagine what Lyndon Larouche would say about Philip, Elizabeth, and Ken Starr all predeceasing Henry Kissinger.

Both LaRouche & the Queen supported Brexit, ironically coming together, full circle, circa 2016. I do not think this is accurate, but whatever.

Timothy Noah writes his opposition to the British monarchy. Lyndon LaRouche long understood the threat Tim poses to mankind. What are you talking about? On this one issue Lyndon and I agree!

WAIT THE QUEEN DIED ON LYNDON LAROUCHE’S BIRTHDAY? I can’t believe I missed this, extremely off-brand for me.

It’s a shame Lyndon LaRouche is dead – he would have had some great conspiracy takes on Betty’s death.

LPAC is “shocked” at the lines of Tucker Carlson and… Donald Trump, if they were honest.

Literally the minute they announced she was ill, I thought, “It’s too bad Lyndon LaRouche isn’t around to say something totally insane about her.” Turns out, this coincidence was more insane than any drug trafficking or space laser accusation he could have made.

The British royal family descends from the crypto-Jewish House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. King George V changed the name to the House of Windsor to conceal their true lineage.

when I first ran across stuff blaming the venetians I didn’t understand, now I read the sources from that time and it all makes sense

I’m pretty sure the coffin is filled with Columbia’s finest blow. I learned from Lyndon LaRouche years ago that The Queen was an international drug dealer, and an American politican of his character wouldn’t risk his reputation on a conspiracy theory

such as that Queen Elizabeth was plotting America’s downfall.

!– /wp:paragraph –>

Invariably the most “viral” tweet out of Diane Sare — hundreds of responders –– is on Queen Elizabeth. One bottom line: You’re talking to someone from the LaRouche organisation. She probably thinks the Queen was a space lizard. AND. You only need to note the Larouche reference in the biog to know that…daddy Larouche believed the Royal Family runs the world financial system amd the drugs trade. Him and his followers are loopy as fuck.

Good God every time I think it couldn’t get worse it does. — this must the first time you’ve met Larouchies —– It is, I don’t know anything about her and I don’t wish her ill, but these remarks… — Then you were also unaware that the Beatles were a psychological-warfare operation by British intelligence services to destroy the USA —- Sorry about that, it seemed like a good idea at the time. We did not expect you to hit back with the Monkees

Xi sends his love to the new King. Larouche networks in overdrive trying to avoid the contradictions of their bullshit

As a former conspiracist (thankfully 20 years in the past), the Queen’s death & the spectacle around it brings to mind some of the more Anglophobic conspiracy theories, like those of Lyndon Larouche & A-Albionic Research.

In all of my mourning for the Queen I forgot that Larouche PAC put out a Christmas Carol that called her Queen Elizabitch. Lyndon Legend.

the Queen’s death was a blow to the Windsor conspiracy, opening up space for the true vanguard of private intelligence contractors to claw back territory in the war of position from the Aristotelians & enact Larouche’s genius vision to create the noosphere, & colonize the stars

And a graph showing Google searches of La rounds versus “Charles in Charge” shortly following the Death


The Fall of the House of Maupin, and other tales

Sunday, September 4th, 2022

Geoffrey Young Takes one step away frm Larouche, Daniel Burke Pounces

Ok then.

I would never have worked with the LaRouche movement while he was alive, but after he died in 2019, I think the movement became more grounded in reality & open to debate. It’s fine if a movement uses other people’s ideas, if they’re good ideas. We’ll see.

At a crossroads, I guess. How to move forward in the perennial hobby candidate tap out in the 30s percentages electoral game. With Larouche, or without?

Then there this


A decided situational based assessment, as the org casually lobs out the term “hit list” for their peccadilloes.


I remember seeing the tv political ad of the radical Lyndon Larouche about these wild conspiracy theories. Thinking it was true I informed my older sisters and teachers of the impending doom. After they explained to me that politicians lie.

I had a LaRouche caller in 84 insisting on getting airtime on the station I was working at because 1984 was going to be “the MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF ALL TIME” and Mondale was an existential threat. It’s the same bullshit every election. The only thing Mondale was a threat to was my ability to stay awake.

Deep breathing helps me tweet you after reading a Milton Copulos article from 1984 about LaRouche cultists. I was probably stalked by them after questioning them about their Obama posters that were so off base and extremist. >>Sigh<<

Reminds me of the weird ass Lyndon LaRouche people I used to have to quickly walk away from in downtown DC as a teenager.

There’s also Lyndon LaRouche, but I’m not even sure he ever really existed.

I saw them once at the Tea Party Rally on Boston Common, I was there with a group of people having a “Real” Tea party counterprotest and there was a Black guy in Nazi wear pretending to be Obama, a guy dressed like the Queen and another as Barney Frank with a pig nose… And they had fake bags of cocaine, saying there was a drug trade between the three or something. It was very strange. Saw them again a couple of times in NYC.

Ooh. Never experienced anything that outré but not surprising, ones at my college were just loud, sanctimonious, and harassed everyone.

My dad loved to talk to them. His big question was how high ranked a Mason you had to be to be in on all the conspiracies. Was my grandfather? What about this client my dad had? The LaRouche guys did not enjoy this line of inquiry.

At what age did you “wake up” & what caused it? My dad playing Lyndon Larouche tapes, dad discussing CFR + NWO to me in the early 90’s. Mark of the beast talk….big up Dad !!!

In college when harassed by packs of canvassing laroucheys, the only thing that worked to get them to leave you alone was to say “I’m sorry, I’m just super high” and keep walking, and they’d just be like right on man and let you go. Well I can tell you that c 2009 they did very much exist, but maybe only as pimply faced, fleshy avatars of ironic twitter

I grew up knowing about Lyndon LaRouche. He was based in northern Virginia, near my hometown. His cult members were like Hare Krishnas, haunting airports & spreading their disinfo. Thought the cult was dead, but now see business interests pumping lots of money into it again.

Quick story, years ago I was handed a pamphlet while in line at the DMV. I was like 16, 17, thought it sounded good, idk I was dumb. Until I got a call and after some initial agreements they started saying evolution was a hoax. That was the end of my time with LaRouche.

No I’m not aware of Larouche’s stuff. They were on campus a lot with a creeper van with stickers all over it and a loudspeaker.

Larouche was before my time and I didn’t know much about him until a resurgence in his popularity. An older comrade had warned us about his group as fascists; I’m inclined to believe his own experience with them over the Infrared community who scoff at these charges. I’m old enough to have had known someone who joined the movement. Shockingly similar to a cult: had to give all his money to them, had to cut off non-members from his life, had to live in a house with other members. This was back in 2001. Yeah. I was only 20 at the time and it seemed way beyond what political movements typically do. The poor guy’s parents even came into town to try and convince him to leave the movement. I worry that the big appeal of larouche at this moment is more about keeping an audience.

I used to find it funny that Larouche managed to get followers in Australia. I once saw some of their papers on the counter of a fish and chips shop in country Tasmania. Now it’s starting to creep me out.

I remember then back in the 90s I talked tot hem they were really into Franco Americanism that is removing Americas British past and upholding its French past . But all that seems so boring I never talked to them again .

Some LaRouchies once accosted me at a Metro station and tried to tell me about the coming economic apocalypse. I argued based on Smith. They told me how they had read WoN. I said, “but what about ToMS?” They were so disappointed.

One of the first times I shroomed I went to the SF arboretum and gurped hella hard then when I was leaving a Lyndon Larouche supporter began talking to me and I got really upset and wrecked their table. I’ve never like been in a hulk like rage other than that. I was 14.

Don’t feel bad, we all make mistakes. Once I got flirty-fished into a Lyndon Larouche meetup.

I once accidentally voted for a LaRouche candidate using the cool name method

In 1994 a LaRouche-affiliated candidate named Sharon Anderson won the GOP nomination for Minnesota attorney general, supposedly because a lot of voters thought she was the Sharon Anderson from Good Company (she wasn’t)

you get dragged to fucking bar trivia night and the table next to you is larouche freaks… (then a dark joke)

LaRouche doesn’t fit into a political axis unless you base something off of TimeCube. I got woken up by one of his political events at a hotel I was staying at and, knowing nothing about him picked up some of his literature. Did someone say LaRouche? Oh boy do I have some memories there. Here’s a setup that was outside my local courthouse about a decade ago.

Laura, I saw a Larouche booth last year in Oakland, CA and thought I’d found a portal to another dimension. Where did they come from??? Why Oakland???

CPI in Chi-town

LaRouche and Adorno handshake meme: JAZZ IS STUPID

Like a campus preacher with the sign board listing Hell bound groups, covering everyone’s hobby.

CPI meets in Chicago — wins over the masses. Or, dozens. Stand on stage. Richard Spencer finds it notable. (Richard Spencer, who’d agree with the premise of a “Zionist Controlled Federal Reserve“.)

Re-imaging Lenin.

Really crazy how quickly patsocs went from “it’s ok to be a proletarian patriot” to “the entire world is socialist” to “Hitler, George Washington and Richard Nixon were communists” to “dinosaurs aren’t real, science is a bourgeois lie, evolution is radlib propaganda

He would be far better off going even in an Avakian direction than a LaRouche one.

“I was at a meeting of a creepy cult hosted by sketchy people with ties to Lyndon Larouche and Aleksandr Dugin but they didn’t do a fascism while I was there so it’s cool guys! Also czarist eagles are hella anti-imperialist!

Yeah, well — On multiple occasions Caleb Maupin has denied having any connections to the LaRouche Organization. So why was CPI selling these $20 LaRouche pamphlets at their conference in Austin? — it has been a while since he has denied all connections, and proudly aligns with them.

The Plight of Larouche-adjacent Furry Musicians

Hm. It is Their show, and they can invite/ disinvite whoever they want, and I know not from “Pepper Coyote”, except I guess I wish him well in his further artistic ventures and that I wish “the Denver Furries Convention” not as well in theirs. Funny thing — he hasn’t dabbling in a Larouche group, but one adjacent to it. And funny thing — the Larouchies would tear apart and deride his hobby (furry musician) — indeed, here we see Furry opposition immediately associated with Larouche. See too here. May show the actual problem for Peter Coyote — See too: No, the base is satanic furry libs and the superstructure is the CIA-FBI-ZIO-cabal read larouche bro — you are in company with people who hate you.

A bottom line, in this assertion: CPI is not LaRouche. To be sure, the attitude toward furries emerges as a pivotal difference. This isn’t nothing.

Still, put A pin on this: Is She-Hulk working class? Her hair dyes when she transforms. We better ask Infracel. — and, seeing the shorthand referenced in the wild.

Back to those Maupinites

LaRouche and Infrared and other orgs aren’t fascists, they PRETEND and tail actual fascists in order to “appear fascist” and attract fascists (or other fringe weirdos) in order to get them to give up their money and labor to grow the cult. they’re a ponzi scheme.

Larouche enjoyers be like “The Synthetic Leftists are tailing democrats, they dont even think Bolshevism is a satanic british plot.” My brother in Christ, you are a follower of a Reagan Democrat who openly worked with the CIA. You are the Compatible Left. It is so weird how the Larouche groups have weasled their way into, and been accepted as legit by some leftist groups. As a communist that is older than dirt, I recall we always considered them with the same disdain as the John Birchers based on their actions and affiliations.

Tara Raede.

Best bet right here, buddy…

Seeing as how museums do it all the time, what’s the legality on buying human skulls, was thinking about paying for LaRouche and Duginite skulls to build a skull building out of it. Would be pretty metal.

It would be an outhouse tho, so they could serve the same purpose in death as they did in life; being full of shit.

The Fall


The fall. DOWN GOES MAUPIN!!! It’s a tragedy that people like Maupin show up and re-enact the early days of the NCLC which became the Lyndon LaRouche cult of personality. We need a non-cult Party.

It’s sad to see so many people crumbling and treating Caleb as if he is the entire CPI org. Way to erase all of our members. Also conspiratorially linking CPI To LaRouche is a joke. CPI members aren’t exactly all super friendly to LaRouchites. Only their senior leadership, which is to say Maupin, and everyone following his course, which was to say — everyone (least publicly.).

Beware. Can’t believe the CIA tricked Caleb Maupin into being a sex creep and pressuring young financially unstable people into joining his cult. Do the schemes and ruses of the Congress For Cultural Freedom know no end? And follow along with historical precedent in mind. If Maupin is anything like LaRouche this whole exposure will end up serving as a loyalty test for him to consolidate his most loyal followers as well as provide some targets for them. Question is whether Maupin has the charisma and control skills to pull it off. Precedent for that medium dossier: “Why We Left”. Even as the allegations for Maupin probably are a tad more Fred Newman than Lyndon Larouche. Kinda. The shitty thing is his response will be to call these claims conspiracies, probably blame the CIA, and generally lean into the conspiracy theories he’s built his entire career on. And. Literally all this fucking work for an organization that can barely fill a holiday inn conference room

The whole finance thing though. I don’t see how he’s gonna be able to get money to do some larouche shit now. Just seems like he’s gonna have a hard time getting kids to sell buttons and dumpster diver to support him.

Now that he’s become a pariah, I suspect Maupin will end up a petty functionary in the LaRouche movement or become a minister in an unsuccessful evangelical strip mall church.

Running a small, insular political cult suited Caleb just fine because it’s peak conditions to be an unchallenged totalitarian abuser. What I wonder is how much of his LaRouche shift was natural vs planned out to become a more effective cult leader.

The most ironic thing about the revelation that PCI functions as Maupin’s personal spanking gallery is that spanking galleries are a uniquely British cultural phenomena and the British are considered the ultimate evil “Great Satan” by the LaRouche org, PCI’s parent organization. It makes total sense if you read Freud

Look what Maupins hero larouche did to his cult victims. When I started reading it, I thought it was funny, realising that Maupin is into some weird shit. But the more I read, the bigger the pit in my stomach grew. This is 1-to-1 cult behaviour, right down to the isolation tactics and pseudo-psychiatry. Echoes of “Beyond Psychology” indeed.

Daniel Burke had began the distancing…. We will see if it continues. (Update: It doesn’t. Long thread hits at a Those who insisted that it was necessary for “justice” to “tell all” are either disingenuous or blind. An organization capable of mobilizing as CPI did in 2022 is capable of handling a leader’s serious errors with maturity— Uh huh. Moves on to the “brought together in support of Russia” line. (Hell. It made Newsweek.) Seems to end here for the other major Larouche twitterer, not any distancing. I guess they can always go to a “what do you expect when they start letting in furries” tack.

The Ukranians are at fault for Caleb Maupin’s disgusting behavior.” was not a take I was ready for this morning.

Burke may just see recruitment prospects. Probably not the gay furry guy, though. (Less the gay thing than the furry thing.). And yet — This guy still reaches for Burke’s favor– (note, Burke has also insulted fashion choices, the hair coloring, as signifier of unproductive who should be put to work on all those big infrastructure products). it is depressing. (Note — the death squads and apartheid support could theoretically land in the “don’t agree with all things Larouche“. Burke lands on the ” does agree with all things Larouche” — even when they contradict itself.)

probably because they used to make some good stuff on youtube before falling in with the lysenko was right, dugin is cool, dinosaurs never existed people

Burke’s comments suggest — sure. — I’m sure he’ll be back. The CPI is probably done for, but various groups have invested too much in him to let him fade away like he deserves. My guess is he’ll come even more explicitly into the orbit of the Larouche folks or he’ll cozy up to Bannon and other US contacts of Dugin — given what happened to Dugin’s daughter, I gather Maupin can pound on that some with a grand conspiratorial narrative.

Will CPI recharge with Jackson Hinckle? Speculators are speculating.

I think LaRouche started off with more people for his cult so Maupin is going to have trouble reaching that level of cult self sufficiently.

No. The organization votes to dissolve. Of course, that does open the doors — splinter — go off in whatever direction that gives your life meaning. Toward whatever Maupin tries. Toward whatever vision the rest hold up.

We really need to do better about educating leftists about cults. Some huge red flags here, like their members all living together, demanding that members dedicate their entire life to the org, leadership slandering members behind their backs.

A question of etymology — who lifted from who — and did they lift from someone else — This bit is spooky. The Spartacist League also used the phrase “biological existence” as a put down for leaving the party. I wonder if Maupin got that from the Sparts via LaRouche.

Oh no you had so much credibility with Tara Reid waving the Hammer & Sickle flag!

Also possible one or more LaRouche orgs was using CPI to funnel members into their community. Maupin was aligned with and promoted Schiller. Burke wasn’t at the conferences for nothing.

Now we see what happens with infrared.

Raise your hand if you think this twit account is on the level and sincere. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

The reputational assassination of Caleb Maupin as ‘cult leader’ and the literal assassination of Darya Dugina— all always about you.

Can We Get On Your Show????

William Jones shills for China. And, well, isn’t this a hoot?

Jimmy Dore must see Daniel Burke at Schumer hq with a Diane Sare shirt, and a reproduction with presidents FDR and JFK — presidents Larouche denounced in no uncertain terms in “Walter Lippmann” . incidentally — US Senate candidate Diane Sare, long time LaRouche activist and THE on the ballot opponent of Senator Schumer — “the” is a definite article, and words have meaning. This is untrue — she is merely An on the ballot opponent of Senator Schumer, alongside Joe Pinion, A man will conservatively speaking receive at least sixteen times more votes than Sare… More likely at least thirty-five times more.

Hey. The woman on the furthest left once shouted gibberish to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. An up and comer if there ever was one. Eventually she will win a percent of the vote. Meanwhile, there are some politicians who have their start in politics with something like Rachel Brown and Diane Sare’s “make a ruckus before politician” who will pick up at least 40 percent — and probably over 50.

Sare then marches into friendly channels such as The Ron Paul Institute — and there I will need to check in to see what Ron Paul and/or his institute actually think.

Jackson Hinkle — put us on your podcast! (see the comparisoners insulting here.). (almost there…)

Selling anti-Hillary quote to a “Maga” person — never mind the love and support through 2008.


And then very disappointing that @xu_xiuzhong’s observation was then quickly followed by an audience member who came along tonight with the sole intent of harassing her & causing trouble.

I believe this was a LaRouchite crank. The LaRouche movement is also deeply tied in with Chinese funding nowadays – you’ll find flattering references to them all over People’s Daily.

There’s this meme slogan going around “Patri*tic Social*st” online circles that’s just “There Are No Limits To Growth” or some variation thereof. Extreme LaRouche vibes.

Dumb, indeed.

public discussion forum“.

At the very least China pays lip service to a “green agenda”, even at a minimum ought be a deal breaker with Larouchies.

Windmills (or rather, turbines) Are Triggering.

They sure hate windmills. Windmills “trigger” Larouchies. — LaRouche cannot be exonerated, it was mail fraud he went to prison for (scamming the elderly, loan shenanigans) and he only served five years of a fifteen year sentence. He’s also safely dead, so only the cult members care. Like farmers haven’t been using wind turbines for centuries to power water well pumps. Never mind the unnaturalness of swathes of mono-cultured crops as far as the eye can see. Would he prefer the rusted-out zombie-oil wells? Some of ya’ll have obviously never drove through Iowa and it shows. hi Daniel, these windmills are for producing electricity, not summoning Kalibarus, Dragon Lord of The Dark Eternity. hope this helps! What is the argument for windmills being dystopian? Like what is this, other than people you don’t like liking them? You can make arguments that the money should be spend elsewhere based on efficiency or whatever, but this sentiment is so fucking weird. Plus it’s like, people have been using windmills forever. We all get mad crossing the northern Indiana-Ohio border, you’re not special. I have seen twice as many windmills at once and yet I retained my sanity. My mental fortitude is such that I believe I could stare in defiance at four times as many windmills without suffering any psychic injury. Saw a house with solar panels the other day and thought to myself, “are we in hell?” I’m sick of Liberals stealing our wind. do you realize how many ranchers and farmers use wind power to supplement their income, and how many of them you’re pissing off right now? take a long trip through eastern oregon or really any of those western states and you’ll see what I’m talking about most of those farmers are republican voters, you knucklehead. Yes, the Dark Ages were really well-known for their generation of electricity through high-tech wind turbines. You’ve really cracked the case, guy who thinks Lyndon Larouche is still relevant! yeah, but it’s still dumb to say windmills are a “blight” when coal plants billowing out smoke are hardly a thing of beauty. And nuclear plants aren’t exactly sexy either. Producing energy on a mass scale is going to require building a lot of stuff, one way or the other. Well there it is, the stupidest thing I’ve seen today thus far.

The only way you’ve never seen so many windmills is if you haven’t been to west Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, or a dozen other states in the last 20 years. Get out and see America, noob

Larouche was the kind of guy who gets into weirdly specific arguments on forums about an extremely marginal interest that they insist is the objectively best way to do things, but he built a cult around it.

LaRouche Mvmt pros: some kinda good science research advocacy LaRouche Mvmt cons: literally cultist lunatics foaming at the mouth about the british royal family and fema camps

Lyndon LaRouche cultists are amazing, becouse they managed to take something as inherently cool as “esotheric Rooseveltism” and make it weird and lame

Honestly, 11,632 votes for this guy is troubling.

if only there was some metaphor that could be applied here for someone using time and energy to attack an enemy or problem that is not real or important.

Wait til he sees the Netherlands.

New podcast idea: two guys who claim to be Marxists but obsess over maintaining the greatest expression of the commodity form (oil) and want to eliminate 80% of the workforce (service workers) in order to carry out neo colonialism in Africa.

Channeling President George W Bush



LaRouche’s activities in the late 70s and 80s consisted of campaigning for Sweden to join NATO, for crash course programs to build giant microwave laser beams in space to exterminate the soviet union and to put AIDs patients in camps.

Odd perspective: Larouche faded away after 2004 other than a brief comeback to compare Obamacare to Nazi death panels. Moscow literally sent an asset to visit him in a US prison lol, cant make it up

It’s widely recognized that the LaRouche org makes its money (of which they have a ton) as a private intelligence outfit. Almost all the reporting on them from the 80s addressed them as such. Everyone involved should be regarded as cops.


I am old enough to remember how, once upon a time, Schwarzenegger wanted to become a Dictator. Fortunately his dream was short-lived. I don’t remember that. I do remember he was governor for a while, though, but he never seemed to try to be anything but that politically.

There’s this odd sense I have where in the flow of this argument — where when he finds himself stuck (mind you, some of the points I do not entirely disagree with) — and at that instance — blows out the “Nazis in the Ukraine!” card — even though it has nothing to do with anything posted before by either party.

For the love of God, just turn the damned channel if you don’t want to see a program from Laouche’s favorite women in 2007 – 2008. She has no reason to “stop” and I have no reason to care. As for this suggestion — they said the same thing on Gore with his movie, and the likelihood of foraging into electoral politics from this is about the same. Meanwhile George W Bush is releasing books of his paintings, and good for him.

I have evidence of 331 people caring.

As soon as I can figure out how this is a “gotcha!” — seems about five years later than they should’ve.

This tweet is reprehensible, but this is one of the loudest forms of activism from the right I’ve seen since that crazy girl from LaRouche trolled AOC in person as a climate activist wanting to eat babies.

Clinton 96.

That time Larouche met Farrakhan.


Note: they continue to try.

Takes on Ukraine’s “disinformation agent” list. “taken out“.

LPAC stumps for Bannon.

The Fall of Haz.

The Kremlin sponsored Lyndon LaRouche movement is now pre-blocking anti-Putin accounts.

Rice University notes when did references a JFK speech that happened there.

Reminded that when the FBI raided Lyndon LaRouche’s estate he said Raisa Gorbachev was behind it all

The United Front.

I’m just noticing the Club of Rome and the Larouche Committee are literally on the same team. They’re both huge supporters of China and the Chinese system Horseshoe theory is right!

Just a LaRouche billboard in the wild. A LaRouchite in main recently tried to convince me that solar panels and wind turbines would “kill more people then the Holocaust”

LaRouche followers have infiltrated the #nycDsa, and this is perfectly find with #YuhLine ? Does this judgment inspire confidence ? #NY10. Sanders Hicks is not a Larouchie, proper.

Candace Owens hates the FBI now.

Who he follows…a mess of Larouchies in there. No matter, they’re all just a bunch of wreckers, trying to promo fake heros, like Putin & Xi, to defang serious revolutionary organizing.

LPAC tries to page comic Dave Smith. Paging Thomas Massie. Desperately seeking Tulsi.

LPAC claims Jim Bakker.

I have dribbled out various anti-anti Trump commentary (if rarely anything much pro-Trump) over the past few years, and if forced can construct a sympathetic portrait of some policies and politics (until his final month, I preferred President Trump to President Bush) — but when staring at that which lpac thinks Trump is –– good lord, they live in an alternate universe. Following the cartoon, A member of the still pro- trump LORG lets er rip: I called attention to the fact that your crowd abandoned LaRouche, who was brilliant, in search of some grubby dollars from a few Republican party boneheads.

No normal people are “aware of LaRouche.” Touche.

Under Communism, Stalin, LaRouche, Caesar and Napoleon will be fully exonerated

Munich has some Larouche antique dark spiel.

Standing in front of a post office, an old guy with a homemade Larouchie Trumpist sign. It would be funny if the joke turned out on Helga and he was with lpac.

Iran tv appearances heat up.

EIR LEAD EDITORIAL FOR WEDNESDAY JULY 27, 2022 Prometheus or Zeus: Whose Side Are You On? Thor’s.

Harley Schlanger sells bellingcat.

Burke gets Durke banned. So… When I contacted Twitter support they were like “oh yeah that’s bullshit, just label yourself as parody in your display name or change your display name back” I was Baniel Durke at the time.

The Larouchies put out a new poster for a Monster Truck Rally they are sponsoring.

Sure, sureLyndon LaRouche described the Iranian revolutionaries as “hordes,” called Hoxha a cult-like dictator and a “puppet of Kojeve” (a Russian neo-Hegelian philosopher) and the Albanian self-determination struggle in the 1980s as a tool of ‘British’ intelligence. — but history is quickly rewritten — he also despised FDR after all — and now to point out inconsistencies is… “cope”.

There is little time left to heed LaRouche’s warnings & #policy advice—but it’s sufficient if we get at it.” —EIRNS. An evergreen quote — pull it out several times a year for half a century. To be sure, there is a famous aphorism on China measuring in thousands of years, so a ” little time left” can be viewed in that perspective.

A Twit-cast, reviewed

It’s incredible to start a space specifically predicated on dismantling the propaganda the LaRouche movement has disseminated about itself for 30 years then allow a guy who is literally a part of the cult unlimited air time to repeat that propaganda cuz u don’t wanna look bias. LaRouche Exposed (After We Allow This Guy Literally in LarouchePAC to Illustrate the Ostensible Truthfulness of the Premise of “the FBI Didn’t Like LaRouche from the Start” Narrative for Two Hours with Zero Pushback). Zero difference between this and letting a PR rep from the Church of Scientology portray L Ron Hubbard as a great man or taking everything crypto zealots say at face value. I’m exaggerating but I was in there for a little over and hour and 90% of it was just this guy shilling the LaRouchite economic platform without criticism and then when I left he was in the middle of insisting LaRouche never worked with the White House or FBI citing LaRouche lit

Giving me flashbacks to avoiding going back to work and talking to dudes tabling at a post office

get someone that represent the larouche position. I don’t want to listen to some f*got named angel of history

LaRouche Cultists”You should try engaging with LaRoucheian ideas.” Or, hear me out, you should try to hold your breath until I tell you to stop.

The LaRouche guys all just sound like guys who are trying to do a bad Ezra Pound impression.

Sarcasm, I assume. Thank you for doing this. If it weren’t for your efforts we wouldn’t be able to tell that Larouche movement isn’t exactly on the up and up

Lyndon Larouche fans in 2022 you may as well be into Italian neofuturist art for how irrelevant you clearly want to be

Podcast includes something Australian Citizens Party related. I have not looked into it. The Queen of England is apparently reconquering America — as evidenced by the stickers on a mobile trailer.


I feel like attacking Salman Rushdie in 2022 is like the equivalent of still writing in Lyndon LaRouche for every election tbh

Josh Barnett. Rand Paul. Someone or other. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Romana Didulo. Liz Cheney, and historical precedents. TFG. David Duke. mike turner on jake tapper’s the lead. Julius Evola and Savitri Devi. Trump. Sweden’s “Freedom Movement“. Mel Gibson. Icke, whether he knows it or not. Walter White. Laura Loomer. Bill James. Third party candidate on a local ballot (Green). Cynthia Abcug. Posadism. When we get familiar with anti vax protesters. Paul Mooney. Lash LaRue. Icke. Owen Benjamin’s Beartaria. David Ortiz. The Libertarian Party, especially of New Hampshire, with a Hitler Zelensky.

Would Charles Schulz approve of his character being an avatar of a Marxist?

Why Larouchies hate video games: just joined the ck3 after the end team so i asked womu if she had any fun little ideas to suggest for post-apocalyptic minnesota lore and she immediately got WAY too excited with violent fantasies like “well we could take wisconsinites and drown them in our lakes” Like baby chill. make a larouche cult pls

The Exonerate list.

No one remembers that, least of all Kamala Harris. The interesting conflation to “hit list” by Jose Vega to Senator Gillibrand — victim inflation, sensing “they’re going to kill us” — I guess a trait picked up by the dead leader.

Paging someone who paged Roger Waters.

Sameera Khan, Socialistmma — Note: Twitter and @patreon are American companies, and they allow kooks on the platform that put Russia Today to shame. — as they should.

New inaccuracy! Debs and LaRouche ran from prison (IIRC, Debs did better in prison than he did the prior times he ran). Deb’s high point was 1912, not 1920.

At first I glance at the “Nick Adams” tweet and assume a right-wing commentary saying partisan things that show the splintered reality we live in. But going into further tweets, I see that he is on the “Urban Meyer is an NFL coach!” / “Jaguars need Tim Tebow!” — and I begin to suspect he is a parody.

Jose Vega gives praise to Elon Musk, gets pushback from his fellow LORG members.

Lyndon LaRouche to Falun Gong.

Back in the day: Donald Trump: A mafia don with pompadour published March 20, 2016 and The Dangerous Deception called The Trump Presidency published in 2016. Engdahl was editor of the Lyndon LaRouche Economic Intellegence Review/EIR group newspaper which published more stories Countervailing this.

‘Another’ version of “Mean Streets”/”Life of Brian;” the hyper factional main character urgently preaches to his girlfriend: “Lyndon LaRouche… he really had it down!”

Clinton love. So, you know, (and here at the lpac end) — in defense of Trump, they were also fans of Clinton — saw the ordeal against Clinton in the same line of “extension of the battles against us in 86”... And With the same meaningless petitions. There is a tangeantal thought as Larouche groups line Trump 2022 with Larouche 1986 — “panty raid”s were a lot creepier than the nostalgia inflections let on. (responding to bots, or is this a meta-joke by a ” bot”?)

The subplot in The Americans about a guy wanting to trade specs on Perimeter for the SDI is so fucking funny. Imagine giving away the goods on a legitimately-functional nuclear fail-deadly for “Lyndon LaRouche told their sundowning president about fake space lasers.”

Stahlman — Computron.


Irony. No self awareness. conspiracy culture was invented by the ruling class to distract and misdirect the working class from material reality. One might even say, they have conspired to do this. See too frequent incantations ala let them and their CIA RTSG scream into the void Joint Intel ops, And. Conspiracies are — work your analysis carefully.


Jill Stein swings against the Ukraine list.

There is a facile quality on this common sentiment. 100% this. The media were complicit in giving us the worst POTUS in history. He should have been treated the same way they treated candidates like Lyndon LaRouche, Pat Paulsen, David Duke, and Vermin Supreme. Instead the media pretended he was a viable candidate. For ratings. Recognizing the “man sucks oxygen up by coming in with bullhorn” quality to Trump’s rise, we land from there along the lines of what Jonah Goldberg has described, that he can’t be a “Never Trumper” because clearly Trump is there.

Release the furries

Monday, August 1st, 2022

Caleb Maupin moves into “Vast Earthen Conspiracy against me” Persecution Complex Land

A couple years ago, I either had not heard of this guy or barely had. Such is the Bobby prize of twitter, I guess. The closest we have to someone following the foot steps of Lyndon Larouche. See where it takes him. We have achieved Delusions of grandeur off of persecution complexes. (Any attention paid at all is part of a plot and/ or a “threat”.)

Synth Leftists: Let’s spread lies all over the internet claiming Caleb is Neo-Nazi, in the hopes that antifa or someone else can kill him, or the govt can lock him up, and everyone will be Ok with it. Also Synth Leftists: Larouche is a fascist because of fistfights 50 years ago.

I agree with Larouche more than I agree with the idiotic “leftists” who threaten & harass me daily for being anti imperialist.

People who have openly put out an antifa hit on me, labeled me a “white supremacist” & “fascist” despite over a decade of anti racist work, hoping to get me murdered… ….are now scandalized that I talk to people in a group who got into fistfights 50 years ago. These people have set up entire accounts, published deceitful articles, all in the hopes that somebody can shoot me or the govt can lock me up and most leftists will approve. But Larouche is bad because of fistfights in 1972?

Gots himself a copy of Dialectical Materialism.

Reply not followed: Who were his followers fist fighting? Communists. Black Panthers. He allied with Willis carto and his Liberty Lobby, allied with the Klan, cooperated with the south African BOSS . Stop being disingenuous about larouche’s fascism and your connections to his followers.

The Twitter commies take note, note the differences,

And I guess Caleb can tie the one podcast that cared to cover his Texas gathering in with the vast Earthean plot. Though, in the Marxist / Communist environs that make this land up, this attack on “Thoughtslime” also makes some kind of sense: Also, one of the accounts you are following “Anti Maupin Aktion”, is run by supporters of Vaush and ThoughtSlime, who say Stalin and Lenin were “opportunist fascist”. And you claim to be maoist while associating with these people? As does tweets from a supporter of the North Korean government. (curiouser)

The “thoughtslime” aligned tweeter feed sums some summations: Counter-protesting is not violence. Telling someone you don’t approve of paleocons, right-libertarians, LaRouche, boogs, NRx etc is not violence. […] But from what counter-protestors shared about the event in Texas, all he received were hecklers.

Imagining Maupin leading a group of incels with nunchucks to beat up a DSA meeting, etc

baroque cultural-historical opinions like defending the Ottomans and shit.

something created by a malfunctioning algorithm.

Antifa” slams Black Hammer, by extension Maupin, by category Larouche. Alluding to “Operation Mop Up” and generalized relationship Larouche had with “right” by Gazi Kodzo’s relations with Proud Boys today.

Point: If this LaRouche guy is building infrastructure like this it seems pretty crazy to be against that. Counterpoint: He doesn’t build shit lol. Further: He did want to build anti-Soviet space lasers though. Observation: and this has been retrofitted into a “cooperation to end the Cold War” storyline.

Not even is LaRouche’s weird dreams does the US get decent rail

Ukraine’s List of Russian Propagandists

Newsweek’s article dumps the Larouchies and Larouche figures in the final paragraph. Jason Ross is a finance specialist and Diane Sare is a politician (as too Geoff Young).

Tucker Carlson was slighted… LaRouche organization activists win the prize for most members on the list. Noting the lines from Rand Paul and Glenn Greenwald. Paul’s “sympathies lie with Ukraine”, and in a recent interview with Reason, Greenwald explains his reluctance to deal with Russia’s state as ” effecting what I have any control over” more than what he has less control over. After this list, the Larouchies seek to “get on Carlson” and at Greenwald to a conference with them. Jimmy Dore, I guess has podcast availability. On Greenwald, I guess it is worth a try: he is adjacent to adjacent to Alex Jones here, and Jones is — of course — adjacent to Larouche.

But the call for an invitation onto Tucker turns to anger: Why did you (Tulsi Gabbard) & Tucker report Ukraine’s Russia’s dupes paper without the first name on the list, Helga Zepp-LaRouche? Must be gate- keeping duties. (As I suppose The National Review praising Pelosi for her Taiwan trip is considered. New cusp of WW3 because China is that insane?) And on to Carl Osgood and Doug Mallouck whining. Funny letter.

Wondering what the Canadian branch of the LaRouche movement has been up to in the past week? Infowars and Sputnik. RT and Sputnik hold a seat for all the nations’ Larouche troops, given that they will all say the same thing and they can be passed off as multiple entities.

Will LORG take the fight to China?

China has a Glass-Steagall measure in place since 1993. What do we have, Larry?

2 years out from China’s flushing of its Glass Steagall.

China’s Green Program.

Wikipedia on the Daily Sabah, which … Cites “former candidate for US Senate” Daniel Burke.

Christian China, huh?


Hm. Daniel Burke reaches out to “future congress member” Geoffrey Young with this: MYTH: We don’t have a solution to nuclear’s “waste problem” REALITY: Nuclear waste isn’t a problem. In fact, it’s the best solution we have to meeting our energy needs while protecting the natural environment! Here’s what you need to know: Growing up within earshot of the Hanford Nuclear waste dump in Eastern Washington, I would occasionally see on the news innovative and creative uses for nuclear waste. For instance, an artist in Seattle picked up some “nuclear sludge” for his sculptures. So there you go — uses for nuclear waste — Nuclear sculptures. The wave of the future.

Education Fails Some

It’s so blatantly obvious that Socrates was a Jesus figure and yet no one ever mentioned this in my “education” growing up. I did not take a Philosophy class (first semester) in high school. I thought about it, along with the accompanying Psychology class (second semester), but the teacher doing the course lead to a question — Why do I want to take Psychology from a teacher who is psychologically unstable? If only the classes were taught by someone else, I probably would have taken them. The thing is, I did not need such formal education to intuit a parallel between Jesus and Socrates — I did make an irreverent joke about it on my geocities website. I assume it is also covered in the Joseph Campbell ‘Hero of a Thousand Faces’ book, a favorite of Star Wars fans. (Though I could be wrong — Socrates only pokes in as “teacher / martyr”.). And hey. It’s an 1803 book on the subject! Someone in 1917, actually. Also 2009. I frankly do not understand this gripe.

Pothead Larouchies. I met a Grateful Dead enthusiast who was an anti drug warrior of sorts, so maybe I can reconcile it.

The “scuttlebutt” technique.

The “Russian” Question

Point. Counterpoint. The funny thing is that Burke’s “point” — demanding the answer to the “slander” that “Larouche hated Russians” — follows chronologically the “counterpoint” — ie: he does not bother addressing the actual material, which both inspired his outraged post and answers his question. The follow through “debate”/ ” discussion” sees odd mutations that skip from the original post — “Hitler was Russian” has some connotation beyond the “criticism / attacks of the Soviet government / spycraft” that the tweet streams slide over to.

A bit of a salve thrown out here to get back at the point:

anyone who claims LaRouche “loved” the Russian people: he claimed that they were “heathens” who were without “individual human mind” and incapable of “individual personalities” – this is the belief system of the LaRouche cult and @schillerinst of @DianeSare and @Burke4Senate Better to say “was”, and Burke and Sare only figure in that everything for Larouche gets marked forward. Also, I am not sure Larouche ” believed” a damned thing, except that this anti-Russia rhetoric could sweep up some money from Cold War anti-war Communists, and gnab some relative vips for ego a inflation purposes.

Though, I suppose there is much to object to at the original tweet: Doing some research on Larouche, and I think it’s safe to say that you’d be pressed to find anyone who ever hated Russians, the Soviet Union, and Stalin more than him. Something like defining jazz out of “authentic” Black American (and American) culture, Larouche picks and chooses Dostoyevsky out if Russia. We are in a weird spot where “hating Stalin” is to this Twitterer a bad thing, but the contradiction leads us to present day discourse of how Putin aligns history with the piece of Stalin quashing the Ukraine — good, usable history. Well, here we have the great history of the Soviet Union as spoken by Larouche — Stalin assassinated by the Brits, who took over. Interesting to note near the end of Stalin’s life, he was panicked by the spectre of assassins — and thought Jewish doctors were out to get him. Defend Stalin at your peril.


Defending Saint Nicholas II from leftists and Stalin from rightists sayeth guy with “exonerate Larouche” in his profile.

the Bush family and the Kruschev liberal nomenklatura which despised Stalin“. Revealed in the famous ” Stalin Sucks” speech that Khrushchev gave before the Twentieth Congress.

if LaRouche people said “Lyndon was wrong about the Bolsheviks” this would clear up everything. Except for the part where it breaks apart their Cult of Personality, and the tenet that he is (was) “always right”.

I mean it’s been 20 years why is LaRouche a thing I have to think about again? Our society is so fucked if we can’t even shake this second rate diabetics bullshit. Strictly speaking, you don’t.

CPUSA Politics

About 2 hours into this show. Guy learns as he goes.

Yeah, one species of exotic rare floral after another. But, on the tiff of the one I lights have some decent grasp on — the good old Communist Party… Well, they have their issues and history with Larouchies. So… Comedy! A Bad faith Twitter actor is —

puzzled on why a Larouchie responds with outrage that the CPUSA won’t grant him entre into their meetings. or maybe they saw you have lyndon larouche as your avatar, the cult leader who ordered his followers to disrupt CPUSA meetings and beat up its members. but maybe it was liberal idpol after all, we may never know. Everything else, the part of “gay furries”, is noise. After all, I am reasonably certain a Gay Furry convention would drop the invitation to a Larouche supporter as well.

Good exchange that gets at a good point: I had a cousin who lived on one of Larouche’s compounds.

Has nothing to do with what I just said. Nor do I care. You people really just project nonsense then when caught on it switch topics

Nah, that’s fair, it doesn’t have anything to do with the topic at hand, but it’s the reason I’m giving you for why it’s so easy to dismiss you out of pocket.

More proper response.

So your profile is filled with larouche bs, in an undisciplined rage you post to the internet to trash a communist party that asks for your to re apply at a later date, and you want people to think CPUSA is the trash in this equation? AND. The whole patsoc entryism arc has been absolutely hilarious. Who loudly announces on all platforms they’re gonna do entryism and then gets mad when they are purged and disallowed from participation? Their whole personality is being obnoxious colonizers they’re not hard to spot

Do you believe, when space is limited, that members of the LaRouche movement should be prioritized above women and national minorities when it comes to filling seats at communist party functions?

It strikes me that there is a perfectly good reason for the delay of response to Space Larouche in rejecting admission: they wanted to be rude to him. Also, no one has to go back to “Operation Mop Up” on historic reason for doubting any good faith on the part of Larouchies. Try some more sedate disruptions of more bourgeoisie minded political events. Rachel Brown makes a name for herself at a Barney Frank event. Someone goes off on eating babies at an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Chuck Schumer is doing something apolitical minded, and Diane Sare makes an ass of herself. A 2004 Democratic Presidential debate gets disrupted several times. For their part, the allies of Caleb Mailings CPI-USA, at a convention with Daniel Burke, turned away a group of Maoists at the door. So, “space larouche” is guilty of disingenuity.

I’m sure there are women and national minorities in the LaRouche movement. Maybe they were even among the people invited to attend the function in person. We’ll find out if they have a confrontational / disruptive YouTube clip.

Lol that your only response to *quotes from LaRouche himself* is to call the guy posting them a CIA agent. Hm. Tends to be in tandem with “other contradictory quotes from Larouche himself”and willful ignoring of the first set of quotes. Also added, calls of ” slander!”

The larouche organization’s role in spain’s dirty war is rarely addressed.

As for other points of contention… “No dog in a fight” and all that…

It is curious, the Communists are high in this argument that haz has brought forth in meme form. What is Starbucks selling? Is it burnt Coffee and glorified milkshakes, or is it roughly two hours rent for workspace? Whatever — who cares? The problem here is that Haz is high as well. I suppose this means that I have no dog in this fight, except I suppose in the final implications on unionization, and that would only be the case if I gave a rip on aligning myself with Marx. (I can leave aside pin pricking analysis on definitions of “proleteriat”.) Then a summation: It’s that whole weird little cult of Larouche/robot suit people. Anyway: patsocs take the corporate side in Starbucks unionization efforts. Good to know.

And here we see one circle jerk inspiring another, as some Communist defines “misconceptions of Communism” through redefinitions of capitalists (and quasi-capitalists) terms on King of the Hill images, and from that some triumphant claims on the higher spiritual meaning of mass projects. What happens to the antisocial weirdos when they dodge the draft to build the World Landbridge? Seem to simply get written out of this definition of “humanity”, where the definition of “spark” is to following the illusion art dictation of the ghost of Lyndon Larouche.

Point: They threw LaRouche in jail. I don’t see them doing that to Joe Sims and the Communist Party of the Democra- I mean United States. Counterpoint: Is Joe Sims committing credit fraud?


damn this makes me think of junior high, when I loudly and embarrassingly assumed the other kids would be as excited as I was about Apollo 18 by They Might Be Giants

Ah those good ol’ college days, strolling around campus in the autumn and avoiding the LaRouche table outside the Carl’s Junior

when I was in HS I chatted with some activists manning a LAROUCHE 2004 table and the person tried to tell me economic problems are fake and made up by those in power and I was like “scarcity is real?” and they were like not if we tap into the full power of THE HUMAN MIND

One time some old people were pamphleting at USC. I thought they were Christians but I grabbed one of the leaflets and it turned out they were LaRouchites. Can confirm: friend got recruited by a Lyndon LaRouche honeypot at one

Larouche is fun the way harry turtledove is fun. Alternate history Greece where Aristotle was the leader of an order of assassins specializing in poison, amazing stuff

The LaRouchies are very good at catching you with a good lead-in before they start throwing out all their crazy bullshit. I remember getting a friend request from the Larouche org back on MySpace lmao. 1979 when talking to a group of Lyndon LaRouche adherents and their mags were pro nuclear power and articles Queen of England controlled conspiracy against US. Britain determined to control those obstinate colonials still.

I met a LaRouche guy once at an Allen West event when he was my congressman. They wanted to build a super lake in Saskatchewan or something

Sleeping to @thedollop is fun. It keeps invading my dreams. Last night I was being pursued by thugs sent by Lyndon LaRouche. I could use more comfortable earbuds though.

LaRouche group are neofascist wackos & have nothing to do with Left progressive politics. I remember physically fighting these fascists in front of unemployment offices in 1970’s when they launched “operation Mop Up” and attacked real Left organizations like CPUSA. They are CIA

When I was at university, umpteen years ago, LaRouche had a campaign of visiting campuses and having a literature table along with his cultish sycophants to lure naïve young people with an initially reasonable sounding message. They encouraged kids to drop out and join them.

Incidentally the LaRouche people used to try to recruit me in front of the library during middle school

Hasn’t gotten the memo. Have not seen the LaRouche Roaches around in years, they used to be all over San Fran when I was growing up. I guess Lyndon was not as astute as other cult leaders of the era in starting a dynasty to carry on his bad works after he died.

My first encounter with Larouche was during the 2000 election. His followers were on my campus pushing his bullshit. I talked to one of them for 2 minutes before telling him he was a fascist and walking away in disgust. How are you people falling for this shit? Like you’re not even falling for an active op. You’re falling for an op that’s 25 years out of date. 25?

they tried to recruit me one time circa 2007 ish. In the 90s I used to report on him on a student radio station. Every week. Lunatic.

I still have fond memories of the time in the early 1990s when I called a LaRouchite standing on a St. Louis street corner a fascist and he got really pissed off. Whenever I run into them I start going on about how Walter Mondale sabotaged the colonization of the moon. Really try to one up them, ya know?

just remembered my first lecture in my first class in college got thrown into chaos by a bunch of larouche people pretending to be students and asking wild questions. lmao


Comedy gold. No one who has seriously read LaRouche would make the claim that you have read all his works on Plato/Aristotle. He wrote about the distinction in a huge number of his works. Damned if he is not correct. And if someone did read the entirety of Larouche’s writings on Plato and Aristotle — repetitive list chanting — over his seven decades of self publishing — I would recommend psychiatric asylum.

Check to see if these YouTube comments remain:

Harley your ability to conflate and confuse is legendary.

Sorry…my bullshit meter is going way off the clock.

Triggering” someone. Very edgy of Burke. Anime and videogames are designed to make you masturbate 24/7 and kill your parents. The hits keep on coming! LaRouche “The easiest way to destroy a selected victim, is to induce him to destroy himself. Send an assassin to kill, and remove all traces back to the man who sent him. Such is the role assigned to the self-doomed victims of “Pokémon” and “Harry Potter.” LaRouche “If you think you admire “Harry Potter,” please stand before a mirror, while saying to yourself, “I must be nuts, like Ariel Sharon, or like the presently disintegrating personality of that modern ‘Humpty-Dumpty’ known as Henry A. Kissinger.”

The real, ultimate enemy, Satan’s mother, has residence much closer to your home, perhaps the office of your favorite daily newspaper.”

Claiming suggestion boxes as originating from Larouche, and praising Putin for using them.

Big Ortega fans.

If Mike Hudson did indeed co-write that SNL sketch, that does explain how it got the ideological description right.

China believes in dinosaurs … Word has gotten out, and the conspiracy against the existence of dinosaurs now associated with Larouche, people sticking it in the litany list. To be sure, we do see lpac over here swinging for Creationism — no mention of dinosaurs, though.

I do not believe “Flying House” is arguing in good faith. Debatable is “Miss Plays” — but probably not.

Seeing a lot of commentary about LaRouche on the TL by people who have clearly spent fewer than 10,000 hours studying his work and ideas and, frankly, that’s just unacceptable.

I never bothered looking into this LaRouche character until now. I expected some intelligent if flawed character. What I didn’t expect was the lost member of the manson family. The LaRouche/Schiller “Land Bridge” plan is akin to a child connecting all of the dots on a map regardless of geographic features. There’s a big reason we don’t have a railroad line from Seattle to Alaska: most of BC and the NW Territories are impassable mountains.

Point: LaRouche & his wife are puppets of Putin’s brutally corrupt mafia-fascist colonial empire… As are you. Counterpoint: Lyndon Larouche is dead. Wrong tense.


Republican gubernatorial candidate kicked off Independence Party line.

Political rivals can’t be assaulted without suspicion, apparently. Beyond Trump.

We will find out what third place for Sare is worth.

William Jones for the CCP. See too. And. Then there’s Sweden.

Quote Putin, who leaves out the obvious example of Ukraine in the “legitimate sovereignty” category.

Ron Wieczorek? Do I even need to ask?


Not important enough vips enough to make the poster.

Episode 12 of a podcast you have to pay money to hear has Daniel Burke interviewed. If you want to pay money for such a thing.

We see here the making friends and the influencing people. like you have to have a doctorate in LaRouche thought to understand literally any of their bill boards.

A victory for lpac over lorg! And I think that is why it is necessary to criticize larouche, however the Schiller’s Institute which is a split from The larouche Institute back in 2020 has vastly different leadership.


Larouche does Iran-Contra. Blames followers of Bukharin (????). Leading credence to the “Larouche was useful for Intelligence services when they needed to dump things into the public and taint the effect with conspiratorial garbage” theory.

I wonder if former larouche followers are now following trump. I hope not because they followed him until he died and they’re nuts. Current followers have lpac carrying on with Trump as post Larouche and LORG carrying on with China’s government as post Larouche.

A sitcom of Bob Avakian, Angela Davis, and Noam Chomsky living in the same apartment. Their wacky doorman is Lyndon LaRouche

Lyndon LaRouche(D) vs Pat Buchanan(R)

Jim Cramer meets Lyndon Larouche.

And you got these statistics from the World Wildlife Fund, literally started by Prince Philip. How did they possibly record how many animals there were a hundred years ago vs now? Your ideology is the product of the British royal family and the Rockefellers. You are disgusting

Did you see the interaction where he thought Lyndon Larouche was the guy from Code Geass and when Samoyedcore told him it’s not the case he was “man I’m so sick of you leftists splitting hairs over the difference between “liberal” and “leftist” instead of engaging with my point”

it’s extremely annoying that when you search something like the Gelli to Guarino telegram letting Poppy Bush know of Olof Palme’s imminent assassination, you are hit with a deluge of crap from LaRouche and David Icke and assorted other professional shitcoaters. Someone stumbling on “Prescott Bush gave us Hitler” line.

Dear Ms LaRouche: 1) I will always revere your husband. 2) I have explained to you Communist Pedro Castillo of Peru is bankrupting my Peruvian wife’s travel agency, harming my family. 3) You persist in supporting Peruvian Communism. 4) You disgrace Lyndon LaRouche!

How are the globalists, who are desperate to reelect Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, attempting to stop the “red tidal wave” from sweeping over Michigan in November? They are deploying an array of dirty tricks to confuse and blunt the America First...

there’s gotta be at least a few LaRouche-Biden voters out there. I am guessing that the guy I knew, described himself as ‘Socialist’, who “voted for the nutcase Larouche” because of how corporate and lame the likes of Gore and Bradley were found his way to voting for Obama / Biden by 2008. And that there are a handful of them out there. This is the reason you want your Kuciniches and the like on the primary ballot.

Far as I can tell, they been writing a larouche sci-fi about building mechs and giggling over comicon-type drawings of futuristic hamsic stuff ever since he fell for that comedian. Don’t even know what’s going on on twitter since I been using it less but esp over there.

Hm. There was never a serious debate in society about drag being misogynist. I can show you the works of any hack conspiracist academic like LaRouche, doesnt mean anything he said is relatively important or indicative of the times. People like him and Daly are rejects. Camille Paglia’s book has a scene with some barking at drag queen as she is walking with him on campus. But they were probably madder at Paglia.


Lex Luthor from Red Son. Beto. Dr. Frankenstein. Texas Republican Platform. Rishi Sunak. R-Cam, mixed with Matthew Yglesias. Another failure to mention Peltier, though kudos for getting to Judd. Jimmy Dore. KHive. Jordan Peterson — though the premise raises a “can’t win” situation for someone getting inspired / mentored by anyone — unless, I guess, they are on the memer’s “approved” list. Pence — some standard Political blinders and biases of recentism. Kari Lake. Jan 6th Committee hearings — disclaimer: I saw the opposite point made, that this is slick my produced production for short attention spanning. The limits of “Vote Blue No Matter Who” — I agree with adding asterisks. Keith Ranniere from the NXIVM cult. I maintain that Eugene Debs is the better known of the two. american perincek. Keir Starmer. Unification Church. Chairman Gonzalo. Augusto Del Noce. Andrew Yang, and fine so far as it goes, but when did Larouche spoil an election? (Illinois 1986 is the closest.). Xiangyu, but not Tupac.

Note: “Larouche Libertarian” is oxymoronic. Strictly speaking, this is false: He’s a LaRouche libertarian who is running as a Democrat because the Republicans won’t have him. Perennial hobby candidates flip parties a lot — in his case it appears he landed on ‘d’ seeing an opening to the general. Good to see ‘So I Married an Axe Murderer’ instead of the usual ‘Treehouse of Horrors’ reference. (which was made by the podcast interviewing Daniel Burke.)

I look at him like a political version of Charles Manson and both as apotheosis of the 60s. It would be wild if Larouche character would appear in the latest Tarantino movie but sadly QT is a different kind of nerd.

Breaking Bad. (This sounds like the Gus — Hector relationship.)

Guarantee you the Farmer Jones kook isn’t a farmer. More likely a superannuated hippie who began as a Lyndon LaRouche groupie at airports back in the 60s, then moved on to Hare Krisna for a while.

Alex Jones says, “the attack had begun, we are no w being murdered.” He says the US is a “2nd Atlantis” founded by Francis Bacon and controlled by globalists who are descendants of Count Dracula aligned with the CCP to put nanotechnology in food to wipe out 90% of the population. Hm. 4 out of 5 Larouchisms. Though maybe one better counts as a Tarpleyism.

Birds are real

Sunday, July 10th, 2022

Yeah, well: Just found larouche Twitter day ruined. It is just celebrities in their own mind, people you would not know if you did not actively look up — just as any other “[fill in the blank] twitter.”

When I think of people who are serious about winning, I definitely think about people who are trying to rehabilitate Lyndon Larouche.

Larouche people be like “that’s wild, to learn more you should come to my webinar for the Committee of the Correspondence of Coincidental Continentalist Confound Convening Variables of Derision” and wonder why people call them a cult among other things.

They call it “triggering” the “libs”. I guess.

Basically: CPIUSA, Maupin all run on the LaRouche school of thought namely civic nationalism, big government spending, schizophrenia and glowing in the dark

Arguments! Pro! Con!

Point: (against this). They believe that the Jews rule the world through the British royal family. They also believe that capitalism is infinitely sustainable, and that opposing this is Malthusianism — No they don’t wtf, stop spreading lies about LaRouche’s beliefs. Counterpoint one: Yeah bud, he really does. He says it right here at 3:49. (From BBC documentary on Jeremiah Duggan). Counterpoint two: Wow. Who does the money go too? ((Them))? Three parentheses, indeed.

This here is a new twist on an old classic that “Larouche predicted all 50 of the last two recessions” — a comment like all other points willfully bounces past larouchies’ heads — this is good too: correctly predicted 34 of the last 0 “hyperinflationary blowout” events. The interesting thing here is that the response from “anti dinosaur Larouche Twitter” is to define “hyper-inflationary” “dark ages” downwardWhen I was lad a burger cost $1. Same burger now cost $4. Minimum wage is the same — Throw up your hands. Yeah, and … computers and cell phones are cheaper than ever. Though I guess more necessary for societal existence. Funny thing is — even if tomorrow we did have Weimar Germany Inflation and Dark Ages unemployment … The Larouche movement have already shot their load on the topic.

Also good: We will have fusion in about ten years. Just like we have for decades. That one at least has sympathetic argumentation about “cause we are not spending on research!!” — but then you run right up against the stance for same type of argumentation against “green energy”.

Counterpoint: I see the Larouche movement isn’t ambitious enough to build bridges between the Indonesian archipelago and Australia. Fake Prometheans if you ask me.

Point. Counterpoint.

Point: Putting LaRouche in the same boat as Andrew Jackson shows how much you actually know about Lyn and his policies. Counterpoint: Trump is standing in the foreground before Jackson and then Larouche. It is fair to compare Trump with both of them — Trump has occasionally done so with Jackson, leave others to do so with Larouche — up to and including larouchepac.

Point: (responding to) Ukrainians are ready to die for the European perspective. with Hitlerian. Counterpoint: this will do.

Elon Musk referenced by third party as Hero of Larouchepac, and then placed in the front of the Grand Historic Narrative (in a tweet that I have lost which has Musk and Larouche versus Zuckerberg and some evil figure in history) . He receives a slide into the establishment “gate keeping the trumpists” claim with his endorsement of Desantis.

Hm. . No one talks about the strange connection between the rise of “raves” and theosophical and Masonic influence on culture. Response: Nothing’s stopping you.


Skipping back and forth between being the real Communists and being… Not communist. Anti-marxists not heeding the Marxist messaging, heeding some other message of these parts. The Canadian trucker convoys are Maoists, I guess. Rather disturbing that all these years after LaRouche did his bid in Federal prison, the cult rebranded as the most Marxist Marxists that ever Marxed. (Counterpoint.)

Jacobin Magazine is ” Operation Mockingbird”. One point of contention for that point, coming up in twitterland , damned that, Solidarity Movement! (I will have to figure out where everyone stands on that “Stalin Question”, but we are in that weird sphere of Stalin icon Larouche fan twitterers.)

Here we find them In support of Ali Khamenei. Odd, in that they backed up the Shah during the Revolution — but maybe they were part of an elaborate move to quell the leftist revolutionaries in favor of the religious.

On to that Larouche – Xi – Stalin axis. (I think the “ultra Leftist” response on this is to curse the Capitalist Chinese government.)

The sometimes bizarre hard to get into the mind insult theory of Larouchies: this Maoist has other interests beyond her politics — draws cartoons. I have little idea of what I am supposed to be replying on. Maybe it has something to do with falling short of a “New Renaissance”?


I was handed a pamphlet on the street in St. Louis by LaRouche “The Contract with America is a Contract on You

Lyndon LaRouche was a family joke when I was growing up.

Please don’t say Lyndon LaRouche. He haunted late night TV with his bizarro ads when I was in my 20s (pre-cable). Come home from a party at 1 am, turn on some crappy B movie to wind down, and there he was talking utter weirdness.

Now there’s a name I thankfully hadn’t heard in years. Growing up in NH we got more Larouche than is healthy.

also a cult. The approach of society to simply not speak about LaRouche, media blackout, gave him infinite credibility among the poor souls who were sucked into his nonsense, and still are.

When I was in grad school in Baltimore his acolytes used to stand on the corner in dress clothes and handout literature. I ran a lot then and when I was bored I’d yell “Larouche suxs!” as I ran past just to see how far they’d chase me. Two blocks was the norm. I mean seriously — dudes in badly fitting suits and women in dresses and pumps would try to catch me. In Baltimore though that wasn’t abnormal enough to draw attention. I learned a lot about propaganda watching his late night tv ads when he ran for president in 84. He started perfectly normal but then lead you along slowly until you arrived at a totally insane conclusion.

the time I tried to force a large crowd of angry LaRouchies outside my high school to sing the school’s terrible alma mater song, while belligerently accusing them of not having any school spirit, until my friend Liz suggested they might kill me, after which we went to Chilis. there used to be a regular crowd of them haranguing people standing on line outside the DMV and I has to hand it to them: they really knew how to get people when they were at their most vulnerable

Im honestly stoked that people are trying to rehabilitate Larouche because more insane people is fun and also I wish they were politically relevant

The fact that LaRouche cultists are still around after first encountering them IRL like 25 years ago blows my mind. Also, while I’m at it, Caleb reminds me of the weirdo Trotsky and Stalin stans we’d run into irl back in the day. Typical conversation with these types on the street in 1998… Weird guy: Support China read my paper Me: why? WG: because they oppose the United States. Me: yeah but why support them? WG: because they oppose the US. Me: They seem simultaneously to be supporting thier own capitalist class while embracing the worst aspects of authoritarianism. So why should I support them? WG: because they oppose the US Me: that seems like a shit argument and how about we just don’t support either one? WG: you wouldn’t understand and your liberal, “petty” bourgeois ideology will doom the working class. (Dude literally lives in a million dollar suburban city adjacent house, with his own parent provided wing) Me: yeah ok great, here’s your paper back I’m good on toilet tissue. And so it goes I guess.

one time my wife ran into some proselytizing LaRouche people, and she confused him with David Duke, and said “what about [a racist thing David Duke did]?” and they parried it like, “no no, that’s a very normal thing for LaRouche to believe” without skipping a beat

Hugh D. Young was my favorite professor and it was a great contribution to my success that I had him in my first semester. Besides his teaching, it was campus legend about how he confronted an abusive Lyndon Larouche activist haranguing students going between classes.

got reminded of coming across some LaRouche-ites in Paris in 2013 and one of my homies kept heckling them. “we hate you in America too!

I lived in Beaverton 1994-2016.I would see Kingsley at the Burger King one day, then he and his crazy friends wave signs by the Fred Meyer the next and sometimes he would be in front of the Post Office with the Looney Larouche people with pics of Obama as a Nazi.

I met a LaRouche person during the W era and the sheer size of the stack of literature I was handed made 100% clear to me that these people were not to be engaged with in any way. Lyndon LaRouche’s final acts before he died were to endorse Martin O’Malley for President and then to write an essay about how O’Malley’s defeat was orchestrated by the British and their puppet Obama to start WW3. (Why or why do neither part of Larouche reference O’Malley anymore?). I mainly know of them from this (Jeremiah Duggan Wikipedia page linked) but nobody else seems to. My favorite LaRouche bit was him accusing Jimmy Carter of working with High Times and NORML to use pot for MK-style mind control while at the same time working with Rolland McMaster, an alleged associate of Tampa mob boss and heroin trafficker Santo Trafficante Jr.

I had no idea the Lyndon Larouche people were still around until I saw them in a NYC suburb trying to influence an election in the early 2000s. Saw them again in 2017 on the Upper East Side set up on a street corner on Madison Ave, largely ignored, with a “Defend Trump” sign.

The method for dealing with LaRouche fascists has always been to drive them away from demonstrations and events, and otherwise to ignore them.

I have a cousin who lived on a LaRouche compound for a bit. His mom gave me my first copy of the manifesto lol.

Oh is he a Larouche guy? Man I have those dudes my email when I first moved to LA. Big mistake. LaRouche has always loved tractors.

Jurassic Park part of the same conspiracy as Star Wars?

Somewhere within a vast array of boring Larouchie politicking around climate and energy, this nugget gets tossed out — Dinosaurs did not exist.: They were created as a concept by the Rockefeller’s. There is 0 evidence for them at all. There’s even far less evidence that somehow oil is made of Dino bones when oil can be found miles and miles beneath where there are any fossils.

For some reason, the YouTube algorithm lobbed me a video titled “10 Things All Flat Earthers say” — I did not click as beyond the perhaps idiosyncrasies of pro basketball player Kyrie Irving, I did not know there were any flat earthers in the news saying anything I was obliged to be hearing. A tad more mainstream as someone society is obliged to hear as it slides into “small d democratic” school board fights, creationists. I can not decide whether young Earth creationists — believers in the 6 thousand year old Earth — are more nuts or less nuts than a Dinosaur denier, but at least the former has more popular support. Btw, dinosaurs obviously are fake. The founder of the dinosaur myth Henry Fairfield Osborn was the nephew of J.P. Morgan and the founder of the Eugenics society. Perhaps it is the idiosyncrasies of “space larouche” — and we are in that “follow the trail of Rockefeller cover-ups” and the trouble where “folliw themoney” goes back to people spraying money in trusts good and bad to lead off on to every which conspiratorial undertaking — to “kantbot”. In sum: The Mesozoic Era was MKultra, man!”

Wait. It so funny that the most offensive thing you can do today is say that Dinosaurs were made up in the Victorian imagination of Richard Owen to explain fossils, & then they became the mascots for “Fossil Fuels”. Redefining ” offensive” as too “most offensive.”

So the query out in the wilds of twitter: is this an orthodox larouche line or is this just a haz troll they picked up and ran with? Some evidence that the dinosaur line is a joke — he moves on to that “annex Canada” line. (I doubt the Canadian Trucker Convoy has much use for that one, but then again they are the faves of lpac and not necessarily lorg).

Methinks this guy’s misnomer came from tripping over the “dinosaurs were a plant” line. Though, again: Creationism is more mainstream than Dinosaur denialism, and I am simply stuck on the question: was, maybe, an article submitted but put on the chopping block in old 21st Century Science and Technology?

Weirdly enough, this Twitterer deleted an “anti-woke” point I’d largely agree with — along those lines of Why do I care if a Marvel movie is “underperforming” and then get cornered into figuring out the great political ramifications? Why is this deleted while the dinosaur nuttiness remains? If at first I think it may be the horrible revelation that he is relating to popular culture — this post shows a liking of two movies of violent spectacle.


Automated tweet: BEING ANTI-LAROUCHE IS ANTI-INFRARED. SUPPORT OUR MOST STAUNCH ALLIES COWARD. From there we turn to such “anti-imperialist” Russia Imperialism cheering chest thumping— judging the veracity of the statement beside the point. The weirdness of seeing your name in Larouchian literature — Small correction: not “infighting” as much as clean split into two entities. And the explanation for the cults’ continued existences.

Keeping you abreast of Russia TV during its British censorship. Larouche has informed for the last 50 years UK is the leader in NWO together with the globalist jew pharma and media, with French Mossad and Jew Mossad.

And Burke does not answer the question. Or maybe Peter the Great wasn’t imperialist? Helga has an odd sense of history: (the British) or slowing down the US wish to open the western front to join the USSR vs Hitler — Yeah, somewhere a few years after selling Britain out and pacting with Hitler.

Accidentally correctly ascertaining the basis of Michael Billington on iran’s Press TV.

The crown of England was Lyndon LaRouche and his French-speaking foal, Jacques Cheminade. If the latter still had any importance, I think that certain speeches would have taken up his obsession to attract him, a sort of conspicuous call. A jerk.

The assassination of Abe Shinzo equals the umpteenth millionth firing shot at World War 3. Says Daniel Burke. Not tweeting. And if at first I can grant “maybe it is big enough event to warrant comment violating his ‘I’m off’ — no, he continues a fishing around for usual spiel-ing. Twitter is addictive, I guess. The line moves into that ” Tell the British to Quit Assassinating our Presidents” territory, and an odd historical reach around. On the facts on the ground — I can’t pretend to be up on Japanese domestic politics but I gather Abe had the backing of the Moonies and the killer was upset that the Unification church (cult) was taking up his mom’s life and money. I guess there’s an alignment issue to charge at with that one. Beyond this, it resulted in an ever larger landslide victory for Shinzo’s party — and what is their policy? Military armament, stronger posture against the Chinese government, defend Taiwan?


RIP… Joyce C. LashofAt the height of the AIDS epidemic in 1986, for example, she set her sights on defeating Proposition 64, a California ballot initiative spearheaded by the far-right political agitator Lyndon LaRouche that would have mandated mass testing for AIDS and, critics feared, mass quarantines.

Interesting how and where peoples peg Larouche. Dancing With The Devil – A Music Censorship Documentary From 1991. A Channel 4 exploration of Christian hysteria about the evils of rock music. Sure, Larouche dug around in that ground. But so did Falwell and Gore.

Who still knows the EAP (European Workers’ Party, chairwoman Helga Zepp-Larouche)? They once put up a poster saying “Create peace with beam weapons“.

the rhythm is gonna get you


Always had a thing against Star Wars.

Blast from past — the Jane Fonda / whales bumper sticker within a collection.

Paul McCartney — Beatles trashing out in the wild. (Larouche adjacent and corrupted twitter). Here, it is actually worth pointing to the Soviet conspiracy theorizing surrounding the Beatles — starts with that premise of “How can some Schlubs from working class Liverpool create this?”, and taking the leaps of complexity in music toward Sgt Pepper, filled in the ” capitalist imperialist plot” to corrode the youth. Certainly not Larouchian this, as it gives the music credit. Oh, and incidentally — the photo is a fake. No, they used to consider Verdi tuning a major issue. They were a ridiculous cult, but they used to prey on smart people with taste. Now it’s gullible streamer consumers who like dopey Europop, apparently.

A YouTube video passed by me — I never clicked on it — about “finding the greatest play for the lousiest team” in a NFL football video game. (In the distant past, kind of reminiscent of me — who was not a video game player at all — willing to take someone up on a suggested game of Sega’s nfl2k only if they had the handicap of slotting Ryan Leaf as their qb from out of his spot as 3rd stringer on that Chargers team). Anyways, This is reminiscent of those challenges.

By way of Kautsky.

Most historical gays have been fascistic or libertine” –– “Space Larouche”.

Also: The Anglo elite are nearly all homosexual and pedophiles, much like the ruling elite of the romans they model themselves after.

This is the odd example of someone getting the presidential candidates running from prison” list up from the two always referenced — Eugene Debs and Lyndon Larouche — up to three — Keith Judd — but not getting the fourth — Leonard Peltier who was the ballot in 2004.

Connecting the dots to find the historical founders of Israel the same clique that were out to get Larouche.

Boers versus British. In the early part of this century, denizens of “free republic” would spot media internet polls in the wild and call attention to everyone to flood it, thus making for — say — a 2004 Bush approval rating of 80 percent. I gather the Larouchies aren’t following this tactic, otherwise there would be more than eleven responders here.

Odd statement: Only the LaRouche organizations were at the forefront of opposing the new fascism represented by Newt Gingrich and his Contract on America! Huh. Agreed, Clinton “triangulated” a tad much but… I gather he represented some form — even if one disagrees with its form — to Gingrich and his program. Then there is Nader. Who and what else? Marcy Kaptur?

Lyndon LaRouche fundraise off of a Big Lie and then keep all the money? Answer: repeatedly.


People’s Party. Charles Murray. Mike Lindell. dialysis propositions. Presidential hopeful Jimmy Dorethe griftHinkle. Claire Hunt. Usual gang. Jeff Clark and Michael Avenatti. Greg Lopez. Benito Mussolini. Bob Avakian. Yelling at a frequent Larouche compared figure, as though she matters. To be sure, this is following through lpac circa 2008. Random Democratic voter not in support of Democratic establishment pick, I assume the alternative one of the “progressives”. Trump and his fundraising techniques. Beto O’Rourke — politico whose time has passed. And — Was Harold Stassen ever ” broke”? Kolleen Carney Hoepfner. Pence / Cheney. Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Lowering of the mound in 68. Muammar Gaddafi’s Green Book. Some guy at a whiteboard. Bob Avackian by way of Sunsara Taylor in current abortion protest movement. Herschel Walker.

This guy hadtahave read the appendix in the early Larouche history at laroucheplanet — Technocracy, Inc, huh?

Yeah, I hate those signs.


TEXAS is LPAC Country

I wonder if this is a thing where anybody can come up and talk or if the Texas gop is legit insane enough to let larouche people speed at it’s convention.

I note that according to the Libertarian Party in Harris County, when Larouchite Democratic candidate Kesha Rogers popped in unannounced, they let her say her piece and moved on. Maybe just as well, as the write -up in the Larouche literature printing her speech before the Libertarian Party in Harris County did not much travel beyond Larouche-land, and their YouTube clip clipped right at the speech.

Sounds more like Bircher, but whatever.

Texas is lpac country, as lorg badly needs to hide their (in Twitter land at least) Marxist fueled rhetoric. So sayeth: Frankly in Texas, I think the strategy will have to take on as much more Christian approach. In Texas, we should probably call communism “Christian economy”. I mean that’s what communism is anyway. I’m open to disagreement here

New York is LORG land

Making friends and influencing people. Today’s Britain is nothing more than America’s 51st state and not worth the poster he wasted his time on. LaRouche heads are so odd. Am I understand correct, US is the dog of Britain, not the opposite? LaRouche era um idiota

I’m not going to look it up but I’m guessing you know what “The Larouche Organization” is. I had never heard of them but they had a table and signs outside our local grocery store and the stuff I could see looked pretty kooky.


Always be closing

Sarah Palin is making a comeback with a Congressional run in Alaska, so I suppose now is as good a time as any to pluck up her terminology. “Lame stream media“.

Paging Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Inwood, West Virginia

An attempt to page and lure prospective talent.

To Elon Musk fans. To be sure, Republicans derided her as much.

Unremarkable statement made by Nader and others, which a Larouchite tries to tie to Larouche. The question I have is what does it mean for a computer program to gauge the Twitter account as 51 percent troll? (Grasping at such a this.)

LaRouche is the answer to avoid Mad Max?

Podcast Ville

Odd little amateurish boring, podcast. For commentary on dealings with Larouche organizers, go the start of the second file. More interesting is some non-Larouche related commentary on the Canadian Convoy thing and January 6. Some decent thoughtful perspective and technical glitches to suffer through.

Lpac relevant in Michigan

Monday, June 6th, 2022

Tying the horrors of a racist shooting in Buffalo to the war in Ukraine, Diane Sare drops a load. Aiming the message at Kim Iverson. As seen here, “that dog don’t hunt”.

The thread for the shooter’s confounded belief system (which includes holding that Fox News is run by Jews) runs more in parallel with what miko dzagi is selling here:

In the wake of another damned shooting, we get some quote about the “new violence” by an instigator of the Old Violence. (Enough amends with their old punching with nun chuck bags of the cpusa for the cpusa to have attended a conference for those Chinese reds alongside the larouchies, fwiw .). And, regarding this — to be sure, this is one hellava degree into the morass belonging to the labor committees over cpi.

Hm. I prefer a diet of Marx/Engels/Lenin/Stalin/Mao as well as a hefty dose of LaRouche optimism.

Also shadowing the conspiracy theorizing and presumptions of elite concoctions behind political arguments — James Lindsey.

LPAC continues to worship Trump and sell every trump loving media item. Over on the other Larry he group, Helga gives China happy talk.

Clinton Crime Family“?


Boo, again. Cue Larouche blandishments against King, with new innovation of references against Caleb Maupin as copying Larouche’s act. (Some links rolling through the nature of his group available out of this, a whole bunch of praises and partnership history in this thread). … And memes kinda floating from familiar texts. Puppet strings, huh? [Probably out of “first principlesmore than entangled Larouchism. Sure. Communist Soviet Union a “British” or Jewish project. Sure. The question.]


I am not going to sing the praises of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, but that was a good moment she had when confronted by the crazy sputtering loon of a Larouchie. It becomes fascinating to see how it gets chunked into Larouchie lore — I am not horribly impressed by ambush politics anyways in the best of circumstances (Hi Beto!), but when confronted by seeming unstable person — you smile, nod, de-escalate.

Well, that’s one logical inference. I always found it interesting how the import of these rock bands and counter culture from UK was called “the british invasion”

And this is a tweet that must confound the Larouchies, big sellers of the “Neo- Nazi troop battalion in Ukraine!” Come charge they be — Sure, Azov has a few token Jews to show off. There is a history of clever neo-Nazi groups here in the US such as the Lyndon LaRouche cult pioneering such tactics. We’re not fooled. Meantime — Wagner Operatives, huh?

Heh. Schiller would spit LaRouche (owner of that linked site) right in her face.

EGO Stripping Exercise

This is a good sum of splitting some “conspiracy analysis” truth from different cultish interpretations of same. I hope you understand the difference between “CIA used various fronts, Ford Foundation is one of them, to sow chaos in academia during the Cold War and enforce cultural hegemony” is different than “LaRouchies, milita movements and neo-Nazis are angry someone wrote about them”. Hot wire the conspiracy so you are at the center of it. Shave away the inconvenient messiness of history.

I await the bashing of the NYT for bringing up this: In Michigan, Ms. Mitchell’s group held a training session in May that was sponsored in part by a coalition of grass-roots groups called the Michigan Election Protection Team. The R.N.C.’s state election integrity director brought together the coalition to recruit poll workers. According to its website, the coalition includes LaRouchePAC, a committee dedicated to Lyndon LaRouche, the deceased conspiracy theorist, and Let’s Fix Stuff, an outfit run by a former Republican state senator who has promoted a theory about the 2020 election that Republican Michigan Senate leaders denounced as “indefensible.” The Rachel Marrow Show has picked up on that paragraph, so comes a new deluge of comments. And a retooling of the “I thought he was dead / He’s still alive?” line of old.

Spiritual heirs of post election charges of fraud — Trump’s Pac charges that a 52 percent margin of a loss by their candidate hadja been fixed. Reminding me of their post election analysis when Barney Frank beat Rachel Brown — the “Vault” did something nefarious.


Reminds me of Lyndon Larouche. One of his volunteers came to my house when Bill Clinton was running for re-election, my dad politely declined saying that he planned to vote for Bill again, dude got quite angry with him.

They were very active in my area prior to the Occupy movement. I have many anecdotes about interacting with them… but people always think I’m exaggerating. They would aggressively heckle and troll Ralph Nader or Green Party events… and after inevitably being kicked out, they would regroup outside and sing Christmas carol style songs about how evil Nader is and how good John Kerry is. I once spent a lunch break eavesdropping on their members doing publicity on a street corner. One was trying to explain how LaRouche was correctly predicting a future steel-shortage that would crash the economy (unless LaRouche was elected and built a bunch of rail.) … he kept pointing to a graph on their magazine saying “saying, see how this line shows how there will be a steel shortage.” The pedestrian he was talking to just said, “but what data is this from?” The LaRu smugly corrected and said: “it’s not a graph, it’s an animation!”… 3. I was radicalized by the US invasions after 9/11. My first larger political experience was the Iraq war and I was very new to the left. I met some LaRouche people and tried to network for an anti-war thing I was doing and gave them my number. … they left increasingly hostile and threatening voice mail for weeks and weeks. Doing like good-cop bad-cop strategies on my voice mail. One would call and scream and then another would call and leave a message apologizing but also heavily moralizing me.

Speaking of LaRouchies I saw one of their Canadian devotees (Matthew Ehret) was on Christopher James’ show last month. The Queen and therefore Canada’s government is bad, which has always been used a proxy to attack the American republic. Canada killed Lincoln. Or something like that.

Wow, there still are LaRouche fans ? I remember one telling me Prince Philip ordered JFK’s assassination about 20 years ago, lol.

And I’ve had run-ins with members of this cult back in college. They act like there’s an impending economic collapse just right around the corner, and only god-emperor LaRouche can save us.

I had a LaRouche person try to get me sign her petition. They didn’t mention the LaRouche (it was on the flyer) and told me they were for culture and the arts.

I remember years ago a woman outside a government building was promoting Lyndon Larouche. We had a conversation and I can see the crazy in her eyes. When I was leaving, she was getting hostile.

Muppets family Christmas, recorded on vhs from 1987, with an hour long infomercial by Lyndon LaRouche accidently taped on afterwards… was the best tradition to watch all of it at my house growing up

Hm. Parents had Ron Paul / Larouche newsletters, and gaming stores had ironic / not ironic nazi clientele. Different experiences than mine.

I have an aunt who gave me the manifesto when I was a young punk, but her son was in LaRouche’s cult and I got some of his pamphlets from her, and I was more interested in giggling at that nonsense to read anything seriously. They have names like “Children of Satan” and “The Sexual Congress of Cultural Fascism.” Regarding their content, I seem to remember them applying right wing thinking to left wing ideas. I was a teenage crust punk, and it was clear to even me Larouche was wrong headed. (“nick” asks for “what is so absurd” and “do you believe in satan?”)

I grew up camping in Mich-mostly at state parks & all over incl UP. My Dad & bro went 2 Isle Royale. I sat that out. NO interest in straining water 4 parasites lol. My dad told us of sovereign citizens/militia & Larouche loons. We heard stories.

This is unhelpful but Larouche’s people used to show up and demonstrate at St. John’s College in Annapolis when I was a student. Something about us being a bench for the CIA.

Been in Virginia 40 years now, Tidewater area for half that. It’s always been Delmarva. DMV is where you go to be harassed by Lyndon LaRouche supporters.

One time I got dragged to a Lyndon LaRouche meeting because somebody said they had a telescope to look at Mars. At the meeting they were disparaging public school education, pointed at me and said they bet I couldn’t draw a line segment with a length of the square root of two. I took their ruler and made an isosceles right triangle, with side length one. They acted surprised and asked me where I had seen that before, and I said: “public school.” Nobody talked to me afterwards and the telescope was disappointing. 20 years later and still bothers me.

I got wrangled into going to a LaRouche meeting and listened to Mozart while a guy tried to get me to sell all my possessions

When I was about 11, I discovered LaRouche at the news stand. At first, I was like, wait! This guy’s brilliant. By the time I was 14, I saw him as a mental patient.

Benefits of online service for dmvs in Virginia: Also, I don’t have to walk past the Lyndon LaRouche supporters anymore.


Looking back to Zeitgiest.

I remember good ol’ Lyndon LaRouche claiming I.F. Stone’s book on Socrates was published to prime the public against him in the ‘84 election. Talk about ego!

I relate to lyndon larouche, i really do. he was a guy who had lotsa opinions, and brother i can tell ya when you have lotsa opinions people get mad!!!!

I’m currently imagining James Burnham, Lyndon LaRouche, and Murray Bookchin attending the same Socialist Workers Party meeting and being like “yup we’re all committed Marxists glory to Leon Trotsky long live the 4th internationale”

The Dutch political party Vrijzinnige Partij argues for A 432 as a standard on the unverified grounds that Joseph Goebbels was responsible for the adoption of A 440, and that it causes “disarray” in music and society.

Labor Committees still exist?

The weird go-to blame that accrues to 1920s Trotskyites.

The Jews are responsible for all the —-“. (Says… Goldstein?)

To be fair, the yippies contemporaneously were annoyed by the hippies and prone to dip into conspiratorial and semi-conspiratorial ranting on from whence they came. (and defending the line presented here… Well, the term “rock and roll conservative” was bandied about as a marketing term.). I do not believe Hitler ever advocated a “new dark age“.

1994 … Back when the Larouchies were warning frantically that Moscow would take Ukraine. Third Rome and all that.

I think this is an allusion to, say, the mayorial candidate in LA on a “law and order” kick. Nothing terribly wrong with this party maneuvering particularly on the municipal level — It is not the same as the Larouchies or the White nationalists in Idaho this year.

Why NAWAPA was insane.

summer of love

NATLFED at Operation Mop Up.

How to

Alternate histories for Democratic Socialists.

Even Raymond Eddé, a secularist who hated the far-right, made the mistake of having meetings with Lyndon Larouche. Larouche hated Kissinger so Raymond Eddé thought he could be an ally. Larouche was a strange beast. Was Marxist before taking a hard right turn I remember reading some of his pamphlets on streets of NYC early 2000’s and not getting a clear idea of his positions. Local friends had to give me more context. So I forgive R Eddé for getting it wrong.

Alex Jones a secret commie, gate keeping the right for the Commies, as is Putin. Oh, and Mossad to boot.

Long list of third party candidates — and the classic line of “the Dems shoulda gone with Henry Wallace!” told in jest. (More on the problems when counterfactual history mingled with the conspiracy mindset: He literally thinks reason why Russian Revolution didn’t spread to USA is because of Oregon Treaty of 1846, a year before Treaty of Cession, even though boundaries were defined in 1818. Fits a narrative, I guess. Then there’s Napoleon Bonaparte and Chinggis Khagan were proto-communists. If you don’t understand this, then you aren’t a socialist. That is a joke, right?)

Good used book find.

Odd thread of Russian history.

I think there’s an excellent one-act play to be written set in the cell LaRouche and Jim Bakker shared in federal prison.

My only personal experience with LaRouchies were how theyd ruin every protest in the 00s. Like a dozen would show up to an anti-war protest, represent less than .001% of the crowd, just do incredibly embarassing shit and local media would invariably train all their cams on them


About as much coverage as they garner, this is about how most “what’s on the ballot” articles address the Australian Citizens Party::

The Citizens Party (formerly the Citizens Electoral Council) has a predominant focus on all things economics and business. Their policies are focused on big banks, making a “public post office a people’s bank” and rejecting the “hysteria and alarmism” associated with climate change. 

They also want to help the population “rise above” addictive violent video games, dangerous drugs, mass-produced Hollywood movies and banal popular music. Yep, you read that right.

They have candidates in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales.

Making the pitch: ACP policies, claims Isherwood, “oppose the tyranny of those who wish misery on the world by reducing human beings to less than beasts, inducing them to accept less than their true human potential, and denying justice, in all its forms, to those who need it.” “This”, said Isherwood at the party’s campaign launch on Feb 10 this year, “does not make us popular.”

This candidate receives his greatest applause when backing protectionist economic measures. He never mentions China, Russia, Ukraine, or Britain. And he equivocates a tad when confronted by opposition to nuclear power.


Blake Masters. Ryan Kelley. Fred Phelps, Tucker Carlson. Corbyn. Mangabeira, Foucault, Ayn Rand, Zizek, Meszaros, é uma fileira de malucos que não acaba mais. Snooping Dog, Enema Man. Chomsky, Carbo. The Finders. Geoff Young (Democratic primary winner in lopsided Republican district. Theoretically has appeal.). Connor Lamb. Jimmy Dore. George Carlin, out of a bang your head against the wall framing on Chappelle. Thomas Riggins. Since candidate Geoff Young gets the comparisons, may as well sell him on Larouche. Michael Chertoff. Nina Turner. Vaush. Jim Ziegler. Beto O’Rourke. DSA. Bob Katter. Nick Adams. Forrest Gump. Naomi Wolf. Carl Paladino. Elon Musk. Bilderburg Crasher filming stunters. Ross Perot. Ryan Kelley, again, in the news and more lorg adjacent than ever.

Geoffrey Young jumps right into it.

Jacobin covers the classical music / capitalism vortex.

The working class love 5’7″ guys who can’t groom themselves and sit in their basement all day yelling about Lysenko. You go to any factory worker in America and they love hearing about this.

Har de har har.

One question on this Tarpley analysis: I feel he’s being used to split the 9/11 truther movement from Larouche mvt. Present tense?

The problem in this bit on CEC: “how banks are going to steal all your money” is an issue to deal on in regulation. The problem here is in failing to differentiate the policy aims of Bill Clinton, but that game continues. The problem with this is that the wlym did not exist in the 1980s. The problem with this is he appears to be suggesting “US Senator” means something in validating words.

I am surprised that there are still political candidates invoking the name of Lyndon LaRouche to bolster their candidacies — and that they can find volunteers who are willing to canvass for them on the streets of Harlem.

LPAC gets Texas Republican group to do that resolution for banning the fed. Ron Paul lay the groundwork, methinks.

Point: The attacks on “patriotic socialism” function primarily to keep people limited to a “class struggle” dogma. Counterpoint: What part of “No war but class war” am I missing?. And, yes, from anything even hinting at a Marxist point of view, the American Revolution was not a Revolution but mere reforming.

What do Leninists have to do with anything?

There’s no essence to anything haz says and his fans will never organize anything. They can organize a lunch bucket!

Big on NAWAPA.

Answer to this question: the deed is done. Slightly modify the formulation, though.

No answer: Daniel I’m a fan, but why do LaRouche hate Zizek/Hegel? Because they overcame the Plato/Aristotle division you guys love?

Trying to sell Larouchies as the real influencer instead of the over-hyper Dugin. Strange pissing contest, or hype machine. Worth pointing out Dugin has stated his role is over-stated, but I guess someone from a point of strength is inclined to do so. (Noting how lay viewers see the Larouche — Glazyev connection.)

Sales pitch to pacifists.


No, I can’t say that I am looking for podcast reviews of Edgar Allen Poe that include “Larouche interpretations”, but depending — I am not totally against the lark. So, Kings Cast edition 11 — to these podcasters — beware of an email from out of LPAC or out of LORG.

A1 uses: Once I get my invite all I am going to do is type in combos of words from Lyndon Larouche pamphlets for months on end.

Diane Sare Runs

Leaving the supermarket just now, I was asked to sign a petition to get someone on the New York ballot for Senate. I asked what party, and I was told LaRouche Independent. I laughed a little and said that I don’t vote for crazy people. I wonder if I should have laughed more.

Was handed one of your calling cards yesterday with a request to sign to get your name on the ballot. I said I’d read up on you. Glad I did. You’re nuts.

Hitting Albany.

The deed is done, a photo-op of ballot access is lobbed, and …

Support coming in! If Schumer doesn’t get some kind of reconciliation bill passed every DSA person should endorse the Larouche lady running against him it’s not like he’s gona lose so might as well. Also it would be really funny

Apparently a good jumping to point (archive dot org has old Michael Billington interviews), Diane Sare hit Ang Ating Katipunan on Radio DZAR. Nothing came out of it.

Meantime… The best story the Bay Area press missed out on in the #CAPrimary: Ned Nuerge, running as a REPUBLICAN against @RepBarbaraLee used to head up the Lyndon LaRouche contingent that routinely got elected to the @AlamedaCoDem Central Committee #Eurasianlandbridge Cc: @eastbaycitizen

More Salesmanship

Subscribe to a patreon for thingy:. Also subscribe to see an ” unfolding personal meltdown manifesting itself as increasingly unhinged posts about Lyndon Larouche. “. I have no choice but to take the word for it.

RUAwakeyet 1984 World” tries to sell Larouche to conspiracists opposed to his mass of policies.

Random supporter — “Larouche lives through me”, going to name first son after the dead cult leader.

Not winning this twitterer: Look at Lyndon Larouche’s positions on homosexuality when the weather is less beautiful and we’ll talk about it again

okay so i came up with this new political philosophy. it’s basically the last anti establishment idea you can have now. so i call it “maga marxism,” and i know what you’re thinking, but i just read the wiki page for lyndon larouche, and- hey where are you going i have a substack,

Jacques Cheminade knocking on doors. Maybe you can time a meeting so he can be meeting with you when the Jehovah’s Witnesses come knocking and arrange for a meeting of the minds.

I came here to exonerate LaRouche and chew bubble gum…and I’m all out of bubble gum. Cute, but they apparently hate pro wrestling and its stars’ movies.

The Royals and Royal Adjacent

Meghan Markle makes a quick unannounced at not noticed jaunt to a memorial for Uvalde. A good deal of in jest comments abound that … She’s running for office and… Cue any variation on the Simpsons line. The feeding frenzy shapes up in The Spectator, premise picked up by prominent Twitter Larouchie, and… Hm. To be sure, a concerted photo does not require it announced at the time of the photo op-ing. Beyond that, I remain mum.


Accumulated debris

Friday, April 29th, 2022

#2 on Cracked’s list of “15 Notorious Cults That Amazingly Still Exist“. Gawking at the splintering. (Note: I have to disagree for the premise on “amazingly” still existing. Remains always remain.). Anyway, counter to the surprise — we can project larouchism as on the up-swing.

LPAC alongside Turning Points USA introducing Trump official Scott Atlas at Michigan State University. Sparking the question — what it you Turning Points USA, Charlie Kirk?, And, for whatever it is worth Grant has been rising on those presidential ranking lists — basically because he stuck with Reconstruction for the bulk of his time in office — hard to imagine how Trump will ever get reconsidered. I do not figure your Trumpists are shifting through Grant’s record to rehabilitate him, but to the extent they wear disdain from Ivy League historians as a badge of honor, Grant is heading in the wrong direction.

Daniel Burke leans deeply into Soviet idolatry, and now in the LORG canon — The Alexandrov Red Army Choir. Continues the fight against the Second Law of Thermodynamics, though this guy probably would not care if not for Haz.

Interesting, LPAC wants to deviate the right from a current “state conventions” obsession –I will note: War-time censorship and an historic attack on free speech, — “an historic”? On the left, some of our readers might recall that in 2011 another “anti-establishment” movement came into existence—the left-wing Occupy Wall Street phenomenon. Financed by George Soros, and intended, like the Tea Party, to entice angry American citizens into dead-end political activity, today’s remnants of Occupy have now joined with CSG to assault the U.S. Constitution — The legacy of Occupy is irritation at the CP-USA and the Larouchies for parasiting off of it. (Recall the Larouche troll who chafed against my lightly mocking tone on Occupy. )

Will Josh Hawley embrace the Land Bridge? I should organize Hawley around the idea of expanding the Callaway Nuclear Plant near Fulton, Missouri and try to get him on LaRouche’s ideas, including the World Landbridge. Yeah, you go do that.

Let’s join all nations to defend humanity from the threat of asteroids. Yeah, you go do that.

News Alert! LaRouche folks are out in front of Fox News

Zero Hedge — Point. Counterpoint.

Unsubscribing to their newsletter — Helga does not have the vision of her husband — backing Communists and Putin. Or, maybe they are Leninist after all. Or, Hell, maybe Stalinists after all!


I hail from Iran, where state TV might casually suggest, for example, that Pepsi is actually a Zionist acronym (“pay each penny, save Israel”), or that the Jews created lovable Jerry from Tom and Jerry to rehabilitate the reputation of mice, given their own rat-like disposition. Growing up there honed my loathing for the conspiratorial cast of mind. I proudly remember the contempt with which I dismissed the LaRouchies I came across in Seattle as a University of Washington undergrad.

Princeton City Council meetings.

I once got in an argument with larouchies cause they were horning in on our canvassing space… one of the brain-wormiest discussions i’ve ever had. the young larouchies seemed more like millenarians trying to convince people the solution was to quit the internet and be a goldbug

The worst thing I did in college was signing up one of my best friends for LaRouche’s email distribution list as a prank. He auto-forwarded them to my email and I auto-forwarded them back to this and we got nasty calls from the campus IT people. Good times!

If there’s one pre-covid thing I miss, it’s messing with Larouchists when they table.

Wow yeah so that’s who I was debating with back in the day While I was very dumb at the time it’s nice to know they were totally whack. (Further: “extremely niche

A popular AM radio station in Washington, DC, WMAL, featured a weekly ranting by LL. I would listen to it in my childhood, thankfully I recognized the paranoid bigotry against “Zionists” and “humanists”. Fortunate inoculation against my future encounters with Larouche.

Q adherents analogy of the pastThe worst I remember was the Lyndon LaRouche people who would have a table at a supermarket and try to push LaRouche as the solution to all our nation’s problems.

What a drag it is getting older — I am 40 years old. I can’t join the LaRouche Youth anymore. That ship has sailed

Some of the looniest people are pharmacists and medical doctors. In the town I grew up in, preCVS, Walgreens, the local pharmacist was a big LaRouche guy.

I miss those hour long political ads Lyndon LaRouche would make every election.

I’ll never forget when I met some Larouche people tabling near my work and they suggested that Karl Marx was a British agent. Also in denial that Larouche started out as a Trot, they didn’t see that one coming. LaRouche people have a messianic cult complex where only they can save the world from the Malthusian agenda. If you question them you are refusing leadership of the only people who can save us from the coming crisis and therefore working for the Queen’s conspiracy.

~10 year ago; table outside the supermarket, with a lady collecting signatures to run for office as I neared she looked up at me; took 5 seconds for me to get a crazy person vibe her spiel included a web of unknown groups Crazy+front orgs? had to be LaRouche

What’s the closest you’ve ever been to being in a cult? I attended multiple Lyndon LaRouche meetings

I remember Douche LaRouche as a slogan.

We all knew that guy in high school who was an exact genetic clone of Lyndon LaRouche.

He first came to my attention in early 00’s when a friend was handed a LaRouche pamphlet in Seattle filled with $10 dollar words and asked me to make sense of it. I said this guy’s fucking nuts stay far away. It read like a pseudointellectual Pat Buchanon disguised as Leftism.

LOL those LaRouche people were all over my college campus antagonizing people in the ’90s. They were always so creepy.

Before Washington went to vote-by-mail, we had to wade through a crowd of those LaRouche loons screaming in our faces and waving posters of President Obama with a Hitler mustache drawn on him. Things are so much better now. 🙂.

Years ago when I was a member of the 46th District Dems, there was an attempted infiltration by a local group of followers of Lyndon LaRouche but they never had enough people to join and outnumber us. I imagine something similar in the Republican party with an opposite outcome.


SIC. For this interested, a vintage picture of Lyndon LaRouche with his sisters Lenore (left) and Shirley (right). No, I don’t know what it means either.

A bit of a correction, or clarification, in the otherwise sound “David Icke copied Larouche” premise — 4th Reich Member,Icke was heavily promoted by Alex Jones — initially Jones kept him at arms’ length, calling him “the turd in the punch bowl”

back in the day he seemed to be exclusively the choice of angry weird old men who hung out in front of the post office trying to hand out pamphlets. after the past 5 years though, he’d probably have a fighting shot in a GOP presidential primary. if he got more racist. — Children of Satan III … Trying for the bargain VHS horror market.

John Singlaub.

International conspiracy theory vortex.

That 2016 memo

A map of the 1986 Illinois results. Fairchild’s coalition mainly consisted of rural white voters in downstate Illinois and black voters within the city of Chicago. Many black voters were motivated to vote against machine-backed white ethnic candidates after efforts to oppose Mayor Harold Washington. How in God’s name did Fairchild win the 13th ward? Is this an error?

I still think my favorite moment in Dem debate history is when @GovHowardDean roasted the Larouche people who started heckling from the audience

Matlock — q

Run through in light of Maupin. (his stop over in support of democratic socialist cause celebre AOC spells further doom to these Marxians.). Etc.

War on Drugs.

An alternate universe where Jackson beats Bush and for third Larouche beats Paul.

Since you asked — Frankly Jim Jones’ politics were miles better than LaRouche’s. At any rate, my point is we should not pretend as if either are the least bit admirable. And certainly shouldn’t overestimate degree of correctness in LaRouche’s “ideology“.

Misnomer worth a poke: Tarpley is no longer affiliated with the LaRouche movement. Also wait until you find out you can come together with people you disagree with to work together on certain issues and that non gay people can get HIV. Further explication of the harm / insanity of that cause.


(shrug)I am not nor have I ever been a member of the Left, which I guess frees me up to “defend” Kyle Rittenhouse.

I’m sorry to ruin your fanfiction but LaRouche was desperately trying to get employed by “the cathedral” (he offered the FBI info on radical orgs in the 70s and got pissy when the Feds ignored him)

Found this while in the basement with my dad. (Poster from presidential campaign). he thinks larouche was crazy (he used to parade tanks down main street), but he got this poster from a friend and had it framed

. “Parties for federal elections” was always interesting for boomers. a. when obscure small parties had their say. A real highlight was the EAP with the legendary Helga Zepp-LaRouche (still alive! and only 73). The EAP was cool. Absolutely. The good old LaRouche movement. Today it goes by the name BüSo. If by “cool” you mean “crazy in an entertaining way” — then yes, they’re cool.

Adolf Hitler, whatever else you can say about him, was not a de-growther.

Miko Dzagi with more amusing lines from Larouche’s past.

Patty Hearst.

Regarding George Soros and the details of his life under occupied Hungary-And, on that last part, I notice that the fact he also delivered a warning with each notice that they’d be deported if they showed up seems to escape you. Rebutting the rebuttal: The 2,000 billion dollar golem has come to life and is about to attack the worshipers of Dr Faust. The US has in its power the ability to change its fateful end only if it divests itself of the Oligarchic principle and exonerates Lyndon LaRouche and his ideas post mortem

The LaRouche movement was considered to probably be a CIA political operation by Phil Agee, the first CIA whistleblower who become a socialist. The only kind of former intelligence whistleblower I trust.

Rudolf Schulten

Re-situating Ronald Reagan as opposed to the strange revisionist if for Communist supporting selection of the day. And Communism like — JFK?

To be honest, who do you think was having more fun: Lyndon LaRouche calling Walter Mondale a Trotskyist Fifth Columnist, or Walter Mondale talking about trade deficits?

The current state of Larouche. And a long history report.

One rejoinder to the line on “Brits mean Jews”. Though on that score: significantly more common to see someone blaming Jesuits for all the world’s ills than Britain.


It’s the rhetorical matching. Leading to curious selective rationalizing, failing a test of self-awareness. And over to cult of personality.

.LaRoucheOrg leaflet going out in the streets— “Only Fools and Liars Deny Ukraine is a Murderous Nazi State” Print and circulate in person and online: …

In practicality they’re promoting the post-destruction digitally controlled slavery system already rolling out in Ukraine.

Counterpoint: I want to thank the Lyndon LaRouche cult for bringing Richard Falk to my attention. Ever since I read in an Alex Cockburn column that the LaRouchians had denounced Falk as “a vicious agent of British faggotry,” I figured that he was worth paying attention to. I was right. Even as he proffers opposition to American and NATO’s stance on Ukraine. But then here is a rebuffing of selective Larouche usage — that which Scientology calls “squirrel” ing.

Don’t cry for Valery Gergiev.

Question: My friend Elena Bransen is being charged as a Russian spy. What for? Answer: For being a Russian spy.

Championing Putin’s historical bravado chest thumping.

How widespread is this belief? reminder that the first international was founded by british spooks to support the feudal polish uprising against the abolition of serfdom in russia. (More reaction. referencing.)

I see a resurgence of people using ‘land bridge to Crimea.’ I understand its superficial appeal, but this framing is not especially helpful for understanding the course of this war, or Russian aims in it.

Zelensky bans the “Progressive Socialist Party”, which is — what? Dugin Poster dynamics — and what is the domestic fallout sectarian splinter-wise?

The CPI-USA issues its statement.

VOA identifies Chinese US sources — “There’s the dangerous possibility that Chinese officials and academics actually think the LaRouche movement is a serious Western group.” — EIR headquartersand a video.

Cliff Kincaid i.d.s Larouchepac as influencer for conservatives in bashing Zelensky. JBS sharply deviates from LORG.

Richard Black on Iran’s Press TV.

When accused of war crimes, simply accuse the target of war crimes.

Begin the anti – Aleksandar Dugin campaign with this one tweet.

You lost me at “Zinoviev was refuted by LaRouche” on page 918 of your manifesto

Assess your politics however you may.


Russell Brand. Max Blumenthal. Cory Morganstar, etc. Etc. Mao. Palin. Firefly fans. Julian Assange. Adrian Vermuele. Falun Gong. Lara Logan. Uneasily, qanon. Jordan Peterson, with Kermit voice. “People in my town“. Ursula von der Leyen. Adrian Vermuele. The convoys. The Black Agenda Report. Gus Hall. Sunrise Movement. Technocracy, and an incorrect statement. Senator Tom Cotton. Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Facebook. David Icke. Nina Turner. 2024 presidential aspirant, and remembering her forebears’ purpose. Warnings. Cryptocurrency. (Me: Man, the crypto peoples’ vibe is a lot like the Larouchies on any college campus 20 years ago. Crypto bros, prob: Fight the beast men, invest in Lyndon Coin). Extinction Rebellion. Lynch and Kubrick. Tulsi. Cyberpunks — I guess. The vortices of trans a related politics. Trump pop up business. Dale Peterson. Alex Jones. Dust James. Nick Brana. Josh Mandel. Blondie and Dire Straits not on this guy’s play list.

Different from Manson.

Point: Really annoyed that people apply all these wildly off-base political labels to me when I’ve been very clear that the one I actually identify with is democratic fascism. Response: I always thought you were a LaRouche supporter.

It’s always sad when you get a bunch of new followers for a fun normie tweet and they slowly realize you’re basically indie rock Lyndon LaRouche

would you rather fight one horse sized alexander dugin or 100 duck sized lyndon larouche’s. either way you have to fight and it is to the death

Glass half empty: most of the women who message me on dating apps have word salad rants about “late capitalism” with painfully affected nihilism Glass half full: the World Land Bridge movement and the school of Lyndon LaRouche has many new potential adherents presented to me.

I don’t know anything about LaRouche, but I do know that 432 harmonizes with the PYRAMIDS, m’nan!

This is actually a warning sire for Idaho’s Democratic Party, as the “too aligned with Republican Party” white nationalist/ supremacists have the stated goal of a state party take-over.


Given the fact that Maupin is following closely a Larouche playbook, and interacts to the degree that it is debatable whether his org is trying to swallow up the larouche org or the Larouche org is swallowing his org up —

— the better to suggest that it is practically one group, and separate is better strategically —

This comes out as amusing: ten cringe protestors in union square. That’s like a tenth of the regular daily protests for LaRouche and greeting aliens.

Or… “The Larouche movement really has shrunk, hasn’t it?

A little bit of a passing in the night with this photo — Webster Tarpley moves into Democratic Party advocacy (though, that is in his roots under Larouche in the Clinton period) — Maupin continues

The hopes to be the author and victor of “the next left schism“.

Maupin announces he is no longer a Communist, and (ignore the association beyond reality to Larouche) — we can’t say he was in 2017. (Note: Jeff Gannon was a favorite for Bush and press chief to call.) Also shoving aside — Webster Tarpley, and I do not know the details of his recent comments to gauge a ludicrous level — did he reference Large he in relation with Tarpley?

Tweet-stream for reference purpose, Caleb disavows a 2009 anti-war ounce article.

The “Breadtube” conspiracy theory, endorsed by Daniel Burke.

I do not dip into the reasons and merits of charging Caleb Maupin off of twitter, but if interested start at this accusatory tweet. Expounded upon with a tweet thread now placed with viewer restrictions, and on to “bingo card”. My guess is round about there is the reasoning for PayPal’s banning.

Imagine if the CPI makes a remake of that Saints and Soldiers movie but instead of finding out that there’s Mormons in the Wehrmacht, it’s finding out that a member of the Taliban has a shrine to Lyndon LaRouche in their house.

The Fight


A team of organizers and activists, led by LaRouchePAC’s Kesha Rogers and Peter Bowen, succeeded in securing support for the campaign to replace the Federal Reserve with a Third National Bank, at last weekend’s Texas Republican Senate Caucuses.

Aiming at Ron Paul fans.

Paging Daniel Burke with (now deleted tweet): Man Larouche PAC YouTube channel is so freaking good. And so comes: Watch out!!! LaRouchePAC is full of crap. They left the international movement two years ago. The old material on that channel is good! But the new stuff is horrid.

Putin and Beatles conspiracy theories.

Trying to tap Tulsi Gabbard’s shoulders. And Nadia Oak’s. Scott Ritter. James Cornyn supporters.

And him –Whoever invited me to a LaRouche cult conference featuring the Russian ambassador really has no idea what my politics are.

band im playing with just shouted out lyndon larouche lmfao. he’s gaining momentum

Robert Arnold shouts to Glenn Greenwald.

Id-ing French politicians. Emanuel Macron will get back to him any minute.

Robert Kokinda is running for state senate in Michigan.

Diane Sare campaign momentum! there’s a LaRouche Party senate candidate canvassing outside the whole foods at 96th street lol. Spotted again.

Australian Citizens Party gets column Q.

Bards Logic and David Christie.

We discuss the 2022 Conference to Establish a New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations hosted by the Schiller Institute. The conference featured speakers from around the Globe to establish a dialogue for a new economic paradigm based on production and cooperation to ensure peace among all nations.. The goal is to destroy the Treaty of Westphalia.

The one thing you can say about “Fault Lines Radio”, ” Radio Sputnik” is it is right there in the name. Daniel Burke was on for a segment, which you can look up if you want a listen, and we can expect it continues.

A misnomer here: Ms LaRouche, I believe in you, however you are helping China, the world’s worst Dictatorship, against US democracy, the world’s best hope. David Icke is warning AGAINST what you are proposing. The China question.

Mark your calendars, I guess

Podcast episode coming.

Fun with alliteration for Seahawks fans, on undrafted players you will probably not see or hear of again.


Thursday, March 17th, 2022

(Sigh). Rare exotic floral cross-breed with other rare exotic floral. And I am thrown off the lackadaisical monthly “round-up”.

Mike Myers Spreading the Message

Mike Myers has taken a single scene from his 1992 movie So I Married An Axe Murderer, a scene that has the father ranting conspiracy theories out of a Lyndon Larouche pamphlet — and expanded it into a six episode netflix series.

Only time will tell if this knocks The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors reference down from top perch as dominant pop culture joking on Larouche.


a LaRouche recruiter once offered to help me move. they really know what they’re doing.

One of my relatives has reached LaRouche-level conspiracy.

You may be pleased to know that it’s been many years now since the LaRouchies have been encamped in Rosslyn. There were at least some in Palo Alto — they used to put their newsletters in my Stanford mailbox in grad school.

If you do not remember your first time as a newbie to politics talking to a LaRouchite, I feel bad for you. I remember taking their lit home and no being able to make heads of tails of the bizarre and esoteric historic references. When LaRouche accuses I think Dukasis of working with the Socialist International and like global wheat producers, I died.

They used to hound passerby with provocative argumentation where I lived 15 years ago. One guy was such a douche nobody would even look at him twice. They disappeared pretty quick.

When I was a 13 year old I encountered LaRouche people handing out fliers. They were beckoned me over and were trying to tell me how the 2005 Tsunami was a result of the world financial system. I have rarely since met anyone who knows about them.

I’m honestly kind of floored, this shit feels like a dream. LaRouche was a gd fascist. My childhood friend’s dad got beat up by LaRouche’s goons when they busted up a communist meeting with fcking nunchucks. What a surreal world we’re in, how tf are you going to defend the dude.

you’re in for a treat. the LaRouche fanatics were *everywhere* around UCLA c.2001-6, think I have a complete physical run of his amazing Children of Satan series thanks to my own stupid capacity for arguing with them at great length

friend who works for HM Treasury came to visit me in NYC, then went on a trip to Philly. came back he told me he had befriended someone who took him to some Lyndon LaRouche meetings. he was totally shocked. had so many Qs about the American education system.


Daniel Burke suggests taking the message to the churches, and so comes, from “Alex Jones boi”: I need to print some of your guys pamphlets for these sorts of situations. Yeah, be sure to clip off the ” larouche” references.

Paging Jimmy Dore.

Hasn’t this been their mo for the past 14years? is time to have Schiller institute infiltrate GOP circles, websites, and AltTech & CRUSH THE LIBERTARIANS! Maybe it was largely the faction that took off with lpac.

The question regarding William Jones. Answer: He’s paid in world historical mission-hood.

Hm. Mangled or botched metaphor: Cutting the branch they’re sitting on??

CPI-USA, not to be confused with CP-USA, Meets in Texas

The CPIUSA merges in with team Larouche. Haz speaks. And… These tendency tenders tend their tendencies.

Worth pointing out — Michael Parenti holds the same positive “killed for taking up The People’s Cause!” line. I suppose this historical anachronism (There is no “proletariat” until the Industrial Revolution) can be fodder for imaginative Marxist historical parables. Parenti was probably alluding to Caesar when defending some left wing autocrats (Hugo Chavez), but from there once established it allows it to slide in to right wing ones as well… Anyone so long as they are battling American or Western hegemony. (Gaddafi for instance.)

Caleb Maupin will synthesize Lovestone, Browder, Marcy, Shachtman, LaRouche, and Avakian into a higher stage of Marxism which can only be defeated through Marxism-DeLeonism, which was the correct branch all along.

All right. So they hold a meeting in Texas, and … Tweeters follow along.

Apparently Haz, caleb maupin, jackson hinkle, etc had to create their own neo-larouchite outfit called the CPIUSA because the actual CPUSA explicitly banned any of them from joining. Lmao. first step to entryism is entry and they couldnt even manage that. If they can get our local philharmonic to adopt Verdi tuning, they will have my undying support

Purple Maggot” offers running commentary.

And more news and notes from the meeting:

Apparently during the opening they played the internationale & the star spangled banner (I hope not at the same time lol that sounds awful) & held up the soviet & US flags, and then as a special fun surprise added in some pro-Putin shit. They also produced a smaller copy of this Abe Lincoln head from a rally that the Communist Party of the USA held when they had like 50,000 members. The smaller, cheaper reproduction is probably a good metaphor for their conference room of 50 people.

After Haz there was an intermission for a few hours, I didn’t go back. They did have a guy talking about LaRouche which I’m learning is pretty sus. And lots of “SJW bad, patriotism based, socialism with American characteristics,” so…yeah I mean who would call them nazbol

It’s kind of like basing your entire policy on this image + LaRouche tube reading

New Larouche just dropped. Honestly that’s a little mean to Lyndon Larouche

Wait are these LaRouche people? I looked into it and one of them was talking about a “world landbridge” just deeply weird stuff

Vibrant communist movement: 37 year-old men wearing cheap suits with running shoes, misreading Heidegger et al, waving American flags & soviet flags. Pretending that the soviet union never ended. Very very sad indeed.

(Read it in the inflection of old Seinfeld routine): who are these people

They never did explain mecha Lincoln.

Another note on the Lincoln head – the patsocs keep calling it an “exact” replica but at least to my eye the CPIUSA Lincoln looks significantly angrier than the CPUSA Lincoln. Not sure what that’s about

Yes, one of the speakers talked at length about LaRouche and there was a lot of, “He wasn’t a [widely accepted bad political ideology], either, like *they* say.”

Their weird connection with what remains of the LaRouche cult is so odd.

Seriously if you want a experimental controlled case for how the internet and postmodernism have fundamentally rewired brains, look at the american podcast left. It’s literally just gobbledegook

It’s like Armando Iannucci wrote a satire about the Stalinized American Communist Party. Need me that floating Lincoln head in my room

none of these people are as cool as Lyndon LaRouche

it’s probably like 10 feds and maybe 3 other guys. the three other guys are also feds but ATF instead of FBI

Dear US tweeter users pls explain it… is it some kind of artistic performance? Kind of a joke?

You wore your finest sneakers with the suit! Classy!!

Granted I haven’t read as much theory as I need to but how is a right wing oligarchic country invading another country getting us any closer to a labor movement

What the hell are you? The United States in 1919 sent such morons to Soviet Russia, where they were partially shot. We must repeat.

I don’t understand. Is this satire?

What in holy hell is this nonsense?

if you played The Internationale and The Star-Spangled Banner simultaneously as some sort of unlistenable symbolic mashup that’s actually kinda great, otherwise everything about this is so embarrassing that you should blot out the faces to preserve some shred of dignity

Communism is when your leaders are billionaires with yachts who exploit workers obviously.

do you not realize just how confused y’all look here? It’s a mishmash of imagery stolen from unrelated movements being held up by guys who likely can’t even point out Donbas on a map

When you’re trying to create a mass movement but authoritarian cosplay also seems fun!

If you want to be a communist, that is, of course, your right. But using that as a screen to give aid and comfort to Putin as an enabler of Russian imperialism would have even Marx and Engels spinning in their graves.

Reminds me of the time Lenin was like, I hope the czar wins this imperialist war to maintain his legitimacy while Trotsky waved the Romanov coat of arms in the air

Like I need to find the video of this, but to start with, why have an “opening ceremony” with a presentation of colors? You’re not a Boy Scout troop or a high school with a rotc program. Just have the flags on the stage when you start.

I am oddly comforted that larouche style sectarian weirdness couched in respectability politics is making a comeback. Feels like a balance has been restored to the universe

It’s a weird guy named Caleb Maupin trying to start his cultish organization and trying to be the next Lyndon Larouche. And i am not being metaphoric about the Larouche thing…there is a lot of overlap between members of his org and the Larouchites

Just pining to see an ugly ms paint banner reading “Uphold the lessons of Chairman Caleb!

Imagine if Lyndon LaRouche, rather than Jim Jones, established the People’s Temple

Because Peter Coffin attended an event with a Larouchite you can now do six degrees of separation between Steve Harvey and Lyndon Larouche. Peter Coffin writing for the Executive Intelligence Review would be so funny that I would literally die.

Every few years some dipshit platonist wants to come after Aristotelian metaphysics, LaRouche was just the most dedicated.

the fact that LaRouche’s great work is not on display here just shows that CPI are truly revisionist liberals. when i joked about LaRouche’s materials not being on the table at that stupid CPI event last night I had no idea someone I followed was really going to get sucked into a genuine LaRouche LaRumble.

Fact checking this: lmao one of the first things Larouche did was form a group to beat up leftists and it managed to unite the entire Boston(?) left against him. Actually it was about the fifth thing he did. It’s so fucking good I love this shit they went from 1950s CPUSA aesthetic to LaRouche in like a day. the best thing is it’s for basically the same reasons, early leftist Larouche wanted a more “normal” “working class” left which apparently necessitated uhh beating up black panthers and other leftist groups

The part about lyndon larouche that was kind of cool was his crazy infrastructure ideas, and his absolutely batshit screeds had fun turns of phrase. Otherwise he sucked

And Daniel Burke’s generous offer: Anyone who was at the @CPIUSA conference or supports it, you can use this link to sign up with @LaRoucheOrg, and we will send you a free subscription to the LaRouche publications. Dozens of new signees coming right up!

Odd, considering Putin’s view of the demise of the Soviet Union as tragedy, his current geopolitical power aim with Ukraine, and the Laouche organizing with Soviet flag wavers — The single biggest impact LaRouche had on actual politics was keeping many people I knew employed at defense contractors working on SDI. And in turn helping to bring about the collapse of the USSR. And lest we get revisionist history on the period of courting Cold Warriors — Lyndon Larouche convinced Ronald Reagan you could build a “peace shield” which would have made a nuclear war “winnable” (meaning the destruction of the planet).

Battle-Lines of Left-wing Hegemony

Opposition forces come to crash the meeting, but guards shake them away. Austin — the domain of Maoist Red Guards, and …

Austin falls!!!! The Austin Red Guards, FTP, Tribune of the People Austin, or whatever they call themselves now have taken the biggest L in their history today. They sent in 2 scouts to the conference who didn’t even make it through the door. Austin belongs to CPI now, the Red Guards are done.

By extension, Austin now belongs to Putin!

But here… Red Guards speak up and push back. Maoists organizations still have far more influence than like 70 ppl in a conference hall, also u forgot to mention that most ppl there weren’t locals. You can see in this video that even last years May Day March had more attendees than ur chauvinist crap

Take that CPI-USA!!!!?

first time in history larouchies tried to prevent someone from learning about the land bridge.

Actually, in all seriousness that is a battle where I guess you have to side with the Larouchies and neo-Larouchies against those Maoists — the Larouchiesand neo-Larouchies knowing full well that the Maoists will behave like the disruptive Larouchie shouters and write in the Larouche literature about “successful interventions”. (See a random shout at a 1980 John Anderson rally — but these you can throw these political footnotes into a hat and pull one out as just as good as any other out.)

Query: Wait who’s Haz. The short dude that’s jacked up on roids and says very profound statements like “Women love me” and “You pee from your butt”. youre a dumb pussy. Another important quote of his. This may plausibly be true — Haz (infrared) knows more about socialism and marxism than you ever will. Debate him. — but even if it were (for all concerned twitteters) — they would be debating someone who has affected the mannerisms of of a Cartoon Super-villain.

Bottom line: Nobody outside of one armpit of Twitter has heard of any of you people, but commie internet dork turf wars are hilarious. (etc)

Continuing a push: Lyndon Larouche was a fellow socialist that must not be forgotten, and must have his name cleared, the liberal smearing of his name should not continue. Don’t let Larouche’s tragedy be in vein, arm yourself with knowledge.

ANdD new bottom line the Second:

These are the types who tell you that you “Don’t understand the working class” which is really funny cuz I have no idea who this is supposed to appeal to. It feels like it’s scientifically designed to appeal to the smallest group of people possible. Like really, who wants this? Actual Socialists? None of these guys actually support Socialism, they’re literally supporting a far-right government. MAGA hogs? Every Trump guy lives in fear that Commies are under their bed, they aren’t going to be pulled over with USSR flags. Even the terminally online Tankie types are explicitly anti-American so even those weirdos aren’t going along with this. Feels like a bad Hollywood reboot of that LaRouche cult.

Still Hate When any of the Proleteriat /People / Masses Create Music

The irony of the statement You probably only hate LaRouche because someone told you to. placed after the denigration of music that people love as conspiratorial plot … Just — No self-awareness. The Larouxhies are aiming to be The Man Busting Our Music, but … The Man Can’t Bust Our Music. But such productions from the wlym are Worth a laugh.

This is like if you went to an AA meeting and the group leader started in about how “spirits are a degenerate drink of The Negro and Irishmen destabilizing the cities at the behest of Jewish Landlords!” Lyndon LaRouche was basically off-mic Louis Farrakhan for white polisci dorks.

Shadowy oligarchs created syncopated rhythm is the weakest part of LaRouche for me. get hip to it – it’s just History. We’ll resolve whatever contradictions in time.

Looking, just because Lyndon LaRouche’s claim that Jerry Garcia formed the Grateful Dead on orders of MI5 wasn’t true doesn’t mean that Adorno didn’t contribute to “Hey Jude”.

The “escape clause” for the racial implications of banishing jazz has a celebration of negro spirituals –or, time freeze and leave everything as a museum.

Hm. Well, this is fun disposable music.


Lyndon Larouche (a very strange character but also a very well-informed one) already explained in the 1970s that the Anglo-American intelligence community had a terribly distorted notion of feminism that led to neurotic micromatriarchies like this.

Illinois elections are the best, every governor goes to prison, there was once a Larouche Dem and another time a Nazi REpublican. One future president of the US won an election Bc of the actress who plays 7 of 9 on Star Trek Voyager

Lavel Gubarev trailing into Nataliya Vitrenko.

Running through Russia Today history. (Why no ‘blue check‘?). Webster Tarpley’s post rt trajectory — and … Interesting enough: wgt also told me jeff steinberg is a very evil guy, fwiw

Playing “connecto”. Q … Quaker… Coincidence?

The current pitch to the left: Lyndon Larouche was a fellow socialist that must not be forgotten, and must have his name cleared, the liberal smearing of his name should not continue. Don’t let Larouche’s tragedy be in vein, arm yourself with knowledge. Met with: Where’s the “correct” record? They used to hound passerby with provocative argumentation where I lived 15 years ago. One guy was such a douche nobody would even look at him twice. They disappeared pretty quick. And back to the insane pitch: It seems that American communists failed Lyndon Larouche in th past, and history would demand that we as Marxist Leninists finally do right by him. The Schiller Institute played a big part in CPC’s development of the BRI & World Land Bridge project. We must #ExonerateLarouce. (Now why would American Communism not stand by Large he over the past six decades?)

Back to the Austin Twitter Aftermath

The Austin conference attendance has given “Larouche” its biggest Twitter spurt since either Larouche’s death or the heckling of AOC. On that score, I guess it is a success. Surely someone in this swarm of castigations and mockery brings someone along into the cult. Failing that, it gives the Larouche Twitter Guards something to do, and meaning… If nothing else cue a reference to “Anti-Imperialist Legend Mike Gravel” and… Win an argument?

A little bit of a game to play for this here Cleveland Browns fan: I still don’t understand the critique of Larouche. Like what is it that these people object too? Cue the angry tweet from Daniel Burke on the eve of the Superbowl. To be sure, I doubt the Maoists can stand pro-football.

So comes various tweet threads of history of Larouche misdeeds. Some superior, others inferior (or maybe largely fine but which I differ somewhat and don’t want to spend time caveating). Larouchies respond by throwing a bark at Dennis King, whether or not he actually is the source or citation (and in some tweets he is), and in this case dropping out after the first tweet bullet point item, and missing the point about celebrating the trashing of war criminal Henry Kissinger by way of bringing in homophobic allusions. An overly simplistic left wing knock on that guy who was George Wallace’s favorite president to quote — Abraham Lincoln, who after all “freed the slaves”, and after all spent his career desiring to ship them back to Africa — grants Burke a chance to turn him into an overly simplistic talisman–and all kinds of ” to the side” here as the only reason a goofy Lincoln emblem is involved is because the CPI wants to establish a spiritual lineage with the 1930s Communist Party. Jose Vega stands defending one of the damnedest of crude Larouche pamphlets — that one about the sexual impotence of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party — a “thanks for the promotional link” — Toss out a “so be it” on alternate universes where anything in it is defendable. On an intellectual level, the “neener neener” line — it’s always funny to see the reactions when LaRouche calls people impotent is that kind of “neener neener” thuggery exemplified by your Nelson Muntz to Milhouse call to “Stop hitting yourself”, but really… A grade under. In this case, that doesn’t really matter as it tends to prove that Twitterer’s point on the underlying message of the pamphlet.

On insta- “validator” responses — Before or after his exoneration of Slobodan Milosevic?

More immediately on current day happenings, the line — repeated in a few variations — about “no one has said anything on these ‘fascist’ program of Larouche!” follows or are surrounded by any number of tweets that do strike at some of the proposals.

Critique away! LMAO a Bering land bridge would destroy the arctic ecosystem. No country will ever support that shot. Isn’t the Bering strait pretty famously one of the most unforgiving and dangerous waterways on the planet. Why do larouche people think we can build a bridge there. And the one wanting to know how the hell does get the project built through Somalia.

Alrighty then: Serious question, if that’s the case, why are there a lot of black peoples in the Larouche organization? Short answer is they aren’t, other answer is it is irrelevant to the historical record of Roy Frankhouser walking in to bilk the cult for what he can, indirect answer starts with meditating on one now former member sitting by as Larouche makes monkey “jokes”.


CPI. Elena Branson. Jack T Chick and Jordan Peterson. Small groups of protesters in front of the White House: Dang. Even the Lyndon LaRouche crazies that used to picket my local post office drew more people. Lara Logan. People’s Convoy. An eco-radical whose sectarian splintering gets called out as “larouche vibes”. Ben Norton. Q — but not even ” comparison”. The Miami Dolphins.

As Lyndon LaRouche put it: “He predicted 18 of the last three economic crises

Germany, and Europe

getty images. BUSO lobbies in the German street.

Election Posters in Scandanavia — I imagine referencing”Glass Steagall” to a foreign electorate… has no pull with anyone anywhere.


Starting in 2015, you began to see for perhaps the ‘first known time’ in your lives, two political candidate’s be publicly attacked and persecuted, as a way of destroying them, before they could get there in life. So tweets perennial hobby horse candidate Kari Ilonummi. The candidates are Donald Trump, who at the time in 2015 were being lambasted by the larouche organization. And the other candidate is Kari Illonummi, according to Kari Illonummi. Well, we both beat ‘the deep state’ and even became friends through it all. Ironically enough. We had something in common. A lot actually. Not sure how. One won an election for the presidency of the USA. The other was zapped away in the top two primary. But years before the deep state went after Trump and Ilonummi… Why! Larouche was framed! But then… Long story short……God protected Dr. Lyndon LaRouche, the gangs had an official “No F*ck With Dr. LaRouche Policy,” agreement amongst each other (because they knew he was innocent) received a Presidential Pardon five years later, due to being innocent, Incorrect — though he was released early — but supposing this narrative were true: what was this point of weakness that lead this originally ironclad evil entity to “free Larouche”? In a previous telling of the story, the pure-hearted Bill Clinton did it… Fighting the deep state, or something.

For what it is worth, in this spirit, I recommend The Case of Walter Lippmann. And ask yourself, why all the hate for Franklin Roosevelt, by an organization that later will claim him as their mantle? History. Wash it away as needed.

Comedy Silver

New digital piano has a setting to tune up Verdi pitch and it’s way better. What else was Lyndon LaRouche right about?

Lyndon LaRouche was the archetypal “New Hampshire Man

she lyndon my larouche until i go to jail for five years for committing mail fraud

It breaks my heart that Larouche really grew up in Lynn not Rochester NH. It may seam like a distinction without a difference to you but it’s huge.

Alright how do I find out more about Larouche’s footwear management consultant days. Is there a cultural history of the traditional folkways of the New England Footwear executives?

The Problem Facing The Demands

I exonerated LaRouche. Now what?

I’d tell you, but I’ve got to catch this train from Vancouver to Berlin.

Moments that give cults meaning

Thursday, March 3rd, 2022

Hey! A page from the Larouchie playbook!

(image from New Republic website. Historically, Putin cites them as paid for by George Soros.)

Mike Dzagi ignores the long history of the Larouche movement from 1994 into 2008*, cites Larouche on the evils of Hillary Clinton. Knocks Amy Klobuchar for local boosterism. Messaging Sebastian Gorka as he acts as all politicians do to end a disruptive demonstration, and continues the left outreach we see from Burke by referring to “Great President Ronald Reagan”. And certainly the Russian government is blameless. Marsha Blackburn and Jim Jordan and Elizabeth Warren and Michael McFall (victim of the greatest bombardment) will get right back at him any minute now. And thanks Larouche for any supposed line on, quote-in-quote “Putin moving into derangement“.

Curious to read just how Gene Simmons, Larouche enemy, will die.

Yeah, why doesn’t Biden send out the Larouchies to talk to Putin? 50 plus years of experience! (Come to think of it, just like Biden.). Interesting this, as I do see a splitting from the “conspiratorial right” in lining up behind Chas Freeman.

100 seconds to World Extinction!!! Unless total cooperation with Russia’s “denazification” of Ukraine commences. (Find fascist elements everywhere, right?) (The line embraced by the Larouchies, which belie the more legitimate geopolitical concerns Putin may have on “NATO on his front shore”.). Daniel Burke cheers on Russian Imperialism, to the point of cheering on the annexation of Venezuela and now it is basically a pile of sarcastic and snippy quips to politicos’ tsk tsking tweets.

Answering question 3…

LPAC tweets an aside about disproportionate media coverage of the Flat Earth Society. Curious — I somehow missed that coverage, beyond a smattering of amusement regarding nba player Kyle Irving.

*2014, actually. The British Empire’s operation to launch Jeb Bush’s presidential candidacy has to be shut down now, as fast as possible, Lyndon LaRouche stated today. And a reorganized Democratic Party, in the post-Obama period and with Bill Clinton playing a key leadership role, has to provide the crucial steps for the government to pull the United States, and the world, back from the brink of looming catastrophe. They did sideline Hillary from her 2008 perch, though: That also means that Hillary Clinton will be in no position to maintain her prospective candidacy in the Democratic Party. She will have to take her hat out of the ring, and leave the path clear for Bill Clinton to provide needed leadership for Democrats to regroup around a program for recover.

Someone who doesn’t know the Larouchies never left: Jesus fucking Christ on a stick! The LaRouche movement is back?! It must be the end times.

Dealing With Communists

Noting that the Larouche troll who a decade and change back occupied the comments section of this here blog denigrated commenters at factnet with “some are professed Marxists and Communists!” — The attempt to slide with some type of “Marxist – Lenists” reaches meme levels.

An element of two faced approach — Bad Cop / Good Cop — call the CP-USA as just a bunch of federal agents and… Urge them to let bygones be bygones to fight Malthus (fist fight forty years ago.). (Continuing the argument: . Howard Hunt was in jail for a few years after Watergate, mostly in a low-security “prison” at a USAF base. They have to make it look good. The LaRouche org raises a lot of red flags (but not those kind!), plus a Soviet journalist pegged them as CIA.)

Cataloging further anti communist lines of Larouche on to Maupin. My gut says “yes” to this: I’d speculate Maupin’s goal is to be the next LaRouche especially with the bankroll. Further — why does conspiracy theorizing land on that? My gut says — no, no “takeover attempt“.

Visions: If Trump had rallied the the U.S. Public in early-2017, when he had good approval, to exonerate LaRouche, and implement his four laws and his four powers dialogue, Trump would be able to counter his obstacles, including Russiagate. Uh huh.

An odd defense of China’s restrictive birth policy as something other than “Malthusian”: They were mostly about economic growth and poverty reduction, malthusianism is about ending population overshoot

Haz jumps in as only a cartoon super villain can to declare the demise of Marxist-Leninists.

And I guess this can be viewed as a victory message for the Larouchies: I hadn’t paid attention to any of them for several months but every person I know who is a proud self-described “tankie” is now loosely connected to the LaRouche organization and its spinoffs? Does anyone know what’s going on here?

And Paleo-alt rightists

Daniel Burke declares, off of China siding against the US as Putin’s Russia incurs into Ukraine.:

@JackPosobiec in shambles.

‘Cause he gets to determine.

Shuffling further against Trump, Burke photoshops @aimeeterese’s in a photo of him standing next to Pompeo, and whines She is ignoring my tweet and pretending it’s just Peter Coffin attacking her — which is the old trick by her in assessing levels of import and addressing the one with some level of heft.

The Progressive Socialist Party. The Ukrainians are scary nazis but they are also weak effeminate wokes. (rebuttal). (as for this: A little bit of a selective bias in crows, niche upon niche — Larouche fades completely from public consciousness compared with infomercial laden 1980s — those who still can pull out a reference to him did a deep enough dive to know of Plato v Aristotle.

Mike Gravel

Gravel Institute separates from the Larouchies, the former pointing out Putin’s territorial aggrandizement the latter not. I think I can guess the Larouchie explanation as LORG sets up their webcast — Gravel Institute taken over by Obamaniks and not representing the views of the deceased.

Now “nothing but liberals“.

To be sure, I do not know what is the deleted tweet.

Ben Deniston discovers … Hypocrisy?… In the “Occupy Democrats” Twitter feed from a 2016 declaration against Americans owning assault rifles as opposed to Ukrainians getting handed assault weapons — and… Praise. As a rule the terms of domestic policy are redefined in cases of military invasion… I assume that this liberal organization will shift its stance when Canada gets around to invading the USA.


Wondering where Webster Tarpley sides on Russia’s incursion into Ukraine, given he was a man who lead a pro-Putin march and advocated a Noble Peace Prize for Putin — while domestically he moved from the same anti – Obama pro – Hillary position taken by the Larouche Movement, so was able to chastise the Larouchies for briefly siding with Obama before they turned back vehemently against and then later before Tarpley became firmly for the Democratic Party and against Trump. Here it is: US media are blind to #Putin’s internal opposition, which is growing with nation-wide Navalny movement in streets & Ivashov-Savostyanov group among officers. Pensions cut, poverty up, population shrinking, 1 million covid deaths, despair. Vlad could follow Honecker, or Ceausescu-

Then there is further back with Larouche and Tarpley calling Russian ambition a creation of a “Third Rome“. See blast of past fights, contradicting current stances, here.

Hinge point somewhat here: Prokhanov “compared Russia’s failed coup in Odessa to the Holocaust, an anti-Semite invoked the mass murder of Jews to justify an offensive war. On July 5, given the certainty that the Ukrainian Army was going to defeat him, Girkin took the step that Putin had recommended: he turned the local population into a human shield.” For Antyufeyev, Girkin’s successor, the “wishes of the people of the Donbass” were fighting a Satanic West”. The Russian invasion of Ukraine was “self-defense” against the “alliance of EU-US Freemasons and Ukraine fascists”, Ukraine being “the focus of the world anti-Russian conspiracy”. the war, he turned to Dugin, who advised the crucifixion strategy. The image of a murdered child “would make Russia the Jesus Christ of the nations” and the war is the response to “diabolical cruelty”. Prokhanov continued the propaganda campaign, stating that “fascism was a substance outside world dissolute that threatened the virginal organism that was Russia (…) The supreme culprits were Obama and Merkel, who smelled of burnt meat”. A text written by an anti-Semite fascist using the burning of the Jews in the Holocaust to justify the Russian invasion . Zaldostanov took the same stance when talking about the invasion. “He linked the existence of Ukraine to that of the German invasion of the USSR.” “Russia needed a monopoly on martyrdom, and to keep it she was willing to go to war against another nation.” In August, the narrative of the Great Patriotic War was staged through the 200th Infantry Motorized Brigade, entered Luhansk with Stalinist iconography. That month, Sergei Glazyev opened a conference on “anti-fascism” in Salta with Dugin, Prokhanov, with NS such as Roberto Fiore from FN,Michel Ataka’s Pavel Chernev, Jobbik’s Marton and BNP’s Nick Griffin. “Russian and European fascists discussed the possibility of founding an anti-fascist council.” This is the consequence of seeing fascism as “being anti-Russian” and the ultimate proof of Russia’s hypocrisy. In Germany, a new party began to emerge that was showered with computer and media support by Russia, the AfD, which “was going to become the darling of Moscow.” The idea of ??a new “Cold War” was the brainchild of the Izborsk Club, which “turned attacks on homosex. in a great confrontation against a world superpower for the state of civilization”. This “New Cold War” theme is what Marine Le Pen and Richard Spencer spread in interviews with RT.”. The European and American extreme right propagated the affirmation Russian officer that the protests on the Maidan were Western.” Piskorski, the neo-pagan Polish NS who went to Crimea as an observer claimed that the Maidan was pushed by the US, Strache of the FPÖ blamed the Western secret services and Jobbik blamed the US Ron Paul, paleoconservative he even quoted Glazyev, despite the fact that he was a fascist who defended a model of central planning of the economy. Ron Paul, following the line of Hans Hermann Hoppe and Korwin-Mikke, assured that “the US government has carried out a coup in Ukraine.” London laRouche, leader of a crypto-Nazi sect, also followed Glazyev’s speech, claiming that there was an “international Jewish oligarchy” collaborating with the liberal-sponsored Russian genocide. Cohen spread the lie that the Government of Ukraine had described. the “rebels” as “subhuman”. The deputy editor of The Guardian, Seumas Milne, repeated the Russian line by saying that “extreme right-wing nationalists and fascists have been the drivers of the protests” invalidating the fight of the Ukrainians in Maidan against the oligarchy. This message from a “left-wing” media outlet went viral and was repeated ad nauseam by the “anti-imperialist left”, which should be called the Vladimir Putin left, for his constant defense of Russian imperialism until today, when Kyiv is bombed […] For Dugin, the “annexation of the Ukrainian territory by Russia was the “necessary condition for the Eurasian imperial project” Sergei Glazyev, an adviser to Putin, a reader of Gumiliov and Schmitt and a member of the Izborsk Club, contacted LaRouche

The Chinese Media appearances of Helga receives its rave reviews: Dude, #CGTN The HUB digs up Helga Zapp-Laroche as “security expert” (3 laughter emoticons). Dude. What does Mr. LaRouche actually do?

David Goldman Brags….

I wrote the memo for NSC in 1983 arguing that SDI would pay for itself with civilian spinoffs–I’ve been a Cold Warrior for 40 years.

Comedy Bronze

i’ve started to enter my citations into my dissertation so i suppose that i’m close to finishing??? however, it’s probably more likely that i’ll just keep on revising my larouche chapter until they throw me out of the theory centre

Point: 0 days without larouche being vindicated. Counterpoint: 12,116 days without LaRouche being exonerated.

LaRouche Coordinated Engineered Business Capitalist Obscure Soulist Presidency Underground.

find it difficult to get mad at the LaRouche people who doesn’t have a list of mega-mega-infrastructure projects they would like to implement given unlimited funding and resources?

Of note: Standing behind Combes is Kevin Annett, a controversial defrocked United Church Minister, who has been disseminating the stories of Combes and others about the residential schools for about 25 years. One of these stories, recounted by Annett, claimed that Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip took a group of students from the Kamloops Indian Residential School (KIRS) on a picnic and then abducted them. Thorough fact-checking has shown that the Royals did not even travel to Kamloops in 1964.

Who the fuck is Lyndon Larouche?” – William Blake

LYM stands for–?

Pinky and The Brain, they’re Pinky and The Brain

Pierce would be using every curse and slur he could think of at DeLeon and LaRouche would accuse Debs of being a homosexual secretly under the payroll of the Rothschilds.

Playing bingo with the 8th period Global II class today! All we discuss in every single class all year is the restoration of Glass-Steagall.

I need people from The Schiller Institute to confirm whether or not they cryogenically froze Lyndon Larouche and sent him to outer space to return and govern over the world at the turn of the millenia. This is very important to me.

me explaining Larouche to a classicist friend of mine who did her thesis on Aristotle

Random funny movie idea: Xi’s daughter runs away from Harvard to organize for LaRouche and refuses to return until everyone in China subscribes to LaRouche’s newsletter.


My parents were rabid Lyndon Larouche followers,and anti dentistry, they bought some crap he sold about Novocaine causing drug dependency, so when I was seven and had a rotten tooth in my mouth that was making classmates gag from the smell…

A bunch of LaRouche youths once burst into a Butterworth graduate seminar and were summarily run off. “I’ve seen LaRouche youth… harass students and preach the benefits of high speed rail. But you have no right to call me a podcaster. You have a right to kill me. You have a right to do that… but you have no right to call me a podcaster.”

I knew a Greek guy in college who went from being a Larouchist to being a Trumpist/Golden Dawn fascist. I ran into some of their literature at the University of Pittsburgh in 2004. It was full of conspiracy theories about Dick Cheney and the “Sexual Congress for Cultural Fascism”. It cured me of ever wanting to be a LaRouchie because I don’t want to think about anything that has the words “Dick Cheney” and “sexual” in it. One of his organizers yelled at me on campus in 2004 because I wouldn’t sign the petition to get him on the ballot in TN.

I remember my first Lyndon LaRouche ad for “Independent Democrats” on TV. I was in 7th grade. It confused me as to who the lunatic was, what the party was, and why it was playing during a show I presumably liked. In the early 80s, I worked in an NYC building that also housed a LaRouche office. They used to paper the neighborhood with wacko posters – one read, “I know Mondale’s running for president, but who do heterosexuals vote for?” Yes, this brand of weapons-grade lunacy is back. I think it was 1984. Laroche campaigners handing out bumper stickers that read, “I know Mondale is running, but who do heterosexuals vote for?” That’s when I started paying attention to politics. LaRouche’s political thought was dense and squirrelly. A frequently recurring theme was his own brilliant, wide-ranging intellect and grasp of the weighty issues of our time. God, there’s a name from Hell: Lyndon LaRouche. My cousin’s wife had his team calling me forever. Hard to get rid of. When I was in college 40+ years ago LaRouchies distributed a paper called New Solidarity. I learned that the Queen of England was the devil, and Henry Kissinger was dying of AIDS. And string trios were morally superior to string quartets due to harmonic intervals or some such. I used to get LaRouche literature in my mailbox regularly in grad school. This is literally a good description of it. I recall my high school social studies teacher referring to him as Lyndon LaDouche. Snicker… Way before my time Lyndon LaRouche graduated from the same H.S in Lynn MA that my father & I did. What an honor. Father may have known him but he’s no longer around for me to ask about it. Didn’t LaRouche run for POTUS 1 year from federal prison? Ha! Forgot all about LaRouche. I remember seeing the LaRouche guys at the airport with their table set ups. Engaged them once about something and almost immediately they started harping on the way my mother must have raised me. We STILL have LaRouche-niks who occasionally pop-up their wacky brochure sidewalk table on the commercial district a couple streets over.

This is the sort of sign that one expects to see on a stand selling jerky at one of the local gun shows. Likely next to the one selling ten-gallon tubs of pickles. The gun shop is actually down the road ;). Just as long as no one sets up a LaRouche stand nearby, you’re good. ;). He was a perennial candidate for president in the US from the 70s until he kicked the bucket a few years ago. Started off in Socialist Workers party, then Labor, then Democrats By the end he was doing little but spouting racism and conspiracy theories to his cult-like followers. For some reason his lunatics would set up a table at the local gun show each year. Which everyone else present would try to pretend didn’t exist in the hopes that not making eye contact would prevent the individuals manning it from trying to get you to sign their petitions

Anyone remember the Larouchies showing up on the fringes of any antiwar march of the early 90’s? Haven’t thought of them in a while.

I am reminded of the time decades ago someone spreay painted the following on a bridge in PGH: Kill Satan Free Larouche Someone came along and added 1. Buy milk 2. 3.

Thinking more about this, the first political memory of something that made me think (if terrified = thinking) was one of the 1984 LaRouche broadcasts.

That time a LaRoucher CC’ed me on a series of emails to Lin Wood

I know I pinned a CC answer of my political views last night, but another, more concise way of describing my politics is that I am the epitome of the “bad guy” if you follow Lyndon LaRouche.

when I was a kid I was a geek interested in fusion. I learned about Larouche, since for some reason he was a fan of fusion. I went to my dad and said this Larouche guy seems cool, he promotes fusion. my dad smiled and told me to do some more research about him and oh man.


France votes: Left populist Kuzmanovic, who has gained the support of France’s LaRouche movement, a communist ideology that promotes various conspiracies

Both the left populist Kuzmanovic (supported by the conspiratorial LaRouche movement) and the classical liberal Koenig are over 30 signatures. Up to 40. 50. Wait — 45 now? just under 50.

Yeah, but what do Americans think of France and why?

… “Ex-French Presidential Candidate” provides enough legitimacy for Sputnik News to bring him on and spill what Russia’s governments wants to hear. He is like Ahmad Chalabi. Noting the title.


Dateline Lockeford: Lockeford’s a small town. But how many sets of legs are there in that picture? Two?

I remember my mom bringing home some LaRouche magazine they were handing out outside the supermarket, back in the 70s. It was all about how the British royal family were these big drug kingpins who were flooding the U

Webcast Review: the worst Twitter space ever. And then more commentary: Still confused as to how it isn’t the US that is in charge of the “neoliberal empire.”. (yeah, the Brits were behind the American Civil War too.). And one bottom line. Please pay close attention to the credentials & origin of any @TwitterSpaces Hosts regarding #Ukraine. Jim Jatras focal point here.

Germany, hoping to get in on a populace economically tied to Russian oil.

Seeking support amongst Carnegie Hall attendees.

Coming to Austin.

And “intervening” at Trucker Con Americaif the past is prologue , they will be taken for qanoners — Yep they use to set up on front of the #PO in #Oradell with their pics of Obama as a Nazi Just sick twisted people They are not to be reasoned with I walked pass them and told them they were disgusting and anti American to which they immediately scoffed at me


Peter Coffin. Messianic Judaism. Benita Pederson. Caleb Maupin* — with quick stop at Carrot Top. Whatever this is. Nick Fuentes, in wink nod praise of Hitler. Zeitgeist memories. InfraHaz, and his failure to simply state what he means — name the Jews. Tulsi Gabbard (sure to note the shoulder tap out of tens of thousands of tweet responses.). WSWS. James Lindsay. Putin. Mike Lindell. Warren Mosler. Naomi Wolf. Carlos Castaneda. Radley Balko. James Lindsay reprise. Paul Gosar. JD Vance. Jane Clare Jones. The People’s Party and the Reform Party. (etc. etc.

Fact Check: He’s attacking Mike Gravel, not Larouche– who is merely a standard of measurement.

seems like a cult thing. LaRouchies only listen to classical music, Hare Krishnas only listen to That One Song, Bitcoin Nerds reject all music that isn’t accompanied by a monolog or dialog about how crypto isn’t as bad as people say.

* “Caleb Maupin has repeatedly stumped for Alexander Dugin and Lyndon LaRouche, and carried on their traditions of overt anticommunism, but he came on my podcast and said what I like so it’s chill”. There are no good streamers. Classic rationalizing of low podcast listenership comes here: The class interest of streaming/podcasting is fundamentally bourgeois-aligned. You can’t properly grow your audience without selling out (if you ever had good politics to sell out in the first place). Selling content to masses of Americans = selling bourgeois content. Stay pure — don’t trust anyone with more than three listeners! (more deliberating.)

Steve Bannon , competing a tad more with lpac than lorg.

Historical Purview


15 Minutes of Fascism concerns itself with the Canadian Truckers and Larouche.

Epstein conspiracies.

Richard Miller — prosecuted by Adam Schiff, met Larouche in prison.

Thom Hartmann dips up The October Surprise.

LA Times covers Verdi tuning.

Ginni Thomas’s dad.

Satanic Ritual Abuse hysteria.

Other conspiracy rabbit holes.

Fiona Hill continues being around, if not Cliff Gaddy.

Long list of the history of contradictions.

LaRouche argues that Robespierre was actually the first psyopped MKULTRA shooter through Danton and Marat, who were trained by William Pitt The Younger’s spy networks dedicated to creating French “anarchy,” to be used in a propaganda campaign against British populism

Podcast Review

Take your pick — listen to podcast file or watch/hear on youtube. Matt Ehret! Peter Myers! In the ring to debate… Um… Something or other — how many angels dance on the tip of the pin?

Suppose it is the inevitable problem in pinning down — “Queen who?”. And then –?

Brought to bear — the book is Scarlet and the Beast — A History of the War Between English and French Freemasonry — Valuable footnotes here, and…

262. Baigent and Leigh 266. Personal interviews with the Lyndon LaRouche campaign over a period of six years. Personal interviews with the Lyndon LaRouche campaign. LaRouche is a Grand Orient Freemason, who claims there are good Masons and bad Masons. Ben Franklin was a good Mason, says LaRouche. LaRouche also recognizes both Freemasonries, and says that the French style is good and the British wicked. He is bent on the destruction of English Freemasonry. See dossier on LaRouche in Appendix 1. 

Interestingly, writing for the website “Jew World Order” and rense dot com, Henry McKow has no problem giving attributes to both Larouche and this book that calls him a damned mason —

war is the latest in a step-by-step plan to enslave humanity. For example, the United Nations’ true character is revealed by the fact that the only religious chapel at its headquarters is run by a satanic cult, the “Lucis Trust.” The name was changed from Lucifer Trust to make the nature of the organization less conspicuous. For more background, see an online article by Lyndon LaRouche entitled The Real History of Satanism.

All Full of UKRAINE insta-Experts

The major news, right in the Larouche groupings’ wheelhouse — supporting Russian Imperialism as opposed to American Imperialism — we get a deeply cynical lauding of the coming puppet regime of a conquering Putin from the Ukrainian politico positioning herself for Russia’s favor:

Ukraine’s Natalia Vitrenko on Italian TV, accused a being a “traitor” sets the record straight: “Ukraine will not join NATO.” “This military operation will soon be over, we will have a new government and the situation will get better.

Putin engages in nuclear diplomacy, which I suppose is an effective weapon he has at his disposal for leverage when things do not go his way — cynical geopolitics, where Trump can declare him a genius — but hardly fits a definition of “moral”. WW3, ” thermonuclear war” — what else can be suggested for the reason the “warmongering Joe Biden” stops short of Ukrainian requests? Nay.

Stare at the fun house mirrors in these arguments.

Maybe, but not as weird as seeing Catholics encouraging Ukrainians to fight against the Russian army when a peaceful surrender would seem the more sensible and Christian thing to do.

Is this “render to Caesar what is Caesar” thing? I suppose the basis of his position at least admits the truth behind the situation — Did Jesus encourage his followers to revolt against the Roman occupiers of their land? I think the answer is no, but feel free to correct me with facts. — If it indeed like we up on this item in the “it’s not” list of historical analogies of Soviet invasions — It’s not 1968, when the independent Czech communist leader, Alexander Dubcek, told his people during the Prague Spring that they should submit to the invading Soviet forces to prevent bloodshed –

Actually, I do see more of the “Ukrainians gotta capitulate” argument, “like Vichy France” in the comments section in some posts at the American Conservative magazine. Respondents assume they are trolls.

LPAC got this for you!

There is not a sound means to determine what is happening on the ground in Ukraine.  All of what is reported to Americans by their media—all of it, and particularly by Fox, but also by OAN and Newsmax—is designed to woo you into the Security State’s propaganda narrative.  That narrative is simultaneously sowing the seeds of our own nation’s destruction.  The fact that there is such a blitzkrieg in nominally Republican outlets tells you how desperate the war mongers are to disorient and demobilize the Trump MAGA base.

The current full spectrum information warfare operation is a product of Hillary Clinton’s reign at the State Department

Attempt to wean the chosen constituency of the moment — Trump fans — off of their media choices, and from that point quickly shifts back to Democratic Party enemies.

Looking down the comments section of a triple digit viewed Harley Schlanger video, I get shipped to a fellow supporter of Putin actions, and stop over at a reasonably good “cold water on our newfangled Russia hawks” realist analysis (Noting that events transpire past his analysis even as gist holds), but beyond that one does have to appreciate such Nationalistic/Jingoistic Russian comments as Russia never starts wars. Russia stops them. My head spins. But at least that commenter has an excuse — as opposed to this dopey statement.

Regular Twitterer shouter of “larouchie derived!” messages to any knocks on “political correctness” dives in at weird message claiming that “Putin is spiritually protected” — whatever else that is, is not a Larouchie message, and cites it as Larouchie. Though, it does represent an obvious drifting target.

The headwinds of the Larouchies at the moment:

6 percent of Americans said that Russia was “justified in making the claim that Ukraine should be reclaimed by Russia and no longer be a sovereign territory,” while 86 percent said this was not justified, including 91 percent of Republicans, 92 percent of Democrats and 83 percent of independents.

Fine, though, as in addition to opposing “geopolitics” — whilst arguing for a different geopolitical arrangement — I recall the Kesha Rogers campaign opposing “public opinion” — theoretically while seeking the public to vote for her.

A majority of Americans (57 percent) think the steps that the Biden administration has taken to punish Russia for the invasion of Ukraine are not tough enough, while 29 percent say they are about right, and 3 percent say they are too tough.

Try to get the message that the sanctions represent mass slaughter across in that environ.

A reminder that their chief client is the Chinese government, as opposed to Russia, and the goal becomes “main character ing China”.

Predictions for the West in the early to mid stages of the coming Multipolarity.