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Trump supports QE?

Sunday, May 5th, 2019

I.  So.  Ramsey Clark chimed in with a comment, condolences.  I guess that makes him the highest profile for this — but again, we can place Clarke roughly analogous on his position visa vie Larouche at the end of the 1980s with where Roger Stone had stood 2017-2018.  Roger Stone hasn’t said anything.

“I feel very saddened about the loss of Lyndon LaRouche. These things come in their time. Everyone’s death diminishes us all and Mr. LaRouche will certainly find his place in history. He was treated unfairly in his life, for his vision and his work. His courage is especially notable in the face of pervasive and vicious propaganda. Time will correct this, in his memory. The truth will out.”

II.  Mike Gravel gets tarred with the Larouche bar in three ways — one: compared and listed as “also run”s in history (don’t think he ran in 2004), tasked with making an appearance before the Larouche gaggle

Worth pointing out… a tweet response that was deleted from Mike Gravel’s tweet feed:

PeoPLes HisToRiAN @lunadyana Mar 20   Explain LaRouche ties please

He (or his campaign) explains it thusly:

So, for example, the Jewish Worker piece about his associations, when we brought them up to him, he had forgotten about some of these people. And we really dug into it, he didn’t know about their associations. [For him it was] always about, “Well, I got a speaking invitation, this is an issue that matters to me, and nobody is willing to let me talk about this, and because they are, and I want to be on their stage, and I want to say something,” and he was so quick to articulate why he did that and what it was always about for him. There was no part of him that associated with the ideas of these people. It was really the fact that he was in the political wilderness. And David, I think, has spent a lot of time talking to the Senator. I’m digging into these because, really, we felt we couldn’t get behind him unless we felt we had a satisfactory answer to these questions, because they matter to us.

From EIR, we see Gravel drawn to the org  on behalf of maglev trains.  (To each their own), and this:  At the Oct. 27 EIR Forum in Washington, D.C., Gravel concluded his presentation: “So, let me rest on that, and just say that I’m delighted to be associated with the LaRouche organization and the wisdom they’ve brought forward in their leadership role. And here, I’m taking a page out of their book, suggesting that the leadership of China should take the initiative and bring the Silk Road to the commons of the South China Sea.
Then again, the same article begins by making the assertion that Helga Zepp Larouche is well known in America (the premise being that Gravel may not be as well known, so we’ll explain his biography), so… we can maybe take a grain or two of salt.  (Gravel has other beefs to settle.)

III.  From factnet:  Buckle up, folks.
I think I found a Nazi in LPAC’s ranks.

See too.

So.  Will the Larouchies renounce and remove the neo-nazis in the organization?  Or is this part of the crowd anyways?

IV.  Hey.  You know who’s big on “quantative easing”?  Why, President Donald Trump.

In a series of tweets published Tuesday, Trump said the lower rates along with “quantitative easing” would bolster the economy.
“We have the potential to go up like a rocket if we did some lowering of rates, like one point, and some quantitative easing,” Trump wrote.

See too The Fed is designed to be independent of politics, but Trump has broken with the precedent set by recent presidents by forcefully urging the Fed to cut rates and bring back “quantitative easing,” a policy of bond purchases used to stimulate economic growth that was adopted in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

Funny, of course, because… you know who considers “Quantatitive Easing” heroin to British Banking interests?  Sure… it’s at odds with… how quantatative easing is like heroin to the bankers… and how when the policy is pursued we bring on the New Dark Ages paradigm.

So… Will the Larouchies take a stand and fight Trump on his fed push?  We’ll wait and see if the Trump Hitler posters make the round.

V.  From A Time to Stir, Columbia ’68, Paul LaPorte’s contribution, pgs 200-201:
The problem with my seeking to be instructed by younger radicals was that, at twenty-five, I knew more history than they did at eighteen, and had to keep the greater sophistication on hold.  The radicals, looking far and wide for exemplary militant models, were not only worshipful of Lenin but also half-willing to rehabilitate Stalin and to swallow the most far-fetched claims of Maoists.  (For instance, that no one was ever executed in Communist China; enemies of the state were only “re-educated.”)
The student radicals were drawn to whatever felt severe or uncompromising, like guerilla warfare strategy manuals.  The Liberation School invited all the left splinter groups — the Spartacist League, the Socialist Workers Party — to duke it out for the correct political line.  Thus, I heard Lyndon Larouche, then calling himself Lyn Marcus, a thin man with a Lenin goatee, put forward the National Caucus of Labor Committee’s position, harsh but not having yet diverged into paranoid claims that Queen Elizabeth was a Zionist agent trying to assassinate him.  I listened to Paul Rockwell, of Progressive Labor, advocate that we go downtown and try to raise the consciousness of the token-selling clerks by standing beside their booths and engaging them in political discussion.  I heard proposals for students to make alliances with street gangs.  Criminals were seen as proto-revolutionaries, acting out against the system.
If there was anything nonnegotiable in my political beliefs, it was freedom of artistic expression.  Any pressure to dilute difficult art or make it more responsive to the masses, agitprop, or social realist should be resisted, I thought.  I knew full well the fate of Babel, Mayakovsky, and Mandelstam, writers ground up in the Soviet machine.  Hences, I was especially interested in Liberation School sessions on literature.  There I heard that we need to jettison Dostoyovsky, the writer who had meant the most to me in my teenage years, because he was reactionary; Celine, being a Nazi sympathizer, would of course have to go, although I loved his novels; and Yeats — my beloved Yeats — wasn’t he also right wing?  Over the side of the boat with him.  Freud was discredited because he emphasized individual neurosis and not social pathology.  With the literary ranks denuded, who was left?  Victor Sarge, mabye.  Eventually they even banished the seemingly inoffensive psychologist Erich Fromm as a liberal reformer.  “Reform” had become such a dirty word.  I remember a headline in the Progressive Labor newspaper: “The Struggle Against Reformism is the Struggle to the Death”.  I dared not let on that many reformers were still heroes in my eyes.

VI.  Rex W Willard chimes into the “letter to the editor” campaign.  I have been a reader of many political leaders over the last 40-plus years
Ron Wieczorek and the same.
Bruce Todd.
And this… propagating the “Mueller did Lyn in” myth.
How long will the letter writing campaign continue, and how long it will take for it to succeed in “vindicating” Larouche, only time will tell.

VII.  So, we see salon refers to larouche as a “left wing cult“, oddly in an article sorting out the history of the promulgation of “cultural marxism” as a concept of the “far right”.

Do these semantics mean anything?   Curiously, in the comments at louis proyect’s blog HH places them on the right… a bit counter to an argument he’d had with Dennis King that the post Marxist Larouchies fit in a more idiosyncratic mode than “left” / “right”.

And I see Technocracy rolls in again, here HH has Larouche in a lineage from Technocracy, (or maybe springing from the same ideological fronts) — as I remember the appendix on Technocracy was just a comparison of similarities.  (“Me for Dictators“.)  Make of it what you will, the “Technocratics” claim to have dropped Larouche all their literature in the 1960s.

Now that Larouche is dead, I suppose I could fall asleep, wake up in 50 years and make a comparison on where the Larouche org sits and where Technocracy, Inc sits.  Someone plays the game of a youtube video for “What if Technocracy had succeeded“, and I guess someone will get around to it with Larouche.  (Tecnocracy’s youtube selection is dried up a tad.)

Beyond all that in comments section, the video of the friendly meeting with the Larouche is interesting.  In consideration of why he goes to the cultural concerns, I can suggest there’s a play for the audience — a former Columbia University grad student coming out of the left wing protests is unlikely to be taking in Trump — as well it is one constant element in Larouche as they play games of opportunism within American politics.

VIII.  Jacques Cheminade makes an (American) late night show gag…

Oliver draws short profiles of several of the contenders — even giving short, hilarious breakdowns of the total noncompetitors like Jacque Cheminade and Jean Lassalle. Cheminade once “accused the queen [of England] of being involved in international drug trafficking” and has seriously discussed “colonizing Mars.” And Lassalle, seemingly forever clad in an actual black beret, is a character whose “entire life seems like an episode of So You Think You Can France,” Oliver jokes.

In Russian media, Cheminade is claiming a variation of those “mass strike conditions“.  Sure he’ll jump in.
In other international bits, the Citizens electoral council explainedAnd here.
We see a CEC candidate putting in a good word for an embattled opponent.

IX.  In case you want to hear some singing at 256.  Hers’s the Schiller Institute on May 5 singing for Italy.
Or, if you’d rather see Marsha Freeman dish about Fusion, a New Jersey state senator has her in.

X.  After nine years, a person who’d commented on Kesha Rogers that I’d linked to (somewhat perfunctorily) spots the link and returns to my blog to lay this claim.

 Rogers wasn’t LaRouche and isn’t LaRouche, and didn’t agree with the full conspiracy-theorising he’d gone into; although she’d attached herself to the LaRouche fanclub.

I ask him:
So. Question. When did Kesha Rogers distance herself from anything Larouchian, conspiracy theorizing or otherwise?

And get back the answer:
But to answer your actual question : private conversation. Rogers’ team hosted some roundtable talks where LaRouche’s cultists taught us LaRouchism. Rogers herself – in 2010 – allowed the LaRouche team to run the meetings but didn’t much pipe in herself. And, talking to me one on one after one such meeting, she distanced herself from the weird stuff about the British Royal Family.
But the cultists were the people who were running her campaign, and running campaigns is hard. So she let them run the meetings too.

Frankly, none of this is valid.  I suspect the case is just Kesha Rogers politicking for votes, perhaps compartmentalizing away aspects of Larouchian ideology in favor of “Glass Steagall or Die” and at least some version of “We support NASA”, but the idea that she’s above or beyond the Larouche org in her campaign is certainly a weird one. Or is it not?

Noted on Kesha Rogers, wikipedia has not chimed in on the 2018 campaign.  And ont he wikipedia font, Oh, they’d hate this correction to “Marxism to Keynesian“.

The Left’s pointing on the Mueller Investigation gets compared to larouche from counterpunch, sometime between the release of the summary statement and the redacted report.

XI.  William Jones is the Washington Bureau Chief for Executive Intelligence Review and a non-resident fellow of the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China. The article reflects the author’s opinion, and not necessarily the views of CGTNMore from William Jones here.

Webster Tarpley on China, for comparison’s sake.

XII.  Proud legacy he’s got there.  Given the scope of the killings and their chilling efficiency with the machete, we now know that the genocide was not a mere tribal reaction to Habyarimana’s death. It had been organized for months in advance. Predictably, this has given rise to a great deal of speculation. The recently deceased Lyndon Larouche, perennially obsessed with conspiracy theories, incessantly proposed an alternative version of the events. In his account, Britain’s Prince Philip was the mastermind of this horrid event, given that he was president of the World Wildlife Fund at the time. Larouche claims that, in fact, this particular institution has a more sinister goal: population control, perhaps out of Malthusian motivations (an old conspiracy theory that has many versions). In the years preceding the genocide, the World Wildlife Fund was very active in Rwanda, organizing programs for the protection of gorillas. According to Larouche, under the guidance of Prince Philip, the World Wildlife Fund was actually preparing the Hutu militias for the genocide.

Over the years, Larouche became a laughing stock because of his outlandish claims, and this is yet another of his outrageous allegations. There is no evidence whatsoever in support of his conspiracy theory regarding the genocide in Rwanda. But, as it usually happens, one of the great dangers of absurd conspiracy theories is that they divert attention from real conspiracies. And, as it turns out, there may have been a real conspiracy in the Rwandan genocide. […]

Thus, the first lesson we can learn from these tragic events is that absurd conspiracy theories (such as Larouche’s) actually hinder our efforts to arrive at historical truths and consider real conspiracy theories (such as France’s possible participation in the genocide).

XIII.  I do find it funny that the “climate change skeptic” conspiratorial minded [ex-]larouchie who made a recent appearance at factnet (or what it is now)… refers to Alex Jones as…  “controlled opposition such as Alex Jones“.  [He doesn’t do much with climate change, but to the extent he does — is it controlled by environmentalists so that they can ignore the work by the Competitive Enterprise Institute?] At some point Alex Jones will be right back atcha, though… not without that odd interval where he interviewed him a few times.

In other notes thereabouts… Dennis Speed is comparing Larouche to Jesus.

one last pile of snot

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

I.  I’ve had a couple conversations regarding Larouche.  One, a guy who grew up in The Bronx telling me that round about ’99, he was 14, and they were recruiting in his neighborhood by handing out vhs tapes.  Excited by their pitch for “Socialism” (which he seemed to think was still what they’d be pitching), his mom had to break it to him and direct him to talk to his grandparent — retired cop.  [Interesting, as this may suggest a first hand account on “Operation Mop Up” as opposed to white collar trials of the 80s].
From this, I’m suggesting that you can’t claim him as part of a “red – brown alliance“.  On the surface, they convinced my anecdotal example they were anti-globalization socialists.  It was a ruse (when aiming for mass recruits, they tended to trek left — didn’t they?), unlike the world viewpoints of your (however much you want to tint them as “brown or “beige”, and whatever detestable or disgusting characteristics they had/have ) Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan… David Duke, Willis Carto…

Trying to make sense of this, of why a fascist organization would be opposing U.S. military expansionism
This one dimensional view of the political spectrum depresses me.  I think the line for your David Dukes was “Bring the troops home, and put them on the Mexican border” — one follows the other.

II.   Throw this board comment into the hopper, if tangeantally toJustice for Jeremiah Duggan“.

As for the Death of Jeremiah it seems very mysterious. I did experience a young recruit from Denmark undergo a total personality change after being at another cardre school in Wiesbaden, Germany around 2012. He attended a weekend there, after which he agreed to spend a week in the Stuttgart local with Petraeus and Benjamin Lilloff, after which he arrived in Berlin acting very strange, unresponsive, staring at the wall, as if he had been drugged. He seemed angry and started shouting and said to one Larouchie that he will have to kill him, causing the Larouchie to run out of the room. Others pinned him down, and called the police to take him away, to eventually let him go back to Denmark, presumably to his home. Before the police arrived he kept repeating ‘I love God, I love God, I love God…’
All this was explained away by saying how some in the Berlin office think that Benjamin and Petraeus are a bit weird and act like cultists. All that Benjamin and Petraeus had to say about it was to claim that he was a stoner hooked on weed and was experiencing the withdrawal effects of not taking any for one week, when of anything he seemed out of it on drugs. Benjamin is Danish also and may have got into his head somehow using behavioural psychology and drugs. This experience reminded me of what had happened to Jeremiah in that he acted out of character in a negative way which seems to be what happens to Jeremiah at the very least, from psychological bullying if not physical bullying from maybe a small group of people, especially when he didn’t want to join.

Anyone else notice the headline for Larouche’s EIR… “Justice for the World”.  Can’t be a coincidence.  It’s in their head.  (“Their” being whoever it is that is running that outfit these days, typos proliferating over the past few years on to where we have today “Mueller” as “Muller”.)

III.  Metaphorically, it’s crazy not to believe the world’s not run by Intelligent Lizard People.  Where you go from there in fleshing out any details, you’ll run into problems immediately.  I also think you can probably refer to any politico betraying false promises as the anti-Christ.
Alice Walker.  David Icke.  (Haven’t read the Icke piece in question, so don’t know where he goes on it.)
I probably shouldn’t post that here, as I imagine the Larouche org now making a bee-line to shake Alice Walker for some shinglings.  Interesting, as she seemed to feel the need to hedge a bit in prefacing the work of Zora Neele Hurston — rolling her eyes as she did at some of her fellow Harlem Renaissancers as they made their way to tour Soviet Russia, and who had some acidic comments on Brown vs Board of Education ruling.  (Which, in truth, prefigured some Black opposition to busing).  Sometime in the future, someone will be writing a foreword to Alice Walker and have to hem and haw at a seemingly random fluctuation to David Icke?
Alex Jones was maybe more discriminating (if you’re going to gauge some judgements).  “Turd in the conspiracy theory punch-bowl” — singling out the one memorable feature of David Icke’s worldview that’s memorable and which people will tend to agree — the “Lizard People run the world” theme.   Though, he eventually had him on.   As he had on Larouche a few years’ back.
Sometime back, in writing on the recent turns of Larouche, someone posited him as having been a darling guest on alt-right media.  (Never quite sure the term “alt – right” has much meaning, but that’s another story).  Not aware of anything other than Alex Jones, who — it should be noted — hasn’t had anyone from the org back lately…
More to the point, from what I can tell, looking about to see what Alex Jones has said about the death of the man.  Here’s what I’ve found.  Point it to me if there is more.

THE post-death exit interview with Lyndon Larouche.  Chapo Trap House.

IV.   Chuck Fager on his history with the org, where he uncovers the identity of Lyn Marcus, and talks to his parents.  Larouche goes apeshit, and after a melee of sorts…

And the upshot, as an employee to Congressman Pete McCloskey…
But in 1980, after more than a year of this effort, I got an unexpected call from the boss’s office: report here ASAP, said McCloskey’s chief of staff, There’s something you need to explain.
This sounded like trouble. And it was, but it did not involve shipping cartels. Instead, it was a stunning accusation: that I was a Kremlin spy, a KGB mole. And with it was a blast from the past.
It was a new experience, sitting with a Member of Congress, explaining to him that I was not now, and never had been a KGB mole.
But the accusation was there, in a sheaf of professionally printed papers, titled an intelligence “dossier” circulated among the 500-plus congressional offices on Capitol Hill by a group called the National Democratic Policy Committee (NDPC). I’d never heard of it. Yet, I reminded myself, KGB spies in the U.S., especially federal employees, often wound up in jail.

It didn’t take long to figure out that this document was a LaRouche production, and the NDPC one of his stream of front groups.

It was brief: the FBI had reviewed their files and had found nothing that implicated me in any of the “dossier” allegations. McCloskey gave me a copy, which I framed, and hung on my man cave wall. (After all, how many other people do you know who have a letter personally signed by the FBI Director saying the Bureau has no evidence they’re a KGB mole? But after my several moves, it’s now somewhere in a box of other personally important documents. I should hunt it down; after all, you never know . . .)

And he moves on to encountering the senior Lyndon Larouche in church services… preaching the evils of cremation to souls who have cremated their loved ones.

V.  Dateline Seattle.  One thought about this… we now have the first instance where someone might encounter them (here in Seattle) and offer the standard “Lyndon Larouche?  He’s still alive?” — where the answer is “Nope”.  But… the zombie org marches on.

I was hoping not to see these idiots anymore since he died. I don’t know why I was so naive.
Well who are we to question the LaRouche Science Research Team?
I just spent 30 minutes looking up it’s leader. He’s kind of like what you would imagine if L. Ron. Hubbard would have been like if he had chosen a life of politics instead of religion.
I’ve noticed a correlation between people who say ___ is the Holocaust and actual Holocaust denial.
I have a feeling she would be like that.
Lyndon LaRouche just passed away, with nary a mention in the news.
Probably because he is completely irrelevant unless you are a maniac.

Worth positing:  The figure of scorn is, politically, a good one.  Her “New Green Deal” was launched with a decimal point error “factor of ten” problem.  The Nation could only deflect away to the bigger fancifulness of her Republican “climate change” denier” cohorts.  But — I can’t help but look at OSC and see someone involved in a “fringe” political cast outside of the Democratic party who primaried the establishment at a young age — or… a more viable variant of the supposed “LYM” candidates who aren’t going anywhere.

VI.  Diane Sare (will she be the Larouche presidential candidate in 2024?) seems to not understand the practicality of the news media outlets filing away the obituaries of notables for quick issuance upon their death.  How the hell else is this supposed to work?
Anyway… she threw the guantlet.  Time for letters to the editor to tell the truth.

What a loss for humanity. He spoke at a conference in 1988, in the midst of a political prosecution similar in striking respects to that which we encounter against an American president in the U.S. today. He said if we think of our lives not as things which are lived for pleasure in and of themselves, but as an opportunity to fulfill a purpose, a purpose which is reflected in what we bequeath to those hundreds of billions of souls waiting to be born.

If it’s true that Larouche’s words are now going to be turned into Scripture, they do need to force some kind of Nicene Council to pull together the inconsistencies, as well figure out political stances: are they still for quarantining HIV patients?

Normally, this is a pretty good local paper, with fairly reliable and fair coverage of local government and local events of concern or interest to folks in the county.
The kind of local parochial which focuses in on the community, where we can get the latest dates and notices for the Leesburg Garden Club…
It must therefore have struck more than a few discerning readers, that the obituary did little but dust off long-stale lies devised by LaRouche’s enemies, pasted together selected pieces of purportedly “objective fact” with a few buzz words, in yet another effort to convince readers that LaRouche was just a paranoid tangle of incoherence and his life, and passing, therefore insignificant.What would lead the editor to do so? Was it some personal grudge? an attempt to show that local Loudoun Nowcan sit at the table with big guys like the Washington Postor New York Times that continue their decades-long effort to obfuscate LaRouche’s actual ideas and accomplishments? A signal, maybe, that Loudoun Now can be counted on by the likes of Robert Mueller—a major player in the notoriously corrupt federal prosecution of LaRouche in the 1980s—as new efforts get underway to stop LaRouche’s national and global renaissance programs from gaining further traction?

[…] LaRouche’s voluminous writings on physical economy, science, statecraft, history, and culture, available on his movement’s websites, speak to its origins. Dread fills us all who pursue the “voluminous writings”.

Rebuttal from Molly Kronberg here.  Specific to one, but could cover any and all of the “Letter to the Editor” campaign.

VII.  Round up of what the People were saying…

If he has a grave it will probably be well-fertilized with human and canine offerings.
That’s kinda’ too bad because it would also be a good place to dance.
Great, he was the last person standing between Queen Elizabeth and total world domination.  We are so fucked.
Wow!  Hadn’t thought of him for a while.  I didn’t know the thing about opera.  As a musician, it occurs to me that he may not have known that lowering the soprano part might just make it impossible for the bass to sing his part.  Yeah, that’s just nit picky as hell but it’s where my mind went when I read it.  Oh, and why did I not know about this Queen fixation?  That’s a real hoot!

While I despised everything about LaRouche—whose lawyers I laughed out of my office when they threatened to sue the alternative newspaper where I was editor/publisher because we called him an anti-semite—I always loved one of the bumperstickers the man’s pitiful acolytes pushed along with fusion power at their airport propaganda tables: “Nuke the Whales.” It perfectly sums up what LaRouchism is all about.
With his passing, I suppose the acolytes old and new will transform his writings into scripture.

So much for his 2020 campaign.
Anyway, rest in something, or rot in something, Lyndon.
About eight years ago a couple LaRouche-ite cult followers were outside a local drugstore near me, with a rather extreme racist anti- Obama sign, (the witch doctor photo) collecting money.
I’m in my 50’s, and these two were mid 30’s. They had a 18 year old spellbound in their speech when I walk up.
I said “oh, did they let LaRouche out of prison?” And started to razz them about LaRouche’s criminal convictions and prison sentences for finance violations, mail fraud, etc in the 1990’s.
The poor 18 year old kid had no idea. O guess they don’t teach kids history at all these days when it comes to historically evil criminal candidates of the past. The poor kid wanted to erase his name from the petition he just signed after I told him about LaRouche’s past run ins with the law, cult following, etc. the two LaRouchettes were livid I was telling the kid LaRouche’s history. It wasn’t a pretty sight.
This is an over the top way to launch a 2020 campaign
Like I say- I’m glad to know he won’t by preying on children any more.

I said in 1980, “The man is a walking SNL sketch.” Four years later there he was on SNL, played by Randy Quaid.

Etc etc etc etc Back to Illinois 1986EtcCracked.
One or two small probems with this oneHere
Short podcast.

His PAC described him as a “philosopher, scientist, poet, statesman” who died on the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln, whom he celebrated in his writings.

In defense of a One World Government.

Reading the political rags: The National Review chimed in with appropriately partisan lobs at the left.  We can expect Reason’s print edition to have something — though it may just reprise what’s on their website.  Other than the Jacobin at the furthest left (unless we get into the Revolutionary Communist Party’s paper), I don’t see much from that direction — but The National Review pointedly rounds up some obituaries in bullet point fashion, and he’s not relevant enough for the likes of The Nation or In These Times to spring out at him.  Further afield… I suspect The Fortean Times will have something.

VIII.  Some more stray comments — most important items from which posted over here

John Goras  Around 2005, a bunch of LaRouche’s people were out, protesting Bush/Iraqi War. I threw them some shekels for the F of it and took some of their lit. What really grabbed my attention was the harping of Hugh Hefner as a promoter of the LGBTetc. movement, took me another 12 years or so to find the work of Jay Dyer, E Micheal Jones and thekelly. Like Alex Jones, LaRouche was a gateway.

Chatkin avoids discussing the role of the Jew, in favor of blaming the BRC.
One has to consider how much Eustace Mullins and also Larouche and Tarpley owed to the work of Ezra Pound. The original and still in some ways most powerful “alt” thinker.
Noteworthy on Ezra Pound: at the end of his cantos, he apologizes for his “alt thinking” that marked some of his middle verses — you know, the love for Mussolini and denunciation of the jews.
Is this the definition of “alt thinking”?
It’s incredible: Webster Tarpley is the most mendacious pseudo historian I’ve seen, beyond crazy, a man that is pretty confident in the ignorance of his audience
Yeah, according to this people, the british crown, a wedding cake figurine, a puppet of the political-financial elite, is the master puppeteer of this world. Hiarious, only laughable. One time I heard Tarpley giving a conference about the lutheran revolt: according to the clown, Luther and the whole mayhem caused by him, as well as the Catholic response, especially Saint Igbatius, all of it was a play by a Cardinal Contarini, some type of demigod of the fifteenth century… Insane, over the top, remarcably crazy

IX.  An odd documentary (if documentary is the term) — the most noteworthy part is right at the start with Roger Stone offering praise for Larouche (“railroaded by Bush”.)  And here I reprise the question I had on Alex Jones…
… The relationship over?   Stone now never going to say the word “Larouche” ever again?

X.  Some odds and ends…

Like Dugin, Glazyev supports the convergence of left and right-wing ideas in the service of an illiberal geopolitical agenda, which often converge with older networks organized around the late fascist agitator and crank Lyndon LaRouche, who built a worldwide cult following based on conspiracy theories, economic doom, anti-Semitism, homophobia and racism. LaRouche network activists at the conferences have included Webster Tarpley and William Engdahl.……

One good result of Tuesday’s special election is that the public won’t accept racism, including connections to anti-Semitism and hate for Israel from the alt-right fringe groups growing in Queens and Manhattan, the way they accept nationally from the alt-left.  Republicans and Conservatives have rejected the racist overtones and questionable leadership of a few wannabe politicians who use social media to espouse threats, personal attacks and lies.
Their candidate of choice raised no money, received no endorsements from respected public figures and he came in with under 1% of the vote.  This is what happens when you choose to support the Lyndon LaRouche PAC, The Schiller Institute and align yourself with Neo-Nazis and hate groups.

XI.  Early rumblings of the “where’s the body” conspiracy theory

Also NB: or should that be N Morte: I find it hard to believe LL is still alive in his late 90s+ this may be simple lar to the rather suspicious death date given by Scientology Inc.’s house doctor for former SF writer turned creator of a religion “because thats where the money is” say many who heard him discussing plan to turn novel into Dianetics, the wealthy , er, religion’s Bible, a rewrite as truth of Slaves of Sleep, the late Harlan Ellison has writ on many occasions, including a note in Dangerous Visiobs, SF anthology

AND NOW THE POINT OF THIS RAMBLE: LL made campaign commercials each time he ran for president, all consisting of the candidate seated in a leather English Men’s Club chair, in front of a rather impressive looking home library rambling for 15-30 minutes, leading the viewer to come away with the feeling he was claiming Queen Elizabeth II and family were Iewish, and conspiring with other Jews to flood US streets wit heroin. Also, falsely, that he had recently met with, and advised(implying their support) of dozens of world leaders. This material, probably in the overptotected vaults of the Museum of Radio and Television, would be wonderful to show the quadrennial shift in the man’s views, and why he attracted so many for llowers, including a schizophrenic cousin of mine. Also, editor/authors seem to have missed out nature of the case that led to prison: LL’s minions working airports and other sites would talk people into making small cr d card donations to, usually the Fusion Foundation, then, especially if donors were elderly, invent and submit fraudulent cred card slips for donations several orders of magnitude larger, again, if memory serves.

Lyndon LaRouche, Right-wing conspiracy theorist who believed the Queen was a global drug-trafficker and who ran for US president eight times

Barking.  He should have been in the British House of Lords.

I though the Queen was a 14 foot lizard

There are competing theories.

This guy was a real piece of work. Far brighter than Donald Trump, LaRouche ended up qualifying for matching funds for his presidential run; screwed over thousands, if not millions … with misleading telemarketing campaigns and out-and-out credit card fraud, hauling in millions, which in the end were funneled down to him personally for his “expenses.”
He ended up doing hard time, but they didn’t lock him up forever. The great balance of his life, he lived like King George III.
I was down in Leesburg, Virginia, and got a look at his estate: armed guards everywhere. It looked like a pastoral version of Buckingham Palace.

I almost got him booked on a radio show I worked for once. Would have been wonderful talk radio fun. I do think he has coarsened political debate in the USA by quite a bit. Especially with his whole “Every President past Reagan is Hitler” rhetoric. His Space Elevator sounded like silly fun though. Also, he pretty much wrote the whole script for people wanting a return to Glass Steagal. He’s an interesting oddity. Should be a fun subject of future documentaries or movie dramas.

I don’t know the veracity of this story.  Was Lyndon Larouche running around anywhere in public in 1999?

 My own Lyndon LaRouche story: in 2004, he was at my high school’s mock democratic convention and spoke. Because his followers led with his opposition to the Iraq War, I briefly expressed interest and then realized how fucking insane it was.
RIP Lyndon LaRouche. You were born with the name of a guy who was destined to sell used Cadillacs and instead carved your own path as a failed politician.
Modern politics is such a fucking nightmare and yet it bums me out that college kids won’t see his blood and feces smeared fliers and handouts on campuses anymore. RIP to a real one
It has something to do with a cult, us against them. Anyone who’s ever been in a faction fight has more than likely demonized the opposition, no matter how close they are to you philosophically. Freud even had a name for that demonization, “the narcissism of small differences.” It’s us vs. evil. All morality is on our side.
From larouche materials:  [fn_4]. During the midday hours following the assassination of Robert Kennedy, I intervened to prevent Mark Rudd and his followers from mobilizing their intended plan to celebrate the assassination of that Presidential candidate. A leading member of that group of my adversaries, acceded to my warning that such an action by Rudd’s crew would have aroused the contempt of the population generally. [back to text for fn_4]  Rudd is older and wiser… or “Younger than that Now”.  If public opinion was the reason for larouche balking at this action, he was more keyed in on mass popular opinion than he was for the next fifty years.
From EIR, we see that the Rhode Island state House sleepily passed a resolution nodding at Larouche’s passing.    And you can watch it all go down, presumably, on the state’s variant of cspan if they archive those.  Well, here’s their guy in Rhode Island, Justin Price.

Lyndon LaRouche, by far the most adept political economist since Alexander Hamilton,

Apparently Nancy Spannaus has a new book out about Alexander Hamilton — with thanks to a few old cohorts in the Larouche org and someone from a legitimate Hamilton organization.  I suppose she’s trying something of the Tarpley approach — who could shove an anti-Bush conspiracy book into a launching point and sustaining mark for his career.  Though, it’s hard to see the ardor for Hamilton having such a shelf life.

a life digested

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

I.  1932.  A nine year old Quaker boy from Rochester, New Hampshire stands with his parents in a cluster of fellow tourists at Buckingham Palace.  To everyone’s surprise and delight, the Royal Family — The Queen Mum, King George, and young Elizabeth II — stride across… an error in coordination and scheduling.  They stop and smile and wave at the cheering crowd.  All except for Elizabeth, who instead focuses a glare off at the puzzled looking Quaker boy.  She then lobs him a rhaspberry and mouths those immortal words “Neener Neener.”  The British Royals walk on, the crowd of tourists buzzing with excitement at the unexpected meeting.  While, meantime, the young Quaker boy from Rochester begins to nurse the sting from his royal snubbing.
1968:  While teaching a course of Marxist economics at the radical Free University of New York, Lyndon Larouche wanders in and off the campus of Columbia University — then in the midst of a student led shut down and revolt.  He poaches a group of leftist students turned off by the Weather Underground and various Maoist sects and enthused by his call to bring Marxism to Mars.  But it is all a ruse and subterfuge — for at the first opportunity, Larouche will drop the pretense of Marxist Martian relations and lead his young cadre to its real mission: a 50 year struggle to avenge the personal snubbing he experienced at the age of 9 by the Diabolical Queen of England.

II.  1938.  Lyndon Larouche tries out for high school choir.  The teachers advising give their listen, and then a prompt set of thumbs down.  “We’re afraid your pitch is just too flat.”
Stung by the rejection, Larouche rejects their recommendation for voice lessons and settles on the real reason for his rejection: the teachers have bought into the idea that C = 261.1, up from the proper designation of the 19th century concert hall of C=256.
2004:  Lyndon Larouche sends his latest groupings of youth onto college campuses — ostensibly with the selling point of offering information exposing Dick Cheney through the latest expose Children of Satan 3: The Sexual Congress of Cultural Fascism.  But this set up masks the real purpose: to expose the college aged contingent to Beethoven sang at the proper pitch of 256, and damned those high school music teachers.

III.  1965.  A neglectful Lyndon Larouche falls asleep while watching The Man From Uncle and leaving the stove on in the kitchen.  His walks in to see a small electrical fire.  Lyndon Larouche walks into the kitchen.  “What we have here,” he says as his wife douses the flames with baking soda and suggests Lyndon Larouche be more careful in the future, “is another one of those Reichstag Fires.”

IV.  1974.  Lyndon Larouche assembles his NCLC to alert them to revelations that he is the target of an assassination plot by a gaggle of Cuban Frogmen.  The Labor Committees get to work, to stem the atack — unaware of one small piece of misunderstanding.  For when they hear “Cuban Frogmen”, they think in terms of military seals — when what Larouche was referring to was an unfortunate encounter in Little Havana with three belligerent street performers dressed in cheap knock off Kermit the Frog costumes.

V.  1976.  Lyndon Larouche looks down at a stack of a couple hundred copies of his latest handbill — “Stop Nelson Rockefeller’s Drive to World War 3″.  One of his members of the NCLC walks in and says “Big News.  Ford is dropping Rockefeller from the ticket.”
“Good riddance to the Second Most Evil Man of the Planet, and another victory for the Labor Committees!”
“So.  Should we pulp all those handbills now?”
“Hm,” Lyndon Larouche muses.  “Give me an hour and I’ll figure this one out.”
An hour later, Lyndon Larouche walks into the room with a stash of papers he’d just printed off that read “Jimmy Carter” over and over again.
“All right,” Lyndon Larouche tells his aid.  “Here’s a pair of scissors.  Here’s some paste.  Get to work cutting and pasting ‘Jimmy Carter’ over ‘Nelson Rockefeller’ on all these handbills.”
“But.  That’s take forever.”
“Do you or do you not want to stop Jimmy Carter’s drive to World War 3? … And understand, the world war 3 Jimmy Carter is launching won’t just be a world war, it won’t just be a nuclear war, it will be a thermonuclear war.”

VI.  1985.  Still smarting from his third straight failed run at the US Presidency, Lyndon Larouche hatches a desperate plan.  Select an up and coming Hollywood talent marked as the “Next Big Thing”, kidnap him and threaten him until he relents to place pro-Larouche material into their next project.  So it is Lyndon Larouche poses as a taxi driver and hovers around an unlikely figure for his projected “Next Big Thing”:  a young alt weekly cartoonist by the name of Matt Groening.  And when Matt Groening finally hails Lyndon Larouche’s taxi, it takes a while to sense something amiss.  And just when Groeing senses things getting a little uncomfortable, Larouche turns back and flashes Groening a creepy Cheshire grin, and says “Don’t you know who I am?”
“Er… no,” Matt Groeing says.
“I’m Lyndon Larouche.  I just ran for president.  Didn’t you see my infomercial where I exposed Walter Mondale as a wholly owned agent of the KGB, Socialist International, and Swedish Grain Cartel?”
“I guess I missed that one?”
“Look.  I am going to swerve this car into that ravine right now unless I get a pledge from you right now — In your next Big Production — whatever that may be — you will place an unmistakable message that I, Lyndon Larouche, was right all along.”
“Uh –”
“Don’t think I’m bluffing!”
Matt Groening quickly capitulates, and without saying a word Lyndon Larouche drives Groening back and drops him off at his requested designation.
1996.  Having long forgotten about his encounter with Lyndon Larouche, Matt Groening receives an ominous reminder in the mail.  Letters cut out ransom style from a magazine, the note reads “We Had an agreement”, followed by a pasted news blurb on Larouche’s release from prison, then the notice “Do your duty or I’ll expose you as I did Bertrand Russell,” and then a headline cut from a Larouchie screed: “Bertrand Russell: The Most Evil Man of the 20th Century”.
Matt Groening calls Dan Castellaneta into the studio to insert one additional line into the year’s “Treehouse of Horrors” Simpsons episode — with Homer Simpson blurting out “Aliens!  Bio-duplication!  Nude Conspiracies!  Oh My God!  Lyndon Larouche was right!”, and he hopes that this is enough to appease the man.

VII.  1985.  “We think we have a real shot in elections in Illinois next year, with Mark and Janice gunning for Lt. Governor and Secretary of State.  But… you’re both going to have to change your last names.  See — the greatest advantage Janice has against her opponent would appear to be that her opponent’s name has an unwieldy 5 to 2 vowel to consonant ratio, and frankly we right now are not in a position to take advantage.”
“What do you think I should change my name to?” asked Janice Poopsherpants.
“We’re thinking… the asses voting will want … a monosyllabic name that speaks to the heart.  So… Hart.  You’ll be Janice Hart.  As for you, Mark…”
“Yes?” said Mark Genghiskan.
“I think ‘Mark Fairchild’ will drive the greatest contrast against the candidate you’re opposing.”
“Who’s that?”
“George Satanchild.”

VIII.  1992.  A prison doctor suggests to Lyndon Larouche the advisability of removing some anal polyps.  “Is that all right?” he asks.
Lyndon Larouche stares at the doctor.  “Sure.  But only if you pass my rigorous screening process.  You understand, I am a man with many enemies.”
“I’m going to ask a series of questions that will show your intentions.  Question #1: What do you know about Nicholas of Cusa?”
“Uh… nothing?”
“Ah hah!  That’s exactly what the Knights Templar, the enemies of Nicholas of Cusa, currently residing in the halls of the Keplerian faction of the Leesburg Garden Club– are trained to say.  Sorry.  But I cannot and will not allow you to poke your Agent Orange or whatever dynamite you’ve concocted into my anus.  My anal polyps remain.  Not only that, but I’m going to expose your plot to all the world like I did the assassination attempt from Castro’s Kermit Crew!”

IX.  2008.  Lyndon Larouche lectures before his “Larouche Youth Movement” cadre school.  He has written on the chalkboard a long list of names of “Great Leaders” and Statesmen in history, Promethean Souls who Transcended Humanity.
“One of the things a great deal of these Great Immortal Souls has in common,” Lyndon Larouche says to his young cadre, “is that — particularly toward the end of life — they had the companionship of a younger mistress.”
“Um,” one of the Larouche Youth cadres says.  “That’s the third time you’ve offered that observation.  Is there something you’re getting at?”
“Just recording the mutual benefits of a relationship which has historically advanced human history and culture against the sea of dionysian malthusian darkness.”
“Kind of an Anna Nicole Smith deal?”
“Psst.  Ix-nay on the Op-pay ulture-cay.  You don’t want to align with the Aristotlean Beastmen, do you?”
“In the right circumstances, you’ll find I can be an Aristotlean Beastman,” Larouche says.
The whole of the Larouche Youth cadre cringe in unison.
“Anyway, if you need some one on one with me, I’ll be in the office… … I mean, to discuss Beethoven or whatever… … …. Hegel’s cool with it…. … sigh.”
And the door slams.  Robert Beltran walks in from the side, wondering if he should shuttle “Romeo and Juliet” in favor of King Lear.

X.  2009.  It was not widely known, but Lyndon Larouche had a minor ownership share in the Boston furniture store ‘Leatherstocking Upholsteries”.   So he checked in to his majority owner partner and asked, “How’s business been?”
“Oh.  Great.  Except for one thing…”
“What’s that?” Lyndon Larouche asked.
“Well.  We have this massive back stock of dining room tables.  We need to get rid of these dining room tables.  If only we could get it into people’s minds, the purchasing of dining room tables… even subliminally.”
“You know,” said Lyndon Larouche.  “I think I have an idea!”
Lyndon Larouche then called up his old friend, Congressman Barney Frank.
“Hey!” said Barney Frank.  “Been a while.  You know, I really owe you one for how you relieved the media spotlight on me during my sordid sex related scandal by running that wacky candidate of yours against me.”
“Yeah, well” Lyndon Larouche said.  “I’ calling in the favor right now.  So, at your next town hall, I will have one of my followerers waving one of my ‘Obama with Hitler mustache’ things at you and denouncing the ACA as Hitler’s Health Care Policy…”
“Still going back to the oldies, huh?”
“I need you to insult her –”
“Sounds easy!”
“– By referring to her as a ‘dining room table’.”
“But.  That doesn’t make any sense.”
“It is imperative that you refer to her as a dining room table.”
“But.  Can’t I think of something more … witty?”
“No.  It must be ‘dining room table’.”
“But –”
“Do this.  Or I’ll expose you like I did Bertrand Russell.”

XI.  2014.  Lyndon Larouche flips through a thousand copies of his latest handbill — “Pass Glass Steagall Now Or Thermonuclear War in March.”
“Yeeowtch!” he yells.
His wife rushes in.  “What’s wrong, dear?”
“Quick.  Get me a band aid.  It seems I have on my hands another one of those… Reichstag Paper cuts.”

XII.  2016.  Lyndon Larouche sits in Moscow with two emissaries of the Russian government.
“So let me see if I understand this,” Lyndon Larouche says.  “You want us — basically a kind of reprise of a conspiracy theory we ran in the early 90s with George Bush and a pedophile ring out of Nebraska — to claim a pedophile ring is based at a Virginia pizza parlor?”
“No.” The Russian agent says.  “We’re asking you to refrain from this story.  Because if you did this story — the paranoid fringe will dismiss it with a ‘Oh, that’s Lyndon Larouche.’  We’ll be passing that sotry on to someone with more credibility — Alex Jones.”
“Huh.  Okay.  And if we do as you suggest — and don’t report on this pizza parlor pedophile ring.  What’s in it for us?”
“Well.  When the times comes.  If and when a President Trump crosses us in NATO policy or the Crimean.  We will give you first dibs on… video footage of Donald Trump getting urinated on.”
“Uh –” Lyndon Larouche says.  It is the last phrase he would ever utter.

someone figure the “state of the cult” now?

Saturday, February 16th, 2019

Dividing the headlines for the obits for lyndon larouche into various categories.  I do like the attempts — ‘Queen Elizabeth is a drug pusher’ conspiracy theorist dies at 96 — as though we need to figure out what, who, what you may have known him as, vaguely.

For the most part it’s “Political Cult Leader” (thank you right wing world net daily), or “8 Time Presidential Candidate”… “Conspiracy Theorist” and Presidential Candidate… “Who led cult“.

Tagging to specifics — harmfulness — “Politicians who sought HIV Quarantine“.  And the local angle — “Rochester’s own“.

A few years later I encountered Fairchild pushing the LaRouche stuff (and if I recall correctly, feeding a student’s seeing-eye dog some of his lunch which is a no no). When he said his name, I said “hey you are that guy who ran for Lt Governor” he didn’t seem to want to talk about it.
A few years later we encountered LaRouche followers in Germany, surprised me quite a bit.

AND  I think all his life he was laughing up his sleeve at his cult. I don’t think Lyndon Adolf H. Stassen Marcus-LaRouche believed half the things he said.
At least by 20 yrs. ago people had finally stopped confusing libertarians w LaRouche. That longstanding confusion was as vexing to him as to us.

Back then I showed their lit to a friend. He thought it was hilarious & joined them for the lulz. Little by little, they won him over, but after a few mos. he was outed as a Rockefeller spy. He described his being purged as a very scary scene of them surrounding him & saying, “Hah!”

I was talking with a LaRouchite at a table in a public square during the 1980s and he axed me where I was from.
I told him my hometown and he looked at me wide-eyed and he axed me if I knew that the founder of NAMBLA was from my bumfuck town and then pulled out pamphlets on it and, years later, I found out that the info was accurate!
I ‘m one of the few who know of it in the town where I grew up.

Hey da.  Back in the day, I was intrigued by the anti-war, anti-Bush/Cheney posters with which they decorated the table they routinely set up on Broadway, so I stopped one day to see what they were all about.
That five minute conversation got me months of some of the kookiest mailers and emails I ever could have imagined. “Just think of how much better the world would be if orchestras didn’t tune to 440,” and the like.
Those guys are f*cking crazy.

Okay.”  A tireless proponent of returning America to the policies of Alexander Hamilton and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, passed on February 12 at the age of 97. There are no details.  Still trying to get reactionary Catholics?

And moving aside the glib “slur political enemy” angle — Here’s the Competitive Enterprise Institute who notes Larouche had a big goal for huge government, as does AOC — why, Larouche lives on! — (Noted, the Larouche organization has declared her and her “green agenda” Malthusian anti-human etc.)

And semi-the same the claim “showed where U.S. politics was headed” — never mind I recall paranoia as being pretty extant during the Cold War, a dig at Trump — Or to the point, the hbo video puts him in the context of “Long running joke”.

and reference point to the likes of Alex Jones  “Before there was Internet Paranoia”  — (notably in the current era of deplatforming has been hawking the old fashion virtues of radio to his listeners) —

Cute on the peculiarly local angle “Spread Fear in Oregon”) —  A white Rashneeshi in his own special way. Buh bye…

For my part, the “hits” that arrive at this little blog of mine… he disclaimed The Beatles.

This hour, some random talkings, and it skips around to things of note and some things not of note, the interviewed struggling not to overstate what he knows… skip about to 45 minutes and we get some of the “high lights”, and — “chimpanzee in the White House”, worth noting the black man skipped out on the cult in short order.

As described by Scott McLemee in trying to explain how “cults die” or disintegrate — over to “Why We Left”.

So, where does LaRouche’s mathematical output fit in? Has anyone in the field assessed it?

Har de har har.

As any good demagogue… The crises and anxieties of our age gave Lyndon LaRouche a lot of material to work with

The big change-over over the last few years, under the new leadership of Helga Zepp as Lyndon faded and stopped being plopped up back in 2016… It’s no longer an American cult serving Russia; now it’s a German one serving China… (McCarthyite of me, dunno.)

Deceptive to the end, LaRouche passes from the scene having migrated from Marxism to quasi-fascism, and from fake Democratic to fake German allegiances. It’s never been clear to what extent Lyndon LaRouche was a con man, or just a megalomaniac who drank too deeply of his own Kool-Aid. But he left a lot of damage in his wake. And in the end, the drug dealer Elizabeth II got the last laugh by outliving him.

Molly Kronberg: Glad to see you included references to Ken Kronberg’s suicide and LaRouche’s attacks on his own (baby boomer) members. As Ken Kronberg’s widow, I appreciate any article on LaRouche that recognizes the tremendous damage he did to his own “membership,” and Ken would too. Not long before he died, Ken told me that LaRouche “was too mean to die”–but the past few days show that, however mean LaRouche was, he was no match for Death.

Swedish prime minster Olof Palme, who seemed likely to have been killed by incubated poisonous rhetoric.  Jeremiah Duggan could not escape a controlled environment.

Matthew Sweet may have written the last book on the movement in anticipation for his death — as it should be for a footnote of a footnote, coming at him from a side-story.

Kremlinologically, reading factnet… Rachel Brown — the woman who ran against Barney Frank — appears to have been slotted down the scales; — it’s Kesha Rogers and Diane Sare that come out of the cult’s “LYM” recruiting struggles, I guess — Jeffrey Steinberg disappears — and why wouldn’t someone like Harley Schlanger– carved out his space in conspiracy land — just drop the cult connection and move on to Webster Tarpley’s jib?

So. I had one indirect encounter with the #LaRouche movement, back in 2004 on the University of Pittsburgh campus. Thankfully, it wasn’t in person- they had a stack of newsletters out and I took one.
It alleged that something called the “Congress for Cultural Freedom” was actually the “Sexual Congress for Cultural Fascism” and part of Dick Cheney’s plot to take over the world, or something.
This is where they lost me. I do not want to think about anything that involves the words “sexual” and “Dick Cheney” in the same sentence.

the obituary will probably be in the below fold in the NYT

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

So.  What is his legacy?

We note that the Executive Intelligence Review, the publication of his cult, has been wont to start mis-spelling his name.

In the early rounds, no major news source of “wikipedia notability level” is getting it up, and we’re stuck with twitter feeds.

His “twitter feed” hasn’t been updated since 2009… if this is indeed the real Lyndon Larouche, and not to be too conspiratorial but I have reason to believe it isn’t.

Altogether a dripping of this.

I always thought of LL as the quintessential 70s talk show punchline and was surprised by a Boston University undergrad shilling for him on their campus in the mid-2000s. I assumed he was already dead by then. When pressed for Lyndon’s stance/worldview, I was reminded of his classic “shotgun” approach that placed virtually everything and everyone into the same hell-bound handbasket. Thanks for entertaining us!

And that.

Oh man. Lyndon LaRouche RIP. He taught me it was okay to be weird.

In honor of Lyndon LaRouche’s death, here is the article in which his publication called my father the ‘High Priest of E…
Who hasn’t been tagged into the Lyndon Larouche conspiracy vortex?

Lyndon LaRouche is dead. The Rothschilds deny responsibility. Alex Jones reportedly is in a secure location.

 Apparently, someone called #Larouche is dead. I’ve never heard of him. Never will again either.

Yes.  In the early going, it’s pretty meager.

Will this “name as insult” all fade away?
When President Trump wakes up and misplaces his mind on Twitter like some street-corner LaRouchie,

Or, for that matter, the off-shoot brands

The Law Council of Australia, who oversee federal legislation, declined to comment to The Echo on their position on the laws, while Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson supported the laws and attacked the Citizens Electoral Council as ‘full of shit.

The likes of Mike Billington jump to declare a “We must now continue to advance his life’s work” and the cause… we have his marching orders in this headline:

The Next Twelve Months’ Work Must Consolidate and Systematize the Cosmological Ontological Standpoint of Cusa’s Founding of Modern Science

Get to work, Larouchies.  The next 12 months are crucial!
I guess the big work is to get the masses to sign a petition for Trump to “exonerate” Larouche?  (Last legacy project indeed.)

Where will Roger Stone go to now, in off-kilter alliances of the desperate?  (And what the hell did he get from his jumping in with the cult in the first place?)  It does seem to hover to the top of what immediately concerns the likes of dailykos.

The Larouche organization used to run a bookstore in the downtown portion of Leesburg, Virginia, upriver from Washington. D.C.  As I recall, it was called the Benjamin Franklin Bookstore.  I stopped into it one time to check it out.  Lots of American history stuff in the front. At the back of the store, books about Hitler, including Hitler’s own Mein Kampf, and recordings of music by German composers, especially Richard Wagner.
My first encounters with Larouchites were earlier, when they used to pass out pamphlets while standing on Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, just outside of Pennsylvania Station.
One of Larouche’s goals which he touted during one of his Presidential runs in Democratic primaries was to build a canal across the midsection of Africa so that merchant vessels would not have to circumnavigate the Cape of Good Hope.  I guess that that canal will never be built now.

And the memories commence.

His legacy reverberates in what others had to fight against… He leaves behind a Trail of causes

The 92-year old actor, artist, and advocate — who fought for equality in New York before becoming a Los Angeles activist in 1971 — is still highly engaged with the resistance and hasn’t lost an ounce of her stage presence. Biographer Judith V. Branzberg and Bottini had a spirited discussion about her life that spurred the audience to laughter as she recounted the outrageous undertaking “liberating” the Statue of Liberty. She also recalled her involvement in historic moments like stopping the Briggs initiative, and The La Rouche initiative, being one of the founding members of the first ever chapter of the National Organization for Women, and designing the NOW logo, still in use today.

Will Helga Zepp now close down the US branch?

Or, as we used to call him at the Iraq War protests, “comic relief”.
Hey! … you probably picked up the fountain-head notion of everything running from the Straussians from him.

No longer Doubling the Square, now Halving the Square

Friday, December 14th, 2018

ITEM NUMBER ONE:  Ron Paul versus Lyndon Larouche, proxy election results

It is, I suppose, apples and oranges — though apples and oranges are similar enough to compare.  All of Ron Paul’s endorsed candidates were statewide and not necessarily running on a program — frankly, it’s a little difficult to determine Ron Paul’s modus operation.  The Nevada Independent gubernatorial candidate had a right win cause de jour behind him, New Jersey’s Senate candidate was a long time friend and associate (he ever write in one of Paul’s newsletters?), and I don’t know why he thought to endorse the Mississippi Republican Senate candidate and what separate Chris McDaniel from some other insurgent candidates.

The three Ron Paul selections
Ryan Bundy  1.4 percent  13,803
Chis McDaniel  16.4 percent  145,329
Murray Sabrin 0.7 percent  19,077

The three Lyndon Larouche candidates.  I will note, that numbers aren’t from the official source — I see a couple different tabulations out there for slightest of slight shifts.

Al Green   DEM  89.1%   135,427
Phil Kurtz  LIB   3.9%  5,898
Benjamin Hernandez  IND   3.8%  5,740
Kesha Rogers  IND  3.3%  5,005

Dusty Johnson  REP   60.3%  202,673
Tim Bjorkman  DEM   36%  121,002
 Ron Wieczorek  IND    2.2%  7,322
George Hendrickson  LIB   1.5% 4,912>

Debbie Dingell  DEM  68.1%  198,582
Jeff Jones  REP    28.9%  84,318
Gary Walkowicz  WCP   2.3%  6,684
Niles Niemuth  NPA   0.8%  2,198

Here there are apples and oranges yet again.  Not surprisingly, the candidate that did the best — Jeff Jones — isn’t affiliated with the Larouchies, is of a political party in a nation where affiliation with one or the other party almost guarantees you come in first or second, but — for whatever reason — signed on with a statement of principles to get an “in” with a speaking arrangement before the group in Michigan.

The candidate who was the “national” focus for the org, Kesha Rogers, I can only suggest — what a slide it is for her.  Once upon a time, her candidacies were nuisances to the Texas Democratic Party — two congressional nominations and a Senate run-off.  Now, she’s totally irrelevant, though perhaps by design.

There is at least one more candidate floating out there — Jessica White of New York.  For the Reform Party.  968 votes, or .5 percent.  Of course, if we’re still comparing how the “Ron Paul Revolution” did compared with LarouchePac, Paul surely has inspired candidates throughout the nation who passed that .5 percent threshold.

The logistical problem when a history of fingering a figure of the “Get Larouche Task Force”, who “put Larouche in prison”, runs right up against the political reality of a Republican administration they’re backing refurbishes him for a new era.
William Barr as Attorney General? Either a Guy To Take Down Mueller, or a Bush Plant? Time Will Tell.
It flutters online, and then… is removed… as the Larouchies move on to space wars to figure out what, really, is their line here.

So goes Russian tv.
Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the founder of the Schiller Institute, headquartered in Washington, DC, told Sputnik that British intelligence agencies сould have been behind the alleged meddling in the 2016 US presidential elections. According to her, the team of then President Barack Obama and the UK’s MI6 could have worked together.

Evidence that seems to point to Russia conveniently fabricated, as is the way of the British
November 23, the hacktivist group released documents related to this project and said that the program had been launched in 2015 and was funded by the UK government. The Integrity Initiative’s list of participants includes Bill Browder, the CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, and Vladimir Ashurkov, an associate of Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny, according to Anonymous.
According to Zepp-LaRouche, some stolen documents may be not authentic, however, in general, the description is consistent with the nature of UK intelligence’s methods.
“It could be that some elements may be not authentic. However, the overall story is entirely consistent with the modus operandi of British intelligence operations, and it very well may turn out, that it is this network, which is deeply involved with ‘Russiagate’ and the entire coup against [US] President [Donald] Trump,” the politician said.

Noted, a shifting of authorities for Russia’s propaganda purposes: this is not the Lyndon Larouche Movement; it’s the Helga Zepp Larouche Movement.
Meantime, Kesha Rogers is a what now?

In the early morning hours of Dec. 8, China sent a spacecraft into Earth orbit that will make history early next year when it lands on the far side of the Moon. As aptly acknowledged, “if the mission succeeds, it will catapult China into the forefront of lunar exploration with a landing that no other nation has even dared to attempt.” If there were ever a reason for the U.S. to change course and re-commit to the exploration of space, this is it.

This must be the “New Sputnik-Chang’e-4 Shock,” for the United States, said LaRouchePAC National Policy Committee leader Kesha Rogers, from Houston where she is an international spokeswoman for advancing space R&D. Rogers called today’s launch, “A wake-up call for the future … it is a unifying mission for the nation.”

And So says Harley Schlanger to Russia tv. Lauding the Chinese Model… see too here.  And… say this?
The Schiller Institute is a political and economic think tank founded in 1984 via the philosophies of political activist Lyndon LaRouche and German poet Friedrich Schiller.

Was Friedrich Schiller a devotee of the style of cut-up poetry later employed by William Burroughs?

All to be able to put this phrasing… Numerous Russian media published lengthy reports on Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s explosive comments to the press in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation last week, in which she emphasized that it was the British that had interfered in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election and are engaged in “a planned coup” against President Donald Trump; that Trump wants to improve relations with Russia, and that the upcoming summit between Putin and Trump could “bring some amazing results”; and that cooperation among the leaders of Russia, the U.S., China and India could solve the systemic crisis and open a new era of technological advance for humanity.

And EIR pleas with Trump:
President Trump has got to understand the folly of placing any credit in the foolish arguments of the “China-bashers” in his administration and face the reality that China, with its capabilities and experience in the field of infrastructure, can become an asset rather than a liability for US economic revival. But then President Trump has to extend the hand of friendship and not the “cold shoulder” of new tariffs when he meets the Chinese leader next month.
“Tarriff Man”.  (Odd, as they sure love China’s Dear Leader.  Or are willing to schill for him.)

William Jones, Washington bureau chief of the Executive Intelligence Review news magazine, said ending poverty had long been regarded a major task for humanity but until recently, was seen as a Utopian dream.
“With China, that dream is now becoming a reality,” he said.

The legacy is that their causes bob and weave, cited decades later in the oddball “rare species of exotic floral” studies.  Improbable Research, as it fills a quota of daily material, skips back to the great c256 cause.
See too Illinois elections 1986… and ongoing comparisons

You probably also know that in the “LaRouchie” election droves of people of all races voted for a name they liked more than the other names without knowing a thing about the candidates.–
Huh. Wonder why that guy with the nice name “Drury” didn’t do better.
Maybe voters weren’t “hazy’ as to who he was.


Beethoven Choral Fantasy & Mass in C Major – St. Bartholomew’s Church.


Bill Nye, popular kids science show host of the 90s, weighs in:
“This whole idea of terraforming Mars, as respectful as I can be, are you guys high?” the science educator asked in an interview with USA TODAY. “We can’t even take care of this planet where we live, and we’re perfectly suited for it, let alone another planet.”
Will the Larouchies declare Bill Nye a British Agent?  What say the International Spokeswomen for advancing space R & D Kesha Rogers?  Is Bill Nye wrong?
Craig Unger, author of the “House of Bush House of Saud” moves on to a new book “House of Trump House of Putin” — interestingly enough, he probably coulda stayed with the original Bush thesis (and see the larouchies move from “But Obama” to an odd “was Khassogi really a WAPO reporter?”)  but whatever…
And… Good lord these cast of characters of “EIR”, and Roger Stone are just dancing all over the place.

Upon his return from Russia, the cast of Trump characters expanded to include Roger Stone and Paul Manafort: “On July 24, 1987 … an article appeared in a highly unlikely venue, the ‘Executive Intelligence Review,’ that strongly suggested something mysterious was going on between him and the Kremlin. ‘The Soviets are reportedly looking a lot more kindly on a possible presidential bid by Donald Trump, the New York builder who has amassed a fortune through real-estate speculation and owns a controlling interest in the notorious, organized-crime linked Resorts International,’ the article said. ‘Trump took an all-expenses-paid jaunt to the Soviet Union in July to discuss building the Russians some luxury hotels.’

Belated review of Operation Chaos… and, hmMy show went fine, but in July the LaRouchies escalated the attack by publishing a whole dossier on me. “In the early 1950s,” it claimed, “Paul Krassner was recruited to the stable of pornographers and ‘social satirists’ created and directed by the British Intelligence’s chief brainwashing facility, the Tavistock Institute, to deride and destroy laws and institutions of morality and human decency.” (For the record, I was never in England.)

Although LaRouche and I both taught at the Free University of New York in 1966, we didn’t cross paths. Even then, he had his devoted fans: One student there told me that “LaRouche presented the most credible, most articulate, and best-argued version of Marxist economics that I ever heard.” My own class was titled “Journalism and Satire and How to Tell the Difference.”
With all due respect to Paul Krassner… Who hasn’t been fingered into the vast “Get Larouche” conspiracy web?
I thought I remembered him passing away a few years ago. Can we work the “Mandela Effect” into his conspiracy theories somehow?
The Mandela Effect for Lyndon Larouche?  Just as with Mandela and a false memory of his passing and the hooplah surrounding his death in the early 90s… for Larouche that would be — what?  We falsely remember seeing in a NYT obituary that him dying sometime in the mid-90s, make a crack about the Queen of England, then … no hooplah whatsoever.
After decades of thinking about it, I realized LaRouche was mostly right about the British.
I went to college in the early 80’s – a long long way from home. Spent way too much time at O’Hare Airport remembering the LaRouchies (“More nukes less kooks”), the Moonies (“love bombing”), and the Hare Krishna all competing to see who could make life more unpleasant for those stuck at the airport waiting for flights out. Airplane! is still the best documentary of that era.
For a while there it wasn’t safe to walk through an airport. LaRouche fascisti and Hare Krishnas were everywhere hawking magazines and incense. Now that we have the Transport Sozialist Arbeiterpartei gropers instead, there’s room for a little nostalgia.

Fucking Boomers. I would rather have the CIA of the 1960s and 1970s than the Deep State that your generation created.

Most of you were never fighting for Liberty or freedom, just your brand of authoritarianism.

Just stop with the propaganda.

Tell me all your thoughts on George Soros, recipient of unwanted terrorist threats

NYT:  As his activities grew more prominent in Europe, and he began funding drug reform efforts in the United States, he started being cast in the 1990s as a central figure in a shadowy Jewish cabal by extremist figures such as the fascist presidential candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. and allies of repressive Eastern European leaders who were targeted by groups funded by Mr. Soros.
The theories were initially confined to the anti-Semitic fringe, though Mr. Soros is not closely associated with Jewish or Israeli causes, and in fact has been accused of being anti-Israel and was criticized by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

For what it’s worth, Soros is funding political causes worldwide.  Controlling what — less than the Koch Bros, I suppose.
The strange thing about the origins of “cultural marxism” is… I’ve read enough to see the basic idea from that there right of the design of degenerating the culture as a Marxist plot precedes the “Frankfruit School” and the Larouchian denunciation of said.
So say Larouche:  The CBC is a Crown Corporation owned by “the Sovereign” of Canada, who is Queen Elizabeth, herself.
The cause of the focus on the story of “The Right’s attack on Soros” — not the threats against the man, mind you, but the Russian media appearances of Hegla Zepp alerting the news that it’s the British that Did It All, not the Russians.
Oddly the most viewed video out of the last dozen or so? A Jacques Cheminade video they put out a few days ago about a Mass Strike in France. In fact it’s been their most viewed video in a month or more.
Yellow Vest Protests.  ‘Tis topical.  Burrow into any civil unrest that’s out there… Still, this isn’t so much the Lyndon Larouche Movement as it is the Jacques Cheminade Movement.
Maybe in the US they’ll get far with this old new line…
 when contemplating the new “politico-duo” of Sen. Bernie Sanders and his sidekick, no-longer resident Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis. As they play out their media-promoted “plot” to create the “Progressive International” (PI), one quickly finds out that the real intent behind their play-acting routine is, in fact, not to help the poor and disadvantaged worldwide, as they claim, but rather to revive the pro-Nazi designs of Britain’s pre-eminent economic wizard, Lord John Maynard Keynes. Studying the interactions between the two, one cannot help but wonder: have Abbott and Costello, or perhaps a new version of the Marx Brothers, suddenly reincarnated themselves, this time with the evil intention of using the cloak of the “entirely absurd” to finally drive you, me and the rest of humanity, quickly, into a terrible New Dark Age?
Keynes.  What was his role with the original Bretton Woods?

Election 2018’s proxy fight is set up: Ron Paul versus Larouche

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Little Falls, New Jersey  Courtney Jones and Chris Sare…

Between the United States Post Office and the police station on Montclair Avenue in Little Falls, stood a sign that read “DEFEND TRUMP, STOP HERE” as two activists set up a stand displaying signs, and pamphlets alongside the town’s sidewalk encouraging pedestrians and drivers to pull over for further information on Thursday afternoon.

The Township of Little Falls has a Democratic mayor and a majority-Democrat council. Little Falls Democratic Organization Chairman Kevin Barry stated, “The Little Falls council went from a 100 percent Republican from a few years ago to a 100 percent Democratic with a Democratic mayor,” however, a small crowd gathered around the LaRouche PAC’s table Thursday to browse the group’s literature and discuss their views. “We’re going everywhere,” Sare added. “We often do post offices because they’re very public.”

I wonder, though… have they encountered this notorious anti-Trump group on their “Post Office Box” Tour?

Do you know what a Trump nomination, nay a Trump presidency, means? A massive global breakdown crisis. Nuclear war. Mass starvation. You will wish you listened.

President Trump will tear up the constitution, replacing it with the dirty playbook he learned from Roy Cohn. His ridiculous economic polities, which would put Paul Adolf Volker to shame, will lead to Weimar-style hyperinflation. You’ll be walking down the street with a wheelbarrow of greenbacks just to buy milk!

This weird anti-Trump organization even has competing signs to post on their competing table tops.  (Trump with a Hitler mustache!)

Comically, “Fight Fascism” argued on the irrelevancy of the discrepancy over old Federalist denigrating comments about FDR as opposed to the talisman worship of FDR which reached its fever pitch in the Bush era.  I suppose, if he’s still with Team Larouche, he’d be consistent in his inconsistency.

Donald Trump is literally Hitler. […] Have you ever heard of seen a video of Donald Trump that made you actually think? No!


In what may come as a surprise, or perhaps a wave of fear, to so-called political experts, Roger Stone—a long-time advisor to many Republican candidates and a friend of Donald Trump—endorsed Kesha Rogers on October 8. She is on the November 6 ballot as an Independent candidate for the 9th Congressional District in Texas against incumbent Democrat Al Green, a fanatic for the impeachment of the President.

All good and well, and we’ll wait for bated breath to see if he mentions it at, say — a South Florida Republican luncheon fundraising event.  Look — we have the “fake media” of the Washington Post listing Al Green in a story about uncontested races — and then there’s that situation in South Dakota where the Trump endorsed candidate is facing multiple attacks, one hitting him at his natural Trump loving constituency.

What will it take to have Roger Stone endorse Ron Wieczorek?


The org is touting the candidacy of Michigan US Senate candidate John James, apparently glomming onto his run against “partisanship” — a pretty standard political positioning — as aligning with their grand goal of defeating “geopolitics”.

Quick take-away at the end:

LaRouche PAC organizers present at the meeting found a wide-open response to their explanation of the global strategic stakes in the U.S. midterm elections.

As with the Martin O’Malley campaign, any goodwill to the candidate is not reciprocated in kind.

Unlike, it appears, Jeff Jones — who… I guess signed the Larouche pledge of pledges?  Don’t see that he’s running on “larouche!”, but the org did — more forthrightly than with the Senate candidate — give him their endorsement.  And we see The campaign continues…

Competing literature from his communist opponent.  (I assume the self described “socialist”, but certainly not of the “democratic socialist” variety, is who he’s referencing… and I suppose the Democratic legacy candidate is the supposed “socialist”.)

“But I met [Republican candidate] Jeff Jones while I was volunteering, and I felt I got to know him pretty well, and I thought, ‘This guy is a total idiot.’ So when I met you guys on campaign, I thought I had to come and hear from a third party candidate.”


Actually, here’s something interesting to watch in November.  Everyone remember Ron Paul?  Multiple presidential candidate and prolific pamphleteer his own self.  Well, in this 2018 mid-term, he has his own three candidates that he’s endorsed.

(1) Ryan Bundy for Nevada Governor.
(2) Chris McDaniel for Mississippi Senate
(3) Murray Sabrin for New Jersey Senate

A game we can play in November is to see how these three candidates do as against the three candidates slotted by the Larouche org (two members of the org and one signee), to see who has more juice — Ron Paul of the “Ron Paul Revolution” or Larouche of the “Larouche Slough-Fest”.


Actually… Sidney Hill of Alaska was running for Alaska’s at large bid.  WasWrite-in bid.  Suspended his campaign, apparently.
Who’s Sidney Hill?  Don’t you remember?


Steve Bannon.  Not David Duke or Lyndon Larouche.  Noted.


A blast from the past… circa 1986
Richard Black, area coordinator for ultra-conservative former Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, joined the panelists. He said the United States should invest $40 billion in laser beam technology.

Note that “Richard Nixon is a Chinese agent”, which in a previous era of the org I think would’ve been a bad thing.

There are two state legislators I’m stuck paying some attention to if I’m paying attention to the larouche org.  One is Richard Black of Virginia, whose relationship with the org is as a propped up Authority to be funneled through larouche media to Russian and foreign propaganda/news outlets to sell Putin‘s and other authoritarian government’s line…

(And to get identified incorrectly as a “US Senator”).

Curious.  It’s a different Richard Black than we see round about here (even if it’s the same Mike Billington) … correct?

The other figure of note, Kentucky state Senator Perry Clark.  (See the freepers discourse on him over here.)  Who is probably useless for the org now that he’s not seeking Obama’s impeachment.  And for that matter when last I checked in, he was seeking some marijuana decriminalization measure.  Still, it’d be interesting to see if Kesha Rogers can gnab his endorsement… which would be worth something, I… guess?  Richard Black’s is apparently worthwhile, even though it did nothing for Kelli Ward.


Harley Schlanger tries to work his brand.  (The SGT Report… now on a different platform.)  Funny, as I bump about this… and a trashing of the Clinton camp as Coup leaders against the President.  Clinton, of course, in a previous era… a talisman of goodness.

ITEM NUMBER NINE:  A degree here, and a degree there, of separation, multiples, as the Larouche org and Rudy Giuliani begin hanging out with the same crowd.

Rudy Giuliani, the personal lawyer to President Donald Trump, is scheduled to speak at a conference in Armenia alongside one of the first Russian officials the U.S. sanctioned following Russia’s 2014 invasion of Ukraine.  […]

Glazyev, identified by the conference as an “adviser to the president of the Russian Federation,” has a distinct history with American far-right activists. As ThinkProgress reported earlier this year, Glazyev was once close with noted American anti-Semite Lyndon LaRouche, even going so far as to use LaRouche to translate one of Glazyev’s books into English. Glazyev was also one of the most vocal Russian officials opposing Ukrainian membership in the European Union, and reportedly helped organize protests across Ukraine in the aftermath of the 2013-14 EuroMaidan revolution.


Is the Ron Wieczorek campaign a covert plot to assist in electing Speaker Pelosi for the Impeachment Coup of the President?

Friday, September 21st, 2018

Actually not too bad a campaign… such as it is…  he’s out and about where it matters.  And rattling on his message to media outlets.  (Key question: when does he mention the name “larouche”?  Ever?)

And more impressively, Polling at 7 percent, depending on the poll.  Though it is worth mentioning that down-ticket races are hard to poll sometimes, and that partisan polling outfits for campaigns release the polls that are favorable to their clients to sway the narrative, still… there is something worth flagging about here.

The Bjorkman campaign shared data with the Journal that said when voters were given descriptions of the candidates, Johnson’s support shrank to 39 percent, compared to 37 percent for Bjorkman, 7 percent for independent Ron Wieczorek, 2 percent for Libertarian George Hendrickson, and 15 percent undecided.

No other results released by the Bjorkman or Johnson campaigns included any data for Wieczorek or Hendrickson. Wieczorek and Hendrickson were omitted from the Johnson poll.

Uh oh.  The Libertarian candidate is first on the ballot, which should really hamper Wieczorek’s vote tally.  (Or maybe the general tenor of anti-Trump Republicanism might give him a different voting base?)  But more importantly for the general “two party system”, what does it do for the Republican, the man who is on “Team Trump”?

Uh oh.  President Trump is making a campaign stop in South Dakota.

The president hopes to shore up support in races that could flip the U.S. House back to Democrats and other statewide races.
Republican Dusty Johnson is running against Democrat Tim Bjorkman, Libertarian George D. Hendrickson, and Independent Ron Wieczorek for South Dakota’s lone house seat. 

But… But… I’m confused here.  Ron Wieczorek is, with maybe a handful of policy arguments about “overhauling the entire Farm Bill“, working against the looming Impeachment and the big Coup attempts against the President.  Isn’t he?  As proferred by Executive Intelligence Review in plugging the campaigns of

Go back to Zeus and his punishment of Prometheus: any political figure or movement, which challenges the control of the oligarchy has the wrath of Zeus brought down upon them. Obviously, that’s what’s happening to Donald Trump. He’s there to challenge the policies of the modern-day Olympian gods, the British Empire. He’s against their policies of globalization, and perpetual war, and free trade. Even worse, Donald Trump laughs at them! That makes them very angry. *

Yet.  Here we have Donald Trump stumping for the Republican Party, and here we have a third party bid by the Larouchite Wieczorek cutting into the pro Trump bid, and maybe, just maybe allowing for the specter of … Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Which poses the question: is Ron Wieczorek a secret DNC sleeper cell, working on behalf for a Democratic Majority in the Congress?  It’s worth asking… After all, with Wieczorek gnabbing a whole 6 percent of the vote on a Trump boosting platform — enough to possibly swing the election, and with this stated stakes:

On impeachment—don’t be a fool! Face the reality that a majority-Democratic House of Representatives will quickly vote to impeach this President on a strict party-line vote, regardless of whatever better judgment any of those Democratic Representatives may hold in private.

And viewing this as stated policy instead of a warning would reconcile us back to the original “Don’t Be a Chump for Trump” stance.

Meantime, the other Larouchie running… is having troubles getting attention.

As the sole female candidate running for Texas’ 9th Congressional District, one would think that independent Kesha Rogers would be mentioned by an organization that strives to define and enlarge the study and advancement of women in American politics.

Sometimes you just end up leaving out the non Ds and non Rs.

ITEM NUMBER Two:  Remembering 9/11

St. Anthony of Padua Church: The Schiller Institute NYC Chorus will perform works of Beethoven, Brahms and African-American spirituals in memory of those lost at 7 p.m. Tuesday. Tickets start at $10. 155 Sullivan St.

Funny thing in commemorating 9/11 with these guys… Looking at where the org stands now…

President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani stepped up the drive to crush the British coup operations against the President in his Monday guns-blazing interview on Fox News’ Sean Hannity show

Wait.  Rudy Giuliani.  Backing over to Larouche’s famous interview at the time of the attacks… Where does he stand in the whole “Mossad did it” idea?

At the very least, Giuliani appears to have been rehabilitated from the days they printed this:

Missing from the media portrait were: the Giuliani Family as Mafia; his unrelieved gangster-like assault on the poor as Mayor of New York City; his corruption-ruined communications system at the World Trade Center on 9/11; the obscenity of his milking that disaster: all this is waiting to be discovered by any casual inquirer, waiting to explode his candidacy. So the obvious question follows: What is the thinking of the powers who are sponsoring him?

ITEM NUMBER THREE: NB finishes his three part memoir shaking off the current political moment.


Marsha Freeman

 William Jones is not impressed by Trump’s economic record, but encouraged by...

Of course, none of this works without a central role by the United States. But this is precisely what President Trump is prepared to do—and what his two predecessors fiercely opposed. No wonder that former President Obama is the “field marshal” for the British in trying to bring down this U.S. Presidency. Or do you think it’s a coincidence that the leading Americans in this evil effort are all Obama’s former subordinates?

All this indicates what we must fight for in this election period. What we must fight against is the threatened impeachment of this President, which would destroy all these prospects, and doom us to chaos and near-term war, facing nuclear war down the road.

Which is why you have to vote for Ron Wieczorek instead of the Republican!

Matthew Ehret-Kump supporting Giuseppe Castiglione.

Noting from factnet what’s going on those youtube shows that flutter about.
The John Siegerson Show had an all time record low of 3 callers. John’s briefing was 20 minutes talking about a Manhattan concert that commemorated 9-11, then 30 minutes going over the presentations at the Schiller conference. He had nothing original to contribute, no wonder people tuned out.
      Even worse, Rush told JS to speed it up so they could take calls.  Then nothing but crickets. Finally, JS said the callers could talk about music as well to try to get something going.
In the panel 2 video, R(oger) S(tone) refers to Lyn as “Dr. Lyndon LaRouche”. Does he imagine Lyn has a Ph. D in something? He’s probably the most interesting speaker in the entire panel-he has interesting (not so nice) things to say about the two Bobs (Woodward, and Mueller)-and gets the most applause of all the speakers. I really wonder what RS’s angle is in being involved with the LaRouche organization, is he just using them for the speaking money? As a savy political operator he must realize that the LaRouche organization’s policy ideas have no chance of being enacted. I chuckled when he said that the first thing he reads in the morning are the EIR alerts.
 Last time Mr. Stone addressed the Schiller Institute, he was also plugging the website for his “legal defense fund.” If his motivation is for anything beyond money, I’d be curious why he waited so long to endorse the policies of “Dr. LaRouche.”
I only watched the Roger Stone section of the Schiller stuff. I thought it was most interesting when someone from India got up and went after Pakistan. Helga gave this school marm answer about playing nicely and visions of the future. Then a guy from Pakistan took the microphone and attacked the guy from India.
In other words, they completely ignored her homily.
She got nervous as well when Stone actually said critical things about China as well and she had to PR Bejing.
Again, surprisingly entertaining last 20 minutes.
One person on the Fireside Chat asked if Stone would be passing along the org’s materials to Trump, and the reply was along the lines of, “Well, sure, I guess, maybe, you know how these things go…”
Interesting thing swirling about with Roger Stone… and another strange synchronicity into Larouche…
A movement that once took pride in its intellectual rigor and was graced by the ideas of Burke, Hayek, Weaver, Friedman, Kirk, and Buckley today views the feces-flinging by Breitbart and in a constellation of kook-right conspiracy sites that would make Lyndon LaRouche blush as highbrow conservative commentary.
 *  New theory:  Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker is ghost writing for these guys.  Just a whimsical random thought, mused along the lines of Michael Moore’s idea that Trump (and an aid) was the writer of that “Internal Resistance” op ed.

new conspiranoid force looks a lot like the old ones

Monday, August 6th, 2018

So today we have QAnon bursting into public view — a realm of conspiracy who have discovered the “truth” “They” don’t want you to know from an insider within the factions and fissures of the Deep State.   Wikipedia, as it flushes out what it is to say about it:

There has been much speculation regarding the motive and the identity of the poster, with theories ranging from the poster being a military intelligence officer, to the posting campaign being an alternate reality game by Cicada 3301, to Donald Trump himself.

QAnon adherents believe that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and other high-level officials are planning a coup while simultaneously involved as members of an international child sex trafficking ring. According to this idea, the Mueller investigation is actually a countercoup led by Donald Trump, who pretended to collude with Russia in order to hire Robert Mueller to secretly investigate the Democrats.

Other beliefs are that the Rothschild family are the leaders of a satanic cult, and that certain Hollywood stars are pedophiles. By interpreting the information fed to them by Q, QAnon adherents come to these conclusions.

Funny.  During the Obama Administration, the Larouchies were high on this one random blogger who had the same premise going, but never quite made the same waves QAnon currently are.  Ulsterman.  See here for something
The group decided to pretend to be ‘White House Insiders’ privy to all sorts of ‘secrets’. To tip their hand, to prove that it was a hoax they used the term “Ulsterman”.
The group assumed that persons with fully operational brains would grasp the fact that an Ulsterman is someone who lives in Northern Ireland, not someone who works in Washington D.C.
They misjudged the stupidity of the average Netizen.

From the Larouchie perspective, the origins of the term “Ulsterman” is a selling point and a tell… at war with the British… whether or not that’s intentional (and they don’t necessarily have to be selling to the Larouche Movement precisely).
A bit more here.

The echoing of some of QAnon’s fixation from past conspiratorial tropes the Larocuhies jammed themselves into — that whole “pedophile ring” — I was listening to a small dip of the Jim Bohannon show, an am talk radio mainstay for the past several decades, as I was passing by quickly on the radio dial.  What I hear is a woman caller, who charges in “But… George Bush and the CIA brought in call boys to the white house.”
The caller is immediately cut off, with Jim Bohannon calling out “What a load of Poppy cock!”  His guest goes on about having worked with “Poppa Bush” as an honest and decent person.
And it all goes out there, to be rehashed decades later.

Curious… Does this conspiratorial blogger
have second thoughts on sourcing
due to recent relations?

Wherefor the Zeitgeist  Movement, another seller of those “Secrets Known Only By the Elite”?  In cold storage?  Or just occasionally working the wikipedia article?
Okay, fine.  Zeitgeist marches on… though… looking up its “movement” in my city, it seems to be on empty.

NUMBER TWO:  Nick Benton looks at the Larouche Org’s current Trump support, moving back to a previous comment made in his review of the Scientology movie about purported CIA creation of the mass of 70s era cults.
Proceeds with the Russian — Larouche vortex point, dating it back to… hm… when the org was aimed against the Soviet threat.

Under the guise of the “detente” negotiated between Nixon and Brezhnev, as the brilliant investigative journalist Robert I. Friedman first documented in articles for the Village Voice and then his book, “Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America” (Little, Brown and Co., 2000), the compact involved the emigration of tens of thousands of Russians to the U.S. under the guise of human rights.
But those Brezhnev allowed to emigrate were the worst criminals and thugs of Russian cultural black markets. Once in the U.S., they organized into what became the Russian Mafia which, among other things, was available to the U.S. right wing for all sorts of mayhem against the civil rights movement.
Muscling in on the Italian mafia in New York, this is when Moscow’s thugs first met and started doing business with (including blackmailing) the hedonistic playboy Trump.
Nixon, Hoover and their masters let this ride through the 1970s to thoroughly rout the “left” and spin the inner cities and “counterculture” into self-destructive drug use and radical hedonism. In this context, the leftist LaRouche cult was redirected from within to roughly align with a burgeoning far right swollen by the politicization of Christian fundamentalist churches.
Puzzled politicians thought the LaRouche operation was the work of the CIA, a faction of which might have had a hand. Others, like the late Georgia Rep. Larry McDonald, insisted it was the KGB. In hindsight, he was the more accurate.

NUMBER THREE:  All right.  Here’s the current narrative.

Make no mistake. This is the greatest threat to the hegemony of the British financial empire in the entirety of its existence. What makes this fight winnable, is that in the combination of Russia, China and the United States we see a totality of power which has the means to see this reorientation of world affairs through. Alexander Hamilton and George Washington did not possess the power to dismantle the British Empire. Neither did Abraham Lincoln. FDR might have accomplished it, if he had lived, but even FDR lacked the strategic partners so crucial to such an undertaking. In the combination of Trump’s America, Putin’s Russia and Xi’s China, a power exists to remake the world.

Do the British possess the means to defeat this? No, if the people of the United States enter the battle in increasing numbers to defend the Trump Presidency and push this process forward. It is true that the British possess dangerous weapons. They control the major news media; they currently have hegemony within the intelligence community; and they can deploy the financial power of the City of London and Wall Street. But they are up against the Presidents of the three most powerful nations on the planet. They are losing, and they are becoming more desperate.

Trump still feels the need to suggest he’s being “tough” on Russia and thus Russia may be meddling to help the Democrats — whatever else you can say about his performances in NATO and summiting with Putin.  And we’ve had the promise of a good old fashioned trade war on our hands with China, with the suggestion from some Trump supporters that China relented, woo!.

And, the current historical narrative…  In 1988, my husband Lyndon LaRouche, having foresight that the Wall was coming down soon, proposed the soon-to-happen reunification of Germany with …

History posits differently.

No account of anti-Semites’ invective against ADL would be complete without mention of Lyndon LaRouche, the paranoid conspiracy theorist, perennial presidential candidate, and felon who is now in his 90s.

NUMBER FOUR:  Who is Who?

Texas Pride.  Brian Lantz, senior executive of the Houston-based Executive Intelligence Review of the Schiller Institute, said that Texas has unique western culture in the United States. “Today here we are finding about China’s west,” he said. “I think it’s a fun dialogue, each people learning about the other.”

Praising Xi:   William Jones, Washington Bureau chief of the U.S. publication Executive Intelligence Review, […]   “President Xi has placed a premium on the dialogue of cultures, emphasizing a greater spread of each other’s cultural achievements for the world to see. The idea of a community of shared destiny implies also the universality of human culture, although this may be expressed in different languages and in different art-forms,”…
Echoing Xi Thought.


China’s Belt and Road initiative has found a new friend in the Schiller Institute

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder of the German-based think tank, said that one of the institute’s main ideas is that “peace and order in the world would only function if each nation would relate to the best cultural tradition of the others and vice versa.”
She argued that while countries want to protect their borders, the Western values of democracy and human rights are being forgotten in the refugee crisis as there has been “a deadening of compassion, and a lack of value for human life.”
And China’s government provides the model to fix all that.  GOTCHA!

But, just a little bit curious about the writer of such pieces — and see too here — Roalie Falla who — has so far just those two articles  and a twitter notice for… what now?  Global Times?

Although the Chinese-language version has been accused of having a strong pro-government slant,[5] and of attracting a strongly nationalistic readership,[9][10] the English-language version has been described by one of its editors as taking a less strident approach.[11] The English-language edition also contains approximately 20 “foreign experts”, who are involved with assigning stories and copyediting, “as long as the coverage is not about politics”.[12]


Robert Hockett of Pierre, South Dakota stumps for Ron Wieczorek — to the Occupy battle line against the 1 percent, and the names of Lincoln, FDR, and JFK.
Who is “I’m a Democrat in the tradition of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, and a Republican in the tradition of Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Garfield and William McKinley,” he told the Press & Dakotan Monday.
Andrew Garfield?
Wieczorek, who is a farmer and former implement dealer, ran for statewide office in the 1990s as a Democrat. Besides being a Larouche supporter, he says he’s a John Kennedy-Franklin Roosevelt Democrat and an Abraham Lincoln-Dwight Eisenhower Republican.
Just naming as many as you can think of, I suppose.
It’s an odd attempt to feed into the Trump narrative the Larouche narrative.  Makes for a rough fit, but I’m sure some Trump supporters will miss the line — Them, I guess.
His general election best is 3.54%.  We’ll see if he can top that.

Kesha Rogers runs against the ghost — and successes of– her previous campaigns, which get citations as “embarrassing to the party” primary outcomes in reference to more current “embarrassing to the party” primary outcomes.   (We’ll see if she retains the footnote traction of her 1986 Illinois upset brethren, who pop up in discourse like this and this even though Kesha Rogers provides a more recent example.) Otherwise, she’s cited as an also-run, even in features on other also-run message based campaigns for the same office.

Michael Hodgkiss is still edged away by his competitor Rocky De La Fuente, who has the clever strategy of running for a bunch of races across the state at once — and in perenial candidate land, we see GoodSpaceGuy is still at it, running on the Larouchian “colonize space” platform, but without the Larouche endorsement.  Of course, then again, Hodgkiss has the fuller Larouche platform and he’s not getting any endorsement.  Not good at supporting their first time candidates?

Australian media sometimes just drops the candidate in their round up.  Labor will contest the seat with candidates from the Animal Justice Party, Liberal Democrats, Sustainable Australia, the Australian Mental Health Party, Australian People’s Party, the Greens, Science Party, Australian Christians, Australian Liberty Alliance, Citizens Electoral Council, and four independents.

NUMBER SEVEN:  The colorful who’s who gallery of Manafort’s current location.

“The professionals at the Alexandria Detention Center are very familiar with housing high-profile defendants including foreign and domestic terrorists, spies and traitors,” he wrote in an order released Wednesday. “All these defendants were housed safely in Alexandria pending their respective trials and defendant’s experience at the Alexandria Detention Center will presumably be no different.”
Among those spies was FBI agent turned Soviet mole Robert Hanssen. He was bumped to a smaller cell after trial to make way for Zacarias Moussaoui, the only person tried in U.S. court for involvement in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
CIA spies Aldrich Ames and Harold James Nicholson were also held in Alexandria. So was New York Times reporter Judith Miller when she refused to cooperate with prosecutors in a leak investigation. United Way of America chief William Aramony and extremist politician Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. both faced fraud charges while incarcerated in the jail.


Dateline Jersey
Singers from the Schiller Institute New York City Chorus sang renditions of “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” “Battle Cry of Freedom,” “The Star Spangled Banner,” and “Chester,” a hymn sung during the American Revolutionary War.
Carving a cultural niche for community events, I suppose.

Dateline New Jersey.  Outside a mall with the current
CHINA — USA — RUSSIA UNITED material.  And noted by the media as … Right wing!

Dateline Greenwich
A sextagenarian couple, Judy and Donald Clark, manned the stand, covered in packets and magazines from the LaRouche PAC. The Clarks, no strangers to Greenwich sidewalk politics, were previewing a meeting at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at the St. Lawrence Society. The couple previously came to Greenwich in March and last year.
[…][wearing a “MAGA Hat]  “Just remember, this is the year of the Donald!”

NUMBER NINE:  EIR article cited.

Today, the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine (PSPU), headed by internationally prominent economist Dr. Natalia Vitrenko, won their appeal…


Dr. Magarelli and friends

Monday, June 18th, 2018

STORY NUMBER ONE:  Donations noted for beleaguered college prof.

According to Ms. Koval, and as verified by the videos she recorded, Dr. Magarelli’s traffic in alternative facts is not limited to discussions of Jews. Dr. Magarelli tells his students that the moon landings were faked, and that human space travel beyond the Van Allen radiation belts is impossible. (In the real world, this fear was debunked when the radiation was first directly measured in the 1960s, living on mostly as a key plot point in the Fantastic Four comic books.)

Dr. Magarelli’s unorthodox beliefs extend to his politics. According to campaign donation records at, Dr. Magarelli has been donating to the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee since at least 2010. In 1979, Lyndon LaRouche lost a $26 million libel suit against the Anti-Defamation League, which had declared LaRouche “anti-Semitic.” The New York Supreme Court ruled that it was reasonable to apply that label. Mr. LaRouche, who ran for president several times, has long trafficked in conspiracy theories, some centering on the Queen of England. Many of those theories have anti-Semitic overtones.

Actually this presents an intriguing question:  Why would he have started in started round about 2010?  We do see he was hit up for cash on a pretty good clip over the last decade, so I guess someone found him as a contact.  Maybe someone in the cult knows the place to find possible contacts for their purposes?

But had Dr. Magarelli’s colleagues logged onto RateMyProfessors.comas long ago as May 2004, they would read this review: “Very strange and paranoid conspiracy theorist. From the moment I walked in I felt like I entered the twilight zone. Easy grader. Didn’t learn much.”
The next year, Dr. Magarelli got a good review from a student who wrote: “He is very easy. Never takes attendance, and all he talks about is 9/11 and how it was an inside job. Oh yeah and don’t 4 get the U.S. never went to the moon. Easy A.”
A more recent review directly addressed the question of competence: “DO NOT TAKE HIM! This man will not teach you anything but conspiracies without any backup evidence to support what he says! He makes up historical facts and sells this as the truth! Claims the inquisition did not kill people, that some terrorist organizations are not terrorist at all, that 9/11 is the Air force’s fault. ABSOLUTELY INSANE!”

… And there you have it.  Just reach out and phone ’em.

As for what will happen to Magarelli… Tenure has its advantages…

Magarelli has been teaching at William Paterson for more than 50 years, Felson said.

“He was probably tenured when I was in elementary school,” he said.

“Unfortunately, particularly post tenure, the only kind of thing that can be done is when there are multiple complaints from students. It’s unfortunate that, partly out of apathy or just ignorance, not many students have complained. Professors are given a wide latitude in what they teach in their classes. If they have some wild and erroneous things thrown in, it’s very difficult for the department chair to do much about it.”

Well.  One professor that disproves the newly implemented Larouche coursework on “What THEY won’t teach you”.

STORY NUMBER TWO, probably redone:  John Birch Society declares:  Larouche the Puppets of David Rockefeller, George Soros.
The John Birch Society, with its publication “The New American”, holds true to the faith that the Larouche Movement long abandoned… what say ye, David Rockefeller?…

But the real real agenda [for the New Silk Road] is much deeper than hawking Chinese-made junk — it is exporting the deadly “ideology” of communism with “Chinese characteristics” that globalists and tyrants everywhere, from the late David Rockefeller and George Soros to Raul Castro and Vladimir Putin, are so fond of praising.   

Interesting group, considering Soros is Putin’s favorite boogey man as source of any opposition within Russia.  And who’s the lackey here?

However, beyond totalitarian-minded foreign rulers, there were plenty of crony “capitalists” and “useful idiots,” as Lenin referred to them, willing to embrace the scheme as well. So desperate for finding more endorsements was the regime’s propaganda ministry that Xinhua, a state-run propaganda megaphone that doubles as an intelligence front, even touted the backing of the controversial Marxist-linked La Rouche movement. “The Belt and Road Initiative is the most important strategic initiative on the planet,” Helga Zepp-LaRouche, president of La Rouche’s Schiller Institute, told the regime’s mouthpiece. “It not only brings economic prosperity to all participating countries, but also serves as a true basis for a peace order for the 21st century.”

So.  I suppose the Birch Society is keeping track of the Larouche presence in Chinese media.  See William Jones of EIR, that   ending poverty had long been regarded a major task for humanity, but until recently was seen as a “utopian dream.”
“With China, that dream is now becoming a reality,” he said.

Oh yeah.  And why is North Korea dealing?  Why, because of the New Silk Road!  Oh is it Donald Trump’s condos?

STORY NUMBER THREE:  sideways glancing at Roseanne Barr’s tweets

Worthwhile looking at Roseanne Barr’s two tweets… the ones that brought her public opprobrium and the cancellation of her show.

One: on a conspiracy tract linking Chelsea Clinton to George Soros.  Certainly nothing the Larouche movement would have done in the first decade of the 21st century, when the cult was on a Clinton lovefest and linking everything bad to Soros.

Two: referred to a prominent black public figure (though one that’s not exactly in my top of mind awareness) as a monkey or primate.  Sure.  Larouche already did that.

Anything beyond the fact that Roseanne Barr’s riding online conspiracy channels — worthwhile enough for the Larouche Movement to have once retweeted a Roseanne Barr tweet?  Not really.

STORY NUMBER FOUR:  Pro Trump Larouchies Gather with Anti Trump (and 9/11 Truther) Progressives for benefit of New Belt Road!

Joining forces, Jason Ross and Daniel Burke of the Trump Supporting Larouche Movement — otherwise fighting against the Deep State’s constitutional coup against Trump through means of Impeachment — and political activist Sander Hicks, fighting against Trump in running for congress .

… who wrote a book I read at least bits of (don’t remember if I read the thing or not), and found one passage worth notating.

Hm.  “NYC Students for the Belt and Road“.

Jason Ross, a representative of the International Schiller Institute, will be presenting on the principles of physical economics.
“After the death of FDR and the assassination of JFK, the United States turned away from global plans for economic and technological development that was intended for the good of all, and instead adopted the Wall Street finance-oriented economic orientation we have today — the looting outlook of that British Empire which we fought a revolution against! With the economic rise of China and the Belt and Road Initiative, a new paradigm is challenging the failed policies of the Western economies. Today, we require a New Deal-style infrastructure renaissance, made possible by ending Wall Street control of our economy and by ending the regime-change geopolitical wars of the past decades. This requires that we apply scientific principles of economics — the subject of my presentation.”

What say Sander Hicks?
“I just got off the plane from Iran, and I am fired up to talk about international cooperation, peace, and emancipating human potential! The USA could be doing a lot more to help other countries, like President Xi is doing with the Belt and Road Project. Let’s talk about what we can do in New York, with the open-hearted spirit of the international family.” 

We also note one of Sander Hicks’s gripes at the Democratic Congress member he’s running against: her opposition to the Iranian Nuclear Deal that Trump just tore up.  One of those pegs that the Larouchies are going to have square as they continue to support Trump… awkwardly finding no fault with Trump

Also present, as you see in the facebook comments, Rachel Brown, who in the same manner Sander Hicks took on Dick Cheney TO HIS FACE to expose the truths behind Cheney’s involvement in implementing the 9/11 attacks, took on Barney Frank to expose the truths about the Nazi ideology of Obama’s health care policy.  I suppose we can now compare the responses Cheney gave Hicks with that Frank gave Brown.

STORY NUMBER FIVE:  Australian Glass Steagall Bill gains… something

A shame that the proposal came from such a crazy group:

The Citizens Electoral Council are a tiny bunch of total nutters occupying a parallel universe.. I am surprised to hear even Bob Katter giving them oxygen.

Agree, kiss of death – as much chance to get through as any proposal to curb immigration coming from One Nation.
Mind you, I did sign the CEC’s petition for Glass-Steagall on the street, only to later find out how out of orbit, their other views are.

STORY NUMBER SIX:  The Race for Congress in the Post LYM era

After the “Youth” get older (and the prize victories of the era fade into historical perspectives) , the cult apparently re-verts to some oldtimers for electioneering.

Ron Wieczorek — running for US House in South Dakota, gets news coverage, of sorts, despite himself 

(KTIV) – Ron Wieczorek is on the ballot for United States House of Representatives in South Dakota.
 The candidate did not respond to requests for a biography or photo.

Or maybe he’s boycotting the “Fake News” media?

Okay, maybe not entirely… Wieczorek says he thinks economic conditions are similar to those of the early 1930s…………. And, see here …

He has one supporter here.  Will probably find three more before November comes.


Sandmark is a Swedish economist and human rights activist as well as a longtime collaborator of American political figure Lyndon H. LaRouche. Aren’t those mutually disagreeing components?  Sandmark is the chairman of the Schiller Institute in Sweden and the Stockholm Correspondent for the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR).

William Jones is the Washington Bureau Chief for the Executive Intelligence Review, and non-resident Senior Fellow of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China. The article reflects the author’s opinion, and not necessarily the views of CGTN.

STORY NUMBER EIGHT:  The PO Office Tour in the Age of Trump

China, Russia, and the United States Can End War
Build the World Landbridge

What do we want?  Landbridge!  When do we want it?  Now!
Observers may note a strange throwback.  The Landbridge was a major issue when the Larouchies were stumping for Russia, today they ought be going about the New Silk Road as they now stump for China.

“We’re organizing all over the country — it’s a nationwide campaign,” said Christopher Sare, who handed out LaRouchePAC literature and encouraged voters to join Political Action Committees.
“…We just put out a ‘Campaign to Win the Future’ and the first step is stopping the coup against our president and exposing the British role in this thing.”
The LaRouche proponents are visiting as many places across the country as they can, Sare said.

Hard to tell.  Maybe the news media has shifted in not focusing so much on post office tour meanderings, or maybe the burning desire to impeach Obama does not make for as good copy as the burning desire to stop the Trump Impeachment, but the clip is a lot less in this administration than the last.

LaRouche is an American political activist, leader of the LaRouche Movement and was a controversial candidate in eight presidential elections from 1976 to 2004, according to the Lyndon LaRouche Collection 1979-1986 at the Thomas Balch Library in Leesburg, Virginia.


Just Google LaRouche – the bottom of the sewer attracted to like kind I suppose. Anyway, a couple of nuts from NJ show up in Cairo to complain about Mueller investigating some pretty blatant solicitation of bribes from foreign countries not to mention corporations and we’re supposed to see that as a headline cover story for the Daily Mail? Let’s get real. Yawn.

And another stop.  By the same forces.
Adherents of LaRouchePac 2018, “The Campaign to Win the Future,” are distributing literature at this hour in front of the Cooperstown CVS on Chestnut Street.
Arthur Murphy
Very cool! I’m sure nothing quite so thought-provoking has happened in Cooperstown since James Fenimore Cooper wrote “The Bravo!”
Eh.  More like the latest in Water Skiing Squirrel headlines.
And, not quite at the Post Office, and maybe not even entirely Larouchies, but… larouchies amass to praise russia, It is absurd enough that Russia organises “Immortal Regiment” marches all over the world in early May, but the cynical propaganda stunt has taken a further step forward by gaining approval in a resolution by the New York State Senate. On May 8 this year Democratic Senator Luis Sepulveda welcomed a delegation of the “Russian Youth of America” to the Senate chamber and oversaw the adoption of his resolution, which said, “this Legislative Body is justly proud to commemorate the 4th Annual New York Immortal Regiment March organized by the Russian Youth of America.”It’s… who and what?Igor Kochan, the president of the Russian Youth of America, who was one of the visitors to the Senate, is vice president of production and logistics for a company called American Christmas, which provides customised decorations.According to Channel One, Daniel Burke, who describes himself on Twitter as a LaRouche activist, said at that protest: “We’re protesting against those who openly support the worst people in the Ukrainian government, which was formed by Ms. Nuland and Barack Obama. It’s destructive, it provokes Russia into war. We should all unite and direct our efforts towards peace. And what’s Obama doing instead of that? Now he’s planning to arm Ukraine. It’s absurd!”


And with a Trumpian knack for nicknames! He’s tagged Mitch McConnell “Cocaine Mitch” because . . . well, honestly, it’s too convoluted to explain. But speaking of conspiracy theorists, Lyndon LaRouche and his compeers say the nefarious “City of London Imperial Oligarchs” are using Robert Mueller to defenestrate Trump so they can use Iran, Syria, Korea, and Ukraine to unleash war on Russia and China.

Look for it soon on Hannity. Oh, I forgot, you’re out of range of Official Trumpland TV.


Still on C=256.  The Cultural Renaissance vibrating from the performance will be felt any time now.

Why and How Humanity Must Return to the Moon



Item number one to be addressed: complete disassociation with any other Schiller Institute.


Titles found at EIR.  The Spirit of the.  Do they even have editors over there?