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Lpac relevant in Michigan

Monday, June 6th, 2022

Tying the horrors of a racist shooting in Buffalo to the war in Ukraine, Diane Sare drops a load. Aiming the message at Kim Iverson. As seen here, “that dog don’t hunt”.

The thread for the shooter’s confounded belief system (which includes holding that Fox News is run by Jews) runs more in parallel with what miko dzagi is selling here:

In the wake of another damned shooting, we get some quote about the “new violence” by an instigator of the Old Violence. (Enough amends with their old punching with nun chuck bags of the cpusa for the cpusa to have attended a conference for those Chinese reds alongside the larouchies, fwiw .). And, regarding this — to be sure, this is one hellava degree into the morass belonging to the labor committees over cpi.

Hm. I prefer a diet of Marx/Engels/Lenin/Stalin/Mao as well as a hefty dose of LaRouche optimism.

Also shadowing the conspiracy theorizing and presumptions of elite concoctions behind political arguments — James Lindsey.

LPAC continues to worship Trump and sell every trump loving media item. Over on the other Larry he group, Helga gives China happy talk.

Clinton Crime Family“?


Boo, again. Cue Larouche blandishments against King, with new innovation of references against Caleb Maupin as copying Larouche’s act. (Some links rolling through the nature of his group available out of this, a whole bunch of praises and partnership history in this thread). … And memes kinda floating from familiar texts. Puppet strings, huh? [Probably out of “first principlesmore than entangled Larouchism. Sure. Communist Soviet Union a “British” or Jewish project. Sure. The question.]


I am not going to sing the praises of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, but that was a good moment she had when confronted by the crazy sputtering loon of a Larouchie. It becomes fascinating to see how it gets chunked into Larouchie lore — I am not horribly impressed by ambush politics anyways in the best of circumstances (Hi Beto!), but when confronted by seeming unstable person — you smile, nod, de-escalate.

Well, that’s one logical inference. I always found it interesting how the import of these rock bands and counter culture from UK was called “the british invasion”

And this is a tweet that must confound the Larouchies, big sellers of the “Neo- Nazi troop battalion in Ukraine!” Come charge they be — Sure, Azov has a few token Jews to show off. There is a history of clever neo-Nazi groups here in the US such as the Lyndon LaRouche cult pioneering such tactics. We’re not fooled. Meantime — Wagner Operatives, huh?

Heh. Schiller would spit LaRouche (owner of that linked site) right in her face.

EGO Stripping Exercise

This is a good sum of splitting some “conspiracy analysis” truth from different cultish interpretations of same. I hope you understand the difference between “CIA used various fronts, Ford Foundation is one of them, to sow chaos in academia during the Cold War and enforce cultural hegemony” is different than “LaRouchies, milita movements and neo-Nazis are angry someone wrote about them”. Hot wire the conspiracy so you are at the center of it. Shave away the inconvenient messiness of history.

I await the bashing of the NYT for bringing up this: In Michigan, Ms. Mitchell’s group held a training session in May that was sponsored in part by a coalition of grass-roots groups called the Michigan Election Protection Team. The R.N.C.’s state election integrity director brought together the coalition to recruit poll workers. According to its website, the coalition includes LaRouchePAC, a committee dedicated to Lyndon LaRouche, the deceased conspiracy theorist, and Let’s Fix Stuff, an outfit run by a former Republican state senator who has promoted a theory about the 2020 election that Republican Michigan Senate leaders denounced as “indefensible.” The Rachel Marrow Show has picked up on that paragraph, so comes a new deluge of comments. And a retooling of the “I thought he was dead / He’s still alive?” line of old.

Spiritual heirs of post election charges of fraud — Trump’s Pac charges that a 52 percent margin of a loss by their candidate hadja been fixed. Reminding me of their post election analysis when Barney Frank beat Rachel Brown — the “Vault” did something nefarious.


Reminds me of Lyndon Larouche. One of his volunteers came to my house when Bill Clinton was running for re-election, my dad politely declined saying that he planned to vote for Bill again, dude got quite angry with him.

They were very active in my area prior to the Occupy movement. I have many anecdotes about interacting with them… but people always think I’m exaggerating. They would aggressively heckle and troll Ralph Nader or Green Party events… and after inevitably being kicked out, they would regroup outside and sing Christmas carol style songs about how evil Nader is and how good John Kerry is. I once spent a lunch break eavesdropping on their members doing publicity on a street corner. One was trying to explain how LaRouche was correctly predicting a future steel-shortage that would crash the economy (unless LaRouche was elected and built a bunch of rail.) … he kept pointing to a graph on their magazine saying “saying, see how this line shows how there will be a steel shortage.” The pedestrian he was talking to just said, “but what data is this from?” The LaRu smugly corrected and said: “it’s not a graph, it’s an animation!”… 3. I was radicalized by the US invasions after 9/11. My first larger political experience was the Iraq war and I was very new to the left. I met some LaRouche people and tried to network for an anti-war thing I was doing and gave them my number. … they left increasingly hostile and threatening voice mail for weeks and weeks. Doing like good-cop bad-cop strategies on my voice mail. One would call and scream and then another would call and leave a message apologizing but also heavily moralizing me.

Speaking of LaRouchies I saw one of their Canadian devotees (Matthew Ehret) was on Christopher James’ show last month. The Queen and therefore Canada’s government is bad, which has always been used a proxy to attack the American republic. Canada killed Lincoln. Or something like that.

Wow, there still are LaRouche fans ? I remember one telling me Prince Philip ordered JFK’s assassination about 20 years ago, lol.

And I’ve had run-ins with members of this cult back in college. They act like there’s an impending economic collapse just right around the corner, and only god-emperor LaRouche can save us.

I had a LaRouche person try to get me sign her petition. They didn’t mention the LaRouche (it was on the flyer) and told me they were for culture and the arts.

I remember years ago a woman outside a government building was promoting Lyndon Larouche. We had a conversation and I can see the crazy in her eyes. When I was leaving, she was getting hostile.

Muppets family Christmas, recorded on vhs from 1987, with an hour long infomercial by Lyndon LaRouche accidently taped on afterwards… was the best tradition to watch all of it at my house growing up

Hm. Parents had Ron Paul / Larouche newsletters, and gaming stores had ironic / not ironic nazi clientele. Different experiences than mine.

I have an aunt who gave me the manifesto when I was a young punk, but her son was in LaRouche’s cult and I got some of his pamphlets from her, and I was more interested in giggling at that nonsense to read anything seriously. They have names like “Children of Satan” and “The Sexual Congress of Cultural Fascism.” Regarding their content, I seem to remember them applying right wing thinking to left wing ideas. I was a teenage crust punk, and it was clear to even me Larouche was wrong headed. (“nick” asks for “what is so absurd” and “do you believe in satan?”)

I grew up camping in Mich-mostly at state parks & all over incl UP. My Dad & bro went 2 Isle Royale. I sat that out. NO interest in straining water 4 parasites lol. My dad told us of sovereign citizens/militia & Larouche loons. We heard stories.

This is unhelpful but Larouche’s people used to show up and demonstrate at St. John’s College in Annapolis when I was a student. Something about us being a bench for the CIA.

Been in Virginia 40 years now, Tidewater area for half that. It’s always been Delmarva. DMV is where you go to be harassed by Lyndon LaRouche supporters.

One time I got dragged to a Lyndon LaRouche meeting because somebody said they had a telescope to look at Mars. At the meeting they were disparaging public school education, pointed at me and said they bet I couldn’t draw a line segment with a length of the square root of two. I took their ruler and made an isosceles right triangle, with side length one. They acted surprised and asked me where I had seen that before, and I said: “public school.” Nobody talked to me afterwards and the telescope was disappointing. 20 years later and still bothers me.

I got wrangled into going to a LaRouche meeting and listened to Mozart while a guy tried to get me to sell all my possessions

When I was about 11, I discovered LaRouche at the news stand. At first, I was like, wait! This guy’s brilliant. By the time I was 14, I saw him as a mental patient.

Benefits of online service for dmvs in Virginia: Also, I don’t have to walk past the Lyndon LaRouche supporters anymore.


Looking back to Zeitgiest.

I remember good ol’ Lyndon LaRouche claiming I.F. Stone’s book on Socrates was published to prime the public against him in the ‘84 election. Talk about ego!

I relate to lyndon larouche, i really do. he was a guy who had lotsa opinions, and brother i can tell ya when you have lotsa opinions people get mad!!!!

I’m currently imagining James Burnham, Lyndon LaRouche, and Murray Bookchin attending the same Socialist Workers Party meeting and being like “yup we’re all committed Marxists glory to Leon Trotsky long live the 4th internationale”

The Dutch political party Vrijzinnige Partij argues for A 432 as a standard on the unverified grounds that Joseph Goebbels was responsible for the adoption of A 440, and that it causes “disarray” in music and society.

Labor Committees still exist?

The weird go-to blame that accrues to 1920s Trotskyites.

The Jews are responsible for all the —-“. (Says… Goldstein?)

To be fair, the yippies contemporaneously were annoyed by the hippies and prone to dip into conspiratorial and semi-conspiratorial ranting on from whence they came. (and defending the line presented here… Well, the term “rock and roll conservative” was bandied about as a marketing term.). I do not believe Hitler ever advocated a “new dark age“.

1994 … Back when the Larouchies were warning frantically that Moscow would take Ukraine. Third Rome and all that.

I think this is an allusion to, say, the mayorial candidate in LA on a “law and order” kick. Nothing terribly wrong with this party maneuvering particularly on the municipal level — It is not the same as the Larouchies or the White nationalists in Idaho this year.

Why NAWAPA was insane.

summer of love

NATLFED at Operation Mop Up.

How to

Alternate histories for Democratic Socialists.

Even Raymond Eddé, a secularist who hated the far-right, made the mistake of having meetings with Lyndon Larouche. Larouche hated Kissinger so Raymond Eddé thought he could be an ally. Larouche was a strange beast. Was Marxist before taking a hard right turn I remember reading some of his pamphlets on streets of NYC early 2000’s and not getting a clear idea of his positions. Local friends had to give me more context. So I forgive R Eddé for getting it wrong.

Alex Jones a secret commie, gate keeping the right for the Commies, as is Putin. Oh, and Mossad to boot.

Long list of third party candidates — and the classic line of “the Dems shoulda gone with Henry Wallace!” told in jest. (More on the problems when counterfactual history mingled with the conspiracy mindset: He literally thinks reason why Russian Revolution didn’t spread to USA is because of Oregon Treaty of 1846, a year before Treaty of Cession, even though boundaries were defined in 1818. Fits a narrative, I guess. Then there’s Napoleon Bonaparte and Chinggis Khagan were proto-communists. If you don’t understand this, then you aren’t a socialist. That is a joke, right?)

Good used book find.

Odd thread of Russian history.

I think there’s an excellent one-act play to be written set in the cell LaRouche and Jim Bakker shared in federal prison.

My only personal experience with LaRouchies were how theyd ruin every protest in the 00s. Like a dozen would show up to an anti-war protest, represent less than .001% of the crowd, just do incredibly embarassing shit and local media would invariably train all their cams on them


About as much coverage as they garner, this is about how most “what’s on the ballot” articles address the Australian Citizens Party::

The Citizens Party (formerly the Citizens Electoral Council) has a predominant focus on all things economics and business. Their policies are focused on big banks, making a “public post office a people’s bank” and rejecting the “hysteria and alarmism” associated with climate change. 

They also want to help the population “rise above” addictive violent video games, dangerous drugs, mass-produced Hollywood movies and banal popular music. Yep, you read that right.

They have candidates in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales.

Making the pitch: ACP policies, claims Isherwood, “oppose the tyranny of those who wish misery on the world by reducing human beings to less than beasts, inducing them to accept less than their true human potential, and denying justice, in all its forms, to those who need it.” “This”, said Isherwood at the party’s campaign launch on Feb 10 this year, “does not make us popular.”

This candidate receives his greatest applause when backing protectionist economic measures. He never mentions China, Russia, Ukraine, or Britain. And he equivocates a tad when confronted by opposition to nuclear power.


Blake Masters. Ryan Kelley. Fred Phelps, Tucker Carlson. Corbyn. Mangabeira, Foucault, Ayn Rand, Zizek, Meszaros, é uma fileira de malucos que não acaba mais. Snooping Dog, Enema Man. Chomsky, Carbo. The Finders. Geoff Young (Democratic primary winner in lopsided Republican district. Theoretically has appeal.). Connor Lamb. Jimmy Dore. George Carlin, out of a bang your head against the wall framing on Chappelle. Thomas Riggins. Since candidate Geoff Young gets the comparisons, may as well sell him on Larouche. Michael Chertoff. Nina Turner. Vaush. Jim Ziegler. Beto O’Rourke. DSA. Bob Katter. Nick Adams. Forrest Gump. Naomi Wolf. Carl Paladino. Elon Musk. Bilderburg Crasher filming stunters. Ross Perot. Ryan Kelley, again, in the news and more load adjacent than ever.

Geoffrey Young jumps right into it.

Jacobin covers the classical music / capitalism vortex.

The working class love 5’7″ guys who can’t groom themselves and sit in their basement all day yelling about Lysenko. You go to any factory worker in America and they love hearing about this.

Har de har har.

One question on this Tarpley analysis: I feel he’s being used to split the 9/11 truther movement from Larouche mvt. Present tense?

The problem in this bit on CEC: “how banks are going to steal all your money” is an issue to deal on in regulation. The problem here is in failing to differentiate the policy aims of Bill Clinton, but that game continues. The problem with this is that the wlym did not exist in the 1980s. The problem with this is he appears to be suggesting “US Senator” means something in validating words.

I am surprised that there are still political candidates invoking the name of Lyndon LaRouche to bolster their candidacies — and that they can find volunteers who are willing to canvass for them on the streets of Harlem.

LPAC gets Texas Republican group to do that resolution for banning the fed. Ron Paul lay the groundwork, methinks.

Point: The attacks on “patriotic socialism” function primarily to keep people limited to a “class struggle” dogma. Counterpoint: What part of “No war but class war” am I missing?. And, yes, from anything even hinting at Marxist a point of view, the American Revolution was not a Revolution but mere reforming.

What do Leninists have to do with anything?

There’s no essence to anything haz says and his fans will never organize anything. They can organize a lunch bucket!

Big on NAWAPA.

Answer to this question: the deed is done. Slightly modify the formulation, though.

No answer: Daniel I’m a fan, but why do LaRouche hate Zizek/Hegel? Because they overcame the Plato/Aristotle division you guys love?

Trying to sell Larouchies as the real influencer instead of the over-hyper Dugin. Strange pissing contest, or hype machine. Worth pointing out Dugin has stated his role is over-stated, but I guess someone from a point of strength is inclined to do so. (Noting how lay viewers see the Larouche — Glazyev connection.)

Sales pitch to pacifists.


No, I can’t say that I am looking for podcast reviews of Edgar Allen Poe that include “Larouche interpretations”, but depending — I am not totally against the lark. So, Kings Cast edition 11 — to these podcasters — beware of an email entirety from out of LPAC or out of LORG.

A1 uses: Once I get my invite all I am going to do is type in combos of words from Lyndon Larouche pamphlets for months on end.

Diane Sare Runs

Leaving the supermarket just now, I was asked to sign a petition to get someone on the New York ballot for Senate. I asked what party, and I was told LaRouche Independent. I laughed a little and said that I don’t vote for crazy people. I wonder if I should have laughed more.

Was handed one of your calling cards yesterday with a request to sign to get your name on the ballot. I said I’d read up on you. Glad I did. You’re nuts.

Hitting Albany.

The deed is done, a photo-op of ballot access is lobbed, and …

Support coming in! If Schumer doesn’t get some kind of reconciliation bill passed every DSA person should endorse the Larouche lady running against him it’s not like he’s gona lose so might as well. Also it would be really funny

Apparently a good jumping to point (archive dot org has old Michael Hillingdon interviews), Diane Sare hit Ang Ating Katipunan on Radio DZAR. Nothing came out of it.

Meantime… The best story the Bay Area press missed out on in the #CAPrimary: Ned Nuerge, running as a REPUBLICAN against @RepBarbaraLee used to head up the Lyndon LaRouche contingent that routinely got elected to the @AlamedaCoDem Central Committee #Eurasianlandbridge Cc: @eastbaycitizen

More Salesmanship

Subscribe to a patreon for thingy:. Also subscribe to see an ” unfolding personal meltdown manifesting itself as increasingly unhinged posts about Lyndon Larouche. “. I have no choice but to take the word for it.

RUAwakeyet 1984 World” tries to sell Larouche to conspiracists opposed to his mass of policies.

Random supporter — “Larouche lives through me”, going to name first son after the dead cult leader.

Not winning this twitterer: Look at Lyndon Larouche’s positions on homosexuality when the weather is less beautiful and we’ll talk about it again

okay so i came up with this new political philosophy. it’s basically the last anti establishment idea you can have now. so i call it “maga marxism,” and i know what you’re thinking, but i just read the wiki page for lyndon larouche, and- hey where are you going i have a substack,

Jacques Cheminade knocking on doors. Maybe you can time a meeting so he can be meeting with you when the Jehovah’s Witnesses come knocking and arrange for a meeting of the minds.

I came here to exonerate LaRouche and chew bubble gum…and I’m all out of bubble gum. Cute, but they apparently hate pro wrestling and its stars’ movies.

The Royals and Royal Adjacent

Meghan Markle makes a quick unannounced at not noticed jaunt to a memorial for Uvalde. A good deal of in jest comments abound that … She’s running for office and… Cue any variation on the Simpson’s line. The feeding frenzy shapes up in The Spectator, premise picked up by prominent Twitter Larouchie, and… Hm. To be sure, a concerted photo does not require it announced at the time of the photo op-ing. Beyond that, I remain mum.


Accumulated debris

Friday, April 29th, 2022

#2 on Cracked’s list of “15 Notorious Cults That Amazingly Still Exist“. Gawking at the splintering. (Note: I have to disagree for the premise on “amazingly” still existing. Remains always remain.). Anyway, counter to the surprise — we can project larouchism as on the up-swing.

LPAC alongside Turning Points USA introducing Trump official Scott Atlas at Michigan State University. Sparking the question — what it you Turning Points USA, Charlie Kirk?, And, for whatever it is worth Grant has been rising on those presidential ranking lists — basically because he stuck with Reconstruction for the bulk of his time in office — hard to imagine how Trump will ever get reconsidered. I do not figure your Trumpists are shifting through Grant’s record to rehabilitate him, but to the extent they wear disdain from Ivy League historians as a badge of honor, Grant is heading in the wrong direction.

Daniel Burke leans deeply into Soviet idolatry, and now in the LORG canon — The Alexandrov Red Army Choir. Continues the fight against the Second Law of Thermodynamics, though this guy probably would not care if not for Haz.

Interesting, LPAC wants to deviate the right from a current “state conventions” obsession –I will note: War-time censorship and an historic attack on free speech, — “an historic”? On the left, some of our readers might recall that in 2011 another “anti-establishment” movement came into existence—the left-wing Occupy Wall Street phenomenon. Financed by George Soros, and intended, like the Tea Party, to entice angry American citizens into dead-end political activity, today’s remnants of Occupy have now joined with CSG to assault the U.S. Constitution — The legacy of Occupy is irritation at the CP-USA and the Larouchies for parasiting off of it. (Recall the Larouche troll who chafed against my lightly mocking tone on Occupy. )

Will Josh Hawley embrace the Land Bridge? I should organize Hawley around the idea of expanding the Callaway Nuclear Plant near Fulton, Missouri and try to get him on LaRouche’s ideas, including the World Landbridge. Yeah, you go do that.

Let’s join all nations to defend humanity from the threat of asteroids. Yeah, you go do that.

News Alert! LaRouche folks are out in front of Fox News

Zero Hedge — Point. Counterpoint.

Unsubscribing to their newsletter — Helga does not have the vision of her husband — backing Communists and Putin. Or, maybe they are Leninist after all. Or, Hell, maybe Stalinists after all!


I hail from Iran, where state TV might casually suggest, for example, that Pepsi is actually a Zionist acronym (“pay each penny, save Israel”), or that the Jews created lovable Jerry from Tom and Jerry to rehabilitate the reputation of mice, given their own rat-like disposition. Growing up there honed my loathing for the conspiratorial cast of mind. I proudly remember the contempt with which I dismissed the LaRouchies I came across in Seattle as a University of Washington undergrad.

Princeton City Council meetings.

I once got in an argument with larouchies cause they were horning in on our canvassing space… one of the brain-wormiest discussions i’ve ever had. the young larouchies seemed more like millenarians trying to convince people the solution was to quit the internet and be a goldbug

The worst thing I did in college was signing up one of my best friends for LaRouche’s email distribution list as a prank. He auto-forwarded them to my email and I auto-forwarded them back to this and we got nasty calls from the campus IT people. Good times!

If there’s one pre-covid thing I miss, it’s messing with Larouchists when they table.

Wow yeah so that’s who I was debating with back in the day While I was very dumb at the time it’s nice to know they were totally whack. (Further: “extremely niche

A popular AM radio station in Washington, DC, WMAL, featured a weekly ranting by LL. I would listen to it in my childhood, thankfully I recognized the paranoid bigotry against “Zionists” and “humanists”. Fortunate inoculation against my future encounters with Larouche.

Q adherents analogy of the pastThe worst I remember was the Lyndon LaRouche people who would have a table at a supermarket and try to push LaRouche as the solution to all our nation’s problems.

What a drag it is getting older — I am 40 years old. I can’t join the LaRouche Youth anymore. That ship has sailed

Some of the looniest people are pharmacists and medical doctors. In the town I grew up in, preCVS, Walgreens, the local pharmacist was a big LaRouche guy.

I miss those hour long political ads Lyndon LaRouche would make every election.

I’ll never forget when I met some Larouche people tabling near my work and they suggested that Karl Marx was a British agent. Also in denial that Larouche started out as a Trot, they didn’t see that one coming. LaRouche people have a messianic cult complex where only they can save the world from the Malthusian agenda. If you question them you are refusing leadership of the only people who can save us from the coming crisis and therefore working for the Queen’s conspiracy.

~10 year ago; table outside the supermarket, with a lady collecting signatures to run for office as I neared she looked up at me; took 5 seconds for me to get a crazy person vibe her spiel included a web of unknown groups Crazy+front orgs? had to be LaRouche

What’s the closest you’ve ever been to being in a cult? I attended multiple Lyndon LaRouche meetings

I remember Douche LaRouche as a slogan.

We all knew that guy in high school who was an exact genetic clone of Lyndon LaRouche.

He first came to my attention in early 00’s when a friend was handed a LaRouche pamphlet in Seattle filled with $10 dollar words and asked me to make sense of it. I said this guy’s fucking nuts stay far away. It read like a pseudointellectual Pat Buchanon disguised as Leftism.

LOL those LaRouche people were all over my college campus antagonizing people in the ’90s. They were always so creepy.

Before Washington went to vote-by-mail, we had to wade through a crowd of those LaRouche loons screaming in our faces and waving posters of President Obama with a Hitler mustache drawn on him. Things are so much better now. 🙂.

Years ago when I was a member of the 46th District Dems, there was an attempted infiltration by a local group of followers of Lyndon LaRouche but they never had enough people to join and outnumber us. I imagine something similar in the Republican party with an opposite outcome.


SIC. For this interested, a vintage picture of Lyndon LaRouche with his sisters Lenore (left) and Shirley (right). No, I don’t know what it means either.

A bit of a correction, or clarification, in the otherwise sound “David Icke copied Larouche” premise — 4th Reich Member,Icke was heavily promoted by Alex Jones — initially Jones kept him at arms’ length, calling him “the turd in the punch bowl”

back in the day he seemed to be exclusively the choice of angry weird old men who hung out in front of the post office trying to hand out pamphlets. after the past 5 years though, he’d probably have a fighting shot in a GOP presidential primary. if he got more racist. — Children of Satan III … Trying for the bargain VHS horror market.

John Singlaub.

International conspiracy theory vortex.

That 2016 memo

A map of the 1986 Illinois results. Fairchild’s coalition mainly consisted of rural white voters in downstate Illinois and black voters within the city of Chicago. Many black voters were motivated to vote against machine-backed white ethnic candidates after efforts to oppose Mayor Harold Washington. How in God’s name did Fairchild win the 13th ward? Is this an error?

I still think my favorite moment in Dem debate history is when @GovHowardDean roasted the Larouche people who started heckling from the audience

Matlock — q

Run through in light of Maupin. (his stop over in support of democratic socialist cause celebre AOC spells further doom to these Marxians.). Etc.

War on Drugs.

An alternate universe where Jackson beats Bush and for third Larouche beats Paul.

Since you asked — Frankly Jim Jones’ politics were miles better than LaRouche’s. At any rate, my point is we should not pretend as if either are the least bit admirable. And certainly shouldn’t overestimate degree of correctness in LaRouche’s “ideology“.

Misnomer worth a poke: Tarpley is no longer affiliated with the LaRouche movement. Also wait until you find out you can come together with people you disagree with to work together on certain issues and that non gay people can get HIV. Further explication of the harm / insanity of that cause.


(shrug)I am not nor have I ever been a member of the Left, which I guess frees me up to “defend” Kyle Rittenhouse.

I’m sorry to ruin your fanfiction but LaRouche was desperately trying to get employed by “the cathedral” (he offered the FBI info on radical orgs in the 70s and got pissy when the Feds ignored him)

Found this while in the basement with my dad. (Poster from presidential campaign). he thinks larouche was crazy (he used to parade tanks down main street), but he got this poster from a friend and had it framed

. “Parties for federal elections” was always interesting for boomers. a. when obscure small parties had their say. A real highlight was the EAP with the legendary Helga Zepp-LaRouche (still alive! and only 73). The EAP was cool. Absolutely. The good old LaRouche movement. Today it goes by the name BüSo. If by “cool” you mean “crazy in an entertaining way” — then yes, they’re cool.

Adolf Hitler, whatever else you can say about him, was not a de-growther.

Miko Dzagi with more amusing lines from Larouche’s past.

Patty Hearst.

Regarding George Soros and the details of his life under occupied Hungary-And, on that last part, I notice that the fact he also delivered a warning with each notice that they’d be deported if they showed up seems to escape you. Rebutting the rebuttal: The 2,000 billion dollar golem has come to life and is about to attack the worshipers of Dr Faust. The US has in its power the ability to change its fateful end only if it divests itself of the Oligarchic principle and exonerates Lyndon LaRouche and his ideas post mortem

The LaRouche movement was considered to probably be a CIA political operation by Phil Agee, the first CIA whistleblower who become a socialist. The only kind of former intelligence whistleblower I trust.

Rudolf Schulten

Re-situating Ronald Reagan as opposed to the strange revisionist if for Communist supporting selection of the day. And Communism like — JFK?

To be honest, who do you think was having more fun: Lyndon LaRouche calling Walter Mondale a Trotskyist Fifth Columnist, or Walter Mondale talking about trade deficits?

The current state of Larouche. And a long history report.

One rejoinder to the line on “Brits mean Jews”. Though on that score: significantly more common to see someone blaming Jesuits for all the world’s ills than Britain.


It’s the rhetorical matching. Leading to curious selective rationalizing, failing a test of self-awareness. And over to cult of personality.

.LaRoucheOrg leaflet going out in the streets— “Only Fools and Liars Deny Ukraine is a Murderous Nazi State” Print and circulate in person and online: …

In practicality they’re promoting the post-destruction digitally controlled slavery system already rolling out in Ukraine.

Counterpoint: I want to thank the Lyndon LaRouche cult for bringing Richard Falk to my attention. Ever since I read in an Alex Cockburn column that the LaRouchians had denounced Falk as “a vicious agent of British faggotry,” I figured that he was worth paying attention to. I was right. Even as he proffers opposition to American and NATO’s stance on Ukraine. But then here is a rebuffing of selective Larouche usage — that which Scientology calls “squirrel” ing.

Don’t cry for Valery Gergiev.

Question: My friend Elena Bransen is being charged as a Russian spy. What for? Answer: For being a Russian spy.

Championing Putin’s historical bravado chest thumping.

How widespread is this belief? reminder that the first international was founded by british spooks to support the feudal polish uprising against the abolition of serfdom in russia. (More reaction. referencing.)

I see a resurgence of people using ‘land bridge to Crimea.’ I understand its superficial appeal, but this framing is not especially helpful for understanding the course of this war, or Russian aims in it.

Zelensky bans the “Progressive Socialist Party”, which is — what? Dugin Poster dynamics — and what is the domestic fallout sectarian splinter-wise?

The CPI-USA issues its statement.

VOA identifies Chinese US sources — “There’s the dangerous possibility that Chinese officials and academics actually think the LaRouche movement is a serious Western group.” — EIR headquartersand a video.

Cliff Kincaid i.d.s Larouchepac as influencer for conservatives in bashing Zelensky. JBS sharply deviates from LORG.

Richard Black on Iran’s Press TV.

When accused of war crimes, simply accuse the target of war crimes.

Begin the anti – Aleksandar Dugin campaign with this one tweet.

You lost me at “Zinoviev was refuted by LaRouche” on page 918 of your manifesto

Assess your politics however you may.


Russell Brand. Max Blumenthal. Cory Morganstar, etc. Etc. Mao. Palin. Firefly fans. Julian Assange. Adrian Vermuele. Falun Gong. Lara Logan. Uneasily, qanon. Jordan Peterson, with Kermit voice. “People in my town“. Ursula von der Leyen. Adrian Vermuele. The convoys. The Black Agenda Report. Gus Hall. Sunrise Movement. Technocracy, and an incorrect statement. Senator Tom Cotton. Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Facebook. David Icke. Nina Turner. 2024 presidential aspirant, and remembering her forebears’ purpose. Warnings. Cryptocurrency. (Me: Man, the crypto peoples’ vibe is a lot like the Larouchies on any college campus 20 years ago. Crypto bros, prob: Fight the beast men, invest in Lyndon Coin). Extinction Rebellion. Lynch and Kubrick. Tulsi. Cyberpunks — I guess. The vortices of trans a related politics. Trump pop up business. Dale Peterson. Alex Jones. Dust James. Nick Brana. Josh Mandel. Blondie and Dire Straits not on this guy’s play list.

Different from Manson.

Point: Really annoyed that people apply all these wildly off-base political labels to me when I’ve been very clear that the one I actually identify with is democratic fascism. Response: I always thought you were a LaRouche supporter.

It’s always sad when you get a bunch of new followers for a fun normie tweet and they slowly realize you’re basically indie rock Lyndon LaRouche

would you rather fight one horse sized alexander dugin or 100 duck sized lyndon larouche’s. either way you have to fight and it is to the death

Glass half empty: most of the women who message me on dating apps have word salad rants about “late capitalism” with painfully affected nihilism Glass half full: the World Land Bridge movement and the school of Lyndon LaRouche has many new potential adherents presented to me.

I don’t know anything about LaRouche, but I do know that 432 harmonizes with the PYRAMIDS, m’nan!

This is actually a warning sire for Idaho’s Democratic Party, as the “too aligned with Republican Party” white nationalist/ supremacists have the stated goal of a state party take-over.


Given the fact that Maupin is following closely a Larouche playbook, and interacts to the degree that it is debatable whether his org is trying to swallow up the larouche org or the Larouche org is swallowing his org up —

— the better to suggest that it is practically one group, and separate is better strategically —

This comes out as amusing: ten cringe protestors in union square. That’s like a tenth of the regular daily protests for LaRouche and greeting aliens.

Or… “The Larouche movement really has shrunk, hasn’t it?

A little bit of a passing in the night with this photo — Webster Tarpley moves into Democratic Party advocacy (though, that is in his roots under Larouche in the Clinton period) — Maupin continues

The hopes to be the author and victor of “the next left schism“.

Maupin announces he is no longer a Communist, and (ignore the association beyond reality to Larouche) — we can’t say he was in 2017. (Note: Jeff Gannon was a favorite for Bush and press chief to call.) Also shoving aside — Webster Tarpley, and I do not know the details of his recent comments to gauge a ludicrous level — did he reference Large he in relation with Tarpley?

Tweet-stream for reference purpose, Caleb disavows a 2009 anti-war ounce article.

The “Breadtube” conspiracy theory, endorsed by Daniel Burke.

I do not dip into the reasons and merits of charging Caleb Maupin off of twitter, but if interested start at this accusatory tweet. Expounded upon with a tweet thread now placed with viewer restrictions, and on to “bingo card”. My guess is round about there is the reasoning for PayPal’s banning.

Imagine if the CPI makes a remake of that Saints and Soldiers movie but instead of finding out that there’s Mormons in the Wehrmacht, it’s finding out that a member of the Taliban has a shrine to Lyndon LaRouche in their house.

The Fight


A team of organizers and activists, led by LaRouchePAC’s Kesha Rogers and Peter Bowen, succeeded in securing support for the campaign to replace the Federal Reserve with a Third National Bank, at last weekend’s Texas Republican Senate Caucuses.

Aiming at Ron Paul fans.

Paging Daniel Burke with (now deleted tweet): Man Larouche PAC YouTube channel is so freaking good. And so comes: Watch out!!! LaRouchePAC is full of crap. They left the international movement two years ago. The old material on that channel is good! But the new stuff is horrid.

Putin and Beatles conspiracy theories.

Trying to tap Tulsi Gabbard’s shoulders. And Nadia Oak’s. Scott Ritter. James Cornyn supporters.

And him –Whoever invited me to a LaRouche cult conference featuring the Russian ambassador really has no idea what my politics are.

band im playing with just shouted out lyndon larouche lmfao. he’s gaining momentum

Robert Arnold shouts to Glenn Greenwald.

Id-ing French politicians. Emanuel Macron will get back to him any minute.

Robert Kokinda is running for state senate in Michigan.

Diane Sare campaign momentum! there’s a LaRouche Party senate candidate canvassing outside the whole foods at 96th street lol. Spotted again.

Australian Citizens Party gets column Q.

Bards Logic and David Christie.

We discuss the 2022 Conference to Establish a New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations hosted by the Schiller Institute. The conference featured speakers from around the Globe to establish a dialogue for a new economic paradigm based on production and cooperation to ensure peace among all nations.. The goal is to destroy the Treaty of Westphalia.

The one thing you can say about “Fault Lines Radio”, ” Radio Sputnik” is it is right there in the name. Daniel Burke was on for a segment, which you can look up if you want a listen, and we can expect it continues.

A misnomer here: Ms LaRouche, I believe in you, however you are helping China, the world’s worst Dictatorship, against US democracy, the world’s best hope. David Icke is warning AGAINST what you are proposing. The China question.

Mark your calendars, I guess

Podcast episode coming.

Fun with alliteration for Seahawks fans, on undrafted players you will probably not see or hear of again.


Thursday, March 17th, 2022

(Sigh). Rare exotic floral cross-breed with other rare exotic floral. And I am thrown off the lackadaisical monthly “round-up”.

Mike Myers Spreading the Message

Mike Myers has taken a single scene from his 1992 movie So I Married An Axe Murderer, a scene that has the father ranting conspiracy theories out of a Lyndon Larouche pamphlet — and expanded it into a six episode netflix series.

Only time will tell if this knocks The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors reference down from top perch as dominant pop culture joking on Larouche.


a LaRouche recruiter once offered to help me move. they really know what they’re doing.

One of my relatives has reached LaRouche-level conspiracy.

You may be pleased to know that it’s been many years now since the LaRouchies have been encamped in Rosslyn. There were at least some in Palo Alto — they used to put their newsletters in my Stanford mailbox in grad school.

If you do not remember your first time as a newbie to politics talking to a LaRouchite, I feel bad for you. I remember taking their lit home and no being able to make heads of tails of the bizarre and esoteric historic references. When LaRouche accuses I think Dukasis of working with the Socialist International and like global wheat producers, I died.

They used to hound passerby with provocative argumentation where I lived 15 years ago. One guy was such a douche nobody would even look at him twice. They disappeared pretty quick.

When I was a 13 year old I encountered LaRouche people handing out fliers. They were beckoned me over and were trying to tell me how the 2005 Tsunami was a result of the world financial system. I have rarely since met anyone who knows about them.

I’m honestly kind of floored, this shit feels like a dream. LaRouche was a gd fascist. My childhood friend’s dad got beat up by LaRouche’s goons when they busted up a communist meeting with fcking nunchucks. What a surreal world we’re in, how tf are you going to defend the dude.

you’re in for a treat. the LaRouche fanatics were *everywhere* around UCLA c.2001-6, think I have a complete physical run of his amazing Children of Satan series thanks to my own stupid capacity for arguing with them at great length

friend who works for HM Treasury came to visit me in NYC, then went on a trip to Philly. came back he told me he had befriended someone who took him to some Lyndon LaRouche meetings. he was totally shocked. had so many Qs about the American education system.


Daniel Burke suggests taking the message to the churches, and so comes, from “Alex Jones boi”: I need to print some of your guys pamphlets for these sorts of situations. Yeah, be sure to clip off the ” larouche” references.

Paging Jimmy Dore.

Hasn’t this been their mo for the past 14years? is time to have Schiller institute infiltrate GOP circles, websites, and AltTech & CRUSH THE LIBERTARIANS! Maybe it was largely the faction that took off with lpac.

The question regarding William Jones. Answer: He’s paid in world historical mission-hood.

Hm. Mangled or botched metaphor: Cutting the branch they’re sitting on??

CPI-USA, not to be confused with CP-USA, Meets in Texas

The CPIUSA merges in with team Larouche. Haz speaks. And… These tendency tenders tend their tendencies.

Worth pointing out — Michael Parenti holds the same positive “killed for taking up The People’s Cause!” line. I suppose this historical anachronism (There is no “proletariat” until the Industrial Revolution) can be fodder for imaginative Marxist historical parables. Parenti was probably alluding to Caesar when defending some left wing autocrats (Hugo Chavez), but from there once established it allows it to slide in to right wing ones as well… Anyone so long as they are battling American or Western hegemony. (Gaddafi for instance.)

Caleb Maupin will synthesize Lovestone, Browder, Marcy, Shachtman, LaRouche, and Avakian into a higher stage of Marxism which can only be defeated through Marxism-DeLeonism, which was the correct branch all along.

All right. So they hold a meeting in Texas, and … Tweeters follow along.

Apparently Haz, caleb maupin, jackson hinkle, etc had to create their own neo-larouchite outfit called the CPIUSA because the actual CPUSA explicitly banned any of them from joining. Lmao. first step to entryism is entry and they couldnt even manage that. If they can get our local philharmonic to adopt Verdi tuning, they will have my undying support

Purple Maggot” offers running commentary.

And more news and notes from the meeting:

Apparently during the opening they played the internationale & the star spangled banner (I hope not at the same time lol that sounds awful) & held up the soviet & US flags, and then as a special fun surprise added in some pro-Putin shit. They also produced a smaller copy of this Abe Lincoln head from a rally that the Communist Party of the USA held when they had like 50,000 members. The smaller, cheaper reproduction is probably a good metaphor for their conference room of 50 people.

After Haz there was an intermission for a few hours, I didn’t go back. They did have a guy talking about LaRouche which I’m learning is pretty sus. And lots of “SJW bad, patriotism based, socialism with American characteristics,” so…yeah I mean who would call them nazbol

It’s kind of like basing your entire policy on this image + LaRouche tube reading

New Larouche just dropped. Honestly that’s a little mean to Lyndon Larouche

Wait are these LaRouche people? I looked into it and one of them was talking about a “world landbridge” just deeply weird stuff

Vibrant communist movement: 37 year-old men wearing cheap suits with running shoes, misreading Heidegger et al, waving American flags & soviet flags. Pretending that the soviet union never ended. Very very sad indeed.

(Read it in the inflection of old Seinfeld routine): who are these people

They never did explain mecha Lincoln.

Another note on the Lincoln head – the patsocs keep calling it an “exact” replica but at least to my eye the CPIUSA Lincoln looks significantly angrier than the CPUSA Lincoln. Not sure what that’s about

Yes, one of the speakers talked at length about LaRouche and there was a lot of, “He wasn’t a [widely accepted bad political ideology], either, like *they* say.”

Their weird connection with what remains of the LaRouche cult is so odd.

Seriously if you want a experimental controlled case for how the internet and postmodernism have fundamentally rewired brains, look at the american podcast left. It’s literally just gobbledegook

It’s like Armando Iannucci wrote a satire about the Stalinized American Communist Party. Need me that floating Lincoln head in my room

none of these people are as cool as Lyndon LaRouche

it’s probably like 10 feds and maybe 3 other guys. the three other guys are also feds but ATF instead of FBI

Dear US tweeter users pls explain it… is it some kind of artistic performance? Kind of a joke?

You wore your finest sneakers with the suit! Classy!!

Granted I haven’t read as much theory as I need to but how is a right wing oligarchic country invading another country getting us any closer to a labor movement

What the hell are you? The United States in 1919 sent such morons to Soviet Russia, where they were partially shot. We must repeat.

I don’t understand. Is this satire?

What in holy hell is this nonsense?

if you played The Internationale and The Star-Spangled Banner simultaneously as some sort of unlistenable symbolic mashup that’s actually kinda great, otherwise everything about this is so embarrassing that you should blot out the faces to preserve some shred of dignity

Communism is when your leaders are billionaires with yachts who exploit workers obviously.

do you not realize just how confused y’all look here? It’s a mishmash of imagery stolen from unrelated movements being held up by guys who likely can’t even point out Donbas on a map

When you’re trying to create a mass movement but authoritarian cosplay also seems fun!

If you want to be a communist, that is, of course, your right. But using that as a screen to give aid and comfort to Putin as an enabler of Russian imperialism would have even Marx and Engels spinning in their graves.

Reminds me of the time Lenin was like, I hope the czar wins this imperialist war to maintain his legitimacy while Trotsky waved the Romanov coat of arms in the air

Like I need to find the video of this, but to start with, why have an “opening ceremony” with a presentation of colors? You’re not a Boy Scout troop or a high school with a rotc program. Just have the flags on the stage when you start.

I am oddly comforted that larouche style sectarian weirdness couched in respectability politics is making a comeback. Feels like a balance has been restored to the universe

It’s a weird guy named Caleb Maupin trying to start his cultish organization and trying to be the next Lyndon Larouche. And i am not being metaphoric about the Larouche thing…there is a lot of overlap between members of his org and the Larouchites

Just pining to see an ugly ms paint banner reading “Uphold the lessons of Chairman Caleb!

Imagine if Lyndon LaRouche, rather than Jim Jones, established the People’s Temple

Because Peter Coffin attended an event with a Larouchite you can now do six degrees of separation between Steve Harvey and Lyndon Larouche. Peter Coffin writing for the Executive Intelligence Review would be so funny that I would literally die.

Every few years some dipshit platonist wants to come after Aristotelian metaphysics, LaRouche was just the most dedicated.

the fact that LaRouche’s great work is not on display here just shows that CPI are truly revisionist liberals. when i joked about LaRouche’s materials not being on the table at that stupid CPI event last night I had no idea someone I followed was really going to get sucked into a genuine LaRouche LaRumble.

Fact checking this: lmao one of the first things Larouche did was form a group to beat up leftists and it managed to unite the entire Boston(?) left against him. Actually it was about the fifth thing he did. It’s so fucking good I love this shit they went from 1950s CPUSA aesthetic to LaRouche in like a day. the best thing is it’s for basically the same reasons, early leftist Larouche wanted a more “normal” “working class” left which apparently necessitated uhh beating up black panthers and other leftist groups

The part about lyndon larouche that was kind of cool was his crazy infrastructure ideas, and his absolutely batshit screeds had fun turns of phrase. Otherwise he sucked

And Daniel Burke’s generous offer: Anyone who was at the @CPIUSA conference or supports it, you can use this link to sign up with @LaRoucheOrg, and we will send you a free subscription to the LaRouche publications. Dozens of new signees coming right up!

Odd, considering Putin’s view of the demise of the Soviet Union as tragedy, his current geopolitical power aim with Ukraine, and the Laouche organizing with Soviet flag wavers — The single biggest impact LaRouche had on actual politics was keeping many people I knew employed at defense contractors working on SDI. And in turn helping to bring about the collapse of the USSR. And lest we get revisionist history on the period of courting Cold Warriors — Lyndon Larouche convinced Ronald Reagan you could build a “peace shield” which would have made a nuclear war “winnable” (meaning the destruction of the planet).

Battle-Lines of Left-wing Hegemony

Opposition forces come to crash the meeting, but guards shake them away. Austin — the domain of Maoist Red Guards, and …

Austin falls!!!! The Austin Red Guards, FTP, Tribune of the People Austin, or whatever they call themselves now have taken the biggest L in their history today. They sent in 2 scouts to the conference who didn’t even make it through the door. Austin belongs to CPI now, the Red Guards are done.

By extension, Austin now belongs to Putin!

But here… Red Guards speak up and push back. Maoists organizations still have far more influence than like 70 ppl in a conference hall, also u forgot to mention that most ppl there weren’t locals. You can see in this video that even last years May Day March had more attendees than ur chauvinist crap

Take that CPI-USA!!!!?

first time in history larouchies tried to prevent someone from learning about the land bridge.

Actually, in all seriousness that is a battle where I guess you have to side with the Larouchies and neo-Larouchies against those Maoists — the Larouchiesand neo-Larouchies knowing full well that the Maoists will behave like the disruptive Larouchie shouters and write in the Larouche literature about “successful interventions”. (See a random shout at a 1980 John Anderson rally — but these you can throw these political footnotes into a hat and pull one out as just as good as any other out.)

Query: Wait who’s Haz. The short dude that’s jacked up on roids and says very profound statements like “Women love me” and “You pee from your butt”. youre a dumb pussy. Another important quote of his. This may plausibly be true — Haz (infrared) knows more about socialism and marxism than you ever will. Debate him. — but even if it were (for all concerned twitteters) — they would be debating someone who has affected the mannerisms of of a Cartoon Super-villain.

Bottom line: Nobody outside of one armpit of Twitter has heard of any of you people, but commie internet dork turf wars are hilarious. (etc)

Continuing a push: Lyndon Larouche was a fellow socialist that must not be forgotten, and must have his name cleared, the liberal smearing of his name should not continue. Don’t let Larouche’s tragedy be in vein, arm yourself with knowledge.

ANdD new bottom line the Second:

These are the types who tell you that you “Don’t understand the working class” which is really funny cuz I have no idea who this is supposed to appeal to. It feels like it’s scientifically designed to appeal to the smallest group of people possible. Like really, who wants this? Actual Socialists? None of these guys actually support Socialism, they’re literally supporting a far-right government. MAGA hogs? Every Trump guy lives in fear that Commies are under their bed, they aren’t going to be pulled over with USSR flags. Even the terminally online Tankie types are explicitly anti-American so even those weirdos aren’t going along with this. Feels like a bad Hollywood reboot of that LaRouche cult.

Still Hate When any of the Proleteriat /People / Masses Create Music

The irony of the statement You probably only hate LaRouche because someone told you to. placed after the denigration of music that people love as conspiratorial plot … Just — No self-awareness. The Larouxhies are aiming to be The Man Busting Our Music, but … The Man Can’t Bust Our Music. But such productions from the wlym are Worth a laugh.

This is like if you went to an AA meeting and the group leader started in about how “spirits are a degenerate drink of The Negro and Irishmen destabilizing the cities at the behest of Jewish Landlords!” Lyndon LaRouche was basically off-mic Louis Farrakhan for white polisci dorks.

Shadowy oligarchs created syncopated rhythm is the weakest part of LaRouche for me. get hip to it – it’s just History. We’ll resolve whatever contradictions in time.

Looking, just because Lyndon LaRouche’s claim that Jerry Garcia formed the Grateful Dead on orders of MI5 wasn’t true doesn’t mean that Adorno didn’t contribute to “Hey Jude”.

The “escape clause” for the racial implications of banishing jazz has a celebration of negro spirituals –or, time freeze and leave everything as a museum.

Hm. Well, this is fun disposable music.


Lyndon Larouche (a very strange character but also a very well-informed one) already explained in the 1970s that the Anglo-American intelligence community had a terribly distorted notion of feminism that led to neurotic micromatriarchies like this.

Illinois elections are the best, every governor goes to prison, there was once a Larouche Dem and another time a Nazi REpublican. One future president of the US won an election Bc of the actress who plays 7 of 9 on Star Trek Voyager

Lavel Gubarev trailing into Nataliya Vitrenko.

Running through Russia Today history. (Why no ‘blue check‘?). Webster Tarpley’s post rt trajectory — and … Interesting enough: wgt also told me jeff steinberg is a very evil guy, fwiw

Playing “connecto”. Q … Quaker… Coincidence?

The current pitch to the left: Lyndon Larouche was a fellow socialist that must not be forgotten, and must have his name cleared, the liberal smearing of his name should not continue. Don’t let Larouche’s tragedy be in vein, arm yourself with knowledge. Met with: Where’s the “correct” record? They used to hound passerby with provocative argumentation where I lived 15 years ago. One guy was such a douche nobody would even look at him twice. They disappeared pretty quick. And back to the insane pitch: It seems that American communists failed Lyndon Larouche in th past, and history would demand that we as Marxist Leninists finally do right by him. The Schiller Institute played a big part in CPC’s development of the BRI & World Land Bridge project. We must #ExonerateLarouce. (Now why would American Communism not stand by Large he over the past six decades?)

Back to the Austin Twitter Aftermath

The Austin conference attendance has given “Larouche” its biggest Twitter spurt since either Larouche’s death or the heckling of AOC. On that score, I guess it is a success. Surely someone in this swarm of castigations and mockery brings someone along into the cult. Failing that, it gives the Larouche Twitter Guards something to do, and meaning… If nothing else cue a reference to “Anti-Imperialist Legend Mike Gravel” and… Win an argument?

A little bit of a game to play for this here Cleveland Browns fan: I still don’t understand the critique of Larouche. Like what is it that these people object too? Cue the angry tweet from Daniel Burke on the eve of the Superbowl. To be sure, I doubt the Maoists can stand pro-football.

So comes various tweet threads of history of Larouche misdeeds. Some superior, others inferior (or maybe largely fine but which I differ somewhat and don’t want to spend time caveating). Larouchies respond by throwing a bark at Dennis King, whether or not he actually is the source or citation (and in some tweets he is), and in this case dropping out after the first tweet bullet point item, and missing the point about celebrating the trashing of war criminal Henry Kissinger by way of bringing in homophobic allusions. An overly simplistic left wing knock on that guy who was George Wallace’s favorite president to quote — Abraham Lincoln, who after all “freed the slaves”, and after all spent his career desiring to ship them back to Africa — grants Burke a chance to turn him into an overly simplistic talisman–and all kinds of ” to the side” here as the only reason a goofy Lincoln emblem is involved is because the CPI wants to establish a spiritual lineage with the 1930s Communist Party. Jose Vega stands defending one of the damnedest of crude Larouche pamphlets — that one about the sexual impotence of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party — a “thanks for the promotional link” — Toss out a “so be it” on alternate universes where anything in it is defendable. On an intellectual level, the “neener neener” line — it’s always funny to see the reactions when LaRouche calls people impotent is that kind of “neener neener” thuggery exemplified by your Nelson Muntz to Milhouse call to “Stop hitting yourself”, but really… A grade under. In this case, that doesn’t really matter as it tends to prove that Twitterer’s point on the underlying message of the pamphlet.

On insta- “validator” responses — Before or after his exoneration of Slobodan Milosevic?

More immediately on current day happenings, the line — repeated in a few variations — about “no one has said anything on these ‘fascist’ program of Larouche!” follows or are surrounded by any number of tweets that do strike at some of the proposals.

Critique away! LMAO a Bering land bridge would destroy the arctic ecosystem. No country will ever support that shot. Isn’t the Bering strait pretty famously one of the most unforgiving and dangerous waterways on the planet. Why do larouche people think we can build a bridge there. And the one wanting to know how the hell does get the project built through Somalia.

Alrighty then: Serious question, if that’s the case, why are there a lot of black peoples in the Larouche organization? Short answer is they aren’t, other answer is it is irrelevant to the historical record of Roy Frankhouser walking in to bilk the cult for what he can, indirect answer starts with meditating on one now former member sitting by as Larouche makes monkey “jokes”.


CPI. Elena Branson. Jack T Chick and Jordan Peterson. Small groups of protesters in front of the White House: Dang. Even the Lyndon LaRouche crazies that used to picket my local post office drew more people. Lara Logan. People’s Convoy. An eco-radical whose sectarian splintering gets called out as “larouche vibes”. Ben Norton. Q — but not even ” comparison”. The Miami Dolphins.

As Lyndon LaRouche put it: “He predicted 18 of the last three economic crises

Germany, and Europe

getty images. BUSO lobbies in the German street.

Election Posters in Scandanavia — I imagine referencing”Glass Steagall” to a foreign electorate… has no pull with anyone anywhere.


Starting in 2015, you began to see for perhaps the ‘first known time’ in your lives, two political candidate’s be publicly attacked and persecuted, as a way of destroying them, before they could get there in life. So tweets perennial hobby horse candidate Kari Ilonummi. The candidates are Donald Trump, who at the time in 2015 were being lambasted by the larouche organization. And the other candidate is Kari Illonummi, according to Kari Illonummi. Well, we both beat ‘the deep state’ and even became friends through it all. Ironically enough. We had something in common. A lot actually. Not sure how. One won an election for the presidency of the USA. The other was zapped away in the top two primary. But years before the deep state went after Trump and Ilonummi… Why! Larouche was framed! But then… Long story short……God protected Dr. Lyndon LaRouche, the gangs had an official “No F*ck With Dr. LaRouche Policy,” agreement amongst each other (because they knew he was innocent) received a Presidential Pardon five years later, due to being innocent, Incorrect — though he was released early — but supposing this narrative were true: what was this point of weakness that lead this originally ironclad evil entity to “free Larouche”? In a previous telling of the story, the pure-hearted Bill Clinton did it… Fighting the deep state, or something.

For what it is worth, in this spirit, I recommend The Case of Walter Lippmann. And ask yourself, why all the hate for Franklin Roosevelt, by an organization that later will claim him as their mantle? History. Wash it away as needed.

Comedy Silver

New digital piano has a setting to tune up Verdi pitch and it’s way better. What else was Lyndon LaRouche right about?

Lyndon LaRouche was the archetypal “New Hampshire Man

she lyndon my larouche until i go to jail for five years for committing mail fraud

It breaks my heart that Larouche really grew up in Lynn not Rochester NH. It may seam like a distinction without a difference to you but it’s huge.

Alright how do I find out more about Larouche’s footwear management consultant days. Is there a cultural history of the traditional folkways of the New England Footwear executives?

The Problem Facing The Demands

I exonerated LaRouche. Now what?

I’d tell you, but I’ve got to catch this train from Vancouver to Berlin.

Moments that give cults meaning

Thursday, March 3rd, 2022

Hey! A page from the Larouchie playbook!

(image from New Republic website. Historically, Putin cites them as paid for by George Soros.)

Mike Dzagi ignores the long history of the Larouche movement from 1994 into 2008*, cites Larouche on the evils of Hillary Clinton. Knocks Amy Klobuchar for local boosterism. Messaging Sebastian Gorka as he acts as all politicians do to end a disruptive demonstration, and continues the left outreach we see from Burke by referring to “Great President Ronald Reagan”. And certainly the Russian government is blameless. Marsha Blackburn and Jim Jordan and Elizabeth Warren and Michael McFall (victim of the greatest bombardment) will get right back at him any minute now. And thanks Larouche for any supposed line on, quote-in-quote “Putin moving into derangement“.

Curious to read just how Gene Simmons, Larouche enemy, will die.

Yeah, why doesn’t Biden send out the Larouchies to talk to Putin? 50 plus years of experience! (Come to think of it, just like Biden.). Interesting this, as I do see a splitting from the “conspiratorial right” in lining up behind Chas Freeman.

100 seconds to World Extinction!!! Unless total cooperation with Russia’s “denazification” of Ukraine commences. (Find fascist elements everywhere, right?) (The line embraced by the Larouchies, which belie the more legitimate geopolitical concerns Putin may have on “NATO on his front shore”.). Daniel Burke cheers on Russian Imperialism, to the point of cheering on the annexation of Venezuela and now it is basically a pile of sarcastic and snippy quips to politicos’ tsk tsking tweets.

Answering question 3…

LPAC tweets an aside about disproportionate media coverage of the Flat Earth Society. Curious — I somehow missed that coverage, beyond a smattering of amusement regarding nba player Kyle Irving.

*2014, actually. The British Empire’s operation to launch Jeb Bush’s presidential candidacy has to be shut down now, as fast as possible, Lyndon LaRouche stated today. And a reorganized Democratic Party, in the post-Obama period and with Bill Clinton playing a key leadership role, has to provide the crucial steps for the government to pull the United States, and the world, back from the brink of looming catastrophe. They did sideline Hillary from her 2008 perch, though: That also means that Hillary Clinton will be in no position to maintain her prospective candidacy in the Democratic Party. She will have to take her hat out of the ring, and leave the path clear for Bill Clinton to provide needed leadership for Democrats to regroup around a program for recover.

Someone who doesn’t know the Larouchies never left: Jesus fucking Christ on a stick! The LaRouche movement is back?! It must be the end times.

Dealing With Communists

Noting that the Larouche troll who a decade and change back occupied the comments section of this here blog denigrated commenters at factnet with “some are professed Marxists and Communists!” — The attempt to slide with some type of “Marxist – Lenists” reaches meme levels.

An element of two faced approach — Bad Cop / Good Cop — call the CP-USA as just a bunch of federal agents and… Urge them to let bygones be bygones to fight Malthus (fist fight forty years ago.). (Continuing the argument: . Howard Hunt was in jail for a few years after Watergate, mostly in a low-security “prison” at a USAF base. They have to make it look good. The LaRouche org raises a lot of red flags (but not those kind!), plus a Soviet journalist pegged them as CIA.)

Cataloging further anti communist lines of Larouche on to Maupin. My gut says “yes” to this: I’d speculate Maupin’s goal is to be the next LaRouche especially with the bankroll. Further — why does conspiracy theorizing land on that? My gut says — no, no “takeover attempt“.

Visions: If Trump had rallied the the U.S. Public in early-2017, when he had good approval, to exonerate LaRouche, and implement his four laws and his four powers dialogue, Trump would be able to counter his obstacles, including Russiagate. Uh huh.

An odd defense of China’s restrictive birth policy as something other than “Malthusian”: They were mostly about economic growth and poverty reduction, malthusianism is about ending population overshoot

Haz jumps in as only a cartoon super villain can to declare the demise of Marxist-Leninists.

And I guess this can be viewed as a victory message for the Larouchies: I hadn’t paid attention to any of them for several months but every person I know who is a proud self-described “tankie” is now loosely connected to the LaRouche organization and its spinoffs? Does anyone know what’s going on here?

And Paleo-alt rightists

Daniel Burke declares, off of China siding against the US as Putin’s Russia incurs into Ukraine.:

@JackPosobiec in shambles.

‘Cause he gets to determine.

Shuffling further against Trump, Burke photoshops @aimeeterese’s in a photo of him standing next to Pompeo, and whines She is ignoring my tweet and pretending it’s just Peter Coffin attacking her — which is the old trick by her in assessing levels of import and addressing the one with some level of heft.

The Progressive Socialist Party. The Ukrainians are scary nazis but they are also weak effeminate wokes. (rebuttal). (as for this: A little bit of a selective bias in crows, niche upon niche — Larouche fades completely from public consciousness compared with infomercial laden 1980s — those who still can pull out a reference to him did a deep enough dive to know of Plato v Aristotle.

Mike Gravel

Gravel Institute separates from the Larouchies, the former pointing out Putin’s territorial aggrandizement the latter not. I think I can guess the Larouchie explanation as LORG sets up their webcast — Gravel Institute taken over by Obamaniks and not representing the views of the deceased.

Now “nothing but liberals“.

To be sure, I do not know what is the deleted tweet.

Ben Deniston discovers … Hypocrisy?… In the “Occupy Democrats” Twitter feed from a 2016 declaration against Americans owning assault rifles as opposed to Ukrainians getting handed assault weapons — and… Praise. As a rule the terms of domestic policy are redefined in cases of military invasion… I assume that this liberal organization will shift its stance when Canada gets around to invading the USA.


Wondering where Webster Tarpley sides on Russia’s incursion into Ukraine, given he was a man who lead a pro-Putin march and advocated a Noble Peace Prize for Putin — while domestically he moved from the same anti – Obama pro – Hillary position taken by the Larouche Movement, so was able to chastise the Larouchies for briefly siding with Obama before they turned back vehemently against and then later before Tarpley became firmly for the Democratic Party and against Trump. Here it is: US media are blind to #Putin’s internal opposition, which is growing with nation-wide Navalny movement in streets & Ivashov-Savostyanov group among officers. Pensions cut, poverty up, population shrinking, 1 million covid deaths, despair. Vlad could follow Honecker, or Ceausescu-

Then there is further back with Larouche and Tarpley calling Russian ambition a creation of a “Third Rome“. See blast of past fights, contradicting current stances, here.

Hinge point somewhat here: Prokhanov “compared Russia’s failed coup in Odessa to the Holocaust, an anti-Semite invoked the mass murder of Jews to justify an offensive war. On July 5, given the certainty that the Ukrainian Army was going to defeat him, Girkin took the step that Putin had recommended: he turned the local population into a human shield.” For Antyufeyev, Girkin’s successor, the “wishes of the people of the Donbass” were fighting a Satanic West”. The Russian invasion of Ukraine was “self-defense” against the “alliance of EU-US Freemasons and Ukraine fascists”, Ukraine being “the focus of the world anti-Russian conspiracy”. the war, he turned to Dugin, who advised the crucifixion strategy. The image of a murdered child “would make Russia the Jesus Christ of the nations” and the war is the response to “diabolical cruelty”. Prokhanov continued the propaganda campaign, stating that “fascism was a substance outside world dissolute that threatened the virginal organism that was Russia (…) The supreme culprits were Obama and Merkel, who smelled of burnt meat”. A text written by an anti-Semite fascist using the burning of the Jews in the Holocaust to justify the Russian invasion . Zaldostanov took the same stance when talking about the invasion. “He linked the existence of Ukraine to that of the German invasion of the USSR.” “Russia needed a monopoly on martyrdom, and to keep it she was willing to go to war against another nation.” In August, the narrative of the Great Patriotic War was staged through the 200th Infantry Motorized Brigade, entered Luhansk with Stalinist iconography. That month, Sergei Glazyev opened a conference on “anti-fascism” in Salta with Dugin, Prokhanov, with NS such as Roberto Fiore from FN,Michel Ataka’s Pavel Chernev, Jobbik’s Marton and BNP’s Nick Griffin. “Russian and European fascists discussed the possibility of founding an anti-fascist council.” This is the consequence of seeing fascism as “being anti-Russian” and the ultimate proof of Russia’s hypocrisy. In Germany, a new party began to emerge that was showered with computer and media support by Russia, the AfD, which “was going to become the darling of Moscow.” The idea of ??a new “Cold War” was the brainchild of the Izborsk Club, which “turned attacks on homosex. in a great confrontation against a world superpower for the state of civilization”. This “New Cold War” theme is what Marine Le Pen and Richard Spencer spread in interviews with RT.”. The European and American extreme right propagated the affirmation Russian officer that the protests on the Maidan were Western.” Piskorski, the neo-pagan Polish NS who went to Crimea as an observer claimed that the Maidan was pushed by the US, Strache of the FPÖ blamed the Western secret services and Jobbik blamed the US Ron Paul, paleoconservative he even quoted Glazyev, despite the fact that he was a fascist who defended a model of central planning of the economy. Ron Paul, following the line of Hans Hermann Hoppe and Korwin-Mikke, assured that “the US government has carried out a coup in Ukraine.” London laRouche, leader of a crypto-Nazi sect, also followed Glazyev’s speech, claiming that there was an “international Jewish oligarchy” collaborating with the liberal-sponsored Russian genocide. Cohen spread the lie that the Government of Ukraine had described. the “rebels” as “subhuman”. The deputy editor of The Guardian, Seumas Milne, repeated the Russian line by saying that “extreme right-wing nationalists and fascists have been the drivers of the protests” invalidating the fight of the Ukrainians in Maidan against the oligarchy. This message from a “left-wing” media outlet went viral and was repeated ad nauseam by the “anti-imperialist left”, which should be called the Vladimir Putin left, for his constant defense of Russian imperialism until today, when Kyiv is bombed […] For Dugin, the “annexation of the Ukrainian territory by Russia was the “necessary condition for the Eurasian imperial project” Sergei Glazyev, an adviser to Putin, a reader of Gumiliov and Schmitt and a member of the Izborsk Club, contacted LaRouche

The Chinese Media appearances of Helga receives its rave reviews: Dude, #CGTN The HUB digs up Helga Zapp-Laroche as “security expert” (3 laughter emoticons). Dude. What does Mr. LaRouche actually do?

David Goldman Brags….

I wrote the memo for NSC in 1983 arguing that SDI would pay for itself with civilian spinoffs–I’ve been a Cold Warrior for 40 years.

Comedy Bronze

i’ve started to enter my citations into my dissertation so i suppose that i’m close to finishing??? however, it’s probably more likely that i’ll just keep on revising my larouche chapter until they throw me out of the theory centre

Point: 0 days without larouche being vindicated. Counterpoint: 12,116 days without LaRouche being exonerated.

LaRouche Coordinated Engineered Business Capitalist Obscure Soulist Presidency Underground.

find it difficult to get mad at the LaRouche people who doesn’t have a list of mega-mega-infrastructure projects they would like to implement given unlimited funding and resources?

Of note: Standing behind Combes is Kevin Annett, a controversial defrocked United Church Minister, who has been disseminating the stories of Combes and others about the residential schools for about 25 years. One of these stories, recounted by Annett, claimed that Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip took a group of students from the Kamloops Indian Residential School (KIRS) on a picnic and then abducted them. Thorough fact-checking has shown that the Royals did not even travel to Kamloops in 1964.

Who the fuck is Lyndon Larouche?” – William Blake

LYM stands for–?

Pinky and The Brain, they’re Pinky and The Brain

Pierce would be using every curse and slur he could think of at DeLeon and LaRouche would accuse Debs of being a homosexual secretly under the payroll of the Rothschilds.

Playing bingo with the 8th period Global II class today! All we discuss in every single class all year is the restoration of Glass-Steagall.

I need people from The Schiller Institute to confirm whether or not they cryogenically froze Lyndon Larouche and sent him to outer space to return and govern over the world at the turn of the millenia. This is very important to me.

me explaining Larouche to a classicist friend of mine who did her thesis on Aristotle

Random funny movie idea: Xi’s daughter runs away from Harvard to organize for LaRouche and refuses to return until everyone in China subscribes to LaRouche’s newsletter.


My parents were rabid Lyndon Larouche followers,and anti dentistry, they bought some crap he sold about Novocaine causing drug dependency, so when I was seven and had a rotten tooth in my mouth that was making classmates gag from the smell…

A bunch of LaRouche youths once burst into a Butterworth graduate seminar and were summarily run off. “I’ve seen LaRouche youth… harass students and preach the benefits of high speed rail. But you have no right to call me a podcaster. You have a right to kill me. You have a right to do that… but you have no right to call me a podcaster.”

I knew a Greek guy in college who went from being a Larouchist to being a Trumpist/Golden Dawn fascist. I ran into some of their literature at the University of Pittsburgh in 2004. It was full of conspiracy theories about Dick Cheney and the “Sexual Congress for Cultural Fascism”. It cured me of ever wanting to be a LaRouchie because I don’t want to think about anything that has the words “Dick Cheney” and “sexual” in it. One of his organizers yelled at me on campus in 2004 because I wouldn’t sign the petition to get him on the ballot in TN.

I remember my first Lyndon LaRouche ad for “Independent Democrats” on TV. I was in 7th grade. It confused me as to who the lunatic was, what the party was, and why it was playing during a show I presumably liked. In the early 80s, I worked in an NYC building that also housed a LaRouche office. They used to paper the neighborhood with wacko posters – one read, “I know Mondale’s running for president, but who do heterosexuals vote for?” Yes, this brand of weapons-grade lunacy is back. I think it was 1984. Laroche campaigners handing out bumper stickers that read, “I know Mondale is running, but who do heterosexuals vote for?” That’s when I started paying attention to politics. LaRouche’s political thought was dense and squirrelly. A frequently recurring theme was his own brilliant, wide-ranging intellect and grasp of the weighty issues of our time. God, there’s a name from Hell: Lyndon LaRouche. My cousin’s wife had his team calling me forever. Hard to get rid of. When I was in college 40+ years ago LaRouchies distributed a paper called New Solidarity. I learned that the Queen of England was the devil, and Henry Kissinger was dying of AIDS. And string trios were morally superior to string quartets due to harmonic intervals or some such. I used to get LaRouche literature in my mailbox regularly in grad school. This is literally a good description of it. I recall my high school social studies teacher referring to him as Lyndon LaDouche. Snicker… Way before my time Lyndon LaRouche graduated from the same H.S in Lynn MA that my father & I did. What an honor. Father may have known him but he’s no longer around for me to ask about it. Didn’t LaRouche run for POTUS 1 year from federal prison? Ha! Forgot all about LaRouche. I remember seeing the LaRouche guys at the airport with their table set ups. Engaged them once about something and almost immediately they started harping on the way my mother must have raised me. We STILL have LaRouche-niks who occasionally pop-up their wacky brochure sidewalk table on the commercial district a couple streets over.

This is the sort of sign that one expects to see on a stand selling jerky at one of the local gun shows. Likely next to the one selling ten-gallon tubs of pickles. The gun shop is actually down the road ;). Just as long as no one sets up a LaRouche stand nearby, you’re good. ;). He was a perennial candidate for president in the US from the 70s until he kicked the bucket a few years ago. Started off in Socialist Workers party, then Labor, then Democrats By the end he was doing little but spouting racism and conspiracy theories to his cult-like followers. For some reason his lunatics would set up a table at the local gun show each year. Which everyone else present would try to pretend didn’t exist in the hopes that not making eye contact would prevent the individuals manning it from trying to get you to sign their petitions

Anyone remember the Larouchies showing up on the fringes of any antiwar march of the early 90’s? Haven’t thought of them in a while.

I am reminded of the time decades ago someone spreay painted the following on a bridge in PGH: Kill Satan Free Larouche Someone came along and added 1. Buy milk 2. 3.

Thinking more about this, the first political memory of something that made me think (if terrified = thinking) was one of the 1984 LaRouche broadcasts.

That time a LaRoucher CC’ed me on a series of emails to Lin Wood

I know I pinned a CC answer of my political views last night, but another, more concise way of describing my politics is that I am the epitome of the “bad guy” if you follow Lyndon LaRouche.

when I was a kid I was a geek interested in fusion. I learned about Larouche, since for some reason he was a fan of fusion. I went to my dad and said this Larouche guy seems cool, he promotes fusion. my dad smiled and told me to do some more research about him and oh man.


France votes: Left populist Kuzmanovic, who has gained the support of France’s LaRouche movement, a communist ideology that promotes various conspiracies

Both the left populist Kuzmanovic (supported by the conspiratorial LaRouche movement) and the classical liberal Koenig are over 30 signatures. Up to 40. 50. Wait — 45 now? just under 50.

Yeah, but what do Americans think of France and why?

… “Ex-French Presidential Candidate” provides enough legitimacy for Sputnik News to bring him on and spill what Russia’s governments wants to hear. He is like Ahmad Chalabi. Noting the title.


Dateline Lockeford: Lockeford’s a small town. But how many sets of legs are there in that picture? Two?

I remember my mom bringing home some LaRouche magazine they were handing out outside the supermarket, back in the 70s. It was all about how the British royal family were these big drug kingpins who were flooding the U

Webcast Review: the worst Twitter space ever. And then more commentary: Still confused as to how it isn’t the US that is in charge of the “neoliberal empire.”. (yeah, the Brits were behind the American Civil War too.). And one bottom line. Please pay close attention to the credentials & origin of any @TwitterSpaces Hosts regarding #Ukraine. Jim Jatras focal point here.

Germany, hoping to get in on a populace economically tied to Russian oil.

Seeking support amongst Carnegie Hall attendees.

Coming to Austin.

And “intervening” at Trucker Con Americaif the past is prologue , they will be taken for qanoners — Yep they use to set up on front of the #PO in #Oradell with their pics of Obama as a Nazi Just sick twisted people They are not to be reasoned with I walked pass them and told them they were disgusting and anti American to which they immediately scoffed at me


Peter Coffin. Messianic Judaism. Benita Pederson. Caleb Maupin* — with quick stop at Carrot Top. Whatever this is. Nick Fuentes, in wink nod praise of Hitler. Zeitgeist memories. InfraHaz, and his failure to simply state what he means — name the Jews. Tulsi Gabbard (sure to note the shoulder tap out of tens of thousands of tweet responses.). WSWS. James Lindsay. Putin. Mike Lindell. Warren Mosler. Naomi Wolf. Carlos Castaneda. Radley Balko. James Lindsay reprise. Paul Gosar. JD Vance. Jane Clare Jones. The People’s Party and the Reform Party. (etc. etc.

Fact Check: He’s attacking Mike Gravel, not Larouche– who is merely a standard of measurement.

seems like a cult thing. LaRouchies only listen to classical music, Hare Krishnas only listen to That One Song, Bitcoin Nerds reject all music that isn’t accompanied by a monolog or dialog about how crypto isn’t as bad as people say.

* “Caleb Maupin has repeatedly stumped for Alexander Dugin and Lyndon LaRouche, and carried on their traditions of overt anticommunism, but he came on my podcast and said what I like so it’s chill”. There are no good streamers. Classic rationalizing of low podcast listenership comes here: The class interest of streaming/podcasting is fundamentally bourgeois-aligned. You can’t properly grow your audience without selling out (if you ever had good politics to sell out in the first place). Selling content to masses of Americans = selling bourgeois content. Stay pure — don’t trust anyone with more than three listeners! (more deliberating.)

Steve Bannon , competing a tad more with lpac than lorg.

Historical Purview


15 Minutes of Fascism concerns itself with the Canadian Truckers and Larouche.

Epstein conspiracies.

Richard Miller — prosecuted by Adam Schiff, met Larouche in prison.

Thom Hartmann dips up The October Surprise.

LA Times covers Verdi tuning.

Ginni Thomas’s dad.

Satanic Ritual Abuse hysteria.

Other conspiracy rabbit holes.

Fiona Hill continues being around, if not Cliff Gaddy.

Long list of the history of contradictions.

LaRouche argues that Robespierre was actually the first psyopped MKULTRA shooter through Danton and Marat, who were trained by William Pitt The Younger’s spy networks dedicated to creating French “anarchy,” to be used in a propaganda campaign against British populism

Podcast Review

Take your pick — listen to podcast file or watch/hear on youtube. Matt Ehret! Peter Myers! In the ring to debate… Um… Something or other — how many angels dance on the tip of the pin?

Suppose it is the inevitable problem in pinning down — “Queen who?”. And then –?

Brought to bear — the book is Scarlet and the Beast — A History of the War Between English and French Freemasonry — Valuable footnotes here, and…

262. Baigent and Leigh 266. Personal interviews with the Lyndon LaRouche campaign over a period of six years. Personal interviews with the Lyndon LaRouche campaign. LaRouche is a Grand Orient Freemason, who claims there are good Masons and bad Masons. Ben Franklin was a good Mason, says LaRouche. LaRouche also recognizes both Freemasonries, and says that the French style is good and the British wicked. He is bent on the destruction of English Freemasonry. See dossier on LaRouche in Appendix 1. 

Interestingly, writing for the website “Jew World Order” and rense dot com, Henry McKow has no problem giving attributes to both Larouche and this book that calls him a damned mason —

war is the latest in a step-by-step plan to enslave humanity. For example, the United Nations’ true character is revealed by the fact that the only religious chapel at its headquarters is run by a satanic cult, the “Lucis Trust.” The name was changed from Lucifer Trust to make the nature of the organization less conspicuous. For more background, see an online article by Lyndon LaRouche entitled The Real History of Satanism.

All Full of UKRAINE insta-Experts

The major news, right in the Larouche groupings’ wheelhouse — supporting Russian Imperialism as opposed to American Imperialism — we get a deeply cynical lauding of the coming puppet regime of a conquering Putin from the Ukrainian politico positioning herself for Russia’s favor:

Ukraine’s Natalia Vitrenko on Italian TV, accused a being a “traitor” sets the record straight: “Ukraine will not join NATO.” “This military operation will soon be over, we will have a new government and the situation will get better.

Putin engages in nuclear diplomacy, which I suppose is an effective weapon he has at his disposal for leverage when things do not go his way — cynical geopolitics, where Trump can declare him a genius — but hardly fits a definition of “moral”. WW3, ” thermonuclear war” — what else can be suggested for the reason the “warmongering Joe Biden” stops short of Ukrainian requests? Nay.

Stare at the fun house mirrors in these arguments.

Maybe, but not as weird as seeing Catholics encouraging Ukrainians to fight against the Russian army when a peaceful surrender would seem the more sensible and Christian thing to do.

Is this “render to Caesar what is Caesar” thing? I suppose the basis of his position at least admits the truth behind the situation — Did Jesus encourage his followers to revolt against the Roman occupiers of their land? I think the answer is no, but feel free to correct me with facts. — If it indeed like we up on this item in the “it’s not” list of historical analogies of Soviet invasions — It’s not 1968, when the independent Czech communist leader, Alexander Dubcek, told his people during the Prague Spring that they should submit to the invading Soviet forces to prevent bloodshed –

Actually, I do see more of the “Ukrainians gotta capitulate” argument, “like Vichy France” in the comments section in some posts at the American Conservative magazine. Respondents assume they are trolls.

LPAC got this for you!

There is not a sound means to determine what is happening on the ground in Ukraine.  All of what is reported to Americans by their media—all of it, and particularly by Fox, but also by OAN and Newsmax—is designed to woo you into the Security State’s propaganda narrative.  That narrative is simultaneously sowing the seeds of our own nation’s destruction.  The fact that there is such a blitzkrieg in nominally Republican outlets tells you how desperate the war mongers are to disorient and demobilize the Trump MAGA base.

The current full spectrum information warfare operation is a product of Hillary Clinton’s reign at the State Department

Attempt to wean the chosen constituency of the moment — Trump fans — off of their media choices, and from that point quickly shifts back to Democratic Party enemies.

Looking down the comments section of a triple digit viewed Harley Schlanger video, I get shipped to a fellow supporter of Putin actions, and stop over at a reasonably good “cold water on our newfangled Russia hawks” realist analysis (Noting that events transpire past his analysis even as gist holds), but beyond that one does have to appreciate such Nationalistic/Jingoistic Russian comments as Russia never starts wars. Russia stops them. My head spins. But at least that commenter has an excuse — as opposed to this dopey statement.

Regular Twitterer shouter of “larouchie derived!” messages to any knocks on “political correctness” dives in at weird message claiming that “Putin is spiritually protected” — whatever else that is, is not a Larouchie message, and cites it as Larouchie. Though, it does represent an obvious drifting target.

The headwinds of the Larouchies at the moment:

6 percent of Americans said that Russia was “justified in making the claim that Ukraine should be reclaimed by Russia and no longer be a sovereign territory,” while 86 percent said this was not justified, including 91 percent of Republicans, 92 percent of Democrats and 83 percent of independents.

Fine, though, as in addition to opposing “geopolitics” — whilst arguing for a different geopolitical arrangement — I recall the Kesha Rogers campaign opposing “public opinion” — theoretically while seeking the public to vote for her.

A majority of Americans (57 percent) think the steps that the Biden administration has taken to punish Russia for the invasion of Ukraine are not tough enough, while 29 percent say they are about right, and 3 percent say they are too tough.

Try to get the message that the sanctions represent mass slaughter across in that environ.

A reminder that their chief client is the Chinese government, as opposed to Russia, and the goal becomes “main character ing China”.

Predictions for the West in the early to mid stages of the coming Multipolarity.

How Malthus Conquered the Larouchies

Wednesday, February 9th, 2022

I. Malthusianist Watch

Russia population drops by a million. Pelosi introduces into the House a measure which, in sum, enacts the kind of protectionist policies of the Chinese government (supposedly copying China is a good thing), Daniel Burke sees economic warfare. May want to work with Joseph Lieberman, I gather.

How China fails the Larouche test: And for mentioning respectfully resource depletion and environmental degradation, Lyndon LaRouche would have denounced him as an evil malthusian green-fascist dupe of Prince Phillip. I’ve read LaRouche, and those in his orbit, EXTENSIVELY (albeit not continuously) for over 45 years, probably since before you were born, so I absolutely know what I am talking about. He and his minions never missed an opportunity to say exactly that kind of shit. They repeatedly and savagely denounced ALL environmentalism and green initiatives. I mean ALL, without exaggeration, referring to them ALL as “malthusian”, “fascist” and the like. It was one of the things (among other things) that caused me to give up on them. Smart and dedicated people (which is attractive), but with their wagons hitched to a half-crazy ideologue with some very good ideas and some very hair-brained ideas. That’s the story of the LL “movement” (cult). You are the one who seems not to have read much of the LL material.

Point: Helga tweets a celebratory note on these Olympic Games , (these Olympic Games) sidestepping or just not noticing people gamble on them. Counterpoint: Daniel Burke hates the Superbowl, because people gamble on it.

China puts in a fig leaf to Malthusian British ecological principles. The Beijing government calls the site a “Green and Eco Demonstration Area,” according to ARUP, that could be scaled up in other parts of the country. While the regeneration project is a good example of how to repurpose aging infrastructure, the mill’s closure was not necessarily a “green” decision, as operations — and the greenhouse gas emissions associated with steelmaking — were in actual fact moved to another part of the country.

More trolling needling: Very disappointing. It is clear that the Schiller Institute & the Larouche Organisation are actually supporting malthusian policies & passing that support off as opposition; would Lyndon Larouche have done the same?

Daniel Burke burnishes his Maoist credentials. Trying to attract all those Mao fans. And selling it hard to a Marxist and Communist framing — though how “Putin and Xi” come to that takes some elaboration.

More questions spring from here than answers: Putin is a lot more than a shrewd politician who reinvigorated Russia and able to Judo the Altanticists whenever they play their lame chess games. Putin is one of the exceedingly few world leaders today who understands Plato and Leibniz LaRouche advised us to watch him. Yeah, I must have missed the Plato references in his annual marathon state of the union addresses.


II. Apparently Tucker Carlson is running through a “George Soros Expose” special, unaware that Glenn Beck did it a decade back. (3rd generation reprise of Larouche material.)

I thought the line on Soros was that he tried to remain behind the scenes in his grand manipulating — and to the extent he is simply a money that’s for his causes that is the case — and it was up to the likes of Larouche (and Beck, and Carlson) to “expose” him. But whatever.

Truly Evil Golem, eh? (Noted.). More noted: Til someone can still follow LaRouche and not immediately die of anachronistic embarrassment.

As a reminder, the pro-Russian position of your movement is due to the fact that LaRouche is close to Sergey Glazyev, a potential successor to Putin who thinks that the Ukrainian president (of the Jewish faith) is plotting with Israel to organize the great replacement in Donbass .

III. History’s Mysteries

There’s connecting the dots… Then there’s CONNETING THE DOTS. When Larouche was supposedly jailed by G.H.W.Bush—an useful cover 2 establish his credentials w/ me, as w/ self-appointed “Philosopher of History” Tarpley—he was actually working on an Alien Invasion/Drone strategy @ Area 51 4 Zeus’ subjugation of Prometheus just B4 Judgment Day. If Bush-Brzezinski-Kissinger-L-T can’t stage Capitol Riots/9-11/Stock Market Crash 2 seize power, their only Freemasonic move is 2claim Aliens are about 2enslave humanity—so Abraham can mine Earth 4 Gold 4 them, consistent c/ the Lost Book of Enki’s thesis. OR, chilling forecast of things to come: LaRouche Boog alliance 1776 avengency

Point: If you can deliver results above and beyond what the current crop of political scum can, people will BEG you to remain in power. We must inculcate in them a desire for the sort of changes we will need to bring that into being. Otherwise, you turn into Lyndon Larouche. Counterpoint: Agreed. Let us not turn into guys I never heard of. (Hm. This tweet I dedicate to you.)

What’s the name of the prominent USA “leftist” who turned out to be an intentional wrecker of movements in I think the 1970s and 1980s? I read an article about him a few months ago but lost it…! 3, 4 answers come up “Larouche”. Best answer is ” all of them”, link to Wikipedia article on COINTELPRO.

Everyone claims to have ended the Cold War. And here, I thought it was the producers for The Day After. It follows that the Cold War was ended by a man who served under General Eisenhower.

Underrated story from 2009 was when somebody hired a bunch of LaRouchies to shout down politicians at town halls. Fact check: no, they did it themselves.

Robert Beltran.

As opposed to Huey Long.

John K Singlaub.


Moscow’s nemesis.”

Op Mop Up redux.

IF. Imagine. Money.

Sure, I have heard the supposed “1619” thesis on the American Revolution versus British Empire passed off casually by, Sarah Vowell I believe. Not completely out of whack, but not completely centered either.

When the lecture was over, members of Lyndon LaRouche’s Labor Committee instantly created havoc by denouncing Foucault (and Laing) as undercover CIA agents. In this climate, Semiotext(e) came into being as a cultural venture, and not just a semiotic outfit. Don’t they usually do that during the lecture — or was the plan decided differently here for carefully considered strategic reasons?

He scammed $34 million. You would think with that kind of coin he could have bought some delegates in 84 or 88 or maybe at least won a city council election. Lol. What an idiot.

According to Watergate attorney Douglas Caddy, there’s a good chance Stone colluded with Harley Schlanger of the fascistic, pro-Russia Lyndon LaRouche organization to help Julian Assange time the dumping of the emails the GRU stole from the DNC and John Podesta.

LPAC shuffles through Federalist Party history: In Part 1 of this post, Bob Ingraham portrayed the unique leadership of George Washington, without which our Republic would not exist. In this second part, Ingraham further explores the conspiracy conducted against Washington by Thomas Jefferson, James… Does knocking Jefferson down a peg and two work with the superb patriot base, or are we now throwing a bone to those Jefferson statue topplers of two summers’ back?

An interesting twist on conspiracy bullshit. Supposedly the British royal family signed an agreement with North African monarchs to “kill the blood line of Jesus” AKA Jews, during the American civil war, which somehow had something to do with it. Is this Lyndon Larouche? Answer: yes.

Like those digital instigators, LaRouche promoted an alternate political reality to his followers that deftly incorporated the latest news within a broader conspiratorial framework.” (of interest to selling to the Left.)

Alternate Presidential Election history — and more alternate history.

Biden’s mom hated the English: The lesson Biden took from the 88 primary was that he got flanked by larouche’s Anglophobia and he has been making up for it ever since


IV. Memories

A propos of “Bike infrastructure is genocide” discourse of the last two days, I’m old enough to remember the opposite: a guy who said that Hitler’s ultimate goal was to genocide cyclists, not Jews. Don’t ask. Account long gone.

Getting my drivers permit there was a kiosk outside the dmv with Lyndon LaRouche brochures with some crazy ideas. (Counter dominant Larouche references posts to Matthew Yglesias tweet, a jab from the right.)

Asking for a Friend”, I gather — Help me understand why US progressives hate LaRouche so much? Daniel Burke — Point: Dupes of Bertrand Russell! Counterpoint: I remember when they were courting the Republicans in the 1970s after their dramatic departure from the far left. They hung out at the airports for a long time and committed massive credit card fraud against their donors. Cult- like adherence to the party line. “Kissinger k Moro”

I remember the first time I went to Montreal, there was a stand on a random street corner where they were handing out Lyndon LaRouche brochures. Nice to see some competition in the field.

I remember the Lyndon LaRouche nut jobs camped out front of the DMV with their “literature”.

one of my best friends in high school got into an argument with the larouche cult and they called him a “philosopher king” as a way of trying to convince him to join them

The LaRouchies used to be out front of the post office weekly and then moved up to Chase bank (prime location on the Plaza) and this is my first time seeing them since LaRouche died and COVID hit. Left my ‘I’m a Jew from Indiana and no I did not start the KKK” sign at home

I once lost it at the LaRouchies in Ann Arbor and yelled at them. A bad use of my time and energy, they are completely lunatics.

Obviously, you haven’t been to many protests. Get a group large enough, and some rando assholes will show up. 2009-11 at anti-war (etc) marches, there’d be a few Lyndon LaRouche cultists in who go to the front w/huge pro signs of Obama as Joker & Hitler. After awhile = ignored. Correction: “tea party” gatherings. Perhaps also Occupy encampments at the same time period.

I did find a claim from December 2003 that Antifa had firebombed Lyndon LaRouches campaign HQ in DC. The term Antifa was used. I think it was the first claim that Antifa did something they did not do. the 80s a firebomb did happen to LaRouche and it was reported to the DC PD. He blamed the Queen of England.

V. Campaigning

Selling it to Tulsi Gabbard again. And again. (And then broadening the definition of the word “linked” beyond its simple “insult usage”.) Helga retweet bombed seemingly every “influencer” anywhere, including democracy now, with her latest missive.

Miko Dzagi with another anti-Larouche post, simply quoting laughable absurdities from Larouche’s long career of hyper-ventilation. Yes. Not just a nuclear war — a Thermonuclear War. And directed at Mike Pompeo because he needs to know — Not just any old Dark Ages, but one one. beyond anything in recorded history. And I am sure Stephen King will heed the words.

It’s Not About Ukraine; It’s About Thermonuclear War!”

Making waves!!!: It’s deeply depressing that whenever I see some leftist group tabling or canvassing my first thought is often, “Wow, must be grifters or a cult or a grifter cult”

Take that, Gadfly podcast! We’re celebrating Leibniz!

LPAC takes its place in MAGA’s electioneering firmament: A recruiting website paid for by the Michigan Republican Party lists sponsor groups that challenged President Joe Biden’s win. Partnering organizations include groups pushing for another audit of the 2020 results, a blog run by former state Sen. Patrick Colbeck, who has called Trump’s loss a “coup,” and LaRouche PAC, a Virginia group named for a noted conspiracy theorist. Ron Kokinda, a conservative activist with LaRouche PAC, referenced the Detroit controversy in a January Facebook post promoting the MIGOP election protection team.We all know that the events of 2021 — from the Jan. 6 false flag Capitol attack, to the subsequent occupation of the White House by Mussolini Joe, to the escalating assaults on our economy and our constitutional rights —began with the stolen election on November 3, 2020,” Kokinda wrote. “And, here in Michigan, it unfolded before our eyes at the TCF Center in Detroit.” The RNC is stepping up other efforts to train campaign staff, state party leaders and activists ahead of 2022 elections.

To the PO Tour and Mantecca CA, thanks to random Google street view-mapping.

Dateline Rockland MA.

hope i can encounter the larouche people who have big signs of biden photoshopped as hitler again

Noting — Kesha Rogers with the hashtag “endthefed” — a pursuit of all those Ron Paul fans. But I guess those Ron Paul fans drop out at hashtag “createathirdnationalbank”.

A tad bizarre, and a public service message from the clean Larouche team: You don’t need Drugs to say high things. (etc.)

Harrison Elfrink And the job of feigning applause for Jordan Peterson, but insisting that… Larouche goes further — in Beyond Psychoanalysis of all crackpot works. (Fact check on this: yeah, pretty much.)

Daniel Burke aims his Twitter at Media Benjamin and Code Pink. Thanks the center for political innovation. Promotes a book calling Kinsey a pedophile.

Dateline anti-vaxx march: LAROUCHE IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE LAROUCHE PAC. finangling Biden into a Mussolini with Hitler Mustache wannabe Hitler. mustache on Fauci — it’s like how The Trashmen had their novelty hit song “Surfing’ Bird” and, scrambling for a follow-up came up with “Bird Dance Beat”. LaRouche went from a cult to a PAC. Sounds about right to me. Fact-check: larouche was a Pac as a cult when he was alive. Today, there is a dispute as to whether he still is.

EIR’s William Jones on Iran’s PressTV. LPAC published by russophile.

When someone chimes in with the phrase ” reputable LaRouche Organisation“.

A Perennial candidate — Host of now defunct website and YouTube videos with barely nicking double digit views — Celebrated Bill Robert’s victory in Detroit — a victory that did not happen. Not getting anywhere electorally in Washington, he moves to Oklahoma and… Taking on the “Deep State” by class action lawsuit. Taught by Larouche himself to take in this … Well, we will have to see where he goes from here.


And the settling of Larouche ownersip. “Quitters” is a loaded term. (And, sure — read some of his work to confirm it — yep! Nuts!)

LPAC but not LORG: Breaking News: Lyndon LaRouche is on his way from the planet Zargon, leading an armada of 500 deadly spaceships, to subdue the peoples of the earth and defend #Trump’s honor. [Heh — The orchestrated assault on the Capitol Building in Washington on Jan. 6, was another “9/11.” ~Helga Zepp-LaRouche …intended to justify fascist dictatorship in t/ by t/ incoming #Biden Admin., turning power over to t/central bankers’ Green finance. — LORG Still not quitting Trump.]

John McCarthy takes up where lpac went wrong and lost.

John O’Loughlin walking away from Larouchies — lorg cannot escape its Trump own past.

VII. Comedy Bronze

The pants are to hide a Lyndon LaRouche tattoo she got back in the 90s.

Three times in a row now I’ve gone to @McDonalds and they’ve been out of Chicken McNuggets hot mustard dipping sauce and anyway that’s why I’m voting for Lyndon LaRouche.

How Larouche’s grand train schemes can be sold to American Russia hawks. And too… Else, a “Larouche on drugs“.

LAROUCHE: “Big Weather,” by which I mean the grain cartels and certain potentates in London and Amsterdam, would have us believe that Chicago will either get no snow whatsoever, or be swallowed by the Laurentide Ice Sheet in a winter that will last 10,000 years. One laughs.

Larouche-like groups popping up around the mythopoeic figure of Hermes the Thrice-Great, demanding local leaders recognize that that which is below is like that which is above

The LaRouche people have some silly aspects to them but I’ll fight side by side with them in regards to maglev trains

Does the Queen have Joey Ramone’s sunglasses? I feel like the only person who could answer this would be Lyndon LaRouche (RIP)

VIII. Comparisons

Jeremy Grantham.Patriot Front“. IGG. Anti-anti vaxxers. Plato-ists. Baseball statistician Bill James, reprise. AEW. DSA. VPN enthusiasm. The Prisoner. James Corbyn. Suraj Patel. Neo- Nazi clowns. Westboro Baptist, as thing of the past. Hillary Clinton — fact check: it would still be 8 versus 3. Why Snow is the “Lyndon Larouche of rap”. Randy Quaid. Andrew Yang. The Catholic Church. Vlassovites, Duginists, Dengoids, Larouchies, Zizekians. On ” Haz”:

the average worker cries out for… telluric cosmism

It is hard to figure out a — what the hell is going on with some of this. Haz is who, and why should anyone care, and who is he shouting at here? (talking like a cartoon super villain.) Like, a couple months back someone posted a couple comments on this blog citing themselves as “Your Nemesis” and coming with an adversarial tone. I knew not who the commenter was, other than that they posted a comment four years ago with a similar adversarial tone and between those two points in time I gave the commenter no thought whatsoever. So where does interaction come in here?

Caleb Maupin has a Project 4:32 going.

Trump — fact check: Larouche and Debs only ran from prison for president once. And Trump prospectus 2024, and election contesting . and supposed future in present tense, and must Fact check: Leonard Peltier ran concurrent with his last bid in 2004 and Keith Judd ran in 2012 and (no longer in prison) 2016… Support base after Federal Society splits. Michael FlynnWhy Alex Jones falls short. Trevijano.

Confused “Larouche” and “Larousse” for a moment and began to wonder what was cultish or wrong about an encyclopaedic knowledge of French cuisine.

MMT, except: When I was pre college commuting to take courses at Berkeley I had time to kill between classes and was curious to talk to these people with outrageous signs. They all live in some shitty house together and the guy got frustrated with me for not wanting to join the damn cult. Anyway, @StephanieKelton never asked me to live in a flop house, start handing out flyers, and tune my instruments to 432 Hz. But if she did I might have to give it more serious thought than when the Larouchies asked.

And from Portuguese language: They spent 15 years punching Olavo and the conspiracy theories he brought from the most marginal US extreme right, LaRouche and company, the Nouvelle Droite concepts that the Alt-right rehabilitated and now they’re going to make a big deal saying that “oh, they misrepresented Burke”.

IX Finances of the dead last place political party of Australia

Australian Citizens Party — fifth biggest money raising party, last in votes. Notable, a rhetorical separation from Team Larouche:

He denied the party had had any contact with pro-Beijing Chinese diaspora organisations, saying it had long advocated improved ties with China and supported its Belt and Road Initiative. “Why would we need to be an agent of the Chinese government?” Mr Isherwood said. Mr Isherwood said that while the party still collaborated with the LaRouche organisation, those ties had weakened over the past five years. But asked about one of LaRouche’s best-known conspiracy theories, that the Queen was involved in international drug smuggling, Mr Isherwood said it was a matter of historical record that the British East India Company had engaged in the drug and slave trade. He said he had “no idea” if the Queen had followed her ancestors into the drug business.

Story elaborates that it is donors and subscribers to newsletter, which costs $175 a year. Money comes in and goes out as quickly so no warchest as such but still spending about $2m a year for 3 years to push your message is pretty good for a little party. I think they have a few rather well off business donors. In 2004 they got their single biggest donation of $862,000 from a central Queensland cattle farmer, Ray Gillham.

(Explains why the party catered to all of Ray Gilham’s desires.)

Noted: Helga tweeted the news article link with message about British fearing the Larouche with this piece… Never mind the Australian distancing gambit.

Meantime, I guess we need to keep half an eye on someone named Bossi.

I like Toasttube better anyways

Sunday, January 16th, 2022

I. New Split Messaging

Attempting to make a kind of “turn”: It‘s time to go from ‘the one liners’ and ‘fun catch phrases’ (“Let’s Go Brandon?”) to actually addressing the nature of the problem, along with the nature of the solution. A not so subtle dig at the pac.

For the practical meaning of this message: For all their faults, at least the LaRouche org are constantly issuing communiques about every world event like a proper shadow government in waiting.

Oliver Stone on his JFK conspiracy fix. Helga happy to double it — though, of course, Lyndon did not always like JFK.

One Humanity” is the new phrase. Figure out Dzagi’s Larouche quote as well you can. Continue in China’s propaganda… Taiwan brings images of Haiti

LPAC slides with Elon Musk. (Larouche Irish Brigade is with lpac.)

Bold statement: If we would publish right now LaRouche’s collected worksâ, it would have the same effect as the introduction of Plato to the Italian Renaissance. I guess that is all that is needed to affect this “total renaissance” Daniel ?Burke postulates is the only thing that will stop that WW3 Helga forsees. If that is the case — well, the Larouchies have their vanity press running — and only them.

Or maybe it is more like… This cartoon.

Point: AOC ignored Julian Assange and Mike Gravel but celebrated John McCain and Harry Reid. Tell me again how she’s on your side? Counterpoint: Maybe she noticed Gravel was shilling for Lyndon Larouche.

Willard Kolb takes it up for LORG and against LPAC. I am certain that never in a million years would Lyndon LaRouche have allowed his name to be attached to such sophistical drivel. In your zeal to polish the knobs of the Mike Pompeo faction, you are systematically repudiating everything that Lyndon stood for. And here David P Hunt wanders into two streams of messes — The first the delicate exacting definitions laid out by lpac, the second its contention of its representation. (LPAC really not in any position to read RINOs out of the party, are they?)

And then there is: Harley is not associated with LaRoucheaPAC anymore. Sad. LPAC adopting Trump’s Twitter style.

II. Kids and their MTV video games

Daniel Burke hounds the definitions of art, rejects what is, statistically speaking, all music. The people will get a tidy small collection of what are turned here into into museum artifacts, and they will learn to like it, and like it the right way, and not deviate from the correct pitch, ever.

I was considering the lyrics of the Pink Floyd song “Pigs (Three Different Ones” — which are subtle as a brick but also when I listened to the Animals as a teenager skipped past me.

Hey you, Whitehouse Ha ha, charade you are You! House proud town mouse Ha ha, charade you are You’re trying to keep our feelings off the street You’re nearly a real treat All tight lips and cold feet And do you feel abused? You! Gotta stem the evil tide And keep it all on the inside Mary, you’re nearly a treat Mary, you’re nearly a treat But you’re really a cry

The other two “pigs” are the Labor Party pm — the name skips past me — and the Conservative Party opposition leader — Thatcher. But Mary Whitehouse is the one they decided to be named and id-ed, even as the casual barely listening to the lyrics Yankee bloke would assume it was a nod at the American President. Whitehouse was moral crusader, apparently. I guess in a decade if they were American they would shouting at. Tipper Gore instead. Too bad there is no obvious insulting smear at the name Gore, though.

There was an odd little hic up where, out of nowhere directed to no one discernable, Burke tweeted a “Get off those goddamned video games, for Christ’s sake.” (paraphrasing). The only possible item of connection was that a flutter of tweets came in soon after, congratulating a guy named Larouche on programming a hot new “first person shooter”, jamming messaging somewhat. But who knows?

III. Memories

Larouche people stole money from me, and from a lot of other people. You people put out that book “Railroad” denying it but I know it firsthand. You discredit anything that you touch.

in all seriousness The Simpsons are the only reason I looked into LaRouche shortly after 9/11 even got a stack of pamphlets mailed to hand out at UT-Chatt. Then I read about how women have sexual disgust because of the placement of their genitals and like “oh no, it’s a cult.”. That’s such an amazing anecdote I love this. I encountered them at Iraq war protests back during the Bush administration and quickly gave them a wide breadth from all the cult vibes I was getting from from them. I never met one in person, but yeah was already making flyers about MK Ultra and govt surveillance since 9/11 had just happened. Talked on the phone with some but yeah once I started digging def major cult vibes.

Daniel Burke: I forgot to tell you I went to a pro-China Qiao collective conference with Code Pink & got blocked from talking to the keynote spkr by a Degrowther.

I know the feeling well. I once read a very weak book on Schiller, and then found out that its author was some crazy LaRouche supporter. It was very unfortunate for Schiller that some radical political cult of lunatics decided to choose him as their hero.

Grad school: I have to admit, it was the best time of my life. I particularly enjoyed watching Baltimore’s Maoists and Trotskyites scream at each other from across Greenmount Avenue, with a vague backdrop of gunfire (given that it was the crack epidemic). Then during my daily runs screaming “Lyndon Larouche sucks” just to see how far his supporters, passing out literature on the corner, would chase me before they gave up. Good times.

as i lay in bed waiting for a chance to get a covid test or something i think about how lyndon larouche was for much of his life a resident of leesburg virginia. normally this would make me either laugh or cry but im just staring at my ceiling thinking “damn.” leesburg, for context, is a large community in my area and easily my least favorite community in my area as well that place is so fucking batshit its no wonder he could blend in so well what if i die thinking about lyndon larouche, do i get to join the ranks of his 72 virgins

A Larouchie once followed me down LaSalle Street calling me a drug dealer because I wouldn’t acknowledge his bizarre ideas.

one day in 2002 while walking around union square i saw an anti-war banner at a table and signed my name up for some contact list. for the next year every friday at 9pm a sweet, psychotic octogenarian larouchite would call my landline to talk about NASA and the verdi tuning pitch. I finally moved apts and they stopped bugging me, but it was a very interesting experience. they REALLY wanted me to come down and join the schiller institute. imagine all the hi-tech, skull and dagger, private intelligence agency wingnut shit they could have plugged me into anyways, interesting to see larouchism is seeing a comeback! was in a commie reading group in 2008 that assigned readings from lyn marcus on dialectics but i always thought that was just a random oddity. maybe they’ve been waiting for this very moment for their big comeback!
friend of mine got aggressive calls daily for two years about the need to reinstate glass steagal
The LaRouchies used to maim and kill dogs and livestock of neighbors they didn’t like (ie all of them) where i grew up, I don’t know how sweet they are
NEVER give LaRouchies a number. i signed up my friend as a joke in 2002 (seattle) and he got calls for years. i felt bad afterward. are they still drawing hitler mustaches on everything and singing classical choirs and refusing to discuss Operation Mop Up?
Really sad I was born too late to have an encounter with the larouchites. One of the many burdens the Zoomer Left must bear.
Yeah I think I ran into the last ones in Beantown when I moved there for college in 06 and was really confused when I was accosted
Yeah but did she tell you about the Queen being a reptoid who is involved in a modern ISIS cult and controls the world’s drug trade? (tbf a few of those are probably true)
nah like scientology you have to be farther in to get the scoop on that galaxy brain shit
Waiting 15 years, paying massive amounts of money and getting my e levels read just to find out the elites are drug runners and pedophiles
bummed I only ever came across Avakianists in Union Square, nothing this exotic
It’s funny how much I think of Larouche stuff as “before my time” and then I see an example of a Larouche flier or poster and remember seeing it at five or six different events

I’m with you on the sentiment – but technically several people have run from jail. It’s not been very successful for them, but I grew up seeing campaign stuff in the mail from Lyndon LaRouche, even as he was in the slammer in Minnesota.

So were all those Lyndon LaRouche volunteers nuts? What was the deal? All dead.

I accidentally wandered into a “bookstore” in Boston in 1989(?) that turned out to be run by the LaRouche wackos and let me tell you it was an experience

feel sorry for young folks who have no experience of life before social media or 24-hour news. When I was a kid, the bat-shit crazy tin-foil babble that is now commonplace in political discourse, even from elected officials, was relegated to UHF after-hours paid programming… Certainly, although you’re not gonna get me to wax nostalgic over Lyndon LaRouche. But

I remember from the ages of 12-17 or so Id always talk to various political peoples tabling or campaigning on the streets Trots, SWP, ISO, commie party, Avalons Revolution group, Larouchites, a guy who handed out Chick comics, Scientologists, libertarians, objectivists The Falun Gong weirdos, the free Tibet group, the pan African Union, many fundamentalist Christians, and all sorts of other people. Some went as far as meetings or conferences or the rest (like ISO charted bus to protests or a libertarian conference i went to at 14 LMFAO). […] What I noticed early on was that the nicer people were on an individual level, the more twisted their ideology. The Christian fundies & libertarians were nice , the white Pan African Union dude in a dashiki wasn’t so nice. […] There were exceptions in each camp. The Larouche people weren’t nice, and Anarchists generally were. […]. The funniest episode was when the Larouchites abs Objectivisrs went to war and the Larouche people would break up the Objectivist events by singing choir music, and would derail Q&A by asking Nonsensical and ultimately non-question questions often about Venice & the medicis. The objectivists did a a Q&A on just war theory and Iraq etc blaming Islamo fascism or whatever and i remember at my turn (i followed one of the Larouche disrupters) i asked about Kurdistan, & was like doesn’t i meet all your states criteria (secular, non authoritarian etch

LaRouche is a bizarre figure. I first learned about him when I was trying to learn more about a math object called a Riemann surface (I’m a grad student). I searched Riemann Surface on youtube and I learned that LaRouche has hundreds of videos on youtube claiming to be about…..math but if you actually listen to what the speaker says it’s all gibberish. I have no idea why they would put so much effort into something so pointless but I can only imagine it involves money laundering. This is the video I’m talking about. A lot of it… resembles actual mathematics. It reads as if he pulled a ton of stuff off of wikipedia but didn’t understand it and just threw it all together into a jumble of nonsense.

Roughly similar criticism: I support their Platonism over Aristotle, but yea, sometimes the 1v1 approach to historical narrating is too confining & misses far more interesting combination (like Berkeley as an empirical platonist). And they tend to just pick specific historical figures and either idolize them or demean them ( Cusa, that one venetian dude, bruno etc). I personally think aristotle is unfairly stereotyped and his metaphysics should be seen as a idealist sucessor to plato, not as a empiricist.

I went to college with several friends who became captive, almost literally, to the Lyndon Larouche cult. I could not shake them from it, tho yrs later a few broke free. (Less interested here in gripes about “false consciousness” for the “women supporting the patriarchy” Twitter dialogue than finding the specific meaning for “almost literally” “held captive”.)

I was detained for questioning for dumping my coffee on the LaRouchies table at the Oakland Airport, but I wasn’t hauled in.

Two guys stationed at a local post office with an information table, brochures, and a petition tried to convince me that we need to establish a human colony on Jupiter (um…this is one of gas giants with no actual solid land). They were part of the Larouche movement. Weirdos

Fun fact a Lyndon LaRouche cult member tried recruiting me they’re very weird people who believe in some weird conspiracies. They gave me a long like 50page print out of their beliefs and it didn’t take that long to get anti-Semitic.

I remember this—my first election where I was old enough to vote and went for LaRouche just for lols. Glad my instincts were right! (LORG steps in for this obvious seeker to redirect him from his lpac linking.)

The people of the Popular Primary, they look like the fans of Jacques Cheminade who held awkward stands in the street. An illuminated and imbecile smile on their face, they asked “Do you know the analyzes of Lyndon Larouche?”. Fleeing remains the best solution.

IV. History

Urban Meyer’s Dad discovered to have given a donation to the Larouche for President committee of 1980. Given he goes on to donate to Kasich, (or is that his son — current coach in the Jaguars — but why is his father the “jr”?). A sports podcast evidently unearthed this as dirt to toss out in an anti-Meyer digression at the 6:25 mark, and I don’t know enough to know what sports conspiracy mocking follows… a college football coach who is not good in the professionals, and anyone even a quarter-aware of pro football knew on the outset was doomed.

The “vast right wing conspiracy” line as adopted by Larouche: Monica as a honey pot I remember at a Larouche meetup years ago (’09) the speaker theorized that it was designed to get him to sign out of law the Glass-Steagall act in ’99.

A review of “Sexual Impotence of Puerto Rican Socialist Party

An interesting attempt by a Tarpley fan to place Webster Tarpley’s work within his time with Larouche as above, not directed by, Larouche

Bob Dole dead at 98. A segment of the populace really only know from a Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” episode or as sitting next to Larouche on Futurama.

Historical counter-narratives. Ebeggin continues.

Libertarians trying to assemble meaning out of Perot and Larouchie electoral semi-successes for purposes of their party, trip a bit.

The weirdest thing about my Grandpa’s cult was how it attracted so many musicians because on top of accusing the Queen of England of running the international drug trade, they also had really solid takes on music theory. I wonder how many of the retvrn architecture guys are basically just trying to do what Larouche was doing with the A440 tuning forks nonsense but with fascist architecture theory.

Curious: American writer LaRouche said: “Biden administration, which is under the control of the Jewish lobby, will invade the Middle East to realize the dream of Great Israel. Since the dreams of Great Israel also include Turkey’s lands, it will invade Turkey, so… When you listen to an article in the Ak-it newspaper and what the Cubbel narrates as if it was a prophecy, you realize that we will have a collusion in 2023 with the image of a war in Aleppo. The collusion ends abruptly with the voice from the sky by Elon Musk. Then all together to Jerusalem — Is there some other apocalypse minded American Larouche? (always specified as belonging to ” US”).

Speaking of Apocalypse, Apocalypsis Apocalypseos tosses out a new Larouche quote for your consideration.: Since approximately the time of the assassination of President Kennedy, this planet of ours has been plunging at a generally accelerating rate into a general economic, social, and moral collapse.” — Lyndon LaRouche (1991) — For the better, if you read his Walter Lippmann book.

Strangely enough, even the Larouchies praised the government of Caracas for staging an orchestra with thousands of people (no corona there?) to “send love into the universe”, while people have massive difficulties finding their subsistence.

A World that coulda been: selling the Ibykus Estate to Kevin Costner.

Some peoples having fun with the list of “biggest influences” on thinking… Some may be serious, Others aren’t.

Hm… fun fact: a reason reagan got elected was because cult leader/national bolshevik LaRouche had cult members run in elections, get popular, and then use their popularity to endorse reagan so voters would think “even democrats are endorsing him” fact check: nope.

In defense of the Larouchie (and at times Old New Left) line that old “MKUltra” or whatever British agents dropped the Beatles and countercultural debris to turn the youth away from politics — repeating itself in snarky disregard here, there, — we have this message from Columbia / CBS / The Man.

John Birch Society artifact brings out a college memory.

Nuclear history

Debating trains, part of a balanced transportation diet but segues into a “Train Utopia”nism. (Or Snowpiercer dystopia.)


MST3K screen capture.

Never knew Lyndon LaRouche tried to smear the great Andrew Kopkind as a “CIA operative.”

International Jewish Bankers… And etc. And here is one guy declaring Larouchee was right... Bashing CNN and rt,.

Larouche’s views on Aristotle, that he was an agent of Phillip of Macedon dedicated to destroying Plato’s School, et al. comes from Notre Dame Greek Philosophy and Law expert, A. H. Chroust who was arrested by FBI for Nazi sympathies. It is not some sort of Jewish conspiracy.

Lyndon Larouche voice* and we stopped teaching Harmonices Mundi because the Aristotelian elites want us DEAD

Hm. Republicanism versus Democracy, one side when the wrong demogauge wins: The promise of the two-party system was that there could never be George Wallace or Lyndon LaRouche ever elected president. Cooler heads would prevail and the party bosses would prevent it. This was always a fallacy. We need ranked choice voting. The promise of the party primary was to circumvent such selections as Dillard party functionaries Warren Harding. In an alternate universe, Trump still wins the Republican primary as the one with the most solid support with Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz etc voters slighting everyone else.

The Gravel Institute takes its stance against liberalism.

The Citizens Electoral Council rose by stepping on the corpses of LILAC.

When Mario Caponnetto signed a petition.

What do you think the funniest “Jim Bakker and Lyndon LaRouche are cellmates” situation would be now? Joe Rogan and Human Pet Guy, I think.

V. Touring

Newsbreak: CPUSA, Lyndon Larouche Reps, and Jehova’s Witnesses brawl over space to distribute pamplets in front of WalMart.

This is what I saw at Bayside Station today. I’m told that they have popped up near speed cameras as well. They are illegal and anyone who removes them is doing the public a service by an anonymous source. Um, I knew who Lyndon Larouche was, and I know what the Green New Deal is. I know what traffic cameras are, too. But I can’t figure out the relationship among these three things. That sign makes no sense to me at all. Is it kind of a coded message, like: “Stopping at stop signs is for liberal pussies! Don’t let anyone tell you what to do, patriot! But this one has a traffic camera pointed at it, so don’t let the blue mob in City Hall get your hard-earn American dollars! So stop at this one.”

How can you refute this offer? Would anyone in DC like to take a trip to Loudon County to visit Lyndon LaRouche’s house

Justice for Ashli “free j6 prisoners” — Directing you to lpac. “Jim 4 Communism” likes the lorg webinars. An ideological split, I suppise.

Marxists Postulating on Caleb Maupin. I just considered him one of the weird cranks you get from the American micro-sects, and knew he was at least a crank & imbecile from the FDR posting and the palling around with George Galloway. The amusing thing about this here is that even as I have to take a more involved look to see that this is sarcasm — it works if it were sincerity. Caleb was a big inspiration for me when he said “antifa are the real fascists” he really has a gift for understanding the present moment. Strongly recommend him for anyone who loves Lyndon Larouche or Aleksander Dugin

Maupin counters with a new poster!

Kvetching from Wayne State students, who need that lecture.

LORG sighted at a PO.

Selling to Mike Pompeo. LPAC tries to jump to China government influencer.

Burke reaches out to Tulsi.

Please consider the latest statement of Helga @ZeppLaRouche of the @SchillerInst, in which she quotes you an Sure.

Conferencing at a round table with American neo- Maoists like the Workers Progressive Party and Friends of Socialist Party. “toadies“. Attention Comrades!

Hashtag collection, selling to this confluence of interests: #cryptocurrencies #blockchaintechnology #Larouche #americansystem

Another letter to the editor from Ron Wieczoreck. Larouche coined “quacademic”? I will have to try a search to see if and when people used that.

VI. Comparisons

The “alt right” “Reclaim America” marchers. (Note, “kkk v 2” would have to reference the 1920s version, kkk v 3 the 50s-60s and best I can make out v 4 is Duke era and who knows how to corral the fragments we have now. Also, ideally the police are on no side, upholding the jackasses’ right to assemble but and keeping violence at bay.). Q Shaman, onto amateur leftist investigators. Jill Stein (extended to Marianne Williamson and Dr. Oz). Newsmax, in its covering of Putin. Referencing “Great Larouche Toad Frog Massacre” to knock historical inaccuracies. Ayn Rand, as celebre for next iteration of a “post left” twitter, and by way off indicting Aaron Rodgers. Personality cults pervading the Right. Bob Avackian and Revcom. (Note to Andy Ngo: If you wish any sense of intellectual honesty, these aren’t the jackasses worth a focus). The Lincoln Project, though I gotta diagram a meaning of conspiratorial innuendo to understand the OANN supporter’s jab. Adrian Vermeule. Krysten Sinema. Donald Trump. And the current perma-supporters. Joe Manchin. Bernie Sauuuuuunders, with lob to Henry Wallace. Texas Attorney General Paxton. Haz, aka infracel, “making Communism fit Conservatives“. gazi kodzo. Posadists. A list. Bob Malone, Rev. Scott, mentally psychotic patients. Too wordy Union strike signs. Andy Yang. Rand Paul. Peter Coffin. Epoch Times. Ric Flair. Bob Avackian and his RCP — publications as FBI / CIA front-like, as in Larouchies’. A Stephen King character. Jesse Watters. Purveyors of “Biden with Hitler mustache” merchandise. Red Scare, Greenwald, Aimee Terese, Bruenigs, Chapo, Spiked, Catherine Liu, Elena Lange, Heartfield, Nagle, Lee Fang, and other weird right wing faux leftists, (puzzled by posting a photos shopped comic image as “actual real”, where tone through thread does not suggest room for this with tongue in cheek.). The potential left flank challengers of Biden 2024 — Nina Turner and Tulsi Gabbard and Marianne Williamson.

Confronted with the statement that “the CIA created all of modern American culture”, a ” Dulles invented the power chord” is one proper response, as too a familiar jab at Larouche.


Caleb Maupin i.d.s his influences. My political roots are Marcyism, Mao Zedong Thought & the teachings of William Z. Foster. (No Dugin?) I have never accepted Larouche’s ideas, despite some overlap. (And activist energy.).

Swerving into the “Weird web” of communists setting out to out-marx one another and establish a “brand”, there aren’t any ” good guys” per se. I suppose Maupin has a point (?) in LORG aligning with China’s government — though for the life of me I have no idea what it is the “International Communist Movement” is supposed to represent and what governments it needs to align with. (Things were so much simpler in a pre Sino Split Cold War.). I have no idea why the need to align with Russia’s government to affirm Communism Glory. But none of this is any fight I can have a dog in. “Extrm8or” and Caleb Maupin engage in mutual “erasure” of each other and anything and anyone connected thereof. Off of such tweets as this, Daniel Burke gets his chance to affirm a celebration of Operation Mop-Up and beating up Communists, (ironically sharing a pun used by an opponent)– a celebration reaffirmed here with kudos to Maupin —

Where recent disruptions from Caleb on the CP-USA has gotten comparisons.

(Don’t know where this is referred to, but it seems the gist of allegations toward Maupin.). (And this appears to be calling Maupin a Larouchie.). Hey! Look! A “Harrison Elfrink” joins the celebration of bashing commie skulls, because FBI agents may be in there, with great macho chest thumping — mostly on behalf of Dugin but it spills over to Larouche..

I must point out with this CP-USA screed that Matt Taibbi — who dissected the 2004 Kerry nomination speech by “tossing out every line that was bullshit” and announced that one line was not — identified himself more with with HL Mencken than any liberal or leftist or countercultural (Hunter S Thompson) icon.

As I understand a history of the CP-USA — I don’t know who the Hell heads it these days, so take a quick skance at Wikipedia and see.. — We have co-chair a right now! How Progressive. They follow off of a seemingly interim figure who had followed someone who decided to split to join the Democratic Party — question: was Sam Webb’s move to endorse Democrats controversial within the party? Dunno. (Note: at this time of this Communist popular frontism, the Larouchies were campaigning for Kerry.)

In this brohauhau, someone tweets out for anyone concerned the plaintive: Wasn’t LaRouche an anti-communist? And then –– I don’t know much about the Larouche movement — is it regarded as fascist in leftwing circles? Yeah, they kind of earned that keep at Operation Mop Up. (See here someone swallowing up the “FBI infiltrator” line.)

The Cold War presented a pretty firm grasp for a mission of the CP-USA — they side with Soviet Imperialism over American Imperialism. At the time of Gorbachev, they sided with the last grasp at a coup to maintain power — that one where Yeltsin emerged standing at a tank, which I suppose means that they were siding with KGB agent Putin who at the time was running clandestine operations to get the coup to happen — even as all definitions of Marxist communism fall by the wayside.

As Burke slides next to a Ramsey Clarke attempt to rewrite history to “Exonerate Larouche” by way of muddling the political landmines, a rehashing of events as the man sought to “consolidate left wing hegemony”.

The irony of the Chinese Communist Party meeting, and an actual Marxist salivating and fighting for a seat.

More dumping on Maupin. And what a thing to blast the CP-USA for! Misrepresented Dugin and additionally slandered Louis Farrakhan, Putin, and LaRouche. All while heaping endless praise on Biden & Kamala, the corrupt leadership of the BLM Global Network, and the Silicon Valley oligarchs. Sickening. And then this “Answer The Question!”. Larouche’s people were into Technological Prometheanism like NAWAPA and fusion energy. What is CPUSA’s take on terraforming Nevada desert into plant & animal habitats & creating infrastructural road to post-scarcity?

For their defense.

More. LaRouche ideas offer a comfortable monocausalism for liberal hipsters like Logo & Kantbot. They can blame endlessly things who no longer exist (Jesuits, Anglo Empire, Pandeism, Cybernetic) without enduring any censorship and then cultivate the pride of their illiterate followers. “Ron Paul Maoism”??? This grouping has more wiggle room for an attack, not stuck defending China.

Hm. Harrison Elfrink comes out in favor of a Unified Executive theory, “just so long as it is the correct dictator.” Past the quick insult at the CPUSA, I do not know how else to read that next statement.

We don’t need @CPUSA They are impotent and weak and have proven themselves to be a hostile force to progress in history. Kind of think of it, we don’t need a multiparty or parliamentary system that LaRouche warned against. I say we scrap it and reassert the Presidential Republic etc

China has use for both. Now if CPUSA could figure out the Schiller Institute is Larouche, they might even avoid other kinds of crypto fash infiltration. Or at the very least, they might be wise enough not to attend events where Schiller Institute is participating.

Then … Next… And… Think you should inform the CPC that Helga LaRouche’s Schiller Institute is not Marxist. And y’all should recall Lyndon La Rouche’s violent campaign vs. the CPUSA in Operation Mop-Up. Counterpoint: China gives two snits.

Earning their way into a “Top 5 Lame Marxist Group” list.

Miko Dzagi seeks out the followers of the Twitter influencer Maria, who is calling for Biden’s removal. Do you & your followers have the guts to face the truth & act in time?

The LORG reach out to Communist, as defined as Leninist, outreach continues here: I support Lyndon Larouche’s concept of energy flux density. Technocrats have shown that increases in power (steam then electric) is biggest factor in wealth generation. Lenin also agreed with constantly raising electric potential. Rapid energy increases is road to post-scarcity

Hitches and hitches: To know if a person’s a true revolutionary and anti-imperialist and not some Fabian faker… Bring up the British Question, the way LaRouche does, and see how they react.

John O’Loughlin expresses his disappointment in LORG on vaccination: Thanks. I wish I could get the Schiller Institute/LaRouche people to wake up. I’m doing research into Charité, Drosten etc. not relying on Fuelmich, but his work seems very good.

Inevitable ending point for a more pure third split in Larouche movement.

VIII. Debris

The question of Larouche’s recruitment success.

Someone can explain this Twitter battle to me. If the Hamiltonian spouting Larouchie is still propping up Trump, they must be with LPAC as opposed to LORG.

IX. Breadtube… (?) Exposed(?)

A “red – brown” alliance between the “Black Hammer” and the Proud Boys brings out a bunch of references on “larouche 2.0“, andtremendous Larouche energy“, Black Hammer “taking a LaRouche-style turn“.

Discussing comparable alliances — WWP and League of the South. And this list: It’s the Marcyites. It’s the Communist Party of Canada and its front groups. It’s the LaRouche cult. It’s Ken Stone and his “Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War.” It’s ANSWER. Stop The War. Grayzone. It’s always the same people because they’re all united by corruption.

Scratch one’s head at this reaction to a reaction to Helga Zepp. And if you’re going to yell at and insult someone, leave Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche out of it. You deal with me, and me alone. Helga Zepp needs to be shielded from easily ignored tweet responses?

Okay. Rorschach test Time. What do you see when you see the headline that “Grayzone” has the “documents” and connected dots that “Exposes” Breadtube? One side gives a “What is this? Larouche crap?” — Did Helga LaRouche ghostwrite this?, On a holy day? This? Is nothing sacred?! Got about halfway through it. Reeks of LaRouche, This is uncannily like Larouche stuff, This is an extension of Maupin’s “Synthetic Left,” which posits that antifascists are controlled opposition aligned with the CIA. You know, as opposed to the pro-billionaire LaRouche cult affiliate whose entire opinion is for sale to whatever country is willing to pay, etc,

Explaining the controversy: They’re basically just Infowars for tankies and,just like how Alex Jones and his gang (and Larouche come to think of it) believe that the Tavistock Institute is to blame for everything they hate after WW2,so do the Greyzone gang believe that Breadtubers are to blame everything they hate in the online and offline left after 2018 and,just like Tavistock Institute,are secretly funded by THE DEEP STATE to destroy everything they like and control us. Breadtube bad” leading to familiar lines.

GrayZone is sounding like Lyndon LaRouche. LaRouche’s existed in the real world, though, I’d like to see these losers hand out pamphlets claiming the president is the reincarnation of Hitler at every train station in the metro Boston area.

And Daniel Burke for the Larouchies jump in with Now, will you listen to Lyndon and Helga? LANDBRIDGE NOW!

X. And then

Since when does LORG get a “UN Representative“? Or, as Daniel Burke marks him “rep. of The Schiller Institute to the UN”. Hey — it is how China’s state media posts him. (No longer able to mis-id him as a US Senator, as opposed to Virginia State Senator.)

On tiffs of great solutions to our problems, steering away from anything smacking of “Malthusianism”: A General problem in arguing for the filling of population sparse parts of the country: the people there really kind of enjoy the sparsely populated lands… Elbow space you can’t get in the city. But, then again, they tend to be fonder than average of country music which, by definition, is not Bach at a renewed pitch count so there are stumbling stumbling block which abound.

Podcasts podcasts and another podcast

Tuesday, November 30th, 2021

I. Plato Playdo

Something worth dipping at with this Daniel Burke tweet: The only real way to fix the “gender” problem in the youth today is to initiate a new CCC. Give young people the opportunity to gain stable, productive employment (w/associated education benefits) building megaprojects of infrastructure. In that context, they can flourish. Can’t quite follow. Are stereotypical Sissy boys equipped for this hard hat duty? I suppose manly women may be.

I had been listening to selecions from the lecture series of Michael Segure found on youtube. — at 1.5 or even 1.75 speed because — to a degree I am only interested in picking up themes popping up in human history and because no one is giving me a pop quiz tomorrow. Relevant to the world of Larouche are the series on Plato — yep! Good fodder for your “Me for Dictator” types, or for a cult “Us for Dictator”. Here I gauge a kind of envy of power — someone somewhere is listening to the ” pronoun police” and not them, damnedit! Relegate these social justice warriors to silver souls, and LORG back up to their proper place of philosophy kings…

The other relevant lecture for the field of Larouche, perhaps more so in its volitility on our politics, is the one on the Frankfurt School. A can of worms indeed.

We have some further sentiments here: /r/antiwork is a typical attack on the very idea of productivity. Organized cynicism is the prerequisite for fascism. As hyperinflation increases, will the youth demand more money be printed, or will they demand Glass-Steagall & megaprojects of infrastructure? I don’t suppose the internet is full of subreddits and tiny segments of segments.

Points to be made here: moment when I recently read that larouche supplied intelligence to the psoe governments during the 80’s which was then used by the government sponsored death squads to target eta (needless to say more innocent people died than actual eta members)

Apocalypsis Apocalypseos sharpens his anti-Larouche bonfires by passing on a dumb quote showing how stunningly wrong his forecasting was. “There’s no possible way that the present int’l monetary-financial system could be continued without collapsing civilization into a prolonged new dark age out of which most nations will disappear & human population will drop rapidly to below 1 billion.” — Lyndon LaRouche (2001). Did not come to pass.

Yet, failed predictions that would make Toffler blush gets us nowhere. At least Ron Paulites can successfully sell a shirt.

Noted hypothesis on the less than Dark Ages inflationary troubles of the moment: due to inflation, orchestras must now tune to an A at 457.3 hz. LaRouche Movement in shambles

Har Dr har my extremely accurate intelligence report (lyndon larouche’s journals from the 80s) say that steve bannon will be assassinated in his holding cell on november 6th

A quote about gold and silver souls —

Over with LPAC, I must note a contradiction here: Democrats Fail to Explain the Inflation They Are Deliberately Feeding The floundering Biden Administration continued in early November to add to the perception that no one is really in charge in Washington, while otherwise acting deliberately to further.. If Democrats are acting deliberately to accomplish inflation… For nefarious purposes, I guess… And the deed is successful… How is this “floundering”? (They can only be ” floundering” if the goal is “not inflation”, or they are trying for Inflation but Inflation just isn’t happening.). Is this the situation where they are aiming for a ” Darks Ages Inflation”, and because they are falling far short that counts as a failure/ flailing? Round here, the application of the term ” Mussolini” for “Mussolini Joe” hits against a “can’t … Follow”.

Actually, there is something to note in comparing LPAC with LORG — at least as it goes with the Twitter feeds of Ben Denison and Daniel Burke. Denison, wearing his “Let’s Go Brandon” cap, pulls into MAGA politics of the moment and takes in some of the low brow patois — firmly populist in tone — needing to comment on a comment on the Rittenhouse judge. Probably not dissing the Greenwald “Proud to be an American” song, as Burke has — probably not differentiating with everything in proclaiming Popular music” is not other than a Dionysiac zero-growth cult created by the financial oligarchy to induce mass pessimism. And… Huh: The British Monarchy wants you to watch Netflix. Curious, as I was primed and ready for the sensational new horror seriesThe Wells of Doom. Anyway, it is an expansive definition of evil music which needles right at this classical music fan.

LPAC and LORG differences noted, with one line about who remains as cadres. Former members show up on youtube shows, hard to think of Chairman as “former member”..

II. China, China, China

I find this response to a slickly produced video by the Chinese government fascinating. The definition of selling the sizzle, not the steak — you put a few gleams on the film and rotate around at the top of the skyscrapers a bit, and it gets Daniel Burke drooling. The techno music he despises can not be separated from the overall presentation. Here Burke loves a pile of phrases from Chairman Xi. Yeah, if one likes that they would love the Weird Al song parody of Crosby Stills and Nash and corporate jargon.

Kidding or not? I just want huge residential skyscrapers with flashy lights It does amount to what the clip shows — nothing more and nothing less.

Oh, here is Chinese propaganda du jour — Chinese media brings us some “Western Perspective” on Chinese Democracy from the like of… Helga Zepp. Helga effectively playing the role Ahmad Chalabi played in our relations with Iraq during the Bush era in … Telling government officials what they wanted to hear and so getting promoted as foreign source.

Hm. Profound words on the not ending of history from Chairman Xi. The Larouche org stands at the beck and call to assist China in not ending history.

Getting to the meat of the issue, and how does one take such a query seriously?: Can a society whose youth spend most of their time masturbating successfully end imperial wars of conquest? Surely not. Seriously, whether there is a problem or not — even the most chronic masturbators are not doing so 8 hours a day.

Daniel Burke calls for censoring some unlistenable disagreeable podcast. Oddly, the most prominent issue displayed is “ICE must be destroyed” — a level of cognitive dissonance where through the Obama years what I saw from the Larouche organization — the commenter who used to frequent this blog as well the Kesha Rogers campaigns — woulda been on board with that statement, whatever the pronoun politics placed elsewhere.

Apparently the sources Helga goes to for supportive agreement of her economic platform — Lew rockwell, anachro-capitalist of the Mises/ Ayn Rand / Ron Paul vortex. Meantime, a blistering attack on Biden for provoking China from an aging Noam Chomsky which parallel the cult’s views — are ignored.

As for LPAC — it is notable where lpac responds when someone places them in with the stance of Epoch Times — not arguing that they are aligned in propagating war propaganda against China, but arguing technicalities on the formation of lpac.

Point: So I saw someone doing the standard Xinjiang denailism shit and I was like on a suicide net socialist and I was stunned to discover no it was a Larouchite, which is absolutely wild given that the Larouchites are the most Fedded up org in history. AND: Every time I find an actual LaRouche person on the internet it feels like I’m seeing a cryptid

III. Yelling Stuff at the Vice President

There is a mocking tweet out there, commemorating the parade for the WNBA champion Chicago Fire, with “Tens” greeting the team. We see too various comments on the protesting of Dave Chapelle and Netflix, with “Dozens” of activists in attendance.

So goes a speaking appearance by Kamala Harris in the Bronx. One Larouchie,. Then a few immigration activists outside. The good news for the Laouchie is he gets mentioned first — I guess it is what you get for breaking protocol — though my gauge is the activists outside end up making a better more permanent impression — I know everyone knows what their issue is with the Biden / Harris administration where the Larouchie leads everyone to assume Harris mollified by agreeing with that first issue, the second more obscure bit never gaining any traction.

Cant believe I missed a chance to check out the new YMCA & see Kamala get heckled by a LaRouche guy. You snooze you lose, I guess.

This reporter tweets as much on the interrupter’s point as anyone does: Harris gets heckled in the Bronx. He says people died from flooding here, then said something about her working with China on the belt and road initiative.

Sputnik gives the most favorable coverage, even if it fails to say anything of what the Larouchie was promoting. Spectrum News does not mention China — drowned out as it gets. Ditto this here. Ditto 1010 WINS, which gives the immigration protests more coverage. Interesting framing here — Although elected officials lauded Harris’ visit, it was not all smooth sailing, however. She faced roadblocks both inside and outside of the YMCA. 

With The Hill we finally get that second Harris not in any agreeance policy objective —

The man in the audience interrupted Harris mid-sentence while she was talking about “better health, better jobs and about families” to state that better infrastructure would have stopped people drowning in their basements in Queens during Hurricane Ida earlier this year.

Harris briefly engaged with the man, telling him, “you are right, brother” and adding “you and I will talk after I give my comments, and I am happy to talk with you.”

The man responded with “Why aren’t we [U.S.] working with the Chinese on their Belt-and-Road initiative?” 

Harris said, “But right now, let’s talk about the agenda that will include speaking to all people and allowing everybody to be heard, because that’s part of what we want in our democracy. Everybody gets their chance to talk and everybody gets a chance to be heard.”

The heckler was escorted out by security.

To the comments: Yes that comment was pretty absurd. China probably is paying him… Or he could just be some level of nutty in the head like Alex Jones.

Very weird conspiracy theories hitting The New York Post tweet comments: Planted by the Ds. Oddly, this conservative paper — giving a slant more favorable to the Parody his than anyone short of Sputnik — does not hit that second BRIC part.

The Hill’s Twitter feed fills up with Democratic partisans lauding Harris for handling him well and comparing her handling with Trump’s, Republican partisans claiming A disconnect between hearing him and removing him or possibly claiming martyr status or theorizing he was a plant. Both Jose Vega and Apoc. Apoc show up as well, but gain little traction.

… The YouTube interview with Caleb Maupin gets comments from — hm… A Chicago activist who uses a hashtag of “AbolishThePolice”. A dude who throws out “Marxism-Hamiltonism could be a good platform for the US”.

More feedback on Vega: Having China help us is like listening to The Kanamits in that old “Twilight Zone” episode where aliens came to Earth with a plan “To Serve Man” which turned out to be a cookbook. NYC is on the Atlantic ocean and just 33 feet above sea level. Unless Biden’s infrastructure bill can significantly raise the city’s elevation, NYC will always be at risk from flash flooding. As much as I want to say hes a paid actor like the you tube kids were, hes one of those hipster college green kids.. So anythings possible.

The oddest thing on LPAC and its pro forma coverage of Republican victories in Election 2021 — a big focus on Seattle municipal elections where…basically, everyone who was expected to win won. I suppose the person headlining their Twitter with “free J6 Prisoners”, in league with recent comments by Marjorie Taylor Greene (though she serves more toward Farrakhan), sides with LPAC over LORG.

IV. Memories

Saw LaRouche folks outside the post office in my hometown a few years back, was a real let down. Just boring “stand behind our president” stuff; was clear they were ruined by Trump like Alex Jones was. We want fun crank shit! Lecture me on tuning! Tell me the queen’s a lizard!

Yeah, about ten years ago I came across a group on my Uni campus with Hitler stache obamas on their placard. Their opening pitch was to build a massive pipeline from the Great Lakes to desert southwest. I don’t think they were successful. (refresher)

I remember one used to be able to get these little Larouche PAC newspapers back around 2010 or so? I had a small collection of of about 3 of them. The first one I got was called smthing like “Your Kids, First-Person Shooters and the Noosphere”. I ended up finding another couple. No idea where they are currently, but I did manage to find this in a used bookstore a couple years ago which somewhat makes up for having potentially lost them. Dang I miss that Children of Satan one… Larouchies brought it right to me on the street. lol really?! That’s pretty great. I remember I got the first pamphlet because someone just had it. I flipped thru it and was like “holy crap, can I *have* this? And they were like “of course, I have no idea what that is”. The other 2 I think I found in a plastic free news box

I saw Lyndon LaRouche getting frog marched out of his office when I was 7 by the Feds in Leesburg. Only bit of true crime bragging I can do

I remember when I was in highschool outside the post office there was a booth like this, and a big poster of Obama with a Hitler stache. I told them they should’ve used Stalin instead of Hitler since he was a left wing dictator. Wonder if that was LaRouche or tea party

My great aunt gave all her money to Lyndon LaRouche

it’s september 2009, i’m walking down a city street and i see a poster with a picture of obama dressed as the joker, with the word communist underneath it i make an offhanded comment to a friend of mine that the joker isn’t a communist a woman jumps out of a car to debate me

I can’t fit it all in one thread, but the LaRouchite Western Civ professor who had the rest of the faculty convinced he was a time traveler is still my #1. I had a teacher I figured out years later was a LaRouche nut because everything he talked about always ended up being the queen of England’s fault. Not England, or the empire – Personally her fault.

Going into the city as a young teen I knew I could get two things. Larouche pamphlets. And free packs of cigarettes on the spot. Usually on the same corner.

Not wholly sure what this means: The LaRouche cult connected post offices with some sort of conspiracy. I can’t even remember. Glad that’s pretty much gone. They were at post offices, but I do not know that post offices figured in the grand conspiracy.

Some sort of Squid Game/anti-Moderna confused protest in Kendall Sq this morning. Another thing I forgot I missed by not coming into the office. (Though the Lyndon Larouche fans who used to be here on occasion can stay away…)

The LaRouche-oid doing a propaganda table at LaGuardia, the one who was later punched by Phil Donohue, once screamed at me from behind his table as I walked away in 1984 after I mentioned I was a Green.

Somewhere out there there’s a video of me awkwardly in the background as my friend gets angry at a Lyndon LaRouche guy passing out pamphlets in Portland in ‘14

I remember LaRouche in the 80’s in an infomercial right before Johnny Carson,and my husband and I laughing thinking it was a comedy routine.

Don’t understand the random detail, but whatever. I vote for whomever is the best candidate. I don’t do party line. Hell I voted for Clinton. I refused to vote for McCain. I met him and talked to him while Larouche folks were outside. The veins in his head were just twitching. Not a good thing to have as President.

Biggest mistake I ever made was grabbing a larouche pamphlet for laughs and locking eyes with the guy running the table. A professor tried to get me to join a group borne out of LaRouche’s insanity. My dad was a super mellow person, but one time we stopped at a traffic light and were approached by a LaRouche guy, and holy hell did my dad get super aggressive. He GROWLED at the guy to get away from us. Scared the crap out of 10 year old me. I’ve never forgotten it. (continuing reactions to a sign…)

one of the most pretentious people* i went to high school with became a hardcore larouche table guy at some point and later became a DJ and i have this fear that he’ll discover my records and reach out to reconnect *e.g. B&W “brooding author at shady outdoor table” senior photo

I think a farmer interviewed in that doc about the small MN town in 1985 may have been a LaRouche guy because he goes on about how the markets are controlled by Jewish ppl but then throws the curveball of “they’re getting the President to enact their reactionary ideology.”

I had an uncle involved in that Linden LaRouche wacko political group. They felt strongly about a man named Mortimer Bloomfield. Got some cigarette-dropping reactions from the people of that era they confronted. I’m clueless myself, but it’s an fun net search, I’ll say that.

Leftists pondering entryism in forming coherent movements: As an old (very) veteran of the “Labor Left” it used to be that the biggest challenge in keeping mass movements viable were vanguard organizations like Workers World and RCP. Sure we had our kooks like Larouche but they didn’t show up at organizing meetings. they’ve shown up at leftist meetings here for a long time – LaRouche and Liberty Lobby specifically. why do you think they didn’t in the UK and why the change?

Meeting people met online in real world: When I acted like a friendly doofus, the only people who let me in the door were basically incel honeypots (right and left); when I started acting cagey and weird, I got to hang with Rastafarians and Rosicrucians and Crips and Kabbalists and LaRouchies &c

V. Comparisons

Josh Mandel. Rod of Iron Ministries, Or Moonies generation 2, specific to the relocation to Northern Virginia in the Reagan years. A killer in Columbo. Leftruckis, in German Pedestrian zones. Luther. (Links regrettably list for these next three) — Dinesh D’Souza. Bill Maher. Dave Chapelle supporters. Richard Dawkins, with facile political analysis. “Tankie Twitter“, with the odd complaint that there is no singular leader. ” Real P Navarro“, in his figurative face. CNP and CFP. the writings of the Shining Path. Rick Wiles. Andrew Yang. Ayn Rand. Joe Manchin. Marcyites. Roger Stone, familiar reasoning generally thrown at Donald Trump. The Lincoln Project. University of Austin — dove tailing or paralleling this line on CRT. (And a too hazy in its historical connecting WAPO editorial.). Average New Hampshirite. Gilbert Thibodeau. Tulsi “inflating inflation hawkGabbard, Zell Miller, Joe Lieberman, John Silber. Racist anarcho-capitalists. The “New Asset Class“. Anti vaxx ” Star of David” wearers. Michael Brian Protzman — ” qanon influencer” who lead people to Dallas to meet Zombie JFK. The media depiction of Kyrie Irving on his “flat earther”-ism vs ” never noted” lines for Aaron Rodgers — accusation of racial bias, unpack at will. Aaron Rodgers again. Haz. Going full Larouchie. (apparently getting tweets thrown at him by lingerie models who traffic in crude vulgar phrasings.). QAnon quantity.

conspiracy theories on Qanon conspiracy theories — Does anyone not think QAnon is a deep state operation after the ridiculous gathering earlier this month? Some of them never left and are waiting there to discredit the truth about JFK on the 22nd.

it plays the same function as larouche or david icke

QAnon is a newer, bigger version of Kerry Thornley’s Operation Mindfuck… an op designed to discredit reasonable suspicions of state criminality

And when @TrueAnon did their Larouche episodes, they pointed out how the Larouchies were reporting on the Franklin Scandal… There’s a whole genre of CIA conspiracies to discredit conspiratorial thinking using the “turd in the punch bowl” technique.

The perils if no one runs for a political party for a Senate seat unlikely to be won.

Caleb Maupin againCaleb Maupin started a political cult last year and they put on the most weird demonstrations, like a pale imitation of the old LaRouche gigs. And again. (Hm… Maoist rhetoric for this … Thisathingy.)

It gets curious as Communist Partiers tweet their disdain for Maupin — At least the LaRouche people had money as an incentive. You morons got suckered in for free. That’s a new one for all those rich Larouche rank and file members. (skeletons.)

Envisioning online mash-ups of subcultures with Larouche ideology.

Qanon. 2021: risking getting radicalized into qanon every time i need groceries 2001: risking getting radicalized into Lyndon LaRouche thought every time i need groceries

Infrared is the inheritor of Lyndon LaRouche In a few years time he will be on stream teaching his viewers how to beat up CPUSA members and trots with Nunchuks and talking about the Aristotelian dominance of the global order

Alex Jones supporter brings up comparison with Larouche court cases. (Jones makes no such connection, preferring at the moment to tag along with a “same George Soros people who tried to get Rittenhouse” are doing him dirty line.)

Julian Assange supporters, forced in tying with Rittenhouse verdict responses. Ascribing to political Enemies — this case Tom Cotton –For some reason this reminded me of LaRouchies bragging that they will be driving tanks down the streets of Chicago a couple of decades ago.

The “this is larouchian!” jibe which is thrown a couple of times to a First Things article praising maligned musical instruments strikes me as the “once you’ve decided someone is an a-hole” line — or I just do not see how this one

VI. History

In LaRouche’s 1983 book, LaRouche: Will This Man Become President?, he lays out his belief that Watergate was a conspiracy by the Deep State (Kissinger and the IPS) to oust Nixon..

Daniel Burke thumps in — To love the Roman Empire is to love zero-growth.

On the Unabomber tract –– anyone who argues frustration on the powers of Facebook in molding culture is arguing a version of that terrorists argument.

briefly influential in China in 1996″.

And on Op Mop Up

Leftist infighting isn’t just an online thing. It’s real life and only those on the ground understand that. Lindon LaRouche’s “Operation Mop-Up” is a prime example of this. No it is not.

For the life of me I have no goddamned idea what is “Hooverism“, and a Google search for the term solely brings me to the ” ideology” of the President who… Not the worst, not the best, some more continuity with the guy the followed than most want to consider… but altogether I associate not at all with “fascism” so the whole tweeted thesis becomes garbled meaninglessness… Unless someone wants to give me a different Hoover or explicate that one.

Larouche is the only trot i respect because he became a patriot and sent his warriors to attack the Trots with nunchaku

The battle against Foucault. Foucault, for his part, was interrupted by a member of Lyndon Larouche’s National Caucus of Labor Committees, who accused him of being paid by the CIA — and received the retort that he himself must be working for the KGB. Somewhat stunned, and furious with Lotringer, the three French thinkers, joined by Lyotard, took refuge in the Chelsea hotel where they were staying, and refused to play any more part in this ‘last countercultural event

Hard to argue with things that are simply inaccurateHe took over the Libertarian party for a while. He was oddly Keynesian though. Believed in big work projects a la FDR. Dipping into why this is wrong requires more full scale deep diving into internal politics of the Libertarian Party and its hierarchies than I am willing — but it strikes me as utterly wrong on the face of it. At the very least we have a misdirection. On the Libertarian policy prescriptions — I gather some overlap on the Day Nixon took us off the Gold Standard — but beyond this Carl Osgood letter, I await the recruitment drives that focus on it. Tends to get buried on page 2, interspersed with long lists of Jewish surnames as Enemies.

Which led to the American Stalinists and Trotskyists for some time setting up joint security forces to defend themselves against the attacks of the LaRouche fascists.

Recalling why Larouche supported the Clintons from 1993 until 2008. One supporter of the thesis of the time — it was Al Gore who sucked. Part of this narrative, I guess.

Extra Bonus Fun Fact: When discussing his indictment years later, Lyndon LaRouche, the infamous defendant, quoted Stepdad Smooth’s assertion that he a setup by the U.S. Government.).

More fun! Spent a 15 minute car ride just saying “I’m Lyndon LaRouche from the National Caucus of Labor Committees” over and over again trying to get his voice down. I requested his FBI file immediately after his death. Still have not received it.

Incorrect — Larouchies did not come close to winning those Illinois seats. Also the year was 1986, not 1980.

October 27, 1996 — a red letter day in the history of the Larouche org.

On the Straussian bit — Throwback to the 2000’s–deranged leftoids had theories Bush WH was being run by “Straussians” and a neoNazi conspiracy involving Carl Schmitt (“Hitler’s lawyer”–quote from mainstream article btw). In response, Straussoids like William Kristol and others, enhanced these rumors. It’s much more flattering to be thought of as a master conspirator and eminence grise than the reality (in this case, intellectual equivalent of yentas’ night reading group in Buffalo NY). Second, for someone who makes a living as spokesmouth and fundraiser, it’s a PR benefit. Wasn’t it also spread by LaRouche followers ?

A good deal of conspiracy theories ticked off.

Possibly. The larouchies and fascist ops here have always pretty good info, skewed in the same fashion, because they’re not actually researching, hypothesizing, analyzing and synthesizing, but getting memos from the horse’s mouth giving them tasks in a scientific pr program

my thalamus gathers the rest of my brain cells into an auditorium. it clears its throat and speaks into the mic: “lyndon larouche”. the audience immediately riots and i suffer a microstroke

Is this why Lyndon LaRouche, shill for the right-wing Opus Dei faction of the Catholic Church, has so vehemently denounced the Zapatista rebellion?

Clinton (and Bush 2) era Larouchism: According to Lyndon LaRouche there have only been 5 Presidents that weren’t controlled by the Shadow Gov. FDR Kennedy Clinton the other two I can remember. LaRouche is an interesting figure to learn about. They worked hard to discredit him.

Mapping the voting on California’s PANIC initiative. A tad confused by this guy in his surprise that Ron Paul would win the Republican primary in overwhelming black Detroit precints — we are dealing with an impossibly select electorate here and it is easy to imagine the anti-war and drug message resonating against plutocrats Romney and social warrior Santorum, along with a variation of the Thomas Massie lament on seeing his voters sway to Trump — that lament also telling at least part of the story on “the white supremacist“‘s voting habits (and threading needles of support, I gather, why it is hard to get the mind around ” Blacks for Ron Paul”.).

French election wrangling –You, a French politics nube: “Trotskyites (plural) run for French president! Mon dieu!” Me, not a nube: Lyndon LaRouche has “a man in Paris?” –– Cheminade needs three more elections to tie Arlette Laguiller’s record for runs at President.

Why, if the Shah’s doing it…

Stevenson would have won except for the LaRouche cult — I think the evidence points to the Republican incumbent winning. Be cautious of political motivations inflicting one’s counter history narratives: Nixon woulda likely beaten Robert Kennedy — fer instance.

Hypothetical 1976 Election From Hell.

Lyndon Larouche inherited a shoe company (maybe some other kind of company?) and he invested his fortune in creating a political party — hiring people, recruiting members, putting out newspapers. Details seem pointless, connections to be drawn non-existent.

Listen to podcasts on the history of Morton Downey Jr and Jim Bakker, and one common thread pops in.

The CP-USA faces right-wing entryism threats, and so gets this reference: CPI seemed like LaRouche’s operation Mop up

Dipping about the Christie Institute.

Loudon County’s finest

An interesting exit from conventional thinking on Larouche –LaRouche praised and was friends with Nahum Goldmann who was president of the World Jewish Congress. He proclaimed openly that Jews [those in support of his ideaology] must wage a relentless war on gentiles. His Spirit of Militarism book is especially telling and supremacist. This against this claim that the man sold out his Nazi principles in 1991.

First time I heard them described as Fabanist.

Some may suggest Bill Kristol has gone Full Larouche in deploying Henry Clay’s terminology for suggestion for Biden salesjobbing.

How the WWF assassinated JFK.

Recalling old Larouche covers at 9/11 — Bringing us to an article by conspiracists on the demise on the 9/11 Truth Movement, an article that laments the nonstop growth of Jews in the government — and in the comments — a sole Larouchie whips at Tarpley and Jones and keeps a thread line on Larouche causes.

further because Trump would not defend Putin and Russia with a Summit to join the One Belt One Road, as the ultimate counter to the Russiagate lies pushed by the British, and that he allowed the stupid cruise missile stunt against Syria to mar his meeting with President Xi and China, where again he should have made a deal to join the New Silk Road as the manifestation of the policies of President McKinley whom the British Deep State through its Anarchist operatives around Emma Goldman had assassinated.

Right now the front line relative to 9/11 truth is the mass strike potential against the panopticon police state by working to reject Covid pandemic as a false flag used to introduce the tax WMD’s against the population.

All right. Also worth noting, the WAPO has a feature on the producers of Loose Change and… Hm… David Icke and Alex Jones figure, but where’s Larouche? As the 9/11 Truth movement grew and evolved, Korey became more aware of the people with outlandish ideas who were gravitating toward their specific project, including some with hard-to-follow conspiracy theories about moon beams and lizard people … And, okay — have fun wading into the comments section for this one!

Looksee on that which bothers the Larouchies

The big tuning battles.

The source of all animus toward Ayn Rand


Free Thought Prophet — available at youtube and any number of places. Begin the topic at 7:50… Play at 1.75 speed as we trample uninterestingly over familiar ground you can find about on wikipedia…

Here in Virginia, Larouche supporters used to set up tables at the DMV when I went or my license renewal to raise campaign money.

How it is sold:

This is me making silly jokes about Lyndon LaRouche, absolute communist fascist psycho.

“anti-Semitic Lasers” is an allusion to Marjorie Taylor Greene, but these things get roughed up into one giant pile. Do post Dune Frank Herbert books bring up this same motif?

… And maybe we can slow down things at 15 minutes for a few cracks at inconsistencies and commentary on when things get serious… Reasonably interesting observation on the nature of FBI files around 25 minutes… They have some good fun in dramatically reading from Larouche classics about 35 minutes. 54 and a half minutes in and we find the space laser commentary — 1:12 minutes gets us to some Trump era politics and with the mention of Gary Kasparov, I can actually suggest you turn to the interview with Reason .

Another Podcast for note — “What a Week” plucks Cade Levinson up as he organizes. His Twitter feed description has it —

Lead Theorist of Kanye West Thought ~ Organizer @LaRoucheOrg

Another splintering coming up? One holds onto Chairman Xi, another Donald Trump (despite no reciprocality), and this new faction can go to Kanye West.

… Or, the forth splinter: Eric Adamsa Canadian variant. One, two, three, many Larouche movements!

This podcast is worth a listen to figure the current selling for the young generation.

Next up — A communist listens and reviews the latest LORG webcast. Caleb Maupin ever closer into the Larouche orbit –– in that sense the “mutual beneficial alliance” of previous foes is like Alex Jones a decade back.

And another one — “conspiracy” a few years’ old… I do not recall if I listened, so offer no review.

The best and most promising and entertaining podcast Gadfly third party history starts a series — cutting the crap and getting to the origin point for Larouche as picked on nerd digesting philosophy in sophomoric manner as twelve year old, and running through the absurdisms of Marxist party splits.

VIII. Touring

The most notable item on the student paper coverage latest two appearances of Larouchies at Wayne State lie in the taglines. “Jailbait” is just kind of nonsensical, unless you want to exaggerate some attempted love affair flirting shown in “Why We Left”. Now we have “Kenneth Kronberg”.

Hey! New public space opening due to troubles in the Spartacist League!

All apologies for some missing material. They will possibly come back up … Next time out.

Tilting at those nazi windmills

Tuesday, October 5th, 2021

I. LPAC and LORG Separation

LPAC sells its line on the California Recall effort: Even the fraud skewed map of the vote shows a totally divided population with about half of the counties in the state voting overwhelmingly for the recall.  The cities and counties along the coast, those who out of fear, ignorance, and outright craziness continue to tolerate their own destruction, voted against. Harley Schlanger, representing LORG, calls Newsom’s victory a victory for “the Presidential System” and lays this down in the historic tradition of the Larouche org’s 2003 fight against Gray Davis’s recall: We also have preliminary report on the defeat of the California Recall. Lyndon LaRouche famously warned, in 2003, that Recall is dangerous, as it is designed to manipulate momentary emotions, to undermine the US Presidential System, and replace it with a parliamentary system. Never mind their efforts during the second Schwarzenegger Administration to Recall him, and I suppose the effort to Impeach Cheney wasn’t an assault on the “presidential system” as much as one against the “Vice Presidential System”.

LORG’s repositioning continues, and we see it with: General Milley’s Role in Britain’s Attempted Coup d’Etat Against Trump—and Biden

Quite apart from LPAC with its As the Biden Administration digs deeper and deeper into the playbook of pure dictatorial fascism, it has begun to deny medical treatments necessary to fight COVID to southern states which have resisted his vaccine and mask mandates. Response: What a load of bollocks.

When confronted with this call to action from Miko Dzagi to Joe WalshIs anyone prepared to address the standard of truth, as Lyndon LaRouche would? Are YOU willing join Lyndon LaRouche and his movement, in heeding Benjamin Franklin, when he said the Constitutional Convention had created “a republic, if you can keep it”? — you can troll him by saying ” Sure. I will join LPAC and enter the fight!” (I believe this counts as LPAC trying to get at Glenn Greenwald.)

Speaking for LORG — August 14, Gretchen Small: “Think about the effect it will have on #USA, if volume 1 of #LaRouche’s important and influential physical economy works were available on library shelves across the country.” Collecting dust. The one volume of Larouche that was in the Multnomah County Library system — Dialectical Economics — appears to have been discarded — maybe it is floating out there in one of the library’s bookstores along with the discarded subscription to 21st Century Sci and Tech they had in a prior decade?

And one notice: perhaps just out of habit, this site sticks to publishing LPAC articles.

II. Memories

I signed up for a Lyndon larouche mailing list because they were like “do you think war is bad?” And I was like “yeah of course.” They called me for YEARS and actually I had a nice long conversation with one of the phonebankers once (I was very lonely)

True story when I was young traumatized lost and broken I heard a Lyndon Larouche interview on the Jeff Rense show, which I listened to of reasons explained above, and they gave out a number and I called it and A dude with a New England accent started walking me through a lil pre-screening thing, asked “do you have internet?” and I said yes and he said find a picture of Michaelangelo’s School of Athens painting and look at it and so I did and He started telling me about it and holding it up as this grand thing of humanity and don’t I want to be in that painting and of course sure fuggit yeah lemme in to the painting bro and then because it was true I started fessing up about Being all into occult stuff which I was back then for reasons I addressed at the beginning of this post and I asked if there was any place for a tarot nerd into golden dawn weirdness in their movement and the dude hung up on me. the end. PS that was one of a few times where being into a bunch of bullshit mumbo jumbo saved my bacon in spite of myself. It made me too crazy for the larouchies and so thank you crowley I guess? Anyway yeah the end

There must be 15 of them 😱. I’ve seen more people trying to push Lyndon Larouche bullshit outside of the post office. Definitely not news and definitely not worth flying over 🤦🏻‍♂️

Does anyone know anything about the Larouche Movement in Cape Breton? A number of people have let me in on the “Zionist-Rockefeller Axis” over the years, don’t know if this is unusual or not.

Embarrassed to admit that i couldn’t remember LaRouche’s name for a minute but luckily “The Sexual Congress of Cultural Fascism” is a phrase I will never forget.

Yeah I read about this stuff in Washington Post magazine a long ass time ago. Ran into some Lyndon Larouche people a couple times and they were just wacky

You’re going to build some old fat shit. Because day and night you will complain of the rest of your brain and no one is ready to finance your stupid plans. At some point, PV + storage may be a lot cheaper. […] I lived on Otto-Dischner-Weg in Munich-Pasing from 1996-1999. That was the time when Helga Zepp-LaRouche founded “Aufbruch” in Pasing and covered the whole area with her cell phone mast terror.

NOSTALGIC for the days when guys on sidewalk sold Muhammad Speaks or handed out a Lyndon Larouche or Krishna sheet, or the occasional paper from Little Rocket Man’s grandfather — and that was the extent of the parallel universe messaging business.

I grew up in MI & I have deep family roots there. There are def racist, rural pockets. I “recognized” Manchester right off the bat. There’s also a contingent of anti-gov’t loons that got a start back w/ Larouche in 70’s/80’s. They huddle w/ militia in rural pockets 2.

My problem is my need to generously share my opinion with those who irk me. As you may have noticed. The last time it happened, my loving spouse had to drag me away from a Lyndon LaRouche nutbag on the street. He was kind, but firm, let’s say.

I think I came face to face with him. The Tea Party set up a table in front of my P.O. in my small town on L.I. I objected to their picture of Obama as Hitler. I started talking about who LaRouche is and saw a man standing back smirking. Very chilling. I wish I’d confronted him.

He hated Bush/Cheney. I remember the bizarre intellectual genealogy that a couple Larouchites showed me on the Iowa campus: from Satan to Hitler to Hannah Arendt (via Heidegger) to the Frankfurt School to Duck Cheney(?).

They attacked me in Venice, CA years ago after I swept their Obama w/ Hitler mustache posters off their table. Punched & kicked me, a woman, then punched my 60smthng male friend who was driving by. Cops did zero.

Flashback to the time I stopped to have a lengthy, interesting conversation with a representative of the LaRouche cult about fusion power and globalization, only to read through their pamphlet and see them describe Obama’s domestic and foreign policy as “satanic bestiality”.

It always cracked me up when these groups (TPUSA etc) would set up shop on campus and literally the only people who would talk to them were 55 year old university employees. […] Lest we forget the LaRouche supporters

It was the 80s when I did it. I used to break the Larouche people’s balls back then too. […] Oh my God, Larouche popped in my head today randomly. As an older millennial, I think I’m in the last generation where he’d be a relevant pop-culture reference One of my all-time favorite jokes of mine was a zine I made in 08 w/ him on the cover that said “Eight Time’s the Charm

I missed being the kind of dipshit who orders Lyndon LaRouche newsletters by inches. Thank christ.

Some of my fondest memories of college are of the students coming together to performatively (in a good way) mock on-campus speakers. Especially, the LaRouche people but the homophobic speakers guild and young-earthers were also roundly mocked.

I hung out with some LaRouche kids when I was a freshman (they were on campus). Went to a real weird meeting with a lot of whiteboard graphs. (Curious the Webster Tarpley recommendation, given his partisan movements away from either incarnation of Larouche.)

Seattle used to have a bunch of LaRouchies. One time, having been engaged by a Rouchy, I finally agreed to take some literature to extract myself from the conversation; then he asked me to pay for it.

there were a bunch of Larouchites at the University of Akron when I went there. I was a graduate student in mathematics. They would approach me, not knowing anything about me, and try to blow my mind with shit like “did you know that imaginary numbers aren’t imaginary”?

Birth of a 9/11 Truther— My dad would’ve been all over this shit.. He used to tell me “Conspiracy Theories” at night before bed lol. We’d read the Lyndon LaRouche newsletter together. He always said he was flagged somewhere on a government list just for subscribing to it lol. The OG twitter.

When I was at San Francisco State, there was a very active Lyndon Larouche group on campus. Batshit insane, but their rights to have meetings and set up tables was respected.

As an early millennial, my beliefs were based mostly on articles on Alternet and newsprint propaganda handed out at antiwar rallies by the ISO, Crimethinc, and LaRouche (the passing of time and the sense comes in that the odd interactions with Larouche cohorts are limited to your age cohort.)

I’m white. My parents were “like that too” – pops got Lyndon LaRouche newsletters, mom was big into alien astronauts and other such low-key cracker supremacist nonsense. Read Ayn Rand at 14. Odd to racialize alien conspiracy theories or peg it as white (let alone white supremacist) — pretty sure Black “Egyptologists” of the kind who influenced Sun Ra go that direction.

they had a 2 year strong game on vampus essen, always set up events before audimax economics and said “your professors are impotent, read larouche, we have to build the atomic Eurasian rail network as the ultimate fiscal impulse

I once joined a political cult…. Maybe you’ve all heard of Lyndon Larouche? In my defense, I was super young, naive and thought I was in love…

III. Dualing Touring — tilting at Nazi windmills

The college tour resumes at Michigan’s Wayne State University — Yesterday, an outside organization set up a display on our campus that was in no way consistent with the spirit, pride and values of Wayne State University,” Strauss said. “This organization’s display of antisemitic signage, which was set up without permission, referenced the Holocaust and was vulgar and reprehensible.”
WSU Chief of Police Anthony Holt said he learned of the display through a phone call from a patrol officer Wednesday morning. He could not confirm the name of the patrol officer who notified him.
“The patrol officer called in and said ‘there’s a group setting up tables on Anthony Wayne Drive and Merrick (Street). Do we know if they have a permit or if they’re allowed to do so?’” Holt said. “We sent a supervisor to the scene and then I got there. We had a conversation with them, and took it from there.”
TLO left campus after a conversation with Holt and other officers, he said.
It does appear they have taken a liking to this institution of higher learning — probably hoping to grow in Detroit.

We see here they are making friends by the bushelful. why tf is larouche (a political cult) back on campus Answer: recruiting, and they will be out doubling squares any day now.

And the tour moves on to Rockaway, with the mayor commenting… Mayor Michael Puzio was quick Thursday, Sept. 23, to condemn an anti-Semitic offensive placard which was displayed by members of the Lyndon LaRouche, Jr. organization at the Rockaway Borough Post Office. College campuses and Post offices. Sure to dig up the archives on where the ADL fits in to the Vast Conspiracy — We condemn the LaRouche Movement for their offensive use of Holocaust analogies to advance their agenda. Several posters, including those stating “Green Energy: More Efficient than Auschwitz,” were found in #NJ & #NY. These comparisons are unacceptable & trivialize the Holocaust.

This shows the top of mind awareness Diane Sare has as they campaign in New York to defeat Schumer — Wow I just saw my first pack of LaRouchites in the wild on third avenue. Bizarre.

Meantime, it appears LPAC and the likes of Kesha Rogers are following Trump’s tour schedule. Kesha Rogers excitedly standing next to cardboard cutouts of the Trumps — sure to endorse her next ELE tion campaign, Cardboard Trump.

Just as well — Trump has already chosen a different cult for his political selling anyways. (Sometimes allies, always competitor)

IV. This Month’s Comparison Load

Andrew Yang, repeatedly. — Yang is the reincarnation of Lyndon Larouche, not in substance but in form and method. He will parlay his failed democratic presidential bid into a permanent grift where he bilks his cult followers out of money every election cycle until he dies.

Zach Snyder fans. Nathan Andrew, Holocaust denier. Marine Le Pen. Rose McGowan — “making a bold statement“. Michael Tracey. Larry Elder. Donald Trump, interesting positing that Larouche coulda been a contender. Jay walking turkey. Beto O’Rourke and a ” right back atcha” to Matt Rinaldi. Don’t even need to translate. Tucker Carlson, interesting in that the definition is essentially just a grand bag of conspiracies whether historically tied to the cult leader or not, and also interesting in citing “late 00s” — arbitrary a designation. Bappin. Kyrsten Sinema, or at least her fashion sense against temporary Larouche headquarters. (One of those long-shuttered holes in the wall that was a Lyndon LaRouche HQ in the 1980s.) Tulsi Gabbard, with a dash of gender specific commentary. Black Hebrew Israelites. SDS Radicals. (Behind a pay wall so do I not know specifics) — An anti-mask anti-vaxx protest. Either Unruhe or Haz — Not going to dip in to figure out who is who.

Whatever form of leftist “para social butterfly” is. (though, the insult isn’t that they are Larouchian but that they are infiltrated by larouchies.)

James Bond.

These statements from the unhinged Multicultural Solidarity Centre, Democratic Socialists, or Students for Socialism are 21st century Leftist crap akin to 20th century babbling from a bigoted bunch of baboons like the KKK, John Birch Society, or LaRouche Dems.

The relationship between South Korea’s government and its pop culture export of kpop music gets a — Probably but this needs examples otherwise it sounds like Lyndon LaRouche talking about The Beatles.

trotskyizing” is a word?

Caleb Maupin, part legend in his own mind, part buzzing nuisance for leftists — And, ahhh He also made a book that was conspicuously saying his group was NOT a LaRouche-like Cult…

Curious thing on this one — Alex Krainer guy is a Larouche member. It appears no, but he became “Larouche adjacentright here — where, upon getting impressed by the MAGA Larouche fan referencing him — he soon thereafter signed the “Exonerate Larouche” petition, for further feedback to become a heavyweight figure cited by the Larouchies.

V. History

9/11 “Reichstag Fire!” redux. I’m gonna outdo LaRouche. I’m gonna become a hardcore Leibnitz truther, and base my vision of communism entirely around this fact.

1.4 thousand responses to this tweet replicating a Larouche train map. I’m glad LaRouche still resonates with the public…and what the fuck is in Cheyenne??!! Is there a need to get horses from Wyoming to El Paso at 200mph?

That time Larouche came in second, behind Ross Perot, in a nonbinding North Dakota Democratic Presidential primary. 4 Years later, perennial “interesting guy” candidate Charles Woods is out of the picture, Perot has his own party, and this time around he loses to Roland Rievers.

Adlai Stevenson III dies. Calling it a career after the 1986 election debacle. And — Meh. my kingdom for a history of the Illinois Solidarity Party: shell party created by Adlai III after he won ‘86 Dem primary but refused to run on a ticket with the LaRouchies who won the Dem Lt Gov primary. then a year later it was used by Vrdolyak to run against Harold Washington.

Robert Dreyfus wrote for The Nation.

I didn’t watch the big interviews too closely, but I do not remember this “debating” in the Jones — Larouche appearances. A lot of obsequious flattery from the host and posturing from the guest.

That feeling when Singlaub the Moonies *and* Lyn get namechecked in the same readout. You read Hazardous Duty and its like dude how come you’re bringing up the larouche dudes huh? HOW COME and then boom. Thank you c. intel a. for finally scratching my itch

Apparently, there is an online holy war I have not been aware of over whether A is 432 or 440 Hz. And with that you get a thread of historical reckoning.

northern virginia was better when Lyndon LaRouche ran the place

VI. Daniel Burke Fights for Chinese Bricks

LORG takes its stand against the Blair – Trump war machine. Daniel Burke refers to BRI as “the single greatest economic policy in human history” — hyperbole much? — though, the approving use of this Stalin quote to blast Social Democratic Progressives fascinates me more (as too the tedious new trend to preface the “splain” — the second half of “explain” — with a derogatory first syllable usage, in this case “lib” — for easy no explain dismissal.) And here I trip over a challenge call to action comment from Daniel Burke — It is not enough to say, “I am socialist, like China,” or “I hate present US policy.” — where is any lump of support for “socialism, like China”? The basic thesis of the chapter in Mark Manson’s book is given credence as Burke reaches out to a depressed 21 year old with a generation bashing around article. — China’s government now doing more to fight emo kids, I hear.

A “patriot” asks the probing question — Do you believe the ur government, big business, and social media has been infiltrated by the CCP — – to which I can say — no, but the LORG has. MDZagi has some Larouche material he wants the Cajun Cowboy to read, and the message rings out — The Enemy Is the British Empire—Period! Noting the exclamation mark, which is not a period. MDzagi continues his flubbing by tweeting at Gretchen Smith an alarmist economic quote from Larouche on the size of the economic breakdown we are in … Currently… Presently… which, coming from a dead guy like Larouche is like quoting my granddad on how the burnt toast I am eating today is the worst burnt toast ever. And one more weird flub — The LaRouche Program for Mankind’s Durable Survival or kiss this planet good buy!! — Can’t really debate, double extinction coming — someone has to “buy” us.

Say, what does Webster Tarpley think?

Here is one lost white nationalist offering the opinion — Larouche used to be super based until Eurasianism got him! Helga’s China positioning loses them one guy.

Elsewhere mDzagi answers a Trump Supporters question on what he would say to Biden with a bit of nonsense, as from a Larouche perspective there is nothing to ask the man given that he is a hologram.

That’s one reading list. — full of state lackeys. “trying to deny Larouche’s existence” is a thing that never happened, though plenty denied his relevance.

VII. Internationale

Making Waves in Germany’s election: Missing them — In my suburb there are no posters from #NoAfD, @diebasispartei or similar dubious groups. I like that.

BüSo with the continuous Zepp-Larouche light? Any original crazy existences that cannot afford posters and are therefore dealt with with street chalk?

For mainstream news coverage, we have this: 47 parties are in the running for seats in the Bundestag; it might be wise to brush up on arithmetic, maybe even calculus. This year Berlin has its own state election as well, with 34 parties competing for its House of Representatives and for all sixteen borough councils too. A good pencil-sharpener might be useful (or a ball-point). Mostly they are small, even tiny, like the Animal Rights Party, the Liberal-Konservativ Reformer, or a party run by the German widow of Lyndon LaRouche, an American provocateur of past years. Or the little German Communist Party. Few reach 1%.

Election results — A little bit like French election results where the Larouhies come in last, trailing the Trotskyites by roughly A 2 – 1 margin. So we see 1534 votes for the Trots and 737 for Team Larouche. But, I guess maybe they focused on a “First we take Berlin” strategy — where they beat we deal parties, and really does suck to be “New Berlin”. Team Larouche latches on to 0.03 percent or 587 votes.

There’s an idea, but I am pretty sure the Larouchies have dubbed Kraftwork and their progeny British — out of Tavistock. A Larouche-type cult for German-Americans centered around Krautrock, Marxism and Primitivism — and too techno for that last bit.

Jacques Cheminade is seen here accusing some media source which is shakily translated as “France Info” of accusing him of disseminating Larouchee 9/11 Conspiracy theories to the French public. Which strikes me as undeniably true, but this does give him an opportunity to do so again.

The “No Stupid Questions” canard — responding to Cheminade’s Larouchian import of 9/11 Conspiracy–

Cheminade took up and defended the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche, a notorious conspirator who believes that all the evil in this world comes from the British Empire. Cheminade was one of the first to publicly “ask questions” (obviously stupid) about the attacks

The Americans have just published official FBI documents showing that they have found links between the terrorists and the family of Prince Bandar bin Sultan, then ambassador for Saudi Arabia, a close friend of the Bushes. To ask questions seems legitimate to me …

Doubt is good, systematic suspicion is completely stupid

VIII. How many times worse than Hitler?

Brandon Brophy: It all comes together and connects, don’t it?

Translated, A haughtier than thou explainer: as I explain it to you. not having Oprah as a political reference but Larouche, it is not about ego, but common sense. the other way around, going to laugh with a Cesar Vidal live and learn politics with the fat man and the skinny man is stupid, it’s not about ego

Bold statement by Daniel Burke, in a tweet that has been deleted. The IMF is 100x worse than Hitler — reference to the Haitian migrant crisis –and… Huh. For this to be true, they would have to kill 600,000,000 Haitians. Yeah, I see why Burke deleted that tweet.

Not deleted is this insult to the working class, denigrating vocational education. Send Malthusians to vocational schools. Not really working for any mass movement, unlike the Communist he is tweeting at.

I see that in researching for his podcast on Larouche, True Anon found this 1996 brush back at the “Music of the People”, or Country music — any number of ways one can dissect the vortices of art and commerce — a random ad I’ve heard in that “anti-ad” formula moves through a faux Country song interspersed lyrics about “never left New York City, the only reason I went country is ’cause my rap career has ended”. The Larouchies, under the tutelage of Webster Tarpley I guess, went one or five step further — it is a British Project, the same British Project that brought Napoleon to power. Surely ye jest. Hm. Let’s listen to some Dolly Parton just for the Hell of it.

The casual dismissal of old news coverage on the cult because it is old –amusing tact. Apparently this is the supposed belief of Larouche: Just imagine believing that every human was in the living image of God and had the inborn capacity to contribute to the common good.

IX. People Responding

Touring Washington, DC and Houston…

The Responses are overwhelming. Gonna do larouche lit table part time when I retire…best way to meet the “security guard who speaks 5 languages” type of guys…my favorite guys.

We see the tricky political arena Helga and company are playing in within the list of kudos her tweet garners. Cursed be the thieving Afghans who have been drinking the blood of the nation for 20 years but still say don’t give money to Afghans — Hrm. From a liberal vantage point the biggest problem with Biden’s Afghan withdrawal was/is that the refugee program for Afghans who were backing our attempts was limited, leaving them now in the hands of the incoming Taliban. Funny ally as against their current supposed cries on Haiti.

X. Adjacent Twitterers

Caleb Maupin gets a this: Not trying to cancel you or anything but this post is kind of puzzling. I think we should acknowledge that Larouche was an ultraleft saboteur who sent deranged thugs to attack CPUSA members with nunchucks. Feel like you missed that bit of history.

Rcam exonerated Chaitkin: That one is actually by Chaitkin who I think was not aware of Larouche’s other ties– Chaitkin does good work especially. Doesn’t strike me as believable, but what ever.

Diane Sare Rambles Incoherently in front of Chuck Schumer

Monday, September 6th, 2021

I. Robert Beltran’s Galaxy Quest

Robert Beltran speaks (or rather tweets) on his Larouche work, endorsing the narration on “1932”. 8 responders greet the anticipation of watching this not-much seen Beltran work, Beltran chirps in with — Don’t forget, it’s never the average citizen but the Governments of countries that cast a bad light on themselves. History exonerates the average citizen in all countries as generally honorable though often long-suffering. I’m glad you liked it. It’s a very thorough history.

Attitudes sway with anti-British biases amongst these twitterers — and an initial positive view gets dragged down.

A. Awesome!! This is wonderful. Thank you, Torri. Congratulations, Robert. Knew nothing about this. Love your voice.Of course, it shows Britain in a very bad light. I’ve done voice-over work, too. It’s fun!
B. I’m sorry, Robert, but seeing more of it, I did not like it. At all. [Marxist Lyndon LaRouche ~ Criminal investigations led to convictions of several LaRouche movement members, including LaRouche himself. He was sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment.]
C. Britain is responsible for the assassination of Lincoln, the 1st World War? Soon they’ll be telling us that Britain started the 2nd World War!! Absolute nonsense.

And a common problem is exposed — should have watched more than five minutes — with apologies: Oh dear, I feel an argument coming. I didn’t watch past 5mins (no time). Is it too late for disclaimers? If not… *The creators of Beltrivia only convey info. They are not responsible for it’s accuracy nor any relationship problems arising from it. Partake at your own risk.

Elsewhere, we see Repercussions for any Voyager reunion thrown out: Did Beltran stop being a Lyndon LaRouche democrat? ‘Cause that will be uncomfortable. You set politics aside and act professionally, but there do seem to be other personal – (indeed, political of a sort) differences and grudges with that show — both Beltran and Garret Wang not thinking their characters were fleshed out well, and a gnashing of teeth resentment that the ex-Borg character Seven of Nine was a salacious sexualized desperate grasp for ratings.

II. Ed Asner — enemy to friend

In other celebrity tidbits — the passing on of Ed Asher sparks a tweet from Daniel Burke, A tribute to a celebrity who walked in and around the Larouche organization a couple of times — just enough for the movements to be at the ready to lob a memorial where these few tidbits of off-kilter doings become a focus of his career. It is worth plucking about to find how much he dived in and when — From the heady days of March 2004.

In more practical, current terms, LaRouche and his people had proven their stripes to the Democratic cause by printing up and distributing 500,000 copies of a magazine entitled “Who Robbed California?” which purported to tell the story of the energy deregulation disaster in California and their claim that Schwarzenegger’s rise was part of a conspiracy tied into that. . Things were fairly routine until Hollywood liberal legend Ed Asner walked into the room and sat down in front of me. It was my turn to pounce, and Ed’s turn to look stunned.
“I just [came] because I had heard contradicting rumors of him and had dismissed him because of it, but I found him very enjoyable,” said Asner. “Everything I’ve heard from him is in the progressive agenda that I entertain.
“All too often Democrats play go-along to get-along, and LaRouche shows that it’s more than the head of the pimple that’s gotta be squeezed,” Asner continued. “I support Kucinich really, and I can’t make a judgment on the time LaRouche spent [in jail] because he will not be the first person to be placed there and silenced that way in America. I am certainly aware that he is controversial, but in this case, that attracts me because I tend to be seen as controversial in the same way.”

As opposed to 1986 —

During the question-and-answer period after his talk, Asner fielded questions about President Reagan’s popularity, ecology, Central America and Lyndon LaRouche (“I’m delighted that the LaRouchies were exposed. Now when people see smart asses in the airport with signs saying ‘Nuke Jane Fonda,’ theyknow who they are.”)

Those would be the days Harley Schlanger is seen eulogizing as “taking A brave stance against South American Dirty War” (Say, what was Larouche’s stance on Reagan foreign policy right then?), insinuating a soft blacklist keeping him from big roles (Uh huh) — I suppose we get there the glad-handling reason for enticing Robert Beltran in with an allegorical play on McCarthyism.


Kesha Rogers throwing it down for LPAC; John McCarthy throwing it down for LORG. Um? He wanted you to try to change Trumpers into something better, not to turn into one. Actually, his handlers just wanted their money. He, meantime, took engrandizement where he could find it.
And then JM brings in the big insult: It’s like instead of following the real life LaRouche, you guys are following the cartoon villain version that Dennis King made up. BURN!!!
JM fails to take note — Sweetbaby Jane is with LPAC, not LORG.
And I guess this version of Larouche is with LPAC.

Outsider opines disappointing that the LaRouche movement is just seemingly all MAGA now. we need a new type of innocuous crank

Hm. did you know that big pro china parade a few years back that was shadowed by the falun dafa counterparade was all sponsored by epoch times? insane. the larouche people had a presence there too
Which faction of Larouche people? We see here load moving the way of an anti-China stance.
actually saw some larouche ppl outside the other week lol
i haven’t seen a larouche street theater thing in a while. sad!!
That last word/insult dips at LPAC, moreso LoRG.

LPAC lobs a missile at Daniel Burke. “Apocalypsis Apocalypseos” trolls by dumping the space program element and answering further with bombast.

LPAC’s two items of contention with Burke, Burke notably reigning to remain above the squabbling lpacers.:
I. If the green new deal was designed to block the BRI, why is it being pushed on the United States (which isn’t participating in the BRI)? Sounds like you’re spinning things to conform to a certain narrative.

2. We’re trying to get clarification about @Burke4Senate’s views (then you jumped in). He recently asserted @larouchepac is “heartless people who spit on LaRouche,” so we’re interested in understanding the axiomatic background to @Burke4Senate’s beliefs.

LPAC: It’s our view that the BRI can become an important part of Lyndon LaRouche’s vision for a New Bretton Woods, his World Land-Bridge, and a Moon-Mars space colonization program (as Mr LaRouche presented in 2009).
Ap Ap: Bring it on!
LPAC: Yes, but situated from the perspective of a space colonization program, as Mr. LaRouche outlined in 2009,
Ap Ap: Let’s get Afghanistan into CPEC on Earth first!
LPAC: Why back away from Mr. LaRouche’s vision for the Bering Strait, the World Land-Bridge, and a Moon-Mars program?
Ap Ap: Not backing away, just prioritizing human life and stability in Central Asia. Do you not agree that CPEC should be extended into Afghanistan?
LPAC: Is the Green New Deal is designed to block the Belt and Road Initiative?
Ap Ap: This conversation is over if you don’t reply to MY QUESTION.
LPAC: We started this exchange by asking @Burke4Senate a simple question, which he hasn’t been able to answer. Who are you?
Ap Ap: Doesn’t matter who I am. Now fuck off if you can’t answer my question!
LPAC: “Your question” was a reply to our question (which wasn’t answered), so we don’t see the need for such rage.
Ap Ap: Unfollowed. Do you fucking hate humanity? Freak!
LPAC: Rage is not a good emotion. Does @Burke4Senate (or @TonySalami3 on his behalf) have any response to the initial simple question?
Ap Ap: Don’t fucking lecture me on fucking rage! You hate the Afghan people you fucking douchebag Satanist!

Ap AP continues on to assert his Larouchian bonafides by quoting some early Larouche 9/11 Truthism in conflating with conjectures on Biden’s whereabouts at the time.

The other part of this tweet tree slides into this … “Discussion?” … leading off to Tony Salami’s curious “The answer should be obvious, Benjamin.” And “I dont know nuthin bout that, but calling trump people overweight out of shape smoking alcoholics is pretty Heartless imo” — A tad disingenuous in its cropping and decontextualizing — the Michael Steger clip in question, and so goes the new game of LPAC v LORG.

This is either LORG fighting falun gong or LPAC complementing such — (as the Australian outlets provides the Chinese government such material as this.)

So, LORGsters and LPACers… Where are we with this?: disappointing that the LaRouche movement is just seemingly all MAGA now. we need a new type of innocuous crank.

Who would have thought that there would be LaRouche revisionists after his death. Sure. Sure. They even have UN representatives, apparently — Richard A. Black, the Schiller Institute’s representative at the United Nations.

LORG is reaching out to Harmid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah, Real Power brokers in a new Taliban Afghanistan world are they. And, you know, yes, this is a joke — President Biden is implementing Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche Jr.’s New Paradigm to defeat the British Empire and usher in a new golden age of the American System. Space lasers next on the agenda. — but it does strangely follow the progression from what we do see out of EIR — the headline “Biden Gives Passionate Anti-War Speech on ‘Ending an Era’”.

Well, they are Not Alex Jones… We see shifts in political posturing all about, and maybe a schism growth between lpac and lorg…

R Cam shares this thought: I feel bad for Alex Jones, he’s one of the most psyopped people in the entire world, personally, manipulated by tons of intelligence agencies for his audience– but somehow– the Spirit of Truth, not the literal truth content of speech, comes through it all. (…) Larouche is similar– also one of the most manipulated people by intelligence agencies– but Larouche got more over on them than Alex Jones ever has– Tragedy/Farce is the Larouche/Jones relation.

Infowars offers up the question What Should The Rhetorical Merger of Trump & Biden Be Called? suggesting an offramp from supporting Trump, even as Jones sticks to the right wing of electoral politics. Laroucheland gets weirder still — and the chasm in the schism gets larger. Harley Schlanger, representing LORG, editorialized against Tony Blair and the British Parliament’s withering criticism on Biden for his withdrawal from Afghanistan as representing an attack on “the Presidential System” — placing them above domestic neoconservatives due to their Britishness–, moving LORG into a posture of support for the Biden Administration. (Similar to the interim before Obama took office, supporting a “Presidential system” and suggesting “advisors in talk”). Interestingly, this defense moves on to former Governor Cuomo and California Governor Gavin Newsom. Compare that to LPAC, who continues to back the recallTech / Malthusian Complex or thereabouts would be defeated, asking “Will the California Recall Election be the Turning Point for our Republic?”

I take it this guy goes with LPAC — Lyndon LaRouche – A champion against the hidden actions of our own Government. FBI applies its insurgency in Lyndon LaRouche, now they are relocated to Germany and become the propagandists for the Empire. Do you see how it happens?

IV. Can the Diane Sare Senate Campaign Recover?

Diane Sare says a batch of incoherent comments to Chuck Schumer, who waves her aside to continue his platitudous speech. She then wanders around tge room, speaking loudly so someone — anyone — will hear her claim that she shoukd be the one talking, darneditall. Very much the debacle. An attempted recovery comes with her on her Facebook page,

There isn’t even anything there that can be used for trolls like this tweet on the Alexandria Ocasio Cortez encounter. Oh well. Maybe Diane Dare will up her game the next time she can get into A room with Schumer.

Meanwhile, over in Texas, and now over with LPAC, lying in wait is the attempt to place Allen West with Kesha Rogers. (A tad forced.). Actually, weirdly enough — Rogers is still A Safe Facebook friend — but in the good old days when they were slate-mates.

Meanwhile in Germany, the Buso Party in Germany continues to make waves:

of all the things abt american politics tht could be replicated abroad, larouchies has got to be the most galaxy-brained shit imaginable
lest the campaign poster seem to suggest these are reasonable folks, I’ll note tht the party head is a holocaust denier, and the party thinks climate change is an energy industry hoax meant to increase fuel prices. oh, the party leader is also still mad abt the treaty of versailles
was hoping it was going to have a really bizarre reasoning for happening there rather than “his widow moved there”
oh, no, she was german originally, so she just moved back… which I think actually does make it weirder than if she just moved here
came over here to marinate in the crazy for a few decades first
like the aging of whiskey in a wine barrel, marinating the german crazy in some american crazy
Im really hung up on the fact that she’s still very angry abt the treaty of versailles, thts true galaxy brain stuff
that just seems like a nazi thing to me?
its just not something tht is tht often brought up as a grievance anymore, the holocaust & partition provide so much grist its almost quaint to get upset abt versailles!

(Well, Buso has more visibility than the nazis.)

V. Memories

One time I was being solicited aggressively by a LaRouche (I think) political canvasser and I stuck out my arm like a running back warding off a tackle and yelled “Personal space! PERSONAL SPACE!!!” at him. It’s all you can do.

Seeing BUSO sign: Ouch, do these LaRouche disciples still exist? I can remember that 25 years ago when I was a schoolboy I argued in the ground … My first room in a shared flat in #Wiesbaden: In our house on the second floor right: The LaRouche disciples, first floor left: the KBW sect Under the roof an artist couple with 2 cats and opposite a GI couple, the drove to the US Army in riot gear every morning. And we are right in the middle.

I once got cornered by a candidate for this German party during the 2005 election and yes, they really do think this way. And talk about it at considerable length. What you need to know is they were founded by Helga LaRouche. Yes, that one. (Indeed).

The case against club entryism. I’m old enough to remember when we had followers of LaRouche in the 80s elected to the Alameda County DCC from the Tri-Valley. So yes I guess I’m revealing a “club” bias and at the same time I agree whether “dues-paying” is necessary or not, it is not sufficient…

biggest regret I have from this trip was not getting a picture of a billboard for larouche in south dakota

I’ll never forget the LaRouche guy I talked to in Munich in 2003. I asked him why he was tabling for LaRouche in Munich, Germany in 2003 & he asked me what the hell am I doing to change the world, which, fair enough, but I still can’t fathom what he was trying to accomplish. He was hoping to convince the Munich Symphony Orchestra to adopt scientific pitch . (LPAC does not answer: Does your organization have an official stance on Schoenberg’s twelve-tone serialism? Was it a positive or a negative influence on Western music?)

I was borderline stalked by some larouche cult group, they creeped me out, total sketch balls.

For the first election I could vote in, I wanted to research the candidates, and the only choices were a Republican and a LaRouche Democrat. I guess the local democrats were sick of “London banking interests”

My first chance to vote for president was Reagan or Mondale, so I voted for LaRouche because anarchy seemed reasonable at the time. Now, I’m a Blue Shirt Democrat, for the good of us all.

It spells real trouble to have a point of view like that. I had a guy walk up to me at the polls years ago talking all about socialism and human rights blah blah and ended up asking me for my support of Lyndon Larouche. I said don’t you ever try that on me again.

When I started at a Law office in the early 00’s somebody there still got Lyndon LaRouche’s newsletter delivered. Regardless of tech, eccentric and mostly wrong America is the best, and the only one I wanna live in.

Just searched my email for “coburg” and noticed I’ve been getting weekly emails from the Australian Citzens Party (formerly CEC) for more than 15 years now

I’m digressing here, but the Space Laser thing reminds me of back in the ’80s. In Houston’s Hobby Airport, I was accosted by Lyndon LaRouche supporters wanting me to sign a petition to use Reagan’s “Star Wars” program to zap Jane Fonda with gamma rays from space.

Not a historian, but in 1978 my college roommate’s brother, a follower of Lyndon LaRouche, sent us a pamphlet that said after Ben Franklin, dark forces had taken over and corrupted American Leaders iirc the dark forces were Rosicrucians or masons or something like that

Before she passed, my Grandmother “gave” thousands of dollars to the Lyndon LaRouche cult. Same thing. She was just starting to be stricken with Alzheimer’s.

The first “Free thinker” I met in college, decades ago, called himself that because he was a Holocaust denier and Lyndon LaRouche supporter. Subsequent encounters with those who describe themselves that way have done nothing to assuage my initial revulsion.

When I first came to the US in 1992 a group of Lyndon Larouche supporters harangued me on issues of global politics. Interesting characters.

Every time I see this I have flashbacks to the LaRouchies running around Chicago in their rusted out GMC truck, shouting catchphrases through the speaker they stuck on the roof. Same vibe.

Stuck in traffic on the turnpike while my dad tells me all about how LaRouche was a fave figure amongst the late 80s Romanian recent arrivals (for all the worst reasons.)

Learning the source of stray “Newton was afraid put up by British”comments. they tried to recruit me at the DFL convention in Rochester Mn in the late 00’s. i was like, your whole thing is built around one guy. they assured me “LaRouche Youth Cadres” would resolve this. i found it a strange analogue only could compare to scientology?

The LaRouchies still leave a faint bitter taste in my mouth because one of the most all-around unpleasant political conversations I’ve ever had was with one of their evangelists at a table in front of Reading Terminal Market in 2007. She was a sneering asshole bc I disagreed.

VI. Historical Notes

No one has put the Morton Downey Jr appearance up on youtube.

How about the Lyndon LaRouche organization? One of its officers, Harley Schlanger, may have conspired with Roger Stone, Julian Assange and the GRU in early 2016 regarding the hacking of the DNC’s and Podesta’s emails and/or the distribution of them through Wikileaks.

A lawsuit that involved Larouche figures in a lawsuit involving Alex Jones
According to Bidgood’s memorandum of support, courts in Virginia recognize a qualified journalist’s privilege rooted in the First Amendment. Citing in part the LaRouche v. NBC case, Bidgood’s counsel wrote that, unless overcome, that privilege protects reporters from being compelled to disclose information obtained in the course of their newsgathering.

L. Fletcher Prouty (JFK leaker who later on kinda went off the deep end into holocaust denial among other fringe shit) Near the end of his life he did stuff for the LaRouche crowd claiming oil is like, the supernatural blood of the earth

cool poster, though” if nothing else good about the 1986 Norway scene.

Question 29: Lyndon larouche laid the blueprint for how a lot of ppl are fucking insane today. AND. The funny thing about LaRouche is that he used to be a Trotskyist management consultant, kind of like how David Icke was a pretty normal sports guy who got active for the Green Party. But Icke had a mental breakdown whereas LaRouche set up a sect because of his enormous ego. AND. 29. I actually have sort-of-family that are huge LaRouchies. It’s interesting because they haven’t hopped onto any QAnon stuff. I think their iteration of it (the classic 80s stuff) was too integrated with New Deal imaginaries to be transferrable

An anti-vaxxer citing Larouche’s PANIC initiative on where the policies lead — perhaps picking up from Max Blumenthal.

Lol remember when Lyndon LaRouche died and his ppl announced it but nobody believed it because nobody ever believed them even when they were spot on? Good times!

My motto for the record I’m currently working on is “less thinking, more doing,” and so of course I’m trying to write a song narrated by a member of the Larouche Movement in Berkeley CA during the Marble Cone fire of 1977

And what is he claiming this means? TIL Lyndon LaRouche got over 40,000 votes (13.5%) in the 1996 WV Democratic primary against a popular incumbent who won the state in the general election twice. For comparison in 2020 Bernie Sanders got 22,670 votes while coming in 2nd in the WV Democratic primary (The 1996 delegate fight rememebered.)

Giving Larouche too much credit for incubating Climate change denial / rejection. Too much money at stake that energy concerns will always be able to find and fund someone to find the evidence to support their concern. That one or two bounce in to get published by 21st Century SciTec is immaterial.

I could assemble my thoughts on Bill Clinton and Lewinsky and that sordid affair, but I do not know how much it is ultimately worth. Here it is enough to stare at what the thrashing of Larouche conspiracy theories does to any argument, and point out the inconsistencies arrived at as the movement turns away from the Clintons after 2008 and moves to Trump.

VII. Reliving the 9/11 Truth Glory Days.

Revving up to commemorate 9/11, LORG is giving us a renewal of their glory days of 9/11 Truth. Never ceasing to remind everyone that he was there on the John Stockwell Show, blaming the Jews before anyone else (as The Brits are responsible for all the wars), and trying to get his dibs in. He had his effects.

Now Daniel Burke leads the charge to dump litter all over Manhattan.

And what’s this? A 9/11 Truther comes on and disses Burke and the “Establishment”arians making up the Larouche Org over these past two decades?

Aunt BB: Every anniversary, 9/11 disinfo, especially LIHOP, is paraded in public to distract from the inside job to smear Muslims & Islam. This former candidate for “selected” office is nothing but an establishment tool & business asset. See here.
Daniel Burke: If you disagree with the 9/11 families, just say so. They were “selected” in a different way.
Aunt BB: You & other establishment ghouls emotionally manipulate & exploit 9/11 families out of self-interest. Care to tell the truth about PNAC, or is all your info from MSM propaganda rags?
You’re just an establishment tool who perpetuates the War OF Terror myth that Muslims carried out the 9/11 attacks. Israel loves you for it. Part of the West & Israel’s strategy of tension to distract from their own war crimes.
You have an establishment blue-check Twitter account. That means your business disinfo is corporate-approved.
ApAp: (link to Burke tweet)
Aunt BB: Trump’s constructive policies”? Building up NATO against Russia, CIA NGO color revolution in Hong Kong & doing everything in Israel’s interests in Mideast? PNAC was at the core of 9/11, the West’s War OF Terror against Russia & China. He blames KSA & is full of shit.
Ap Ap: He doesn’t blame KSA. Who created KSA? British oligarchs created: ‘too big to fail’ banks oil projects of Saudi Arabia and Israel + justified bombing of Iraq. Cold War fake Russiagate Steele dossier CFR takeover of American Foreign Policy
Ap Ap: British tentacles are all over KSA. KSA is occupied and fighting for sovereignty.
Aunt BB: Business interests, dumbass, not “British.” Greed has no identity.
Jason Ross: Here’s what they had to say about Biden’s executive order on declassification, announced today: declassification story.
Aunt BB: Declassification” of FBI BS to distract from the truth. You’re full of shit.
All the LaRouche assets are coming out to promote establishment 9/11 LIHOP disinfo that Saudis are responsible for the false-flag terrorist attacks.

VIII. Who is getting called Larouche as an insult?

AOC. Tucker Carlson. WSWS. Bernie fans. Trump’s campaign solicitation techniques. Caleb Maupin, position shifting through time. Mike Lindell. Rand Paul. The People’s Party. Andrew Yang. Kevin Paffrath (bug up his butt on this one.). Nick Land. Aimee Terese. Spike Lee. Anti- Trump Republicans.

Then there are those expressions of sarcasm against various incredulous sources of information, parsing disinformation content. Witness: Sure, but alternatively Lyndon LaRouche came back from the dead and told me Russia didn’t do it. Whosoever ought I believe?

Caleb Maupin defends himself from the blasting of accusation — involved in an Operation Mop-up of his own? (Nay, tangled relations.)

On side note, apparently Larouche’s followers used to show up to meetings of the CPUSA and other similar groups and best the sh-t out of them with nun-chucks….so based, I guess?

In the end, the problem with peering at Caleb Maupin’s current battles with “the left” as represented by orbits to the Communist Party lies in and “what a metaphor!”, Every day we voluntarily stand in front of that dude with the Lyndon Larouche table near Locust Walk and think he represents the zeitgeist.

IX. Overviewing

At last — an explanation as good as any: Lyndon LaRouche was investigating a secret tunnel being built by the Chinese that would connect Carmel to Beijing, but the CCP hit him with the microwave gun before he could share his findings with the world. Originally the CCP tried to give him headaches and a sense of gnawing ennui with the microwave gun, but unfortunately they set it to the Verdi Pitch which overloaded LaRouche’s system and led to his death.

Another explanation, translated: Yes, the “rock-sex-and-drug counterculture” has been a thorn in the side of the LaRouchies for years, they see it as a trick of the Aristotelian world conspiracy (including London high finance) to destroy people’s souls. According to the LaRouchies, a gender of capable, decent, short-haired model pupil is supposed to conquer the solar system with nuclear spaceship engines and read Friedrich Schiller and listen to Beethoven. Newton, Darwin and Bertrand Russell in particular are a thorn in their side. “Good”, on the other hand, are generally Germans and Italians who produced works that Lyndon liked in terms of content and style, especially those from the orbit of the Florentine Renaissance … and the Weimar Classic. Nikolaus von Kues, Moses Mendelssohn, FrIEdrIch ScHILLeR, Kepler, Leibniz, Beethoven, as well as the various German alpha males with rocket propulsion (von Oberth, von Braun, Krafft Ehricke) are a kind of waifus of the LaRouchies. Meitner too, although they * have to * like them, since their body-and-stomach technique would not exist without the discovery of nuclear fission. Noether does not appear at all, I suspect, simply because their work overwhelmed Lyndon in terms of content and mathematics. They are comparatively cautious with anti-Semitism, it always goes against “high finance” without ethnic implications. Fritz Haber cannot excommunicate them because the Haber-Bosch process appears in their technical visions. Moses Mendelssohn is also one of the good guys. It depends on how you define “done”. If you mean: Has built a mini-empire around itself from fanatical supporters, with its own publishing houses, congresses and a kind of private secret service, then: yes, it has achieved something. Unfortunately, the LaRouchies never commented on anime. You are never lazy about bashing modern pop culture products – especially video games and electronic music; Even inline skaters were certified by Helga Z. LR that they would “whiz through the landscape mindlessly” … And Plato was many things, but not a champion of democracy, as the LaRouchies seem to think.

Wikipedia now has Lyndon Larouche categorized as “American convicted criminal”. Under Political Party it marks his first one — ” Socialist Workers Party”. The first sentence too gets a tad of an eyebrow rise.

May be a better analysis here: Trotskyist Marxist who swallowed the J-pill and took a hard turn toward Logos. Always remained Machiavellian however. ‘White Sphere’ luciferian. Life goal was to reverse engineer marxian producerist econ out of American and German intellectual toolkit 1/

Society if we listened to Lyndon LaRouche 40 years ago.

Conspicuously unanswered: LaRouche PAC has not responded to my question about Schoenberg. I’m beginning to think they don’t really know that much about music.

My motto for the record I’m currently working on is “less thinking, more doing,” and so of course I’m trying to write a song narrated by a member of the Larouche Movement in Berkeley CA during the Marble Cone fire of 1977

X. Another Podcast Overview, Part Two you have to pay for so I do not know — maybe it’s revolutionary and kicks Part One’s butt — but Part one is available free

True Anon Podcast gives us their breakdown of the cult. They blatter on for a tad too long at the beginning, but it is worth a listen.

TrueAnon pod LaRouche hated Paul Sweezy so fuckin much; he also periodically accuses medium-named Trotskyists in the U.K. of being MI6 agents out to ice him. Mostly for time we had to go the route of talking about his mafia etc stuff but he was a god when talking about socialists

I hope there is a Lyndon LaRouche biopic starring John Lithgow, directed by Terry Zwigoff and written by Werner Herzog

I found the paper for the Australian Larouchites being given away at a Tasmanian fish and chips shop. The writing style was very reminiscent of the Healyites that I spent a few months with in the mid 80s.

NB selling his book.

Staring at the pyramid on DSOTM — to know geometry

Saturday, July 31st, 2021

I. Elections

I think I can defend this Virginia politico, or be charitable about her.  This is the “asking for support of” “speak to everybody in the public” long list of anyone and everyone.  If Larouchies were not trailing everyone else on the list, then there may be a problem.

Still, amusing to see the this:  Asked about Youngkin’s reaction to Sears’ mention of LaRouche, Wolking said, “We don’t speak for her.”

At any rate, the politico is no Allen West — who I guess Texas Democrats are loading up on him next standing with Kesha Rogers for a possible Republican primary upset.  (And speaking of whom — What is up with that Rogers backdrop?) 

Senate candidate Diane Sare finds the one police chief who correlates violent crime rates with marijuana use — and What is the state of Mark Crispin Miller these days anyway?  Next we see her speaking with Atoms for Peace — because it is 1950s all over again!  And, interesting ally in Republican gubernatorial contender (will he crack 2 percent in the primary?) Derrick Gibson — thus far only gets the warning sire of his praise for Proud Boys.  

II.  Does Helga’s China Posture have any American Constituency?

This particular praise of China’s aesthetics misses a mark — amusing as it is to shove favored American Presidents in on it all .  No, Nothing wrong with their state media at all.

As Helga shills for China, dumping any research and speculation on Covid’s origins with China on American anti-intellectualism, (irony of ironies in dropping to Richard Hofstadter, who gets cited occasionally on “the paranoid style of American Politics” to explain Larouche’s appeal), it does strike me to attempt to delineate different “apologists” or sympathizers of one type or other for different authoritarian regimes.  Leftists have long had some qualifiers for any criticism of Cuba’s Castro or Venezuela’s Chavez.  Through the past decade and a half I have noted the rightist apologia on Russia’s Putin — round about some editorials by your Pat Buchanans — maybe inching into the foreign policy posture of President Trump — favoring the increased role of the Russian Orthodox Church as a bulwark against perceived decadence — and, you know, Pussy Riot are boorish buffoons whose performative trangressive snubbing of traditionalist moors get oh so tiresome.  There was also a darkly amusing insight from Putin at the time of those increased protests against him — that “we need to create a new small political party for educated urban elites” in his managed electoral “democracy” system — has its unsettling implications in pondering our political history.   On China, there had been a smattering of favorable coverage coming out of the likes of neo liberals such as Thomas Friedman (in editorials mocked by the libertarians at Reason) in suggesting the applicability of some technocratic approaches to American government.  All good and well, but where Team Larouche had some maneuvering room for finding a constituency welcoming Russia’s government model, there is not much you can find there for their salute to Xi — and where it has been is a pretty elitist affair.

The Larouchies take off against Malthus and side with — well, this is just Trashing them. … Or we can move on ,  into satire.

III.  Question 29 — forcing opinions.  One of those all encompassing polls of things — question 29 is — Larouche.  And here we gauge the pulse of a select Twitter following.

Not weird enough for me and too weird for mainstream politics. A bad place to be.

socialist dude ran for president cool or whatevs i’m gonna fall asleep i wish this list had more interesting topics like pop culture i’m gonna become an anti intellectual yawnnnn

anyone who hates the brits that much can’t be that bad

he was the original nick land.

barely know anything about LaRouche but he seems like he sucks big time

Cool guy, I like his defense of Platonism & opposition to British crypto-imperial power, but a spy and not to be fully trusted

I’ve never really done a deep dive on LaRouche. He seems to have the charms and pitfalls of an autodidact

I would have fought side by side or back to back with Mr. LaRouche in his holy crusade against the Aristotelian horde. Rest in power, sir.

I have no stance on either of those. Larouche was an fbi informant and racist whose head of security was a Grand dragon of the klan.

larouche is maybe one of the funnier people in american politics because he has all the political viewpoints. every single one. at the same time

Fascism that serves these days one good purpose: you can tell a fake leftist is quickly googling anything they can in the middle of an argument when they whip out an article from a LaRouche site as a citation.

LaRouche is a local so mostly I just remember as a kid people with LaRouche bumper stickers on their rusted out Subarus handing out pamphlets. More Marxist stuff. Already been over that.

Lyndan LaRouche is a sleuth detective in an agatha christie rip off novel. he is kinda gruff and a lone wolf but dw he has a heart of gold

larouche was a psyop to discredit all of the perfectly sensible conspiracy theories that place Q—— E———— at the center of it all.

CIA spook, but nobody does conspiracies better than the LaRouchies. When they ran cover for the coronascam op, I was a little surprised, but this is a sign that the western left is being rolled up into the regime, and of course LaRouche was always an op.

I don’t know who this guy is but the contents section of his Wikipedia page is great

Respect for running the first Patreon grift

Probably an intelligence asset

greatest crank of all time


holy shit that dude is fucked up.

IV.  Daniel Burke Tweets 

Daniel Burke promotes a Schiller Institute celebration of Edgar Allen Poe. Last minute chance to join the Schiller Institute NYC Chorus event in honor of Edgar Allan Poe: “CELEBRATE THE LIFE OF EDGAR POE: AMERICA’S SOCRATES”. Never heard of Poe as so described, I have to go ahead and google the term. It appears Big Tech is suppressing it, favoring long time Larouche nemesis Noam Chomsky as “America’s Socrates”, as too Stephen Colbert.  We do get the Schiller Event listing on page two, but no literary scholar appears to have taken to the term.

Surprising revelation — a Nemesis of video game protaganists everywhere.

Daniel Burke sees someone he’s tweeted amicably with engage in fun and frivolous pursuits — decides to SIC ‘ EM!!!  Games are liberal. Host musikabends, like Schiller’s circle did, instead. Creative mentation, not simulation. RCam walks on unscathed.

Asking the bold question — can we kill Satan?  The answer … No.  But the Larouchies try anyway –   As the true nature of the universe is creative, Prometheus has every power to succeed, and banish Zeus forever. That victory depends upon a subjective commitment by sovereign human individuals to fulfill the potential of mankind. Allow Zeus’s continued lies, and we perish.  And with campaign rhetoric like that, you can see how they manage the percentages.  Then again, we do get surprising possibilities at the entanglement of larouche, Satanism, and industrial rock.  (‘Seth’ certainly a typo for ‘Set’.)

V.  RCam and Daniel Burke debate drug policy.

RCam:  Dude Weed Bros are the working class of america

Dude Weed Bro “It’s all bullshit man the whole thing’s rigged. Capitalism is evil. We just need to Love Each Other, Man.” This guy is my guy– this guy shall win in the end inshallah

Daniel Burke:  But he can’t do geometry, so how can he be a member of a republic?

Hey — the best student in my high school geometry class was a pothead!

RCam:  These are the only people who perk up when you say “Sacred Geometry” bro

Daniel Burke:  That’s just a meme, though. Can they double the square?  (speaking of stoner geometry) 

Something kinda sad in this statement — Yes, it’s one of the most fun things to do, especially in the street.

I don’t mean these guys aren’t recruitable. I mean we need them to understand that drugs are a weapon of the empire, and if they do so, and stop smoking, their minds will become more free.

You can’t knock the “recruitment” angle, as from my understanding the Larouche youth recruits over the year do not really even come out of political causes — primarily — as from a cultural disillusionmemt in the dorm rooms. Though, this tends more toward the clean with some disdain over student potheads than recovering stoners, the latter may still figure.

RCam:  Mushrooms & Marijuana & Alcohol & Nicotine are not Heroin & Ketamine & LSD & Cocaine etc.

Jack Webb: Marijuana is the flame, heroin is the fuse, lsd is the bomb..

Daniel Burke: Would you agree with me that the intended federal legalization of weed by Chuck Schumer is designed to increase overall drug consumption, stupefying the population and endangering their health?


Huh.  You now, Kanye West may just be receptive.  I expect he will get tweet bombed any week now.

Larouche was right about England and math

VI.  More Intimate Venues

Noting the presence of Ray McGovern at a Larouche conference, and I wonder… When was the last time this guy was on Democracy Now?

March 12, 2014.

A long time gone.  I can’t help think there is a connection between him not being on Democracy Now and him attending Schiller Institute confabs — even if I do not know its precise meaning.  Representative of some combination of Democracy Now “selling out” to a leftwing support gatekeeper role of the two party system, or of McGovern chasing downward into the further fringes.  Depending on your attitude.  (See here).

I sense the kind of floating sales attempt moving to Scott Ritter who, whatever you think of him, provides a thoughtful praise on the complicated legacy of Thomas Jefferson. Others chime in with reasonable points, and Ritter responds accordingly. Then Mike Dzagi uselessly plops in Larouchian crap on the matter, which everyone ignores. Ritter orbits nearby, and the tractor beams are lodged for future occasions.

On to this gray area of things — this “influencer” — is he kidding — or kidding on the square?

Agree?  9/11 “truth” was an effective vehicle for the far right to win over gullible leftists. Historical revisionism.

VII.  How Australia’s Larouche Movement Claimed Credit for…

Enter Australian Post:  The turgid and convoluted outpourings of the LaRouchite movement and its Australian cult followers are difficult to comprehend and, indeed, generally not worth the effort. They are  based on bizarre conspiracy theories that include febrile obsessions with, amongst others, the British Royal family (including claims Queen Elizabeth II is a drug trafficker and her late husband Prince Philip used the World Wildlife Fund to commit terrorism and genocide) and bankers. […] 

Witnessing the admiration and sympathy Holgate garnered among post office licensees, as well as others in the community who felt she had been badly treated, the ACP recast her as a proponent of its public bank policy. It claimed credit for what it called the “revelation…that Christine Holgate had considered turning Australia Post into a public bank, which Scott Morrison’s superiors in the private banks would have fought ‘tooth and nail’.”

According to the ACP, the story that “Four Corners” missed was “that Christine Holgate was a threat to the banks, by virtue of her interest in turning Australia Post into a public bank, which would break the monopoly of the Big Four.”

There is no evidence for any of this. On the contrary, Holgate’s successful banking deal, recently extended by a decade, “gives the [private] banks a broader reach into regional communities,” according to the Australian Financial Review’s James Eyers. […]

Thus, the LaRouchites have yet again made a performance of inventing for themselves an important role on the national stage. But, since the late 1980s, when it (as the CEC) came under the influence of the LaRouche movement, it has never had a candidate elected to any parliament in Australia, although it has made hundreds of attempts.

Yet despite the lack of parliamentary representation it has dramatically outperformed all Australia’s small but electorally more successful parties such as the Katter’s Australian Party and the Jacqui Lambie Network in one respect –  fundraising. If its coffers are anything to go by, its charade must be working.

VIII. Memories

A story of a near-miss. Years back (in 2008), when I 1st discovered YouTube, I was super into anti‐gov conspiracy theories (Alex Jones/InfoWars, Loose Change & 9/11Truth Movement, Zeitgeist, etc). I spent 100s of hours obsessively consuming those kinda vids — tho, 2 be clear, I was never… a true believer. For me it was more of a fascination, & just found it all kinda intriguing. And some of it seemed like it *could* have SOME legitimacy, or have morsels of truth wrapped up in it — while other stuff was undeniably bonkers (it [‘blew my mind’ emoticon] that some ppl are so detached… frm logic/reason/reality that they actually BELIEVE it). But mostly it seemed like conspiracy theories in the anti-gov genre were either grifts or mis/disinfo based on elements of truth which bad (or self‐serving) actors had spun in2 sensational stories & nefarious plots — … exploiting ppls cynism, fears, & the public’s knowledge of wrongdoing our gov really has engaged in, in order 2 sow discord or in service of an alterior agenda. [Winking emoticon]. But I digress. So, during that time I stumbled on this vid made/published by LaRouchePAC… [1932] And, while it has a kinda cheesylow‐budget production value, [faceslap emoticon] I’d be lying if I said it didnt resonate w/ me. And I may well have become a true believer in the conspiracy theory it lays out too — if I hadnt had the presence of mind 2 look up LaRouche 2 see what he was about… Then, after learning about him, & how he promoted low-key fascistic & antisemitic views, I rewatched that vid again (4 like the 17th time [faceslap emoticon]) & was able 2 connect the dots, read between the lines, & see the veiled fascism & anti‐semitism in the narrative its espousing. So yeah… can totally see how some ppl could buy in 2 LaRouche’s movement, become brainwashed, & adopt views/beliefs that are fascist & antisemitic, w/o even really realizing it. (If that makes sense.) The fascist propaganda thats masked in a Leftist facade is particularly insidious.

(notable accusation) One of my high school friends became a LaRouchie. He let slip that he did coke with one of its leaders. So much for their “drugs are a British conspiracy” theory.

Know math, stopping suddenly, turning to the Larouchies, “so you say… you hate England and math? tell me more.”

Yes, I’ve heard of the LaRouchies…we covered them in a course taught by @alexandraistein. Would love to speak with an ex-LaRouchie if anyone is interested… also, are there kids who grew up within it? Can you have a second generation LaRouchie?

That’s one idea. So, in college LaRouche cultist tried to recruit me with a pamphlet “Children of Satan: The Beast Man II” (Dick Cheney is the beast man). I’ve always gotten a kick out of it, but, since learning more about Jewish Satan the opposer angel, I now refer to my cat lovingly as CoSTBM2.

Never making this mistake again: The LaRouche people had a petition about that. I signed it, then they called after the election saying that they had gotten something done with it and it would probably happen soon

As a non-hockey guy, I view your obsession with Sun Belt hockey like I used to view the Lyndon LaRouche supporter who would stand outside the Ukrop’s store where I worked in HS. Except I must admit that your obsession pays off in success.

Hey — Byron’s “It’s the anti-insurrectionists who are the real insurrectionists” brings me back to those Saturday mornings of yore when a Lyndon Larouche supporter would set up a little table to scream nonsense.

Questions: say ur at the I around he school dance, vibing to the music (tuned to 432hz) and someone calls you a Aristitolean pawn of the satanic british imperialists in front of ur crush. Wyd?

An English friend from university days (early 80s) outwitted Larouche fundraisers who approached him in a US airport by explaining, “Oh – I don’t have any money. I’m British.” They immediately understood and nodded sympathetically. Amazing any vestige of LL’s influence remains.

. . . People who give away free stuff can set limits that are legally enforceable. My college newspaper was free, but when the campus LaRouchies started snatching every copy because we published an article painting them in a bad light, that was still considered theft. (that assumes the Parody view were a “campus club”, which I doubt.)

Recall — I remember one time when they came by my boss’ office and their leave-behind paper was an cartoon of Felix Rohatyn raping a donkey, which represented the Democratic Party.

(Review of “Sexual Impotence of Puerto Rican Socialist Party”) — lol jfc this is def about a girl.. my good homies father was actually the US editor of Claridad around this time i wonder if he bagged larouche’s chick lol […] What was with that guy? I went to one of their meetings or some shit when I didn’t know anything and it felt kinda cultist? Man it was probably like over 10 years ago and I went to the meeting and was asking like what the fuck do you guys even believe and never got a straight answer. (Speaking of neo- Malthusian ism!)

IX. Historical Purview

A call for kooky political manifestos. Australia’s movement gets a vote.

the persons one meets in a far ranging left to right poliltical journey) I’m not sure how I learned of Loren Golder, but it might have been on Aftermath. Goldner had a spotty past; this much I’d heard. He’d been involved with the former Marxist but later conspiracist Lyndon LaRouche. Goldner’s discipleship under LaRouche had ended with the latter ironically accusing him of being a CIA agent.

The Queen wears a crown! Corona means crown! OMG!!! It’s been right in front of us the whole time. Opium wars -> Wuhan -> …, etc., etc. Quick, someone dig up Lyndon Larouche!

Elected by whom and to what? MAIL FRAUD is punishable by Prison. Linden LaRouche went to prison on a technicality for Mail Fraud even tho his mail was shut off by the Feds AND HE WAS AN ELECTED OFFICIAL in his 80s serving his elected term from behind bars.

Translated: Do you remember when they fucked larouche in the talego and his wife helga convinced Pavarotti and domingo that the solution to achieve world peace was to lower the pitch of tuning the orchestras a micona and presented the proposal to the Italian parliament? Good times. Tb convinced Reagan to go ahead with the Star Wars that they would already get the lasers but the tuning of the orchestras seems more top. The wording can be confusing, Pavarotti and Domingo were not involved in the known laser weapons.

Translated — For a rational and peaceful society, let’s cancel quantum physics. Response in English: OK Lyndon LaRouche

I may as well note he has a larouche article on his substack page it breaks no ground so to summarize:, Lyndon LaRouche: The Windsor Mafia has infiltrated every level of government and controls almost every aspect of society through their various Aristotelian-Synarchist organs. Also Lyndon LaRouche: Here’re the intelligence reports on every leftist org we could identify Mr. FBI It’s incredible how a guy so redpilled on international drug trafficking and deep politics is also such a dedicated snitch but that’s LaRouche for you, always a bag chaser first and foremost

Hm… No. Lyndon Larouche candidates pulled this in IL during the 1980s. A LaRouche candidate ran as a Democrat for Lt Governor and didn’t reveal their true affiliations until after they won the primary, forcing the Democratic nominee for governor to distance himself from them. They lost. Like it or not, Team Larouche ran as members of the Democratic Party and ran as Larouchiesin 1986 Illinois. It was up front, no subterfuge. See too the obvious problem with this one — MAIL FRAUD is punishable by Prison. Linden LaRouche went to prison on a technicality for Mail Fraud even tho his mail was shut off by the Feds AND HE WAS AN ELECTED OFFICIAL in his 80s serving his elected term from behind bars. Not an elected official. Must have something lost in translation.

Bertrand Russell’s popular culture — If I were George Lucas I’d give every imperial character a British accent and have the rebels constantly extol the virtues of Lyndon LaRouche

Maybe the cec’s manifesto for list of kook manifestos?. And… How do you vote in a 3rd 4th place 1984 Presidential contest?. Tough choice, eh?

X. Touring

a friend saw LaRouchies outside a supermarket shilling for TFG. i can’t even. LaRouche is dead but the grift/cult lives on.

The swastika = Larouche tour is back!

what fuckery is this

It was some people from the Lyndon Larouche foundation/movement/asylum.

Ugh it had been years since I last wasted any brain cells on LaRouche cultists and damn you for ending that blissful streak

I thought they’d moved pretty far under their rocks too, then there they are on Main Street on a Friday afternoon talking about green energy genocide.

Well these are horrible people.

IDK near major NYC subway stop, my have been larouche nuts, didn’t engage lest I punch someone

And LPAC representing in a Sarasota, Florida garage!!!

XI. Current Events

On this Oregonian piece — The big problem with the ‘Microsoft and Bill Gates are microchipping us’ line is that it is rather antiquated technology — here in the world where Anyone motivated enough to track where I am typing right now can do so, with a modicum of tech savvy. It is not hard to appreciate the anxieties that give rise to this conspiracy theory — but its frame of references belongs to 1980.

In this light, I do scratch my head with Bob Wesser — What’s the point of the disingenuous gratuitous attack on Lyndon LaRouche? The LaRouche Organization has been at the forefront warning about the dangers of COVID infection worldwide and advocating vaccination, masks, and the establishment of a global health infrastructure. Uh… Huh? (That is lpac, and I guess Wesser sides with lorg, but — any separation on this issue?)

Is this conjecture off of that “Putin has a Trump pee tape” memo? Looks like Roger Stone, the guy who, with Harley Schlanger of the Lyndon LaRouche organization, probably helped Putin “hack” our election, is gonna lose his condo.

more I wish they’d ask the Lyndon LaRouche organization’s Harley Schlanger why, after returning from Moscow, he urgently wanted to meet with Roger Stone, with whom he did meet in April of 2016, according to Watergate attorney Doug Caddy, who contacted former colleague Stone for him.

Mike Lindell’s place in American politics.

Forecasting from political trendlines. We’re about 10 years out from the chapocells and red scare girls going all in on some kind of LaRouche ish fascist. Americans have been trying to elect a populist leaning fascist since like Huey Long. That becomes way more explicitly about race in the civil rights years (Wallace and co) but then LaRouche brought us back to esoteric American fascism and I think we’re just about ready to try it. Trump was like, the attempt to do this, but it turned out he was less interested in fascist stuff and more interested in having a good time. The environment is there nonetheless

XII. The tactics and schismatic ideology of Black Hammer garners multiple Larouche allusionsone knows enough to I.d. the labor caucuses. Toss in a reference to time cube.