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the safety sought after controversy

Monday, April 30th, 2018

Question of the day:  So.  As with the year after Stephen Colbert, is Rich Little going to be the next White House correspondent’s comedian?

[Evade mentioning the name of this year’s figure, because overall I couldn’t care about contrived hooplah, and don’t know enough about her to have an opinion on her comedic stylings — my best bet is I’d be apathetic — , but this one question strikes me… with a-jointing question …

Can Rich Little force himself a Trump impersonation?  (Or, I guess it’d be a Stephen Baldwin impersonation.)

what plays in Pyongyang

Friday, April 27th, 2018

So the news media is all aflutter with how North Korea’s  Kim Jong Un walked into South Korea to shake hands with South Korea’s Moon Jae-in.  Diplomatic history, possible forecaster of cooling of relations and a sudden thaw in the dictatorship say the hopeful, possibly a ruse for Kim Jong Un to keep his military ambitions with a diversion say the pessimists.

But I wonder if we’re missing the big picture.  I mean, check out the top story in North Korea’s state news website.

Products from the Pyongyang Condiments Factory are very popular with not only Pyonyangites but also all provincial residents. The factory has been recognized as a superior one since the first Pyongyang Department Store No. 1 Goods Exhibition was held, and awarded certificates of the best or excellence at almost all rounds of the national consumer goods exhibition. The factory also has won fame at the 15th national invention and new technology exhibition and other sci-tech achievements exhibitions. 
“We value buds,” said the factory’s chief engineer Son Hyon Chol when he was asked about the secret of their success. 

You won’t find this reported anywhere in Western Media.

In 2014 the brand name of its products changed from Paeksong to Pommaji. But users of the products said that there was no particular change in them except for their brand name. This made a great impact on the workers of the factory. In fact, they were only content with the increase in production after the factory was reconstructed on a modern basis in 2013. The reality, however, demanded that they further improve the tastes and quality of condiments including soy and bean paste important in Koreans’ diet. Looking at the brand name Pommaji, decorated with patterns of new sprouts and flower buds, Son fell into deep thought. 

It’s a surer show that the winds of change are moving.

the problem of the messaging sitcom

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

The discordant result of a “Very Special Episode” (or, one that was clearly written with large input by governing agencies) from an 80s sitcom.  I suppose there’s the idea that the ham-fisted message is slotted into the familiar, and for the show “Diff’rent Strokes” the ham fisted message dominates anyways.  But… it becomes more than a little bizarre when the laugh track kicks in.

And I suppose for the most famous “Nancy Reagan says ‘Just Say No'” episode the laugh track still fits in that ironic module.

But and so.  Child Predators.  We see the creepy bicycle shop owner take in Gary Coleman and his friend and smooze them, and Gary Coleman is yukking it up about junk food as the creepy bicycle shop owner is clearly heading nowhere good here… then yukking it up with laugh track playing with jokes about his friend’s physique when the child predator offers up the idea of playing “Tarzan”.

Laugh track.  That’s your cue to do as the canned imitation of a studio audience would, theoretically, be doing.

Sits there right until the ham-fisted final scene, right through just about everything, up to the final scene where the situation wraps up with the neatly fit message from the police officer.  Only then, when the message is pulled together into a tight package of information and warning, can the sitcom break free from its laugh track.

And maybe it was effective.  But there had to be a better way to do this, didn’t there?

china seeks to bring back sabbath law

Monday, April 23rd, 2018


Interesting to note:  Alex Jones is at odds with his much favored Donald Trump regime over Syria.  “Fraud” he calls him.  And so he is done with him.  OR… Not quite.  Go to the websites and you see him still pumping up Trump, and we see the culture war becomes prominent.  To be sure, moving to more mainstream politics, we will always get such compromises on grounds of “support” for politicians.

Where does that leave Larouche, spouting in familiarity… on Conspiracy theory from Larouche thrown into the Left — Right agreement against the attacks in Syria.

Shortly after the Douma attacks, extreme-right activist Lyndon LaRouche blamed the UK for staging the chemical attack. Four days later, the Russia Federation’s spokesperson oddly echoed LaRouche’s charges that Britain had helped stage the attack. Regardless of whether LaRouche, who is known for his high-level Russian supporters, influenced or broadcasted the Kremlin’s narrative, the prevalence of such conspiracy theories on the left has an eerie historical resonance.

Familiar song and dance — brought and built up here … moving us back to about the time Alexandar Dugin was formulating his “National Bolshevikism” — to that question who was aiding/ assisting whom?

So here the break here comes with Alex Jones… with at least an acknowledgement of Trump as an actor in… launching missiles at Syria… and, you know, bringing John Bolton into the cabinet.  Surely the Larouchies can bring themselves to hold Trump as a British stooge, licking the Queen’s butt, as they would … anyone who brings John Bolton into the cabinet?  But… nay.

ITEM NUMBER TWO.  Nay.  They have an audience to try to bilk.

Volunteers manning a table outside the US Post Office in Cos Cob were hard to miss this week. With a giant poster featuring Donald Trump, Pat Servidio and his colleague Donald Clark in his red Make American Great Again hat caught many eyes.
For several days, the duo were stationed firmly on the sidewalk, but careful not to block it, spreading the word of the Lyndon Larouche PAC to anyone willing to listen. […]
Asked about their support of Donald Trump, Servidio said the President’s past behavior is irrelevant.

Fine.  What is important?

To illustrate his point, Servidio asked, “Where was CNN in 2003 when the Iraq War started? (Former British Prime Minister) Tony Blair pushed Iraq and weapons of mass destruction, and war broke out killing thousands of children.”

Neo-con John Bolton, right?

The LaRouche supporters say that in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, and in the Parkland, Florida shooting last month, the FBI knew what was coming, but turned a blind eye intentionally in order to use the media to create a groundswell of activism for gun control, with the ultimate goal of disarming citizens.

And from there, Sandy Hook is staged.  Parkland is staged.  Just to take your guns away.  Just like Assad’s chemical weapons use was staged.

Servidio added that days before Adam Lanza fatally shot 26 people in Sandy Hook, CT, 14 port-o-potties had already been set up by the school.
“They roped them off and put up signs that said ‘Report Here,’” he said. “It’s fake. It’s their way to confiscate guns. They want people to have their guns taken away, and only the FBI and law enforcement to have guns.”

Servidio said the attempted coup against Trump originates in Britain.

“We’re going to do what the British tell us to do, and even invade Russia. They (Britain) are offering to work with the US on terrorism and arms control, and are saying Russia is a threat, when in fact Russia is key in fighting terrorism.”

All over Russian state tv… World War Three.  So the Larouchies provide their bit to the production.

“The worst thing is the media takes the propaganda and distributes it,” Servidio said. “How can they attack Trump when he opposed going into Iraq in the first place?” Servidio asked, adding that the goal of those against Trump is to take America into war.

Did he?

The Chinese government believes in keeping the Sabbath Sacred?

“Years ago it was all about family time. Sundays lasted all day,” Servidio said. “This oligarchy said we have to destroy the spirit of the American family. …They want you to work on Sundays so that they can make more money.”

Servidio and Clark say that America doesn’t make anything any more, but that Russia and China are willing to invest in US infrastructure and take people out of poverty.”

We note how Chinese media plays up the Larouchies’ embrace of the Chinese government…  Stephan Ossenkopp, a senior fellow of Schiller Institute in Germany, a think tank, said Xi’s speech impressed him with China’s emphasis on people-centric development.
Socialism with Chinese characteristics, derived from Marxism, has lifted millions of people out of poverty and propelled China’s striking economic success, he added.
Socialism.  Tell that to the Trump-supporters.  OR… heck, let’s to one further.

Xi’s commemorative speech highlighted a far-reaching influence Marxism has on the theoretical thinking in China since the 20th century, as well as on Xi’s thought, said William Jones, the Washington Bureau chief for Executive Intelligence Review news magazine.
Jones said China’s remarkable achievements in development made under the guidance of Marxist principles have ignited curiosity and interest worldwide in Marxism.


For the children.  Presumably working for somebody’s child?


Ronald Wieczorek (it’s pronounced “wuh-ZOR-ek”) throws his hat in the ring to represent South Dakota (wow… the Larouchies are moving their House campaigns into the rural heartland now… then again, is this from the top down?), and is running “campaigning on the principles of LaRouche’s Four Laws“.  As an independent.  A “FDR Democrat”, and “Lincoln Republican.”  Not to mention “Henry Clay Whig”.  Maybe a “Eugene Debs Socialist”.  A “Ross Report Reform”.

Asked how he imagined he could, as South Dakota’s lone representative to the U.S. House, get other congressional representatives to focus on Glass-Steagall, Wieczorek said he’d take the same approach as in 2013 when he organized an effort to get the South Dakota Legislature to pass a resolution calling on the U.S. Congress to “enact legislation that would reinstate the separation of commercial and investment banking functions that were in effect under the Glass-Steagall Act (Banking Act of 1933).”
The 2013 resolution was approved by the Senate on a 19-16 vote. It passed the House 67-2.

Still left unresolved: how he intends on swinging the US Congress to pass the law.


footnotes in history … it’s who you mention when some neo nazi or otherwise wackadoodle wins a primary.   Illinois and then Texas.  Kesha Rogers (now running again, this time with a sympathy story behind her — though with predictably weird company:

Along with the keynote speakers and Tobin, Peter Joseph, the founder of The Zeitgeist Movement and author of The New Human Rights Movement, will be speaking at the event as well.

) and… hm.  So Larouche was the fourth most important presidential candidate of 1984?

The threat of the “Far Right” in Australia comes down to the Citizens Electoral Council having a booth somewhere.

Jordan Peterson and cultural marxism


Noted … Bill Jones from EIR… asking an administration official, suggesting the UK set up the spy assassination, and … hm… working with the Russians on this one.

Q    Yes, this is Bill Jones from Executive Intelligence Review.  Coming to this conclusion, had you received a sample of the material which was used in this attack and confirming that it is this Novichok?  There was some controversy over whether this actually existed.  And secondly, has the Russian government, as they requested, ever received samples of this to make a declaration with regard to it?  There was pretty much — the Brits kept a lot close to the vest, and I’m just wondering how much has the U.S. independently been able to verify the accusations.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL:  Thank for that question.  Let me just say that we support the United Kingdom’s decision not to provide such samples.  The UK has accepted an offer from OPCW, the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, to assist in the investigation.  Sharing samples with Russia would not provide further clarification on the origin of the agent used in the attack.

And let me also say Russia has had nearly a month at this point, and instead of explaining, has engaged in the usual obfuscations that we’ve seen from them in the past.


Some of the reviews of Matthew Sweet’s Operation Chaos.  Guardian.  Pagosa Daily.  And… noted in the New Yorker.

By the end of the book, the Swedish prime minister Olof Palme has been assassinated; a prime suspect has been murdered; the American successor of the ADC has developed into a global private intelligence agency; and its leader, the extraordinarily unstable Lyndon LaRouche, has been pilloried on The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live for believing that Queen Elizabeth II controls the world’s drugs markets. What started off as a small anti-war movement had evolved, without intelligent design, into an independent, international fascist front, advocating, among other things, increasing weaponry in space.

One critical take here.:

Charles Gambell

March 3, 2018

It troubles me that Mr. Sweet has so much respect for the American killing machine that ravaged entire villages of women and children durning the Viet Nam conflict. It is on record that US Marines committed untold atrocities on the innocent people of Viet Nam, including torture, rape and murder. Yet this confused, libatious scribe in his book continues to deny the interviewees’ eye witness testimony. Thus far several of the interviewed in Mr. Sweet’s tome have rejected its accuracy. I am not surprised. Mr. Sweet is under tremendous pressure to present the view of liberal BBC (his employer) or he’ll be out of a job. That would be just as well … his other scribblings are far less interesting than this one – and this one is barely readable.
Of all the characters in the book with whom Mr Sweet met, barely one will vouch for a single word he wrote! Mr. Sweet’s account is remarkable in one respect: it is filled with inaccuracies. I know, because as one of the characters with whom he visited for several days, I find that the most central issues we discussed remain as clouded and confused (or even more so) as they were before Mr. Sweet spent tens of thousands of the BBC’s money traveling around the world drinking his fill at every alcohol waterhole he could find while he fabricated stories for his famously liberal employer.

Query at factnet…

Doesn’t Matthew Sweet’s book/investigations lead credence to Lyndon LaRouche’s views in the 1970s that his organization had been penetrated by the CIA?

Oh.  Hm.  I don’t know that I find anything new.  The “conduit to the Soviets” becomes interesting in light of their current shadowing of an alt-right “Russia World” (back to Alexandar Dugin).

I finally got a listen to three podcast interviews.  , along with the other interviews here.  (And having these three interviews one after another gets repetitive).
Little Atoms“.  Operation Chaos comes in at 15:10.  21:40 brings us to the “took them on a very bizarre path” over to the “National Caucus of Labor Committees”.  (Noted line :  Talk to Swedes about the European Workers Party and they’ll say “I remember those people.)
Hear an interview with “Spy Cast Museum“.  22:40 gets us Michael Vale as suggested CIA agent.  33:40 … I’m anticipating Larouche jumping in the picture when I hear “from the absurd to the surreal”… but nay.  “Has [Cliff Gaddy] ever been on this broadcast? … I think you should ask him.”  If I’m reading this right, that appears to be a no-go.  39:50 … “anyone old enough to remember him.”  [incidentally, he ties the record for presidential runs with Harold Stassen.]  (And the revelation that “B Sanders of Vermont” was on their mailing list).  45:30 — “a partial list of what Rockefeller was blamed for’.  (51 minutes in we get to Queen Elizabeth, and the interviewer snatches in the David Ickes “lizard people” line, before Matthew Sweet that, no, at least human.)
Hear an interview here with “Cosmic Shambles“.   [Alsosee down here.]  (15:50 brings us Larouche… The Bourne Identity… allusions to 1984…. 24 minutes in he brings up Jeremiah Duggan.)


Disgruntled Boomer LaRouchie; Attends Nunes protest.  Hilarity ensues.
(Actually, look around youtube and you’ll find a Good Morning America interview from 1986, as too Novak and Evans grilling him.)

not 4-20 friendly

Friday, April 20th, 2018

Worthwhile to note, states that have legalized Cannibis — or at least Washington and Oregon — have it such that counties or municipalities can opt out.  I suppose you scavenge for votes, and allow for “community standards” to work.

Such is the wackiness that ensues that a recall effort happened for the council members of Madras, Oregon because they didn’t ban the drug.

And then you have to ponder the creeping in of outlaw border business

Richland’s council banned marijuana-related activities on a 3-2 vote in 2014 after Washington voters approved Initiative 502, legalizing recreational marijuana two years earlier.

The measure was unpopular locally, leading Richland, along with Kennewick, Pasco, West Richland and Franklin County, to enact bans on retail stores, growing, processing and community pot gardens.

Benton County did not initially ban marijuana, but is weighing a permanent after-the-fact moratorium now after complaints arose about the concentration of activities in unincorporated areas such as Finley and near West Richland. 

Sure.  Do you have to swab the rooms extra-tightly in those areas to make extra sure the smoke doesn’t drift out of Finley lest West Richland get a contact high, which would make for a contact crime?

biblical injunctions

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

Blink and figure it out.
Basically, the “massive supply line of false accusations” stemming out of the “me too movement” has its roots in Biblical passages.  Just read Read Genesis, Chapter 39, and you have a damned harlot who tried to bring down…
… er?  Who?  Bill Cosby?
… and who went/goes on to great things as King of Egypt.  Such is the future for Harvey Weinstein?

The next biblical injunction I picked up from the etherworld … some guest on Coast to Coast with George Noory (rip Art Bell) speaking of giants in Afghanistan… damned if there aren’t two soldiers stationed there who corroborate the giants who come from a long string — they are out there in the Bible.
In terms of politics, he points out, this is why we need the second amendment right to bear arms.  Lest, how else are we to take out the giants?

And then comes the case for Nationalism on christian tv.  The Fall of Babel.  The Anti-Christ will come preaching international, and as we know when the Tower of Babel fell, God wants us in nations… and we see the marked trend toward internationalism, though nationalism is making a comeback thanks to current political leadership…
… whoever that may be referring to…

Hard to argue with any of it.