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mulling the “end game” comments again and again

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

I read somewhere that the one thing LaRouche demands is the exceptance and support of science.
He seems to be some sort of science nut. Don’t know if it is true.

Sometimes, when I find my brain turning all spongey after reading a stray sentence like that one (“he seems to be some sort of science nut“), I simply hate having the name “Larouche” indexed.

Okay.  Larouche.  “Right” or “Left”, as that particular message board discussion debates?   He’s a fascist.  His propaganda is roughly Nazi Germany’s (or better still Weimer Republic Nazis) uprooted and placed in the currents of today’s current events.  Once one conceptualizes it that way, one understands why the conspiracies all run back to British Imperial plots.  (This wikipedia article for one time open Larouche associate  and now cloaked Larouche associate Webster Tarpley is off in many ways, but it does not take too much to prick the meaning of the “Versailles Thesis”.  In the same way one finds neo-Confederates still fighting the “War of Northern Aggression”, Larouche and his associates are still fighting World War II.)  As for the exhortation of “science”, we have Ruth Williams (Tuttle) probably never thought a stray person would get so much mileage out of those chapters of her memoir, but to quote her letter at the height of her indoctrination under Larouche, but it was sort of the combination of reading it and a Larouchite asking that question that is their hook, and sooner or later I will have to delve into this one as pertains to every single Larouchian I have read: “Do you know the difference between Man and the Animals?”:

We are becoming members of a new species, equipped to make the conceptual leap which is absolutely necessary if the human race is to survive an impending ecological holocaust.

I have tended to harp on the “I feel like God” exclamation, but perhaps the “we are becoming members of a new species” angle gets to the point a little clearer.  What are the power dynamics that this “new species” (or is that “Master Race”) have with the old species (“the lower 90 percent”, as Larouche’s literature keeps pumping out)?
If I had to go through the run-down of “Ah hah!” moments, I could, but to be fair, I understood it long before I wandered into this thicket: my first Larouche related posts concerned me asking Larouchies why the title of the pamphlet they were hawking was named after an old anti-semitic slur.  They seemed to think I picked that nugget up from a Wall Street Journal editorial I never read.

These days I find myself in a bit of a conundrum.  A weird question pops into my mind whenever I log in here.  “I wonder if there’s anything I can post that will act as one small step in the direction of the utter destruction of Lyndon Larouche?”  I don’t know — a number of people seem to think that is the game I should be playing here, and it becomes a bit unavoidable.  I cannot say that I have much power in that task, but it appears I have more power to do that than I do in directing the topics of any particular political matter, even as it serves as a game of Keyboard Kammando.  Understand, that is why I am harping on Larouche so much these days.
Okay.  Looking at what Larouche is pumping out, essentially for internal consumption, I see the twin bill of “Rally in Pelosi’s Backyard: “Stop Being a Nazi Rohatyn’s Condom!” as well “Nazi Felix Rohatyn Recruits Another Dick Protector!”  Unfortunately no condom reference for “Rep Jay Inslee: Stupid, Crazy, or Under Rohatyn’s Control”.  (That one is my favorite, btw, based on Inslee’s one term in the 4th Congressional District of Washington State.)  I already posted a link to a flickr image of two middle aged men standing in the middle of traffic with poster boards of this crude and embarrassing acidic sexual political commentary, which served as the precursor for Larouche’s latest gutteral level Condom lust.  And, incidentally, Larouche’s definition for “nazi” is “International Banker Holocaust Survivor”.  (Context clues, my good man!)

In this day of blogs, we often get to encounter the actual on-the-street reaction to the Larouche Choir and settings of what is described in their propaganda.
In other news, can someone please do something about the LaRouche supporters that have taken over San Francisco? My efforts to ignore them have not gone over well, so today I elaborated to his posse that I “don’t support homophobic bastards” when the “he thinks global warming was a hoax” was met with “I can prove to you that it _is_!” That was a mistake…he called “I LOVE GAY PEOPLE!” at me as I crossed the street, before resuming his rousing rendition of the “Impeach Dick Cheney” song. I really loathe this crew, because they prey on Bush/Cheney-haters by pretending that they’re offering something more progressive merely by wanting them gone.

Then I find this clustered into a few clumps:

“This System is Finished: The Great Unwind of the Yen Carry Trade”, “The Financial System is so doomed that Regulation may even come to London”, “Issuance of Investment Grade Bonds Collapsing”, “Panic in Franfurt Over IKB: First Prominent German Victims of US Real Estate Collapse”, “IKB Bank Stock Collapse Continues; LaRouche Comments That US Press Will Cover It Up”, “California Budget Crisis — Sign of Worst Times Ahead”, “California Bankruptcy Revealed as Economy Collapses”.

IKB?  American media covering it up?  I can’t find that news, with analysis to it, anywhere. Nowhere.
The stories of the crises spiraling us toward this coming Dark Age brought on by multitude complete Economic Collapses right and left are always part of his background noise, but when ratcheted up serves as signals of tightening control valves inside the cult.  So it appears right this minute. As good a confirmation that the news of mutterings in Larouche’s orbit, at least in his national headquarters, as there is.

Moving on, I see the headline LaRouche’s Cadre School With Ibero-America Invokes Renaissance.  Sure.  I think I saw headlines of that sort in the final faze of “21st Century Science and Technology” — which for some strange reason doesn’t see print anymore.  (For more details, consult an upcoming issue of the Washington Monthly.  Or, you know, ask.)  Does anything Larouchian see print these days?  I actually don’t really know the answer to that question, having not seen a Larouche card-table shrine in some time, or — more typically in the not too distant past because of time happenstances– their droppings of mass quantities of their booklets.  Looking through flickr, it does strike me as a difference between this (a smattering) or this (It seems to be a trend in these photographs of Larouchians standing in the middle of traffic) and  this (THIS is what I remember from a few years, and — Hell– several months back:  the table is loaded with their crap).   Can you produce a Renaissance without printing materials?  I hesitate to note that the famed European Renaissance was prodded on by Gutenberg’s invention of the Printing Press.  There seems to be a bit of a devolution going on here — he is heading in the wrong direction in terms of production of a Renaissance.

Anyway, here’s a quick Count of the numbers at the cadre school Renaissance Faire.  A few things strike me.  If I were Larouche, I would be planning a load of these things.  They serve as an escape from his current problems, and a step to his glory days of unencumbered synchophantic adulation.  These may be the only events where he can go to receive his customary level of syncophantic Adulation these days.  Or so I gather from those “things have changed in Leesburg” points.  His immediate underlings are plotting what to do when he passes on to gain power over his oligarchical holdings, and he has to be aware of that.  The Authorities are investigating, rumors of coming court trials are in the air — in America and abroad.  News media are picking and prodding through his secrets.  His old nemesis, Dennis King, has gotten his goadand then some.  His mental state is running into the “barricade the bunkers” mode, even more so than normal.

I think the man oughta just go ahead and commit suicide.

It would give him attention.  People would notice.  At the moment the vast majority of Americans with any awareness of Larouche regard him as a relic from the 1980s, when he was at least their monkey-boy, able to be mocked and laughed at.  Today nobody really notices all that much.  So, really, what good is he anymore?  Suicide will give him a chance to be remembered for the joke that he once was — reigniting the old “Queen of England” references floating in the back of everybody’s mind, half forgotten.
It’s not as though he’s a member of the human species.  He gave that one up the last vestiges of that a long time ago, probably around the time he penned his “Beyond Psych” essay.  He is morally already dead already.  He is an empty carcass without a soul.  His soul, if there ever was one, has long since departed.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not going to kill him.  Nor should anyone else.  His assassination fantasies remain just that: fantasies.  His suicide, whether he chooses to go that route or not, is entirely up to him.

But I think he should go for it.  I understand that one of the persons Larouche has modeled himself after committed suicide. He can follow in his footsteps and re-enact that act, thus fulfilling at least in part his mostly unfilled (and unfulfillable) dreams.

Okay.  I don’t know if this “Keyboard Kammandoes” installment succeeded in taking us one small step further in the direction of the utter destruction of Lyndon Larouche or not, or indeed was counter-productive to such a purpose — but I guess such matters kind of have their own momentum away from me anyways.  I would, for a disclaimer, point out for the record that that screed was nothing other than a reworking of Larouche’s words for Dennis King.
— A word of advice for anyone running around Loudon County:  Stay away from the Kool Aid.
And with that, I gingerly push the “publish” button for a post I mostly typed yesterday night, but decided to sleep on.

The Nixon Era floats into a little nook

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

“What you have right now is partisanship on Capitol Hill that quite often boils down to insults, insinuations, inquisitions and investigations.” — mouthed by Tony Snow, penned by To Be Revealed sooner or later.
“nattering nabobs of negativity.”
“pusillanimous pussyfoots”
“hopeless, hysterical hypochondriacs of history”
“vicars of vacillation”
— Spiro Agnew, penned by William Safire and Pat Buchanan.

a random test, part one of three

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Ron Paul?

Ron Paul sucks.


Ron Paul sucks eggs.

I think anyone looking at the picture objectively will come to that conclusion.

His own private Idaho

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

I do not follow College football — which, to me, has the feeling of following Triple A Baseball. I do not quite remember the last time I watched anything of college football. But, yes, I do remember hearing and reading and buzzing about that Fiesta Bowl victory of the disgruntled mid-major “Nobody gives us any respect” Boise State over Oklahoma — a victory that came off of three miracle plays. Down a touchdown at the end of the game? Go to the play entitled “Circus”, which the coach indicated the team is going to by juggling air. Wackiness ensues as the team successfully completes a touchdown play which is based on confusing the other team by stopping them dead in their tracks because they can’t process why the heck Boise State appears to be running a Benny Hill routine. Or so the hype that surrounded the play would suggest. Actually, the highlights of the game are found here, and with that I don’t really want to go through the rest of the end of the game. Watch it — it’s entertaining, and it is the only minute thirty nine seconds that anyone will ever remember about the game.
In the height of the excitement the ensued, the star running back proposed to his girlfriend, a former cheerleader for the team, seemingly to make the game palatable for a made for tv movie — the backstory that adds depth to the football game.
Some things that were not particularly notable at the time, and thus did not process for me when, say, reading Sports Illustrated and seeing his photograph or watching the highlight reel on television. The running back that won the game with the not terribly ever used Statue of Liberty Play? He’s black. The girlfriend he proposed to? She’s white. This did not process because, you know, I grew up in the 1980s and the 1990s — not the 1940s and 1950s. Nobody commented on this fact because, you know, the Civil Rights Act is now 43 years old, and time marches on — the fairy tale story still holds together.
Until this past week, if you were to ask me if that running back for Boise State were black or white, I would not have had a clue. Until this story came over the news.

Boise State running back Ian Johnson’s wedding Saturday will be guarded by security because he’s received threats regarding his interracial marriage. His fiancee, Chrissy Popadics, is white. Johnson is black.

Johnson said he’s received more than 30 letters, phone calls and personal threats about the marriage. The threats were first reported by the Idaho Statesman.

“You take it for what it is — the less educated, the less willing to change,” Johnson told the Statesman. “But we’re not acting like we’re naive to all the stuff that’s going on. We know what’s been said. We’re going to make sure we’re safe at all times. It’s really sad because a lot of people that are probably doing it are the same people who were cheering me on.”

He didn’t describe the threats — or the heightened security measures the couple have planned — in detail.

Johnson led the nation with 25 touchdowns last season and finished eighth in Heisman voting while leading his team to a Fiesta Bowl victory. He scored the winning two-point conversion in overtime on a trick play to put the underdog Broncos over Oklahoma 43-42 on Jan. 1.

He proposed to Popadics, a former Boise State cheerleader, on the field after the game.

At which point I halt backward and do a quick double take, and give a “WTF?” I would suggest throwing out a “That’s Idaho for you”, but that feels a little too pant.  It has been notable the racial invectives that aggregate onto the comments of any video on youtube with Barack Obama, and they cannot all stem from out of Idaho.

I heard someone suggest that the problem is the lack of racial diversity in that area which stultifies racial attitudes. But that seems to have no particular solution, unless you suggest that we should create a mass migration of black Americans to live next to the old Aryan Nation compound. As it were, more than one black person has told me that when driving or riding across various states, they make it a point to not step foot out of the car when passing through Idaho.

Whatever.  May they have a happy marriage.  Wherever they live.

How to relate to spam

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

I was walking behind a schizophrenic-sounding and very ruffled-looking man as he was talking to himself incohrently. As he opened the garbage can lid and rumbled around for food, it occurred to me that his speaking was in the exact same style as a lot of auto – spam messages, which shuffle words around into familiar sentence structures but with disjointed topics.

I do not know where to go with that. I cannot quite make the conceptual leap to comparing the purposes and processes by which your schizophrenic street person and your schizophrenic spam message** are formulated. If I absolutely had to, I am pretty sure I could, though it would probably be a little forced and untrue — an act of fudging to get two unrelated items to relate to each other.


** Which reminds me: In my spam comment box, checked because occasionally some non-spam finds its way into the section, I had to do a double – take when I came to a message “This is exactly what I was looking for when I saw the headline ’21st Century Science and Technology”. I deleted it, because it was obviously spam, because really — I don’t believe anyone is looking for under the headline “21st Century Science and Technology” the evolution of a Larouche cult periodical to a forum for 20-something year olds to crucify their parents. Call me crazy.

On Aging

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

“I was in 6th grade when Titanic came out.”

“God, I feel old.”

“I was a Sophomore in High School.”

“Now I feel really old.”

“Wait.  How is it that you feel old when someone dates themselves to that young age, and ‘really old’ when they date themselves a few years more?”
No answer.  I suppose it’s just one of those… things.


It strikes me that with each passing year, I move one year further from the bottom baseline of adulthood.

The End Game of the end game… a lot of pressure to place on one magazine article…

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

P.S. For those who choose to orbit the Sun, they may get burned.

A Larouchite posted that here once upon a time on this blog. A threat, of sorts, but to dissect that statement is to arrive at a sort of crippling hole in the psyche of the cult follower. The sun is the Cult Leader — and it appears that this commenter was not self-aware enough to realize who it is that is orbiting the sun — and ergo how much he has debased his sense of identity to the point where he feels he deserves to be put under complete control of the Cult Leader — get too close to his greatness, you see, and he may get burned. Better to do as he says, not exhibit any independent thought… Ken Kronberg and Jeremy Duggan orbited the sun, and they could not handle it. They could not handle this, this differential between MAN and ANIMAL. * (By the way: Do you know the difference between man and the animals? The question that appears to have a rather Fascist answer. But I always thought those No Fear shirts with the slogan “If You’re Not Living Life to the Edge, You’re Just Wasting Space” were kind of fascist.)

Another Larouchite posted this: Umm…everybody past and present on this and other anti LaRouche websites tend to be self appointed “experts” on the life and times of Lyndon LaRouche. Especially D. King. But just remember this; the not too old definition of an expert. “an EX is a HAS-BEEN…a SPERT is a DRIP UNDER PRESSURE.”

“Drip under pressure” from what, exactly? He never answered. Which brings me to the latest noteworthy missive from Larouchepac **…

As an aside: You know, for a supposed political action committee, the “Larouche PAC” sure doesn’t do much for the purpose of any legitimate pac: help elect political candidates that fit the pac’s issues, or working as a tool for various political figures in their “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” of our electoral machinery. A statistic I will have to look up — Out of the funds coming into “Larouchepac”, a grand total of $1550 go to his “Democratic” candidates. Where do the rest go, do you presume?

But anyway, back to Larouche’s insanity regarding suicide and the man who has followed him for the past 3 decades: My first impulse on reading this was to see it as an attempted psychological trick dug out from his article’s recollection of his all too human response to the jarring anonymous caller’s “Why haven’t you killed yourself yet?”, which for Dennis King, I can pretty well assume he has the sympathy and empathy which allows him to transfer those feelings to what it would be like for Ken Kronberg to have similar assaults under relations entirely different from his own.

Larouche is giving us some projection on the state of his soul and/or moral campus. The dehumanization is a part of the stripping out process on the part of his followers, projected from the cult leader.

Re-reading it, I come to a more sinister thought — successfully doubling of that square of sinisterism, I suppose. The Manchurian Candidate scenario, which past Larouche incarnations have been obsessed with (as Larouche posits threats supposedly happening from the outside but really happening from the inside of the cult.) He is saying that to continue on Larouche’s scent is an act of suicide. Continue on your suicide run, Dennis King, or don’t — it is up to you. “Nice House. It’s a shame if anything happens to it.” You are dead, either soulless or literally.

His words are disingenuous — clearly Dennis King is front and central in Larouche’s mind right about now, and clearly King hit paydirt with this article. The disingenuousness stems partially from the fact that Larouche gives King a bit too much power in directing unfavorable (and neutral) news about him. When I posted a series of posts going through Larouche’s past 4 decades of history — as presented in mainstream news sources — and let me make clear to you: I had and still have nothing that is not available to a patron of the library system of a middle sized city — the Larouchites finally butted in with an attack on Dennis King. I could only shrug and suggest that I do not need Dennis King to tell me about Operation Mop Up, and coin the phrase “Dennis King, of High Times Magazine single article fame”. (Though, I guess I do need him to tell me about conferences with old Nazis advocating SDI technology for their own strange purposes.)

Actually I think he has Avi Klein’s forthcoming article on his mind, and there is a degree to which Avi Klein is simply transferred to Dennis King. King has been demonized to the point of not being human — What was that he typed at the beginning of the Ken Kronberg fall-out, somehow tying things through John Train?
Lyndon Larouche has repeatedly noted that he’s never had a political enemy who has tried to destroy him, who was not thoroughly evil.
I would not have mentioned Avi Klein’s article [I have taken to referencing it rather vaguely] except I noticed that King updated his essay with an explication for “this might be the end game, folks” — which is, in the end, what is irking LaRouche like crazy. I posited in my last Larouche-related post, which Rachel Holmes backed up, that the spotlight turned on Larouche in 1986 (and again in 1988) did indeed destroy him — and then he rose from the dead… at half strength. Able to exploit the post 9/11 climate and the Bush era for what will prove to be his final go at whatever the hell his project is supposed to have been, he had the right memes at the right time to bring in one last spurt of followers.

I have surmised for quite some time that the post-game — the post-game being after Larouche passes away — has several splintered organizations which will be easily identified as descendants of Larouche’s stupid cult. For all I know, one or two of them might develop into something productive — though not under the leadership of the Jeff Steinbergs*** of the world. The glue that held Larouche together, and not just Larouche but various criminal opportunists who apparently allow its existence, are thrust apart. The goal of Larouche, if he can possibly find his way past the internal chaos of his cult, is to ensure his Cult of Personality fall into the proper hands and someone who will send all glory to Larouche. Considering his crew, and the Machivellian games he has had them operating under, good luck with that. He best have a few highly capable LYMers (the best and the brightest? Ivy League drop outs?) he can somehow harrange straight to Hegla Zepp.


LaRouche’s approach to death has always been to threaten, as if he had the power of life or death. For many years, even while in the organization, I wondered why, every time an “enemy” of LaRouche died, he gloated, claiming, in one way or another, that the dead enemy had received a “just” punishment. Only the very young could buy into such megalomaniacal

And that is the problem, the LYM are, for the most part, very young. The LYM is composed of the same generation that brought the world Columbine, Virginia Tech., Red Lake and other massacres. It is all well and good for LaRouche to blame these massacres on video games and baby-boomer parents, but, since he has claimed to be a powerful, world leader for the entire time these kids have been alive, why isn’t he also to blame?

Further, it is beyond question that some of the LYM are unstable, and are being made more unstable by their intensely coercive living conditions, and LaRouche’s policy of taking away their medications. I have asked before, is it possible that a zealous member of the LaRouche Youth Movement, hyper-stimulated by the rhetoric of Helga et al concerning Jeremiah Duggan’s supposed connections to the British Royalty/Zionist/Tavistock conspiracy to kill LaRouche, took it upon him- or her- self, to protect the LaRouches by killing Jeremiah? If so, how would LaRouche’s statements concerning Dennis King’s “death wish” be interpreted by such an unstable LYM’er?

Two more points:

1. LaRouche has killed people in the past by deploying them 16 hours a day, not paying them enough for proper nourishment, and denying them proper health care. Despite his grandiose claims of having been a leader in industry in the 1950’s, nobody, except a Third World sweat shop owner, would force people to live on $5-7 a day, share a bedroom with four unrelated people, and take away medications without a legitimate doctor’s opinion. Or force pregnant employees to have abortions [I’m not going to let up on this]

2. Do the second generation LYM’ers know that their “caring” guru-LaRouche demanded that their parents abort them, and that he railed mercilessly against the members who dared to defy LaRouche and have babies?


* A few years ago, a current Larouchie harranged a just exited ex-Larouchie with words to the effect of “Couldn’t Handle the Fight”. I take this to be representative of their attitude, and how they have steeled themselves for their card-table-shrine duty.

** As a matter of course, I will avoid linking to his set of websites. Thus I link to my posting of what he posted on the website. I am told that elsewhere on the website, he links to this missive with an old photograph of Dennis King — which does add a certain credence to the “Manchurian Candidate” concept.

*** sp? Either it ends with an “er” or not. Frankly, I don’t care enough to check to see if I got his name right. I note that the Larouche feed spit out an article from him on Cheney’s “Guns of August” — which seems to use the considerable resources of Larouche’s vaunted Intelligence Service to do little more than cite an article in the Guardian. And I note that the Guardian was just recently trashed by Larouche in connection with the author of that New Republic piece.

Ironic use of quotation marks

Friday, July 27th, 2007

The other day I heard a rap album.  I am not a fan of “the rap” or “the hip hop”, though I recognized this as being a cut above in terms of quality.  I can’t eschew things that obviously have strong influences from hip hop or hip hop culture — the effect is that I skirt a few edges on my playlist and have to violently throw down a “thumbs down DO NOT PLAY” when the site decides to trip along from genre influence to genre.

There’s a certain narrowness of range in terms of lyrical content that I have always found annoying with hip hop, and a certain narcissism.  The effect is I can’t help but think I’ve stumbled into a wasting of talent on the small and insignificant — a little too much chasing and eating of own tails.
This album was more or less good, though.  In terms of race and gender relations, um… “keeping it real”, um… “in the hood”… who can go wrong with “Dark skin girls are better than light skin, light skin girls ain’t better than dark skin”.  Some Ivy League Grad student can do a Cultural Studies Graduate thesis on the cultural and sociological undercurrents inherent in that song’s premise.

Okay, seriously, that and another song with a narrative on getting annoyed with his brother for overstaying his welcome by crashing on his couch were good.  People can relate to them.  Stories are told.  A google search shows that I was hearing Del The Funky Homosapien — whether I will keep that in a mental file or not, I do not know.
Somewhere along the line, though, I heard two references thrown out to Vanilla Ice.  Disparaging, naturally.  I can’t defend Vanilla Ice as much more than a media creation which flamed out badly, but my thought was that I sure as Heck hope that these references date the songs to no later than maybe, at the latest 1996 (and I realize that Offspring got away with a reference in “You’re Pretty Fly for a White Guy” in 1998, and not jabbing at that makes me a hypocrite of sorts)– it seems pointless to harp on Vanilla Ice as a fraudulent poseur orbiting your musical domain that needs to be mocked away.  The problem is that I do not know that they do — Vanilla Ice is a short-hand and easy out.

Sometime past his televised nervous break-down, Van Winkle has had the last laugh — insofar as he hired great money managers during his 15 minutes of fame that has allowed him to maintain his wealth which makes that whole Punching Bag thing moot.