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2 conspiracies

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Conspiracy number one, pooh-poohed.

When The mainstream media devotes coverage to Ron Paul at any length, you can take it to the bank that it is an attempt to smear Paul’s campaign. That is why the latest obsession with the theory that Paul and Romney have formed an alliance, almost certainly represents such an effort.

The notion that Paul has cut some form of deal, either for himself or for his son Rand, to be a part of a Romney led GOP ticket is now being heavily pushed by everyone from MSNBC to Rush Limbaugh – and it’s as if they are reading off the same script.

As former Ron Paul staffer Lew Rockwell told the Alex Jones show yesterday, it is becoming ever more clear that talk of a Paul/Romney alliance is part of the establishment’s latest effort to de-rail Paul’s presidential campaign, and paint him up as a sell out, as he continues to pick up armies of delegates under the radar.

Lew Rockwell and Alex Jones.  Oh my!

On the other hand.

Rick Santorum crushes Ron Paul’s hand.
Conspiracy to amputee his hand!

remember the 90s?

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

No such thing as a stupid question, if you don’t know ask.

There are amusing moments, among them when Senator Carl Levin, the grandfatherly Michigan Democrat, approached Mr. [Russ] Feingold and the late Paul Wellstone on the Senate floor during the 1999 impeachment trial. “I am a little embarrassed to ask you guys this,” Mr. Levin said sheepishly. “But what’s a thong?”

Yeah, the Impeachment thing served as an educational tool for a lot of folks.  Young and old.

Newt Gingrich wants gun racks everywhere.

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Chevrolet is being politicized.  And as such we get something like this from Newt Gingrich — to slice and dice it down to the sound-byte that dominates the coverage of his overall attack.

“You can’t put a gun rack in a Volt.”

Hence it is an Obama car.

Our politics are stupid.  Chevy responded by asking why you would want to put a gun rack in a Volt instead of a more gun rack friendly vehicle.  (Which, I suppose, we will eventually get to the point where we will have electric and hybrid big vehicles of a non-Volvo like stature.)

Of course, once Gingrich throws that out, it’s only a matter of time for it to be picked up as a challenge.

Surely this will appease the NRA, and the NRA will be endorsing Barack Obama any minute now.

And where Gingrich has the Secular Socialist blah blah design of Obama, Santorum has the Satanic design of Obama.  Or, at least he does if you compare 2008 speech explanation of what Satan is doing to America with his 2012 speeches on what Obama is doing to America.  Forcing car manufacturers to build hybrid cars that can’t hold gun racks and stuff.

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have apparently teamed up to fight crime.

In other news that will surely shake up the Republican field, Buddy Roemer has ceased his Republican nominating campaign.  He will seek the “America Elect” nomination or (drum roll please) the Reform Party bid.  There’s a Reform Party still extent?


on the eve of the most important state primary since the last one and until the next one

Monday, February 20th, 2012

We’re a week from the unthinkable happening.  The inevitability of the Mitt Romney nomination might be torpoedoed by a loss in Michigan.  Given the circumstances, I don’t know if a Romney near miss counts as a win in that “Comeback Kid Clinton New Hampshire 1992” mode, or if Romney is required to win whole-sale.  Romney’s expecting a loss, and is hoping to do the Clinton routine.

There’s a week for the Republican Establishment to get this thing back on track.  They have help.  Their competition is Santorum.  So Romney is slicing that huge Santorum lead.  The Romney creep in to victory possibility is the result of the same thing that brought Santorum so far ahead in the first place — um… a lot of rhetorical bombast that’s bait for the boobs, but leaves the sane wanting to take a step back from the abyss.

Of course it is odd Santorum came ahead to the non-Romney slot.  The Fall of the House of Romney, brittle though the house always stood, came out of South Carolina — when Gingrich fired off some rhetorical bombast out of the Occupy Movement.  Romney is paying a ridiculously low tax rate.  The absurdity is that Candidate Romney proposes policies that would lower his tax rate a tad, where Gingrich proposes policies that would lower Romney’s tax rate drastically.

An interesting item in The Nation.  A writer said Ron Paul’s “Progressive” defenders had a “man crush”, and pointed to the overwhelming maleness of them.  It’s interesting.  It brought out a series of letters, as noted “all male” — unfortunatley not online.  They struck familiar notes in both directions (not going to be elected but good to get anti-war views out, and good god are his libertarian economics a nightmare)– I don’t think it takes too much a splurge into the archives to find favorable Ron Paul notices — blah blah, Alexander Cockburn needling Democrats, blah blah — Hey!  Gitmo, remember that?  Two letters stand out: one positing Ron Paul as another Calvin Coolidge — a disaster, and the other from the grandson of Wendell Willkie — pointing out he was supported by people like Father Coughlin and then came was a strong advocate for Jewish immigration after the election.  Actually I don’t know what Willkie’s point is here, but it is interesting to see the grandson of Wendell Willkie speak out about Ron Paul.

Can Kesha Rogers be Stopped?

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

And so we get this from the Fort Bend Democratic Party.
The Committee to “Stop Kesha Rogers”
Where:   Silver Dems Meeting at University Library, 14010 University Blvd.
When:    Saturday, February 18, 2012
Time:     10:30 – 12:00 pm
Where:  FBCDP Monthly Meeting at University Library, 14010 University Blvd.
When:    Saturday, February 25, 2012
Time:      2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Where:  SSTDW Monthly Meeting at Los Tios, 3308 Hwy 6 S and Williams Trace
When:    Monday, February 27, 2012
Time:     6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Where:    University Library, 14010 University Blvd.  (pickup only)
When: Saturday, March 03, 2012
Time: 10:30 am – 12:00/noon

I can’t really get behind this.  It looks like Kesha Rogers has stopper herself.  She is not on the ballot.  This is the poser-modern Art Project that the 6 congressional campaigns has become — see the insistence that this represents a Presidential Campaign.  Summer Shields taking on the Great Menace of Metaphors.  Diane Sare exposing the Congress on Cultural Freedom.  I suppose there is something in “stopping” her from being invited/ accepting her invitation into such items as this Sharpston County Democrats meeting, but that doesn’t really take four meetings to flesh out.
Well, I guess at least Rachel Brown now has a foil of the name stature of Barney Frank —Joe Kennedy III — which will good as she tries to get a couple press mentions.

I can’t really b ear listening to Lyndon larouche on the Alex Jones Show.  This is kind of all you need to see — and good god is that hilarious (if simple).  These things get you that smidgeon of Internet feedback on the appearance, worth noting, and toss in feedback to the last “Emergency Speech”.:

WATCHTOWERS.    Well this is… um… an oddly racist forum user… posting a Larouche clip from Alex Jones.
Occupy Capitalism blog… with Ron Paul splotched on side

War has always been the fastest way to reduce populations! A global Nuclear/Biological war will be sure to kill off at least 3/4s of the worlds useless feeders and will allow the world to be reborn. Imaging in the world to come the only ones in the New world to be allowed technology will be the global elite. Knowledge as in the garden of Eden will once again be outlawed! All that needs to be done is to target the universities and places of knowledge destroying the accomplishments of man for all time! Only the New World Order will be allowed to have the knowledge and the rest of man will be returned to the animal state they truly are. A world enslaved with out modern conveniences, tracked traced and data-based, Implanted at birth and not allowed to even know how to wright and read!
Gunny G
Tree of Liberty comments.   If you’re not familiar with LaRoach, he’s right there with Alex Jones for being severely woo-woo on a dependably periodic basis. He puts out enough stuff that sounds plausible and competent, but that is findable lots of places, that don’t have a certifiably severely mentally-ill type in charge to make you wonder what is, and is not, reality-connected in what you read from them.
A Bullon Blog
But now, the Presidency of the United States is in the hands of a fascist pig, and the Democratic Party, man for man, among elected
Democrats, is not going to do anything now, to oppose Obama: They’re going to support Obama!  That leaves the problem in our hands. There {is} no one else we can depend upon, except those who prove themselves willing to do so.”
I will celebrate if it’s true!


The big take away from the Larouche appearance on the Alex Jones Show is the refusal to confront the Ron Paul issue head on.  Here we have a man, Alex Jones, who is just about the biggest supporter of Ron Paul in the world, and we have a guest who considers him Hitler.  And the commenters of the second part on youtube, found at the bottom of this on youtube, are all aflutter demanding to know what Larouche thinks of Hitler.  We’ll see if Larouche confronts the Ron Paul problem head on in his next appearance, I guess.

The other big take away comes here:
I don’t know whether it was noticed or ignored, but at 22:30 into the interview below LaRouche begins to drop the bombshell. He eventually admits that FDR allowed the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbour!

The implications of this statement are at the moment massive. For example I think it was Webster Tarpley(?) who said it was British-allied Wall Street bankers, such as Train, who immediately accused FDR of allowing Pearl Harbour. I shall have to confirm that.
Larouche re-verting to his anti-fdr conspiracy theories, from out of his right wing Quaker past?

Lyndon LaRouche seems to be the main source of claims that the Club of Rome (COR) is part of a 300 year old secret sect called the Illuminati and is responsible for a variety of depopulation schemes, as well as a plot to establish a one world government.

The only crack in either Abel Danger’s or Lyndon Larouche’s solutions to the world i.e. get rid of the Financial Leaders worldwide still leaves the MAFIA STRUCTURE of profit from war in place.
We, the seven billion sovereign individuals, “The Custodians” need to TOTALLY ADOPT and BRAVELY EMBRACE the concept of a Free Planet.
And by this I mean, “Quit griping about me me me, and make Free Planet work

STORY NUMBER THREE:  It’s worth mentioning that we can take the Republican field, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich, and see that each one has vie for the crucial Lyndon larouche vote.  It all depends on what the individual values most out of the Larouche platofrm.  We have Rick Santorum’s anti-sex stances and hardcore conservative Catholic views — satirized here.  Ron Paul’s conspiracy theorism and anti-fed stands and foreign policy isolationism.  And we have Newt Gingrich’s moon colonies.  It’ll be interesting to see how the Larouche constituency goes in the upcoming Republican primaries.

Feb 8, 2012 – Kesha Rogers intervenes at Fred Singer’s Debunking Anthropogenic Global Warming event: Yes AGW is a fraud, but debunking it is not an ‘issue,’ it’s the antithesis of man’s natural role in the universe.

“Intervention”… more anti global warming than your anti global warming.

In Australia.  See too here.:
For the CEC, the theory of human-induced climate change was not merely wrong. It was a lie, a conscious fraud cooked up by, well, Prince Philip, actually, as part of the British Royal Family’s perfidious scheme to depopulate the planet.
But where, one wondered, did that leave Lord Monckton, the man outside whose event the CEC was canvassing? Wasn’t he a British aristocrat? Was he in on the plot, too?
The Larouchie hesitated for a minute.
“You have to realise, they like to confuse people.”



Dateline Michigan
Walked past a tea party “Obama is Hitler” booth on the way in to a Michigan post office today. When they asked me whether or not I wanted to join their impeach Obama crusade I said absolutely not. So they yelled “You must love Dick Cheney because only Dick Cheney lovers want to keep Obama in office”. What was that all about? Dick Cheney – Obama? How does that compute?
Sound like something Lyndon LaRouche douchebags would say

Dateline Denton

Horn said she also received an e-mail with a photo that showed that the demonstrators — who never advised any officials of their intent to have a presence — had signs taped to the windows of the government center.

Horn had some sheriff’s deputies go to the government center to inform the demonstrators about the proper procedure and forms they needed to fill out to be there.

“Which they didn’t like, but they agreed to it and they left, [and] they came over here and got the paperwork to fill out,” she said.

Horn said the group wanted to appear at county buildings in Denton, Lewisville, Carrollton, The Colony and other locations.

“In my viewpoint, they are bothering people that need to arrive and depart that building to conduct business, and that’s not right,” Horn said. “The content is his business; when it comes to protecting the citizens, that is our business. That’s why I made the motion to deny.” […]

“We got a phenomenally positive response,” Holtzclaw said. “This is uncomfortable for [some people] to confront this dangerous reality, so they call the county commissioners and complain, so they apply an ordinance that is unconstitutional.”

Holtzclaw said the group would be returning to Denton County in places where they are allowed to conduct their political activities, such as the post office.

Dateline Rockport:
“There are people that love us and people that hate us,” said one of the two young men holding signs that depicted the president with a Hitler mustache.
The man refused to give his name, saying only that he and his colleague came up from the LaRouche Political Action Committee offices in Boston for the day.
“We’re here to prevent World War III,” said the man. According to him, the successful revolution in Libya has angered Russia, which will somehow lead to a war.
Most of those who passed the two men in front of the post office just kept walking, though one older woman stopped, telling the men “I’d do anything to stop Obama.”
Ultimately however, she declined to sign up as a member of LaRouche PAC.

Dateline Economist Forum
Isn’t their a policy against Larouche-ians commenting?
Larouchies kicked out of forum for posting spam.

Dateline Tewksbury

Sears says he has no problem with the public assembly on the sidewalk. He pointed out there was a union protest going on at the same time on the Town Common. What caught Sears’ attention was that the Obama sign had been attached to the utility pole, something he believes to be illegal because the pole is privately owned by a utility company.
“I’m pretty sure he didn’t have permission to put the sign on private property,” said Sears, a Republican who plans to run against incumbent state Rep. Jim Miceli, D-Wilmington, in the fall. Sears also said he found the visual of a poster of a black man on a pole resembled “a lynching” and was inappropriate for the center of Tewksbury.
In response to the man’s assertion of police permission, Sears and his wife took the sign and headed over to nearby Police Headquarters. As they arrived, the LarouchePac worker (whose name has not been made available) had already called dispatch to complain about his sign being taken.
At Police Headquarters, the Sears’ spoke with Deputy Chief John Voto and left the sign. According to the police report, a detective photographed the sign and no charges were filed.
“The Municipal Law Unit at the Attorney General’s Office has reviewed the matter and doesn’t see any civil rights violation which would be appropriate for prosecution by their office,” said Police Chief Timothy Sheehan. “They have deferred to the D.A.’s Office for any potential criminal prosecution. The D.A’s Office is currently reviewing the matter.”

Comments:  Oh good! Someone finally see the illegality of attaching signs to phone poles. Does this mean Mr. Sears will now go around town removing all other signs attached to them? ie: month old yard sale signs, we will sell your house in 7 days or buy it from you, lose 50 lbs in 2 weeks, lost cat/dog/mind, etc. etc. etc.
I agree, the thing is in bad taste, and is HIGHLY offensive to my Jewish friends, and therefore is offensive to ME. If the people were there HOLDING the sign and not affixing it to anything, there is nothing to be said. But if it is, in fact, illegal, then yes, I would support the effort to take it down because of its offensive nature. For the record, I’d also support the removal of yard sale signs (or fines for those who don’t remove them after their yard sales).
Henry MacWhirr:  Since some of your best friends are Jewish, let me ask you this: whatever happened to “Never Again”? And let me remind you — the German public became aware of the real nature of Hitler’s crimes long after the opportunity to dump him had passed. You have to watch for the warning signs so that you can act before the window of opportunity closes.
(We’ll have to see if this becomes a big political issue in the campaign.)

Dateline Tewksbury
The battle began on Wednesday (Feb. 1) at 4:28 p.m., when dispatch received a call from a woman who said there was a man outside the TD Bank at 995 Main St. with a sign that depicted President Barack Obama with a “Hitler mustache.” The caller said the man was posting the sign on a telephone pole.
An officer was sent to the scene, but the involved people, and the sign, were gone on arrival.
Round two took place Thursday (Feb. 2) just before 11 a.m. A man from the LaRouche Committee called dispatch and reported that he was in front of Bank of America, 986 Main St., and that a woman had pulled up in a car and had stolen his political sign.
According to police records, at almost the exact same time, a woman walked into the lobby of Police Headquarters carrying a sign that matched the description. Again, the sign featured President Obama with a “Hitler mustache.”
An officer was sent to speak to the man at the bank. A detective took photos of the sign and Deputy Chief John Voto spoke to the woman who brought in the sign. No charges were filed.
COMMENTS: I saw this dude! I was going to pull over to ask him his [silly] reasons for thinking Obama represents Hitler, but I was running late to class. When I drove by much later, he was gone. Darn

Dateline St Mary’s, New Jersey
The men, both college-educated and Democrats, said they are compelled to demonstrate on behalf of the LaRouche Movement, named for Lyndon LaRouche, an economist that sought the presidential office five times between 1976 and 1992 running on the U.S. Labor Party ticket. They said they have been to “every post office in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.”
The men said their intent was to spread the organization’s message and work toward an end goal of removing President Obama from office.
“We are working as part of a national effort to create a situation where Obama is removed from office by constitutional means, impeachment or forced resignation like Nixon.   (note:  the Org stood against Nixon’s Impeachment back in 1974.)

Dateline Marin
The canvassers were also displaying a large hand-written sign that described the National Defense Authorization Act as “Obama s Hitler act.” The act, signed into law by President Obama in January, enhances the federal government s power to fight terrorism and codified into law the indefinite detention of terrorism suspects without trial.
The other canvasser, who was black and gave his name as Fred Douglas, asked, “If this isn t remotely close to fascism then what is?”
Leaflets the LaRouche group were handing out stated: “The British Empire is out to keep its imperial system of government afloat, by reducing the world population by using their insane puppet in the white house Obama to push thermonuclear WW III, and fascism in the United states. That is where we are headed if Obama is not removed now. You can t vote Hitler out! You must throw him out!” […]
“When they talk about cutting education, when they talk about cutting social programs, it s all code for — we need to let people die,” Dash said.
LaRouche is championing the idea of solving the nation s economic and environmental crises with a “new economics of space colonization,” which would begin “with the industrialization of the moon as a precursor to accelerated, fusion-powered flight to Mars.”
Dash said, “Not everyone is going to be an astronaut but everybody is going to be participating to a certain extent in expanding the boundaries of human potential.” […]
But space is not the final frontier for LaRouche s thinking; according to another leaflet: “The most important frontier of all is epistemological — the elimination of the notion of linear time, and with it the subsidiary notions of reductionism, monetarism, and belief in the existence of absolute space and time.”
In fact, Dash said Newt Gingrich s recent promise to establish a permanent base on the moon by the end of his second term as president was a brainstorm stolen from LaRouche.
“He got that from us,” Dash said.

Dateline Detroit.
I went to a Dunkin Donuts in Southfield and saw a group of people standing outside with a poster of Obama with a Hitler moustache that said impeach Obama. They were trying to get people to sign petitions. Who are these people?
They have setup here in Macomb County as well, saw them in Clinton twp and Mt. Clemens……when I see them I excercise my 1st amendment rights and honk and give them the finger. I’ve even tried to take their picture and they turn away…..I mean if you stand for something why hide your face?
People that want Joe Biden to be president?
They were in Lincoln Park last fall. Same poster. Strange looking folks.
According to what I read they are more in line with the fringe left-wing, but there politics overall seems jumbled .
No, don’t put them over here. They’re stand-alone crazy.
I don’t know. I won’t vote for Obama, I’ve never liked Obama and I think that people that do must ignore what he’s done. They are just as bad as the people that loved Bush. I will vote for whomever runs against him this election, but I saw these people in St Clair Shores at Salvaggios and the guy said something to me and I told his they were idiots.

Blast from the past..
Ahmadinejad and PutinA question to Gerald Pechenuk:  Tinfoil hats, anyone?

Promoting LaRouche’s fringe views? Not on your life. Indeed, Stephanie’s story depicted just why many view LaRouche as an extremist, given that the paranoid pair speaking on his behalf and displaying their outrageous signs would not reveal their names or hometowns, other than to say they were from “the Boston area.” Even that raised credibility questions given that they had arrived in a car bearing Rhode Island license plates.


“We’re here to prevent World War III,” said the man. According to him, the successful revolution in Libya has angered Russia, which will somehow lead to a war.

Most of those who passed the two men in front of the post office just kept walking, though one older woman stopped, telling the men “I’d do anything to stop Obama.”
Ultimately however, she declined to sign up as a member of LaRouche PAC.  (“I’d do anything for love, but I won’t do that.“)

.Some who read Wednesday’s story may have wondered why we would give these protests an inch of newspaper or online space — let alone show the posters with images many readers view as hateful and offensive. Others might argue that giving these protests any coverage at all only gives the LaRouche disciples and their hateful displays the exposure they want.

So, you might ask, why would your community’s newspaper do that?

Because these repeated demonstrations — by drawing police calls, a number of residents complaints, and, yes, triggering a series of letters to the Times — had indeed become a news story. And given the issues raised by readers and callers, we wanted to be able to let you read just who and what these protesters were all about, and, yes, show you the signs so you could decide for yourself whether they were offensive.

 Dateline… somewhere:
…… visiting my local Post Office ……, what do I found outside, but a LaRouche table, with 2 younger than me handlers.
I approached and initiated the dialogue by saying “I did what you are doing for 5 years. Are you making minimum wage yet ?”
I guess that was inflammatory, but I stayed to view the literature. I saw NOTHING except white/black leaflets, no magazines at all, no newspaper either !
The woman backed down quickly, and gave the moment to her male co-hort who asked “Are you willing to help us stop nuclear war?”
I said, “I’ve was stopping nuclear war in 1980. And I was evicted from my apartment because the local did not pay my rent. I lived on 10$ a day (for 2 people). I was treated worse than all the world’s “workers” you and I think should be paid a fair wage for a fair day of labor.”
He grew agitated IMO.
“Can you give $100 to stop nuclear war ?” I said yes, but I already did.
“I gave thousands of dollars to the cause. But LaRouche lived better than I ever did.”
“He’s an old man.”
What I found most sad about the event was that the fellow did not want to “Socratically” argue with me. He wanted my money now, or nothing to do with me.
I was chilly (not wearing a winter coat.)
“If you’re not willing to help stop world war, then you’re wasting my time.”
I looked around and answered, “there’s no one else here at the table.”
I suppose if I were a better person, I would have offered to go buy them some soup and bring it back to the table.
I think the organization is on its last legs.

Comments:  This article has nothing to do with comparing Obama to Hitler. It’s about people, albeit lunatics, expressing their right to free speech. It’s about other people, equally insane, trying to call police in order to quiet said loonies because they’re offended(!). Fascism indeed.
It’s just plain silly to compare Obama to Hitler. Hitler served honorably in combat during WW1. Hitler transformed the moribund German economy into the economic powerhouse of Europe in just four years. Hitler created jobs.  (For the record, the Bush era joke “Hitler was elected” — is less tasteless.  For more of the record, further comments from this douchebag seem to indicate he’s a real neo-nazi Hitler fan.)

Point:   I believe he is a minion of Satan and someone who wants all Christians on Earth dead.
Counterpoint:  we do have the right to free speech, perhaps only for the time being…. in my opinion he is a marxist

No, actually. If R.P. keeps plugging away, though, he can continue to look better than whoever the LaRouchies are fielding.
I know Lyndon LaRouche, and Ron Paul is no Lyndon LaRouche.  Vermin Supreme • Saying exactly what everyone was thinking about Ron Paul.
The man is a certifiable nut. I could go on for pages and pages about this irrational man.
I actually complained about the lack of David Duke news?

Meanwhile the dumb shits, who live in the matrix world of make believe, paint mustaches on pictures of Obama at Lyndon La Rouche tables, the teary eyed Boehner cries out that Obama is engaged in a war with Christianity and Mitch McConnel shouts that the Banks are being over-regulated. What a sham, what hypocrisy.

AND finally, I suffer through this everytime.  Because it’s fun…
If your Race was threatened with Extinction, why wouldn’t you go all out. You’ve got nothing to loose.
But the Jews in Israel and the Jews running Umerica think Iran is just going to roll over while Iran is Exterminated.
Lyndon is an extremely strange character.
i will personally ask god myself, to open up the underground bunkers, so that i may watch his wrath of punishment being handed down.
are you waiting him to declare a call to arms against the house of windsor and all their army of their puppets?
Lyndon ladouche is a socialist and hes done time in federal prison. Not sure why Alex has him on but left to himself he rants more about national socialism than obama.
A few more million to kill in Iran…, you guys have an insatiable appetite for blown up babies. It’s not us, it’s those shitty-assed fucken Jews…, no not shitty assed fucken Jews, the zion cocksuckers. I propose every homeless person in the USA to get a gun and just go marching down the streets, shooting at everything that moves…, if they’re there, their guilty!
Blah! HOLLER HOLLER HOLLER!! Same old larouche bs garbage!
i’m sorry but this guy is diluded and mental, the man still believes the british empire rules the world for god sake
Point:  This guy runs a cult I know these people.
Counterpoint:  I could call America a freedom cult, but that doesn’t mean I’ve said anything useful..  [ooo.  burn.]
Alex has admitted himself in videos he has uploaded onto his channel on how he does infact exaggerate. He wont go as far as admitting he lies because that’s just stupid from his point of view.  Like I said, in a few years from now you’ll look back on Alex Jones videos and realize what a fool he was/is. I used hang on every word Alex said a few years a go, now I’m aware just how full of shit he his, and he’s banking off it
The only people more insane than Alex himself are his listeners. The man is a joke. In a few years from now you would of grown up and realized just how much drugs Jones was on. The man has done nothing but eaggerate and lie for years.
but it puts them in a catch 22, if they let ron paul live he would begin the dismantling of all this madness and if they kill them the people would revolt overnight bringing about the 2nd american revolution which would also put an end to the madness. obviously that would be the nastier messy way but either way the results will be the same.
LYNDON LaROUCHE is my all-time favorite guest !! He is super . Thank you, Alex, for having Mr. LaRouche on your show, he is so smart .
[Solution] impeach Obama..LOL ..right…that’l work! Larouche is right but SCREWS UP in his final analysis and solutions…yeah Alex…keep on agreeing !
LaRouche is a con artist! Why doesn’t Alex ask him what he thinks of Ron Paul’s ideas? From what I heard this guys politics are far left of Obama’s even!! He’s either a con man or he is insane.
” Roman Emperor Nero first known Anti Christ~ And the carbon copy of this day of my extreme opposite~ One mentality of complete hatred toward everyone and everything but himself vs my mentality of love and empathy in purest forms accepting all life and denying none~ A basis of life creation backed by God vs a basis for its destruction backed by Empire~” TheLight
Lyndon LaRousch supposedly has a more advanced intel network than the CIA one of the best in the world. He’s world renowned. I voted for him in a little Texas County, wrote him in.. and my vote did not appear.. I raised hell.. but just got harassed by the cops.. lol.. True story We are going to start dying from hunger because they are chemtrailing us and our farms.. Monsanto the good ole boys are transferring the wealth from those independent farmers and the free market to the wealthy..
yes LaRouche is the god father of the truth. hes one of the best. thanks alex for another great show!
The Real Power in the World is International Freemasonry and its Religion of Zionism,The End goal is the Rebuilding of the Third Temple on the Temple mount in Jerusalem.This is the End Goal of Both Freemasonry and Zionism.
COUNTERPOINT:  I think Obama hates the Brits. His grandfather was tortured by the Brits.  When visiting the queen he gave her an ipod with his speeches, and Michelle ass-bumped prince Philip during pictures, so she and not he could be next to Obama.  When he visited the PM Obama gave him DVDs with US, not UK encoding.  He returned a bust of Churchill given to the US after WWII.  All these things added together make me believe he’s play-acting like a stooge to trick the Brits, to blame them for a war he’ll start.
All of this was predicted in the Bible to occur and it’s being fulfilled before our very eyes!  Exciting times for true believers in Christ!  Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock…
these british and American and Israel pieces of shit start ww3 and launch nuclear weapons it will be the death of these bastards. I have a fully decked out bunker under my property which can sustain life for 5 years or more and i swear to god if these parasites cause nuclear Armageddon i will hunt these vile pieces of shit down and i will finish them.. no matter who they are or where they hide i will find them and i will kill them
What possibly can I do about these terrible, terrible crimes by the Worlds Elite – I can listen to Alex and get more depressed . I can give absolute believe to the truth of Lyndon LaRouche, or I can play my PlayStation, I can play my music and drink myself to death. If there is no action just words, words and more words. I’ll just pore another drink and try to forget the whole thing. But I can’t….Help I’m Losing It.
Lyndon LeDouche. High level satanist Hillary is a constraining figure on Obama? Is Obama supposed to be satan himself LeDouche?
What we suspect is that Larouche has an Ego the size of Texas and while he can be brilliant and very insightful at times, his Pride blinds him from being rational and he makes Outrageous statements that only a socialpath can deliver…..
Impeach Obama? It will never ever happen. Larouche makes it sound like its as easy as citing a driver for speeding. Larouche may be the one thats clinically insane
Imagine this guy speaking with a German accent, and it’s easy to see why he doesn’t like Britain. He’s just missing his grey hat, collared jacket and black gloves.
The whole discussion of there being an unleashing of a nuclear war is rediculous – even the pig elite know that a nuclear war would ruin their own golf course and sink their own yachts – it would be the equivelent of the old saying “pissing in the wind” !
Barak Hussein Obama is a Kenyan born Muslim end of story! Israel is an artificial state formed by the Rothchild family ( Zionist jews that worship satan). Google it I dare you!
LaRouche must be senile … this guy really thinks that Biden is going to take the presidency from Obama by claiming he’s insane?
Save yourself the thought pollution. The man is in love with his own extreme opinions and not in presenting any new evidence. Just doomsday speculation and ultimatums. John Lennon said soemthing bout that

Part Two
Many juxtaposed and unforseen factions would arise from a global thermo nuclear war between the east and west. All elites on both sides would rather regulate the population using a variety of more sublte and politically correct “tools.” Nukes simply consolidate the powers of the future that can’t be done away with externally.
Larouche, you crack me up dude. Nuclear armegeddon has been in the cards for a long time. Why do you thing Obama is going to push the button? Cuz Iran has a centrifudge? C’mon. There is so much new technology today those ancient subs are like catapults. Nasty ones albeit. And on what grounds is Obama certifiable? You state no reason. Anyhow I appreciate the PAC you run, I mean some people need to feel like they are involved.I thought Jones was bombastic and over the top, but you take the cake
The Queen is not controlled by anyone but an Oligarchy principle that goes back 1000’s of years and is the driver for Empires; their puppets all over the world~ And the puppets are the Empire’s means for throwing people off on to different culprits but itself~ Pit all against each other no one truly knows who is doing what~ It is the method of divide and conquer~ Like if I get them to attack you by using a leader puppet you will thnk it is them and not know it is me~ TheLight

The British are controlled and have been controlled by Jews, but Jones and his clonws are full of shit trying to make it appear as if Obama has any power. This assertion alone invalidates Jone’s BS.
Seriously what do the British have to gain by destroying the whole planet with nukes? lol seriously I smell bullshit.
our planet is being exterminated—we were set here to mine it as slaves, and now it has been effectively mined for minerals we know and probably for elements we have never heard of—to let us live would be future competition, they are now killing the planet like mars, making it uninhabitable for even bacteria so life never arises again

larouche is a bafoon..  he defends hillary.. she’s being threatened or forced at gun point to push this devilish agenda??and he keeps calling the fuking illuminati the ‘british’.. they have no home!! they care about no one!!!   they’re not even human all together!!!  (—– been reading your David Icke, I see?)
Dont listen to this crap..the Jews are behind this all. The british play an important role high up the illuminati ladder..but the Israelis are behind this 200%
LaRouche loves to use the term “thermo-nuclear” – over and over and over !     Lyndon LeDouchebag
So if LaRouche is correct, the only way to prevent our own destruction is to kill the clinically insane American president, Obama.
this man is full of SHIT! “the british” my ass! yea the brits are involved but WHO controls them you liar?? who controls wall street? who has the biggest lobby group in washington? who controls the media? hollywood? what country spies on us the most? the brits??? I THINK NOT!!!! try THE JEWS!!! there is a talmudic war that has been going on against gentiles for thousands of years and it is right in your face now people! stop listening to monkeys like this and open your eyes!!
I have my doubts about this old guy. British empire? Really? Obama und british control, are we in 17th century
LaRoach….forgetaboutit….st­op scaring the Sheeple you SHILL!
Alex please don’t have this moron as a guest again, I’d sooner watch the King of loons David Ike than this joker. Britain rules the world, as a Brit, give me a break.

I stand alone in this fight. For the american people are useless unless they have a gun they lack the physical condition to fight. Rather than put my life in the hands of a group I carry my battle standard alone to strike swiftly and quietly at the throats of those who threaten me. Who knows if I cause enough of a headache I might get my own personal nuke shot at me. But i’ll go down with my middle fingers held high, sunglasses, and get reincarnated somewhere else. Come at me bro!
Larouche says you cant blame the person john corzine because thats the way the system is thats just bullshit. the system is the way it is because of people like him..  (Wait.  Larouche was defending the Wall Street Democratic crook Corzine?  Bizarre.)
lachouche has been saying remove obama or we are all dead for over a year now. plus he cant stay on topic for anything and alex is worse. alex jones has great discipline over all this time. you know hes talking about the jews when he says new world order , communism, destruction of society
Is LaRouche talking about the upper elite when he talks about the British aristocracy because most of the zionists are mid/upper mid levels with some in the higher levels of the invisible empire.
You lose the thread Alex.  Larouche was going to give interesting info about the subs in the Pacific and you started to talk your looping discourse
There is only one solution to this global crisis and that is to elect Ron Paul as President NOW and say good-bye to Obama (the British puppet)
COUNTERPOINT:  I disagree with what Mr. La-Roach says here on Israel’s leaders. Although he is correct in pointing out Israel is ruled (& was created) by the Rothschild’s Bank of England & the Empire of the City, it is not true that Israel’s previously had leaders with better intentions, with the exception of one & he was quickly assassinated by another Jew. Nothing new! “Kings” in the Bible is clear about all of the Jewish Kings angering God, except one. Jerusalem has been destroyed 16 times in history!
COUNTERPOINT:  the vatican and jesuits are the head of the snake. These guys know it and don’t say it. Don’t think they’re not part of it.Ron Paul is not weak by accident. He has access to ALL THE INFO you do. He watched the towers fall and CHOSE to support the official story.  Ron Paul is weak AT BEST. Certainly a coward on the take.  He is controlled opposition intended to give YOU an excuse for YOUR actions.
Where is Phil Gramm living now? It is time to track him down and deliver guillotine justice!
Lyndon is not answering the Ron Paul question!!!!!!!!!!
Loony Bin Central!
either way they intend to play their cards when they have maximum potency, or trumps if you will. La Rouche still is caught is the left, right paradigm. Obama is nothing but a guy who gets a coach ticket on the elite plane when the shit hits the fan. He is a puppet and merely enforces the will of the nwo. he , like chomsky are possibly disinfo agents primarily because the best lies either contain mostly truth with a heavy lie or a mostly lies with the kernel of truth. maybe they are just stuck
why did he totally shirk the question about Ron Paul?
Yes FDR was a Globalist before taking office. That’s why LaRouche has to be taken with a grain of salt. Just because he’s OLD doesn’t make him RIGHT. He’s an interesting relic of starry-eyed liberal past when guys like him thought they’d “save the nation” simply by passing some legislation.
LaRouche nice job IGNORING the Ron Paul question. This is why you are a rhetoric spewing zealot. Ron Paul is the best hope short of a global collective unconscious awakening…
He didnt avoid the question about ron paul. He answered.
Alex you are taking way too much shit off this guy. Hold up for Ron Paul better! I don’t appreciate this fossil saying Ron Paul isn’t fit to be president because he hasn’t harped about Glass Steagal. If Ron Paul was president there the freaking banks would have to do the right thing!

HAHA put obama in a zoo lmao
Half these fucks in America will fight to defend the matrix….I try, but these dumbshit so called alcoholic~sports obsessed~material worshipers~etc..etc…friends of mine say, consprisay theroitcs…fuckem !
Alex is talking to this guy like he’s some important authority on everything and he’s just stupid and crazy…maybe his mind is going from his age, I don’t know…
Lyndon LaDouche. This guy is a real Fucko. He is defending FDR, as some kind of hero, and is hating on Ron Paul. This guy is an arrogant old piece of shit. Can this old cunt Alex!
LaRouche doen’t seem to give clear answers, he’s double talking without answering direct questions with direct answers………hhhhmmm
Bro, no analyst/people in the media will openly call the Rothschilds out as the most powerful family in the world. Everyone uses euphemisms. AJ – ‘mega-banks’, LaRouche – ‘British’, Max Keiser – ‘banksters’ etc.
is it me or is LaRouche soft soaping the rothechild connection? make NO doubt te rothechilds are at the core of these problems as well as the other 12 families
There is something suspicious about Lyndon. In this interview alone, he says Corzine is not a thief but a good person, Israel is irrelevant and not causing problems, and it’s all … the British?? lol
He’ll admit that Obama is a puppet, but then he directs so much of his attention to impeachment. He’s a big advocate of nuclear power as well. LaRouche is a globalist with strong connections to France. He is smart, and right about many things, but I don’t trust him. The one thing I truly agree with him on is that humanity should be exploring space.
soft soaping the rothechild connection is LaRouche’s job!!!

Part Five:  I’ll get to it eventually.  Infowars

Other media appearances.

Marsha Freeman was on the Space Show on February 17.
Jeffrey Steinberg telling Iran tv what they want to hear.  US forms anti-China Military Alliance.  Hm…

Happy Presidents’ Day

Friday, February 17th, 2012

I think he may be working on a book for each of the Presidents.  It’s something of the Method Acting mode of writing. I can’t wait for ’til he gets to “Being James Garfield”!  (Or better still, “Being Woodrow Wilson”.)

currently leading the polls in the Republican field

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Of course.

For the past week, Santorum has been using his campaign to take aim at an issue he feels to be the single most dangerous force in America today: Satanism in heavy metal.   “If you listen to the radio today, many of these brand new, so-called heavy metal music bands like Black Sabbath, Venom, The WASP and Iron Maiden use satanic imagery to corrupt the minds of young people,” announced Santorum at a 10,000 dollar a plate sock-hop in Valdosta, Georgia on Thursday.

This element of campaigning from Rick Santorum is creating a dose of cognitive dissonance in my mind.  Because I want to claim him as running in the 15th Century — his Catholic-based based views on what the government should allow in terms of contraception and etc.  Or the 1950s, gender wise

Asked by George Stephanopoulos about that remark on ABC’s “This Week,” Mr. Santorum said that his wife, Karen, had written that section of the 2005 book — though only his name is on the cover and he does not list her, in his acknowledgements, among those “who assisted me in the writing of this book.” He said that when Ms. Santorum, a nurse and a lawyer, had quit her job to raise the couple’s children, she felt that many people “looked down their nose at that decision.”
“Sadly the propaganda campaign launched in the 1960s has taken root,” Mr. Santorum, or his wife, wrote in the book. “The radical feminists succeeded in undermining the traditional family and convincing women that professional accomplishments are the key to happiness.”

— Not written by Rick Santorum, but his wife, mind you.  On a book that says its written by Rick Santorum.  With no mention of his wife anywhere.  We seem to have a problem of authorship with names prominently on the title in this field — see Ron Paul’s newsletters.

… but this metal-mania and the Satanic convergence?  This is straight out of the 1980s.  And, beyond that, I don’t believe your “Iron Maiden or any of the “Dark Metal” were … played on the radio.

Incidentally, if he wants to update himself, and to things actually found on the radio, and with a wider audience … to do the “Kids today and their Satanism” thing… and Illuminati etc… he could turn to Lady Gaga.