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is that all?

Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Apparently, the Russian government swayed the American election by bombarding American facebook users with … er… this.

armyofjesusagainstclinton  Yes.  Paid Russian operatives were behind that whole “Satan loves Hillary” campaign.

The facebook page “Army of Jesus” is pure Russian disinformation.

As too a bunch of other facebook pages you weren’t aware of because you were in the wrong circles.  Which influenced the base vote in and around Michigan and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
(Maybe you caught some Bernie bro thing at some point.  I don’t know?).  The only thing I ever got was a barrage of “Vote for Kasich” ads, as the desperate Kasich campaign apparently filtered the ad sense analytics determined I was maybe some anti-Trump Republican.  Or it was worth a roll of the dice to decide that I was.

hillarysatanboxesjesus  You know the thing about the Hillary Clinton Satan boxing Jeus… “Like” if you want Jesus to win thingy…

You can easily “unlike” it.

In the meantime, it’s still legal for everyone to call politicians mean names, and round about there the campaign to figure out how to stop the menace… beggars the possibility of answers that are worse than the problem.

I suppose the deep into into Western psyche, if not for political purposes than for commercial purposes, from nefarious Russian sources goes back to the prefab group “t.A.T.u.”, whose managers saw the titillating appeal of teenage (faux) lesbian singing, manager gnabbing the appeal off of studies in psychology.  I guess the next KGB program will be to try to spot the trends of demonology to dump on … erm…

oh, why can’t he be more like Bob Dole and just stump for Pepsi?

Saturday, February 17th, 2018

So.  Mitt Romney.  Running, and a shoo in at that, for a seat in Utah.  To provide a Utah conservatism for the Republican Party — supplementing, I suppose, Mike Lee’s.

There have been losing presidential candidates who took their spot in the Senate.  Goldwater.  Humphrey.  Of course, they were senators before running for president.  Romney’s seems a new course.

Skipping states to snag a seat is interesting.  Of course, to the detractors who go to him saying “Why don’t you stay out in (mass)?”, he can always say, “Two words.  Henry.  Clay.”  That should shut up all cries of carpet-bagging!

blips on the horror screen

Friday, February 16th, 2018

Lost on something here.

BuzzFeed News first reported a YouTube user called “nikolas cruz” wrote “Im going to be a professional school shooter” in a comment posted last September on a video uploaded by a Mississippi bail bondsman.
It was not immediately clear why the FBI would not have been able to identify the author of the post if that username was, in fact, his real name.

The man is butchering the English language.  There is no such thing as “professional” school shooter — professional means that you’re getting paid for it.  Unless the kid has plans for a tell all book, or other means of monetizing his crime (and I imagine if we get that far from precedent, all moneys earned as he wails away in prison would through lawsuit go to the family’s victims), this doesn’t work.

Or maybe we’ve redefined the word?

Interesting to see a graph of school shootings (and term not as defined by the “Anytown club” which apps the number to 18, for as many as they can spot) — over the last two decades — broken up by town population.  I’m not sure what the graph is set out to prove, but I suppose it’s good a statistic of mindless productions as anything.

In other bits and pieces of our damning national psyche… I note this.

As the grandma snooping in on this boy’s journal gets feted by most everyone, the perhaps plausible perhaps not “Defense” is (for good and bad) all but ignored in the AP article and write ups.  An after thought. 
Public Defender Rachel Forde noted the gun and the grenade shells were legal to possess. She said the “musings and ventings” in O’Connor’s journal weren’t enough evidence to support a charge of attempted murder.

The dog won’t hunt, in the court of public opinion, and there appear to be enough thingies beyond this to corroborate horrors anyways.  And yet I pause for a second on it.  I once met someone who was expelled from the Oregon Public school system under a then-recently passed law for, as he said, “i “rumor and innuendo and venting private journal entries”.  And though I do have the thought for him that — well, clearly the public school system wasn’t much working for him and whatever alternate system he had once thrown out of school hopefully proceeded well enough… but I’m still left at that thought where you throw the threat assessment in the “reading his journals” and it doesn’t receive anything of a “wait one second” pause.

sounds. furies. furies. sounds.

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

Reportedly, the Ruskie efforts to influence and sway the 2018 elections are boring full steam ahead.  Which is dreary for a couple of reasons: (1) They are apparently effective.  And (2) The Ruskie efforts to influence and sway the 2018 elections don’t amount to much more the creation and planting of noxiously amusing gifs on various online platforms.

But more to the point… er… the elevation of Trump looks like a good clear and clean entangle a Putin shadow.  What exactly is the Ruskie down ticket formation supposed to be?  Then again, the idea may come down to kicking the machine forward… the… er… Ruskie troll gif machine.

wars and rumors

Saturday, February 10th, 2018

Every so often, in one of the national papers — the USA Today or New York Times — we see an apocalyptic religious sect or another spring for a full page ad.  Not nearly as entertaining as the old Wildmon full page ads against sexual deviancy on tv that used to occasionally grace the back page of the comics page on Sundays (and cramp the strips down in size), but still… worth a gander.

The Trumpets are blaring.

The aliens will come.  They won’t be real aliens, they’ll be demons.  We’ll throw our support behind the Pope.  Who will demand we support going to church on Sunday as part of the remedy, to be enshrined into law.  Global law, I suppose.

You call us crazy.  You’re the crazy one!


dots and conspiracy

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

The case has ever been thus, and a little confused.  As Counterpunch’s Jeffry St Clair mentions in the discovery of some Russian troll using that site, to promote shared political biases.

whether it’ s a (fired plagiarist) Jayson Blair story in the New York Times or a (controversial reporter) Judith Miller story in the New York Times

The mention of Judith Miller in the same breath as Jayson Blair gives his politics away, as does the particularly uncertain words in the parentheses give away the politics of the Portland Tribune.

Dots abound all over the place.  You connect the dots in a haphazard way and find… er… child sex traffic from a pizza parlor in released Hillary Clinton emails?  Or… Ahmad Chalabi passing on misinformation to Judith Miller to advance his political aims.  One or the other… or both.


history rewritten

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

From The Columbian, the paper of record for Vancuouver, Washington if you shall.  “Herrera Beutler Ignores Comments” — moving about her not reading the twitter machine.

Later in the meeting, talk turned to President Trump.  In October 2016, Herrera Beutler said, “I refuse to accept this is the best we can do,” and announced rather than vote for Trump in the general election, she would write in Rep. Paul Ryan, R. Wisconsin, who had also sought the Republican nomination, but lost to Trump.

I kind of don’t understand this casual mistake, and there seems to me something more going on here than nothing — since I see it of a type happen a bit too much.  Paul Ryan… did not run for the Republican nomination for President in 2016.  It mis-remembers Paul Ryan’s various hedges during the campaign — momentary “dump Trump and replace with Ryan” feelers — culminating with Paul Ryan campaigning down ticket for all the Republicans and mentioning Pence as a headline with a mention of Trump almost as an after thought… which… a vote for Pence is literally the same as voting for Trump.

It feeds a false narrative.  Such as this one…

A third party run in 2020 by disaffected Republicans, behind the one term pledged Democratic candidate Joseph Biden.  Biden / Sasse!  Because… Sasse brings to Biden what Biden lacks, and Biden brings Biden.
Nevermind that the consensus among Republicans during the Obama — Biden years, even those who adhere to Sasse-ism (what that may be) was that the man was a gaffe-ing baffoon.
This is not a serious editorial in the New York Times.

missing pieces

Friday, February 2nd, 2018

There’s a letter to the editor in the Oregonian a few days ago, which seems to take an editorial cartoon with Franklin Graham saying “a marriage is between a man, a woman, and a porn star” at face value, and demands an apology from Franklin Graham as he never said such a thing.

Not withstanding that I can’t bring myself to care much about Stormy Daniels (that’s her name, right?) and her tryst with the current president, or even much on the hypocrisy fronts of such folks as Franklin Graham, it strikes me as the most likely reading of the letter… he isn’t aware of the point of reference… Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels and Franklin Graham and the “religious right”‘s support of Donald Trump.

There is an article in the Portland Mercury which envisions Abraham Lincoln as an early territorial governor of Oregon, and which gives him an a-historically progressive credit, thinking somehow that he would have — unlike the slavery supporting governor that was appointed — envisioned Oregon as something other than a White Haven… never mind the historical Lincoln wanted to ship them all back over to Africa.  The two convergent realities with the two governors, in terms of Oregon’s development, would be about the same.  Best guess is Lincoln wouldn’t have become president… Oregon is way too out of the way, ain’t it?
Things to ponder as proponents of a name change to Jefferson High School (the one majority black high school in the state, and you know Jefferson and the slaves) considers a name change… sure, shelve the statue if you want, but beyond that… meh.