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Sunday, July 31st, 2005

I could never sleep my way to the top
‘Cause my alarm clock always wakes me right up
And since my options had been whittled away
I struck a bargain with my radio DJ
I said I’d like this song to be number one
He said “I’d really really like to help you my son”
And then I knew that I would have him to thank
Because he asked me how much I had in the bank

He said to think long term investment and
That all the others had forgiven themselves
He said the net reward would justify
The colossal mess they’d made of their lives

He said the record wouldn’t have to be hot
And no one ever seemed to care if it’s not
It would depend on something else that I’ve got
And that the other ones who’d given it a shot
Had seen a modest sum grow geometrically
And then they had forgiven themselves
Because the net reward had justified
The colossal mess they’d made of their lives.

“Please be advised that in this week’s Jennifer Lopez Top 40 Spin Increase of 236 we bought 63 spins at a cost of $3,600.”

“Please be advised that in this week’s Good Charlotte Top 40 Spin Increase of 61 we bought approximately 250 spins at a cost of $17K …”

Ironically, it didn’t help, as the memo notes that the company actually lost spins — or plays of the record — even though they laid out money for them.

Well, I told you about the world (its address)
I wonder when they’re gonna clean up the mess
You know the rabid child is still tuning in
Chess piece face’s patience must be wearing thin
Because they haven’t played this song on the air
Not that anyone but me even cared
And the Disk Jockey has moved out of town
The district courthouse says he’s nowhere to be found

This takes us back to … the rise of Limp Bizkit, and the Portland connection to said rise.

Islamofascists and Japanazis

Saturday, July 30th, 2005

Question: Why don’t I make more references to the term “Islamo-Fascists”?

I suspect in three decades, we will look back at the term “Islamo-Fascist” and think of it in the same vein as “Japanazis”. Were there Japanese Nazis, or members of the German National Socialist Party and Third Reich of Japanese ancestory or Japanese citizens who bore allegiance not to the Emperor of Japan but to Adolf Hitler?

Likely not. If you can find one, it’s the rule that proves the exception. I am willing to call him a “Japanazi.”

Islamo-Fascist maybe isn’t as embarrassing. You parse out the definition of “fascism”, and throw it in the junk-heap entirely (clinging to the narrow similarities, ie: rigid hierarchical obediance). See how this works?

A Math Problem

Friday, July 29th, 2005

Soemthing I need to work on a bit, but when I get around to changing the National Educational Standards — and No Child Will Be Left Behind–, I will include this puzzle in its most well-thought out form.

2 automobiles are heading in the same direction in different lanes of a 1 way street. The start of one car is 3 feet ahead of the start of the other car. Each red traffic light starts three seconds behind the last traffic light and lasts a full minute. The first green traffic light, the one that moved the cars to be separated by 3 feet, and assuming the response times to the yellow light are identical, how many red traffic lights will it take before the two cars gain further separation?

Need some wood?

Tuesday, July 26th, 2005

The U.S. military on Sunday said it was looking into how virtually identical quotations ended up in two of its news releases about different insurgent attacks. In each case the military quoted an Iraqi calling the attackers “enemies of humanity” and vowing to “take the fight to the terrorists,” according to a CNN report.

Following a car bombing in Baghdad on Sunday, the U.S. military issued a statement with a quote attributed to an unidentified Iraqi that was virtually identical to a quote reacting to an attack on July 13.

After questioning by reporters, the military released the statement without the quote.

Lt. Col. Clifford Kent, spokesman for the U.S. Army’s 3rd Infantry Division, said use of the quote was an “administrative error.”

Perhaps they’re simply 2 huge Bush fans, and like to clip out quotes from the President’s speeches.

I tracked down and contacted one of the two Iraqis. He said that he remains committed to “tracking down the Evil-Doers”. Asked if he had made any mistakes in the past four years, he could not think of anything.

stale crumb freshener

Monday, July 25th, 2005

I’m sort of threading water right here. To blog onsomething, but not knowing what. An old stand-by would be a quick encounter with LaRouchites, but alas — I desire something a bit more substantial.

So I ask: give me a news item, preferrably one receiving little attention in any corner of political discourse, preferrably one I’m unfamiliar with, and with that I will hopefully have something erudite and lucid to say (or rather, type) on the matter.

Back to the Future

Saturday, July 23rd, 2005

One of the movies I know every line of. That’d be Back to the Future, not — say — Top Gun. (All I know about Top Gun is that there’s some airplane flying and some guy makes a noise with his jaw.)

Actually, I’m hard-pressed to name another movie I “know every line” of.

I contemplate a few things, though.

What, exactly, is the backstory of Doc Brown and Marty McFly’s friendship? What opportunity does Marty McFly have, at what point growing up, to meet and start hanging out with a slightly mad scientist?

They filmed a third of the movie with Eric Stoltz, before they could wriggle out some contractual problems with Michael J Fox. What would the implications of this actor be on the movie?

And finally — the subtle change to McFly being afraid of being called a “Chicken” in the sequels to the fear of rejection (comes out of George McFly) in this one? (In a way, doesn’t that message contradict the message of George McFly’s standing up to the bully Biff through punching him out — I note the reality that Biff is presumably physically stronger than George — then again, Marty has less reason to go with the game of Chicken.)

From the Wikki entry on said movie:

Universal Studios executive Sid Sheinberg sent Robert Zemeckis a letter intending to retitle the film Space Man from Pluto, because he didn’t think that anyone would care to see a movie about time travel. Zemeckis contacted Steven Spielberg for help, who wrote Sheinberg a letter. In it Spielberg thanked Sheinberg for the humorous letter and said that they all really had a good laugh about it, knowing that Sheinberg would be too proud to admit that he was serious. The issue was then dropped and never brought up again.

Random Question

Friday, July 22nd, 2005

Would David Limbaugh, right-wing pundit at the inglorious and author of a book about how Secular Americans are persecuting Christians, have any type of success if his brother wasn’t Rush?