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We won’t have Yarbrough to kick around anymore, and the problem with his immigration stance

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Last ditch electioneering from Grady Yarbrough.

The Democratic US Senate candidate who is often perceived as a joke, Grady Yarbrough, is apparently releasing an ad.

“I will support the Dream Act 100%,” he says as the ad begins. He also proposes to “grant citizenship to all undocumented workers living here for more than 7 years without a criminal history.”

That sounds like a big liberal limb to jump out on to Texas’s voters, and it’s certainly not a place that Paul Sadler is willing to go.

Which is interesting, considering the debate performance:
Yarbrough said he was on board with any number of measures, including a wall or fence, to close the U.S.-Mexico border. And to make his point, he referenced the infamous Berlin Wall, saying “it was pretty effective.”
“We have to use whatever method is at our disposal,” he said.

They are, I suppose, not contradictory positions.  But considering that Yarbrough was apparently trying to get the votes of a mixture of people voting for the ghost of Ralph and a mixture of Hispanic and black votes (he claims he ran around the state and went to crowds of minorities) — well, quite the idiosyncratic positioning.  Probably just pandering twice.

Anyway.  It doesn’t matter.  Sadler won.  And he now goes on to lose to the Tea Party challenger to the Establishment Republican pick.  And there’s a certain hand-wringing to Democratic voters and activists — “If only we coulda found a contender” — this coulda been the year, after a decade of futility with contenders in what looked like they could be the year for statewide election results.

Anyway… election results for the day’s contests… I’ll see if there’s anything later.

Harley Schlanger promotes grand Ron Paul / Lyndon Larouche Super-Match up Alliance

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012


But Harley added, if Dr. Paul were to reconsider that position and support the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, LPAC would consider supporting Dr. Paul.
Just in case you’re wondering where the whole “Democratic Convention charge” thing is going?  Well.  I guess the ball’s in Ron Paul’s court now.  All he has to do now is come out for Glass Steagall, and the Lyndon Larouche Movement will take down the clown nose they placed on Ron Paul, brush aside the Hitler mustahce they put on his son, and ignore the incompatibility of his Laissez Faire Austrian economics to push the Democratic Convention to drop Obama and nominate Ron Paul.
Ron Paul would catch heat from main line republicans for partnering with a “left” organization but it would be a step into ending the false left/right paradigmGreat job bringing the excellent ideas of LaRouche (especially that of an urgent need to re-implement Glass Steagal)to the attention of the Ron Paul movement. LaRouche’s broad support would be a huge plus for Ron Paul, or vice-versa.
Yes.  Ron Paul and Lyndon Larouche.  Together… they’ll be UNSTOPPABLE.
GettyUp, High Ho Silver, Away! Go Ron Paul, Go LaRouche!

We’ll see if this guy picks up on the new Larouchian support for Ron Paul, and lobbies Ron Paul on behalf of Glass Steagall.

They had huge signs about impeaching Obama and Geithner. I happened to have a Ron Paul shirt on (ok, I almost always have one on) and that led into an interesting discussion about the Fed. They want the Fed abolished immediately, but they want a national bank “accountable to the people and Congress.” They are completely against legalizing drugs (though he kept going on and on about the drug cartels made possible by his position) and they were really hammering the Rothschilds and their penchant for war (“Don’t you see what’s coming with Syria, man??!”) I wish I could have stayed longer and gotten into it with the guy more. He probably should take off the mirrored sunglasses if he wants people to engage him. All in all a very interesting encounter.

Question which hangs in with search engine:  what is an fdr democrat and why do they want to impeach obama
Hm.  Larouche hates FDR.  Called him Hitler and stuff.  Also edging toward supporting an alliance with Ron Paul.  Just part of smashing the false right / left paradigm.

Interestingly enough, David Lindsey comes out in support of Marcy Kaptur.  After rolling through every prominent politician of the last century and how they relate to Obama’s fragile electoral coalition.  Including Kesha Rogers.  We’ll see if the Larouchies pick up on Kaptur as a possibility to sell the Democratic Convention.

Rachel Brown, Massachusetts 4th:
From the statement by Rachel Brown — “Neither of these two clowns will be president”.  The walls are coming down, for Obama and Romney both. It’s likely that neither of these two will be the electee come November 7th.
Will Rachel Brown retire from politics if she turns out to be wrong about this?
Meeting held.  When:  Saturday, July 28th  4:00-7:00pm
Where:  Meeting Room Therefore, don’t sit on the fence, join Rachel, along with longtime Lyndon LaRouche associates Phil and Leni Rubenstein, for a discussion on the necessary policies for our nation and the world, and prepare yourself to mobilize.
And so they mobilize out in Cape Cod.  I think they’ll just dump this in with the Rachel Brown campaign.  Though I don’t see the Rachel Brown poster here, that’s does seem to be how these things work.
Dateline Cape Cod  The police persuaded the LaRouche campaigners to move their table from the front of the post office to a location slightly to the side, Monahan said.  “They were blocking a public sidewalk,” he said. […]
“This kind of offensiveness needs to stop,” said Karin Wennberg of Dennis.
A native of Germany, she said she had a visceral reaction to the poster of Obama with a Hitler mustache and stopped to talk to the campaign workers.
“I was thunderstruck,” she said.
This is the first time LaRouche supporters claim to have been assaulted in Dennis, Monahan said. Verbal confrontations are routine, however, with many passers-by objecting to their poster of the president.
“Is that a Hitler mustache?” Brian Rice of Yarmouthport asked as he took the turn into the post office driveway.
“This is absolutely disgusting,” Rice said after parking his car. “I don’t care what you think of Obama. This is insulting to people who went through the Holocaust.”

The Rachel Brown Campaign

The protests have moved from the sidewalk outside the U.S. Post Office downtown, to outside theDunkin Donuts on Main Street, to the spot chosen by the group members Tuesday: at the busy intersection near the CVS on South Main Street.
The LaRouche PAC has a candidate, Rachel Brown, on the Democratic ballot for the Fourth Congressional District, which now includes Milford. She spoke briefly to Milford Selectmen Monday, and is expected to hold a policy forum in Milford on Saturday.
On the Sept. 6 Democratic primary ballot, she faces candidates including Joseph Kennedy III, a grandson of the late Robert F. Kennedy.

Seems to be some history in this:
Kinda like all the pie throwers who went after conservative speakers at various colleges over the past few years, ehh Dave??!!
Not at all like pie-throwers, Joseph. Not like the merely rude people who do silly, nasty, obstructive things in both parties. Closer to cross-burners, threatening-letter-writers, criminals. Have you read up on the Larouche cult and their tactics? Huh, Joey?
Sure have Dave and they are just like the Progressive Pie Throwers!!
Yes, Ed, that is definitely ONE of the things he is doing! And if I get to choose, give me pie!
Lyndon LaRouche is a nutcase.
And, by the way….. LaRouche is a nut!! We agree on that!

Fund raising news:   Kennedy, the son of former U.S. Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy II, D-Mass., and a grandson of the late U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, D-N.Y., has parlayed his family’s prominence into donations from well-known individuals across the country.
His latest fundraising report includes contributions from Hollywood fixtures such as record and film producer David Geffen ($2,500) and actor John Malkovich ($5,000), as well as political figures like former U.S. Sen. Max Cleland, D-Ga. ($2,500) and Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, a possible 2016 presidential aspirant ($500). Back home in Massachusetts, contributors include former Gov. Michael Dukakis ($100) and author Doris Kearns Goodwin ($500).
Kennedy had about $1.9 million in cash on hand as of June 30. His Democratic primary opponents, Rachel Brown and Herb Robinson, reported raising $$7,300 and $4,900 and respectively, from April 1 through June 30. Robinson had less than $1,000 in cash on hand at the end of the second quarter, with Brown reporting just $80.

LaRouchies, for the unfamiliar, are followers — disciples, if you will — of Lyndon LaRouche, an eight-time failed candidate for president who served six years of a 15-year prison sentence for credit card fraud, and an all-around nutjob (in my humble opinion).
They have been seen in significant numbers across the Cape lately and appear more active than in past election cycles. LaRouchies are easily recognized as they like to set up small tables in public spaces and display a poster-sized photo of President Barack Obama sporting a Hitler mustache. They’re very proud of their complete lack of historical perspective and their surplus of hyperbole.
Recommended techniques for dealing with LaRouchies: giving them a dollar and, when they look at you funny, saying, “Oh, I thought this was some sort of weird performance art”; shaking your head in pity and tsk-ing audibly as you pass; declaring, “Hey, why is Obama made up to look like Charlie Chaplin?”; and having a normal conversation with them while affecting a pronounced British accent.
This last one is most effective if you end by saying “I have confirmation on the targets. The game is afoot – repeat, the game is afoot. Tally-ho!” into your phone as you walk away.
The best approach, however, is to ignore them completely. They thrive on attention just as a misbehaving 5-year-old would, so don’t play into their game. Besides, it’s only a phase. They’ll grow out of it.

Bill Roberts, Michigan 11th.

So here’s how things shake out.  SyedTaj is pounding the flesh.

Neither Democratic candidate has said they will run in the special election to fill the remainder of McCotter’s term, focusing instead on August primary and the November general election for the term that begins in January 2013.
On a sunny Sunday, Taj worked to be that credible nominee. Taj knocked on doors in an upper-middle class Novi neighborhood with literature in hand. The brochure has a picture of Roberts standing before the “Impeach Obama” poster.
“This is William Roberts,” it reads. “He’s an imposter running against Dr. Taj. Don’t be fooled by fake Democrats.”
At one home, Greg Zydeck answered the door. Taj introduced himself and hands over the brochure. “I’ve never heard of you, but I’ll look you up,” Zydeck said. […]

Calling LaRouche activists “a cult essentially,” Taj said Roberts should run as an independent.
“As a lifelong Democrat, I would never think about impeaching my own president — my party leader,” said Taj, 65. “That’s why I say he’s a fake Democrat.”
It’s a real concern for Taj if well-intentioned Democrats head to the polls Aug. 7 with little knowledge about the candidates, they may be more prone to vote for a William Roberts than a name like Syed Taj.
“My work is cut out for me right now,” Taj said of the voter education efforts. […]

Roberts is part of a five-person national congressional slate of Lyndon LaRouche Democrats who view their candidacies as a movement to spread ideas more so than an individual campaign, said Harley Schlanger, who coordinates efforts for the national slate for the LaRouche PAC. […]
Asked about his chances of winning his election, Roberts said: “I’m not making any predictions. I hope we (as a country) survive that long. I hope we don’t go into World War III.”
One woman, Michelle Obboud, has been infuriated by the “Impeach Obama” signs in front of her local post offices and approached Roberts’ table in Plymouth to express her disgust.

And here it is.  The Bill Roberts supporter / Voter base.
After talking with Roberts, Karl Peterson, 72, of Plymouth gave $5 to the campaign because he “hate(s)” Obama. Peterson was a McCotter supporter and likely won’t vote for Roberts, but appreciates his ideas.
“You need somebody on the fringe to stir things up a bit and make people think. Otherwise they get too complacent,” Peterson said.

And… Counterpoint:  Here’s video of my conversation with Bill Roberts today at the West Bloomfield Post Office. He and his buddy Alan Agree (sp?) of Livonia actually said that President Obama’s policies are the same as Adolf Hitler. How many times would someone have had to be dropped on their head as a baby to say such a thing?

Taj must overcome an immigrant background, name and accent to beat a guy with the name of William Roberts. He is getting help from the state and national parties, which don’t want to see a LaRouche Democrat winning the primary.
“I came here as an immigrant on a green card and I’ve done reasonably well,” he said. “Nobody thought I could win an election in Canton. But once people start knowing me, they’ll be able to look beyond the name.”
But where does he stand on Glass Steagall?  Does he stand foresquare for it, and by that I mean that if we don’t get in in the next 2 weeks, an asteroid will hit the Earth and destroy all of Western Civilization?

ALSO WHY DOESN’T ROBERTS MENTION THAT 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB????  That’s what the Larouche guy said.

Bill Roberts campaigns  They drew stares, curious people who asked about them and a few others who weren’t interested. It’s all part of the job for those volunteering outside of the Northville Post Officethis week.
“Even the people that so-called disagree with us, they don’t know what they’re disagreeing with,” said volunteer Alan Egre. “In a lot of cases when they talk with us and actually discuss what we’re representing out here, a lot of them actually do agree with – principally – what we’re doing.”
“As we speak, Obama is staging his Hitler coup in the form of the fascist Supercongress. Glass-Steagall has now become the only weapon of strategic defense that our nation has to head off this coup. Bankrupt the enemy, remove Obama from office,” a passage on the site reads.

The Democratic Activists ponder the election.
yes, i am in the same district.  so what do we do next Tuesday?  do we vote dem and the Doc, or do we vote in the rep primary for the nut case to help the good doc in November?
 I’d say vote for the Doc He’s up against a LaRouchie in the primary.  You don’t want to take any chances against a fringe person like him. I marched in the Clawson 4th of July Parade as a campaign volunteer and I had this to say about his volunteers.  Roberts is the LaRouche candidate in the Democratic primary for the 11th Congressional District.  [His] volunteers were too busy passing out flyers saying “Impeach Obama!” and holding up signs of FDR, JFK, Jefferson, and Rosie the Riveter to hand out candy.  A lot of the more mainstream Democrats didn’t know what to make of them.  About the only explanation I could give them boiled down to “LOL, Lyndon LaRouche.”  Because my passing out candy slowed me down, I ended up beside them several times and got to observe the freakshow up close.  After a while, I had enough of observing them and sped up my walking to get ahead of them several times.

ANOTHER PO STOP.  Dateline Bloomfield.
Patch users expressed disgust at the group’s comparison of Obama to Hitler, especially in context of a video captured by a local Jewish official.
“I find this so unbelilevably (sic) offensive. And perhaps they do this to get a reaction, but I did tell them how disgusting this was…horrible,” said Teri Weingarden, the Township Treasurer, in response to a Youtube link posted by Rabbi Jason Miller of Farmington Hills, which depicts a confrontation between Egre and himself.
“We’re trying to tell them that every Jewish person that drives by here considers this hate speech,” said a man on the video accompanying Miller, later identified as Michael Smolash, the Cantor of Temple Israel in West Bloomfield.
Facebook users seemed to agree with the sentiment: “Political satire can be humorous, but I find no humor on this. On the insensitivity scale, this one is off the charts,” wrote Jennifer Ormund.”
Not a voter.  “Fascist SuperCongress”. Where do these fanatics in the LaRouche PAC get these wild terms ? Ha Ha. They are just like the actual Hitler when he demonstrated the use of “the big lie”. “Big Lies” still influence people, and some dogs still eat trash and napkins. They don’t know the difference. Alan Egre’s statement is incomprehensible and nobody that illiterate should think that they are telling anybody anything.

An open letter to the editor from Bill Roberts.


Dateline Hayden, Idaho.  He’s made a few campaign stops in Eastern Washington and in Idaho, so I’m guessing we can just chalk this up as part of this campaign.

Question: Why would anyone come to Idaho to waste time gathering signatures for the impeachment of President Barack Obama?
Lyndon LaRouche people from out-of-stater were in front of the Hayden post office today collecting signatures in an attempt to impeach President Barack Obama. Remember that Scanner Traffic item re: loiterers on the sidewalk in front of the post office. Apparently, it was these guys. Huckleberries hears … that they were polite and moved away from certain areas when they were told to do so. (BTW, I noticed that Hitler-type mustache on President Obama’s photo in case you were wondering.) Duane Rasmussen photo special to HucksOnline.

These winners were out in front of the CDA post office this AM.
Why would anyone waste time gathering signatures to recall the mayor of Cda and 3 city council members?  (ooo… burn.)

Anyway, in more pertinent Campaign news.  There was a debate forum.
The attendees left the debate to the LaRouche Chorus singing the Star Spangled Banner and the Battle Cry of Freedom. One observer told Dave they should receive a Grammy.
Dave Christie
Christie didn’t address gun control laws, but rather blamed the military programming within the popular first person shooter games being played by today’s youth.
The inevitable marijuana question made it into the forum on Saturday. Should medical marijuana be legalized on a federal level?
“The drug mafia of the last few decades have become the drug capitalists,” said Christie. He also said that instead of legalizing the drug, the people should do away with it, claiming that society is better off without drugs.
Lastly, Christie said that it was more important to speak of principals and not party politics. He said that neither President Obama nor Mitt Romney deserve to be candidates and that his goal is to have Obama out of office by September of this year.
Debate Forum discussions.
OK, I attended the debate and here is my summary. David Christie= ” You can’t read a map” and “Someone must of dropped him on the head”. Impeach Obama? Best retort, by Congressman Smith who can read a Congressional map said to David Christie- “If you lived in your district, you can voter for yourself.”

Note to this blogger… take a second look, please:
Dave Christie, is clearly more progressive, going by the pamphlet.  Ignore this if you’re looking for a “Progressive” challenger against Adam Smith.  Do as this man says and go with Cramer… And cue the irony in that he’s being challenged on the LEFT for his military votes by progressive Tom Cramer, who has been the one candidate robo-calling (way too much) in our district. I’m going to go with Smith, but recognize that if you looking for more of a progressive, take a look at Cramer (oh, all right – the rest are traditional Republican Jim Postma, “FDR Democrat” (read LaRouche Democrat) Dave Christie, and Libertarian John Orlinski. Well at least there is diversity in the political positions (though everyone seems to want to bring back Glass-Steagall).

Voters pamphlet fun.
Dave Christie, US Congressional District Number 9, believes “globalization” is simply an extension of the “free trade” imperial policies of the British East India Company.
And Mike the Mover is still running.


New York.  As heard on Daily Kos Radio.
You’ll also find today’s The Ministry of Truth with Armando, starring Jesse LaGreca podcast in the same post. Tune in to hear their sharp commentary on the news, plus tales of Jesse’s weekend adventures among the LaRouchies. All three hours are in the player below, with the shows broken up by hour, here.  It’s at the 15:30 to 24:30 mark on the last hour.  Off of some comments on the NRA… and here’s the take-away.
Pushing for a candidate in New Jersey.  Why they’re in New York, I have no idea.”
“Impeach Obama for what?”  … Glass Steagall… waiting for Gitmo… Talking Financial Policy and the Weimar Republic… 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon only it’s one and Kevin Bacon is Hitler… “Inflation around the corner” and hyper-inflation…
“I do this full time so I know how to communicate to the public.”
“People started shouting ‘I’m voting for Obama!’  “I’m Jewish and this is bullshit.”

Washington DC:
Walking on up the hill, I encounter the type of public protest you almost always encounter on Capitol Hill. Two men are holding a large banner emblazoned with the chopped-up snake you see on “Don’t Tread On Me” flags.
But this isn’t a Tea Party flag, it’s a Lyndon LaRouche movement flag, and it’s message is “Glass-Steagall or Die.” It specifically calls for legislation, H.R. 1489 – the Return to Prudent Banking Act, which would once again separate investment banking from retail banking. A smaller sign says “Kick Congress in the LIBOR,” referring to the rate-fixing scandal on loans made by big banks to each other. Mike Reeves, one of the LaRouche followers holding the big sign, wants one more thing as well: Put Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in jail.

Washington, DC Again... Mistaken identity.  Ouch to the Dems.
Commuters were greeted outside the Capitol South Metro station this morning by a group of canvassers passing out “WANTED” flyers calling for the indictment or the arrest of New York Republican Rep. Michael Grimm.
“I thought it was the [Lyndon] La Rouche people,” said one Hill aide, who received a flier when she exited Capitol South. “Then I realized it was Democrats. They are always bothering people when it’s too early to be bothered.”
The fliers were printed and distributed by Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee staffers. Capitol South was chosen as the distribution spot because of the close proximity to the National Republican Congressional Committee and the Capitol Hill Club, the DCCC tells HOH.

Ireland.  For whatever reason the Larouche Irish Brigade decided to highlight this news of historical interest.  Sure… I’ll go with it.
A potato museum in Peru is to highlight the story of the Irish Famine that changed the face of the country forever.
The Irish Times reports that the story of the Irish Famine and how it related to the potato will form a central part of a new international potato museum in the country.

Israel.  Peter Beinart is Ron Paul or Lyndon Larouche?
Could one imagine if Ron Paul supporters in England were considered to be influential voices on American politics, and offered a blog by a major British paper? Would one ever think, say that a Lyndon Larouche movement in Canada would be offered a major online media outlet on which to espouse Larouche views by one of the largest Canadian media outlets?
Clearly these extreme views which have little semblance with political reality in the country whose politics are being debated wouldn’t be featured in an overseas paper – so one wonders why all of the respect paid to Peter Beinart ? Beinart’s ”Open Zion” blog at Newsweek/The Daily Beast are radical fringe viewpoints with less support in Israel – a democratic Jewish state – than Paul or Larouche have in America.

Dateline New Jersey.  Yeah, a couple people there.

CHRIS SARE IN GREAT BRITAIN????    There are also six Democratic Congressional candidates who support the LaRouche movement, including Sare’s wife, Diane Sare. None of the candidates is from Connecticut.
Most people ignored the men, but some approached the booth and, after listening to Sare for a few minutes, signed up for more information. One man donated $25.
Others were not so interested. Louise Gordona was incensed by one of the photos at the booth, which showed Obama with a Hitler moustache added. She upbraided the men.

Dateline Sunnyside, New York
 While Scialdone and Rebello said they experienced no problems presenting the views of LaRouche’s political action committee, Post Office Supervisor Danielle said that this is not always the case. “These guys [other LaRouche reps] come six times a year and we’ve had to call the NYPD several times because the arguments have gotten out of hand. The policemen calm the situation down, but that’s about all they can do.”
“I found them to be quite obnoxious,” said Carol of Forest Hills, who was in her old neighborhood to clear her P.O. Box. “I was surprised at their aggressive nature. It raises my blood pressure.” Passing motorist Allan shook his head at the picture of Obama with a Hitler mustache and said: “It’s a democratic state; they can do what they want, right?”

They have shown up once or twice a year at that spot for many years. They are typically very insulting, and in ways that have nothing to do with their stated aims. They also mark up the street with chalk messages.            They are not the ones marking the street with chalk.   But I hate them as as much as everyone else.               Are these guys still alive?


Sending stuff to IEYENEWS?

The following story on the same subject was sent to us by EIR Executive Intelligence Review:
The question posed by Lyndon LaRouche is, how much of the drug money was funneled into the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign?
A serious investigation would have to explore the relationship between gunwalking and drug money laundering, and whether there was a deal between the Obama campaign and the drug cartel to launder funds into the campaign.

Jeff Steinberg on Iranian Press TV on Syria.   Jeffrey Steinberg on Iranian Press TV on China.


Webster Tarpley speaks.
In this week’s WORLD CRISIS RADIO, our old friend Dr. Tarpley recalls good times at “the so-called LaRouche organization” in the period of summer and fall 1991, as he was preparing to write the unauthorized biography of George H.W. Bush. Tune in at 51:00 to hear him praise a certain Grigori Yevevich Banderovski, who must have had the respect of THE then-imprisoned DEAR LEADER.
For, when Grigori asked aloud why they do not expose the “bastard Bush”, suddenly, according to Tarpley, “The stifling and oppressive anti-intellectualism and disorganization was swept clear, and research for the book was given top priority.”
Interesting how Tarpley recalls his long-term community service sentence in such… colourful terms!

And…  Ah, Webster–I wonder if he remembers that, by the time the book came out in 1992, LaRouche had announced that it “wasn’t the point”?
(Which was certainly true. It wasn’t–but then, Lyn said that about everything).
(And as for sweeping away anti-intellectualism, Web is kidding, isn’t he? Nothing Webster ever did swept away the remotest particle of anti-intellectualism, inasmuch as he was an intellectual poseur of the first order.)
But Lyn’s dismissal of the book once it came out was painful for authors Tarpley and Chaitkin, of course–perhaps they had not yet realized that anything anyone-who-wasn’t-Lyn did was “not the point.”

That’s interesting.  The dismissal from Larouche.  It is one of the few things of lasting legacy I can note — an organizational “best seller” of sorts.

This is bizarre- Lyndon LaRouche accused Loren Goldner of being a CIA agent
I stumbled across this and damn if this ain’t some far out moonbat shit.
If you play with fire, you’re gonna get burned. It’s the price Goldner paid for having been a cadre in LaRouche’s (then using the pseudonym Lyn Marcus — you know, to sound like Lenin-Marx) National Caucus of Labor Committees, which he was a member of from May 1973 to January of 1974. […]
Sadly, Goldner still encourages people to read Lyn Marcus’ Dialectical Economics (see Will Barnes’ critique of it here on libcom). By 1973 Marcus/LaRouche was already clearly delusional, if not an outright psychotic — his “ego-stripping” brainwashing technique seems straight out of Scientology.
It would be advisable for Goldner to come clean and break with this part of his past; unfortunately, as late as 2002 he said (in footnote 2) that “the National Caucus of Labor Committees, which in the 1968-73 period elaborated a perspective which in its political and programmatic thrust was essentially identical with our own.” Hopefully he will renounce this and repudiate this part of his past. Claims of Goldner being a CIA agent shows how psychotically deluded LaRouche had become — even 40 years ago. Goldner has made many important contributions to left communist theory, so it’s imperative that he separate himself from this nuttiness.
Hey, how about that? Being one of the original Nightwatch pair from Chicago, it’s nice to know that our efforts at deconstructing the bullshit pseudo radicalism of Marcus and his NCLC did not go unnoticed.
To our credit, we knew the followers of Marcus were whack jobs way before 1973, and at no time in its history were the politics expressed by the NCLC anywhere close to the politics expressed in Nightwatch.
We, the original pair, put out a pamphlet against the NCLC back in the day… I think the article I wrote was called “Politics of the Rosicrucians.”
p.s.: it would be deeply worrying for me to be known by the LaRouchites without being accused by them to be someones secret agent
For some reason this makes me think of that Rubberbandits “Up the ra” track. “Loren Goldner? He’s in the CIA! Noam Chomsky? He’s in the CIA! Nestor Mahkno? He’s in the CIA! Bradley Wiggins? He’s in the CIA…”.
Kinda ironic really when, behind the smokescreen of pure mentalness, Larouch actually runs a perfectly sane and highly profitable private intelligence firm that does contract work for business and, er…, guess who?
Preface: This is to be heard in the mind of the reader, according to no intended choices of punctuation differing from those which I prescribed for being heard in the reader’s mind as I have written here.

Hey.  Speaking of Tarpley.  Iranian Press TV presents author and historian Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley  And… Ask yourself how England is the richest nation in Europe when it produces nothing but financial fraud.

Point:  To bolster your caveat about LaRouche, David Goldman, a very smart man and financial expert — aka “Spengler” — was LaRouche’s main economics man for years, until they parted ways.
Counterpoint:   This marks, I am afraid, another spiral downwards, for what used to be, an excellent, unblemished, and best of all, intelligent site; one that could distinguish between intellectual criticism of a (truly) corrupt institution(such as the ESM), Islam, etc, and the rantings of LaRouchites and their fellow-travellers.
Point:   However, seeing an editorial opinion whose author is openly identified by name and by relationship to L.L., you expatiate on his wickedness and then leap to condemn the blog for allowing anyone to read an opinion by someone you despise
Counterpoint:   If the policy of this blog, is now to publish anyone’s musings, provided they confirm with a preconceived leaning on that topic, no matter how anti-Semitic, foul, or plainly Socialist the author may be, you should let us know.
I would then beware this site, and not trouble you with my (clearly reviled) commentary here.
Pondering some things here.  For instance:  Why would I post the thoughts of the Larouche organization in supporting the re-implementation of Glass Steagall?


There’s another Bob Dole out there?

Monday, July 30th, 2012

“Bob Dole.  You know who Bob Dole is?”
“Bob Dole?  No the only Bob Dole I know is that old man who ran for President.”
“No.  Not him.  I’m talking about that other Bob Dole.”

every voting bloc has no prayer of representation because every other voting bloc gets in the way

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

In a third talk, drafted by William Safire, one of his more liberal speech writers (at that time), Nixon proposed a “new alignment” to include such unlikely partners as traditional Republicans, the “new South”, some “black militants”, the “silent center” (a tag lifted by Safire from a speech by former Senator Paul Douglas of Illinois, a New Deal Democrat), and “thoughtful critics like Daniel Moynihan and Richard Goodwin — both liberals.  Probably Nixon was no more than half serious about some of the elements in his proposed alignment — particularly the black militants.  But the talk showed the way his mind was working; he was groping toward new coalitions — examining unusual options.

From Conservatives in an Era of Change, James Riechley.

It’s a gambit every president ends seems to end up on, and certainly the schemes hatched by the land-sliders.  Franklin Roosevelt was the same way — apparently as early as the late 1910s hoping for there to be a way to breaking off the Conservative South in realigning his party.  Nixon’s “black militants” falls under the sway of the hoped for premise of Moderate Republicans on the premise that they desired de-centralization.  (And remember, the Black Panthers opposed Gun Control where Governor Reagan … well, you know the drill.)  This gets into this area of absurdity, described in Rule and Ruin by Geoffrey Kabaservice:

Reed in his turn carried the Republican party into some strange new territory, particularly when he introduced McClaughry and other Percy assistants to the 3,000 member Blackstone Rangers, Chicago’s most powerful and feared black street gant.  Reed’s work with young people brought him into contact with some of the Rangers.  Members of the New Breed approached the gang to try to get them not to harm Reed’s workers in the district, particularly white volunteers and people on loan from the Percy campaign.  Some members of the New Breed believed that the Rangers could provide access to voters in the housing projects, while others hoped to channel the gang’s energies away from violence and into political activism.  Reed became a liaison between the gang and the Republicans working for the campaign, which […]
McClaughry recalled later that “The Blackstone Rangers were at war with City Hall and the Democratic power structure, and so were the Republicans, so there was some interest in this group.  The Republicans put out a tentative feeler, because if these guys actually voted, or if they intimidated whole neighborhoods into voting, they could be a powerful voting bloc.  But this was risky business, since the Rangers were criminals.” […]
The columnists Evans and Novak reported that Chicago’s Republican money men had “no interest in developing a Negro political base” and seemed “dismayed and somewhat confused by the Republican variety of black power” on display in Reed’s organization.

David Lindsay profers through his political realignments on Obama, trying to match him up with his social conservative politics by way of mentioning every prominent politician in the last century, ignoring Theodore Roosevelt’s Imperialism as against Eisenhower’s “MIC” speech, and that Lincoln Chaffee won as an Independent.  Untangle these threads and they go somewhere… but nowhere terribly expedient.  And it drifts into the bizarre when he throws Kesha Rogers into the mix.

Anarchy not playing games

Monday, July 23rd, 2012
I saw the Anarchy sign.  Graffiti on the back of a public road sign.  Under the Anarchy sign the words “We’re Not Playing Games”.  It’s a rejoinder to the mocking line about 20 something year old punks “playing games”.  But a little defensive.  The medium of the message somehow reinforces the point the message is trying to refute.
I heard a group of tourists.  Or a family visiting a native.  They ran through the gambit of “Keep Portland Weird” items.  “And it’s called Zoo-bombing”.  “Really I should try it.”  “No you shouldn’t.”  “I think I will.”  “I went on the Naked Bike Run.  It was awesome.  I called [00] and he was like ‘Why didn’t you tell me?  I would have joined with you!'”
I think the Zoo Bombing had an anarchist-bent to it, if you consider a shadow war against automobiles such a thing.  If that’s part of the Anarchy politics.   Years ago the contentious nature of the business dried to a point where one of the local outlets had a police officer quoted as nodding to the bicycles with a “Have a good ride” quote.  It may be that that alone brings it over to bourgeois contempt.  It has been ages since Critical Mass freaks did their thing — at least I think.    I think the Naked Bike Run has always been an item of bourgeois contempt.  Might as well just go to the joke that is Voodoo Doughnuts — one of those “sell the sizzle, not the steak” triumphs of Image Marketing, the selling point regards the novelty of standing in a long line to buy a doughnut.  God, I hate Voodoo Doughnuts.
Yesterday I walked past a tour guide going over the E Coli item for the city.  By then it was all over and done with, and just tying up loose ends in the “Wasn’t that interesting?” way of things.  “I drank some water yesterday, and I’m fine” said the tour guide.
I may as well note that actually the Portland Radicle is an interesting broadsheet… well worth a venture.  At least it was good to see a nod over to Paul Goodman, as I quoted from here.  Their boxes have propped up alongside the other free pubs.  I suppose that’s not a playing, even if the Bart Simpson and Lisa Simpson incorporated into an image showing them running off to an Anarchist conference gets a little stale quickly.

2 Democratic Senate candidates to watch: One will lose the upcoming primary; the other will have to wait to November

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Grady (Not Ralph) Yarbrough’s history of campaigning.   By contrast, Yarbrough ran for the Republican nomination for land commissioner in 1986 and 1990 before running for state treasurer as a Democrat in 1994 – unsuccessfully every time.

The Texas Treasurer position race is the only race mentioned in the “Our Campaigns” website.  A position that no longer exists.

Taking on the name issue.
If my name resembles someone who may have served in the United States Senate some 35-40 years ago, living or dead, it’s purely coincidental,” he said, insisting any name recognition he enjoys stems from his three previous statewide races.
And if Yarbrough has benefitted from the name game, there’s evidence he’s also suffered from it. He lost the 1986 GOP land commissioner runoff to M.D. Anderson Jr., who had nothing to do with the renowned cancer hospital. (For the record, Paul Sadler has nothing to do with Jerry Sadler, who held a variety of offices from 1938 through 1970. And I’m not former Glendora, Calif., Mayor Ken Herman.) FYI, Yarbrough ran in 1994 as Grady Yarborough. His mistake, he says.

Actually I think his name just stuck out in a low-impact election.  The logic of the “running every cycle, gots some name recognition from it” would fall apart even more surely than getting a nod from Ralph — his last election was 1994.

Previously he had been running a few campaigns as a Republican.  Which, given that   he just moved to the left of anyone right about here — poses the question: Huh?

Well, if the Texas Republicans could bring themselves to care, they might do as Claire McCaskill did and prop up the candidate they want the Dems to vote in by running something like this anti-Akin ad to get Republicans to vote for him.

Meanwhile, on the Republican Side:  there’s gonna be a third debate.  Tea will be served.  Or something.

Meanwhile, in Nebraska:
Not everyone is laughing about an essay that comedy writer Sarah Paley, the wife of U.S. Senate candidate Bob Kerrey, wrote for Vogue magazine.
The former “Saturday Night Live” scribe’s husband has served as both senator and governor of Nebraska. He is now running against Republican state legislator Deb Fischer to reclaim his Nebraska Senate seat.
In her essay, titled “The (Not So) Good Wife,” Paley bemoaned that her husband is getting back into politics, saying she reacted with “hysteria, tantrums, sulking.”
She also joked about trying to orchestrate a sex scandal to end his campaign.

Sure to win over Middle America and defuse the “Gone New York / Hollywood” image of Nebraska’s former Senator.


Doc Hastings and Lisa Murkowski: Practical Jokers

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Oh, that Doc Hastings.  What a kidder!

With Greenpeace activists planning to shadow Shell’s drillships in the Arctic this summer, some lawmakers want to know why the environmentalists’ vessels aren’t getting as much federal scrutiny as the energy giant’s fleet.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I’m thinking that Environmental Impact studies would be commiserate against how much impact something might have on the environment…  Like, one’s big and one’s small?

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, and Rep. Doc Hastings, R-Washington, on Friday pressed the heads of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement to detail their plans for monitoring Greenpeace’s activities — and how they might affect marine life. “NOAA’s and BSEE’s analysis of (Shell’s) planned oil and gas exploration in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas has devoted extraordinary and unprecedented attention to the potential impacts of vessels and other activities,” the Republicans wrote. “Though the potential for impacts is similar, there has been no such analysis or permitting of the planned protest activities or the operation of the vessels participating in them.”

And comments snarking in 3…2…1…  I’ll go with this one.
Green Peace is supported by Big Oil as a way to re-direct anger. Its a tactic they have been using for decades to inspire sympathy for Big Oil, and hate for anyone who tries to monitor them. Where do you thing GP gets all of its money for those huge ships. Who pays the actors and actresses? Alot of money there...
Naturally this will get a response from someone assuming they’re serious.
Counter editorial in Anchorage Daily.
Put simply, despite its continuing subterfuge and slick corporate sophistry, Shell is clearly not ready to safely conduct its 2012 Arctic drilling program. And, respectfully, the suggestion by Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Rep. Doc Hastings that the “potential for impacts is similar” between one Greenpeace vessel and Shell’s massive exploratory Arctic offshore drilling program is simply ridiculous. The lawmakers may want to review some photos of the northern Gulf of Mexico from summer 2010.

In comments section, this strikes me as the same as the old “First!”
Stay retired Rick…