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deep state redux

Monday, February 25th, 2019

I can’t quite catch a term, but it’s a term that seems important to … know.

“I keep hearing from Bernie Sanders supporters who say he can’t lose.  Like, they’re…”
“Not that.”
“[  term of some sort ]”  — something with “dogging” it at the end of the phrase…
“Yeah.  Like.  Way too hopeful here.”

“Not even popularity.  It’s the electoral system and… they won’t allow it.  It’s naive to think they would.  I mean.  You know Chile.  Venezuela.”

Why not mention JFK while they’re at it?

a nuisance law suit comes out of this… probably to make a political point, i guess

Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

The dealings of the “Covington Kid”…

He’s at a “pro life” anti abortion march…

I don’t know the details, really — I guess I need to watch ALL THE VIDEOS, but the brohauhau depresses me in that it is a brohauhau.  There’s not much there.  A kid in a MAGA Hat.  Recently scoped out the wackiness of the Black Israelites, which is a good thing to scope out — though, not altogether easy to follow…

They are more anti-homosexual than the conservative Catholic kids, though.

Watching this (I guess selectively edited, but if you want to find me the other side of selectively edited, lay it on me)… there’s the insults being tossed around, and no not all the ones from the Catholic are purified pc, but it is tit for tat.  (The “It’s not rape if you don’t enjoy it” is immediately responded with a “He does not go to Covington!” and the shocked (somewhat in good fun) face of a young girl who I suppose might.)

The problem, I guess… is that their school chant — which they bring out because they want to do something productive in waiting for the buses and tiring of the game with the Black Israelites…

And, I suppose we’re in the eye of a beholder.  The native American’s perspective on “what is going on” in the scene is disgustingly misguided.  Disturbingly so.  We’re stuck on a… MAGA = kkk… the end.  And the kid apparently smiles a little weirdly … after he walked into all of them…

drumming… as they participated in (regretably) a mock Indian salute…

And their conservative cause, anti-abortion — is beyond the pale.  And there’s a lot of them, and only a few of those…

wacky black israelites with an entertaining, if stupid, message.

And, the kids were all morons for throwing out the Tomahawk chop.  I suppose that’s the one thing that they might have to talk about — if he wants to.  I guess this is what I’m supposed to be putting everything on with the third panel of this comic strip (and why I’m stuck going back to this)– “they did mock them”, cut to the white dude shutting her up.  Because… feel free to offer up your selective clip to counter this one, but… I don’t see much.

I was pondering when the hell I’d seen something like the brohauhua of this sort in the past, and I remembered… in the early days of the Obama Administration, there was a fight that broke up in the back of s school bus.  It had a racial dimension in that the bully was black.  And the next thing we heard was Rush Limbaugh and the Fox echo chamber going off on “This is the new America” under Barack Obama.

Because.,.. um?  Nitwittery.

It was a goddamned fight on the back of a school bus.  I’ve seen those.  I don’t know if new technology would have brought the fights I’d seen on the back of the school bus to national notice.

The question that’s disturbing me in the current era… how many, what percentage, across the chasm of the “political divide”… can defend someone “over there” without somehow being viewed as being “over there”?


Thursday, February 21st, 2019

A Feminist store of some good location has the sign …

“Before there was Clinton, there was Chisholm.”

Sure.  But before there was Chisholm, there was Woodhull.

Between them, there was Margaret Chase Smith.
Two poles of “respectability”, Woodhull had an eccentric spirituality, and Smith was a Republican.  I don’t know which one they’d go with.

Then again, there’s also Jill Stein.  We could have a “Concurrent with Clinton, there was Stein” sign.  Maybe they’ll put that up next time?


Sunday, February 17th, 2019

Did Lawrence Dennis consider himself a fascist?  Self described?  Yes, I know he was tagged with the label at the time, and at the outset of the war was charged with sedition charges alongside co-defendants he had that “one of these things is not like the other” quality against.  And I guess his uber objective uber cool rational “analysis” would make more effective axis powers propaganda than the German Bundhists and Silver Shirts that mostly embarrassed the Germans.

Between Deecember 1935 and February 1939, he contributed 14 articles to the American Mercury — then in its second (or perhaps third) editorial iteration, starting with excerpts from his book “The Coming American Fascism”.  Ostensibly simply commenting on trend-lines and not advocating the trend-lines, laying out the perimeters from a peculiarly elitist “masses corralled this way or that” perspectus.  The magazine then changed editors, and it’s not hard to imagine that the new editor had the sensation “the mask was slipping”, and at a time public opinion had shifted to make irrespectable his defeatest unconcerns over the fate of Europe.  (Interestingly he does proclaim America will be the pre-eminent power, with a German Europe second, and way in the back after Muich — Britain.  What America looks like is another question.)

The dark missives from Lawrence Dennis aren’t all that bad, except for the feeling I’d get reading them that Dennis doesn’t consider them “dark” at all.

Interestingly, a few editorial shifts down the line, the American Mercury would become forth-rightly fascist — Russell Maguire getting it close — or, best to say a mix with the “conservative”; it appears National Review came out to shephard a “respectable right” and when poaching talent let the magazine with its anti-semites and Birchers… (also Ralph Nader had an article published in it, somewhere at the same time as “a forum on the money changers” with prominent pull quote from Reverand Coughlin)  before selling it to the “Defenders of the Christian Faith”, Gerald Winrod’s old unit… and onto Willis Carto.  And here Lawrence Dennis would look out of place.  I suppose the difference striking between a latter year neo-nazi sympathizer and a one time real time fascist theorizer.

I’ve seen few excerpts from his “on set of cold war” writing, though not much.  He seems to take a libertarian position of sorts against the burgeoning cold war security and military and welfare apparatus… almost rectifying it into his “fascist” paradigm.  More dark meanderings, I suppose… appealed to his old time isolationists of Hoover and Joseph Kennedy, wikipedia suggests… which figures.


exploratory committees

Saturday, February 16th, 2019

On William Weld, we get comments like this:

Bush and Jimmy Carter lost their bids for a second term after facing challenges from inside their party.

Sure.  And Obama successfully fended off his primary challenges — John Wolfe, Jr. and Keith Russell Judd, and Jim Rogers — all of whom garnered a hefty percentage round about the Appalachian — Ozarks fault-line.

They did better than William Weld will do.  I’m tempted to ask why he skipped out on his entres to the Libertarian Party, before realizing: whatever his politics can be described as (the Republicanism that gets Republicans elected governor in Massachusetts, that they then have to denounce in order to do anything nationally?) — it isn’t Libertarian.

I wonder what Judd’s exploratory findings showed?

someone figure the “state of the cult” now?

Saturday, February 16th, 2019

Dividing the headlines for the obits for lyndon larouche into various categories.  I do like the attempts — ‘Queen Elizabeth is a drug pusher’ conspiracy theorist dies at 96 — as though we need to figure out what, who, what you may have known him as, vaguely.

For the most part it’s “Political Cult Leader” (thank you right wing world net daily), or “8 Time Presidential Candidate”… “Conspiracy Theorist” and Presidential Candidate… “Who led cult“.

Tagging to specifics — harmfulness — “Politicians who sought HIV Quarantine“.  And the local angle — “Rochester’s own“.

A few years later I encountered Fairchild pushing the LaRouche stuff (and if I recall correctly, feeding a student’s seeing-eye dog some of his lunch which is a no no). When he said his name, I said “hey you are that guy who ran for Lt Governor” he didn’t seem to want to talk about it.
A few years later we encountered LaRouche followers in Germany, surprised me quite a bit.

AND  I think all his life he was laughing up his sleeve at his cult. I don’t think Lyndon Adolf H. Stassen Marcus-LaRouche believed half the things he said.
At least by 20 yrs. ago people had finally stopped confusing libertarians w LaRouche. That longstanding confusion was as vexing to him as to us.

Back then I showed their lit to a friend. He thought it was hilarious & joined them for the lulz. Little by little, they won him over, but after a few mos. he was outed as a Rockefeller spy. He described his being purged as a very scary scene of them surrounding him & saying, “Hah!”

I was talking with a LaRouchite at a table in a public square during the 1980s and he axed me where I was from.
I told him my hometown and he looked at me wide-eyed and he axed me if I knew that the founder of NAMBLA was from my bumfuck town and then pulled out pamphlets on it and, years later, I found out that the info was accurate!
I ‘m one of the few who know of it in the town where I grew up.

Hey da.  Back in the day, I was intrigued by the anti-war, anti-Bush/Cheney posters with which they decorated the table they routinely set up on Broadway, so I stopped one day to see what they were all about.
That five minute conversation got me months of some of the kookiest mailers and emails I ever could have imagined. “Just think of how much better the world would be if orchestras didn’t tune to 440,” and the like.
Those guys are f*cking crazy.

Okay.”  A tireless proponent of returning America to the policies of Alexander Hamilton and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, passed on February 12 at the age of 97. There are no details.  Still trying to get reactionary Catholics?

And moving aside the glib “slur political enemy” angle — Here’s the Competitive Enterprise Institute who notes Larouche had a big goal for huge government, as does AOC — why, Larouche lives on! — (Noted, the Larouche organization has declared her and her “green agenda” Malthusian anti-human etc.)

And semi-the same the claim “showed where U.S. politics was headed” — never mind I recall paranoia as being pretty extant during the Cold War, a dig at Trump — Or to the point, the hbo video puts him in the context of “Long running joke”.

and reference point to the likes of Alex Jones  “Before there was Internet Paranoia”  — (notably in the current era of deplatforming has been hawking the old fashion virtues of radio to his listeners) —

Cute on the peculiarly local angle “Spread Fear in Oregon”) –  A white Rashneeshi in his own special way. Buh bye…

For my part, the “hits” that arrive at this little blog of mine… he disclaimed The Beatles.

This hour, some random talkings, and it skips around to things of note and some things not of note, the interviewed struggling not to overstate what he knows… skip about to 45 minutes and we get some of the “high lights”, and — “chimpanzee in the White House”, worth noting the black man skipped out on the cult in short order.

As described by Scott McLemee in trying to explain how “cults die” or disintegrate — over to “Why We Left”.

So, where does LaRouche’s mathematical output fit in? Has anyone in the field assessed it?

Har de har har.

As any good demagogue… The crises and anxieties of our age gave Lyndon LaRouche a lot of material to work with

The big change-over over the last few years, under the new leadership of Helga Zepp as Lyndon faded and stopped being plopped up back in 2016… It’s no longer an American cult serving Russia; now it’s a German one serving China… (McCarthyite of me, dunno.)

Deceptive to the end, LaRouche passes from the scene having migrated from Marxism to quasi-fascism, and from fake Democratic to fake German allegiances. It’s never been clear to what extent Lyndon LaRouche was a con man, or just a megalomaniac who drank too deeply of his own Kool-Aid. But he left a lot of damage in his wake. And in the end, the drug dealer Elizabeth II got the last laugh by outliving him.

Molly Kronberg: Glad to see you included references to Ken Kronberg’s suicide and LaRouche’s attacks on his own (baby boomer) members. As Ken Kronberg’s widow, I appreciate any article on LaRouche that recognizes the tremendous damage he did to his own “membership,” and Ken would too. Not long before he died, Ken told me that LaRouche “was too mean to die”–but the past few days show that, however mean LaRouche was, he was no match for Death.

Swedish prime minster Olof Palme, who seemed likely to have been killed by incubated poisonous rhetoric.  Jeremiah Duggan could not escape a controlled environment.

Matthew Sweet may have written the last book on the movement in anticipation for his death — as it should be for a footnote of a footnote, coming at him from a side-story.

Kremlinologically, reading factnet… Rachel Brown — the woman who ran against Barney Frank — appears to have been slotted down the scales; — it’s Kesha Rogers and Diane Sare that come out of the cult’s “LYM” recruiting struggles, I guess — Jeffrey Steinberg disappears — and why wouldn’t someone like Harley Schlanger– carved out his space in conspiracy land — just drop the cult connection and move on to Webster Tarpley’s jib?

So. I had one indirect encounter with the #LaRouche movement, back in 2004 on the University of Pittsburgh campus. Thankfully, it wasn’t in person- they had a stack of newsletters out and I took one.
It alleged that something called the “Congress for Cultural Freedom” was actually the “Sexual Congress for Cultural Fascism” and part of Dick Cheney’s plot to take over the world, or something.
This is where they lost me. I do not want to think about anything that involves the words “sexual” and “Dick Cheney” in the same sentence.

the obituary will probably be in the below fold in the NYT

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

So.  What is his legacy?

We note that the Executive Intelligence Review, the publication of his cult, has been wont to start mis-spelling his name.

In the early rounds, no major news source of “wikipedia notability level” is getting it up, and we’re stuck with twitter feeds.

His “twitter feed” hasn’t been updated since 2009… if this is indeed the real Lyndon Larouche, and not to be too conspiratorial but I have reason to believe it isn’t.

Altogether a dripping of this.

I always thought of LL as the quintessential 70s talk show punchline and was surprised by a Boston University undergrad shilling for him on their campus in the mid-2000s. I assumed he was already dead by then. When pressed for Lyndon’s stance/worldview, I was reminded of his classic “shotgun” approach that placed virtually everything and everyone into the same hell-bound handbasket. Thanks for entertaining us!

And that.

Oh man. Lyndon LaRouche RIP. He taught me it was okay to be weird.

In honor of Lyndon LaRouche’s death, here is the article in which his publication called my father the ‘High Priest of E…
Who hasn’t been tagged into the Lyndon Larouche conspiracy vortex?

Lyndon LaRouche is dead. The Rothschilds deny responsibility. Alex Jones reportedly is in a secure location.

 Apparently, someone called #Larouche is dead. I’ve never heard of him. Never will again either.

Yes.  In the early going, it’s pretty meager.

Will this “name as insult” all fade away?
When President Trump wakes up and misplaces his mind on Twitter like some street-corner LaRouchie,

Or, for that matter, the off-shoot brands

The Law Council of Australia, who oversee federal legislation, declined to comment to The Echo on their position on the laws, while Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson supported the laws and attacked the Citizens Electoral Council as ‘full of shit.

The likes of Mike Billington jump to declare a “We must now continue to advance his life’s work” and the cause… we have his marching orders in this headline:

The Next Twelve Months’ Work Must Consolidate and Systematize the Cosmological Ontological Standpoint of Cusa’s Founding of Modern Science

Get to work, Larouchies.  The next 12 months are crucial!
I guess the big work is to get the masses to sign a petition for Trump to “exonerate” Larouche?  (Last legacy project indeed.)

Where will Roger Stone go to now, in off-kilter alliances of the desperate?  (And what the hell did he get from his jumping in with the cult in the first place?)  It does seem to hover to the top of what immediately concerns the likes of dailykos.

The Larouche organization used to run a bookstore in the downtown portion of Leesburg, Virginia, upriver from Washington. D.C.  As I recall, it was called the Benjamin Franklin Bookstore.  I stopped into it one time to check it out.  Lots of American history stuff in the front. At the back of the store, books about Hitler, including Hitler’s own Mein Kampf, and recordings of music by German composers, especially Richard Wagner.
My first encounters with Larouchites were earlier, when they used to pass out pamphlets while standing on Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, just outside of Pennsylvania Station.
One of Larouche’s goals which he touted during one of his Presidential runs in Democratic primaries was to build a canal across the midsection of Africa so that merchant vessels would not have to circumnavigate the Cape of Good Hope.  I guess that that canal will never be built now.

And the memories commence.

His legacy reverberates in what others had to fight against… He leaves behind a Trail of causes

The 92-year old actor, artist, and advocate — who fought for equality in New York before becoming a Los Angeles activist in 1971 — is still highly engaged with the resistance and hasn’t lost an ounce of her stage presence. Biographer Judith V. Branzberg and Bottini had a spirited discussion about her life that spurred the audience to laughter as she recounted the outrageous undertaking “liberating” the Statue of Liberty. She also recalled her involvement in historic moments like stopping the Briggs initiative, and The La Rouche initiative, being one of the founding members of the first ever chapter of the National Organization for Women, and designing the NOW logo, still in use today.

Will Helga Zepp now close down the US branch?

Or, as we used to call him at the Iraq War protests, “comic relief”.
Hey! … you probably picked up the fountain-head notion of everything running from the Straussians from him.


Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

I was wondering about that National Inquirer article bursting forth on juicy news on the personal life of Jeff Bezos…

… like, this can’t really be a big seller, can it?

As it turned out… No.  Maybe we should as a society care, even a little dirtily, about Jeff Bezos, but apparently we don’t.  Gonna have to dredge something up about one of the Kardashians now.  Or find another stupid photo from Governor Northum?