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meet the Natural Law Party roster

Thursday, October 29th, 2020

Michigan Senate candidate Doug Dern.
MSU Board of Trustee Bridgette Abraham-Guzman.
UM Regent Keith Butkovich (NLP).

How Rocky de la Fuente descends from the Natural Law Party of the past and John Hagelin

New Jersey’s Natural Law Party is growing, despite having called it quits in 2004… The now-defunct Natural Law Party, which shut down in 2004, has seen their voter registration jump from 396 voters in June 2016 to 7,019 this year.
Though, that is blamed on computers.

Though that is Nothing like the faltering slide in history andstate of the Reform Party and its Presidentoal candidates and contenders… Never got to a Universal Health Care pushing Trump in 2000, as today we have… The same hobby candidate as the Natural Law Party, just in different states.


Thursday, October 29th, 2020

Yeah, if this were a liberal pundit on a Republican candidate, there would be a huff of conspiracy from the left. As opposed to what we see from Huffington Post, a headline crashing any conspiracy mongering from Tucker Carlson.

And I suppose the Trump variant for first obnoxious supporter is worse than tne Kimmel noxious bit, voter intimidation versus an anonymous normalizing of a shunning,

And we see stories of the typical sign stealings…

but… And right now I am having trouble finding the story of an antifa activist pretending to be a jackass proud boy Trumpist… I will run into it eventually…

GK Chesterson’s Man Who WS Tuesday truly a book for our times…

The curious map manuevering of 2020, and I half saw it, understanding full well Trump’s Supetbowl ad and convention speeches extolling his work — signing a very modest criminal justice bill — as, (gasp) aiming to bring in black votets (while mainstrean New York Times articles scratched their heads or painted it as a cynical ploy for white acceptance) —
And where the full thrust of BLM and their antifa allies does indeed repel some black voters. I have no clue where this takes us after the celebrity jackass anti-hero charisma of this Trump administration… though clues dot this mother jones article — or for that matter theold white geezerdom of the Democratic standard-bearer

, but for the moment —

Regardless of the stereotypical super supporters, and that Michigan militia grouping who I see (fairly justified) right wing explanation of government set up agent provacateurs in that scheme to kudnap their governor…

This year it shifts the map and alters the Pennsylvania versus Wisconson dynamic … If it serves as a balm, a Elizabeth Warren would be doing worse than Biden under the dynamic of

HE IGNORED TWITTER. During the primaries, the younger, hipper candidates (like Kamala Harris) misread just how far to the left the party had moved, for instance, assuming that single-payer and legalized border crossings were the center of gravity. Biden didn’t. That’s helping him tremendously now. Perhaps Biden’s advisors were especially conscious that the Twitter Left wasn’t the actual world. But I bet it didn’t hurt that the candidate wasn’t perpetually barking out reactions to Tweets he’d just seen. (Does Biden know how to use Twitter?) He has consistently had a better sense of what the political sweet spot was — for instance, during the primaries, it was Black Church Ladies in South Carolina more than it was Baristas in Brooklyn.

Hey! Notice in that 538 article the possibility that a Pennsylvania loss Biden wpuld result in that magical Omaha based district being the deciding 270th electoral vote. I guess that is why Trump was in Nebraska… to pathetic results.

Third Party looksee

Monday, October 26th, 2020

IMG_20201025_152939 The Republican opponent is a qanon follower, so understand in a just world where party affiliation can more easily be subsided, he would come in second. With a not ex-Republican wing of the Libertarian Party that had brought the party to its high vote tally in the Presidential race last election.
This year’s Presidential candidate made the most news in the mainstream media when she was bitten by a bat. Kind of reminiscent of Carter’s battle with a rabbit, or Bush’s battle with a pretzel, so on that score Jo Jorgensen is presidential.
The vice presidential candidate is a sop to the Performance Art wing of the party, or maybe selected by the other party splits to check Jorgensen — an ally to Vermin Supreme, though with no boot on his head. Anyay, apparently he wasn’t allowed to contribute to the voter’s pamphlet, so I have less ability to see how he stacks up against Pence and Harris.

A sign that Kanye West is not serious in his presidential bid: is vice presidential pick is from his state of Wyomig, constitutionally not allowed. Maybe one or the other would make a quick relocation upon election before the inaugural. I don’t know — is that allowed? (The current president made an in term move from New York to Florida.)
(Kanye West is also a vice-presidental prospect in California, puzzling to see what happens if the main man — de la Fuente — wins.

We see a creative support for the Constitution Party candidate in t j e comments here.

Don Blankenship story is quite fascinating. Yes he served a year in prison, but the story behind why with the mine accidents is really interesting. To a degree he was a victim of government over reach, which is why he is running. He understands the importance of safety regulations… that make sense. He is keenly aware of how many things in government don’t make sense and in fact are outright hypocritical. He us running as an anti hypocrisy candidate. Don’t let the prison thing scare you. Look into what happened and why it happened.

Ah, sure. The government regulation is what kept him from enactimg proper safety standards.

Hobby candidate Rocky de la Fuente wants an America 2.0.

Brock Pierce, of Mighty Duck fame, becomes silly with a Just as it did in 1824, in 2020 the highly divided House of Representatives has the opportunity to compromise by choosing the one candidate that can unite America in service to all Americans: Brock Pierce,” Pierce’s website says., ignoring the whole “Corrupt Deal” charge that loomed over the John Quincy Adams administration, booted out by the guy who beat him in the popular vote next time up.

I am mildly curious to see how the “American Solidarity Party” candidate does… A theory of anti-abortion Democrats, who has a couple commentators’ and pundits’ votes. Good for… Sixth place for Brian T. Carroll, maybe?

the three sided political dump on facebook and social media

Thursday, October 22nd, 2020

From The Left, Mother Jones magazine, we have the reported whistle blowing of getting screwed by facebook while some rightwing source that employs Ben Shapiro isn’t, and is upset that the tech savvy users of a banned reddit site pulled themselves around.

The right wing Rod Dreher reports that facebook has screwed with the Babylon Bee, a satirical site of either a right wing bent or (sorta where I reside polititically, at least in part, hopefully to be altered significantly November) “anti-anti Trump” bent — and a source our esteemed president tweeted as a news source once… (Reported by this linked site as a “Christian satire site”, showing how weird forcing categories becomes.)
and has banned one ex college professor who had dealings with his Evergreen students, replete with another one of those whistle blowers explain the inner workings of borrowings from the Chinese government.

The one time conspiratorial and outside electoral politics (asode from Ron Paul and occasional asides to Dennis Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney) and now conspiratorial and firmly tagging for President Trump — Prison Planet site gloats about lack of trust with social media.
No word on them regarding Sacha Baron Cohen’s forced looking honeypot trap on Rudy Giuliani, the harumping of editing this set-up enters the realm of “why I land on anti-anti Trump”, but which here leads to the query for Alex Jones… A “neo-con” enemy of the hated Bush administration era but close ally (personal lawyer) of the supported Trump administration who kinda unfairly maligned here in a sensational manner, and incidentally, is tossing out favored conspiracy theories. GO!

The cringey

Sunday, October 18th, 2020

Worth correcting a few points,

extreme right wing groups are the ones which the FBI has told us are the most likely to inflict violence on the citizenry. Not the left. Right wing white male extremists are currently the ones who have either been convicted or indicted for various violent criminal conduct. Ranging from murder to plotting to kidnap Governors. There are no organized left wing extremists. So far poorly connected bunch of anarchist. But they do have women associated with them. So there is that diversity.

Passing by the claim of no organization within the left wing anarchists — with a couple polite laughs…

On that Lack of diversity and a bunch of white jackasses… The case locally has Haley Adams, who I last saw in person walking in circles with a handful of supporters and an equal handful of bandanaed counter-protesters and otherwise saw yelling in front of the mayor’s house. In the melee over qanon, I see comments to the effect of expressing alarm and statements to pay attention and not ignore how many midwestern women are taking to the cause and conspiracy.
Then there is a this

[Poll] also spells a bit of trouble for Biden among Hispanic Catholics and Black women, who seem to have slightly drifted to Trump. Read more at The New York Times..

Counteted, I guess, by an actor of note on Bill Maher’s show. The second item, rising support for Trump from black women, leads to a question… Up from zero?

Ignoring the rule that you don’t discuss the outfit of a woman, and then there is this.
Kamala Harris, who Zoomed into the meeting, had a copy of the children’s book I Dissent on a table behind her.

That is not a children’s book, even if that is where bookstores locate it.

The hub ub over Coney’s use of the word “sexual preference”, a wholly situational yelping, leaves me back to the “pox on both sides” position. Surely you jest. Cue a search for Biden saying the phrase to no bashing at a Democratic debate. The best I can suggest is the part of the woke left that votes gives Biden a generational bye.

It is worth parsing the words a little more than this, as of last Tuesday, “bad bad bad”. In some cultural contexts, it is not difficult to imagine a choice sliding in, as well some cultural forces pushing in any direction.

Biden, apparently, we can trace his progressive stance on LGBTQIAS2+ issues to his father commenting on 2 guys kissing in public in Scranton 1961 … And… This literally unbelievableline is apparently part of his pitch back in March.

The covid — antifa matrix doesn’t want me to buy shoes

Monday, October 12th, 2020

IMG_20200921_114529. Needing a new pair of shoes, I ventured downtown, forgetting that Payless is (relatively speaking long) gone. So, wherefore for discount shoes? Ross For Less, perhaps? Nay, I couldn’t figure out this boarded up contraption of a store-front. It appeared to be closed, and when it opens I don’t know.

All right then. That place with initials people always mock. Har de har. I look in, scan about, and cannot see where the danged shoes are.

Target offered one shoe. I almost bought it — because damneditall, but thought better of it.

So. Trip over to Wsl-mart, which despite the best efforts of the city betters has snuck over into on the edge of town. And what do I encounter there? A massive police presence standing by, some doofus with a giant “Trump 2020” flag waving in the back of the pick – up and driving around in circles , representing I am sure a dozen other Patriot Prayers coming in from Vancouver, and an that assorted grouping with the word “Presx” pinned on to document happenings from their antifa cohorts who are somewhere in the vicinity and who would apparently snatch my personal mobile device out of my hands if I decided I was “press” myself.

Naturally the stores in this strip mall arena are closed. I walk by the entrances, all temporarily boarded or haphazardly blocked, someone shouts from their car “Is it closed?” and I shout back “Appears so”, and so I have to make my way back past a bunch of riotcops, closed fast food places, a Trump flag waving pick up truck, and now I think I see the park and crowding where the two larping Spanish Civil War re-enactors are engaged in their favorite hobby.

IMG_20200922_110000. IMG_20200926_112842 So. Onto Freddies, where I pick up my damned shoes — roughly ten more bucks than I was hoping to pay but them again I am actually kinda flush with cash right now — discarding my old past worn out shoes and putting them on. I thought I had clicked a da!ned flyer en route to the Max on “report any and all fascist license plate numbers to this antifa email address”, but apparently not. Someone in a car is sitting by shouting in a monotone “Black Lives Matter!”, and some guy decides kind of snaps back at attention to give a quick salute and “roght on!”,having to jab for attention to make sure he sees him and that he is signaling the correct virtue.

Coming Republican crack up

Sunday, October 11th, 2020

Attempting to define a “Trumpism without Trump.

It does not and cannot mean a return to the Bush era. The Republican move toward defending the unskilled, protecting working families, guarding entitlements, resisting urban wokeness, checking free trade absolutism, restraining overseas intervention, and curtailing mass immigration is one that need not be abandoned.

Now, figure out if that dream scenario of dousing Trump from the post election wreckage leaves any of this.

This recuperated Republican Party dream literally ending by saying George Bush is “our only hope”.

On one sliver in the first one, the “restraining overseas intervention” Trump shoulda kinda sometimes represents, and then in full campaign battle mode to define Trumpism…

It was a perennial in the Bush Administration mouthed by the liberals repeatedly… We’re gonna go into Iran!!!
Never happened, but now this points to the idea that Trumpism without Trump would probably have even less to recommend it, and be represented by Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas …
… Who is… Erm… Trump plus John Bolton.