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In Partial Defense of Marjorie Taylor Greene

Thursday, April 29th, 2021

I see another one of them items in the daily deluge of articles — favored by Huffington Post and infowars — of “Disfavored politico said something we deem nutty, snarky Twitter responses followed”. Last night’s Biden address brought out a patch of them for the theatrics of Ted Cruz and Lauren Boebert. But my eyes poke to this blaring links bait headline.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Sinks To New ‘Level Of Dumb’ In Biden Speech Criticism.

Considering this is a person who has plumbed some rather dumb depths, this is quite the sell.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) dropped to another “level of dumb” for blasting President Joe Biden’s push Wednesday to expand free education, one Twitter critic said.

We are off to a weak start. Maybe I am getting old and out of touch, but I am astounded by a casual use of headlines about pronouncements from something called “influencer”. This “Twitter critic” doesn’t even have the gravitas for that title, apparently.

In an address to Congress, the president outlined a vast “American Families Plan,” which among other things would create free universal pre-K and two years of tuition-free community college.

But the QAnon-supporting Greene, who was stripped of her House committee assignments for spouting tinfoil-hat theories, bashed the proposal as just another conspiracy.

Federally funded school from age 3 to 20 doesn’t sound like education, it sounds like indoctrination,” she tweeted. “All at your expense. By force in the form of taxes.”

So, it is in the main one of her smarter comments, even if deficiencies may lie in the details. Great. Now I am the annoying position of sticking up for Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The educational system is always a touchy subject, but here the Congress critter is mouthing sentiments expressed for unsettled teen angst by Pink Floyd and My Chemical Romance (the latter band in largely just ripping off the former), various curmudgeonly social critics and stand up acts. She herself may have picked up or been in circles reading John Taylor Gatto; — ad everyone shifts over to some home school model — probably not Howard Zinn but criticism of the like sits with his work too. As it were, we see always lines of culture war getting fought at the Educational Bureaucracy level — with what do we indoctrinate our kids? (That story about Idaho’s “banning” of “critical race theory” is interesting framing, in suggesting the most unproblematic and pure unimpeachable inarguably nature of crt, with any opposition or criticism seen as a flat out denial of racism on America and teaching anything on it. But so goes binary Either/or chose your side now politicking, sweeping under any and all queasy permutations for your cause.)

On the actual policy choices she is criticizing — it is not as though “free college tuition” is an unalloyed good. Not everyone should go to college and to suggest such devalues college — so the effect will this tend to be a wealth redistribution upward — the upper middle class suburbanites better prepped than poor rural and urbanites for the goods. I suppose noting this is why we move onto the great “community college” — here I note that just about the only line the live blogging of the conservative National Review gave a positive review for in Biden’s speech was a couple words on creating jobs “that don’t require college” –in theory the “positive” reorientation for their party in finding “Trump I am without Trump”. Diverting from Greene’s idea of “indoctrinating through age 20” — the creation of a refactoring “13th grade” or “high school with ashtrays” (apparently not menthols, though) is an undesirable possible effect here. Methinks the offer of “free community college”, however you work out the logistics and ” who’s gonna pay for it?” — could be delayed… Like, have it for everyone that they can utilize later in their twenties or thirties. Maybe Joe Manchin can think through this.

I do note that when President George W Bush offered as an answer on what he would say he to the unemployed on what he has to offer, his “Here’s a thousand dollar credit for community college” was met with guffows from liberals. Partially justifiably: partially not.


Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

On that mass shooting at a massage parlor/ prostitution din

The initial stories about mass shootings are almost always wrong. Columbine had very little to do with bullying and social outcasts. The Orlando shooter likely wasn’t targeting gay men. The Virginia Tech shooting had just about nothing to do with “gun culture.” The list goes on.

A couple of years from now, after the killer has been convicted and sentenced, we’re going to find out that this whole thing was more complicated, more tragic, and more weird than we could possibly imagine. By that point, no one will notice.

And if men have a tendency to shoot sex workers and if sex workers in some areas are predominantly Asian, than do we just get to say, well, no racism here, individual or systematic?

And if it is just a normal example of misogyny, well perhaps a country where garden variety misogynists pick up guns and kill large numbers of people may be a problem? Perhaps?

you go the the Young’s Asian Massage to shoot workers, it is not just by chance that the workers shot will be predominantly Asian. If you go to shooting at places that you have been to before and know that the workers are predominantly Asian, then it is not by chance that the people you shoot are predominantly Asian. If on the other hand you shoot sex workers at random you might expect a less biased sample. That this crime has a racial component suffers from obviousness.

That may be true but it speaks directly to a number of issues. (1) Why are massage parlors primarily Asian (and going beyond what you said, usually Korean, Chinese, or Thai); (2) why assume the women are “trafficked” or even what “trafficked” would mean in that case. If the women were advanced the money to travel to the US and find a place to live, and also someone provided them with their visa with the expectation they would “work” the advance off, is that truly “trafficking.” How is that different from bringing a Polish carpenter to Chicago with the expectation he repay his debt working as a carpenter for a non union firm? There is a built in assumption to most discussions of sex work that sex workers are trafficked, which is belied just by reading on line discussions among sex workers. But more importantly (3) Sex work is illegal in Georgia, why were these businesses still operating. Is it because Police turn the other way because Asian businesses are clean and discrete? There are no obvious ties to Italian mafia or Mexican cartels? Or Black gangs?

Is the real issue here, unspoken in any accounts of the murders, is that the police as a matter of course look the other way and allow Asian massage parlors to operate because they are Asian? Illegal sex work in Asian Massage parlors is normalized because the sex workers are an Asian other. What if the massage parlors were Russian? Irish? Polish? Mexican? Or what if they were religiously divided? Roman Catholic? Methodist?

It is good of you to point out that the Asian hate crime angle is wrong—and that the Southern Baptist angle is more wrong. But I am more disturbed by how the sex work aspects are glossed over and themselves the product of what can be called “racial” assumptions.

To blame this crime on “racism” is to absolve our society, and ourselves, of any culpability in allowing these types of “massage” parlors to exist, and to deny the corrosive effect that prostitution, sorry, “sex work,” has on men, let alone women. It also denies the feedback loop of cause and effect that the sexes have on each other. Looking at this crime honestly would result in all the narratives of the sexual revolution and “equality” of the sexes to come tumbling down. We’d have to admit that prostitution is not empowering to women, it enslaves both women and men, in different ways. We’d have to admit that the “Asian fetish” mentioned often in news reports of this crime extends to the communities that look the other way at Asian-owned massage parlors out of an exoticized view of Asian culture’s supposed enlightened take on sexuality.

on polling showing conservative fatalism and justifying it.

I will say that I personally feel that the conservative approach to all social changes, which is to run away (“take your kids out of school and homeschool them!” “get out of the cities and move to the exurbs/the Sun Belt!”) really needs to end, and if conservatives are thinking instead that it’s time to start staying put and facing things, that’s a good thing. But I’ll believe it when I see it.

Those types of surveys are very problematic. People get that they’re being asked, Would you like the results of this poll to show that people think everything’s OK, or would you like it to show that people have a problem with the way things are going? And so they tick the “problem” box, even if the wording doesn’t fully or accurately describe their views.

Questions like that aren’t really designed to further understanding of public opinion; they are designed to give Ezra Klein, David Brooks, et al. a hook for their columns. In their small way they contribute to the reductionism and divisions they purport to record.

Ya Brooks seems to have completely forgotten what happened 4 years ago. After Trump was elected California was supposedly going to succeed they were so pissed off about the world. We heard over and over, in fact we STILL hear about, how Trump and Trumpers were destroying the nation (you know that 47% that voted Trump). I have a friend who played in a military band, and he said after they played for Trump’s inauguration half of these grown men and women wept like babies about it.

This is nothing other than a reflection of the truly divided state of the nation. We now have so little in common that huge portions of society won’t accept as legitimate the other side being in power.

The starbucks down the street got firebombed when I was a kid too (ineffectually as always). Obviously this had nothing to do with Trump since it preceded his election by 20 years. It has been part of Portland culture for all my lifetime for the local anarchists to throw poor functioning molotov cocktails at corporate retailers. Think of it as our version of the running of the bulls for our disaffected and pampered youth. Unfortunately Trump’s election led to a lot of fearful liberals becoming more accepting of this behavior (since they were sure fascism was coming). Trump’s surge reinforced this.

I used to wash dishes at a restaurant that cattered to upper middle class people.And i got a lot of flack from a few customers who found out that i had not voted for Clinton in 2016[ I hadnt voted for Trump either that year.But the customers were still angry at me] And i couldn thelp but think how skilled many of America’s corporate and politcal leaders are. They had managed to convince these customers[ who were also my neighbors] that the biggest threat to America wasnt Big Tech monopolies, nor was it Wall Street greed and incompentence.No! The biggest threat to America was the dishwasher at thier local bar/ restaurant , who sometimes voted Republican

Wall Street and much of corporate America has managed to convince millions of Americans that the biggest threat to America are men and women in rural Ohio who work in places like Walmart.Just because some of those people voted for Trump


Tolkien had no hesitation about “The Return of the King” being a positive good. One king rightwise born of the good blood ending the anarchic division among multiple jurisdictions and bringing an expanded, restored empire under his wise and benevolent rule. Such kings, of course, are only found in literature, epic or novel. That’s why we have to be careful about entrusting anyone with too much power. But its not cut and dried. All power isn’t the ring of Sauron, and all well-meaning, inspiring leaders in real life are not Aragorn.

The hobbits and men in fact did fight their enemies instead of viewing battle as ipso facto illegitimate and once they had emerged victorious set up kingdoms full of beauty instead of viewing rule as ipso facto illegitimate. Tolkein’s point, I believe, was that by seeking power above all else to destroy the evil enemy one is liable to themself become evil, functionally equivalent to the enemy. He was not making the argument that men should ‘turn the other cheek’ and accept the rule of Sauron, Saruman and Orcs instead of resisting nobly and forcefully asserting the primacy of the good (of which a part is that power is not an end in itself and must be used judiciously). This defeatist impulse is what I was criticizing.

The Soviet legacy actually has had some lasting cultural impacts- people in the former Soviet Union tend to be more skeptical of markets and capitalism than people in the western countries.

And how much of that is the old peasant suspicions of city slickers looking to cheat them. IMO, Russia started out well-primed for Marxism.

My grandpa was a cop in Detroit then. The stories he told me led me to the conclusion that drinking didn’t actually decline. It just became less measurable. Pretty much the whole criminal justice system was staffed by opponents of Prohibition from beat cops to judges, so enforcement was minimal and statistics unreliable. He used to bootleg hard liquor across the river from Canada, not for sale, just for personal use, and some of his colleagues would make home brew from ingredients bought at the grocery store or directly from local farmers. I suppose some good came out of the demise of saloon culture, given that all-male drinking parties in homes would end when the host’s wife shooed everybody out where a bartender had motivation to keep his customers drinking as long as possible, but I don’t think it balances out the great expansion in organized crime. Tommy guns could be bought by mail order then, no background checks, no ID, no nuthin’. The big city bootlegger gangs used them in their turf wars, with little concern for the safety of bystanders. It was the bystander casualty rate in these turf wars that led to the first demands for gun control.

Prohibition also closed down the saloon by opening up the speakeasy. The old-time American saloon was a white male affair; the men who frequented it were mostly what we would now call Anglo-American, with a liberal sprinkling of Scots-Irish; foreigners were not particularly welcome and the Germans and Italians had their own places of resort. The saloon was a white, male, nativist safe-space, and a woman couldn’t enter it without risking her reputation. The speakeasy was entirely different. Women were received with open arms; foreigners were plentiful; POCs were evident; everything had changed. The change was indubitably effected by Prohibition, of that there can be no question; but I’m not sure that you, Stari Momak, would have cared for it had you been living in those days; in fact, I’m not sure that you like it even now.

You’re telescoping a lot of time here. The literatures of the classical era did indeed survive well into the fifth century largely intact. The monasteries received many of their libraries as donations from wealthy Christians in Gaul and Italy. The classical curriculum survived well into the Christian Era, both in the Latin West and the Greek East. It was Justinian’s attempt to reunite Italy forcibly to the Empire that finally broke the back of Late Roman civilization in Italy, and not the fifth century Germanic incursions.
If your thesis is that writings disapproved by Christians were allowed to molder away, what explains the survival of Catullus? Or indeed of any pagan writing? It wasn’t just hidden away, forgotten until Petrarch came along and uncovered it a thousand years later, although that’s the popular image based on his discovery of Cicero’s letters. No. Christians then were more urbane than their image among modern Western seculars would have you believe.
I reject the idea that there was wholesale censorship of the classical canon. I DO believe there was censorship of rival “Gnostic” writings, though. But that would have occurred largely in the Greek east.

The question isn’t “can I flourish within mainstream society” but “can my subculture survive living within this society.” You have to be able to differentiate between a fight for the soul of society at large that isn’t winnable by political means, and fights for what your faith specifically needs to exist as a healthy surviving subculture. The latter goal is still very achievable in American and that’s the reason not to turn to burning it all down or to despair.

what we commonly call “Western Civilization” most everything intellectual can be traced back to old Plato and his realm of (capital “I”) Ideas. And again I say that in the most negative way possible.

And we are and have been none the better for it. And we’ll never find a real way out of the mess we’ve been in for centuries until we deal with Plato and put him in his rightful place: in the dustbin of the history of ideas.

Transgendered hagglings

Just for laughs, I started browsing and window-shopping at some progressive fashion stores, in
the Seattle area, that not only sold men’s clothing and women’s apparel, but also had separate sections for “gender fluid,” “nonbinary,” and “genderqueer” textiles.

Ignorantly, I assumed that the men’s section would sell, for instance, pants, the women’s section skirts, the gender fluid section culottes, the nonbinary section skorts, and the genderqueer section scooters, or something like that. I was dead wrong.

The women’s section sold all of the above items and was bigger than the other four sections combined. The men’s section (so as not to alienate the stores cis customers) not only sold typical menswear, but avoided anything even remotely feminine like a bad case of the plague. And the other three sections all sold long pants, shirts, neckties, t-shirts covering the elbows, shorts covering the knees, and other stuff identical to the men’s section—only of A THINNER MATERIAL and MORE BODY-CONTOURED than the “menswear.” Palazzo pants, leggings, capris, yoga pants, etc., were strictly for cis women.

Seriously, Mr. Dreher, when was the last time that your wife/sister/daughter wore a skirt? This is simply the next logical step in casting womanhood as a “step down” from not only manhood, but even from ANDROGYNY, under the flimsy pretense of “equality.” I agree with you 100% that nobody under 18 must get tattooed, pierced, or any other body mutilation. This, however, does not address the elephant in the room—viz., that “girly” has now become a synonym for “weak,” as opposed to one for “beautiful.”


Friday, April 23rd, 2021

(Blink. Blink. Blink. Rub my eyes.)

Helms was a leader in the conservative movement and, according to a 2008 obituary, was staunchly opposed to homosexuality.

I am not saying anything on the issues at hand with Tucker Carlson and his college yearbook — the problem here is the choice of citation. From what I can surmise, this is the work of a historically illiterate 20 year old intern without any understanding of why Jesse Helms is bad but with some sense that he may be, turns to the first Google search on Jesse Helms and finds his obituary. According to that 2008 obituary.

A pox on everyone’s houses every which place. Hold on a minute, here’s George W Bush! This is a joke right?

George W. Bush said he’s troubled by ‘the capacity of people to spread all kind of untruth’.

Evidentally George W Bush holds that that ability — to spread mis and dis information — should be reserved for the top echelons of government. Or, at least his.


I think it was Norm McDonald who, in reference to a statement that “the worst thing about Bill Cosby is the hypocrisy” quipped a “no it isn’t”. In personal life — say, parenting, you have to play the role of hypocrite — any number of dangerous behaviors you did as a youth you need to tell your kid not to do. In the arena of politics, it does get tricky — is hypocrisy the one and only problem, and why does the hypocrite caller so often end up in a term of hypocrisy, or perhaps misrepresent the claimed hypocrite into broad strokes? There is this tedious paint by numbers online story style — it is a standard for the Huffington Post and infowars — where when a hated political or other public figure makes some unflavored comment or votes some disfavored fashion — the headline goes that ” so and so Is Destroyed”, and the bulk of the story follows with a long line of tweets calling so and so a poo poo. See here with Josh Hawley. I myself am kind of neutral on hate crimes designation — it does have its juricial problems — but am as glad people can go on Twitter and pillar him for the vote as I am that people can do so with anything said by Maxine Waters for the same basic lazy article from Alex Jones’s website. Understand, it matters not one iota if the person in question deserves a pilloring, the genre is set and gets meaningless because it is used to pillar anything that source disagrees with by whomever they think is evil.


In the wake of the Derek Chauvin guilty verdict, it is interesting to see how Republican heavys calibrate a response to meet that 45 percent of Republicans polled disagree and majority everywhere hold a justice is served. The Arguable Republican 2024 Presidential favorite DeSantis chimes in with one line of pestering. Overall we are dealing with a number of procedural issues that tend not to be the bulliwark of Conservative commentary. Somewhat interesting is the lines of commentary regarding the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus. Reminding me of the Rightwing reactions to a school bus fight from early in the Obama administration — accurately fingered as a non story and kids behaving badly that needs to be dealt with by school and possibly local police authorities, but the right makes hay as Racial Animus. Though, to be sire, this one does line up with some element of the left downplaying as not worth the attention brought to it. A better analogue for partisan double backing may be that case of opposing anti bullying laws in deference to sensitivity of viewing your kids as homophobes — kids being kids, why micromanage it at such a minute level?

A funny thing about the conservative complaint on late night talk shows being political and thus drone ful… I basically agree but with the caveat of “Who cares?”. Able to slide into YouTube clips of Letterman and Conan. The problem with this partisan dangling is a… So late night tv becomes as the right transformed the am dial of the radio in the early 90s — and you can’t complain, it is what the market makes it.

You can’t complain about Apu’s disappearance from The Simpsons either, because the show’sback catalogue is by far stronger than whatever awaits. Like, I have to puzzle over this positive press on a replacement for a voice actor to a gay character — Hank Azaria out and apparently gay podcaster in — the phrase that clunks is ” pipular character” referring to Julio. I never heard of him. Nothing in The Simpsons is popular after about 2000, and if I have the time right for this paeticular episode — 2003 — that was an espicially bleak time period for the show.

talking to themselves

Monday, April 19th, 2021

For a second I think this is supposed to be a late nineties David Letterman. Nay. Bill Gates. I am surprised there is no allusion to teeming mosquitos.

Over to the right — and you do want to avoid this place, really — the city ought clean the dump up … another sticker with Faucci in I assume a baseball stadium, Padres cap on head, mask lowered off face (I do not recall if on chin or simply not over nose as too mouth). Today I see some similar “gotcha” news report for Alexandria Occasio-Cortez, without any direction.

political ghosts of the gop

Thursday, April 15th, 2021

Good to see the newest addition to the Democratic base, your anti Trump hawkish neocons, recoil as Biden announces the end of the war in Afghanistan… who is now hand wringing over what everyone largely agrees: the Taliban shall regain the big cities.

Random guy keyboarding on the Internet has the wistful hope

Maybe once the Taliban are back in power, it will be different. Perhaps they learned their lesson and rather than imposing a medieval Islamist regime on their people, it will be a more modern Islamist regime like that of Iran. Yes, still not good, but it will be a vast improvement over what the Afghan experienced in the 1st Taliban regime. I’ve read that there have been talks with China, etc.

As sound and as doubtful as anything Max Boot will chime in with.

John Boehner is making the rounds with his new book of cute anecdotes about his damned right flank and the damned Obama. Also he calls Ted Cruz mean names. The response is a lot of dumping on the damned right flank with a dash of charging against Boehner as part of that damned right flank — often not accepting any terms for opposing the ACA — with or without the most hyperbolic “Communist!” charge. Colbery bounces back and forth on that score, and the liberal media sphere notes any kindhearted comment on Biden as frictious fodder against that Right flank. Ted Cruz tweets that he has a signed copy in the fireplace — begging the question: wouldn’t the toilet be more dramatic?

I suppose we will shortly find out how much juice George W Bush has with his party, as he now stumps for his book of portraits of recent immigrants with a political axe in selling those immigration proposals his party rejected in his second term. Well, reports have it that we finally see Trump receding, so everyone looks like a ghost — but inasmuch as one exists at the price of the other…

words have no meaning. Neither “exclusive” or “news”

Sunday, April 11th, 2021

Reports are coming by out that Nancy Pelosi was set to retire after the 2016 election, but changed course because Trump won the Presidency. It is reported by the USA Today as “Exlusive News“.

Even though… It is not much of either. By definition, nothing is exclusive –once reported it becomes news that every other news outlet worth its salt shall report on. But further, it is not news. This has been reported since 2016. I read some details of it in the 2019 book on the first two years of the Trump Administration and its relations with Congress — The Hill to Die On. I suppose we now get it from Nancy Pelosi herself, except we don’t — it is still the one degree of separation in perspective as it was with that book prior that spit out the storyline.

In a few months we will, I guess, get an “exclusive” “news” report on a tumultuous meeting Trump had with members of leadership in Congress over Immigration Proposals where he agreed with each and every posture presented by the Democrats — to the horror of the Republicans in the room — who then had him in agreement with the contradictory postures they laid out — ending with a happy Trump pumped up to the lot of them to “Let’s get it done!”. Banner news that has already been reported.

Prince Philip, Ramsey Clark … Dead

Saturday, April 10th, 2021

The entire electoral success list of Australia’s Larouche Movement.

The LaRouche Movement has had an interesting yet not very influential history in Australian politics. They actually won Joh Bjlelke-Peterson’s seat in the Queensland Parliament at a by-election following his retirement!  However, that was their only electoral success and they’ve basically been relegated to public access TV and local newspaper appearances since.

And now?

Former Queensland National Party member for Barambah Trevor Perrett charged with indecent treatment of a young girl.

His parliamentary career began in 1988 when he won the seat of Barambah as an independent with support from the far-right Citizens Electoral Council.

Oh the LaRouche liker guy

Within months, he joined the National Party and held office for a decade before he lost his seat to a One Nation candidate.

II.  Pieces of puzzle:  the Larouche — Jones matchup

He’s responsible!  Mr. Alex Jones and I used to be friends and spoke back and fourth on a personal dialogue. He’s even thanked before many times. I got him to let Lyndon LaRouche on his show back several years ago.
Huh.  At the time, the series of Larouche interviews were prefaced with one with Jeffrey Steinberg, who appeared alongside Sean Stone.  They strongly suggested Sean Stone was responsible for getting them in touch with Larouche.  But apparently Karl Ilonummi did it.  Or, “allowed it” — whatever that means.
Alex Jones moved on to having Mike Gravel on, where they engaged in fawning over the man … though Jones never does square the pro China sentiment moving forward into the Trump era.
Notewothy for Gravel.

As for William Binney.

III.  Have to address eventually because it is a constant in Twitter scans.

“Lengthy Mike Anderson” has a bee in his bonnet against claims of political correctness / woke ideology / social justice warrior / “cancel culture”,  (See here) (seeming to argue (and if someone considers this as putting up strawmen, right back atcha) a straight line between an essay published by Lyndon Larouche and this Family Guy clip — or, to the point, that Seth MacFarlane is a Lyndon Larouche dupe.  The responses to his Twitter hobby range from adequate to inadequate in terms of refuting him (and a wide range of gradations between these two poles), but he will regard them all as beyond the pale… Fixed position as he has.

For the great question, “Who are THEY?”,  emphasis staring down a “they” — I dunno… Assholes?

Ironic rebuttal to a parcel of the argument.

Hm… ” The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts. While the stupid ones are full of confidence.” – Charles Bukowski

To be sure, though, I am sure and lack any doubt that THIS

I think LaRouche has Badiou beat at the pass at least with Being and Event; but the interaction with the infinite in Immanence of Truths seems to level the playing field somewhat. Am waiting for Reinhard’s translation to tally the full bout

is pure crap.

IV.  LORG!  LPAC!  The Battle Rages…

local news coverage showing LORG taking it to the LPAC stronghold.    (Where they sell a backs history centered on NASA and space weaponry).

BURN! Is this Trump Political Action Committee? 🤣

It’s seen with Kesha Rogers gushing over Trump’s cpac speech as viewed on nrwsmax.

The word is not wholly out as we see those fellow refer to “the Schiller Institute of the Larouche PAC”.

LPAC may be having an identity crisis, as evidenced by the dropping of this biblical passage on a tweet linking to a nuclear power article — And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. —Genesis 1:28 —  subsequently deleted — Is LPAC unsure about the Christian market?  (They are Certain on the Trump repeater role.)

John McCarthy takes on LORG’s anti China stance.  He deploys the Big Insult — –  Comparisons with The Epoch TimesThis kooky article sounds like it belongs in the pages of Falun Gong Show rag The Epoch Times not on a site that pretends to represent LaRouche.  The Epoch Times being a Trump butt kissing paper.

Accusation from lorger to lpac of Stalinism, complete with a phrase I (roughly) used — ” Larouchism just for one country”.  (Lorg evidentally more true to Larouche’s Trotskyist roots.)  See also the demand to.”say her name” (Helga) and the plea Ben, why are you pretending to be the LaRouche’s Movement without Helga?  

Speaking of history down the memory hole: Chatted with some Larocuheites by my work. They have never read Dialectical Economics, nor did they know about LaRouche’s days as an SWP member. They did tell me that Marx was an agent of the British Empire though.

On LORG’s part… I don’t get it.  Unidentifiable bald old white guy’s (closest I can make out is Lyndon Johnson — which would be pretty darned anachronistic… Prince Philips, maybe?) rib-cage is Nazi?  I guess this is the message they are going with, suggesting LPAC may just win. 

Iran’s Press TV consults Richard Black.

V.  The passing of a royal brings out a bit…

of a this thing here… In 1998, when I worked for @algore, Lyndon LaRouche pamphlets proclaimed that Gore was engaged in Bond villain-style global conspiracy to rule the world with Prince Philip. It was not, to my knowledge, true. Still, I thought the Prince would rather like the idea.

The passing of Ramsey Clark leaves me wondering how deep in an obituary the name of the unpopular cause Larouche will drop.   Appears in the New York Times, one in a list of unpopulars.  See too Washington Post.

Conservatives came to loathe Clark, but support for him also began to erode among left-leaning activists as he made a habit of defending a rogues’ gallery of accused terrorists and war criminals.

I wish he didn’t do some of these things,” Leslie Cagan, a peace activist, said of Clark in a 2005 interview with the New York Observer. “He is one of the few public well-known leftists in this country, and it does make our work harder sometimes.”

His client list included political extremist Lyndon LaRouche; several followers of the Branch Davidian cult leader David Koresh; former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal, sentenced to death row for killing a Philadelphia police officer; and Lori Berenson, an American who was imprisoned in Peru for aiding a Marxist revolutionary group.

Mumia probably leaves “the Left” supporting him — not sure how to rate his backing of the North Korean dictatorship as opposed to America’s sham democracy.   Though we see round about some tweets suggestions on how “making it harder for us” may be the point,  with some Leftwing denunciations on twitter, following that analysis from that time period when Clark would appear on Democracy Now all the time and lobbying for Bush’s Impeachment at Bush’s high mark in public approval.

Clark also defended Slobodan Milosevic, the former president of former Serbia and Yugoslavia, who died while being tried for genocide by a United Nations tribunal at The Hague; Elizaphan Ntakirutimana, a Rwandan pastor who was found guilty of engineering a massacre of ethnic Tutsis inside his church; and Karl Linnas, an elderly former commander of a Nazi concentration camp. … Saddam Hussein.

For LORG’s part it gives Helga the evangelical opportunity to dump the exonerate Larry he message to “heavy hitter” Ramsey Clark Memorializing Twitterers — heavy hitters who appear to delete the message almost instantaneous!y.  There is some hidden history in that Clark had prior been an enemy Larouche saw as out to get him.

VI.   Larouche references are in vogue in reference to news  on the Trump fundraising tactics.  

One issue that keeps popping up. Individuals who are in prison can still run for President of the United States. It’s only happened twice. Most recently was Lyndon LaRouche.

Leonard Peltier was on the ballot for President in 2004 and –though he dropped out before the election — vice president (position under the same legal restrictions) in 2020.  (And some states do have the prohibition against felons running).

Still, neither Debs nor Peltier had Verdi tuning on their platform.

(Um.  Was Roger Stone allied with Larouche back then?  No.  Was with Trump, though.)

VII.  Memories

One. I remember reading the Larouchies’ The New Federalist paper back in college. Used them as drop cloths for room painting as there were stacks of em left for free. The Q

Deleted: I swear I know of that guy. There was a house at 185th and Meridian that used to have all kinds of Lyndon Larouche stuff up in the windows. Obama in clown makeup and stuff.u

I used to enjoy getting into arguments with LaRouche idiots at the bus stop on 1st and Pine. That shit was hilarious. This was like 15-20 years ago

The Ave… you had to worry about everyone there. If it wasn’t the Larouchies, it was Hari Krishnas or Scientologists.

and Oh I so remember, this would have been about 1982, when the LaRouche people sent their crazy to a friend of mine who was a delegate to the state Dem convention. It included that Liz was a drug dealer. We all laughed.

Back in the 90s, I accidentally got on the mailing list for his newsletter. (note to self: never sign petitions)

heh. my grandpa telling an extremely boring story about the Socialist Workers Party
“Yeah anyway only this one guy, Lyndon, was making any sense. That was before I really knew who Lyndon LaRouche was, though”
Wait what come again

and when he died me and mdl spent a full week getting high and watching his speeches on youtube lmfao
always got a laugh seeing these guys with their booths outside of gun shows

and. I swear I know of that guy. There was a house at 185th and Meridian that used to have all kinds of Lyndon Larouche stuff up in the windows. Obama in clown makeup and stuff.

I used to enjoy getting into arguments with LaRouche idiots at the bus stop on 1st and Pine. That shit was hilarious. This was like 15-20 years ago

Blam!  when I was 15 a lyndon larouche acolyte cornered me in a cafe I worked at and pelted me with goldbug pamphlets — a single traumatic event that cost me likely 100k+ in btc appreciation

ba de dum. If you were a weird college student in the 2000s, your main options were Lyndon LaRouche, Bob Avakian, and improv theater. Two of those were actual cults, and the other one had some pretty interesting ideas about Maoism.

and soIs it wrong that I kinda miss LaRouchies? In college I would just get high and read about how we need to cancel HG Wells because Facebook is his fault.

Heh heh. Once, on a whim, I wrote “Lyndon LaRouche Rules” on a psychology paper before I turned it in. When I got it back, the teacher had noted (in red ink, mind you), “You gotta be kidding.” She totally earned my respect that day.
Interesting time reference perspective.  His followers are best known for standing in airport terminals, wearing ”Feed Jane Fonda to the Whales” buttons and selling magazines about laser beam weapons and nuclear energy.

Say it again. I remember watching and laughing at LaRouche’s 30 prime time infomercials. When people would try to give me political literature on the street, I would say “I’m sorry, but my leader, Lyndon LaRouche, doesn’t want me to accept that.” Oh to be that young again…

(Note: includes video of Alex Jones and Mike Gravel fawning over Larouche, though Jones never does square the pro China sentiment moving forward into the Trump era. Notewothy for GravelGravel.

And. I had a friend and his brother who dropped off the face of the Earth to go to Chicago to live with 8 other people in some apartment working for LaRouche. It was so fucking bizarre.

Debates!  When I was in grad school in Baltimore in the 1980s the Maoists, the Trotskyites and the Lyndon Larouche crowd used to scream at each other across the street while handing out leaflets. Good times.

and There was a local group here that was very pro-Trump and promoted themselves for a long time in front of my local post office, they’re not around anymore and fizzled out when he died but I assume some of them are still around

Yeah we used to have a very active LaRouche chapter in Seattle during the Obama years with the “Obama Hitler” poster, showing up to all the festivals and stuff. I feel like I hadn’t seen them around for a few years even pre-Covid tho.

zoom in on I was chased down the road by LaRouchies when I was working with United Farm Workers. LaRouchies are fignewton insane. They don’t have the right to define anything, let alone U.S. political discourse

The Oklahoma Panhandle is Larouche Land. In every Presidential primary, the Oklahoma panhandle says “watch us vote disproportionately for random candidates”. Klobuchar, Booker, O’Malley, Edwards, Sharpton, LaRouche in Dem primaries. But not just ancestral Dems–Ben Carson, Ron Paul, Alan Keyes, too.

The Grateful Dead at Columbia, as too… will be interested in that one of my clearest memories of Ferris Booth was attending a mayoral debate in which the “Labor Committee” (NCLC: Larouchies, still kind of on the left) really viciously attacked the Communist Party, resulting in a full scale brawl.

The perils of what awaits Andrew Yang campaign. A long time ago, a bunch of white people were holding up Lyndon Larouche signs at the farmers market. Same energy.

The only time I have seen anyone mention LaRouche irl have been elderly black women. No idea what this means

   A long time ago, a bunch of white people were holding up Lyndon Larouche signs at the farmers market. Same energy. 

I rember when I was a kid we never heard about Lyndon LaRouche running for president. The press used to ignore the crackpots. Perhaps we really are returning to normal.

Right. For those old enough to remember, this is a little like encountering a band of Lyndon Larouche supporters out in a college quad, seeing a lot of them and how vocal they were, and worrying Larouche would get elected president.

What’s this have to do with Libertarianism?. I always think of the ’80s. My girlfriend and I getting way too high and falling asleep, only to awaken to a infomercial of Lyndon LaRouche. Talk about operation warped speed! It was weirder than this

Say there.  At 17, I had an argument with a bunch of Larouchians outside a Post Office who insisted that Congress should pass a Law revoking the 2nd Law of Thermo otherwise the Universe would end in heat death and everyone knows that’s impossible.

Parenting.  Then there was the Obama w/a Hitler mustache sign incident [LaRouche camp.] & we got into a verbal altercation. I’m my father’s daughter.

When?  I was a silly Trot in my early twenties and mostly considered LaRouche a quack at the time, but felt a bit of a pull from some of the overlap. Lol

Hum. The Schiller Institute is a LaRouche “think tank” – extremely fringe, frequently engaging in cult-like behavior, and for some strange reason rather active in Denmark in the early 2000s (which is why I know of them).

VIII.  Current Day

Skipping historical personal voting from Socialist Workers Party to Larouche when he becomes a “Democrat”, with one curious throw to Cox against Harding.  So… Historical Trotskyist turned Larouchite?

(I think this is a joke about Joe Manchin, Democratic Senator from West Virginia, but gets confused in a typo.)Prior Larouche groupings approved of Unger’s anti Bush book in a manner they don’t his anti-Trump book, never mind some Larouche citing for Trump’s Russia dealings.

Qanon is definitely designed to be magnet for the disaffected left, radicalized by repetition on social media , LaRouche -Trotskyist &Pro-Putin has been involved with anti-democracy support for RW authoritarianism narratives and agenda since the 70’s

Wait. Doesn’t The Larouche Movement get any credit?
Indeed, the other attack on the law—popularized by Sarah Palin’s false claim that it would lead to “death panels”—was based on Orszag’s IPAB and an amendment written by Republican Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia, who pushed allowing Medicare to pay for counseling beneficiaries who wanted to write end-of-life directives or living wills.

Finding Larouche debris amongst the Capitol Hill rioting.

Dateline Sweden. Swedish tiktok teens are going wild for Lyndon Larouche Thought

So when you’re not drinking you deal with your anxiety and various emotions by punching the guy handing out Lyndon LaRouche pamphlets on the corner, right? I mean, I did that drunk but it is really helping me get through some things.

The case of William Jones. The meeting will no doubt set the stage for relations moving forward. President Biden, unlike the former Donald Trump administration, said that he wanted to work together with China on issues that were “in America’s interest.” At this point, not much more can be expected, given the build-up of tensions between the two countries over the last several years.  Hey.  You know who else is advocating easing America’s China posture?  Henry Kissinger, and… Hearty praise from him.  Maybe they can team up?

LORG has wind against its front in American public opinion lpac wants to avoid.

Markel as the New Larouche .

Lyndon LaRouche paved the way for Meghan Markle. he is the real hero

Lyndon ran so Meghan could flyL

Lyndon codified pitch so Markle could sing

Markle is 100% tuned for Verdi pitch

oprahs not asking her what her musical freq of choice is. (Eye logo)

I haven’t seen the interview, but if she’s saying the right things about Aristotelianism, she has my support.

Princess Diane Death dust.  Rehashing the fight at the Princess Di death.

IX.  While everyone ponders the question of the possible coming Andrew Yang mayorialship — New York City — one candidate falls through the cracks.  Meet Jackson Rip Holmes, and a list of people he has met.

On September 8, 2016, an invited guest at former Senator Bob Graham’s (he allowed me  photo) Commemoration Honoring the victims of the 9/11/2001 attack on our country, I learned from other guests that our country has been plagued by inside jobs dating back to the Vietnam War (non-existent Gulf of Tonkin Incident) and beyond, occurring worldwide (Boston Marathon, London metro attack, Chechen attack in Russia 1999, Uyghur Tiananmen Square attack, China).  This launched my study of extraterrestrials, and I have had the honor of connecting with: 1) Roger Stone, friend of President Trump (he allowed me a photo), 2) former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer, 3) Jeffrey Steinberg, of the Lyndon LaRouche PAC, and 4) John Lear, who was one of two people who exposed Area 51.

X.  History’s Mysteries

I had to Google “Mouse Crap Revolution”. The only thing it brings you to is a chapter at Laoucheplanet. Which I guess is why Helga needs to get something else down on it.

Perhaps the need to dig up Columbia University era Larouche lore comes from such kicking up of dust as this here.  (Curious implication that the Larry goes’ biggest foe / competition of the time was The Grateful Dead.)

Theory of the day:  Is it possible that Larouche invented a grandiose theory of British intelligence manipulating American politics to cover for the embarrassment of having ever been involved in the SWP?

An ultimate Rebuttal.

 Moreso.  The problem with Larouche is his lack of evidence. He’d have explained the origin of the cosmos ex nihilo from a British MI6 agent’s asshole if he were able. Certainly intelligence has played a part, but it is a uniquely yank fantasy to view World History as a James Bond film.

Illinois 1986 Perennial reference point for current electoral events.  Fun map!

In 2004, they were big Kerry boosters, as they were also disparaging of Gore as face of Green Fascism .  Now, view him as pushing that “Green New deal”.

To their credit, I haven’t seen that Biden Hitler merchandise from them.  Is there a market for such?

More history.

Tangentially connected to my last tweets, as I found it during the same research, but apparently Louis Farrakhan invited Lyndon LaRouche (?) to the 1996 National African American Leadership Summit. It went about as well as one might expect.

If you say so… Well worth pondering the influence this fellow Anton Chaitkin had on the Larouche narrative which invariably takes some useful information and somehow turns it into a ritual scapegoating of the British, no matter how objectively culpable Jews may be. He claims to be a founder.

Skip to here with that perspective in mind.

The Church of the Subgenius chimes in with a…

Their sleaziness and hypocrisy is incredible! Their press release brags about how they interviewed “America’s number one political prisoner in his jail cell.” But they wisely don’t say WHO that political prisoner might be. One might conclude they meant Leonard Peltier. No. If you ask, it turns out they’re talking about Lyndon LaRouche!

XI.  (Low) Arts and Entertainment.

Simpsons reference alley oop.


Star Trek.  The TNG crew have the same taste in culture as Lyndon LaRouche supporters. It’s his same very specific version of “Western Canon”. Religion may no longer exist in the 24th Century, but you’d think someone would enjoy a nice klezmer or a slice of kugel.  Interesting to note, though, the classic rock listener of Zefran Cochrane in First Contact (but then again he is depicted as an uncultured wino, whereas the Enterprise is the best and brightest) and The Beastie Boys are still played in the future in the reboot.

Alien Vs Predator.  Trubetskoi’s Romano-Germanic conspiracy vs LaRouche’s Anglo-Dutch conspiracy … folks,  (cue movie poster). (Not too far off.)
Hockey coverage by way of Mike Meyers.
XII.  That ” gatekeeper at each higher level” conspiracy theory theme.  You sell this and you can bring some wanna be elitists by sheer flattery.  The flaw is that the seller of such merchandise, by their own logic, can be deemed as just More controlled opposition, a guru sitting at the 50th level… And on one goes,  Searching for a Grand Unified Theory and ” secret history”…. 
A sort of point of agreement, though stuck on the A45th level:  See dee. I’m like 50% sure he was an op.
like not he himself, but the “movement.”
Entertaining enough, with bubbles of worthwhile nuggets of natterings.  So here goes with giant chunks.

All famous people are there to misdirect you. ALL OF THEM. They didn’t accidentally get famous. They don’t accidentally get on TV or in movies or in books or on CDs or on the internet. And they certainly don’t earn their way into these positions, as is now clear.

So how did they get there? Why do you have to see them and hear them all the time? Why do you know who they are? Because they were placed there. They were chosen to fill that position, and they were chosen in order to misdirect you from the truth.

You will say, “C’mon, that can’t be true. All of them? I mean, they disagree with each other. How can they all be placed there?”
Look at it this way: say you wanted to control everyone in the world. Well people are at different levels. They have different interests and beliefs and levels of intelligence. So if you want to control everyone you have to place your guys at all these levels, all possible paths
If you are a football coach setting up a defense, you don’t put all your tacklers in the middle of the field, or on one side. You spread them out. You want to block all paths to the goal.
You have to defend against the run and the pass, the short ball and the long ball.

It is the same with government. If you want to govern people, you have to keep them on the path you have chosen for them. That is how the governors understand government.

You may think government is about keeping people employed and building highways and educating children, but it isn’t. It is about “governing” them. Moving them around at will.
Think of a governess. She keeps the kids out of trouble and molds them into the sort of adults her employer or her society requires. Same thing with the governors. They keep you from troubling them and mold you into someone who can make them richer.

With that goal in mind, the last thing the governors want is “enlightened” people or “self-actualized” people. Those people might make money for themselves, think for themselves, and govern themselves. People like that make very poor clients. People like that are just trouble.
Since people take many different paths, the governors have to place their blockers and tacklers everywhere.
They have to have blockers for smart people and dumb people, lazy people and ambitious people, caring people and uncaring people, progressive people and conservative people, men and women, young and old.

they have to have blockers and tacklers up and down the field, on the fifty-yard line as well as on the five-yard line. If you get past one line of tacklers, they have to have another line ready for you.
To switch the visualization, no matter how high up the mountain you climb, they have to have some guru on a goat-ledge positioned there to shunt you off on the wrong path.  […]

Just imagine the total market for domestic arms sales in the past five years. It boggles the mind. Which means the government is probably playing both sides, as usual.

So make a list of all the famous people selling both sides of this argument. No, really. Write down all the people you love to hate who are on the other side. Then write down all the people that you think are on your side.
Then ask yourself, “Are any of them speaking any sense?” Or are they all promoting this escalation one way or the other? This is how it goes, on all topics
Lyndon LaRouche was right about a lot of things, and he was even right about the “out there” stuff, like the government pushing drugs, laundering money, fluoride, the financial meltdown, pedophilia, and so on. So I went back and studied his writings across the board.
Turns out Lyndon LaRouche was just a higher-level guru, placed fairly far up the mountain to misdirect the most avant of the avant garde conspiracy theorists. He was a Marxist until he was almost 60, which of course I saw as a red flag.
It should now be clear that Marxism was never anything else but a disguised replacement for Republicanism, created to appeal to the idealistic youth of the West who were disenchanted with their own failed institutions.
Socialism was dressed from the beginning to look like a fairer sister of Democracy/Republicanism, but it was actually a crone in poor make-up. It was purposely created to break down immediately into fascism, the way plastic is now made to break down when exposed to light.
Marxism borrowed the egalitarian platitudes of Republicanism, and even outdid it in its flattering of the lower classes; but the theorists conveniently left out any of the hard facts of government, like constitutions or courts or human nature.
By resting the whole theory on the workers, Marx and his buddies knowingly built their edifice.
Though top-down governance is often or usually predatory, bottom-up governance is simply a contradiction in terms. You are just as likely to successfully run a country from workers’ cooperatives as you are to run your house from the kids’ bedroom.
I am all in favor of trade unions and worker-owned companies; but at the same time I would not like to see a co-op of Walmart, McDonald’s, and USPS employees running the country. While the system we have doesn’t put the best people at the top, Marxism wouldn’t either.
But there were many other red flags with LaRouche, including his promotion of Leibniz, Abe Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, NAWAPA, SDI, and so on. LaRouche was a gatekeeper like Chomsky, placed pretty far down the road to catch those who got too far ahead.
Like Chomsky, LaRouche was instructed to admit to a large percentage of US and British crimes, to appeal to progressives and good researchers who had already discovered them. And also like Chomsky, LaRouche was there to prevent deeper truths from being discovered.
Ironically, perhaps, LaRouche was—in most ways—positioned further up the mountain than Chomsky. LaRouche could admit to 911 where Chomsky couldn’t. LaRouche could talk about 𝘰𝘶𝘵𝘳𝘦 crimes that wouldn’t appeal to Chomsky’s audience.
And they were instructed to blow a different smoke regarding Kennedy. Chomsky pretended to be above the whole discussion, but LaRouche was instructed to tell a new variant of the Oliver Stone story, intellectualizing it with the Yalta system and a new player, Mortimer Bloomfield.
You will say I am implying that SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) or parts of it were infiltrated by the government, but LaRouche himself tells us that.
His NCLC was originally a faction of SDS, and although If you can accept what he says—that other New Left organizations were dominated by these government think-tanks and foundations—why not his NCLC?
LaRouche’s organization has all the earmarks of late 1960’s government programs, including brainwashing, violence, cultism, and created confusion, so why not ask the question?
LaRouche writes in his autobiography that in 1971 the NCLC formed ‘intelligence units’, and the following year started training members in paramilitary tactics.” Intelligence units? Does that sound like the language of a Marxist professor, or of a CIA agent?
So if he is an agent, why did they later throw him in jail? Are you sure they did? Several famous people you thought were in jail probably never were, including Ezra Pound and Charles Manson. LaRouche’s alleged time in jail simply glosses up his resume even more.
Notice that LaRouche has always been encouraging confrontation. In the early years we are told his followers beat their Marxist foes with pipes and bats. I think it is just another planted story, but the form of the story is crucial.
They want you to think there is a lot of political violence going on, even though there isn’t; just as now they want you to think there are mass murders every month, although there aren’t.
The billionaires love a manufactured world of fear and chaos, because scared people are easier to control.
None of the articles on LaRouche over the years made any sense, because if LaRouche really were what the articles were claiming—a crazy cultist out to defame America and England—why were they writing about him? Why would the mainstream give someone like that the publicity?
Remember, LaRouche was right about some things, and one of the things he was right about was the CIA’s total control of the press. We didn’t need him to tell us that, since we got proof of it from the Senate hearings in the late 1970’s (see the Church Committee hearings).
Well, given that, why would this controlled press want to publicize LaRouche at all? Why not just ignore him completely? That’s what they do to people they really wish to bury.
So how far back does this rule go, you will ask. Is every famous person in history a plant, or just the living ones? We can take the rule back at least to the Civil War, but the further back we go the more exceptions there will be.
But 𝗮𝗻𝘆 𝗳𝗮𝗺𝗼𝘂𝘀 𝗽𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗼𝗻 𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗺 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗽𝗮𝘀𝘁 𝘄𝗵𝗼 𝗶𝘀 𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗹𝗹 𝗽𝗿𝗼𝗺𝗼𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗵𝗲𝗮𝘃𝗶𝗹𝘆 should immediately fall into your bag and ring a bell.
I saw Alan Watts being promoted in strange ways in the film “Her” recently, and had I not already known he was an agent, I would have been alerted to him in that way.
Going further back, we see that Walt Whitman was being promoted in the film Kill Your Darlings. This was one of the red flags that outed him for me.
Since the broad control of media didn’t take effect until recently, there will no doubt be many exceptions to the rule even in the late 19th century and early 20th century. There may be some very few exceptions still.
But don’t make the mistake of assuming that just because you have gone back before 1947 that the control no longer exists. It was less perfect and less broad, but it has existed for many many centuries.