They’re cramming secret messages on the 2 dollar bill? The 2 dollar bill?

I do not know what this is.  It is the type of something that gets placed onto telephone poles and bulletin boards.  But those things tend to direct you to something — a lecture held at some place or other.  This is “Educational Material”, I guess.

“The back of the $2 bill has an engraving of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.  In the image is a man who has dark skin and wearing a powdered wig while sitting at the table just to the left of the man standing in the center of the engraving.  The dark skinned man John Hanson in his position as president of the Continental Congress.  In the original painting hanging in the US Capital Rotunda, the dark skinned man does not appear.”

They Masons are playing tricks with the 2 dollar bill, just as they do with all the less obscure currencies.

Your black Nationalist-ish conspiratorial history runs forward.

“A ‘Black Man’, a Moor, John Hanson was the First President of the United States!  1781-1782 AD???  George Washington was really the 8th President of the United States!”

Yes, I am aware of this lumping of the Continental Congress presidents in with the presidents schtik.  Don’t buy it — one weak chain was replaced by a stronger lineage.  A clean break happened at the launch of President Washington.

The design is cluttered and I don’t understand the placings of MLK, MLK with Malcom X, Nat Turner — I suppose the JFK harks back to the Assassination somehow.

“By Dr. Leroy Vaugn, MD, MBA”  Dynamic, Honest and Powrful View of Black History.

Ah, here we go.  A reference to this.  The author chimes in with the wikipedia article here, in all caps.


That the title of the book that this flier is sort of but not quite promoting?

The Five Black Presidents of the United States of America
Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge.

We have here a picture of Harding and Coolidge.  And Obama.  I know about the “black” Harding, and how that scandal rolled around the 1920 presidential election.  I can’t say anyting about the supposed others.  Interestingly, the wikipedia article slides Eisenhower into this mix.  And the picture of Obama without mention seems to suggest something like — they claiming he not black?

For the sake of diversity, I could probably gain something to gain a small foothold in the ways of this avenue of “forgotten” “hidden” junk-“history”.

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