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Man still in charge of North Korea

Thursday, April 30th, 2020

I guess indications are that the political leader of North Korea is still alive and kicking after all.  Which means that there is still a reasonably good chance the USA might have a female head of state — President — before North Korea.  Interesting that a woman was in line to take over — surely demanding obedience to that benevolent fear leader would topple a patriarchy of sorts.

Meanwhile, the succession in the United States with the possibility of the here before improbable Joseph Biden raises an interesting question. Much of the liberal or Democratic me too era explanation on Reade’s accusation do not pass the “if the other side did it” smell test, but I end up fascinated by one reference point.  Somewhere along the way she had praise for Vladimir Putin.  Is the claim sullying into the Russia agent line without quite saying it, or is it a “if these are her politics … Dizzy she is.” ?

Meanwhile, Sweden — long a referring point for voluntary compliance of coronavirus restrictions is turning passive aggressive.  Sure, you can gather, but…

Bill Maher keeps popping up in media alerts for non outrageous outrages

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020

The Overton Window, at least some figure of media gatekeeper status’s enforcement in such things, finds Bill Maher beyond the pale for a couple things.  Blaming China — either the government for hiding it at the crucial beginnings of cultural practices of eating raw bay — and thus declaring innocuous the name of “Chinese virus” is, the source deems, racist.  A quick fact check comes in that the naming of the Spanish Flu is wrong is pounced on as somehow meaningful.  I forget where Spain stood in the concurrent World War and how it bounced off on blasting any Spanish Americans, which would theoretically be the one problem with some sniveling at the government of China.

But it is enough for a follow up to place a “in the heels of his racist rant” finding beyond an ever narrowing Overton Window within the talk with a doctor of some speciality — and no, not Praeger — who repeating Faucci’s notion himself that most probably if you catch it and withstand it you will have the natural immunity to it to never catch it again — that we should, beyond the people vulnerable to its devastating effects — want to catch it —

The damnedable allowance of a platform to someone…

Knowingly provocative, and no one knows jack…

… And eventually it will come to this in some way or another… I don’t see how it can’t

But in the meantime, we are in the wartime period of socially restricted though and prayers.

Campaigning in times like these

Tuesday, April 28th, 2020

IMG_20200427_110151 I do not know if the flimsiness of this campaign sign is the result of the coronavirus…

… Like, Chris’s campaign woulda for it done professionally at a supplier but … damned if they couldn’t keep open under the current edicts…

… It can not be terribly effective, can it?  Airbrush painting against that white paper flipped over wiring…

Still, metro is a curious position — list in a ballot where other positions have more immediately clear lines of authority to judge candidates.  So if Chris is running…

He isn’t running against another guy named Chris, hopefully.  Or if he is, he better hope the other Chris either sticks to unprofessional signs, or the ragtag nature of his sends some populist messaging.

You make me shiver I feel so tender

Monday, April 27th, 2020

IMG_20200427_112611IMG_20200427_112605 The local singer’s joint has a sign in its window indicating new fangled rules for the era of coranavirus.  Presumably this was when they were trying to finance through for a week as the emergency edict tightened to “close it” — getting around 6 foot limitations and constant soap supplies a little challenging for the business.  The puzzle is why the sign remains in the door at a time the place is know plastered with brown boarding.  Most places by now have moved to “cash and electronics removed from the premises.”

Actually a little puzzling on why electricity flows anywhere –the classic arcade location has its video games beeping about, theoretically there to entice customers — currently non-existent –in.  But maybe the owners are there idling their time with Pac Man fever.

But i can’t get no speakers

Sunday, April 26th, 2020

IMG_20200426_111217 For basically the nth time of all n points, speculation is coming in… What if this is the end of civilization, and how will we be able to check?

And granted, Yahoo was not around at the time of the 70s gas crises, but I imagine they then too would be floating articles on the warning checks of societal collapse, or…

Is this a new Dark Ages?

Surely you jest.  While all searchers for signs of late stage capitalism (they I suppose hope for next stage socialist redemption, one civilization replacing another) point to hundred dollar ripped jeans or the Kardashians, and social conservatives wearing against Weimar America check to increased porn consumption of drag queens pestering them…

… Are we in danger of losing knowledge, as was what marks the definition of classical Europe’s demise and the barbarians of the dark ages?

Remember too, those seven wonders of the ancient world… Aren’t all that wonderful.  They can be replicated with some ease.

The Donald and Joe Show

Saturday, April 25th, 2020

I hearsay, or readsee, that Trump stepped in it.   Drink bleach, he suggested.  While reports of contamination in the populace are grossly exaggerated, I guess we may be in “if one person, if just one person is reached” through the message… It will all be worthless.  It was enough for Hillary Clinton to tweet a disclaimer, a tart “don’t poison yourself.”

Looking into just what he said, and then why… Well, the side speaks from the hip and has been floating what seems like positives abounding.  He may even get one or two right — see, for instance, the looming warm weather will be helpful.  Then there are these things that he says that are not right.

About a week ago we were abuzz, especially in right conservative land, but you in left liberal land ignore or shut it out at your own peril, with a nonsensical Biden answer on just what needs adoing.  Basically he was vague and the very definition of nonspecific in suggesting Franklin Roosevelt did things, and we can do things like he did.  Look into why he said things.

Why stay in college?

Friday, April 24th, 2020

IMG_20200424_141140… I am not entirely certain for the first time I wasn’t solicited by a prostitute.   Surely it is near a corner I have walked past regularly which is swamped by what I assume are a group of drug dealers — indeed are — (I have been solicited for “brown” and other colors) — but maybe they are pimps.  I do not know if avoiding them has increased a tendency to cross cross to the other side of the street avoiding people, but the habit appears to have taken such that today, as I approached an I!d woman in a mask  and maybe absent mindedly walked off, she said to me… “Thank you”, an odd situation in that what is at the moment viewed as courtesy usually is seen as anti-social bastardness.

Why go to night school?

Thursday, April 23rd, 2020

“They say seventy percent of independent restaurants will not be re-opening…

But you should be fine.”

who says, where does that number come from, why do I have the feeling it was pulled out of someone’s ass to enumerate a trend line…

… The local alt weekly won’t even number the figure, reporting instead a “anecdotally, a lot of restaurants say the just won’t re-open” …anecdotal the key word…

— And this source keeps throwing up non-textual headlines numbers.  For instance, apparently Multnomah County has sped to the lead in the state in total number of cases.  Surely you jest — given it’s the most populous county, I would consider it highly interesting if it didn’t.  Meanwhike, Josephine County has nothing much, but again… Who lives there?  If it were near the top of the heap, that would be reportable!

Maybe it will only be sixty percent, and I can find the stray over heard phone conversationalist and say “neener neener”.

Heard about Pittsburgh, P.A.?

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

IMG_20200420_074930 I wonder if the committee responsible for sticking into various store windows this hallmark version of a heart cut-out, and the affirmational words …

… Are conscientious about not making any mistake…

Like, they would just die it they learned that the owner of some small mom and pop operation was from California, an absentee owner or shady corporation hiding behind a local Potemkin Villa set up.

Did they do their homework?  Cause it does seem one of two may slip througj, and then the message will be rendered…

… Meaning less?

But i ain’t got no speakers, ain’t got no headphones

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020

“She’s hibernating, just like us.”

no she is not.  Certainly not you.  When bears hibernate, so they go out gossiping about their hibernating friend?

“Gotta get out of here.  This place is too crowded.”

A nice evening, parkside.  It strikes me she is right, or at least if anyone took a photo and posted it online, criticism would reign down and the quarantine police would be busting down.

Basketball is being played by two men at close contact.  No no, right?