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disjointed confusion

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

In the latest issue of Mother Jones:

I.  A quote from Paul Begala about how for the first time he’s known, “the Left has its shit together”, visa vie a David Brock project defending Hillary Clinton from conservative attacks.
II.  An article about how Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton has promoted fracking to the world.

Define “Left”.

one step back, two steps back

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Biff!  Pow!  Zoom!  Comics Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore is, naturally, the classic comic book oriented title of the post 80s era.  Covering superheroes such as Watchmen and arty comics such as Raw.

This title?  From the New York Times, of all places.

Comic Books Even Teachers Can Love

Erm.  Strikes me more like the 1950s, maybe?  I know I’m in a bubble city of sorts, but most teachers I know tend to like comic books.

Curiously enough, you look back to the 1980s and you should probably find the creator covered in one of the New York Times “Comics Aren’t Just for Kids anymore” comics.


Damned Alberta Street Pub

Friday, August 29th, 2014

They gave me a ripped dollar bill back for change.  It’s about 60 percent of a dollar bill.  Didn’t notice it until an hour or so later.

Other than that, things went well.

Do I hand it over to someone when I need to spend 60 cents?

the kooks lose

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

So it is…

Connie Johnson… 50,180 … 57 percent
Jim Rogers … 37,935 … 43 percent

93 percent of the vote tallied.

What does this signify?  More or less than this

In Vermont, less than a quarter of registered voters were expected to turn out Tuesday, but the colorful races included a Democrat candidate who in 2012 argued that President Obama is not a natural-born citizen and unsuccessfully waged a legal battle in the Vermont Superior Court in Montpelier for an injunction to stop distribution of the ballots during that election.
According to the Burlington Free Press, that candidate, Democrat H. Brooke Paige, “based his argument on readings of a 1758 legal treatise he said influenced the writers of the U.S. Constitution. The document, called the ‘Law of Nations,’ decreed that a person seeking the presidency must not just be a U.S. citizen, but a ‘natural born citizen,’ defined as someone born of parents who were both American citizens at the time of birth.”
Paige, 62, ran in his party’s primary for two offices at once: governor and attorney general.
He suffered a double loss Tuesday evening.
81 to 19 percent, and 83 to 17.  Pretty strange drop off, considering that the vote total appears to be the same.

into alexjonesland with recent police state events

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

The strange complications of Alex Jones and the Prison Planet / Infowars matrix is in bloom with Ferguson.  Because on one hand, it does the narrative of the emerging police state and taking away of rights.  On the other hand, it comes up against the attack on New World Order dominated “political correctness”.  (See the embrace of “Duck Dynasty”, for instance.)

So what we get is (true) reportage on the problems that the police are stockpiled with military arsenals off of the War on Terror, and reports that demonstrations are hijacked by Communists.

Also the beheading footage is apparently an inside job, or “highly suspicious”.  Of course it is.

too many calories

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Sign of the emerging (probably should have ceased using the word “emerging” a few years’ back) new Cold Cold War with Russia.  It figures that it comes from the great symbol on the End of the Cold War.

Russia’s consumer protection agency has filed a claim accusing the restaurant chain of violating government nutritional and safety codes in a number of its burger and ice cream products, a Moscow court announced Friday.

McDonald’s products have too many calories in them, Russia has said. A fair point, but McDonald’s has been in Russia since 1990, so could it be that escalating tensions with the west possibly have anything to do with the new stringent health concerns?

Who does this man Putin think he is … Michael Bloomberg?

puzzling Nirvana interview

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

From Reason magazine, Krist Novoselic asked about gun ownership.

reason: One of the odd things about rock stars is that oftentimes they’re great capitalists but they’re also explicitly anti-capitalism.
Always a weird one… some are, some aren’t… Was Nirvana ever, really?
They oftentimes have guns but tend to be anti-gun or anti-violence. You own guns?
Wouldn’t gun rights activists argue that “anti-gun / anti-violence” shouldn’t be merged?

Novoselic: I own guns. I think they’re a good tool to have out in the country, and I should be able to protect my home and my family.

reason: What kind of guns do you have?         

Novoselic: I have pistols and semi-automatic rifles, a shotgun. I have chickens. You need a shotgun.
You get a raccoon in there they’ll wipe you out, so if I couldn’t shoot a raccoon I wouldn’t have fresh eggs.

Fair enough.  But I can’t figure out this next question…

reason: When people, especially in D.C., talk about guns, it’s always either “nutjobs own guns” or “pure Americans don’t.” How big a benefit is it for you to have grown up and come out of a world where the lines aren’t that clear?

I understand the interviewer is trying to create a partisan fighting over the matter, and throwing one “nutjob owns gun” to another from the other side (I would think his), and parsing the thing out he managed to get what looks like two from the same anti-gun side (maybe a Freudian slip showing his bias)… but… whatever the case…, who says the terms “pure Americans”, and what does that even mean?

veep sweepstakes, of all things

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Random sighting of liberal bloggings… the governor of Missouri… out of the running for vice presidency due to recent ugliness and etc.

I think the Republicans, due to Hillary Clinton’s inevitability on the Democratic side — which I note is not any thought I had back when she was deemed so in 2008

, and the likeliness that their nominee will be a dude,

will be obliged to select a woman.  So… you know… he was out of the running already anyway, so I guess he can do what he want say what he must without the great prize of Vice President lying about.

imagine there’s no ???

Monday, August 18th, 2014

“What is this — Russia?”
It occurred to me that I needed to ask as follow up… “Czarist Russia, Communist Russia, or Putin’s Russia?  And is there any difference between the three?”
“Putin’s… and probably not.”

From there, I spot this quote in from New Republic:

Last December, I met up with Gleb Pavlovsky, the man who helped Putin cruise to victory in 2000. “It’s impossible to say when this system will fall, but when it falls, it will fall in one day,” he told me. “And the one to replace it will be a copy of this one.”

celebrity deaths

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

I overhear someone- in poor taste in my humble opinion — some mocking quotations of one celebrity on the impact of Robin Williams.  The undertone here is that the celebrity is insincere in his praise of personal relationships of Robin Williams… and it is worth noting, the celebrity being quoted in question is someone who was “big once” but has faded out of view.  The subtext is thus that he’s trying to get a quote into the news just a bit.

I overhear someone give a blithe statement of “who cares” about Robert Williams.  “Takes Iraq off the news”.

Someone else expresses that she’s going to go watch Mrs Doubtfire again.  Which is good for her, I guess… the impact of his life’s work mattering to her.   I remain cynical, but more cynical about the cynics.

Another death, harkening back to a different era… Lauran Bacall… who, all I can think about there is… Truman… slightly out of character for Truman, who got quite a hearing from his wife.