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The spectre of authoritarian Trumpist leftists and vnot quite never Trump Republicans

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

Make sense of this if you can.
While a few leftists on twitter were foolishly convinced that Trump was dominating the debate–thus betraying both a lack of familiarity with the concerns of undecided voters and their own strange fetish for authoritarian personalities–the vast majority of the actuaal

I suppose it is good that they fall away from the problems of twitter, and knowing the line “twotter is not real life”, but it does come at you that the “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Duce” line will not be tolerated. Or the concept of Trump feigning to do any politicking of flanking in ironic ways to the left (what’s his foreign policy? What was Biden — the author of the Crime Bill?)
Actually the dilemma of a two party system rears its head. Can’t provide succor to Trump with any quarter-back handed praises or anything that drops from the line of approved croticism, and need to holdback on anything against Biden or Harris. It shows authoritarian tendencies on some unnamed twitter leftists!

This though… is a frequent complaint on non Trumpp Tepublicans.

The GOP has been here before with John Birchers and it didn’t end well,” said Ben Sasse, the Nebraska senator who has been a vocal if terribly inconsistent Trump critic.

Vocal if inconsistent.
The terms of a “Resistance” was dropped on that flier you can find in front of half of all retail businesses in “blue cities”. “In My America”, etc. etc. So, when you stated Trump is tempermentally unsuited for the Presidency, and a host of issues before the elections, and the issues on that sign “I Can’t Believe I’m Still having to Protest this”, include “this”es they would be fatigued by protesting away if you were in charge…
Consistency to a what?
Actually the route of Ben Sasse has made sense: he seems steered away from the current melee to confront, for example, issues at vortex of tech and personal liberties.

Voting for McGrath right this minute…

Sunday, September 27th, 2020

IMG_20200927_085436 This yard sign has me convinced. I will be voting for this candidate for Senator of Kentucky. As I am sure everyone who passes by this yard sign will be doing.

Here in the state of Oregon.

Is there anyone in Kentucky who has a Jo Rae Perkins sign up?

Precedents are out there

Thursday, September 24th, 2020

If this were a dictatorship things would be easier. So long as I’m dictaor.

George W Bush said that, probably not intentionally but nonetheless mimicking Jimmy Carter. I think Clinton said as much, with Obama by-passing it by merely slipping into the gaffe of conflating Star Wars and Star Trek to get at the same point.

Today, The National Review explains away Trump jabbing into transfers of power, not likely in a way they would if a Democratic President said the same thing, and ignoring the context of Hillary Clinton’s “we have a heavy mail in election so results coming in could be wonky” advice to Biden.
The Washington Monthly is on alert, advising contingencies which will surely leave the George Soros behind every rock conspiratorialists calmed. Interestingly, five thirty eoght was on this beat already.

Funny thing, though. There was enough left wing conspiracy murmuring of Bush (the second) not leaving office that one of the major conservative sites jumped in with a January 2009 editorial asking why the left isn’t giving Bush credit for duly leaving. Maybe everyone can take Trump’s vagaries here as setting a low bar for accomplishment and legacy building.

Stats flummox

Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

IMG_20200915_113927. Sire. Who can argue with an Elie Wiesel quote? The problemn comes whem you take the automatic protests that come with a shooting of a man in Lancester. The oppressor in this case is the knife wielding black man, but that notion clashes with the basic ambience this business — tucked far enough from downtown so as not to be at risk of any post-wildfire smoke pre too cold vandalism that springs from mostly peaceful protests.

The latest edition of the alt weekly (maybe last week’s; I have taken to reviewing them two at a time every other weekk) includes the racial survey on “who gets bullied at school?”. THe answer is everubody, if we want to be honest about it, if at different level and durations. But I do find the precision of these percentages… Meaningless. On questioning of they were ever bullied about their race or ethnicity
Black eighth graders were 10 times morelikely to respond yes, at 21.3%, than their white counterparts, at only 2.2%.

Sometime in fifth grade, a Hispanic population in my majority Hispanic public school became racially conscious to a manner that did clearly horrified the teachers. So in this context, as some boys take to ripping the midwestern white population that made up the attempted pen-pal program the teacher was trying to line up, and I myself learn the word “honky”. As racial epithets go, I am well aware that to comment at the sight is some proto variation of falling into what will later be called “white fragility”. So I cannot mark this as being “bullied for ethnic or racial reasons”, moreso than if, perhaps, someone were to do a Speedy Gonzalez voice “all in good fun”, micro-aggression that may be classifiable as bullying.
Not to say wider society isn’t bearing out the points behind the percentages or whatever double standard this represents, just that the –however justified a double standard — it means there isn’t too much meaning in and of itself for the 2 to 21 ratio.



The purveyor of this sign…
Are they with that am con writer in voting for Trump if he pardons him?
Or does he (she? Xe?). go down the road of the bumper sticker side by side “Obama / Biden 2012” “Free Assange” — and where Obama official and one time Biden veep prospect Susan Rice twerting her horrors when Trump broached the idea?
Not that one oughta necessarially be a one issue voter…
You can if you want to be, though. But you will get what you get no matter.

Looking at cultural political views in the comments section of Drehrer, if not really bothering with Drehrer.

Sunday, September 13th, 2020

survelliance state off work hors

Cuba’s racial history.

It might be interesting to figure out what slice of the electorate chose Trump over Hillary as the anti-war candidate. Despite any and everything else. Hints come in the third party break-down– Stein’s “if I hadta I would choose Trump” percentage is tge same as Johnson’s.

The Reaganomics leads to wokeonomics line, and the curious question of whether we are further left or right.

making sense for praising as cultural literature some raunchy rap

The grand conspiracy behind the these issues.

Sure, I want everything to be reviewed against Plato’s dictums.

why black youth today are turning to lesbianism

Planet of the Apes as the future

deliberating the “mistress of Willie Brown” as meaningful or meaningless.

Burns the eyes

Sunday, September 13th, 2020

IMG_20200912_125504. Apparently the city of Portland has the worst air in the world right now. (Of any city. Surely at the site of the forest fires the experience is worse.)
Though to be fair, it really isn’t the air that’s the problem so much as what is in the air.

And with it the partial city re-opening is partially closed. I do not understand some of the outdoor dining still there — people can sit in this eating their foods while crunching on the molecules within the air?

Trying to recall the scene a few years’back when couple kids let out a few fire crackers, the only comparable situation I can recall. And waiting for the plague of frogs and locusts and Presidential election results that will settle everything as making total sense.

Daniel Burke writes off the qanon vote

Friday, September 11th, 2020

I. I do not know from what fever swamp the much mocked statements from Trump

“A person was on a plane, said that there were about six people like that person, more or less, and what happened is the entire plane filled up with the looters, the rioters, the anarchists, people that were obviously looking for trouble and the person felt very uncomfortable on the plane,” […]

“No. People that you haven’t heard of. They are people that are on the streets, they’re people that are controlling the streets. We had somebody get on a plane from a certain city this weekend. And in the plane, it was almost completely loaded with thugs wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms with gear and this and that. They’re on a plane.”

comes from, from whence he picked it up. The go to place for lazy punditry these days is qanon, but a smattering jump over to Larouche. The one person who provides some marginally substantial reference to this one is… Matthew Sweet. Well, he does have a book to hawk, and a couple hobby horses to observe.

II. Hillary Clinton chimes in her twitter space, and it is then only a matter of counting to see a comment reply of… “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.” Interesting thing, back in the day the Larouchies were selling their variant of the right wing conspiracy in support of the Clintons — seems to date back to at least 1993 — some names in the Democratic Party narrative, then tossing some more in, to get to all Jewish financiers everywhere and at all times.

III. So. What does the Larouche Movement think of qanon anyway? We turn to Senate candidate Daniel Burke

Qanon using strategy of Larouchies, pick an issue with mass agreement at surface level. But this may be a CIA plot to smear the Larouchies by aping them. (Or maybe every one of the orgs are Russian.

And Daniel Burke’s run for the Senate continues to make an impression.

I am a bit puzzled by this podcaster inviting ubi opponents on his show for debate, then accepting Burke … Who promises to say nothing about ubi. For Burke, this campaigning adds up to something, I suppose.

Will Ryan Derks be Burke’s ally in The Housr?. What does that mean about the ideological reference point for the Larouchies?

A not good spokesperson for Freeing Assange. (As they graft to the cause.)

IV. The most high circulation news the Larouche Movement has received in print media in some time, and they are barely mentioned. Roger Stone said something at a Larouche webcast.
Say… What does Roger Stone think of qanon? Good place to grift from.
And… I don’t quite know what this isIs this a good description?

Hey. A qanon-er is running Bill Binney’s twitter account? More deep state connections for Burke to untangle.

In a different world this could be the line the larouchies would take on Steve Bannon. Instead “good news for the republic”.

V. Experiences recalled. The legacy of Lyndon Larouche — how the movement has affected people on the ground.
Permanent picket outsode alma mater, and a lesson in cults, more mystical thinking the higher up the ladder you go.
Voted for Larouche in 2nd grade class… Today, this person would get a text message trying to recruit.
or do they wait until 5th grade to recruit?
She liked the Black Israelites, but not the Larouchies.
Accidental defense of a Larouchie.
Some people’s 90s tv nostalgia is Friends and Seinfeld, others is Farrakhhan and Larouche.
Positive affirmation and love / agape vibes all around
the price of working in newspapers
the perils of being a cab driver
stuck on a bus
Gotta check your cc’s..
when phoned in by a larouchie…
laughed and walked away.
Zeitgiest and Larouche equal Socialism, apparently. (Is this move apt to result in the same attitude L Ron Hubbard had toward Non-paying Scientology “squirrels”, or is this good infiltration strategy?)
We were obsessed with Larouche and Gravel, 95 – 99…
watched the infomercials.
probably never read it
Foucault meets the nclc
They probably did think the petition signing accomplished something.
a footnote to Lubbock’s battle with Churchill.
How Larouche ran in 1984 versus Mondale. (a reference to the grain cartel barb.
Did the Larouchies ever kick the neo-nazi out?
Lynyrd Skynyrd and Larouche???. (odd, conidering).

And the how I woulda voted game.
If that doesn’t do it for you, thete’s the “How some cartoon characters woulda voted game.

When Star Trek Voyager made an anti-conspiracy theory message.

The British Plot finally explained.
What is this book?

VI. Wow. The Larouche movement is making a concerted effort to UP THEIR GAME in meme warfare. So comes… whatever this is. Too Aristotlean for me.

Looking for that “excellent sense of humor” from the late Larouche?. Well, there is this “joke”

(Make what thou willst — he is not quite on larouche script).
I do not think Larouche woulda stood for this one, but maybe he had some contrarian attitudes in 69.

Eyes Wide Shut Larouchie propaganda?

A comparison of design sense with chief competitors shows they may be winning this war. (Mental note: Look into Prona.

Observations on generational gains in Laroucheland.

VII. Somebody has chimed in on the whole c note controvetsy, leading to a smattering of reminders of Lyndon Larouche. The Larouche Movement mocking in the same way they once did twitter and facebook.

Wait… Is this the reason they picked up this cause?. Someone chime in, please, to lend credence or throw cold water on this explanation.

How the game is played:Larouche predicted the Bubonic Plague, which somehow transmogrifies into covid so that Larouche was right. (A Lesson if this person is serious.)

VIII. Moderately interesting point to discuss Were the Anarchists of the Russian Revolution who were then devoured by the Bolsheviks… Basically… Asshole Larouchies?. Discuss.
another historical analysis.

IX. the people are hungry to hear

served in ww2 (heh), so his Britain did it explanation on the Atomic Bombs over Japan has… Credence?

X. Each passing year sees fewer notings in google’s news aggregator of Larouche’s birthday. This year we get… one.

Larouche does get the paragraph notable treatment with rememberences of whete his political machine touched down — notably Illinois 1986, and here the memorials for Governor James Thompson explain why he had an easy re- election. And one interesting but flawed supposition in the comments section that the Larouche victory was somehow a Republican dirty trick. Partisan conspiracy mongering reminiscent of Clyburn comments when Alvin Greene won a Senate nomination.

XI. Ron Wieczorek convinces South Dakota that Larouche is the Way.

XII. According to William Jones to China media, all that stuff Trump has said about China — he don’t mean it. Why, the Democrats’ entire obstruction has from day 1 been about stopping Trump’s friendship outreach with Putin and Xi.
More Chona propaganda, and a predictable line on the petsecution of the Uighurs.
All goes to this question.

Who’s speaking in Pakistan?
The 9/11 trutherism of the Larouche movement, and current stpries in the Arab world.

Harley Schlanger does the x22Report. Paul Glamez does his General Welfare appearances. And gold currency is sold along with prepper c-rations.

XIII. Someone with a bee in her bonnet, excited to see some connection with Larouche and “cultural marxism“, to send out the warning in her twitter missives and demolish all who dare tread on the academy and pc-ness — as though either down the scale or adjacent there isn’t a point, or the basics of even the most horrid See hete for someone who apparently thinks Larouche invented political correctness as a conspiracy theory. (On the decline of Marxism and the rose of post-structualism or if the right have their terminologies warped.)

Does Christian Parenti’s new book extolling Hamilton necessarily mean it is taken from the reverence bestowed by Larouche? Some may see a faux left in glamorizing Hamilton, a weird proto-neoliberalism.

the cec has been accused of being … Etc.

My money’s on Smash Mouth

Friday, September 4th, 2020

I had posted a link to a headline from The Washington Monthly stating that Republicans have polticized almost Every Aspect of American Life due to the guffawing “whataboutism” found…

Well, here we have “Dreher Bait” a social media “influencer” wants all Trump supporters to quit reading her for a litany of things that you can go through at your leisure and ends with a paragraph that suggests they can…

Go back to their Smash Mouth concerts.

This is not the first time I have seen Smash Mouth used in a political perjorative. Until I started seeing this Smash Mouth reference, and I guess still, my answer to the question ” What do you think of Smash Mouth” would be “I don’t”. But somehow that fails a test of progresdivism. I need to have an association with Smash Mouth to… Something dark and nefarious…

According to a rich lifestyle jet setter I have never heard of who thinks her tastes are important, and others of her ilk.

Am I missing a subliminal white power message in “All Star”? Or are we stuck in high school with people associating this with the hated jocks and cheerleaders parading before them as their peppy songs played at pep assemblies?

In response to the comment that I linked to (and I need to do a post comprised of interesting comments found down in this section) on the temptation to vote for people (Trump) because it pisses off insufferable self important twits, and knowing this wrong but… Jeezuz… Well, the good news is jackasses exist to point at on both or all sides, so I can return to Biden by doing a tour of reddit sites, and further in this case this insufferable self important twit gives a good out on what may piss her off…

Become a huge Smash Mouth fan.