Sisters of Mercy making a Mint Right Now.

This is not your Father’s Milita.

For reasons that I can not ascertain, the myspace video for Hutaree of their backyard training was set to ’80s goth-metal band Sisters Of Mercy.  It begs a question asked on their forum:  Who exactly are you looking for out in the forest? You do realize the weapons you are using would be no match against Big Foot. That is who you were looking for, wasn’t it?
THIS is the video on their website when they became famous.  Them running out in the woods dramatically, with a song from an 80s Goth Metal Song playing.

As we can expect, various videos from the group have been disseminated, until the most puerile one showed up… and well, to describe the Artsy little film… you do not want to view it.

But Sickles, who in those videos identified himself as a member of the Ohio Militia, may also have a lighter side. The accused plotter looks to have starred in a deeply Not Safe For Work movie, filled with cursing, mock violence, pot jokes, and sound effects conveying flatulence. Sickles appears entirely naked but for a mask of President George W. Bush that obscures some, but not all, of his genitalia.

In the film, Sickles’s chubby, tattooed character finds himself attacked by an enormous creature which appears to be half man, half duck. “Scar my tattered body no more with your punishing dildo mallet,” Sickles exclaims at one particularly dramatic moment.

Interestingly, a quick google search through the blogosphere sees the (as we stick these things in a one-dimensional paradigm) “Right” gleefully jumping at these revelations.

No.  Seriously.  Bush!  On the Guy’s Genitalia!  It’s a political statement from a group that includes a registered Democrat!
I thought they were Christian Extremists.  From the Far Right.  The Narrative has been destroyed!
I mean, putting Bush on your genitilia in a film is something that Liberals would do!  (No, seriously.  I saw this on a blog.  “Sounds like Nation readers“.)
…I think  any political allegory is lost with the arrival of the Duck.  Unless someone can explain to me what the Duck represents.

Meanwhile, the weird movement of the day that popped up — I suppose this ruins the narrative for them?

Guardians of the free Republics looked to Gandhi, King, and Mandela.  The Guardians of the free Republic’s stated desire was to peacefully and nonviolently ‘restore’ America to a pre-1933 form of government. But why would 50 governors step down at their request? In the wings, the group insinuated, waited the military.

Mandela!  Gandhi!

Both groups have probably burned the UN Flag. 

Something I don’t understand about The Guardians of the Free Republic.  What does this mean?

Private web site under non-corporate venue. 
This seal conveys immunity from public scrutiny, discretion, regulation or trespass. 
Trespassers beware. 
Co-claimant fee applies to impairment
Accept Button

But I’m not all that concerned about them.  I’ll wait until they adopt a British hardcore band of one type or another for use in youtube videos.

Meanwhile, the “open” part of the Hutree forum apparently was put down, and is back up.  You don’t want to see it.  Everyone must have been inspired by the “Scar my tattered body no more with your punishing dildo mallet” piece, such that it’s just a bunch of your typrical genitilia images that come from dark corners of the Internet.

Different dark corners then those from political fringe groups set for fantastical officer shootings.

Wait.  False Flag!  False Flag!  False Flag!

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