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Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Formally declared candidates  Randall Terry, pro-life activist from New York[13][14][15]

He has a primary ad up in Iowa.  Though I can’t figure something out:
June 29, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ — On a recent trip to Iowa, Randall Terry interviewed GOP Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum.
Pres. Candidate Rick Santorum’s Exclusive Interview with Randall Terry in Iowa

The “Democratic” candidate interviewing the Republican candidate on abortion.  Maybe it’s not over the airwaves, so running a radio program on the Internet is fine by the FEC.
Unrelated to the “extremism vortex” for Terry — Santorum  (note:  this article misspelled “DeParrie”‘s name):  Santorum better hope that this is not an “exclusive” interview — theoretically, he has votes to gain, right?

Formally declared Republican candidates
Fred Karger
, political consultant and gay rights activist from California[28][29][30][31]
Andy Martin
, perennial candidate from Illinois[32][33]
Jimmy McMillan
, perennial candidate from New York[34][35][36][37]
Roy Moore
, former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court of Alabama[38][39]
Jonathon Sharkey
, perennial candidate from Florida[53][54][55][56]

Fred Karger:  His running for the Republican nomination for president makes him the first openly gay presidential candidate from a major political party in American history. […]
Karger declared himself the “Anti-Romney” candidate, and later stated that he “plans to run a campaign specifically designed to throw a wrench into Romney’s run.”

Because when your recent political career is marked as a gay rights activist, the candidate you are specifically targetting in the Republican nomination is Mitt Romney?  No, that doesn’t make any sense to me.
Steve Scheffler, an Iowa delegate to the national Republican National Committee, has said Karger is part of the radical homosexual community.

Andy Martin.  In 2008, The Nation,[1] The Washington Post,[2] and The New York Times[3] identified him as the primary source of false rumors that then-presidential candidate Barack Obama was secretly a Muslim. In a later interview with CNN, Martin explicitly abandoned his view that Obama is a Muslim, but now asserts Obama’s real father is not Barack Obama Sr., but is Frank Marshall Davis, an African American journalist of the 1950s.
This is a logical leap because Frank Marshall Davis was involved in the Communist Party.  As it is… kind of?
In the pages of the paper, Davis articulated an agenda of social realism (social justice), which included appeals for racial justice in politics and economics, as well as legal justice. Davis became interested in the Communist party in 1931 during the famous Scottsboro boys and Angelo Herndon cases[5] and championed black activism to compensate for social ills not remedied by the larger white society. In the early 30s he warned against blacks accepting the Depression-era remedies being pushed by communists[6] but by 1936 Davis was listed as a contributing editor to the Spokesman, the official organ of the Youth Section of the National Negro Congress, a Communist front organization.

He’s just one of those people:

Martin has been labeled a vexatious litigant by numerous federal and state courts. As early as 1982, Edward Weinfeld, a federal judge for the Southern District of New York, observed that he had a tendency to file “a substantial number of lawsuits of a vexatious, frivolous and scandalous nature.”[10]
A number of these filings were anti-Semitic in nature. In a 1983 bankruptcy case, he filed a motion calling the presiding judge “a crooked, slimy Jew who has a history of lying and thieving common to members of his race.”[3] In another motion that year, Martin stated, “I am able to understand how the Holocaust took place, and with every passing day feel less and less sorry that it did.”[3] He went on to say that “Jew survivors are operating as a wolf pack to steal my property.” [20] When later pressed in an interview about his remarks, Martin claimed that the anti-Semitic comments were inserted into his court papers by malicious judges.[3]
In 1983, Jose Cabranes, a federal judge for the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut, issued a sweeping injunction barring Martin or anyone acting “at his behest, at his direction or instigation, or in concert with him” from filing any new action or proceeding in any federal or state court without first seeking permission from the court in which he wished to file that action or proceeding.[21] In his ruling, Cabranes noted that Martin had a tendency to file legal actions with “persistence, viciousness, and general disregard for decency and logic.” According to Cabranes, Martin’s practice was to file “an incessant stream of frivolous or meritless motions, demands, letters to the court and other documents,” as well as “vexatious lawsuits” against anyone who dared cross him, including court personnel and their families. For instance, in the midst of the proceeding, Martin sued Judge Cabranes himself, along with the judge’s wife. Martin then sought, unsuccessfully, to have Cabranes recused.

Roy Moore … There are actually a few big news stories from the past few weeks on the Roy Moore Presidential Campaign.
ITEM:  Aides Quit:  If the exploratory presidential campaign of former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore moves to full candidate mode, it won’t be with the same bunch of Iowa supporters. Last night senior adviser Zachery Michael resigned his position, and in an email reported Moore’s Iowa campaign chairman Danny Carroll also resigned. The Michael release also says Sioux City Pastor Cary Gordon also left the team.
ITEM:  He doesn’t like New York’s New Gay Marriage Law.
ITEM:  Roy Moore Hurt in a Horse Accident

Jonathon Sharkey:  is an American actor, director, professional wrestler and perennial candidate who has run in multiple state-level and national elections. He has attracted media coverage due to his unusual public persona as a “sanguinary vampyre” and Luciferian, and run-ins with the law. Currently, he resides in Florida and has filed to run for President as a Republican in 2012.[1] He has run both as a Republican and on the ticket of his own Vampires, Witches, and Pagans Party.

Sharkey has described politics as “a cut-throat business”.[2] He has described his policy on crime as follows: “Certain criminals, instead of being put in jail, they should be brutally tortured and impaled….Upon them being found guilty of their crimes I’ll beat them, torture them, dismember them and decapitate them.” [5]

Sharkey strongly criticized President George W. Bush, whom he described as a “wuss” and a communist who was responsible for the deaths of innocent Americans in Saudi Arabia and Iraq. He has described a desire to try, and convict, and impale Bush, and agreed with Tucker Carlson’s description of him as “not simply a vampire, [but] a right-wing vampire”. His policy for dealing with drug dealers is to “go to Sicilian families and have them attack the drug dealers for me”.[6]

Sharkey once served on the Hillsborough County, Florida Republican Party’s Executive Committee. A. J. Matthews, who also serves on the committee, has described Sharkey as someone who believes in “Republican values” but said that Sharkey needs to focus on campaign issues rather than “extreme behaviors”.

Just another Republican blood sucker.  Hm…

While in Tennessee he had reportedly attempted to set up a colony for vampires.[8][11] He has also been accused of “brainwashing” a 16-year-old girl in Minnesota, whose family now has a restraining order against him, and has admitted to harassing another 16-year-old Minnesota girl online.

And of course, you all know Jimmy McMillian.  You might have missed his last youtube thingy.  A bit too trapped in a catch-phrase, I’m afraid.

GOP Race to Space

Monday, June 27th, 2011

I.  Michelle Bachmann is apparently polishing herself clean, applying make-up in more effective manner, which speaks to a more viable Presidential run than one normally associates with these “lower-tier, got part of the base” Kuchinichy campaigns.

She’s also comparing herself to serial killers.  It’s a gaffe you see the commenters in the Washington Time excuse, by way of referencing Obama’s “57 states” and Biden’s “saw FDR on the teevee” comments.  And it is just a bit hard to figure.  She was just calling out a local person who did good in Iowa — confusing one John Wayne for the resident of the town — John Wayne’s namesake.

Michelle Bachmann is the Candidate of the Moment — standing tall in the polls in Iowa.  She’s pulling in all the votes that Tim Pawlenty is supposedly supposed to be garnering.

II.  Presidential candidate Ron Paul, meantime, is on a quest.  He wants to know if there is actually gold in the vaults at Fort Knox, or if it’s been whisked away at some point — which, given the price tag, might well be an acceptable fiction for us citizens of the republic to continue.

According to Treasury estimates, testing all that gold would take 400 people working full time for six months to complete and cost at least $15 million. Paul now says he would be satisfied with a representative sampling of the bullion.

It is this situation that is the opposite of Geraldo’s — if they open up the vault and find the gold, Ron Paul would be greatly disappointed.

But … how else do we explain what happened to Dominique Strauss Kahn?

A new report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by the Federal Security Service (FSB) says that former International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was charged and jailed in the US for sex crimes on May 14th after his discovery that all of the gold held in the United States Bullion Depository located at Fort Knox was ‘missing and/or unaccounted’ for.

III.  Mitt Romney is copying an ad of Magaret Thatcher’s, for the purpose of having the media reference the Thatcher ad and give heightened attention to Romney’s ad.  Romney’s doesn’t have the pun goodness of Thatcher.

Of course, it occurs to me that some of the Ron Paul candidacy’s problem — the things they decide to reference and evoke — may lie around here:
There are lots of bright lights campaigns can wave in front of reporters’ faces to get coverage for themselves, but few work better than a subtle (or sort-of-subtle) reference to an old campaign. But not too old—it has to be something the reporters either remember, or learned about as part of their political education. You can’t make an oblique reference to Martin Van Buren’s 1848 Free Soil campaign, because reporters won’t spot it. But it has to be just subtle enough that they can sound informed by telling their audiences what it’s all about.

IV. With respect to this defense of Herman Cain calling out Jon Stewart for attacking him as a Black Conservative, I mostly think Herman Cain is just trying to goad Jon Stewart into saying something about him.  Unless he wants to drop a gaffe, it’s a hard business to crack the media.

V.  Potential candidate Rick Perry, who is said by some sources to be 50 – 50, and is said by more shaky sources to be “in” — probably isn’t gay, and the mind spins around here.  Though, surely this piece does deserve a trashing.

President Barack Obama has launched his $1 billion dollar re-election campaign for the White House, so he can finance creative methods to attack GOP presidential contenders. Accordingly, he’s spreading rumors that Texas Gov. Rick Perry is a so-called puppet of a leftist globalist community that is intent on one world government with the United Nations taking the reins of power. Obama is hoping these rumors can keep Tea Party members from supporting Perry if he receives the Republican nomination.

Here’s an example of an Obama-instigated conspiracy theory about Gov. Perry on the website, “every indication suggests that Bilderberg-approved Texas Governor Rick Perry is set to become the frontrunner in the Republican race to challenge Barack Obama for the presidency, illustrating once again how a shady, secretive and undemocratic global elite holds the reigns of true power while Americans are distracted by the delusional notion that they have a genuine choice in 2012.”

I tell you what…

Irving Stone’s They Also Ran, 2nd edition book jacket

Monday, June 27th, 2011

They Also Ran, from Irving Stone, was a book originally published in 1943, but re-published — according to wikipedia in 1966, but the cover above is for the edition published in 1947, and 1964, and the 1966 edition apparently had its paperback reprint in 1968.

I mention it, and post that cover, for the simple fact that I quite like that cover.  I only wish the back-cover for this wrap-around were available to complete the effect.  The wrap-around cover for the original is online, though not all that interesting — better to browse through and get lost in the covers for a website that its on. The cover for the final paperback edition is moderately interesting, but probably would get lost in any book shuffle.

The review on the cover.:

Now, I am going to do something that I think is rare, if not unique, in these book reviews. I’m going to devote most of the rest of this review to the dust jacket. Across the dust jacket there is a graph consisting of 21 lines ranging from minus ten (-10) to plus ten (+10). In case you’re wondering, the twenty-first line is the zero (0) line in the middle. Stone refers to this zero line as “the danger line,” i.e. a candidate in the negative zone may well do more harm than good if he wins the presidency. The graph rates the winners and losers of twelve elections according to Stone’s estimation of each man’s “ability and worth to the nation at the time of the election.” The candidates are represented by silhouettes having their heads at one of the lines. For clarity and consistency, the winners are in white and the losers in outline form. It is interesting to note that the lower ranked in some years are sometimes ranked higher than either the winner or loser in other years.

Some interesting evaluations:

Highest ranked winner in any year: Abraham Lincoln (+10) in 1860. His opponent, Stephen A. Douglas had a (+1) ranking.

Lowest ranked winner in any year was Warren Harding (-9) in 1920. His opponent who lost the election was James M. Cox who was rated at (+3).

Most evenly rated election: 1928 when winner, Herbert Hoover and loser, Alfred E. Smith were both rated (+5).

In three elections the winner fell into Stone’s “danger zone.” These were: 1856, James Buchanan (-1); 1872, Ulysses S. Grant (-5); and 1920, Warren Harding (-9).

Of the twelve elections on the graph, according to Stone’s ratings, the man more valuable to the country at the time the election was held won six times and lost five times. In the twelfth election the candidates were considered evenly qualified.

Many historians consider the elections of 1856 and 1872 to be the “No Good Choice” elections, in which the American people were offered two bad choices and asked to pick between them- Fremont v. Buchanan in 1856, Grant v. Greeley in 1872. Stone considers the elections in which Clay and Bryan were defeated as “no brainers,” as he considered both Clay and Bryan either frighteningly ambitious or ignorant.

Stone also points to elections like 1880 (Garfield v. Hancock) and 1920 (Cox v. Harding) as “no brainers” in which the obviously inferior candidate won. I agree in the case of 1920, but think Stone treats Garfield a bit unfairly, as we never do get to find out how good a President he could have been.

Finally, the election of 1928 is generally accepted as one in which two very superior candidates were offered to the American people, making for a very tough choice to be made in a sad climate of anti-Catholic, anti-Immigrant smears.

I suppose Irving Stone’s game is even more of a mug-shot than ranking presidents.   The man hates Henry Clay and William Jennings Bryan with a disarming passion, and holds Samuel Tilden and Horatio Seymour to a jarringly hagiographic level.

If you read the first edition and the second edition, you’ll see some paragraphs of Wendell Willkie picked up and transposed to cover Thomas Dewey — “the only one of the presidential also rans who might run again”.  Indeed, Dewey did.  And lost.  Ironically after Irving Stone posited that “America will go for the Underdog in Sports, but not for the President.”  Willkie, naturally, was never liked by the Republicans who nominated him — and felt someone put him over on them, and was never going to be nominated again.

I suspect that Stone would pair Dewey alongside Nixon in a “Young Man in a Hurry” category — the only problem being one of close chronology.  With all due respect to Stevenson and Goldwater, the remaining contender Stone focused on — Nixon is the only one I really want to know where Stone decided — basically because I suspect he’d have written unintentionally hilarious stuff in consideration of Nixon.  (And probably the same with Kennedy, now that I think about it.)

Diane Sare, Congressional Candidate for New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District, Compares Being Ejected from Town Hall Meeting to the fate of the victims at Auschwitz

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

or it might be Chris Christie’s budget cuts.  Either one doesn’t make all that much difference to the total effect.
Hitler has long turned into something of largely an item for farce, something that happens with time which has its good and bad points.  It is how the Larouchies can float the “Obama — Hitler” image (with countless precedents) with a mere ripple of attention, even while they whole-heartedly — and insanely — believe in their equivalence.  For every Henry Gasparin — with an understandable disgust for the equivalence — there’s the rest whos reaction is on par with the Saturday Night Live skit on “What if Superman had grown up in Germany?”  (Ironic, of sorts.)

Get into some specifics, and we may end up less inured, less de-sensitized to this insanity.  Here we see the Larouchies, and more specifically the New Jersey local and the Diane Sare for Congress campaign, moving the Crazy Dial Up to 11.

Christie townhall attracts LaRouchers, leaves via helicopter. Why run for president? Living it. Flash mobs started out as a fresh, fun  idea that sought to spread joy with their unexpected entertainment, but lefties are so totally ruining it with their lame copy-cat protests. According to New, the protesters were La Rouchies.  Fair Lawn police ejected from the building a small LaRouche group, including a woman who wants to run for Congress in the 5th District, while they were trying to sing their anthem. Protesters escorted out of Gov. Chris Christie’s town hall event are linked to congressional candidate Diane Sare and are supporters of perennial presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche. They were removed today from the event after they refused to stop singing loudly about being sent to Auschwitz. It appears to be the first time people have been asked to leave by police at a Christie town hall.

Comment that is useful for added context.:  Fairlawn is a heavily Jewish town. Auschwitz references were not accidental. Judging from callers to Christie-friendly NJ 101.5 FM locals didn’t like those references at all.

Sure, we can put it into “part of the spectacle”.  We can also play a game with them for Partisan Advantage and Hypocrisy. Witness…

I can’t hear what the mob is singing at all, but according to this Fox News report it was something involving Auschwitz? Really? So they’re comparing Christie to Hitler…again. Nice.
All the more reason to say this was a perfect, calm response to a dopey liberal stunt. Another win for Christie

Meantime, Fox News reports it — “linked to Democratic candidate for Congress”.  Interestingly, when Bill O’Reilly wanted to slam Barney Frank at the time of Rachel Brown’s instigators, O’Reilly had to dove-tail back to his report and offered the caveat, “But she was an activist” with an agenda.  The main problem with these things, for a charge of a double standard is seen with this comment.

And funny how the media is very careful to identify the offenders as LaRouchies, a courtesy they didn’t extend to the Tea Party when those kooks showed up with the now famous “Obama with Hitler mustache” posters.
In the scheme of “Don’t Hate the Media, Be the Media“, I will point out that this particular slice of the meida — the Weasel Zipper blog–  failed to clearly identify the Larouchies as separate from the Unions.

In the category of inappropriate humor.:
Maybe they should have herded all the pro union people that were there, into another room, sealed it off, and turned the gas on. Wanna sing about Auschwitz now??? Jerks…

AND… I don’t know if this person will claim the Larouchies were trying to de-legitimize the tea party?

More evenly with this topic.:
Legitimate protesters with rational messages are cringing today, after learning that wackjob supporters of perennial presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche were thrown out of Gov. Chris Christie’s 20th town hall forum of the year. Police bounced them from the jam-packed Fair Lawn Community Center on Wednesday after they refused to stop singing loudly about being sent to Auschwitz. We’ve noticed a recent uptick in the number of idiots using Nazism as a touch point to get their message across. That needs to stop

Here’s the Larouche response, from Margarette:  What a bunch of fools all of you are! The singers were singing about how Christie is the same as Obama! Governor Christie, the fat shlubba, in a campaign ad before he ran for Gov, ENDORSED OBAMA’S GREEN ENERGY POLICY, and proposed windmills and solar panels for NJ! The folks who were singing at this town meeting are promoting NUCLEAR POWER-THEY ARE NOT LIBERALS!
Furthermore, what Obama, and Christie, and all the budget slashing Governors are doing, is absolutely NAZI! Try reading and studying history instead of listening to FOX or NPR or whatever crap is brainwashing you!

All right!  Fox News AND NPR or whatever crap!
Understand, this is how that site — of a mass of people cheering while they were being booted out the door — quite a number cheering falling in the 47 percent line of the approval / disapproval number — is being relayed to the larouche movement.
In line with Lyndon LaRouche’s latest political and economic forecast, the state of New Jersey has now entered into a new phase of mass-strike protest

Just not being reported on NPR and Fox News.
One thing they’re good thing this is good for, I suppose — is a discussion of Godwin’s Law.

The LaRouchies seem to see Hitler in everyone. Sometimes I suspect they’re projecting. Back to reality, this behavior by Obama does strike me as odd.[…]

I’m not a fan of LaRouche but, there is some truth to his position. Like Hitler, Obama is [etc]

“But I play one on tv”.

Another good thing the Larouchies are good for — Finding your Writing Voice!

Diana Shellenberger:  Figuring out what kind of writer you are is critical to discovering your true voice, the one that comes out naturally. I remember one of the first times that happened as an adult. I was in a magazine writing class where we were required to write three articles over the course of the semester, along with doing market research and writing cover letters to actual publications. I had written an article on Lyndon La Rouche—remember him? the tax-evading perennial presidential candidate? One of my classmates observed in the critique of my article that she could hear my voice—sarcastic and conversational. That meant I’d done my job. In that piece I had managed to break down the barrier between my speaking and thinking voice and my writing voice. I would encourage you to look for the same markers in your own writing. The more you bring yourself into your writing, the better it will be. Not your idealized self, but you as you are. I’m not so sure I want to own the sarcastic part of my voice, but it’s there, and it works, because it’s me.


The Larouche organization is running six candidates for Congress for 2012.  This is up from, depending on how you count, the two or three candidates they ran in 2010.  There are Kesha Rogers, Rachel Brown, Summer Shields, Dave Christie, Diane Sare, and Bill Roberts.  Running for office with your name on the ballot, gives a candidate some minimal media attention.   As this Town Hall meeting exercise is a tactic for the organization, and as these six individuals have been moved front and center as the organization’s representatives at these townhall meetings, I imagine in the coming year, media outlets will find themselves with a few more moments like this.

More pointedly, in 2010 the two congressional campaigns gave the Larouchies two political debates.  Barney Frank stated about his debate with Rachel Brown that he never refuses a debate with anyone — a matter which caused some griping by his Republican general election foe for wanting to include minor party candidates — so it looks as though a Rachel Brown primary candidacy equals a Barney Frank — Rachel Brown debate.  It is not out of the realm of possibilities that Kesha Rogers could win her nomination again — the Democratic Party would not like to think about this district — which would mean another Public Broadcasting debate.

The debate moderators have a bit of a hard task with the Larouche candidates and what to do with them — you can more or less pick an item out at random from the Larouche org’s Collected Works and have something which is electorally disqualifying.  As it were, Rachel Brown and Kesha Rogers got out pretty darned easy in their debates, the debate moderators not really wanting to spend their time on irrelevant Larouche figures and tracking back to a sort of humoring of them, bemused eyebrow raising on how a quick relocation exercise to Mars will save humanity.

The Media of New Jersey in particular but the various other states at these moments, in debate circumstance or newspaper endorsement interview or the general campaign events — and the Democratic Party for the various counties’ candidate appearances (where Larouchies have been given a seat in the past — to mocking audiences, for instance, laughing at Rachel Brown while eating a dinner and waiting for Barney Frank) would do well to pose the question — “What, in particular, were you (or your fellow Larouchie candidate) comparing to Auschwitz, and would you like to back-track right now for the comparison?”
If they were real candidates, they would be asked that question.


The World is Full of Anti-Larouche Trollers full of “30 Year Old Slanders”…

The problem with Raymond-the-rambler’s comments is that they are not genuine, but some kind of anti-LaRouche troller who skims the internet to post 30 year-old slanders as an “expert” comment-er. He clearly is behind the times. What would Ray-ramble say to the NY Times Joe Nocera who just wrote “The Banking Miracle” on Glass-Steagall? What would he say to the NJ AFL-CIO which just passed a resolution endorsing the same thing that Ms. Mallory was speaking to the council about? How about the 17 congresspeople who co-sponsored this legislation? Are they all kooks who were bamboozled by a loon?
Glass Steagall = Good.  Larouchies = Bad.  More can be seen in the comment that this was an answer to, (SIC):
Many people don’t know about this woman’s antics. She has been making accusations against all government agencies since she ran for Congress in 1994. I think the 4% of the vote she got then and the physical altercation over her protest of the Healthcare reform may speak volumes for her desire to create chaos, not solutions.
Local Lansdale Borough Government has about as much influence as the North Penn Student Council, but I am sure she would want their backing too. Build a small truth of having government bnacking.
As seen in their tactics, they are sending local supporters out to local meetings to get this in the news.
His supporters and organizations were the same who made alligations that the Queen and Britian control world finances, drugs. That the VT shooter was addicted to First person shooting games and even when they proved he played mostly non-violent games, there was no aknowledgement. They also pushed supporters in the mid 80’s to keep AIDS infected kids out of school pushing information that AIDS was passed by casual contact even after information about it’s real method of tranmittal was known.
Any more time to these people is only going to help spread disinformation and false data

Though, the disinformation they spread is to their followers, and somehow dovetails back to the response to Raymond’s initial comment.:

Senior U.S. intelligence officials, along with leading figures within the Democratic Party, have warned that the Obama White House is in the process of launching a massive dirty operations campaign against Lyndon LaRouche and associates. […]
Leading Democratic Party figures explained this bizarre behavior from the standpoint that the Democrats fear that the demise of President Obama will bring Lyndon LaRouche to the fore as the only serious political leader who dared speak the truth about Obama and his British controllers. So, in effect, Reid, Boxer and Pelosi fell on the sword, in defending the President’s indefensible behavior on the Libya war, out of fear of LaRouche’s emergence as a folk hero and a leader of a movement for a revolutionary change in U.S. policy—beginning with the passage of the Glass-Steagall restoration, now pending before the House in H.R. 1489. This act of near political suicide on the part of Reid, Boxer and Pelosi was one of the first public signals that the White House has launched illegal operations against the LaRouche organization

To be sure, here’s how one Larouche supporter sees things coming down the pike.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich has a democratic transitional view of the nation. Political maverick Lyndon LaRouche has an oligarchical present view of the nation. Rep. Ron Paul has a republican future view of the nation. The three together are emerging as a potential potent ruling American presidential troika in a post-Obama interlude leading up to the federal elections of 2012.
Mr. Kucinich fills the role of President, Mr. Paul the role of Vice-President and Mr. LaRouche the role of senior economic advisor to the Presidency. The morality and ethics of Representatives Kucinich and Paul are beyond reproach. LaRouche’s scientifically-grounded creative ideology perfectly complements Kucinich’s high moral ground and Paul’s high ethical standards

One reason, dear Raymond, for the putting about for Glass Steagall Resolutions at any place they find — in addition to suggesting an “in” with the AFL-CIO they’re about to embarrass at a town hall, is to give an answer for this situation.

Who the heck is he? never heard of him before, yet he has been a politician for well over 30 years. I got in a small debate with some LaRouche supporters trying to raise money in front of the courthouse on will clayton last night.
according to them, Obama is controlled by the queen of england?

it seems to me that they really don’t want to change or accomplish anything other than you donate to his campign fund. I have asked them what bills I need to call my reps and ask them to vote for, and if they had a petition to sign, and nothing, but they were very adiment that I “pledge” some money to dethrone obama.
thought LaRouche always ran for the communist party, let me google that. […]
sounds like another life long politician to me.
While keeping a hand in many a pot…  Communist and Libertarian!
He is the founder of the “libertarian party” and is pretty much considered a kook. I believe he actually ran for president.
AND… er… via Harley Schlanger’s frequent appearances with Dr. DeagleThe Jehovah’s Witness Party!

The “Ready for Hitler Coup” is getting play at Godlike Productions and “Patriot Action Network.” — Not yet Iranian Press TV, but it’s floating there against the backdrop.

Also amongst Texas secessionists. And there’s that 144,000 figure again.


Since it is inevitable that the current U.S. President Barack Obama has no chance of being re-elected under what might be called a “democratic election-process,” and since President Obama is essentially a puppet of the British monarchy, bought and paid for in his original election as U.S. President, that fact, and relevant other evidence signifies that Obama could be made President again only by the same kind of proceeding which brought Adolf Hitler into the successive steps of his appointment by the order of the combined agency of the Bank of England and the support of Prescott Bush’s actions on behalf of the Bank of England”s Hjalmar Schacht and and Brown Brothers Harriman.
Given the facts of the crisis about to hit with great force with the first ten days following the close of the U.S. Congress’s accounting year, and in light of the attempt to enforce the continued “bail out,” there can be no possibility that the forces controlling British puppet Barack Obama’s career do not fully intend to pull off a coup d’etat comparable to that of Adolf Hitler.

There is only one remedy for both the United States and the Trans-Atlantic community of nations: the immediate re-enactment of the 1933 Glass-Steagall law.

Encyclopedia of American Loons #228
Diagnosis: Schizophrenic, megalomaniac raving lunatic who seems to wish to establish a socially conservative, fiscally socialist political system based on cult-like worship of the strong man (himself). That political system has been tried before. Fortunately LaRouche doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of implementing it in the US, despite the fact that he has a frighteningly large number of followers
Megalomaniac, yes.  Schizophrenic, no.  The rest — yes.
It is interesting, in light of the “Strong Man (himself) argument, that one thing that has the “Larouche Cryonics Movement” wavering away from the new man — — is the latter’s positive word for Mao.

Mao is a great leader in Witzshe’s book but a British creation in Larouches.  Witzsche has positioned Mao TseTung as a great leader in a few of his articles… I can’t cite them right now. This is shocking to me because Larouche clearly leads you through the connections of Mao to the British. Further, Witzsche positions Chaing KaiChek as a “stooge of the West” (?!). Larouche carefully describes Chaing KaiChek as descended from SunYatSen. There is no way I can resolve this… Witzsche is brilliant in many areas I DO recognize, but this view of Mao seems so counterposed to Larouche’s that it’s no wonder Larouche people ignore Witzsche. I’ll work with this more here.
This is interesting, in light that Witzsche identifies Mao along with Larouche, and Washington Lincoln Roosevelt and Kennedy — for “Great Leader status”.  The Larouche /  Witzsche (we’ll see which side of the coin things land on) Cryonics Movement awaits the clarification of the status of Mao.
The Larouchies apparently have many things going against them.
Given my understanding of Larouche for 10 years… and given my understanding of the insights you have on Larouche’s failed fusion, failed NAWAPA and failure to see electric universe, and basalt and ice age as primary topics, and essentially the bad manners of the LYM toward me, it may very well be that CS could be positioned to make a come-back under MBE-public credit thinking.
Hoo Hah!


ilovepink953 says  Don’t remove yourself from the situation. Remove Obama under Sec 4, 25th Amendment. He is incompetent and his policies are meant to increase the death rates of the most vulnerable among our citizenry. Isn’t it time that Obama be shown the door? Hey Joe are you listening? Obama is not a Democrat or a Republican. He is a fascist!! His policies mimic those of Hitler. A saner population would demand his ouster. Leadership lies with Lyndon Larouche.
name one president in the last 40 years that hasn’t violated the War Powers Act.


Odd Easily Classified and Identified Anti-Semitic Conversing with Larouche’s “Ideas” of the Week (or so)
DOMINATED BY SEPHARDIC JEWISH BANKERS, the private Bank of England expanded its investments into North America largely through the Hudson Bay Company.

The early American colonists of the 17th Century were beholden to the Bank of England’s Jewish owners — paying taxes from their labor — as repayment for funding the “opportunity” to create a new way of life in the New World. […]

And here I am looking at Sky Shield’s body language to the Larouche question “Where does a gorilla go to vote?” by looking at some CPSAN hosts’ to various racist inquiries.


Can’t anyone come up with a good smack-down of Obama?

Friday, June 24th, 2011

The release of Dinesh D’Souza’s book, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”, saw Newt Gingrich and some other commenters delve into his father as the Source for Obama’s “Anti British Imperialist”.
But I didn’t have to get past the title to suffer an element of cognitive dissonance.  A lot could be said for Obama, a lot negative can be said about Obama, but Rage? It’s a telling point of the alternative universes different political orientations are shelved into that we’re not just interpreting politics differently, but interpreting personal characteristics in polar opposite fashion.  I suppose an unflattering photograph has been taken (and circulated widely), and it’s hard to pass up.  Looking the book up, I see a suggestion that Dinesh D’Souza doesn’t quite believe his title either — it is, though the title stamped on the book, not the title it is identified as — the actual title is more sedate and generic, so far as these things go:  The Obama Leviathan: The Perversion of the American Dream.

Worse than D’Souza might be … this?
Or you can watch it after a car commercial, if you wish.

A lot can be said about Obama.  By now the “58 states” gaffe can be shoved aside for more germane points of Duplicity.  The overall message of this video leaves a bit to be desired — the band “New Republik” has snuck onto MTV — New Republik is, apparently, an undercover agents of “Infowars” — a shadow Intelligence Agency lead by Alex Jones and a guy in a black ski mask — who unveils the Illuminati Plot of arranging new robots to stand behind — moving on from Hitler and Stalin to Rumsfeld and Obama.  The song that is, I suppose, on MTV, is about peeing on their heads.  The presentation concludess with a gallery of their heroes — Ales Jones, David Icke, Internet Dolt who posts diatribes while wearing a Ski Mask, William Cooper, David Maxwell…
Ron Paul 2012…
The Oath Keepers.

Conceivably, some line of parody could have been created out of the elements and out of the conspiratorial political position held by … the creators of this film… but instead what we have here is an expression of their Acid Trip.

Eventually I will be able to sort out some of legitimate  and sensical polemics and parodies for Obama — but in the meantime I’m stuck with cries against Obama’s oppositon to British Imperialism and a poster of Obama in White Make – up affixed to the word “Socialism” (the word not part of the original artist’s critique, incidentally).

Judge Throws the Book at Alan Mendelsohn — Has had it coming for Years Now.

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

The Judge Threw the Book at Alan Mendelsohn.

It’s often been said that the one thing politics and stand-up comedy have in common is that timing is everything. The same also probably holds true when it comes to bribery. • In a few months Dr. Alan Mendelsohn will report to a federal prison to begin a four-year sentence in a public corruption case that saw him divert $700,000 for personal use from a political action committee he controlled. There is also the delicate matter of hiring an associate of then-Florida state Sen. Mandy Dawson, D-Fort Lauderdale, who served as a conduit for the elected official to receive $82,000 from the now-disgraced physician.

As a convicted bagman, Mendelsohn has already lost his career, a chunk of his personal fortune and his reputation, which means, of course, one of these days he would fit right in as a member of the Florida Legislature.

Yeah, I knew he was trouble ever since Middle School, when he caused a school-wide melee by telling everyone that he was from Mars.  His excuse to the principal was, if I recall right, “I was just telling a story.”


“I’d give my Superbowl Championship to Stop the Gay Menace” — I say Let’s Make that Deal!

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Former New York Giants receiver David Tyree’s celebrated catch in the closing seconds of Super Bowl XLII was pivotal to his team’s victory. Now out of football, he is trying to claim a last-minute win over another foe — same-sex marriage.

On the same day that the New York State Assembly approved a same-sex marriage bill, Tyree warned of dire consequences if the legislation becomes law.

The bill’s passage would “be the beginning of our country sliding toward … anarchy,” he said

Tyree made the comments in a video released Wednesday by the National Organization for Marriage, which is spearheading opposition to the bill. The legislation must now clear the Republican-controlled State Senate where its fate is uncertain.


Anarchy, you say?

“Marriage is the only relationship that actually mirrors the relationship with God,” he said.

I don’t know what that means.

He also argued that same-sex parents are ill-equipped to raise a child of the opposite sex.

I don’t know what that means.  Oh, wait: here’s the clarification.

“You can’t teach something that you don’t have,” Tyree said in the video. “So two men will never be able to teach a woman how to be a woman.”

What about certain Gay stereotypes?  Aren’t they worth anything for Tyree?

In an opinion column for Yahoo News, the group’s chairman, Maggie Gallagher, said Tyree told her he decided to speak out after his former teammate Michael Strahan declared his support for gay marriage last week.

That’ll show that dweeb, Strahan.


“The catch was a gift, it’s not like I’d try to do it. I couldn’t do it again so that was a miracle,” Tyree told the New York Daily News.

God sure turned on the New England Patriots.  What did they do to forsake him?  (Probably the same as whatever made God decide to turn on Jon Kitna after the hub-ub surrounding a 6-2 start, as the Evangelical Choir moved on following a 1-7 finish to Jump on the back of Tim Tebow.)

“There’s nothing worth more than [maintaining marriage between a man and a woman] right here for me.”

Does that mean he’d give up the Super Bowl victory to stop gay marriage? “Honestly, I probably would.

“Nothing means more to me than that my God would be honored,” said Tyree, who does not oppose benefits for gay couples. “Being the fact that I firmly believe that God created and ordained marriage between a man and a woman, I believe that that’s something that should be fought for at all costs.

“So I’ll lay down everything I am to preserve the honor and integrity of the God that I serve.”

I tell you what.  Soviet History style, let’s just change the historical record.  Wipe out that play.  New England Patriots win!  Undefeated!  They own the phrase “19-0”.  Now, go to the rest of the New York Giants roster, from that year, and take away the bonuses and trophies and Championship and hand it all over to the Patriots.

Now the question I have: How could Tyree have dropped that ball at such an inopportune moment?