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Great Moments in American Political Dialouge

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

“With respect to Mr. Jefferson’s style, I cannot best express my opinion than by saying that it is just such a style as Betty, my cookmaid, uses in writing to her lovers … Betty is a long-sided, raw-boned, red-haired slut, and like, Mr. Jefferson always hankering to have a mob of dirty fellows about her.”

Josiah Quincy
Port Folio, October 13, 1804

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observation of American Politics

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

From Bill Moyers, “Listening to America”, 1970

“I like Agnew because he stands up to the Communists.  I disagree with him about Vietnam because I think the best advice there came from the Smothers Brothers.  They said just announce we’ve won and pull out.  That’s what I would do.  But I still like Agnew.  I like him better than I do the President.  Agnew speaks his mind and Nixon hides his.”

Anyone politician out for “announcing we won and pulling out” would get labeled with a clever alliteration spoken by Spiro Agnew and written by  William Safire or Pat Buchanan about being a Communist and not receive this man’s vote.

Emma Sullivan versus Governor Brownback

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Idiot Number One:  Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.
Idiot Number Two:   Governor Brownback’s communications director, Sherriene Jones-Sontag.
Idiot Number Three:  The  Shawnie Mission East High School Administration.
Idiot Number Four:  All the bloggers and Journalists and commentators who use the cliche about “Making a Mountain out of a Molehill.”  This does not rise to the level of “Molehill”.  

Emma is from Prairie Village, Kansas, and a senior at Shawnie Mission East High School. As part of a Youth in Government program, Emma traveled to Topeka, where she had to listen to a speech by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, a right-wing ideologue who, Kansans like to joke, is transforming their state into “Brownbackistan.” What Emma knew about Brownback was that he had vetoed funding for the arts, leaving Kansas as the sole state without a state arts program. Emma Sullivan tweeted the following subversive thought: “Just made mean comments at gov brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot.”  
But in the holy commonwealth of Kansas, no sparrow shall fall without the notice of state-paid social-media watchdogs. Brownback’s staff sniffed out this verbal terrorism, and called her principal, who cravenly called her in and tried to bully her into writing an apology. Emma refused, and her story swept the Web like a fire off the Kansas prairie. Official humorlessness and hypocrisy had transformed an American teenager (an earlier tweet: “Dear edward and jacob, this is the best night of my life. I want u. Love, ur future wife #breakingdawn”) into a global symbol of protest.
In response, the Governor brownbacked down: “My staff over-reacted to this tweet, and for that I apologize. Freedom of speech is among our most treasured freedoms.”
Both of Emma’s tweets are silly. (Among other things, Emma actually hadn’t told the Governor he sucked, alas.) But so what? Teen-agers are supposed to be silly. It is adults who should be mature. Surrounded by full-grown ninnyhammers, Emma has had to grow up overnight. Her latest tweet is: “I’ve decided not to write the letter but I hope this opens the door for average citizens to voice their opinion & to be heard! #goingstrong.”  

Yes, and some typical background on this issue, going from Black Armbands against Vietnam… to…

In the most recent case, Joseph Frederick, a latter-day Jeff Spicoli in Anchorage, Alaska, unveiled a banner with the thought-provoking “BONG HiTs” legend in front of Juneau-Douglas High School in 2002 just as the Olympic Torch was being carried past the school. School officials confiscated the banner and suspended him. Morse admitted that he just wanted to get his silly banner on television. But Chief Justice John Roberts, in an  opinion for the Court, parsed the statement with all the delicate irony of a HAL-9000 to conclude that it really meant “[Take] bong hits 4 Jesus,” or “bong hits [are a good thing],” thus transforming it into a danger to every student in Juneau: “schools may take steps to safeguard those entrusted to their care from speech that can reasonably be regarded as encouraging illegal drug use,” he wrote. (Justice Clarence Thomas, concurring, wrote separately to suggest that students have no First Amendment rights at all.) 

… Which was a ruling that annoyed me in its parsing of whether the speech meant anything or not.

Gingrich ’12.

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

It looks like the Wheel of Fortune has spun and landed on the final Not Romney of the 2012 Republican Nomination fight.  It has spun past a bunch of non candidates and candidates — Daniels and Trump and Christie and Palin; Bachmann and Perry and Cain… and the final candidate is…


Who, post John Lithgow reading, I’m required to yell along the lines of Captain Kirk — “KAHN!”

Do I believe in Gingrich?  Not really.  But I do just enough to entertain the thought.  After all…

  It’s patently absurd.  He danced around the idea of a Presidential Run for 1996 in an era where he was Time Magazine’s Man of the Year… a booby prize that, which Clinton deftly used to gain the upper hand in his political fightings.

Gingrich eventually deferred to the Political Popularity of… Bob Dole.

Sixteen years later we have Gingrich ’12.  Did even Gingrich think he would be called, even fleetingly and with a sort of acknowledgement of its falseness, “Front Runner” at any point in the nomination fight, let alone just a month out from Iowa’s caucses?

And it is here that I see the silly season get kicked into high gear.  “Brokered Convention“.  It’s been 70 years, why not?  It’s even less believable than Clinton — Obama 08, but what the hell?

Sad, sad Santorum.  He never got his day in the Sun.  Stuck with Roemer, Johnson…

I missed the Values Voters’ debate.  I suspect nothing meaningful came out of that one.  I did see parts of the Foreign Policy debate.  They’re all insane.  Except Huntsman.  And kinda Ron Paul in the way Ron Paul is not insane.  And if you’re grading on a curve, Mitt Romney.

The Ron Paul folks continue their assault on how Paul will win the nomination and the Presidency.  He’ll storm through Iowa and New Hampshire, gadnabit.  New speculation has alighted that Gary Johnson may be the Libertarian candidate.  And will Buddy Roemer seek that Unity 12 “America Elect” crapola that has petitioners chiming in “Sign here for a Better Way to Elect a President”.  Yeah.



Stephan Pastis is the new writer for Peanuts

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

This is depressing.

Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown is a Peanuts television special animated by Wildbrain that was released in 2011. The special is the 45th in the series and the first without the late Bill Melendez on the production team. It is also the first special without the direct involvement of Peanuts creator Charles Schulz, Lee Mendelson Productions or Bill Melendez Productions (it is unknown, though, if Lee Mendelson also worked on this special).[1] The special was released on DVD on March 29, 2011, and first aired on television on October 1, 2011, on Teletoon in Canada. The special will premiere in the United States on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2011 at 8:30PM ET/PT on Fox, the first Peanuts special to air on the network; with this airing, Peanuts specials would have aired on all four major networks, including ABC, CBS and NBC. Ironically, the first half of the special on Fox will be competing directly with a Peanuts special that will be airing at the same time on ABC (“The Mayflower Voyagers” from This Is America, Charlie Brown).[2][3]

And this is some mixed messaging from Stephan Pastis.

The teleplay for the Peanuts special was written by Pearls Before Swine creator Stephan Pastis.

Ironic, because he is one who goes off on the Legacy strips on the comics page going on after the death of the original creators.  I suppose there’s something in the limitless land of dvd and television as against the limited space offered in newspapers

I do have the thought about a comment that appears in the Chipp Kidd designed Peanuts book from Charles Schulz about the Peanuts comic books.  Charles Schulz didn’t consider them a real part of the Peanuts ouvre.  That seems about right for a post-Schulz television special.

Maybe there’s something in comparison with the Muppets here.  I hear that the new Muppets movie revives the franchise from two decades of post-Henson doldrums.  But Muppets seems more liable to exist outside the world of Jim Henson than Peanuts outside the world of Charles Schulz.
It is Christmas time again… times to reminisce about the Tickle Me Elmo craze and the… ensuing “Tickle This Elmo” t-shirts.

the 99 and stuff and the confused befuddled Shepard Fairey

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

A rebuttal to some commentary abounding about the … Democratic Party sympathies… of “Occupy”.  We see it here.

Occupy protestors butted in during an Obama appearance at a Manchester, New Hampshire school earlier today, heckling the president over the arrests of OWS protesters. A similar disruption happened at a Ron Paul appearance in Keane; Paul responded to the hecklers with disarming sympathy.

I ponder this mechanism, though.  If we’re replaying the 60s and the election of Kennedy is the election of Obama.  We skip to the end of the decade, and the crack-up of some of the same youth’s “idealism” takes place and the radicalization of a part of the nation.  I’m tempted to say some of it replays as farce, but it was partially farce the last time around too.   It’s the system…  I personally am neither here nor there, I can praise and damned Obama all I right.

Shepard Fairey and the Obama “Hope” poster.  And his new image:

  Problematic for a number of reasons.  Firstly, the “Hope” image has been satirized to death — and justly so, and righteously done, for any number of political figures.  It’s not too hard to imagine the simple act of tossing the Guy Fawkes image into the “Obamanize” program you can find online.  Thus, what’s the point with Fairey reimagining it when someone in the conspiratorial zone probably already hatched onto this one?

Secondly… “Mister President, We HOPE You’re On Our Side.”

The Reason Magazine blog is having a field day with this one, putting up the Reason cover about liberal disenchantment.  Of course, the articles in the magazine focuses largely on drug policy which is… confluence of where libertarians and “progressives” meet, I suppose… conveniently.

The problem with Obama’s more radical supporters… I didn’t get them in ’08.  Like… he’s a politician.  He may be a good politician, and may turn out to be a good president, but he’s not going to transform the nation into your radical utopia.  These supporters didn’t make sense to me.  I start longing for the right’s caricature as a Chicago pol when I sense something like this.

Thirdly: Fuck Guy Fawkes.  Really.  The greatest part of the recent South Park episode was that lone Guy Fawkes nut at the fourth graders’ “Occupy” rally.  Because it’s so Stupid as political theater.  What’s interesting is that I think Guy Fawkes broke into our political protest memes out from Ron Paul supporters picking out the movie adaptation for V for Vendetta.  Got that, Mr. Fairey?

by popular demand…

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

I.  Diane Sare interviewed by Neil Barton on his pod-cast.  A MUST!
“might expand”.  You heard it from Diane Sare first!
… 80 percent of Americans not upset with the death of Qaddafi.  Uh huh.
Spiral into World War Three.
Clinton could’ve been impeached for the same reasons.
“I’m not looking for World War Three.  I’m looking for the Zombie Apocalypse.”
“These guys are crazy.  Let’s talk to them.”
Where’s your Jersey accent?

The next media appearance for Diane Sare I believe came with the Inaugural Live Basement Webcast.  Someone else will have to review it for me.

Interesting, as always, that Diane Sare puts herself and her movement in Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy’s tradition, when…
and since others predominantly, wishfully refused to believe up through December 13, 1976 US Labor Party warnings of what a Carter administration in a chain of horror-stories going back through Kennedy, Roosevelt, Wilson, Buchanan, Van Buren, and Andrew Jackson — with Republicans Theodore Roosevelt and Taft properly thrown into the collection.  Unless forces are mustered adequate to change US nominal policy now, the result may well the physical extinction of our nation this year or next.
The same consistent expressions of American Toryism run through Beard, Arnold, Williams, Roosevelt, Kennedy, and the Carter administration.  These people are not Americans, but the grotesque reflections of an alien social disease of heteronomy which has poisoned the body politic.  It is within the same context that the philosophically fascist film Roots is to be appreciated.

And this is a lot of retro-fitting:
It is a fitting commemoration to the legacy of JFK that the book Dope, Inc., commissioned by Lyndon LaRouche, is once again in print.

II.  Warning about World War Three:

“So the question is why? Why? Why? Why is somebody so damned foolish, as to start a general thermonuclear war?”
I don’t know.  He must be a Narcissist.

COUNTERPOINT:  I would disagree with the presenters, the Oligarchical Principle did not have its start with the Prometheus/Zeus Greek age… it goes several thousands of years further back in human history, as a manifest principle, even back to ancient 1st Dynasty Egypt, and Sumer, and even perhaps more ancient civilizations…
But the Mythos attached to the Promethean/Zeusian struggle gives a good metaphor … to work from… an older metaphor is that of Abraham vs the gods/goddesses of UR of the Chaldeans and that Chaldean/Babylonian manifestation of the Oligarchical Principle

Mm hm.
LaRouche said that another element to consider is that British agents operating in Germany, led by the consultant so-called “scientific” Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, who holds the rank of Commander of the British Empire awarded by Queen Elizabeth, not only seek to eliminate nuclear energy but also from hydrocarbons, with the pretext of the farce of “global warming” caused by man.  It is simply the plan promoted by the British consort, Prince Philip and his WWF to reduce world population of 2,000 million human beings.  Turns out Schellnhuber is hand in glove with John Holdren, science adviser to President Obama, who shares the same orientation genocide.  Hence, LaRouche stressed the urgent need to get Obama and immediately reinstate the Glass-Steagall, “If that step does not occur quickly, the entire planet on the brink of collapse to a global new dark age.”

In related news, this campaign is really getting Executive Intelligence Review on Iranian Press TV at an increasing clip right now.
The US, pushed by the “Zionist apparatus,” is seeking to use the Saudi envoy assassination accusation against Tehran as a pretext to launch an attack on Iran, a political analyst tells Press TV.

Obama’s role in this war-charge is more confirmation of Lyndon LaRouche’s charge that he is a British stooge, a Nero-like narcissist in love with his reflection in his teleprompter who was installed as president through a public relations con funded by British agent George Soros, the money bags behind the fake political movements GetUp, MoveOn and Avaaz and the bogus Twitter and Facebook revolutions  in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

III.  The Validators of the Moment
Prof Francis A Boyle.
In interview which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on October 26, 2010 (as translated by MEMRI), Boyle sharply criticized Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, stating that “Obama was bought and paid for by Zionists. That’s why Rahm Emanuel was his chief-of-staff” and that “Mrs. Clinton sold her soul to the Zionists in New York to get elected as senator from New York.”
Yeah.  Impeach Bush.  Impeach Obama.
From 1991 to 1993, Boyle was a legal advisor to the Palestine Liberation Organization. Boyle is currently attorney of record for the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria and a member of the Nobel Peace Prize for Governor George H. Ryan Committee.
He strikes me as the kind of guy who signed that “Yes, Impeach Clinton, but do it for the right reasons — he’s a war mongerer” petition.
a former KGB colonel and Supreme Soviet deputy…  Boris Bolshakov, was a collaborator of the late Pobisk G. Kuznetsov, a visionary scientist and organizer of industry.

 Rick Potvin has some thoughts.

My comment. The current OWS movement still denies leadership and demands. The Occupy movement is in canada too in a virulent way so Canada is not immune after all, as many of my canadian contacts seem to think. canada is intentionally underdeveloped. Until the Occupy movement understands that Glass Steagall separates true banking from speculation, we’re being led down the same path as Germany was.

And the Tea Party gives us this:  No Tea Party had any extremist elements we didn’t quickly point out, abuse and run off, except for the damn LaRouchies who are like limpets.

And we have this:
Even the relatively small number of Occupy-X City folks lack even a basic agreement over why they are occupying anything. You have a combination of fed-up lower and middle class voters (as you point out), LaRouchies, professional protesters, Ron Paul supporters (like me), and, to put it plainly, dudes looking to hook up (which I respect). This does not look like the type of coalition that can lead a general strike

When there is some leadership forged, it takes us to this decision:  See Kurt Nimmo at Prison Planet and Infowars.  The closest thing to an official website for the Occupy movement now has these guidelines:

No Platform.Conspiracy theories, including any attempt to spam material by David Icke, Lyndon LaRouche, David Duke or Alex Jones, will be removed immediately and the spammer will receive a swift global network ban. Fascist propaganda (including any attempt to spam these four people again), will be treated with the similar actions. In that we are very specific about what fascism is: the word has a meaning.
Good news for Larouchies.  It’s been edited down to:
No Platform. Conspiracy theories, will be removed immediately and the spammer will receive a swift global network ban. Fascist propaganda, will be treated with the similar actions. In that we are very specific about what fascism is: the word has a meaning.

So.  The bunch are removed.  To the consternation of Jones, Duke, and Larouche, and Icke advocates.  Though not without this comment.
I agree with them about Icke, Alex Jones,David Duke and LaRouche. I think it a Freudian slip of the Marxist kind, that they left out Romney from the list.

V.  Who’s being insulted as Larouchian this week?
What do Tea Partiers and LaRouchies have in common? Well it seems to be their viral hatred of the fact that President Obama ended the NASA space shuttle program. At least that is what I read today at the Huffington Post.
But there you have it. Cain, a businessman, seems to be all about doing things on the cheap, a Tea Party favorite, but when he gets specific its not WalMart he wants to do his shopping at, it’s Neimann-Marcus.

In the U.S. today, most presidential Republican candidates are fighting for the economy for atheism and deism.  It seems that the exception is Rick Santorum, a catholic from Pennsylvania who wants to eliminate the poverty of the poor class. On the other hand, President Obama will be fighting for the economy of LaRouche and Riemann, even though he didnt study the LaRpuche/Riemann economy. Obama’s stimulation work indicates that some work in a nation produces infrastructures and does not always produce profits.
All very good and well, but why are you posting an image to King’s book?

OWS is Obama’s version of the Larouche Democrats.
OWS rarely complains about democrat anything. Obama owns them, they are his Larouchies!!!!!!!!!

Reminds me of the Beatles’ reservations in the song “Revolution”:  I’m with OWS in spirit as long as they are nonviolent and are not Larouchies who demand Obama’s impeachment or Anarchists who want to overturn the government & enjoy provoking police. Also, not with the Squatters/Anarchists who tried to who tried to take over private property, a vacant Car Dealership in NC.

Almost every interest group conceivable has managed to qualify some sort of measure for the ballot: Tobacco industry companies tried to roll back smoking regulations, insurance companies have repeatedly tried to bamboozle voters into giving them more money, fringe politicians like Lyndon LaRouche have made oddball attempts and others have tried to pass myriad new taxes and regulations.

In the 1st couple years of the Tea Party, whenever the MSM would publish photos of creeps with racist or otherwise deranged posters, 90%+ of the time it was one of those demented freak Larouchies.

VI.  Fighting for the Larouche!

A:  Gerald Pechenuk makes an appearance for Jonathan Turley’s piece debating Obama as Obama or Obama Bush.  And he gets this reaction.  And conversation.
with all due respect, I think I will skip anything that has to do with Larouche.
Greg,  Take a breath. I did not belittle you or Mr. Horton. I simply stated that I would not visit the the LaRouche site. My problem is with LaRouche, not Harton or you.  However you seem to lack a certain quality of delicious and playful irony which would help liberate your mind to going outside the Taboos, which have been set up for you and others.
Rafflaw, my good brother, my recommendation is to take the chains off of your mind and let them fall to earth, like dew……….
raff, I am with you. I would not click on a link to a LaRouche site on a bet. Yuck! The only derangement syndrome worse than the Birther Derangement Syndrome.
While I consider this topic of the utmost importance and applaud JT’s involvement in the public debate, I too share your disdain for all things LaRouche. That his past tactics of demonizing Jews, Zionists, blacks, and labor unions in what can best be described as his neo-fascist movement is enough to discredit him. The fact that he was convicted of conspiracy to commit mail fraud is only icing on the cake. He’s a lot like the Koch Brothers, but just not smart enough to try to put makeup on his ideological warts.
You are insulting Bruce Fein and Mr. Boyle by including them in the same breath with that scum bag, Lyndon LaRouche.
OS,  Con man is the right term for LaRouche, along with ex-con as Gene reminds us.
LaRouche is Harold Stassen with the aroma of a NAZI and the ego of Nader.
And the confidence man skills of P. T. Barnum.
You owe me both the cost of the beer I spit out, and the keyboard I spit it on. It’s funny because it’s true.
I’m nearly as old as LL and the machinations of him and his followers bores me. One can’t make the bloviations of a con man into the insights of a prophet. And yes I’m being deliberately insulting and dismissive.
I am not sure where Gerald gets off giving orders around here. Good luck on that. He will have about as much success as a June Bug convention in the henhouse.
Smell the boot leather . . . Eau de Fascist  The new same old fragrance by LaRouche|
That is an interesting “fragrance” !
After all, how many people knew when they voted for Obama, they were getting a continuation and a worsening of Bush’s policies by Obama,
The Would Be King George III……….

B:  Alexander Hamilton delivers us this:
Nicholas of Cusa warned us to beware gossip and rumormongers that drain our vitality. Go fight the Obamabots (and Paulitards), prove your anti-fascist cred, and leave us humanists alone.

This week’s “Alex Hamilton”:  Do the haters understand what Lyn faces right now? The Obama crime family, those puppets of the British Monarchy, wants to start World War III. It wants to reduce mankind to a slave species of fewer than one billion people. […]
To fight this, as Kepler did before us, we must combine the principle of metaphor and human creativity. Only Lyn truly understands all this. He alone can rise above history’s downward trajectory and protect America before the British Empire consummates its evil plan.
I can imagine a time when we stop using the LaRouche brand on everything — and adopt a name like Emergent Democrats for public organizing. For example, there’s a lot of people who would be interested in NAWAPA but freak out irrationally at Lyn’s name. And this is an ongoing challenge.

All very interesting.  Because, well… we see something like this here Obama’s War Effort Surpasses Bush Mirrors Hitler! Webster G Tarpley on Alex Jones.
… and yeah.  We see the stripping of the “Larouche brand” for furthering the cause, a cause which is not original or germane to Larouche, besides that name thing.
I once posited to Hylozoic Hedgehog in an awkward exchange that we can see the future of the Larouche Movement in the present of the Technocracy Movement.  Interesting historical footnotes which, every once in a while is tossed out there.  Like last week, there were a couple of media digs at Technocracy, Inc. and Howard Scott.  And a chance for the Technical Alliance to defend Howard Scott as a true visionary and not a charltan.
It’s a bit more complicated with Larouche.  You see the Webster Tarpley model.  You see key figures on Iranian TV.  You can trace some conspiracy theories from away from Larouche’s orbit and past Larouche’s orbit.

etc.  This site is not intended to shed light on the Church today in these end times.  This site tries to provide information for those seeking to live an authentic relationship with the Lord and who want to leave the spiritual illusions, heresies, and false gospels.
Scottish Mama brings up EIR.
George Shollenberger:  I listened to some of the excellent teachings of Lyndon LaRouche in the early 1980s.  When I learned about the book of Nicholas of Cusa on ‘On Learned Ignorance,’ (click) I turned my attention to Germany’s Cusa’s works, which are very new.
Gunny G links to Larouche “To Stop WW3, Must Impeach Obama“, also the point that the GOP was Marxist at its inception.


Dateline Albany CAlifornia:
Today I was amazed to run into a LYM card-table shrine in Albany, CA, of all places. They were just packing up the Impeach Hitler-Obama signs as we came by. My companion, who’s more of an optimist than I am, engaged the LYMette in spirited debate about whether LaRouche had in fact accomplished anything in the 40+ years since the NCLC started, aside from improving his own lifestyle. She of course insisted he had done many wonderful things, although nothing she could name was real-world based. “Get a life!” was her final sally (although she’s the one who spent the afternoon at a card table), and then, “You’re been reading FactNet too much!” It sounds to me like they’re spending more time on FactNet than the ex-members are at this point. Under the circumstances, I really admire xlcer’s perseverance.  (Park this for the moment.  May or may not return to it.)

Earlier in the day, one gentleman, described by Perebikovsky as “a ’60s baby boomer wearing really long socks,” tried to run down the Obama signs, she said. He then arrived on foot and tried to tear them down.
In one 20-minute period, two men with a dog in a jeep cheered and pumped their fists in response to the impeachment message.
Other passers-by were less enthusiastic:
LaRouche volunteer: Would you like to take a flier?  Passer-by: Nope. Not from you.   Volunteer: Why not?  Passer-by: …You’re out of it.
Volunteer: What do you think (about our display)?  Passer-by, shaking her finger: I don’t like that.
**  Passer-by: Hi! What’s that about? (in reference to the Obama posters)  Volunteer: Sign up with us!   Passer-by: That imagery… you just lost me.
**  Passer-by (points his index finger at his head and rotates it clockwise, while making eye contact with the volunteers)  Volunteer: Obama?  Passer-by: You crazy.
**  One Albany commissioner, walking his children home from school, side-stepped the booth, but wished them “Good luck with that.” […]
There were another two up in front of Landscape Stn at the top of Solano. They ought to be free to speak, and shame on the guy trying to destroy their signs. But LaRouche… whoa, takes me way, way back. Next week it’ll be a guy distributing J.T. Chick tracts…
“If Barack Obama is not thrown out of office soon, civilization is in mortal danger. The British Monarchy is out to destroy the United States as we know it, and Obama is their puppet instrument for accomplishing exactly that.” from the LaRouche website.
Wow… I thought the Brits stopped running the world after WWI…
Oh noes! The redcoats are already here. Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes! Ha ha.
Yea, I always thought the world was secretly controlled by space aliens, the Illuminati, the Matrix, or Voldermort. I never thought the Queen is behind it all!
The Queen controls everything from a miniaturized radio transmitter in her handbag.
I ran into a couple of these guys in Cotati (Sonoma County) a while back. I asked one of the fellows if he could express his disagreement with our president without denigrating the memory of six million Jews. His response was a complete and total mishmash of conspiracy theories–culminating in the bizarre belief that Americans only enjoy any protected constitutional rights because of LaRouche. Clearly I wasn’t going to get anywhere, but I couldn’t walk by without saying something. I did point out that if we actually lived in a fascist country, he’d be in jail for disparaging the president. The very fact that they have the free speech right to display these atrocious signs belies their message.
My usual procedure when dealing with LaRouche representatives is to take their literature, peruse it briefly, ask for a second copy, and tear them up. Then, smiling, I ask for another. Sometimes they actually give me one!
Let’s keep them out in the open where we can see them whether we like what they say or not


Dateline I’m Not Entirely Sure.
Looking at this candid shot of the nice, cheerful  LaRouche supporter you would think that she wants your donations for some charitable cause. You would never guess about wild mix of ideas that this group propagates. They hate Obama but Franklin D. Roosevelt is their demigod. They are afraid of fascism (picturing Obama as Hitler) but they like Stalin. They fight for freedom and strongly support Putin’s rule in Russia. Picture is deceiving



Dateline Plymouth, Massachusetts.
The unnamed volunteer said that we need to impeach Obama before he starts World War II, then caught and corrected himself.
“I mean World War III. We already had the second World War, thanks to the first owner of that moustache.”
Across the parking lot, in front of the post office doors, his friend Ian stood speaking earnestly to a woman who was clearly interested in his message.
When the woman left, and he was asked to sum up the reason why he was at the post office this day, Ian said he believed that humanity was “the creative force of the universe. We are not animals. And we have to organize our government and economy around such an idea.”
What idea?
“Mankind is the creative force of the universe.”
That’s a political idea?
It’s both a political and an economic idea, Ian said. […]
It is noteworthy that LaRouche – and his supporters – have been warning about the immediate destruction of civilization for some 35 years now.  Wishful thinking, it might seem.

Dateline Livingston, Connecticut

Good god, what a bunch of nutjobs….