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could be worse…

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

Follow the bouncing ball of Liberian leadership.

If I see this correctly, we had… oh, Charles Taylor of one party, who ran on this…

 In 1997, during a period of peace, Charles Taylor, a warlord, became president, having made it clear that he would go back to war if not elected. Supporters chanted, “He killed my ma, he killed my pa, but I’ll vote for him.”

Next up, the reformer on the other party… Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Then… er… a football player?  Who…

Mr Weah is idolised, particularly among the young—and more than half the electorate is under 33. He lost to the current president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, in 2005.

And the new asset of all political hopefuls…

Yet there are doubts about the kind of leader Mr Weah will be. Since his election as a senator in 2014, he has rarely attended parliament. Nor has he introduced or co-sponsored any legislation. Mr Weah’s relative lack of education, though, only seems to make him more popular. His supporters see the former slum-dweller as one of them—a champion from their streets.

But he won over the old supporters of Taylor due to having Taylor’s wife as running mate.

The incoming vice-president, Jewel Howard-Taylor, is a popular senator who once tried to make homosexuality punishable by death. She is also Mr Taylor’s ex-wife, which helped attract voters who still support the former tyrant (who is now in prison in Britain for war crimes committed in neighbouring Sierra Leone).

… still holding to a version of the “Yah!  Killed my folks” line, I see…

ending geopolitics

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

I.  Mae Brussel, the world’s greatest single conspiracy buff, has insisted, over various underground radio stations, that virtually all the terrorist Left is a secret C.I.A. operation to discredit the rest of the Left. More recently, the U.S. Labor Party has taken up the same model and is accusing almost everybody in the Left of being a government agent working to discredit the Left. Although neither Mae Brussell nor the U.S.L.P. are any better at preparing an evidential case than the late Joseph McCarthy, the Watergate investigations revealed that the FBI’s “COINTELPRO” operation did involve agents provocateurs and attempts to divide the Left by inciting crime and spreading paranoia. Maybe all the paranoids are right, after all.  — Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger, 1977

II. At long last… a … uniform?  That the members of the org can dawn when they do their PO Box tour (or wherever it is their deployments are in the Trump Era.)

laroucheshirtweirdlaroucheshirtweird2   So, when someone accuses them of spouting out goobley — gook, or asks them to clarify what it is the “B-12″ incident, they may just point to their shirt in a state of smug self-assured over-confidence.  How this wins over the masses, I do not know.
(Yes.  These things probably belong to a motorcycle club.)

III.  Stop me if you’ve ever heard this one.
A one time member.  Left a once solid organization, the Larouchies, dedicated at one time to fighting the good fight.  Or, was when s/he joined.  Now, it’s sad to see what it has become — truly deplorable — as a totally different organization than when I was a part of it…

… when it never would have worked to put themselves as supporters of a world-paradigm shifting Trump administration… and were all about… er… doubling the squares?

They still do choral performances to C=22, (prolific enough)  so don’t quit on them just yet, true believers!

There is one novel and interesting wrinkle in this testimony from a recent ex-member.  A reformation past the scandals of the 80s.  Given the word in the org continues to portray it all as political persecution with time served by political prisoners — lead by the most feared of all political prisoners — Larouche himself — it does make for a pretty lame glasnost.

But, as it were… no one can quit now.  How else are they going to succeed at their stated goal of ending geopolitics for once and for all, if all the foot soldiers disperse into… geo and politics?

IV.  I see a decent uptick of features in mainstream media on the “New Silk Road” — China’s development of high powered transportation hubs to connect to major European and Asian ports.  It’s not without its birth-pains.
One focus, running counter to Larouche propaganda, is the irony of China seeking a larger role in the world as the US (under the aeges of the current president) seeks a smaller role.

Echoing the Larouche Nero fixation during the past administration… Nero comes back into vogue.  A little too easy.

V.  2 time Democratic congressional district of the Texas Fighting 22nd, and forcer of a primary run-off for US Senate seat…
… The most successful Larouche politician of the Obama Era, though no one who got even close to winning…
has pulled up the stakes, and fled the Democratic Party to run as an independent.  Into the 9th District.

By some accounts, the Democratic Party is actually fielding a challenger against Pete Sessions — staring at the rejiggered map of 2016 which lead some suburban areas to become more Democratic and some rural areas more Republican in keeping with opinions on Trump — and had Texas closer than Ohio for Clinton.  Yet, Kesha doesn’t want to be a factor in the district that, theoretically, she has acquired a base with?
HmAmong the items on her campaign platform were opposition to fracking.  Surely this will be at the center of her campaign?

High speed rail takes citizens across great distances in minimal times. Manufacturing is accomplished on modern platforms. Space exploration has been made a priority. Most importantly, the people are optimistic about the future; new ideas are the subject of impassioned debate and discussion. This is a project long envisioned and campaigned for by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche. President Trump, whom Congressman Green wants to impeach, is exploring how the United States can benefit from this Great Project.

Just as a vote for Rogers was a vote for the impeachment of Obama, a vote for Rogers is now a vote against the impeachment of Trump.  Got that?  And if that doesn’t float your boat… maybe this other one might win you over:  A vote for Kesha Rogers is a vote to end geopolitics.

VI.  Dateline Australia.

Today we report that a Senate committee is even seriously listening to complaints from extreme fringe group, the Citizens Electoral Council, traditionally connected to bizarre American conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche, that the government could commandeer bank deposits.

VII.  China is the new Russia.

Surprise appearance by the EIR.

VIII.  Oh.  Here they are.

There was another protester standing in the parking lot handing out documents from the LaRouche Political Action Committee attacking Robert Mueller, showing a picture of Mueller side by side with the burning Twin Towers after the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, and urging people to go online to find out more.

Look it up, and you’ll find out more at… er… lar-pac?

The U.S. House of Representatives plans a nearly unheard-of five-day session in the week of Dec. 18-22, after activists with the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee distributed a dossier titled “Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job If You Let Him” to every office in the House of Representatives today.

a holes and s holes

Saturday, January 13th, 2018

Let the record show that on February 12, 2018, the New York Times featured the word “shithole” on the front page.

In previous administrations, they tended to censor presidents’ behind closed doors vulgar words.

Then again…

A question.  The one I don’ understand.  Why does Trump want an influx of immigrants from notoriously socialist Norway?  Or is the idea that the people fleeing Norway are the good ones, getting the hell out of Bernie Sanders ville?

One query about the Republican from Utah Mia Love… who in her defense of immigrants also somehow has to apply her true rugged Republican values…

They never took a thing from our federal government.

Sure.  I heard this one.  Ron and Rand Paul insist the same thing.  Must deny all financial services from gummint.  But…for all those immigrants fleeing the holeness of their countries… what?

presidents in the age of twitter

Monday, January 8th, 2018

“He’s clinical.”

I think they were mumbling about the trio of Trump tweets over the weekend … notably…

Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart,

I went from VERY successful businessman, to top T.V. Star …. to President of the United States (on my first try). I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius….and a very stable genius at that!

In his defense, when challenged on stability, to defend yourself you’d have to iterate that you are mentally stable, thus putting you in the “can’t win” dilemma of coming off as defensive when you shout out “Me?  SANE!! Perfectly sane!”

“My mom sent a text.  Oprah Winfrey 2020.  Fine, but it’s too soon to talk about 2020.”

Actually, theoretically it isn’t.  In as much as everyone running is talking about 2020.  Whoever the heck is running.

And, sure, this is coming off the heels of some comments at an awards show (one Trump never needed to win) … but Winfrey for President strikes to me an admission of cultural defeat.


beside the point, perhaps micro-aggressive in places

Saturday, January 6th, 2018

A common, probably best to suggest universal, issue parents deal with in raising their daughter —  I haven’t any straight forward answer here, and I guess neither does anyone else parenting under whatever societal boundaries they derive their ideals from, but I do find something — perhaps beside the point– a little head scratching with this edition of the Nation’s “Agony Aunt” advice column

How should a feminist mom deal with an 11-year-old daughter who wants to dress as if headed to an audition for an early scene in Pretty Woman?—Worried Mom

“Early scene in Pretty Woman”?  Is that a euphemism for “whore”?  Avoid that issue by layering?  Why is that movie on her mind, anyways?

Or… is this a to specify a particular style choice from one fictional prostitute?  That would explain why that movie is on her mind, if its specific to the specific dress demanded by the daughter.

More to the point, the 11 year old girl would likely not know the reference, so I’m guessing this part of the advice is worthless —

Tell her she can’t get her Julia Roberts on at school or on public transit, for example, but explain why.

At this point in time, Britney Spears (by then we’d stop calling out dressing like sex workers and move to “tramp”?) would be ancient history.

Maybe we can have a historical lecture on how, say, Victorian era Prostitute (sex worker, if I must) styles influenced styles moving forward into the twentieth century– the color red bursting forward to become Nancy Reagan’s favorite dress color, for instance.  Drone on long enough, and it might bore the daughter enough she’d dress sensibly on her own accord just to make it stop.

overheard oversmeared

Friday, January 5th, 2018

“Well, finally Trump did something good.  California likes its pot, but he doesn’t like the pot, and neither do I.”

So says random elderly woman somewhere or other, voicing her support for the policy advancements of Jeff Sessions– which, as I’ve suggested — is the priorities that allows him to ignore any humiliations from the part of Trump.

Also it seems she’s somewhat representative of with her demographics’ politics, but no one else’s.

A different perspective:

“It’s … anti-statism, I say.  What works in Oregon doesn’t necessarily work for another country.”

Odd phrasing, may or not give away sympathizer of the Free Cascadia secession Movement.

this here there

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

So.  Um.

To many Christians, the backlash against Indiana’s “religious freedom” bill was a frightening sign of the secular left’s triumphalism. Liberals were no longer working toward tolerance, it seemed—they were out for conquest. “Many evangelicals were experiencing the sense of an almost existential threat,” Russell Moore, a leader of the Southern Baptist Convention, told me. It was only a matter of time, he said, before cultural elites’ scornful attitudes would help drive Christians into the arms of a strongman like Trump. “I think there needs to be a deep reflection on the left about how they helped make this happen.”

To be sure, I’d rather have bakers not have to service cakes commemorating gay marriages.  (Hey!  There’s a whole article in Harpers on what gays lost by making this hetero-normative accommodation the foundation of what he considers his movement.  I don’t know where he stands on that issue.)  And I’m musing in a lot of threadings of needles — yep!  They’re arguing about creation and definitions of of “art” and “vision” before Supreme Court, when the issue comes down to whether they are forced to stick two plastic Tom Deweys on the top of the damned cake.

And to be sure, the man who made the comment here isn’t a Trump fan.  (Though, I suppose, he’d skip and stick to loyal servant — biblical servant as we see in the article — Pence in a heartbeat.)  But, “scorn” from a set of the political constituency — who themselves receive their fair share of scorn from Coulter Limbaugh and on — leads them to leap over to a Mussolini — Trump?

Like the broad-shoulder rememberances!

In the other revolt of “deep reflection” on the “left” (whatever those are supposed to signify) — Bill Clinton (and by extension his wife) versus hashtag Metoo.  Strange tidings.  So, have veteran  Clinton campaigners in a big banquet somewhere, scaring off people protesting this with an interesting buggaloboo.  “The American people decided.  They voted for him!”  Without coming on any side here, that’s a piss poor argument on moral turpitude.

Though, I see in one of the liberal rags — either The Nation or In These Times — on the considerations here… now that we don’t have, say, an Orrin Hatch to annoy us and come over to Clinton… one statement… questioning if Lewinsky in her power imbalance even has a grounds of consent.  The answer is… without exonerating Clinton here, or against the other matters that would have lead feminists to find their way to a “well, he supports abortion rights” exoneration … er, yes.  You’ve redefined things into meaningless