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conserving something

Friday, June 30th, 2023

The Supreme Court rulings end up a mixed bag. I am told this is the most horrifying abnormal court ever. Such a statement is at one of the hearts of the Biden re-election and Democratic Party message, alongside Trump ultra MAGA whether it is or is not Trump standing there and a maximum Abortion messaging. The Supreme Court. Which has basically just thrown out a mixed bag — though one I guess I am obliged to view as a whole bag of trash to bealliwed to sit at polite society.

And I over hear a snippet of a conversation. A variant of the post Nixon re-election comment “this country is going so far right you won’t recognize it.” This was a lament “the anti-lgbtq backlash — the nation’s moving extreme right.”. Funny. In other parts I heard Trump represents a cult of only 34 percent of … Not sure if it is the party or something else, but semi accurate enough at any rate. But it is where from the perspective of 2010 I am a progressive on trans-gendered politics, but now I am set as reactionary for quibbling with this and that. Extrapolate that to parts more right sitting in the perspective of 2010, and how is this a rightward move, exactly? On the revolt against drag queen story hour — complete with sightings of more sexualized activities than a lot of parents would accept if it were straight versions of same. Does this make any sense in a described abrupt right wing move?

Today’s story is of a web designer now allowed not to design things for a same sex marriage. I fail to understand why this is an issue. Of course the web designer should not have to take up this business. Like, with the bakeries cases at least some semblance of a “public accommodations” issue — it is why the “Sweet Cakes” owners moved to a home business and in comments land online I saw this as acceptable in the eyes of people who saw them as doing something more than only retailing baked goods with place figures of suited figure and g owned figure atop. But here we are in virtual space with no limited room and even more of an infinite realm than this world where every bakery besides that one within a 30 mile radius quickly threw up a sign sayinhg in effect “We sell Gay Cakes!” Our Supreme Court dissents give us reference to the Pulse Shooting — 1 plus 1 equals 3 — that one was a Muslim extremist taking the first soft target he could find after seeing he could not get at Disney World. But whatever. My take away there is if the Supreme Court were flipped ideologically, we would have a different set of a mixed bag.

for the defense

Thursday, June 29th, 2023

interesting. The Trump defense is he was bloviating. Not in any way serious when waving Iran War plans. Just trying to impress.

So. Trump is reprising his “locker room talk” defense, but for things not sexual in nature? Which was understandable on that one for why people could accept the premise, but only so here by the polarized no quarter to the enemy partisan premise.

That Guy Again

Tuesday, June 27th, 2023

This is where you take stock in conspiracy theory mongering. It is kind of a given that more was happening at the botched coup of 1990 — the one that lead to the final nail on the Soviet Union and where Gorbachev and Yeltsin were competing to get official messages out. The KGB kept a foothold in all the shuffling and people were left staring

Instant Wagner Group experts blossom. I, and I see in looking about a smattering of others, position the man the continuing storyline of a character from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul — that’s where he went. That of course mean

It came out of the accounting mistake that mysteriously gave a few more millions of funding for Ukraine. The CIA bought him off. Either to do exactly what he did so as to throw a “neener neener” at Putin or to gauge where it could go and makes judgement call. Putin did it — misdirection, excuses to do some house cleaning. Maybe both happened as per the blue print of the lizard people.

And new move on to the next story. Something new we can encounter armchair keyboard quarterbacks and instant experts. Musk versus Zuckerberg in an MMA fight — whixh, to be sure, is something I can find experts.


Saturday, June 24th, 2023

Wait a minute —

Wasn’t he killed off on Breaking Bad? I guess he got away for the next logical career step.

Thoughts on Hunter Biden

Thursday, June 22nd, 2023

How is it we never get to the bottom of Bill Clinton’s has to be doesn’t it corrupt pardon of Roger Clinton?

the dealings of the deep state

Friday, June 16th, 2023

Decent conspiratorializing in the comments section of the National Review, following up that the Ann Coulter thesis that the Manhattan indictments were a way to prop up Trump — rally around the base to defend against a charge that is dumb. To move this one step forward, though, for this an indictment that is not dumb, the machinations — from wherever (“Deep State”, “Biden Crime Family”, George Soro’s inheritor) — moved to have the Trump judge on this case — to get him off — dodge a bullet in case there is wavering against his nomination with actual criminal guilt.

Out on the culture front, a transgender ed activist branded around topless at the White House after Biden wined and dined her. She defends herself — something about “Free the Nipple”, a throwback to the excited political cause espoused by the classic rock radio morning jocks I listened to in the mid 90s not apt to realize who the interested parties are apt to be — in this case the queer activist who is justifying the belief by TERFs that their supposed trans allies are playing the part of drag performers, overly enunciating a feminity and not behaving in a locker room any way they are familiar with women behaving. But I have developed a theory on the distorting effect Roe V Wade had on the American politics — let things tilt rightward for Republican benefit because it was a bedrock issue for a core constituency to be able to skip other bread and butter things, where on the other end it left a stop gap so a part of the electorate did not have to worry about it. What I sense is its removal has had a similar distortion, combined with another bad effect from Trump. As long as he stays there, whole masses of people are stuck voting to Free the Nipple even though they don’t want to, and ditto choice even if they want to wring their hands of New York mayor’s shoplifting kiosk idea.

trying to delay it past the next Inauguration

Thursday, June 15th, 2023

I listened to the Donald Trump indictment — the new, real one with substance that takes him to Florida — not that previous substance-less New York one. I am beginning to think Donald Trump is not a serious person.

In the score of defenses, the best we have is out of the Post-Left hate the Democrats pox on each side but somewhat less to Trump forces saying “But Obama let Bush / Cheney torture go!”. This shows that what is happening is akin to what happened in Brazil. Further into the mainstream of Republican opining it is all a bunch of ” But Biden / But Clinton / But Pence”, and what they did in keeping materials.

Or. Maybe. As the indictment lay out. The security state kept asking for the documents, and whereas those others had quickly found and handed them over, Trump wanted to be able to show them off to Kid Rock at any time. In that sense, the Espionage claim is maybe a bridge too far conceptually, if not technically.

Colonel West took a quick view of the People’s Party saw it was non-existent, so switched parties to the Greens. How much of the Trump vote Colonel West wins remains to be seen. Or is he supposed to be winning the Biden vote? Has Trump asked and demanded yet if a President West will grant him a pardon, to show up Obama in not going after Bush / Cheney?

the apocalypse

Friday, June 9th, 2023

Somewhere out in the East coast Canadian smoke has made the air unbearable across a dozen or so states. It has cancelled or postponed baseball games, which is just as well as baseball does not really exist in the Northwest. It seemed to flicker into being last year, but has since been extinguished.

The big happening is that everyone thinks a serial killer is on the loose just out in the woods. The police authorities are trying to quell the rumors, and say we have yet to have any reason to make a connection amongst the whole bunch of similarly killed women. Morbid joking pervades, though without any real punchlines just a “hey! I hear you’re going hiking. Just — get in and get out” and a pile of titters. And nervous glances. Not sure toward whom and why.

It is in this environment of morbid edginess that I heard a casual referencing to Auschwitz. I kind of don’t know what to make of it. Maybe it is a peculiar habit of the woman saying it. She was talking about loud noises — maybe construction work us happening across from her apartments. “Like a torture chamber — like Auschwitz!”. To be sure, I don’t know if it follows for reasons to compare, loud noises. I would wait for oppressive heat to throw that comparison out.

new candidates all over the place

Wednesday, June 7th, 2023

Over yonder in the “People’s Party”, Colonel West has thrown his hat into the wing. I think that means it is a fait accompli that he is their candidate — which bumrushes away what had appeared to be a Jimmy Dore flirtation. I can not quite figure how existent the party is — so far it had been a vanity project to grant Nick Brana a platform in an off kilter media orbit, with one state of ballot access and no candidates anywhere. If Colonel West wants to get anywhere, he will probably have to do so on a litany of party lines aka Ralph Nader’s last two campaigns — a Reform Party there, a Natural Law Party here, a Peace and Freedom Party yonder.

The Republican Party, meantime, is filling up and past its expanse. Enter Chris Christie, supposedly good for a few good shots at Trump in debate because — hey! He knocked down Marco Rubio in debate in 2016. This supposes a clean line of relationship between Rubio 2016 and Trump 2024 with the Republican Primary vote. Also in it to win it — Mike Pence, because… ? Well, he thinks he has a message.


Monday, June 5th, 2023

I am needing to buy something at Target. But I do not know if I should be boycotting. The problem there is I do not know what message a boycott represents. I see a declaration that you should not patronize Target because they have caved to the anti-trans people somewhere, and doing so is like ripping away Menorah displays during Hanukkah, and I sure do not want to participate in Trans Genocide. At the same time see the story of jackasses feeling “emboldened” to harass Target employees — and I have seen one proud YouTube chest thumper post his trolling game — lying beyond what I hear the Babylon Bee podcasters say on calling up Target and saying they are not shopping there this month.

Back in the day, Tipper Gore — currently separated wife of former vice president All Gore — headed a task force and move against racy rock music lyrics — the “Raise PG Kids in an X Rated Culture” thing. Her cause was frought with horrors, but has sympathetic sense on it. The feather which lead to the explosion against Target was something about transgendered merchandise sold there being from the same clothing dedigners as Satanic fashion things. A curious message, the Satanists — no real belief system, just performative trolling of Christians. How many 80s heavy metal bands are getting promoted by the clothing designer and the boycotting of Target, I am curious to know.

I note that I am at a coffee place — that obvious one who used to be located on every third block but is now downsized to every fourth block and that is billed as a sign of the city’s decay. A year ago it was decked obsequiously in what I gather is the latest design for the pride flag — aesthetically kind of mildly annoying — for about six weeks. This year it is quietly absent. I do not know if I should tell it to anyone. I do not know if anyone will care to know.

I recall a goofy YouTube poster highlighted by always working to be even handed Jon Stewart raging righteously against Chic Fil iL on location. I note that in reminder of the headline on “emboldened” yahoos “harassing Target employees”. Indeed, I passed by a YouTube blip chumping his chest on such whom I simply offer the question — ” Huh?”

GOP support for gay marriage has dropped — and I will say that makes perfect sense. There is a slippery slope in their minds that has been confirmed — justify yourself by raging the next battle and filling new definitions, new norms established, and no acknowledgement that such has happened — just an a-historic call out against a “shocking” sudden increase of legislation trying to draw points in the new map. Herein lay a crux of irritation — the line “do not care what adult does, but –” with the line being drawn out of how much kids jump through phases and seek novelty is tough to hold and a skepticism on permanent alterations — is tough to hold. I have seen the declaration “Sorry Liberals, there are no genders” — the wokier of woke headlines beyond your problem with “xi”.