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Munich again

Friday, January 28th, 2022


Neville Chamberlain rises again!

Like, looking at this weird photo used by yahoo news today — ghostly out of focus apparitions of Trump and Biden — I can just imagine in the coming century a warning thrown out — out of all real historical contexts — to heed the message of 2016 or 2020 or 2024 — maybe a candidate Biden woulda been able to stop Trump by winning a three-way primary against Clinton and Sanders despite the Democratic establishment’s shoving him off — maybe something he ought have done in his presidency shoulda been pursued to stop Trump from winning in 2024 —

On the bright side to this scene of future historical analogy bingo game horror, Munich is shoved down a step.

Responding, since he was named — But skip to the comments:

Alas, I wish they were indeed isolationists. But the MAGA right is as much into great power competition as neocons.

Looking back on the Munich agreement with perfect 20/20 hindsight is the problem. It was actually the correct call at the time. And part of the rational calculus of negotiation and diplomacy. The Western powers did not want to fight a war over ethnic German lands…they also wanted to make sure that Hitler understood that any more such moves in Europe would lead to war. It was a rational and decent agreement. Now Hitler of course went on to violate the agreement 1 year later by invading Poland (non-ethnic german land) thus starting WWII. And the allies thus naturally had good reason to declare war on Germany then. But it it was not the Munich agreement that was the problem…it was the correct call at the time…it was that Hitler went on to violate that good faith agreement.

Actually it strikes me as the pondering of military strategiums and moral equivocation in America in the 1850s against the “moral rightness” of the “right side of history”. The Great Compromise of 1850 — Henry Clay betrays abolitionish principles. Or… buys the North a decades’ time in a spot where the South had all the military advantages.

Don’t know how to quit you

Thursday, January 27th, 2022

And turning this handheld computational device 90 degrees.

The Republican National Committee asks you… If you are abandoning Trump… During this critical time. I suppose the reflexive answer is a “He’ll no, Mainstream Media!” –but here for… I do not know what the defining characteristics are for what makes it critical — varying items in pandemic and inflation and crime and cultural unease — is it that or — is it various lawsuits and congressional investigations which define “critical time”?

If you want a sense of partisan equivalence:

This wording comes out a tad desperate.

Standing unfirmly

Saturday, January 22nd, 2022

No, I got nothing. Not an enclave in Florida, is it?

I suppose if we take the concept of “The New Ford”, as opposed to Carter or Roosevelt, that does sink in — who the back is that New Reagan who will take the party but not this next nomination?

Whatever that would even mean.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki dismissed criticism of the speech by pointing the finger at former President Trump.

“I know there has been a lot of claim of the offensive nature of the speech yesterday, which is hilarious on many levels, given how many people sat silently over the last four years for the former president,” Psaki said during a Wednesday press briefing.

Yeah, the dilemma. Trump either gives an out — “oh, pish — you say that after Trump?” or acts as a double edged sword, in that — “You were elected as Not Trump.”. It is a little like Carter, who got tripped up some minor scandal with a cabinet official because — clean unlike Nixon.

So, dicing about the meaning of fingering some equivalence for the two parties — the Republicans of Wyoming kicked Lynne Cheney from the party for running against Trump post – January 6th, (I guess the most fringe of her primary contestants now is running as the Constitution Party-er) — where Krysten Sinema gets a rebuke from Arizona Democrats for taking her stance on long range Institutional prerogatives against expediting for a bombastic view on a side – issue that does not mete the problem of where the slow moving Trump coup” or coup redo actually lay. (In partial defense of Mitch Mcconnell: he shoulda added about two words after “Americans” — clarify a reference to a category of Americans as against the whole group. Tricky, ain’t it? As were this is made into a “Freudian slip” — and he will just have to shout the crux of his argument — “New York voting regulations stricter than Georgia’s!” again and again, in ever shriller tonalities.)

So. The question. Is this Frank Luntz query for a focus group a manufacturing of consent by way of defining the frame? Candidate offerings of Democrat Biden, Republican Trump and Independent Manchin!!! I suppose you throw in the name of the most obvious tractable face in the news to chime in some political stances. In practice independent bids falter, and this one comes with a candidate whose chief messages — leveraging power to protect West Virginia interests and maintain long term Senate Institutional process — does not have any real national appeal on campaigning. I would want to do a memory drop and ask the same focus group the same support question with different names dumped in for Manchin — see where AOC or Yang or Cheney or Desantis gets us…

Hm. Marianne Williamson lining up her Nader lines?

I like Toasttube better anyways

Sunday, January 16th, 2022

I. New Split Messaging

Attempting to make a kind of “turn”: It‘s time to go from ‘the one liners’ and ‘fun catch phrases’ (“Let’s Go Brandon?”) to actually addressing the nature of the problem, along with the nature of the solution. A not so subtle dig at the pac.

For the practical meaning of this message: For all their faults, at least the LaRouche org are constantly issuing communiques about every world event like a proper shadow government in waiting.

Oliver Stone on his JFK conspiracy fix. Helga happy to double it — though, of course, Lyndon did not always like JFK.

One Humanity” is the new phrase. Figure out Dzagi’s Larouche quote as well you can. Continue in China’s propaganda… Taiwan brings images of Haiti

LPAC slides with Elon Musk. (Larouche Irish Brigade is with lpac.)

Bold statement: If we would publish right now LaRouche’s collected worksâ, it would have the same effect as the introduction of Plato to the Italian Renaissance. I guess that is all that is needed to affect this “total renaissance” Daniel ?Burke postulates is the only thing that will stop that WW3 Helga forsees. If that is the case — well, the Larouchies have their vanity press running — and only them.

Or maybe it is more like… This cartoon.

Point: AOC ignored Julian Assange and Mike Gravel but celebrated John McCain and Harry Reid. Tell me again how she’s on your side? Counterpoint: Maybe she noticed Gravel was shilling for Lyndon Larouche.

Willard Kolb takes it up for LORG and against LPAC. I am certain that never in a million years would Lyndon LaRouche have allowed his name to be attached to such sophistical drivel. In your zeal to polish the knobs of the Mike Pompeo faction, you are systematically repudiating everything that Lyndon stood for. And here David P Hunt wanders into two streams of messes — The first the delicate exacting definitions laid out by lpac, the second its contention of its representation. (LPAC really not in any position to read RINOs out of the party, are they?)

And then there is: Harley is not associated with LaRoucheaPAC anymore. Sad. LPAC adopting Trump’s Twitter style.

II. Kids and their MTV video games

Daniel Burke hounds the definitions of art, rejects what is, statistically speaking, all music. The people will get a tidy small collection of what are turned here into into museum artifacts, and they will learn to like it, and like it the right way, and not deviate from the correct pitch, ever.

I was considering the lyrics of the Pink Floyd song “Pigs (Three Different Ones” — which are subtle as a brick but also when I listened to the Animals as a teenager skipped past me.

Hey you, Whitehouse Ha ha, charade you are You! House proud town mouse Ha ha, charade you are You’re trying to keep our feelings off the street You’re nearly a real treat All tight lips and cold feet And do you feel abused? You! Gotta stem the evil tide And keep it all on the inside Mary, you’re nearly a treat Mary, you’re nearly a treat But you’re really a cry

The other two “pigs” are the Labor Party pm — the name skips past me — and the Conservative Party opposition leader — Thatcher. But Mary Whitehouse is the one they decided to be named and id-ed, even as the casual barely listening to the lyrics Yankee bloke would assume it was a nod at the American President. Whitehouse was moral crusader, apparently. I guess in a decade if they were American they would shouting at. Tipper Gore instead. Too bad there is no obvious insulting smear at the name Gore, though.

There was an odd little hic up where, out of nowhere directed to no one discernable, Burke tweeted a “Get off those goddamned video games, for Christ’s sake.” (paraphrasing). The only possible item of connection was that a flutter of tweets came in soon after, congratulating a guy named Larouche on programming a hot new “first person shooter”, jamming messaging somewhat. But who knows?

III. Memories

Larouche people stole money from me, and from a lot of other people. You people put out that book “Railroad” denying it but I know it firsthand. You discredit anything that you touch.

in all seriousness The Simpsons are the only reason I looked into LaRouche shortly after 9/11 even got a stack of pamphlets mailed to hand out at UT-Chatt. Then I read about how women have sexual disgust because of the placement of their genitals and like “oh no, it’s a cult.”. That’s such an amazing anecdote I love this. I encountered them at Iraq war protests back during the Bush administration and quickly gave them a wide breadth from all the cult vibes I was getting from from them. I never met one in person, but yeah was already making flyers about MK Ultra and govt surveillance since 9/11 had just happened. Talked on the phone with some but yeah once I started digging def major cult vibes.

Daniel Burke: I forgot to tell you I went to a pro-China Qiao collective conference with Code Pink & got blocked from talking to the keynote spkr by a Degrowther.

I know the feeling well. I once read a very weak book on Schiller, and then found out that its author was some crazy LaRouche supporter. It was very unfortunate for Schiller that some radical political cult of lunatics decided to choose him as their hero.

Grad school: I have to admit, it was the best time of my life. I particularly enjoyed watching Baltimore’s Maoists and Trotskyites scream at each other from across Greenmount Avenue, with a vague backdrop of gunfire (given that it was the crack epidemic). Then during my daily runs screaming “Lyndon Larouche sucks” just to see how far his supporters, passing out literature on the corner, would chase me before they gave up. Good times.

as i lay in bed waiting for a chance to get a covid test or something i think about how lyndon larouche was for much of his life a resident of leesburg virginia. normally this would make me either laugh or cry but im just staring at my ceiling thinking “damn.” leesburg, for context, is a large community in my area and easily my least favorite community in my area as well that place is so fucking batshit its no wonder he could blend in so well what if i die thinking about lyndon larouche, do i get to join the ranks of his 72 virgins

A Larouchie once followed me down LaSalle Street calling me a drug dealer because I wouldn’t acknowledge his bizarre ideas.

one day in 2002 while walking around union square i saw an anti-war banner at a table and signed my name up for some contact list. for the next year every friday at 9pm a sweet, psychotic octogenarian larouchite would call my landline to talk about NASA and the verdi tuning pitch. I finally moved apts and they stopped bugging me, but it was a very interesting experience. they REALLY wanted me to come down and join the schiller institute. imagine all the hi-tech, skull and dagger, private intelligence agency wingnut shit they could have plugged me into anyways, interesting to see larouchism is seeing a comeback! was in a commie reading group in 2008 that assigned readings from lyn marcus on dialectics but i always thought that was just a random oddity. maybe they’ve been waiting for this very moment for their big comeback!
friend of mine got aggressive calls daily for two years about the need to reinstate glass steagal
The LaRouchies used to maim and kill dogs and livestock of neighbors they didn’t like (ie all of them) where i grew up, I don’t know how sweet they are
NEVER give LaRouchies a number. i signed up my friend as a joke in 2002 (seattle) and he got calls for years. i felt bad afterward. are they still drawing hitler mustaches on everything and singing classical choirs and refusing to discuss Operation Mop Up?
Really sad I was born too late to have an encounter with the larouchites. One of the many burdens the Zoomer Left must bear.
Yeah I think I ran into the last ones in Beantown when I moved there for college in 06 and was really confused when I was accosted
Yeah but did she tell you about the Queen being a reptoid who is involved in a modern ISIS cult and controls the world’s drug trade? (tbf a few of those are probably true)
nah like scientology you have to be farther in to get the scoop on that galaxy brain shit
Waiting 15 years, paying massive amounts of money and getting my e levels read just to find out the elites are drug runners and pedophiles
bummed I only ever came across Avakianists in Union Square, nothing this exotic
It’s funny how much I think of Larouche stuff as “before my time” and then I see an example of a Larouche flier or poster and remember seeing it at five or six different events

I’m with you on the sentiment – but technically several people have run from jail. It’s not been very successful for them, but I grew up seeing campaign stuff in the mail from Lyndon LaRouche, even as he was in the slammer in Minnesota.

So were all those Lyndon LaRouche volunteers nuts? What was the deal? All dead.

I accidentally wandered into a “bookstore” in Boston in 1989(?) that turned out to be run by the LaRouche wackos and let me tell you it was an experience

feel sorry for young folks who have no experience of life before social media or 24-hour news. When I was a kid, the bat-shit crazy tin-foil babble that is now commonplace in political discourse, even from elected officials, was relegated to UHF after-hours paid programming… Certainly, although you’re not gonna get me to wax nostalgic over Lyndon LaRouche. But

I remember from the ages of 12-17 or so Id always talk to various political peoples tabling or campaigning on the streets Trots, SWP, ISO, commie party, Avalons Revolution group, Larouchites, a guy who handed out Chick comics, Scientologists, libertarians, objectivists The Falun Gong weirdos, the free Tibet group, the pan African Union, many fundamentalist Christians, and all sorts of other people. Some went as far as meetings or conferences or the rest (like ISO charted bus to protests or a libertarian conference i went to at 14 LMFAO). […] What I noticed early on was that the nicer people were on an individual level, the more twisted their ideology. The Christian fundies & libertarians were nice , the white Pan African Union dude in a dashiki wasn’t so nice. […] There were exceptions in each camp. The Larouche people weren’t nice, and Anarchists generally were. […]. The funniest episode was when the Larouchites abs Objectivisrs went to war and the Larouche people would break up the Objectivist events by singing choir music, and would derail Q&A by asking Nonsensical and ultimately non-question questions often about Venice & the medicis. The objectivists did a a Q&A on just war theory and Iraq etc blaming Islamo fascism or whatever and i remember at my turn (i followed one of the Larouche disrupters) i asked about Kurdistan, & was like doesn’t i meet all your states criteria (secular, non authoritarian etch

LaRouche is a bizarre figure. I first learned about him when I was trying to learn more about a math object called a Riemann surface (I’m a grad student). I searched Riemann Surface on youtube and I learned that LaRouche has hundreds of videos on youtube claiming to be about…..math but if you actually listen to what the speaker says it’s all gibberish. I have no idea why they would put so much effort into something so pointless but I can only imagine it involves money laundering. This is the video I’m talking about. A lot of it… resembles actual mathematics. It reads as if he pulled a ton of stuff off of wikipedia but didn’t understand it and just threw it all together into a jumble of nonsense.

Roughly similar criticism: I support their Platonism over Aristotle, but yea, sometimes the 1v1 approach to historical narrating is too confining & misses far more interesting combination (like Berkeley as an empirical platonist). And they tend to just pick specific historical figures and either idolize them or demean them ( Cusa, that one venetian dude, bruno etc). I personally think aristotle is unfairly stereotyped and his metaphysics should be seen as a idealist sucessor to plato, not as a empiricist.

I went to college with several friends who became captive, almost literally, to the Lyndon Larouche cult. I could not shake them from it, tho yrs later a few broke free. (Less interested here in gripes about “false consciousness” for the “women supporting the patriarchy” Twitter dialogue than finding the specific meaning for “almost literally” “held captive”.)

I was detained for questioning for dumping my coffee on the LaRouchies table at the Oakland Airport, but I wasn’t hauled in.

Two guys stationed at a local post office with an information table, brochures, and a petition tried to convince me that we need to establish a human colony on Jupiter (um…this is one of gas giants with no actual solid land). They were part of the Larouche movement. Weirdos

Fun fact a Lyndon LaRouche cult member tried recruiting me they’re very weird people who believe in some weird conspiracies. They gave me a long like 50page print out of their beliefs and it didn’t take that long to get anti-Semitic.

I remember this—my first election where I was old enough to vote and went for LaRouche just for lols. Glad my instincts were right! (LORG steps in for this obvious seeker to redirect him from his lpac linking.)

The people of the Popular Primary, they look like the fans of Jacques Cheminade who held awkward stands in the street. An illuminated and imbecile smile on their face, they asked “Do you know the analyzes of Lyndon Larouche?”. Fleeing remains the best solution.

IV. History

Urban Meyer’s Dad discovered to have given a donation to the Larouche for President committee of 1980. Given he goes on to donate to Kasich, (or is that his son — current coach in the Jaguars — but why is his father the “jr”?). A sports podcast evidently unearthed this as dirt to toss out in an anti-Meyer digression at the 6:25 mark, and I don’t know enough to know what sports conspiracy mocking follows… a college football coach who is not good in the professionals, and anyone even a quarter-aware of pro football knew on the outset was doomed.

The “vast right wing conspiracy” line as adopted by Larouche: Monica as a honey pot I remember at a Larouche meetup years ago (’09) the speaker theorized that it was designed to get him to sign out of law the Glass-Steagall act in ’99.

A review of “Sexual Impotence of Puerto Rican Socialist Party

An interesting attempt by a Tarpley fan to place Webster Tarpley’s work within his time with Larouche as above, not directed by, Larouche

Bob Dole dead at 98. A segment of the populace really only know from a Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” episode or as sitting next to Larouche on Futurama.

Historical counter-narratives. Ebeggin continues.

Libertarians trying to assemble meaning out of Perot and Larouchie electoral semi-successes for purposes of their party, trip a bit.

The weirdest thing about my Grandpa’s cult was how it attracted so many musicians because on top of accusing the Queen of England of running the international drug trade, they also had really solid takes on music theory. I wonder how many of the retvrn architecture guys are basically just trying to do what Larouche was doing with the A440 tuning forks nonsense but with fascist architecture theory.

Curious: American writer LaRouche said: “Biden administration, which is under the control of the Jewish lobby, will invade the Middle East to realize the dream of Great Israel. Since the dreams of Great Israel also include Turkey’s lands, it will invade Turkey, so… When you listen to an article in the Ak-it newspaper and what the Cubbel narrates as if it was a prophecy, you realize that we will have a collusion in 2023 with the image of a war in Aleppo. The collusion ends abruptly with the voice from the sky by Elon Musk. Then all together to Jerusalem — Is there some other apocalypse minded American Larouche? (always specified as belonging to ” US”).

Speaking of Apocalypse, Apocalypsis Apocalypseos tosses out a new Larouche quote for your consideration.: Since approximately the time of the assassination of President Kennedy, this planet of ours has been plunging at a generally accelerating rate into a general economic, social, and moral collapse.” — Lyndon LaRouche (1991) — For the better, if you read his Walter Lippmann book.

Strangely enough, even the Larouchies praised the government of Caracas for staging an orchestra with thousands of people (no corona there?) to “send love into the universe”, while people have massive difficulties finding their subsistence.

A World that coulda been: selling the Ibykus Estate to Kevin Costner.

Some peoples having fun with the list of “biggest influences” on thinking… Some may be serious, Others aren’t.

Hm… fun fact: a reason reagan got elected was because cult leader/national bolshevik LaRouche had cult members run in elections, get popular, and then use their popularity to endorse reagan so voters would think “even democrats are endorsing him” fact check: nope.

In defense of the Larouchie (and at times Old New Left) line that old “MKUltra” or whatever British agents dropped the Beatles and countercultural debris to turn the youth away from politics — repeating itself in snarky disregard here, there, — we have this message from Columbia / CBS / The Man.

John Birch Society artifact brings out a college memory.

Nuclear history

Debating trains, part of a balanced transportation diet but segues into a “Train Utopia”nism. (Or Snowpiercer dystopia.)


MST3K screen capture.

Never knew Lyndon LaRouche tried to smear the great Andrew Kopkind as a “CIA operative.”

International Jewish Bankers… And etc. And here is one guy declaring Larouchee was right... Bashing CNN and rt,.

Larouche’s views on Aristotle, that he was an agent of Phillip of Macedon dedicated to destroying Plato’s School, et al. comes from Notre Dame Greek Philosophy and Law expert, A. H. Chroust who was arrested by FBI for Nazi sympathies. It is not some sort of Jewish conspiracy.

Lyndon Larouche voice* and we stopped teaching Harmonices Mundi because the Aristotelian elites want us DEAD

Hm. Republicanism versus Democracy, one side when the wrong demogauge wins: The promise of the two-party system was that there could never be George Wallace or Lyndon LaRouche ever elected president. Cooler heads would prevail and the party bosses would prevent it. This was always a fallacy. We need ranked choice voting. The promise of the party primary was to circumvent such selections as Dillard party functionaries Warren Harding. In an alternate universe, Trump still wins the Republican primary as the one with the most solid support with Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz etc voters slighting everyone else.

The Gravel Institute takes its stance against liberalism.

The Citizens Electoral Council rose by stepping on the corpses of LILAC.

When Mario Caponnetto signed a petition.

What do you think the funniest “Jim Bakker and Lyndon LaRouche are cellmates” situation would be now? Joe Rogan and Human Pet Guy, I think.

V. Touring

Newsbreak: CPUSA, Lyndon Larouche Reps, and Jehova’s Witnesses brawl over space to distribute pamplets in front of WalMart.

This is what I saw at Bayside Station today. I’m told that they have popped up near speed cameras as well. They are illegal and anyone who removes them is doing the public a service by an anonymous source. Um, I knew who Lyndon Larouche was, and I know what the Green New Deal is. I know what traffic cameras are, too. But I can’t figure out the relationship among these three things. That sign makes no sense to me at all. Is it kind of a coded message, like: “Stopping at stop signs is for liberal pussies! Don’t let anyone tell you what to do, patriot! But this one has a traffic camera pointed at it, so don’t let the blue mob in City Hall get your hard-earn American dollars! So stop at this one.”

How can you refute this offer? Would anyone in DC like to take a trip to Loudon County to visit Lyndon LaRouche’s house

Justice for Ashli “free j6 prisoners” — Directing you to lpac. “Jim 4 Communism” likes the lorg webinars. An ideological split, I suppise.

Marxists Postulating on Caleb Maupin. I just considered him one of the weird cranks you get from the American micro-sects, and knew he was at least a crank & imbecile from the FDR posting and the palling around with George Galloway. The amusing thing about this here is that even as I have to take a more involved look to see that this is sarcasm — it works if it were sincerity. Caleb was a big inspiration for me when he said “antifa are the real fascists” he really has a gift for understanding the present moment. Strongly recommend him for anyone who loves Lyndon Larouche or Aleksander Dugin

Maupin counters with a new poster!

Kvetching from Wayne State students, who need that lecture.

LORG sighted at a PO.

Selling to Mike Pompeo. LPAC tries to jump to China government influencer.

Burke reaches out to Tulsi.

Please consider the latest statement of Helga @ZeppLaRouche of the @SchillerInst, in which she quotes you an Sure.

Conferencing at a round table with American neo- Maoists like the Workers Progressive Party and Friends of Socialist Party. “toadies“. Attention Comrades!

Hashtag collection, selling to this confluence of interests: #cryptocurrencies #blockchaintechnology #Larouche #americansystem

Another letter to the editor from Ron Wieczoreck. Larouche coined “quacademic”? I will have to try a search to see if and when people used that.

VI. Comparisons

The “alt right” “Reclaim America” marchers. (Note, “kkk v 2” would have to reference the 1920s version, kkk v 3 the 50s-60s and best I can make out v 4 is Duke era and who knows how to corral the fragments we have now. Also, ideally the police are on no side, upholding the jackasses’ right to assemble but and keeping violence at bay.). Q Shaman, onto amateur leftist investigators. Jill Stein (extended to Marianne Williamson and Dr. Oz). Newsmax, in its covering of Putin. Referencing “Great Larouche Toad Frog Massacre” to knock historical inaccuracies. Ayn Rand, as celebre for next iteration of a “post left” twitter, and by way off indicting Aaron Rodgers. Personality cults pervading the Right. Bob Avackian and Revcom. (Note to Andy Ngo: If you wish any sense of intellectual honesty, these aren’t the jackasses worth a focus). The Lincoln Project, though I gotta diagram a meaning of conspiratorial innuendo to understand the OANN supporter’s jab. Adrian Vermeule. Krysten Sinema. Donald Trump. And the current perma-supporters. Joe Manchin. Bernie Sauuuuuunders, with lob to Henry Wallace. Texas Attorney General Paxton. Haz, aka infracel, “making Communism fit Conservatives“. gazi kodzo. Posadists. A list. Bob Malone, Rev. Scott, mentally psychotic patients. Too wordy Union strike signs. Andy Yang. Rand Paul. Peter Coffin. Epoch Times. Ric Flair. Bob Avackian and his RCP — publications as FBI / CIA front-like, as in Larouchies’. A Stephen King character. Jesse Watters. Purveyors of “Biden with Hitler mustache” merchandise. Red Scare, Greenwald, Aimee Terese, Bruenigs, Chapo, Spiked, Catherine Liu, Elena Lange, Heartfield, Nagle, Lee Fang, and other weird right wing faux leftists, (puzzled by posting a photos shopped comic image as “actual real”, where tone through thread does not suggest room for this with tongue in cheek.). The potential left flank challengers of Biden 2024 — Nina Turner and Tulsi Gabbard and Marianne Williamson.

Confronted with the statement that “the CIA created all of modern American culture”, a ” Dulles invented the power chord” is one proper response, as too a familiar jab at Larouche.


Caleb Maupin i.d.s his influences. My political roots are Marcyism, Mao Zedong Thought & the teachings of William Z. Foster. (No Dugin?) I have never accepted Larouche’s ideas, despite some overlap. (And activist energy.).

Swerving into the “Weird web” of communists setting out to out-marx one another and establish a “brand”, there aren’t any ” good guys” per se. I suppose Maupin has a point (?) in LORG aligning with China’s government — though for the life of me I have no idea what it is the “International Communist Movement” is supposed to represent and what governments it needs to align with. (Things were so much simpler in a pre Sino Split Cold War.). I have no idea why the need to align with Russia’s government to affirm Communism Glory. But none of this is any fight I can have a dog in. “Extrm8or” and Caleb Maupin engage in mutual “erasure” of each other and anything and anyone connected thereof. Off of such tweets as this, Daniel Burke gets his chance to affirm a celebration of Operation Mop-Up and beating up Communists, (ironically sharing a pun used by an opponent)– a celebration reaffirmed here with kudos to Maupin —

Where recent disruptions from Caleb on the CP-USA has gotten comparisons.

(Don’t know where this is referred to, but it seems the gist of allegations toward Maupin.). (And this appears to be calling Maupin a Larouchie.). Hey! Look! A “Harrison Elfrink” joins the celebration of bashing commie skulls, because FBI agents may be in there, with great macho chest thumping — mostly on behalf of Dugin but it spills over to Larouche..

I must point out with this CP-USA screed that Matt Taibbi — who dissected the 2004 Kerry nomination speech by “tossing out every line that was bullshit” and announced that one line was not — identified himself more with with HL Mencken than any liberal or leftist or countercultural (Hunter S Thompson) icon.

As I understand a history of the CP-USA — I don’t know who the Hell heads it these days, so take a quick skance at Wikipedia and see.. — We have co-chair a right now! How Progressive. They follow off of a seemingly interim figure who had followed someone who decided to split to join the Democratic Party — question: was Sam Webb’s move to endorse Democrats controversial within the party? Dunno. (Note: at this time of this Communist popular frontism, the Larouchies were campaigning for Kerry.)

In this brohauhau, someone tweets out for anyone concerned the plaintive: Wasn’t LaRouche an anti-communist? And then –– I don’t know much about the Larouche movement — is it regarded as fascist in leftwing circles? Yeah, they kind of earned that keep at Operation Mop Up. (See here someone swallowing up the “FBI infiltrator” line.)

The Cold War presented a pretty firm grasp for a mission of the CP-USA — they side with Soviet Imperialism over American Imperialism. At the time of Gorbachev, they sided with the last grasp at a coup to maintain power — that one where Yeltsin emerged standing at a tank, which I suppose means that they were siding with KGB agent Putin who at the time was running clandestine operations to get the coup to happen — even as all definitions of Marxist communism fall by the wayside.

As Burke slides next to a Ramsey Clarke attempt to rewrite history to “Exonerate Larouche” by way of muddling the political landmines, a rehashing of events as the man sought to “consolidate left wing hegemony”.

The irony of the Chinese Communist Party meeting, and an actual Marxist salivating and fighting for a seat.

More dumping on Maupin. And what a thing to blast the CP-USA for! Misrepresented Dugin and additionally slandered Louis Farrakhan, Putin, and LaRouche. All while heaping endless praise on Biden & Kamala, the corrupt leadership of the BLM Global Network, and the Silicon Valley oligarchs. Sickening. And then this “Answer The Question!”. Larouche’s people were into Technological Prometheanism like NAWAPA and fusion energy. What is CPUSA’s take on terraforming Nevada desert into plant & animal habitats & creating infrastructural road to post-scarcity?

For their defense.

More. LaRouche ideas offer a comfortable monocausalism for liberal hipsters like Logo & Kantbot. They can blame endlessly things who no longer exist (Jesuits, Anglo Empire, Pandeism, Cybernetic) without enduring any censorship and then cultivate the pride of their illiterate followers. “Ron Paul Maoism”??? This grouping has more wiggle room for an attack, not stuck defending China.

Hm. Harrison Elfrink comes out in favor of a Unified Executive theory, “just so long as it is the correct dictator.” Past the quick insult at the CPUSA, I do not know how else to read that next statement.

We don’t need @CPUSA They are impotent and weak and have proven themselves to be a hostile force to progress in history. Kind of think of it, we don’t need a multiparty or parliamentary system that LaRouche warned against. I say we scrap it and reassert the Presidential Republic etc

China has use for both. Now if CPUSA could figure out the Schiller Institute is Larouche, they might even avoid other kinds of crypto fash infiltration. Or at the very least, they might be wise enough not to attend events where Schiller Institute is participating.

Then … Next… And… Think you should inform the CPC that Helga LaRouche’s Schiller Institute is not Marxist. And y’all should recall Lyndon La Rouche’s violent campaign vs. the CPUSA in Operation Mop-Up. Counterpoint: China gives two snits.

Earning their way into a “Top 5 Lame Marxist Group” list.

Miko Dzagi seeks out the followers of the Twitter influencer Maria, who is calling for Biden’s removal. Do you & your followers have the guts to face the truth & act in time?

The LORG reach out to Communist, as defined as Leninist, outreach continues here: I support Lyndon Larouche’s concept of energy flux density. Technocrats have shown that increases in power (steam then electric) is biggest factor in wealth generation. Lenin also agreed with constantly raising electric potential. Rapid energy increases is road to post-scarcity

Hitches and hitches: To know if a person’s a true revolutionary and anti-imperialist and not some Fabian faker… Bring up the British Question, the way LaRouche does, and see how they react.

John O’Loughlin expresses his disappointment in LORG on vaccination: Thanks. I wish I could get the Schiller Institute/LaRouche people to wake up. I’m doing research into Charité, Drosten etc. not relying on Fuelmich, but his work seems very good.

Inevitable ending point for a more pure third split in Larouche movement.

VIII. Debris

The question of Larouche’s recruitment success.

Someone can explain this Twitter battle to me. If the Hamiltonian spouting Larouchie is still propping up Trump, they must be with LPAC as opposed to LORG.

IX. Breadtube… (?) Exposed(?)

A “red – brown” alliance between the “Black Hammer” and the Proud Boys brings out a bunch of references on “larouche 2.0“, andtremendous Larouche energy“, Black Hammer “taking a LaRouche-style turn“.

Discussing comparable alliances — WWP and League of the South. And this list: It’s the Marcyites. It’s the Communist Party of Canada and its front groups. It’s the LaRouche cult. It’s Ken Stone and his “Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War.” It’s ANSWER. Stop The War. Grayzone. It’s always the same people because they’re all united by corruption.

Scratch one’s head at this reaction to a reaction to Helga Zepp. And if you’re going to yell at and insult someone, leave Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche out of it. You deal with me, and me alone. Helga Zepp needs to be shielded from easily ignored tweet responses?

Okay. Rorschach test Time. What do you see when you see the headline that “Grayzone” has the “documents” and connected dots that “Exposes” Breadtube? One side gives a “What is this? Larouche crap?” — Did Helga LaRouche ghostwrite this?, On a holy day? This? Is nothing sacred?! Got about halfway through it. Reeks of LaRouche, This is uncannily like Larouche stuff, This is an extension of Maupin’s “Synthetic Left,” which posits that antifascists are controlled opposition aligned with the CIA. You know, as opposed to the pro-billionaire LaRouche cult affiliate whose entire opinion is for sale to whatever country is willing to pay, etc,

Explaining the controversy: They’re basically just Infowars for tankies and,just like how Alex Jones and his gang (and Larouche come to think of it) believe that the Tavistock Institute is to blame for everything they hate after WW2,so do the Greyzone gang believe that Breadtubers are to blame everything they hate in the online and offline left after 2018 and,just like Tavistock Institute,are secretly funded by THE DEEP STATE to destroy everything they like and control us. Breadtube bad” leading to familiar lines.

GrayZone is sounding like Lyndon LaRouche. LaRouche’s existed in the real world, though, I’d like to see these losers hand out pamphlets claiming the president is the reincarnation of Hitler at every train station in the metro Boston area.

And Daniel Burke for the Larouchies jump in with Now, will you listen to Lyndon and Helga? LANDBRIDGE NOW!

X. And then

Since when does LORG get a “UN Representative“? Or, as Daniel Burke marks him “rep. of The Schiller Institute to the UN”. Hey — it is how China’s state media posts him. (No longer able to mis-id him as a US Senator, as opposed to Virginia State Senator.)

On tiffs of great solutions to our problems, steering away from anything smacking of “Malthusianism”: A General problem in arguing for the filling of population sparse parts of the country: the people there really kind of enjoy the sparsely populated lands… Elbow space you can’t get in the city. But, then again, they tend to be fonder than average of country music which, by definition, is not Bach at a renewed pitch count so there are stumbling stumbling block which abound.


Friday, January 14th, 2022

The political reality of the infliction of any austerity with the very weird economy is the Incumbent is going to get screwed in the midterms. No, it ain’t Biden’s fault (or, for that matter, Trump’s) that there are some empty shelves at the grocery store. And for that matter, by reckoning there is not even any reasonable inconvenience. If you encounter a shortage of beef, you look over and see chicken still sitting there. From any historic vantage point it is a — hm… Bring some random bloke from medieval Europe into your personal food gathering system and choosing in variety, and they will not understand your complaint.

But it is where I see Fox News actually did offer a correction and apology for using footage of more empty than you encounter shelf from — as so happens — Japan 2010.

I find, though, that there is no store brand regular cranberry juice. After a couple days where I see that the effect of my regular consumption is felt and I see — yeah, whatever the vitamins and minerals I get from that I apparently do need and feel their absence — I encounter that decision of the current supply chain travail — I can now either buy the lite cranberry juice with a somewhat more watery and kinda more bitter taste, or throw another dollar down and buy a real brand. Yeah, the small dilemmas and decisions encountered in our wrecked covid world.

Can’t find the right cultural ambassadors anymore

Saturday, January 8th, 2022

Here is a short film from 1907 where a girl emasculates a pig first by stripping it of his clothing then again by putting a dress on him. The final act appears to be the actor showing off the pig costumes mechanics by wiggling its tongue a bit.

Some time back I heard the number of movie theaters in the city in the year 1910 — or thereabouts. It was an astounding number — except maybe it wasn’t, when I consider that just about every person I walk past has a couple of screens in their immediate accompany, useful to watch the same dramatic pig in a dress story that theater goers snuck into for a brief novelty a little over a century ago.

Of course, chances are that average passer bys are not doing so — watching that 1907 pig film I mean. What are they watching? Stop six people and you will get five answers. The rating winner is whoever manages to be on two of these personalized screens.

I stare at some political headlines, and scratch my head.

Barack Obama and Oprah have personally called Sen. Joe Manchin to urge him to support Senate filibuster reform, report says

Is this meaningful to Man China’s constituency? A gander at Obama’s performance in West Virginia — first, Hillary Clinton beat him in the 2008 primary 66.93 percent to 25.77 percent. McCain beat him in the general by the more respectable 55.6 percent to 42.51 percent. Four years later, Obama turned in his worst 2012 primary record in the state winning 59.35 percent to challenger Keith Judd’s 40.65 percent. I assume these Keith Judd Democrats settled into a split between Romney and the third party candidates, Romney beating Obama 62.3 percent to 35.54 percent — but there hasn’t been any polling study on these results.

As for Oprah — well, it has been a while since she has had a national syndicated program. I guess she has a magazine and a cable station — but who doesn’t have such niche casts they can throw out there? May as well find Joe Rogan.

The question is — you need to reach Manchin for these political purposes — who do you reach for in this “everyone has a personal theater divorced from every other personal theater, culture no longer bound together by everyone watching pig costume shorts” moment? Had if I know.

Item: Aaron Sorkin: Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘Can Go to Hell’ After Quoting ‘A Few Good Men’ Speech.

Write a memorable catch phrase, jackass politician uses it — I guess we see that Greene is attached to one cultural touchstone. Oprah will never reach out to her, though.

Moments of absurdism: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday — as she took her turn in a long list of party leaders decrying Trump and solemnly marking the anniversary — paused her remarks to throw to an on-camera tape of Lin-Manuel Miranda, the lyricist extraordinaire and author of the hip hop musical Hamilton.

I suppose Pelosi has a read out of the high end prestige entertainment tastes of her base, if nothing else. Though, she also ran out Dick Cheney — odd, considering the one good thing about President Trump is he was not Vice President Cheney — though, but that is beside the point — or maybe part of the point — for the January 6th message.

Culture splintered every which way, and Hamilton not terribly swing vote affable — I guess you roll down the ratings to note that NFL football is currently slobbering anything.

Boomer Esiason has a source who says Aaron Rodgers will threaten Super Bowl boycott

All right. I have a new rooting interests — Go Packers. But only if this anti-vaxx one time Jeopardy host possibility actually goes through with it. Chaos Ball — see how it ripples the cultural holes.

Joe versus the Volcanoes

Tuesday, January 4th, 2022

The year raged on, the base of the President hopeful in some model of Franklin Roosevelt — somehow failing to look about at the slim working majority that at times gets defined as though the 60 threshold filibuster is the problem — with partisan opponents eager to stamp at Jimmy Carter — it is enough for Carter partisans to come forth with a batch of new books.

But that leaves the question of — what Biden is someone else?

Joe Biden versus Chester Arthur. The point made in this editorial is one that is a tad tricky. Public works is necessary. Public works also comes with it loads of wasteful spending. Out country is littered with impressive things that peoples made rich off of exploiting. You go back and forth on at apologizing for graft at the expense of greater good and punishing manifestations of graft as not being worth the paltry goods produced.

I do not quite know what this editorial wants to draw from Martin Van Biden — he refuses to exp locate what he smuggly believes self-evident. Your “Bernie – wing” of the Democratic Party will take the example and lead it to the other direction on where these “elites” are charging.

Apparently the insult — not as veiled as “Let’s go Brandon” — for John Quincy Adams was to just call him a “pimp.” I did not know that.

I guess there is Benjamin Harrison — Harrison supported large government, a lofty tariff and improved civil rights for African Americans. His time in the Oval Office was mired by fierce labor strikes, discontent about the economy and a surging populist political movement. For some, his only memorable accomplishment was installing the first Christmas tree in the White House. Shall see, shant we?