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Worth correcting a few points,

extreme right wing groups are the ones which the FBI has told us are the most likely to inflict violence on the citizenry. Not the left. Right wing white male extremists are currently the ones who have either been convicted or indicted for various violent criminal conduct. Ranging from murder to plotting to kidnap Governors. There are no organized left wing extremists. So far poorly connected bunch of anarchist. But they do have women associated with them. So there is that diversity.

Passing by the claim of no organization within the left wing anarchists — with a couple polite laughs…

On that Lack of diversity and a bunch of white jackasses… The case locally has Haley Adams, who I last saw in person walking in circles with a handful of supporters and an equal handful of bandanaed counter-protesters and otherwise saw yelling in front of the mayor’s house. In the melee over qanon, I see comments to the effect of expressing alarm and statements to pay attention and not ignore how many midwestern women are taking to the cause and conspiracy.
Then there is a this

[Poll] also spells a bit of trouble for Biden among Hispanic Catholics and Black women, who seem to have slightly drifted to Trump. Read more at The New York Times..

Counteted, I guess, by an actor of note on Bill Maher’s show. The second item, rising support for Trump from black women, leads to a question… Up from zero?

Ignoring the rule that you don’t discuss the outfit of a woman, and then there is this.
Kamala Harris, who Zoomed into the meeting, had a copy of the children’s book I Dissent on a table behind her.

That is not a children’s book, even if that is where bookstores locate it.

The hub ub over Coney’s use of the word “sexual preference”, a wholly situational yelping, leaves me back to the “pox on both sides” position. Surely you jest. Cue a search for Biden saying the phrase to no bashing at a Democratic debate. The best I can suggest is the part of the woke left that votes gives Biden a generational bye.

It is worth parsing the words a little more than this, as of last Tuesday, “bad bad bad”. In some cultural contexts, it is not difficult to imagine a choice sliding in, as well some cultural forces pushing in any direction.

Biden, apparently, we can trace his progressive stance on LGBTQIAS2+ issues to his father commenting on 2 guys kissing in public in Scranton 1961 … And… This literally unbelievableline is apparently part of his pitch back in March.

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