Yeah, if this were a liberal pundit on a Republican candidate, there would be a huff of conspiracy from the left. As opposed to what we see from Huffington Post, a headline crashing any conspiracy mongering from Tucker Carlson.

And I suppose the Trump variant for first obnoxious supporter is worse than tne Kimmel noxious bit, voter intimidation versus an anonymous normalizing of a shunning,

And we see stories of the typical sign stealings…

but… And right now I am having trouble finding the story of an antifa activist pretending to be a jackass proud boy Trumpist… I will run into it eventually…

GK Chesterson’s Man Who WS Tuesday truly a book for our times…

The curious map manuevering of 2020, and I half saw it, understanding full well Trump’s Supetbowl ad and convention speeches extolling his work — signing a very modest criminal justice bill — as, (gasp) aiming to bring in black votets (while mainstrean New York Times articles scratched their heads or painted it as a cynical ploy for white acceptance) —
And where the full thrust of BLM and their antifa allies does indeed repel some black voters. I have no clue where this takes us after the celebrity jackass anti-hero charisma of this Trump administration… though clues dot this mother jones article — or for that matter theold white geezerdom of the Democratic standard-bearer

, but for the moment —

Regardless of the stereotypical super supporters, and that Michigan militia grouping who I see (fairly justified) right wing explanation of government set up agent provacateurs in that scheme to kudnap their governor…

This year it shifts the map and alters the Pennsylvania versus Wisconson dynamic … If it serves as a balm, a Elizabeth Warren would be doing worse than Biden under the dynamic of

HE IGNORED TWITTER. During the primaries, the younger, hipper candidates (like Kamala Harris) misread just how far to the left the party had moved, for instance, assuming that single-payer and legalized border crossings were the center of gravity. Biden didn’t. That’s helping him tremendously now. Perhaps Biden’s advisors were especially conscious that the Twitter Left wasn’t the actual world. But I bet it didn’t hurt that the candidate wasn’t perpetually barking out reactions to Tweets he’d just seen. (Does Biden know how to use Twitter?) He has consistently had a better sense of what the political sweet spot was — for instance, during the primaries, it was Black Church Ladies in South Carolina more than it was Baristas in Brooklyn.

Hey! Notice in that 538 article the possibility that a Pennsylvania loss Biden wpuld result in that magical Omaha based district being the deciding 270th electoral vote. I guess that is why Trump was in Nebraska… to pathetic results.

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