Coming Republican crack up

Attempting to define a “Trumpism without Trump.

It does not and cannot mean a return to the Bush era. The Republican move toward defending the unskilled, protecting working families, guarding entitlements, resisting urban wokeness, checking free trade absolutism, restraining overseas intervention, and curtailing mass immigration is one that need not be abandoned.

Now, figure out if that dream scenario of dousing Trump from the post election wreckage leaves any of this.

This recuperated Republican Party dream literally ending by saying George Bush is “our only hope”.

On one sliver in the first one, the “restraining overseas intervention” Trump shoulda kinda sometimes represents, and then in full campaign battle mode to define Trumpism…

It was a perennial in the Bush Administration mouthed by the liberals repeatedly… We’re gonna go into Iran!!!
Never happened, but now this points to the idea that Trumpism without Trump would probably have even less to recommend it, and be represented by Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas …
… Who is… Erm… Trump plus John Bolton.

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