meet the Natural Law Party roster

Michigan Senate candidate Doug Dern.
MSU Board of Trustee Bridgette Abraham-Guzman.
UM Regent Keith Butkovich (NLP).

How Rocky de la Fuente descends from the Natural Law Party of the past and John Hagelin

New Jersey’s Natural Law Party is growing, despite having called it quits in 2004… The now-defunct Natural Law Party, which shut down in 2004, has seen their voter registration jump from 396 voters in June 2016 to 7,019 this year.
Though, that is blamed on computers.

Though that is Nothing like the faltering slide in history andstate of the Reform Party and its Presidentoal candidates and contenders… Never got to a Universal Health Care pushing Trump in 2000, as today we have… The same hobby candidate as the Natural Law Party, just in different states.

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